LITTLE BIG ADVENTURE (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure)

Solution by Phil Darke

In LBA you play the part of Twinsen. Your mission is to save the planet from the evil Dr.Funfrock.

Before you start playing there are a few things you need to know. The game itself is excellent. Graphics and sound are very good and the gameplay is first class. However it is very hard and some parts will take a long time to complete. This solution is only a guide and there may well be other ways to solve a particular problem. One of the principal weapons in the game is a magic ball and most of the characters require at least three hits from the magic ball to kill them. In order to achieve a hit you need to be positioned exactly right and you may well have to try several times. In addition the target will almost certainly move after the first hit, so you should try to position yourself so that in order to attack they have to move directly toward you in a straight line in order to score more hits.

The other peculiarity of this game is that there is no save game option. Instead the game is automatically saved at what the manual refers to as “INVISIBLE MILESTONES”. This works fine except that you only have one saved game unless you start again from scratch and use a different name. This means, however that since there is no indication of where these so called Milestones are you cannot backtrack to an earlier position if you make a mistake. There is one advantage to this save game arrangement which is that each time you get killed your inventory is saved so that any items you collected since the last save are added to what was already there. This means that by going through a particular part of the game several times and getting deliberately killed you can increase the items in your inventory. I did this and accumulated over 100 Kashes (money) in the first part of the game, which came in particularly useful later. Scattered through the game are a number of Lucky Clovers. These can restore your health and magic to maximum, but only if they are held in the Clover boxes, of which there are four, in various places throughout the game. So a magic clover in a box is effectively an extra life. You start the game with no clovers and no boxes so if you get killed before you have collected both of these items it is game over and restore a saved game. When you visit Proxima Island for the first time, about half way through the game you can get a note giving the locations of some of the Clover leaves and boxes. The note reads:-

Locations of several clover leaves and boxes: There is a box for clover leaves in the sewers of Citadel Island, and another in the basement of the Tavern; One clover leaf is guarded by a soldier who is located behind sandbags. Another is guarded by a clone in the ruins on Principal Island. Another one is on the roof of the Maritime Museum. Another is guarded by a Groboclone to the right of the Teleportation Centre’s entrance Another is guarded by a soldier in front of Funfrocks fortress.

Not mentioned in the note is a box on the Island to the south of Peg Leg street on Principal Island, but you can’t get there until after your first visit to Proxima Island. There are also clover leaves in the water tower and in the Temple of Bu, in the White Leaf Desert. Also you need to investigate every container; flower pots; rubbish bins; rubbish pile and cupboard you come across to find useful items such as money, health points and magic flasks. If you get killed and restore a saved game check them all again as they will have items in them, not necessarily the same as the first time you looked.


You begin in a cell in the asylum. (F3) Change to aggressive mode and pace up and down. When the nurse comes to investigate kill him and jump onto the platform. As soon as it stops jump off and kill the nurse on the left before he presses the alarm button. Now kill the doctor and take the key. Go down the steps and through the gate to the left. Wait until the nurse walks up the screen past you then go around the corner and attack him before he can press the button. Go through the door at the top right and search the locker to get your ID card and Holomap. Go behind the screen at the top left and take the nurses uniform. Go to the bottom left and up the stair. Go through the entrance to the right and kill the nurse and the doctor and take the key. Exit via the door on the right and walk towards the sentry box. When the sentry challenges you change to athletic mode (F2) and run around the corner to the rubbish dump. Change to discreet mode and press the space bar. When the truck drops you off head to the bottom left and then right and enter the door. Talk to the rabbit here and examine the chest to receive 25 kashes. Exit the house and around the corner stand on the drain and press the space bar to enter the sewers. Collect the clover box and go back up. Run around the corner and head to the bottom of the screen where you find your girlfriend Zoe outside your house. Enter the house and when you have finished talking quickly head towards the back of the house and hide in the fire place in discreet mode. Zoe is taken away and after she is gone go back down the chimney and search the house thoroughly to find your magic ball, cloak and other items.

Leave via the chimney and use the magic ball to kill the clone guarding the exit. Go north and enter the tavern talk to everyone here. The elephant offers to help if you but him a drink. Talk to the rabbit to buy him a drink then talk to the elephant again. Leave the tavern and go to the pharmacy. When you enter the pharmacist sounds the alarm. Kill him and leave, avoiding the elephant. Go back to the pharmacy and take the red flask. Now go to the port. Kill the Grobo guard with the magic ball and take the key. Go through the gate and talk to the sailor. He will give you a ferry ticket if you go into the warehouse and move four crates onto the four crosses on the floor. Board the ferry.


This is Dr. Funfrock’s HQ and is heavily guarded. Walk up the pier and kill the two Grobos and the sentry. Now head north, kill the clone and go as far north as you can. Talk to everyone inside one rabbit tells you about the water supply and offers to show you the censored books if you fix the water supply. Leave the library and change to athletic mode and run northwest and then south. (If you get captured during this part of the game, talk to the nurse and tell him about a loose stone in the wall, when he enters the cell kill him. Go to the locker and get all your possessions back. Don’t try to exit by the door but go through the window. When the sentry asks what you are doing tell him you are fixing the antennas. Change to discreet mode and go round the corner and sneak past the Grobo. Change to athletic mode and run through the door opposite. Go up the stairs and walk to the left. There is a gap on the parapet between a crate and an oil drum. Jump down here, this brings you close to the pier where you started. Stay behind the barbed wire, from where you can safely attack the grobo with the magic ball.) Head south to where you see two rabbits talking. When you talk to them they run away. Go into the doorway to the north. Talk to the girl. She wants you to prove you can be trusted before she will help you. Go outside and north to where you see a clone coming down some steps. Kill him with the magic ball and return to the girl who will now help you. Go south to where a rabbit is waiting. Follow him to the locksmith who will provide you with a key to a gate. Go through the gate and into the shop. Buy a Meca Penguin and a can of petrol. Leave the shop and go back down the steps. Go to Peg Leg street and enter the house. Talk to the girl who tells you that you need to go and talk to the astronomer. Go back to the steps near the shop and go to the left and talk to the girl outside the tavern. She will distract the Grobo who is standing at the top of the steps. Wait until he follows the girl and then run up the steps and to the right. Go up the next steps to a grate. Stand on it and use the action key. Talk to the astronomer and go down to the cellar. Change to discreet mode and go through the door and sneak past the grobo guarding the door. Return to Peg Leg street walk up behind the house. Wait until the sentry takes a leak and steal his motor bike. Go to the water tower and enter via the grate in the roof. Pick up the mushrooms then go and use the red syrup on the water supply. Climb the ladder to leave and use the motor bike to return to Peg Leg street. Return to the library and talk to the rabbit again. After he has tasted the water he will show you a large book telling you about the legend. Leave the library and go back to where you talked to the two rabbits. Run north and turn left just before the two sentries under the camouflage. Jump over the sand bags and head north avoid the clone and go up to the play ground. Go south west and kill the sentry. Go past the sentry box to where you find a green buggy. Use it and go to Port Beluga. Talk to the fisherman who will take where you want to go.


When you arrive jump across the stepping stones to get to the shore go into the camp and get the key to exit the camp. Go south into the desert. Talk to the old man, who will tell you how to get into the Temple. Don’t forget to check all the vases and barrels as you go round the temple. as you can pick up a lot of money and health points, and you are going to need ‘em.

Jump down the ventilation shaft and at the bottom go south before the skeleton wakes. Jump across the stone pillars and go south. Jump over the spikes and move to the right, up and left up two flights of steps. Turn right and up another flight of steps. At the top of these steps is a device which is spraying sparks and opposite is another flight of steps. These steps have a rolling log trap at the top which is triggered when you start to climb the steps. In normal mode stand slightly to the right of the entrance to the steps. Walk slowly backwards around the corner and backwards up the steps. As soon as you see the log start to move change to athletic mode and run forwards and around the corner. Now go back up the steps and operate the switch at the top. Go back down the steps and operate the switch at the bottom. Now run through the gate which opens, avoiding the saw blades at the end turn left and cross the saw blades again. Go up the steps and move the statue along the passage leading down. At the end of the passage push the statue off the ledge and jump down behind it. Push the statue along to the left and then down and onto the platform to the right. Jump over the wall and operate the switch. Jump back onto the wall and jump from wall to wall to reach the other switch. Operate the switch then go back and push the statue onto the platform above the two sleeping statues. Kill the two statues and operate the switch near to where they were sleeping. Push the statue onto the plinth to the left this opens another gate and a passage leading south. There is another rolling log here so run like hell till you. Reach the bottom of the steps. Turn right and jump onto the ledge. When the log has rolled past jump over the gaps in the floor and keep running, because there is another log hot on your heels. Turn left and go through the entrance. Run past the sparks and saw blade. Go up the steps and kill the skeleton. Operate the switch to open the door. Go through the door and up the steps. Jump over the spikes in the top right corner and walk left. Jump onto the platform and from there onto the wall. Walk along the wall until you are opposite the switch. Use your magic ball to operate the switch. Climb onto the platform and operate the switch. When the platform stops jump onto the wall and walk along the wall to the end. From here you can jump onto the wall opposite. Walk along the wall until you can jump down onto some steps. Go up the steps. At the top change to athletic mode, turn right and run before you get hit by a falling rock. Operate the switch and go back and down the steps. At the bottom change to athletic mode and jump off the edge ,start running as soon as you land to avoid another falling rock. In the top right corner there is an alcove and you can see a blue flask, which you will need but don’t rush in to pick it up because there is also a mean skeleton here who you need to kill. There are three platforms and three switches. If you remembered what you were told by the sphero in the library then move the switches according to his instructions. In case you forgot move the middle switch once and the right switch once. You can now climb up the platforms. Go to the statue and push it back down and onto the plinth at the bottom. Go through the door and after killing the two skeletons pick up the book. The exit is at the bottom left of the screen with yet another skeleton to kill. Exit and back to the desert. Talk to the old man. He tells you that you are the chosen one and that the book will give you the second level of magic, which allows you to read runes and talk to animals. He also tells you to return to your home to collect your possessions. So head back to the beach and the boat.


Go to your house. kill the sentry and then go around the back of the house and by jumping onto the rocks and ledges here work your way over to the cliff edge. Jump down and enter the underground entrance. Everything is locked up but now you have the book you can read the runes here. This tells you about the pirate LeBorgne who has the key. Exit and go to the docks. Talk to the man you moved the crates for before and he will sell you a ferry ticket. Go and catch the ferry to Principal Island.


From the docks head north and talk to the rabbit who helped you before. Ask about LeBorgne and he will tell you to talk to the man in the shop. Go to the shop, where you bought the petrol and Meca Penguin. Talk to the shopkeeper. He tells you that he sold a book about LeBorgne that morning. Go to the library and talk to the librarian. He tells you to go and talk to the Rabibunny who showed you the book about the legend. Go and find him in the room next to the book and he tells you that the book is on a table at the back of the library. Go and find the table. Someone is there already reading the book. Ask him about LeBorgnes treasure and he will read you the following extract from the book:-

To find Captain LeBorgnes treasure the voyager who arrives at the port of Proxima Island must use the the closest mooring post as a guide. With his back to the docked boats, he must follow these instructions in discreet mode.

6 steps to the north (straight ahead) then 6 steps to the east (to his right), following the gradual slope. 2 steps to the north (straight ahead) until he reaches the metal garbage can, 3 steps to the east (to his right) until he arrives at alight post. He must stand EXACTLY between the two lamp posts and then take 8 steps to the north until he arrives at a gate. Captain LeBorgnes treasure is behind the gate.

Now go to the barracks to where you found the buggy. Use the buggy and go to Port LaBooga. Talk to the fisherman, but he won’t help you. Go and talk to the spheroid he will offer to sell you his catamaran for 200 Kashes. Buy the boat and head for Proxima Island.


The instructions you got from the library lead you to the museum but you need a red card to get in. Wander around until you meet a salesman. Buy a hair dryer from him. You should also meet a Sphero who gives you coffee pot. Buy a museum ticket from the rabbibunny next to the museum entrance. Go to the room next to the sleeping sentry. Talk to the elephant in here and he will tell you about the alarms in the museum. Go back to the dock and to the left. Enter the inventors house give him the hair dryer and he will give you a jet pack. Leave and go to the house nearby.

Talk to the elephant here and return the coffee pot to him. Talk

to him again and he will give you a key pad. Leave and go down the steps to your right. Try to enter the house and a guard appears. Kill him with the magic ball and take the key that he drops. Enter the house and talk to the rabbit. He tells you about his brother who is imprisoned on Principal Island, for forging red cards. He promises to give you a red card if you will go and talk to his brother. So go to the docks and head for Principal Island. Go and talk to the rabbit who is imprisoned in the cell under the machine gun post on the road leading to the library. When he has given you the information you need return to Proxima and get your red card. You can now enter the museum so go in and have a good look around, noting the locations of the Pirate flag and the treasure chest. If you are spotted by the clone in here you will be thrown in jail. If so then go to the bottom right corner of the cell. There is a lift here which will take you down to the sewers. Walk to the left and jump across the gap with the two boards and onto the grate. Attack the nurse and go down the steps to the locker to get all your belongings back. Now leave and return to the museum. When you have seen all you need to see in the museum exit via the grate, this brings you out in the jail near the locker. Go up the steps and set off the alarm. Kill the nurse and return to the museum via the sewers. When you come up in the museum use the jet pack. Remember what you were told earlier about the museum’s alarms. Don’t touch the floor and if you see the robot guard keep still. Go and get the pirate flag and then go to the treasure chest and take the key. Exit the museum and return to Citadel Island. Go to the cave under your house and use the key. Enter and read the plaques and take the Medallion and the Horn. Use the horn on the S symbol on the wall to receive five clovers. You now have the third level of magic and access to new places. Exit the cave and return to the Catamaran and select Rebellion Island as your destination.


Before setting sail for Rebellion Island use the Pirate Flag on the catamaran otherwise when you arrive you will be shot up and not allowed to land. Go to the right and talk to the soldier under the cam nets. He tells you to go and talk to their leader who is several miles away and allows you to use his buggy to go there. Talk to the sphero, who asks you to rescue their leader Colonel Krompton who is held captive in a fortress in the mountains a commando has been allocated to go with you and help you. Return to the dock and talk to the commando. Get into the landing craft and off you go. As soon as you arrive head up the slope and kill any guards you encounter. Any who are too hard will be finished off by the commando. When you reach the top of the slope go left and climb onto the top of the buildings and go back to your right and destroy the radio transmitter. Now head north and, aided by the commando kill as many as possible of the soldiers you encounter. About half way up you find a tank. The commando suggests that you use this, so enter the tank and carry on and enter the fortress. From here you are on your own. It took me quite a few attempts until I realised that the clones and soldiers here are pretty stupid and will only attack you if you get too close. If you do get killed in here you get re-incarnated at the bottom of the slope and the tank and the commando remain in the fortress. The soldiers guarding the path back up to the fortress are quite hard to kill. So it is probably easier to go into athletic mode and make a mad dash past them, taking care to avoid the mines. The only one you can not get past in this way is the machine gunner guarding the bridge, but he is not too much of a problem and will only shoot if you approach head on. So walk right and onto the parapet of the bridge and throw your ball from here. Run left and around the back of the pill box and back into the fortress. Kill the first soldier you encounter then go left and walk up the stairs to a point about two thirds of the way up, turn half right and from here you have a reasonably good chance of hitting the clone with your ball. Use the same tactic on the second clone. Pick up the key and carry on up the stairs, killing two guards on the way and taking the keys which they drop. At the top go to your right and down. Here there is another clone and a scientist. Wait slightly to the left of the bottom of the steps and from here you can the clone with your ball as he comes into view. This may take a little time but with patience can be done fairly easily, Follow the right wall around behind the desk and stand in front of the locker, facing left. From here you can get a good shot of the scientist as he comes around the corner. Carry on up the stairs and through the door. Kill the sphero here and take his key. Carry on to you right and release the Colonel from his cell. Now carry on to your right, kill the last sphero and exit via the small hatch. Walk off screen into the snow. When you recover you find yourself at the top of a mountain with a ski board. Ski down the slope, if you enjoyed this and fancy another go just enter the ski lift. Talk to the rabbit at the ski lift and head off screen to the right. The villagers are being terrorised by mutants. Kill as many mutants as you can and talk to everyone. They will offer to open the exit leading back to the port for you if you can destroy the mutants. Follow the girl rabbit. Who digs a hole for you to enter. Kill the two guards and the red clone guarding the entrance. Take the key that he drops and enter. Kill the scientist near the entrance and take his key. Now head north and west and release the elf from the cell. He tells you that you can get a blue card from the White Leaf desert go back to the entrance and talk to the green sphero. He will operate the shuttle for you. When you exit the shuttle turn right and go and kill the scientist, before he has chance to sound the alarm. Continue to your right and kill the clone at the top of the stairs. Go up the steps and turn right at the top. Kill the mutants on the tables and the scientist. Walk to the left of the room and the go north. Here you find a tank with some eggs in it. Kill these, when you’ve got them all the screen will flash red. Go back the way you came and then head north to the control room. Kill the scientist. Pull the left lever (as Twinsen is looking at them) once and then pull the middle lever once. Exit the control room and jump off the ledge by the barrel. There is another mutant here and you need to be pretty quick to avoid him. Run up and left and through the door. Run down to the right and into the shuttle and from there back the way you came, through the hole, back to the cauldron. The rabbit here will now open up the exit via the Sacred Carrot. Go down and left until you meet a guard by a locked gate kill him and the three other guards and head up and to your right until you come to another locked gate. You can do no more here as you need a blue card to open it. So retrace your steps back to the rabbit village and down the hole. Walk along the ledge to the left and kill the machine gunner. Jump off the ledge and exit to the left. Run along the shore avoiding, or killing the guards that you meet. Keep going until you find your Catamaran.


Set sail for the white leaf desert and on arrival go to the top right corner of the desert and use the horn on the S symbol. This opens an entrance into a maze. Talk to Joe, the elf and he will give you a blue card. Return to the catamaran and set sail for Proxima Island. When you arrive head right past the museum and left at the end. There is a buggy here guarded by a clone. Kill the clone and use the buggy to go to the marked stone. Use the horn on the S symbol and go up to the stone. You will be told that the password for the Eclipse stone is GIZMO and asked for the password which will free it. At this stage you do not know. So head back to Proxima city. From where the buggy drops you go south to a square where there is a gun and a motor cycle. The gun rotates anti clockwise, so to avoid being shot wait until it has passed you then follow it around to get to the bike. Go to the Eclipse stone and use the password GIZMO on it you will receive a flute and the password for the marked stone, BURBS. Return to the marked stone and use the password. Your health and magic will be restored to maximum. Go back to the catamaran and head for the Hamalayi mountains. Walk right along the coast to the outside of the factory compound. Kill the sentry and take his key. Run through the gate and up onto the ledge and down through the hole go back to the village and through the entrance under the sacred carrot. Go left and kill the sentry. Take his key and enter the compound. Kill the sentry on the steps and go up and kill the other two use the blue card to go through the gate and then kill two more sentries to obtain a key. Go to the bottom of the screen and down to the quayside. Open the gate and kill the red grobo go left and left again at the end this will take you to the Clear Water Lake. Use the magic flute to melt the ice and fill your flask with clear water. You have now received the fourth level of magic. Return to the quayside and use the boat. TIPPETT ISLAND

On arrival talk to the character by the side of the water. He tells you that you need a Dino Fly to go to Fortress Island or Polar Island. Go into the shop and stock up. Next go and talk to the fisherman he gives you a key. Talk to the guy in white trousers who will sell you information. Ask about the teleportation centre. You learn that it is located on Brundle Island and that you can get in by acting like one of them. Also ask about the cloning centre which is located inside Dr.Funfrock’s H.Q. on Fortress Island. Now go right and up to a locked gate. This is the entrance to the Twinsun bar. Walk through the door and up the steps. Just before you reach the top of the steps change to athletic mode and run past the bouncers. Go into the bar and talk to the rabbit on stage. Use the boat to go back to the Hamalyi mountains and from there go back to your Catamaran.


Go into the desert and talk to the old man by the well. He will trade the magic flute for a guitar. Now return to Tippett Island.


Go back to the bar and give the guitar to the guy on stage. Now go and talk to the barman, who will open a passage way for you. Drop down and use your jet pack to get onto the back of the crab. When you get to the opposite steps jump off and go up the wall bars to a ledge. Jump down the hole to get a key to the gate. Climb back up and go through the gate. Use athletic mode to jump up the pile of rubble and climb onto the top. Run across avoiding the snakes and climb up. At the top you find a Dino Fly. Talk to him and ask him to take you to Fortress Island.


Talk to the rabbit and ask him to help you get into the fortress. He says that they can dig a tunnel to get you in but wants you to

destroy the teleportation centre first. He also needs the plans

for the fortress before he can dig. Go back to the Dino fly and ask him to take you to the Himalayi mountains, then go back to the hover boat.


Talk to the green grobo near where the boat drops you and ask about the plans. For 50 kashes he tells you that the plans are in Dr. Funfrocks safe in his H.Q. on Principal Island. Get the hover boat to take you back to the Himalayi mountains and from here go to the catamaran.


When you arrive use the buggy to go to the military camp and from there to Peg Leg street. Walk down to the waters edge to the north of the broken bridge is a ramp leading into the water. Use the jet pack and cross the water to the island. Here you will find another clover box. Each time you pass the elf on the ledge near the mutant factory you will receive three lucky clovers. You can do this as many times as you like. So it is a good idea if you are expecting some heavy action to go and stock up. From Peg Leg street go to the east - west road where the tank is. Just to the right of where the tank is parked is a guard, behind barbed wire. Kill the guard and jump over the wire. Talk to the elephant in the cell then climb the ladder. Go up the steps and use the red card to open the gate inside the gate are two red grobos, they are very hard to kill and took me some time. Once you have killed the two grobos use the blue card on the other gate. If you position yourself carefully by the steps you can hit the green clone here with your magic ball without getting hit yourself. A grobo now appears and when you have killed him he drops a key. Pick up the key and enter the fortress. At the top of the stairs is a scientist. You probably will not have time to reach him before he sounds the alarm. Kill him and a green grobo appears kill him too. and go down the steps and east there is another scientist here. Kill him for the key to the cell. Talk to the rabbit and he will show you a secret passage out of there; but you are not ready to leave yet. Go back up the way you came and down the steps to the west. This is Dr Funfrocks office and he is here with a green grobo. When he sees you he will kill the grobo and teleport out of there. Open the nearby cell and talk to the elephant. He gives you the safe key. Go and open the safe and take the sabre. There is also a note here from the architect. He has taken the plans home to Citadel Island. On the right of the road leading up to the library is a gate. If you go in here the place is guarded by four clones. To kill them go south and jump over the stones bordering the grass. From here you can throw your magic ball , while staying out of range of their fire. When killed each one drops a clover leaf, but you need to be pretty quick to grab them without getting hit. Walk to the right and you find an S symbol. Use the horn and you can replenish your magic to maximum.


Go to the house to the right of your house. This is where the architect lives. Ask him about the plans. He will give you his pass, which is on the table. Now head for the teleportation centre on Brundle Island. So go to the Himalayi mountains to where youleft the Dino Fly.


Go north to the guard post. Show the pass you got from the architect. Walk through the gate and to the left. Climb the ladder and walk across the roof to the white paint on the wall. Use the horn and jump through the hole. Go right and kill the grobo on the platform to get a key. There is a scientist on a lower level behind some railings. You can kill him with your magic ball by throwing over the railings. Go up the stairs and kill the clone here. Exit via the stairs in the bottom right corner then go up. Use the action key on the barrel to get a key. Open the door and run through. Run past the clone and kill the scientist. If you do not kill him first he calls more clones. Kill the clone then use the sabre to destroy the teleports. Go back up and turn right to where there is another scientist. Use your magic ball to kill him and destroy the computer. Now exit by the hole in the wall, near Dr. Funfrock’s statue. FORTRESS ISLAND

When you arrive talk to the rabbit and he will agree to dig a tunnel for you, but you must kill the guards and destroy the tank first. Do this with the magic ball and then enter the tunnel. Walk to the back of the room, jumping the ledges. As you get near the hole in the floor near the back of the room a large orange monster appears from the hole. He is very difficult to kill, but it can be done. (At this stage you will probably be very low on energy and have used up most of your clover leaves. If you get deliberately killed until you get the game over message. Then when you restore the game you will be back outside the building and you can go back to the Dino Fly and return to the elf on the ledge in the Himalayi mountains to replenish your supply of clover leaves, before going to see him get killed by jumping in the water. You will then be re-incarnated with energy and magic levels at a maximum, and can then return to Fortress Island and re-enter the Fortress in safety.) Back inside the fortress go to the mushroom in the top left corner to get a key. Go through the gate and kill another three clones. Climb the ladder and kill the guard to get the key to the cell in which Zoe is held. When you release her you find it is not Zoe but a clone and you are captured and thrown in a cell like the one at the start of the game and you can get out of it in exactly the same way. Kill the Zoe clone and take the key. Get your belongings from the locker and go through the exit to your left. Here there is a room full of clones. Ignore them and use the horn on the S symbol on the wall. Go through the hole that is created and walk up to the stone of the Septentrion. You learn that the Well Of Sendell is located at the top of a rocky peak on Polar Island. Use the flask of clear water on the stone. The Fortress is destroyed and you are now in the ruins.(At this point it is probably a good idea to go and visit your friendly elf to get some more clover leaves) Head north through the ruins and into the construction site. Kill the first workman you meet to get a key. Go Through the gate and avoid the vehicles and either kill or avoid the workmen. In the North west corner you meet a green grobo. Talk to him and he will let you use the bulldozer. The bulldozer is located north west of where you got the key. When you use it it will automatically follow a path to where there are 3 boulders blocking the road. The bulldozer will move them. If you retrace your path a few steps from where the boulders were you will encounter a clone. Kill him to get five clover leaves. Continue up the path, following the tyre tracks. Keep going until you encounter a bulldozer, this one is fairly easy to get by. Simply run up the slope and jump onto the wooden blocks and from there onto the track. The second bulldozer is a bit harder and you just have to run past it without getting caught. Continue down and kill the workman to get a key. Go south east to a gate guarded by another workman. Kill him and go through the gate.


The well is situated at the top of the rocks and is guarded by three workmen. The first workman is out of sight on the bottom left corner of the rocks and waits until you have gone past before attacking, by which time you will also be attacked by the second workman. To avoid this walk to the first corner and go into discrete mode. In this mode you lob rather than throw the magic ball and it can reach higher. So from here you will be able to kill the first workman in safety, even though you can’t see him. Continue along the path in discrete mode and attack the second workman. Go round the corner and kill the third workman. Select the sabre from your inventory and go into aggressive mode.

Climb the ladder which although difficult to see is situated just to the right of the bottom right corner. When you reach the top of the rocks you find Dr. Funfrock and Zoe. Immediately attack Dr. Funfrock and push him off the edge of the rocks. Walk to the S symbol and use the horn to break it. Enter the opening and go down to the bottom of the well. Jump on the grate and go down. Select the sabre and go into aggressive mode. As you walk towards the exit Dr. Funfrock re-appears. Attack and kill him. Now walk through the exit and sit back and watch the end sequence.


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