Lost in Time Walk Through

By oldmariner


   Cocktel Vision 1993, re-released by Sierra 1995. Win 95/dos will play in modern pc’s with Dosbox. On XP with Dosbox the game ran smoothly without any issues. The cd must be in the drive and properly mounted in Dosbox per Dosbox instructions. There appears to be many of these games available through Amazon and Half dot com resellers from under three dollars and up. I did not encounter any dead ends or ways for the main character to be killed as is common with these old games. It is completely mouse driven with inventory puzzles. There are two timed puzzles toward the end of the game where you should save before attempting them. It is a story driven game with minimal dialogue and no conversation tree. Cut scenes are used to advance the story and explain some events. You can click past the cut scenes but not viewing them will leave questions about the events. The game is in first person with frequent close up views of your character during game play.


Part I - The Briscarde


   You awake as Doralice aboard a ship not knowing how you got there or what to do. A word about the interface using the opening scene screen shot.


When you move your curser to the top of the screen you see six icons. They are from left to right, control panel, hints, notebook, inventory, map, options. You can also access your inventory with a right click and a second right click to close. The save game and quit commands are in the control panel. The black area on the bottom of the screen is where the sub titles, descriptions, conversations and subtitles are printed. In Dosbox you can toggle in and out of full screen using the alt/enter keys. You will discover Doralice is the original Macguyver as the puzzles are quite ingenious and logical.


   You start by clicking on the stool directly in front of you to see a nail on its underside. Using your pliers in inventory you can take the nail. You can also click on the poster which you will interact with in a few minutes but you need to do a few things first. Turn left to see a chest and barrels. You will discover the chest is locked and will have to come back to open it later. Search the barrels to find and take a lantern. Turn left again and you see more barrels and a bucket with water in it. Go forward to the barrels click on them. It is dark you are told so use the lantern on the barrels. Take the sponge and drop it into the bucket of water and then retrieve the soaked sponge. You may have to rewet the sponge as it might dry up when you attempt to use it.


   If you try to go down the opening Doralice will say it is dark, again use the lantern on the opening and go down. Click twice on the cast in front of you to find a bottle of oil. Turn right twice to see a flooded section and a pump. Click on the pump handle, it won’t move. Use the oil on the handle then use the handle to pump out the water. Turn left and see to the left of the stairs there ia a chain. Click on the chain and in close up take the corkscrew. Go upstairs back to the hold. You may have to rewet the sponge. Use the wet sponge on the poster to remove it. You will see a knot on the wall, look close then use your corkscrew on the knot. Look again at the hole you created and watch a cut scene.


  You are given a knife during the cut scene. Go back to the location of the water bucket and use the knife on the post then climb up. As each new location is reached it will be added to your map which you can use for instant travel. Check the door straight ahead you cannot open it. Turn right twice there are three racks of pins with one rack missing a pin. Make sure you have highlighted a pin and not the rack. Use your pliers to take a pin. Go toward the back of the ship two screens, turn left. Take a towel from middle bucket behind post. Continue to the back of ship turn left and use towel on the ring turn right to see you have opened the recess in the wall. Click on recess in close up, take the soap from the enclosure you opened.


   Turn right again to see a dark spot on the wall, click on it. In close up you see it is a cannonball. Still in close up, very hard to see in lower left is an oar, click again to take it.  Turn right to see a trap door you can’t do anything with now. Go forward two clicks turn right. Use the soap on the rusted cannon on the floor to get soap shavings. Turn left go to the back of the ship to the sliding door. Use the soap shavings on the bottom of the door. Now you can open it by clicking on the handle. Watch cut scene end of part one.


Part 2- Manor de la Prunliere


   You are transported back to present time at the manor.  At the gate look at the horse then the tractor. Click on the cab and in close up you se a basket on the roof. Click on it to take an apple which you give to the horse so he will leave the gate. There is a note on the gate, read it and you will retain a dart. Again in close up of the tractor you take a battery and see a tool box. There are three items in the tool box three clicks and you have cigarettes, a foil packet, a match box, and a metal pipe. Click again on the gate and see a lock in close up. The use of inventory is a bit different than other games I will illustrate with a screen shot of the gate where you are first required to mix inventory items to create a multiple inventory action. This is consistent in the game each time you must mix inventory items.

    This is a close up view of the lock with the pipe having been selected from inventory. Note the curser appears as the pipe and the options panel is highlighted.

Once you select the pipe from inventory scroll to the top of the screen to highlight your option icons. Using the pipe click on the inventory icon. Your inventory opens with the pipe as your curser as seen below. You then select the battery to mix the pipe with the battery. You cannot highlight one item in the inventory and move it to another as done in modern games.

   You now have a pipe filled with battery acid click that on the lock to open the gate. Go forward past the well to the door. Click on the handle it breaks off and you have a handle in your inventory. Look at the keyhole to see the key is in there. Take the picture from above the door. You will have a picture and wire added to inventory. Use the dart on the keyhole to knock key to the floor. No we won’t slide it out on a paper. The solution is far more ingenious.


   Go to the front yard, the exit to the back yard is above the window left of the front of the house. Click on it and see two buildings the light house and a strange building. Go to the light house, you cannot open the door. Go right to the north side of the light house. Click on the bottle to take the vinegar. The barrel is heavy, use the dart on  cork you see on the barrel. Now take the barrel. Go to the east side of the building then to the back yard and click on the strange building.


   Use the portrait from inventory on the hole you see in the steps. Click on the portrait and set the dials to 28. The numbers derived by subtracting one year from the other, then click the cross. It will activate the elevator which has no power. Use the map to go back to the manor. Now we get creative. Take your handle, click the inventory icon and click the handle on the wire in inventory. Put the handle away. Take the vinegar bottle and use it with the battery to energize it. Use the battery with the handle ( coil) then use the new electro magnet on the space under the door. She will automatically put the handle in the door, use the key and enter.


   Take the oar from the left wall. Click on a small box in the near corner the lamp is sitting on it. Click a second time to take a wire and open the door. Take the resin and see a fuse which you cannot take. Instead use the foil you have in inventory on the fuse. She will automatically place the fuse in the proper slot. This provides electricity to the elevator. Take the fire extinguisher from behind the trunk next to the fireplace.  In close up take the roasting spit from the fireplace. Turn to your left take the rod leaning against the wall and place it on the fireplace it won’t stay on the andirons. Make sure your subtitle says fireplace and not andirons. The game is picky that way. Using your map go to the vault, (elevator site ).


   Enter elevator press the center button. Place the barrel from inventory on the ground, click on it. She will climb up and take a bottle of cider. Find a cork in inventory by highlighting the bottle of cider. Select the cork and use it on the can you see on the beam above the lantern. Take the can of rust remover, your cork ended up in the well. We will get that later. Go to the light house using your map then to the north side. Use the roasting spit to break the window to get a hose. Go to the east side of the light house facing the door. Attach the hose to the handle, note once you do that the hose end still appears in inventory. Go to the vault using your map. Standing below the steps, you see a gray spot on the right side of the elevator, it is identified as a railing, click the hose end on it. From the same position at the bottom of the steps you see another gray area on the left side identified as the control panel. Click on that to send the elevator down. You see the action opens the light house door and you are left with a broken hose. Go to the light house.


   Go upstairs take the notebook from the left drawer of the desk. It will go to your notes file not the inventory. Take the paint remover from the right drawer. Then use your oar to open to open the dresser to get the razor. Take the telescope from the desk look through it by clicking on it. Change the view by moving your mouse, don‘t click. This is rather difficult and may take more than one try sliding that mouse around. When you see this view click on the close up circle to get a enlarged view as shown below.

The combinations are random as you can see you have a canon ball with a yellow background a sword with a yellow background and a canon with a yellow background. Almost any combination may appear. The three symbols can very in order and the background can have different colors. You need the exact order and color to solve the puzzle in the vault. Make a note of symbol, color and the order as they appear left to right based on what you find in your game.


   Go upstairs look at the curtains, click on them to climb up and get kerosene. Now use the razor on the curtains to obtain a rag. Go down to the first floor there is a hard to see wooden shoe on a lower step, take it, find a key inside it in inventory. Use the key on the door and you will go through to the outside. Go back in and see a small window just inside the door click on window to get shard of glass. Go through to the outside again. Open the valve wheel you see on the upper left side of screen. Use paint remover on the algae on the lower right. Now use glass shard on algae to discover a mechanism. Use your roasting spit on the mechanism followed by the rust remover. You can now turn the spit to open the gate. Look at the boat then use your map to go to the vault. Inside see the trunk click on it to get close up view.


   To do this puzzle remember the order of the combinations you saw through the telescope. The sword = a knife  The cannonball = a bullet and the canon = a gun

Using the buttons top and bottom click in the color and weapon in proper order left to right.



   Take the fiber glass and the ships log. The log goes to notes. The fiber glass to inventory. Go to the well using your map. Connect your leaky hose to the faucet then look at the hose in close up. Put the fiber glass on the hose then use the resin on the fiber glass in close up. Remain in close up view of the repaired hose click to take the hose end. Then put it in the well. If the water is not turned on do that now to watch the well fill up. You can now take the cork out of the well.  Use map to go back to basement of the light house.


   Click on the boat and in close up view use the shoe to bail out the water. Place the piece of curtain in the hole and then put the cork on the rag and hole. Use the oar on the boat and watch the cut scene.


Part 3 - The Fisherman's Cabin


   Enter  the cabin open the cabinet take the boat in the bottle open the cabinet again and take the bottle of sauce. There is a basket on the table click on it three times to get a hanker chief, bread and nail, while rejecting a sweater that does not fit. Move chair then stand on it to get the chandelier. Use the nail you have in inventory on the top of the chandelier chain in close up. Click on the chandelier in inventory to separate parts. Go outside and look at the roof to see a buoy.  Use the sauce on the bread then throw it onto the roof. The gulls will knock the buoy onto the steps as they go after the bread.


   Use the razor on the fallen buoy to obtain a rope then attach the rope to your chandelier, (anchor). Throw that on the cliff you see to the right of the screen. It is implied that you climbed the cliff via the rope. You are auto returned to the well by your front door. Use the map to travel to the basement of the light house. Pick up the barrel which has all the things you left behind when you went boating. Go back to the well Click on the well to get a close up view. You can then use the razor on the repaired hose which will allow you to obtain a blunt instrument she calls a club. It is a piece of hose. If you have not done so pick up a log next to the front door of the manor then go inside.   


   Use kerosene on hanker chief . Put the log into fireplace and then put in the hanker chief. Sometimes the game will not allow you to do this in reverse order. It seems to want the log first. In close up view of the fire place use the club on the ship in the bottle, both in inventory. She needs the match inside the bottle. Use match in inventory on cigarette box to light it then use lit match on log. Doralice notices the rod expands from the heat of the fire. When you exit close up you see a flagstone on the floor in front of the fireplace. Place the barrel you have in inventory on the flagstone. Then hit it with your club which opens the barrel. You see a hole in the side of the barrel  place candle on hole to plug it. (At first this was a bit confusing, the club removed the lid from the barrel and did not create the hole you plugged with the candle. It took me awhile to get that idea.) Take the wooden shoe, use it on the trunk which is filled with sand the game will ask what you should do with it. Click the shoe on the barrel and she will auto fill the barrel with sand. The added weight on the flagstone opens a panel in the wall.


    Go through the new doorway and find yourself back on the ship. How did we make that leap? Supposedly a tunnel led to the wrecked ship and you traveled through it. How you did not get wet exiting the tunnel and entering the ship I don’t know. Look at the mast in front of you and take the pliers. Place the wooden floats on the floor near the box. Use the copper wire in inventory with the electrical wire on the box. Use the pliers to cut the electrical wire. Use your pipe on the puddle to the left to fill it. Then in close up of the box use the pipe on the lock to wet it. Take your fire extinguisher using it on the wet lock to freeze it. Use your club to bash the lock breaking it you will find a sarcophagus in the box. Another cut scene and end of chapter three.


Part 4 - Return to the Briscarde



   Use the map to travel to the hold go forward to the trunk you could not open before. Use the hook you did not notice you acquired on your transport back to the ship on the lock. Take the clothes and then with a second look in the trunk, the ribbon. On a third look you see a false bottom but cannot release the spring. Using the map go back to the mid deck. Go forward turn right and enter closet. In inventory use the pliers on the nail to bend it. Connect the oar with the ribbon and then connect the wooden pin to that combination in inventory. Then take the bent nail adding it to your oar, ribbon, pin construction to make a boat hook. Use the boat hook to pull the halyard hanging in front of you. The halyard is the rope you see in the picture below. Look at the end of the rope in close up. You will see a hole behind it use the corkscrew on the hole then attach the rope to it.

   Exit closet turn left go forward one screen turn right. You will see a window on the right rear. Click on the rope  to pull up bucket Click rope three more times to get a saw. Go back to the closet to retrieve your corkscrew from the wall. Make sure you click on the end of the rope to get a close up where you can retrieve the corkscrew. Exit the closet, turn right and go forward to the sliding door. When you open the door she automatically frees Melkior. Two cut scenes follow in which you are subject to some of the worst voice acting in the history of computer games. You need the information and you are subjected to these voices only once. You can handle it armed with the knowledge they don’t come back, ever. You are in the captain’s cabin.


    Go outside take the flag from the stern directly in front of you. Turn right twice to reenter the cabin. Go to the bathroom, left door, click on lower left corner of rug take key. Exit the bathroom go to the desk and use the key on the drawer take the blotter and open the drawer again. Click on empty drawer to expand to reveal a dagger, take that. Click on the chair twice to find a silver key on the underside, take that. Enter the bedroom open the left door of the dresser take the salts and the right door you get a bowl. Turn right you see a dish take the banana chips from the dish. Go back to the bedroom use the dagger on the rug exposing a trap door. Click on the trap door you go down and out into a hall. Turn around reenter the cellar. Click on the mast and see a hole, use the corkscrew to open the small door, take the master key.


    Go back into the hall.  Go forward one click turn right use master key on “Mystery Door“. Look at the shelf ahead and take the flask, exit room. Go forward toward front of ship one click turn left to see “Elegant Door.” Use Master key to enter and click on the curtain twice, take the cage. Open desk drawer and take the ring. Use your map to go to the Hold. Now you can use the dagger on the spring lock in the trunk. Take the beauty powder look in the drawer again to get a hanker chief. Use map to travel to the cellar. Use beauty powder on mast then click the upper part of the mast to get to the bedroom. Exit bedroom and go to the bathroom use the seal in inventory in close up on the cabinet notch. You are now in a secret room. Look at the table to take a record and then click on the bar twice to get the phonograph. Use map to go back to cabin, Captain’s quarters.


   Put the phonograph on the music table next to the big dresser.  Put record on phonograph wind it and push the start button. Turn left twice and put the cage on the table partly seen on the back right under the painting. Then put banana chips in cage. Go to the bathroom. Use the polish on the hanky in inventory then use on the sink. Use the blotter in close up on the shinny spot on the sink you get a code, hard to read, write it down. The code is different each time you play the game. Exit the bathroom and go to the record player. Move your curser over to what looks like a bunk on right corner. You get the message “under Galipo”  Put the bowl under Galipo and then the paint remover and salts on the bowl. Sometimes the game reports “floor” instead of “under Galipo” this works as well. This will create acid fumes and a brief scene showing the bird going into  the cage. Cover the cage with the flag. You can now open the safe behind the painting keeping the bird quiet. If he still squawks check to see if the phonograph is still playing he needs the music you can’t hear to stay asleep.


   Go to the painting behind the cage. Double click on the painting and in close up click on the red fire from the canon. That will bring up your puzzle where you type in your code. If you use the correct code the door will open take the box. Now that you have the box open it in inventory turn it to the right so you see the left side of the box. Click on the top, (left side) Once drawer slides open click on top where you get the message secret opening in the subtitle area of your screen. If you click on the area where the message reports secret lid it will only close again. You must have the correct message. Take the gold key. Click on the top then the middle to expose key hole use gold key to open box and take gun. Pick up the bird cage.  Use the silver key you took from the chair to open the big dresser.


   Take the iron key from inside the box. Use map to go to mid deck, at the back of the ship, use towel on the ring pull to open the recess enclosure. Turn right and place bird on pressure plate in the recess, then take bird out and turn around to see trap door. The weight of the bird cage released the iron bar over the trap door lock. Use iron key in close up on trap door then watch cut scene. After cut scene click on floor then the revealed crevice. Use your cork screw on object to retrieve it. Use the magnet on the gun in inventory and then use the gun on Yoruba’s shackles. Look at mast and use pliers in close up of door. Look at the boxes to the left and see bale. Take bale and place it in front of mast then in close up use boat hook on top shelf. It knocks down a bottle onto the bale. Take bottle, use sponge on rum bottle in inventory to get label. Somehow the coordinates you need are on the label. Give it to Melkior. Watch cut scene to end chapter.


Part V - The Island of St. Cristobald


   You begin the final chapter following the cut scene. Turn right to go to the property and right again to reach the waterfall. Talk to the boy then use the corkscrew on the coconut then use the pipe on the hole in the coconut. Use pipe on manicou and cover it with the flag. Click on the passage you get nowhere. Then use the parrot on the passage to open the entrance. She gives the parrot to the boy but keeps the cage and key. After going through the passage use the key on the cage to get coins. Knock on the door then after a short conversation put the coins in the slot of the door. You automatically go to Delia’s cabin.




   The timing is tricky while Delia is looking for her glasses, she does so not moving away from the scene. While she is distracted quickly grab the book on the counter. You get only one chance if you miss restart. The purpose is to get her to leave the room so you can take the blouse.  When she leaves the room quickly pick the mirror up from the counter and use it on the spider also on the counter. Grab the silk blouse on the counter. You must do this before she returns. You automatically give her the book when she returns. Once done with the scene go outside and go to Mankandai’s hut. Again save the game here before going inside. This is another quick grab scene with one chance.


   During this scene you automatically give him Delia’s silk blouse. He babbles about something when taking the blouse and you have no control. Place the holocom the moment you gain control of the mouse on the table and then quickly click on the window. He goes to open the window, again when control returns click the holocom to turn it on. The image startles him and you must while he is distracted pour Delia’s potion into his glass. When he drinks it take the glass at your first opportunity. Once you take the glass you will automatically return to Delia’s where you talk to Velvet and Celeucie. After a cut scene you automatically go to Serapion’s hut to discover he lost his voice. Go to Delia’s using the map. Talk to Delia, she gives you an inverter. Go right to Makandal’s he will give you some Bequieter. To create the speakable potion use the inverter on the bequiet potion . Go right to Delia’s cabin then use the map to travel to Serapion’s. Use the speakable on Serapion so he can talk to you. Talk to him two times. He gives you salt which you again apply the inverter to get sugar. Give the sugar to the dog, this opens an exit to the kitchen right side of dog next to hut. Enter kitchen.

Save game here.


   Take the bag from the table. Look at it in inventory you get this wrong and there is no do over. You have to remove the flour from the bag to use later. Click on the bag in inventory then click on the flour to remove it from the bag. Use the bag on the fire to get embers in the bag. Now place bag on the stool and when the snake enters the bag, grab it and put the bag in the fire. Watch cut scene.


   Following cut scene you are on a bridge with the bad guy. Quickly take the flower from your inventory and click it on the bad guy. He is allergic, sneezes and falls to his death. Watch ending.


   There you have it one of the classic games that for many has been overlooked. The ingenious puzzles, smooth story line, and excellent sound track especially the music at the manor make this game a must play. It works very well in Dosbox with no crashes. Since you can pick up a copy for little money you should not miss it.

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