Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

By Cranberry Production

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2012



The main menu has new game, load game, continue game, settings, The Team and quit.

Settings selection has adjustments for game, graph and sound.

Game has adjustments for display dialogue text, software mouse pointer, additional game help and activate hotspot indicator.

Graph selection has screen resolution, refresh rate, gamma and quality adjustments.

Sound selection has general, music, speech, effects and environment volume control.

The hotspots, in game menu and diary are seen at top right when the cursor is placed at top of the screen.

Inventory bar is opened when the cursor is placed at bottom of screen. There are scroll arrows at either side of the bar.

ESC key accesses the main menu and skips video sequences.

The tab key skips in-game cutscenes.

The manual is found in the installed game program.

Puzzles can be skipped if the additional game help option is selected. The skip option appears (laurel leaves) after certain time or after a number of failed attempts. The puzzle can be left for another time by clicking the door icon.

Hotspots in the game screen can be seen with the space bar if that option was selected.

The left mouse button is for all actions in the game.

The mouse wheel scrolls through the inventory items.

The right mouse button shows the information about an inventory item

The cursor on an active item or character changes to a symbol that shows the possible action that can be done.

Read the diary to learn what Feodor plans to do and get clues.

The saved game files are found in My Documents folder.

Thanks, Ludwig.

The Inquisition has arrived. In a room, white haired Susanna delivers her second son. The Inquisition knocks on her door. Thabit her companion takes the white haired older son and newborn child down the cellar. The door was forced opened. Gonzalo, the leader of Inquisition takes the key from her neck. Susanna is burned at stake.

20 years later in Barcelona, 1514

Test Flights:

Test flight 19:    Feodor Morales shows Senor Conde the test flight of the flying machine.

A safety net across the trees at right was installed after Ramon's accident during test flight 17. The Spanish Inquisition sailed into the harbor today.

Look around. Check the offering stone, cover for the flying machine on the ground, landing site and the path.

Check the flying machine up the hill at left. Talk to Ramon. Learn that Feodor has a kind of vertigo.

Talk to Conde. Learn that he has a wager with Count of Florence; who hired Da Vinci to build his flying machine.

Begin test fight by clicking on the flying machine. Ramon flies but hits the trees and falls off the cliff. Ramon lands on a protruding tree.

The Conde gives them one week more to produce a viable flying machine that will win him the wager. After he threatens them with the inquisition, the Conde leaves.

Get Ramon off the cliff:    Examine the workshop cart. Take the rails and rungs. Check the toolbox to get a knife.

Go to the tree at right and use the knife to cut a piece of the catch net.

In inventory combine the rungs with the net to make a rope ladder.

Go to the cliff and talk to Ramon. Use the rope ladder on the root of the tree. Ramon climbs up.

Get the flying machine down:    Ramon cannot help since he hurt his leg.

Take the rope ladder again from the roots by the cliff.

In inventory combine the rope ladder with the rails to make a ladder.

Use the ladder on the tree. Climb the ladder and Feodor takes the flying machine.

The brothers go back to town.

New flying machine:

Workshop roof:    Feodor thinks of lighter materials for his machine.

Look around. Check the toy - pig bladder hanging on the left wall. It is light and airtight.

Take the invention - water pressure machine under the bench at back wall. Right click to check it in inventory. It needs a hole so that it can shoot water when pressure is applied.

Check the other items: wing and old flying machine. Check the crane and hatch.

Workshop:    Go downstairs and look around.

Check the basket by the stairs, boat skeleton on top of cart, bellows above the boat, wagon wheels and fishing rod by door.

Water pressure machine:    Go to the lathe at bottom right. Use the water pressure machine on the lathe to bore a hole.

New invention ideas:   Sit on the worktable and see drawings for a new flying machine idea.

Select in order: boat skeleton, fishing rod, pigs bladder, bellows and basket.

Feodor needs willow fishing rods, light leather, a net and a large basket.

Items:    Check the cart to get the net.

Pick up the calamine from top of anvil. Take pliers and the money - copper coins left of the anvil.

Take the leather hose right of Ramon.

Ramon:    Check the artefact - ankh on the table at bottom right. Read the letter from Uncle Thabit beside it. Thabit found a glass artefact in North Africa; it is a part of a larger piece.

Check the drawings (ankh and Uraeus) at left and the bowl of tar in front of Ramon.

Talk to Ramon. Ramon is interested in Egyptian artefacts only and has a goal. Feodor tells him about the new flying machine idea.

Idea for an invention:

Gather the parts:    Exit the workshop and Ramon reminds Feodor to visit Uncle Thabit.

Check the different places in the marketplace: Fisherman's window shutters and Hernando's fruit stall.

Uncle Thabit:    Enter the shop at right. Talk to Thabit about Ramon, leather and artefact. Thabit gives the glass artefact.

Look around at everything in the store especially the stone figures by the scales in front of the left window.

Talk to Thabit about the stone figures. Customers want gold not stones. Take the stone figurines.

Go back to the workshop. Give Ramon the glass artefact from Thabit.

Forge brass figurines:    Open the furnace. Take the stone jug inside.

In inventory, place the copper coins and calamine (zinc oxide) in the stone jug.

Place the filled stone jug inside the furnace.

Attach the leather hose to the bellows' hole and the other end to the forge right of furnace.

Pull the rope hoist to heat up the furnace.

In inventory combine the pliers with the stone figures.

Open the furnace and use the pliers with stone figures with the molten brass inside the furnace.

Get brass figures and pliers back in inventory.

Take the leather hose off the bellows.

Go back to Thabit's shop. Give the brass figurines to Thabit. Ask for the leather. Thabit gives the camel leather as well as a silver coin.

Exit the shop.

Pedro the Angler:    Go to the harbour. Talk to Pedro fishing at end of dock.

Ask about wicker and the Inquisition ship. His boat is broken.

Fix the boat:    Check the rowing boat and see the hole.

Take the planks (with hammer and nails) on the dock. Check the barrel left of boat. It has flax fibers.

Take the thin leather hose left of the barrel.

Use planks and then the flax fibers on the broken boat.

Go back to the workshop. Ask Ramon for the tar in front of him. Take the bowl of tar.

Go back to the broken boat and use the bowl of tar on the boat.

Talk to Pedro the fisherman. He gives the willow fishing rod.

Silvia:    Pedro wants Feodor to tell Silvia his wife that he will be bringing fish home tonight.

Go back to the marketplace. Knock on the window shutter of Pedro and Silvia's house.

Talk to Silvia. Ask for the rest of the wicker fishing rods.

Merchant:    Talk to the merchant - basket seller at right.

The basket seller will sell a basket for one silver if Feodor can make him something to cool his stall.

The fruit seller has not been seen for 2 days.

Make a cooling contraption:    Check the cloth awning over the stall. The sun heats it up.

In inventory combine the thin leather hose from harbour and the holed water pressure machine to get machine and hose.

Use the knife on the hose of the contraption to get far water pump. Give the far water pump to the basket seller.

The merchant will deliver the basket to the workshop roof.

See inquisition soldiers enter Thabit's shop.

Build the flying machine:

Go back to the workshop. Now that he has all the parts, Feodor runs to the roof to put the flying machine together.

Combine the wicker and the rope left of the crane. Attach these to the crane. See a house like frame over the hatch.

Cover the frame with leather from bottom left.

Attach the net to the frame.

Place the basket on the hatch. Feodor attaches the wings to the basket.

Attach the net to the basket. Now the skyball is put together.

Attach the leather hose to the flying machine and the other end to the hatch.

Go downstairs and attach the other end of the leather hose to the bellows.

Ramon abducted:

Talk to Ramon. Ramon and Feodor argue about Ramon's preoccupation with the artefact.

Thabit enters with 2 inquisition soldiers.

The soldiers arrest Ramon. Feodor is hit unconscious by one of the guards.

Thabit explains that the soldiers ask about the glass artefact that he got in his travels. He told them about Ramon.

Thabit tells Feodor about his mother who he met at Tripoli. She was burned at stake by the grand inquisitor himself.

Feodor wants to break in that ship.

Get inside the ship:

Silvia:    A woman of the night walks away after being told to go away by the soldiers. Talk to Silvia, Pedro's wife.

Ask about the ship. Learn that there are only 2 guards in the watch.

Look around and see the 2 guards aboard the ship and seagulls on the bowsprits.

Pick up a paving stone beside Silvia. Get lumps of butter from the barrel in the foreground.

Thabit:    Tell Thabit to hide among the barrels.

Give the paving stones to Thabit. Tell him to throw it to the seagulls when a signal is given.

Pick up another paving stone beside Silvia.

Torch:    Use the paving stone on the torch. Feodor gives the signal to Thabit and at the same time throws the stone on the torch. The torch goes out.

Cannon port:     Go to the cannon port. See that the hinges are rusty. Use the lumps of butter on cannon port.

Try to open it. Something is holding it back. Use the knife on the rope holding the cannon port and then enter.

Open the hatch:

Look around and see a locked hatch. If only we can pick the lock.

Check the cannon to get matches. Pick up the rope from the floor.

Take the copper cauldron from the wall at back. Use the pliers to take the nail that held the cauldron to the wall.

Check the lantern, vice, stove and fireplace. The stove is open to the sky and there are still embers in the fireplace.

Take the sailcloth from the center post.

Prepare the fire:    Remember that the stove is open to the sky.

In inventory combine the sailcloth and rope to get bundle of cloth.

Use the bundle of cloth on the cannon port to get wet sail cloth.

Use wet sail cloth on stove.

Use the matches on lantern to get lit match. Use lit match on fireplace.

Make a lock pick:   In inventory combine the pliers with nail. Use nail with pliers on fireplace.

Use pliers on fireplace to get the glowing nail.

Use glowing nail on vise and get a lock pick.

Use lock pick on lock of the hatch.

Go down the hatch. Feodor talks to Ramon locked in a cage.

The soldiers come down to check the noise. Feodor hides at the left room. One soldier is left here to guard Ramon.

Get off the ship:

Feodor wants to get off the ship to think of a plan to get Ramon out of here but he is trapped.

Hatch:    Check the hatch and see that it has some water and will fill with water when the ship leaves for Tripoli. It is a good hiding place though.

Look around. Check the cannon barrel and the side of the ship. Check the knothole and the cover on the ceiling. The barrel and chest have food in them.

Arrange the escape:    Save game here, just in case.

Move the cannon barrel to face the side of the ship. It makes a noise. Immediately enter the hatch. The guard checks the noise.

The cannon dropped a cannon ball. Take the cannon ball. It doesn't have any gunpowder.

Use the knife on the knothole at the ceiling and gunpowder pours down. Pick up the gunpowder.

Tilt the cannon barrel to the ceiling. Use gunpowder, then cannonball and then flax fiber on cannon barrel.

Tilt the loaded cannon barrel to the side of the ship.

Use the match on the lantern. Use the burning match on the cannon barrel.

A hole is made on the side of the ship. Exit through hole.

All is lost:

Hot air balloon:    At the workshop while holding on to the door close, Thabit tells Feodor that Tripoli is where she met their mother. She was holding on to Ramon and very pregnant with Feodor.

The soldiers throws torch in the workshop. Thabit will hold them back while Feodor escapes.

Feodor runs to the roof and see that the hot air balloon is inflated because of heat. Click on basket to climb in.

Feodor catches a lit torch thrown by a soldier.

Flying in hot air balloon:    Check everything. The stars guides Feodor and the flight direction tells him he is by the coast and going southward.

Heat the leather balloon:    Check the leather balloon and see that it is going down. It needs heat.

In inventory use the pliers on the copper pot to remove the handle. Use the pliers on the handle to get 2 hooks.

Use the 2 hooks on the leather balloon and Feodor attaches them inside the balloon.

Use the copper cauldron on the hook to get a stove. Place the torch in the cauldron.

Check the wings and get Ramon's personal talisman - a lion mask.

Take the wings. Use the wings in the cauldron that has the torch.

Use the knife on the basket to get branches. Use branches on copper cauldron.

Feodor hits a church tower and stops the hot air balloon trip.

Southern Spain - Almeria, a harbour town in Andalusia

Get down the church spire:

Look around. Check the ocean and the city below. There's noise of a battle.

Use the knife to take a piece of the net.

Open the hatch:    Check the hatch and see that it is locked.

Take the iron bar from the hanging assembly on the ceiling. Pick up a loose stone from the ledge.

Place the stone beside the hatch. Then use the iron bar on the stone. Feodor pries the hatch open.

Climb down the tower:    Go down the hatch.

Take the board by Feodor's foot and place it on the gap at left. Feodor walks to the left ramp.

Check the window at left. Feodor wants a safety protection - so use the net on the window.

Climb through window. Feodor is in one piece on the next lower level.

Climb down the ladder at right. Creak.

See a ladder and a wooden platter across the way. Use the stone on the wooden platter to make a bridge.

Jump to the frame at bottom corner. Then go down the ladder.


Jamila:    Feodor exits the church but is pushed back in by a strange girl.

The girl wants Feodor to fix the hot air balloon so that her father can reach North Africa. The girl runs away after learning that Feodor can't fix the hot air balloon.

Follow the girl since she mentioned North Africa.

Guard:    Meet the guard that is guarding a barricade. He wants something to drink and gives Feodor a canteen.

Talk to the guard. Learn that his order is to seal the city from the corsairs that arrive 3 days ago. No one leaves the city.

Go back to the front of the church. Fill the canteen from the well.

Try to take peaches from the bush right of the church door. The wasps stop Feodor.

Take the wooden pole left of the church door and use it on the peach bush. Pick up the fermented peaches.

Combine the canteen with water and fermented peaches. Check the canteen and learn that the water stinks.

Go back to the guard. Take a lemon from the tree left of the guard.

Use the knife on lemon. Add the cut lemon to the canteen.

Give the canteen with fermented water to the guard. He drunk it fast and the fermented peaches had an effect. He told Feodor to watch the gate.

Corsair Ship


Go towards the harbour and meet a Corsair. The strange girl, Jamila stops her father Capitan Carlos. Feodor is taken as a slave.

Jamila gives Feodor dried leg of mutton and bread. She says that it is nearly her birthday and that he is her gift.

The ship is attacked and a hit makes a hole on the side of the ship.

Get out of the cell:    Check the wooden grille, iron fittings and lock of his cell.

Take iron rivet and cutlass by his cell.

Use the cutlass on the iron fittings of the cell grille. The cutlass has notches on the blade now.

Use the notched cutlass on the wooden grille.

Take the hand crossbow. It needs a bolt. Right click the dried leg of mutton and get bone.

Combine the rivet with bone to get bolt. Use the bolt with crossbow to get loaded crossbow.

Use loaded crossbow on the bracket of the grappling hook. Take the grappling hook.

Use the grappling hook on the key ring. Use the key ring on the lock of the cell.

Take the lock from the cell.

Check the mast at center of the ship. Check the spices, bale and rum on the wall.

Take the broken pump drillhammer and chisel from the chest.

Go to the next room:    See that entryway is blocked by barrels.

Open the wooden grille at right. Feodor enters and is now under a grille with a heavy barrel.

Fix the broken pump drill by combining it with the crossbow to make pump drill.

Use the pump drill on the heavy barrel. The water flows out. Move the wooden grill and Feodor climbs out.

Take the empty bucket from the wall.

Save Pig headed Jamila:

Check the ladder at right and see that it leads to a closed hatch. Climb the ladder at left to be outside.

Hear Jamila cry for help. Her cabin is on fire. See that her cabin is blocked.

Get water:    Go below deck again and enter the bilge to go to the other area.

Go left and see that Feodor's old cell is filled with water. Use the bucket on the bilge filled with water to get a bucket with water.

Go back up to the deck.

Put out the fire in the cabin:    Look around the carnage at right.

Check Capitan Carlos in bloody red outfit. Feodor takes his sabre.

Look close at the dead corsair left of Jamila's cabin. Take the gunpowder horn.

Take the Arquebus-rifle right of the dead corsair.

See a split-gap on the wall left of the cabin door.

In inventory use the hammer and chisel on the Arquebus to get bent barrel.

Use the sabre to open the gunpowder horn.

Use the bent barrel on the split on the wall. Use the opened horn on the end of the bent barrel.

Use bucket of water on the funnel contraption. It puts out the fire in the cabin.

Jamila comes out on deck and finds his father. The inquisition soldiers fired at them with no warning.

Make the Corsair ship functional:

Talk to Jamila. Find out that a substance like tar is in a barrel with white twine on the lid.

Jamila gives the necklace with key to her father's cabin so that his map can be checked. Jamila saw the one that shot her father.

Captain's cabin:    Go below deck and climb the ladder to the cabin.

Look around. Check the chest at center of room, burn marks under table and chair.

Close the hatch and see loose planks behind it. The planks covered a chest.

Use the key on the necklace to open the chest. Take the contents: Portolan chart, navigation devices, telescope and razor.

Look at chest again and see a false bottom. It was loaded with IOUs.

Take the sack full of nails right of the chest.

Seal the leak:

Go back down and then check the empty barrel that Feodor drained the water from earlier. It is left of the bilge. Use the hammer and chisel on empty barrel to get planks.

Climb the ladder to the deck. Look close at the door to the blocked cabin. See that the fallen mast has thick rope. Use the razor to scrape hemp fibers off the thick rope.

Go back below deck and enter the bilge. At left side, check the barrel that blocked the entryway. It has rubber. Use the bucket to get bucket with rubber. (If your bucket has water, empty it on the bilge that has water at left. Be sure to stand on the foreground and then click the bucket on the bilge.)

Go far left to the bilge filled with water.

Raise the wooden grille. Use the planks on the wooden grille.

Use the hemp fibers on the planks of the wooden grille. Then use the bucket of rubber on the wooden grille.

Close the wooden grille. Use the lock on the wooden grille.

Find out where the ship is now:

Go up to the deck. Use the telescope on the ocean.

In inventory, combine the Portolan chart and the navigational device.

See landmarks through the telescope.

Use the arrows at right and left to see 4 points of reference. Click on each landmark so that Feodor will note it in the map.

The points of reference are:    a town on a rocky hill, a sunken ship, a castle and an island with one tree.

Click on the map at top right. See the map and the 4 arrows that mark the directions of the points of reference.

Click-hold-move-drop the marker to get the arrows over the icons that marked the ship, castle, island and town. Got it!

 They are close to Malta.

Sail to land:

Check the hand cart at center of the ship right of the broken mast. Use the hammer and chisel on the hand cart to get the wheel hub.

Use the anchor winch at left on the broken railing at far side of the ship. Jamila helps to place the railing through the anchor winch.

Open the covering on deck left of Jamila. See 8 oars inside. Use the wheel hub on the 8 oars. Feodor makes 2 paddle wheels.

Use the paddle wheels on the anchor winch with railing.

Now that all preparations are done, talk to Jamila. Being in Malta is good and bad.

Malta is where the secret base is located and Jamila's father is not in good graces with the leader of the Corsairs. Capitan Carlos sailed alone without permission.

Tell Jamila that the drive is ready. Use the razor to drop the anchor at bottom left.

Jamila and Feodor hit a reef close to Malta. They swam ashore.



Learn of the Leviathan in Malta:

Beach:    2 pirates meet them on Malta's shore. Their talk about her father angered Jamila. The Leviathan is the head of the Corsairs and doesn't want anyone to leave. Jamila is going with Feodor to Tripoli.

Talk to Jamila and learn that her father is a gambler and not well liked in Malta. He owned almost everyone money. They expect Jamila to pay them.

They need 5 advocates to get the Leviathan to even see them.

Look around and see birds: blue rock thrush and other birds. Pick white flowers at bottom right to get bouquet of wild flowers.

Find 5 captains:

Drunken captain:    Go right and see seaside cliff houses.

Take the shovel at right and stones beside the Corsair at bottom right.

Talk to the drunken Corsair. He is a Captain with a terrible hangover.

He wants his grandmother's old smoking weed tin that he lost yesterday before he helps Feodor. He can't remember where he was yesterday.

Fencing captain:    Enter the cave. Talk to the Corsair Captain standing at right.

He wants someone that can defeat him in fencing.

Look around and take the red cloth on the ladder behind the captain. See a pink chest with a chamber pot at top landing.

There is a wine barrel by the exit.

Gambling captain:    Enter the tent at right. Talk to captain.

He will advocate Feodor if he wins half a treasure or win one game of skull and bones.

Risk to play a game. Learn the rules. Throw 3 dice. There are 11 penalty stones and the one that gets 6 stones of the opponent wins.

Feodor plays anchor and he plays skulls. So it is good to accumulate skulls.

Risk a game. The gambler stands and gets new set of dice from box at right.

Throw by clicking on cup at right. Feodor loses. The gambler returns the loaded dice in the box at right. Exit the tent.

Maid:    Go left and see a chair that is like a throne. There is a cooking area in front of the maid. See a bellow on the floor and booty at left wall.

Talk to the maid.

Don Juan captain:    Go left to the camp and be at the bar.

Talk to Juan, the captain smoking a pipe. He will advocate Feodor if he can get the courtesan to get together with him.

Bird lover captain:    Talk to the bartender.

He wants his blue rock thrush back in her cage. Talk to him to learn about the bird's special fat food.

He gives a small cage. Look around the bar.

Get the blue rock thrush:

Make special fat food:    Go right to the main cave.

Get oats from the sacks at left wall. Take the stone jug beside the sack.

Go back to the left and be at the bar. Use the jug on the barrel of oil to get jug with oil. Go back to the right.

Pour the jug of oil in the cooking pot in front of the maid.

Place the oats in the cooking pot to fry it. Take the fried oats - fat bird food from the pot. Place the fat bird food in the cage.

Go outside and then left to the beach. Place the cage with the fat bird food on top of the flat rock at right.

Automatically get bird in a cage. Bring the bird in cage to the bar and give her to bartender.

The Dream Man:   

Talk to the courtesan. Learn what she wants for her dream man. She wants that the man should have manners, changes his shirt weekly, give gifts, has money and no pipe smoking.

Talk about Don Juan. Feodor convinces her that he changes shirt and that he has money.

Talk to Don Juan and he gives his pipe to Feodor.

Go outside to the beach and talk to Jamila to get tips for a dream man. She advices to talk, listen, not gaze at her breast and to give compliments.

Go left and (if you haven't yet) pick some wild flowers at bottom right.

Go back to the bar. Talk to Don Juan and give him the tips on women stated by Jamila.

Give the bouquet of wild flowers to the courtesan and say it is given by Don Juan.

The courtesan agrees to sit at same table as Don Juan. Overhear the talk between Juan and Anna.

Talk to Juan. He agrees to advocate Feodor.

Smoking weed tin:

Go back inside the cave. Get another stone jug from left wall.

Go to the bar at left. Use the stone jug on barrel of rum to get jug of rum.

Go outside and give the jug of wine to the captain with hangover.

After drinking the rum, he recalls that he was at the bar with Dolorita and offered her the smoking tin. Then he can't remember.

Go back inside the cave and talk to Dolorita the maid. Learn that the drunken captain fought with slimy Don Juan.

Go left to the bar and ask Juan about the tin. The tin might have been inserted between the barrels.

Check the barrels behind the bartender. Get the smoking weed tin.

The captain with hangover walks in the bar. Give the smoking weed tin to the captain. He will give a good word for Feodor.

Dice game:

Go back to the tent at right side of the cave. Be sure that you already played a dice game and note that the dice are loaded.

Stand by the box at right. Wait until the gambling captain wins and places his winning in his pocket; then immediately take the loaded official dice from the box.

Unload the loaded the dice:    Exit the tent.

Right click the dice in inventory. Feodor sees metal in the dice.

Place the dice in the bellows on the ground in front of the cooking pot. The opening is too big.

Insert Juan's smoking pipe on the bellows. Use the loaded dice in the bellows. Automatically Feodor uses the bellows and the metals on the dice are sucked out.

Go back to the tent. Place the unloaded dice back in the box.

Play the game:    Talk to the captain. Ask to change sides and then risk a game.

The captain took the unloaded dice from the box.

Play the game. Use the cup at bottom right. Keep any skulls you throw. Eventually win the game.

Talk to the captain. He agrees to support Feodor because the captain is an honest man.

Fencing bout:

Just to be nice, go to the beach at left and get a bouquet of wild flowers. Give it to Jamila by the cliff houses.

Ask Jamila to accompany you to the fencing captain. Go to the cave and the captain.

Talk to the captain and provoke him on fencing with Jamila. He won't give his vote until she settles her father's debt.

He will settle for 100 gold or something of similar value.

Find gold piece:    Go to the bar and check the treasure map at right corner of the bar.

Take the treasure map. Go to the beach.

Click "interesting places" in the sand. Feodor will check it in the map.

Click on the "interesting place" in front of the shipwreck. It is still not checked in the map.

Use the shovel on this "interesting place" and get a wooden casket. Open the casket by right clicking it. It has a golden sceptre.

Go back inside the cave and give the sceptre to the greedy captain.


The Leviathan meets with Feodor and Jamila. Feodor Morales explains his quest.

Feodor has to prove himself for the Leviathan to respect him. He has to perform a test.

See the 5 tests at bottom left. Click on the tests and Feodor decides to dive and get a diamond on the helm of a sunken ship.

Feodor is allowed to use aids.

Prepare the diving aid:    Go to the bar and talk to the bartender. He would not give the wine barrel because it still has wine.

Talk to the drunken captain and convince him that he can drink more if he drinks wine.

Talk to Juan and get him to drink wine also. All the customers drink wine and eventually empty the wine barrel.

Talk to the bartender again about the wine barrel.

Go to the wine barrel and click on it. Feodor rolls it out to the edge of the water.

Use the stones from the ground on top of the wine barrel.

Hold the stones with the red cloth from the ladder in the cave.

Click on the barrel to get Feodor to dive with the empty barrel as his source of air.

See Feodor give the diamond to the Leviathan.


The Leviathan got a trading ship to bring Jamila and Feodor to Tripoli. They were smuggled into the city inside 2 wine barrels.

Tripoli - Smuggler's hideout:

Rafi opens the barrel. Jamila greets her old friend and got his help in avenging his father.

Look around. Try to take a black sash from the post.

Talk to Rafi. Learn that half a dozen people were taken by the inquisitors and kept at the old palace of the Emir.

Talk to Jamila. The black sash is for smugglers only. Exit the house.

Get in the palace:

Marketplace:    Go to the marketplace and see the gate to the palace. Knock on the gate to the palace.

Talk to the merchant at left. Go back to the right.

City Gate:    Go to bottom screen and try to talk to the thief. He ignores Feodor.

Go back to Rafi's place. It is empty. Take a black sash. Go back out and to the city gate.

Show the black sash to the thief. Learn that the inquisitor left 2 days ago with soldiers as his entourage - no prisoners.

Only prisoners and slaves are allowed in the palace. The last slave trader sells dates now.

Marketplace:    Go back to the marketplace and see Jamila. Talk to Jamila.

Talk to the merchant who is also the last slave trader. Jamila and Feodor are sold as slaves to the soldiers inside the palace.

The captain of the guards is the one that killed Capitan Carlos.

Do slave duties:

At the courtyard, Feodor is given his tasks and Jamila is taken by the captain of the guards inside the palace.

Go to the window left of the palace gate and overhear that Jamila is to mend shirts.

Suspicious spot:    Check the suspicious spot at center of courtyard and the guard stops Feodor.

Clear the camel dung:    Scoop camel dung from the pen at left and place them on the pit below the guard standing by the shaded gate.

Take the halter on the planks now that the dung has been removed. Feodor takes only the metal rings.

Fill the trough:    Take the bucket by the well. Use the bucket on well. Use the bucket of water on the trough under the barred window of the prison.

Sweep the entrances:    Take the broom right of the prison.

Check the awning in front of the palace doors. Click the broom on the entrance to the palace to get Feodor to sweep there.

Use the broom on the gate and Feodor asks the guard to move away. The guard goes to the shade of the prison door.

Find a way to contact Jamila:

Wooden chest:    Check the wooden chest by the gate and get leaflets. Read the proclamation about finding white haired people.

Suspicious spot:    Use metal rings on the barred window of the prison. The guard hears it and enters the prison.

Check the suspicious spot on the courtyard ground. Get charred branch and 2 bottles of wine.

Write to Jamila:    Combine the charred branch and the leaflet to write to Jamila.

Move the guard again:    Fill the bucket with water again. Use the bucket of water on the planks now that the dung has been removed.

Take the planks and prop them on the awning by palace door.

Use the broom on the prison door to get the guard move to the now shaded palace door.

Contact Jamila:    Use the empty bucket (if filled use the bucket on trough) on Jamila's window left of the palace door. Click on window and Jamila comes.

The captain wakes up and talks to Jamila. Click the note-leaflet on Jamila.

Jamila brings the note back and a shirt. Take the note and read it. Take the shirt and then the bucket.

Enter the prison:

Use the empty bucket on barred window of prison.

Use the shirt on trough with water to get wet shirt. Use wet shirt on barred window. Use the broom on barred window.

Turn-click the broom handle. Feodor enters the prison.

Ramon:    Feodor looks for Ramon. Ramon is in the cell at left. He is ill.

Talk to the cell again. Learn that the other prisoner with him is the Emir. The Emir has been in prison for 7 years.

Ramon has a fever. The Emir says to get the key because it is the only way to open the cells.

Ramon mumbles Zerzura, Zerzura. It is the lost desert city.

Take care of the guard:

Get items:    Look around. See a Spanish horse in front of the cell. The horse has notches at the bottom.

Take the Spanish boot by the rack. There is a rope hanging right of the rack. Take the spearhead left of the rack.

Go right and examine the 2 chains hanging by the next cell.

Check the grinding wheel below the chains. Take the crank of the grinding wheel. Pick up the wooden construction- table legs right of the grinding wheel.

Check the barrels at right and get lid and base-floor.

Check the chains right of the exit door and get 3 meat hooks.

Move the Spanish horse:    Use the meat hooks on the 2 chains by right cell and the rope left of the Spanish horse.

Raise the Spanish horse by placing the Spanish boot under the horse.

Use table leg on the lid (with hole) to get axle with wheel. Use the other table leg on the grinding wheel.

Now that the horse is raised, use grinding wheel on horse. The front side now has wheel.

Use crank with spearhead to get a drill. Use the drill on the floor (base) to make a hole. Combine the floor (base) with hole with the axle with wheel.

Now place the axle with 2 wheels under the Spanish horse. Now the horse can be pushed.

Make a battering ram-horse:    Click to get Feodor move the horse to the right.

Attach the 2 chains with meat hooks on the Spanish horse. Feodor removed the wheels.

Use the rope by the rack on the Spanish horse.

Raise the horse by turning the wheel left of the rope.

Guard:    Get the guard's attention by using the metal rings on the door at right. Feodor releases the Spanish horse.

Go outside and check the guard. No keys. Take his sword.

Release the prisoners:

Take the bucket below the prison window and place it under Jamila's window.

Click on window and give the sword to Jamila. Jamila avenges her father.

Get the cell key from Jamila.

Go back to prison and release Ramon and the Emir.

Rafi is here and helps in taking the guards prisoner.

What is Zerzura?

Hideout:    Learn about Zerzura and the connection to the white haired inhabitants.

They feel a longing to be back home. Drinking the water of Zerzura heals and gives the inhabitants white hair and bright eyes.

Feodor and Ramon are Zerzurians. Feodor has not drunk the water of Zerzura yet; that is why his hair is black and has no longing to find Zerzura.

The Grand Inquisitor wants the key to Zerzura. The key was broken into 12 parts and distributed during the great flight.

Prepare for trip:

Talk to Ramon. Learn about the Queen, mother Susanna, Bastet, Sekhmet, Zerzura, Grand Inquisitor and Crusader knights. The Crusader knights stayed at Zerzura 200 years ago.

Talk to the Zerzurian at bottom left. Learn that many died during the day they left Zerzura. The queen is immortal. There is a description of the route in an old Egyptian temple ruin, 5 days from Tripoli. The Queen's 12 counselors know the source of the healing water.

Companions:    Talk to the Emir, Jamila and Rafi about their quest.

Preparation: The Emir has food supplies hidden in the palace. Rafi and Jamila will get the tents and other supplies.

They need camels: there is one sick in the palace and the Emir can get 3 more. Feodor will get 2 more camels.

Beggar:   Go to the marketplace and give the wine bottles to the beggar.

Sick camel:    Enter the palace. See Jamila. Check the sick camel at back right.

Exit the palace compound and talk to the beggar again. Learn that he is a camel doctor. The camel doctor wants salt and fern leaves to heal the camel.

Get cure:    Get the fern leaves by left columns.

Exit the palace, marketplace and then go to the city gate. Talk to the Bedouin trader.

Feodor traded the Spanish boot to get salt. He will give a camel if he can sell his good. He sells soap and stonecraft.

Go back to the palace and give the salt and fern to the camel doctor.

Get another camel:    Talk to the merchant outside the palace gate. Feodor gives the merchant the key to the prison.

The merchant trades with the Bedouins. The Bedouin gives Feodor a camel.

Hideout:    Go back to the hideout and see Emir and Ramon discuss the route.

All are ready and they will leave tonight.


Map to Zerzura:    The desert map is now in inventory. Right click it to open and see. Click on a structure and you can jump to be there.

Watering Point:

Ask the Emir about the mountain looming at left. It is the Mount Sababah the forefinger, the highest mountain here. Feodor says they will check the route at the ruins and then look for the rest of the keys.

Click on the mountain to learn that there is supposedly a family of Zerzurians living in the mountains.

Talk to the others: Rafi, Ramon and Jamila. Learn that the key fragments are just like the crystals that got Ramon arrested.

Look around. Take the water jug and stones by Rafi.

Open the saddlebag at right and get Feodor's tools: knife and pliers.

Check the large stone at left and Feodor scoops sand.


Use the map and jump to the Ruins (seen right of the watering place screen).

Spanish soldiers:    They find a very ill soldier.

The rest enter the ruin while Rafi checks the soldier. Inside they find the other soldier dead.

Feodor gets a scroll from the dead soldier. Rafi says that the other soldier died and that they died from contact poison.

Engraving:    Check the engraving on the floor.

Rafi translates the hieroglyphs as:

- even if war defeats the false lords...

- none who are unknowing should find the white city...

- dedicated to those, who in each of the 31 years built five sentinels...

- only the first of the last 24 points the way...

There are more than 5 statues - so the" 31 years built 5 sentinels" is a clue (31 x 5 = 155). First of the last 24 might mean 155 less 24 = 131 and the first of the last 24 is 132.

Check the scroll in inventory and see that it is translation of the Egyptian number symbols. Water uncovers the secret of the rocks.

Statue 132:    Talk to Rafi again and he will verify the calculations. Geez.

Examine the statues and see that the pedestals have numbers on them. Look for 132.

Click the scroll on the statues label-tag. Now all the pedestals have numbered labels.

The pedestal with a fallen statue at back left has 132 on its pedestal. Click twice on the number and then push it.

Ask Rafi's help to push the slab. They need lubricant.

Tripoli:    Use the map to jump to Tripoli.

Rafi goes in the city to check. They can't come in to the city because the dead captain of the guard was found and they are hunted.

Talk to the Bedouin merchant. Feodor gets soap.

Ruins:    Jump back to the ruins. Check the store at the soldiers' tent to get rope.

Plinth 132:    Go back inside the temple.

Use the knife on the soap to get soap strips. Then use the soap strips on the water jug from the watering point to get soapy water.

Use soapy water on plinth 132. Ask Rafi to help again. Push the plinth and enter the corridor.

Map room:    See a large map on the right wall. The rest arrives.

Click on each prominent structure on the map to identify them.

The Emir says the Large mountain is Mount Sababah; it is the one travelers used to navigate.

The dove means Zerzura and the symbol for distance is beside it.

Use the rope on Mount Sababah - large mountain.

Click-hold the rope and move it to lie over the dove - Zerzura and the symbol for distance.

Move the knot of the rope over the dove to mark its distance.

Without moving the placed knot, move the rope until the knot crosses the watering place at bottom of the map. Feodor will say that Zerzura has to be there.

There is an old monastery by those mountains. The inquisitor travelled southeast. The pieces of the key are not just as a key but insures that the city can be found.

Key fragment in Mount Sababah:

Now that the location of Zerzura is found, we look for keys.

Mount Sababah:    Jump to the Mountains in the map.

Inside the cave dwelling, see that the whole family is dead. Look around and see the skeletons by the entrance.

Pick up the parchment in front of the skeletons. Look at it in inventory. It looks like drawings of the cave dwelling.

Check the wall painting left of the fireplace.

Talk to Jamila, Emir and Ramon. Show the parchment to Ramon.

Back part of the cave:    Go to the other room. Look around.

Take the book on the rock table at left and see another parchment.

Check the sleeping quarters above. Talk to Rafi. He thinks the family died 10 years ago.

Check the sleeping quarter at top right. Take the ladder from left and use it on the one at right.

Climb up and see another skeleton. Take the chain with large ruby.

Ask Ramon about the book and chain with ruby. The diary is Zerzurian written by a young child. They all got sick.

The chain is a wedding necklace blessed by the Queen. It is not ruby but crystal.

Find the key:    Study the book that Ramon says has the symbols that refer to the lost key fragment.

In inventory combine the parchment drawing with the book that has another drawing.

Use the book on the light by Jamila. The picture when placed together and studied by sunlight showed a drawing similar to the wall painting.

See a lion at bottom left and it is circled.

Study the lion on the wall painting left of fireplace. Click on the lion again to see an opening. Get the key fragment.

Rafi looks at the key fragment. Rafi says that he saw one just like it in the thieves' hideaway.

Jump to Tripoli. They buried the dead.

Thieves' leader in Tripoli:   

Thieves' leader:    Talk to Rafi about the guild of thieves. Feodor shows the chain. Rafi leaves to get the Thieves leader.

Rangar, the Thieves leader talks to Feodor. They make a trade of key fragment with wedding necklace.

Bedouin camp:   

Bedouin:    Talk to the Bedouin merchant. The painted stones he sells are reproductions of the holy crystal revered by their tribe. The priestess takes care of the holy crystal relic.

The merchant does not trust Feodor. Show the merchant one of the crystal fragments. He now thinks Feodor is an important man.

The route to the tribe is marked in the map. Use the map to jump to Bedouin camp.

Feodor sees the crystal fragment in a shaded altar. The altar is encircled by stones resembling the key fragment. The altar is made of rotten wood.

Talk to the priestess. She is a Zerzurian that has tasted power. Learn that there are 12 parts of the key.

Talk to the make Bedouin at right. Learn that sunlight on the crystal will light it up.

Get to the key fragment:    Take the shield from the ground at far right tent. This gives Feodor an idea.

Take the piece of cloth from the clothes line at left.

In inventory, use sand, then water and then the stone taken from watering point on shield.

Use the piece of cloth on the ground shield to give it a shine.

Use the mirror shield on the tent at right. Feodor places it on the ground.

The altar burns. The priestess caught fire when she tries to pick up the burning key fragment.

Use the pliers to get the key fragment. Feodor runs away.

Plans to get the rest of the keys:

Feodor informs the rest that there are 12 key pieces and they have 3. Rafi tells them that the rest are already gathered by the Grand Inquisitor because he has been going crazy looking for the 3 crystals.

The Emir pointed the way to Stone Monastery of the Holy Virgin. The Emir is turning back to return to Tripoli. He will fight for his city.

The group travels to the Monastery where the Grand Inquisitor is in residence. A storm is coming.

Arched area:    The 3 decide that they will enter the monastery as Bedouins-Nomad asking for a place to stay the night.

Ramon is very ill. Take the blanket hanging at right structure and cover Ramon with it.

Look around. Check the saddlebag by the rock at left to get the scroll.

Make Bedouin clothes:    Check the stones positioned as a square behind Rafi and Jamila.

Check the uncovered mat. Take bits of cloth, grain and piece of bone from the exposed hole.

Use the knife on bone to make bone splinter. Use the knife again to put a hole and make it into a needle.

Use the knife with the mat to get palm fibers. Combine the needle and palm fibers to get needle and fibres.

Use needle and fibres on cloth to get Bedouin clothing.

Use the Bedouin clothing on Jamila. Feodor talks to Ramon. They decide that Feodor carries the 3 key fragments and Ramon stays here alone.


Enter the Monastery of the Holy Virgin:

You can die on this chapter, so save often. You get other chances to continue on with the game.

Go to the monastery and be at the door on the cliff side.

No one answers the knock door. Rafi leaves to look for another entrance.

Secret of the rocks:    Read the 2 slabs on each side of the path. Only he who knows the secret of the rocks will gain entry.

Remember what is written on the scroll from the dead soldier at the ruins - Water uncovers the secret of the rocks.

Take the cross from the small hole on left cliff wall.

Use the water carrier on the small hole. See that the water pours out of large hole at right. (If not done, smoke will come out of large hole and kill.)

Click on mysterious hole at right. Feodor feels a rope and pulls it. A bell rings. After some discussion, they are allowed in.

Grand Inquisitor:    The Inquisitor welcomes them to the monastery.

Get the monk out of the room:

Look around the dormitory. There is a conspicuous bed at right corner of room.

 A monk prays in front of the altar. Try to talk to the monk.

Exit and talk to the soldier at the herb garden. Ask the soldier about the praying monk.

Learn that the monk only stops praying during the evening meal. The bell will ring to signal the evening meal. The soldier is looking for herbs for the special meal. He uses the book to identify the herbs.

Check the bell left of the large door. Enter the large door and talk to Brother Jeremiah, the cook monk. Learn that more soldiers are coming.

Brother Jeremiah leaves after learning about the soldier looking for herbs.

See the rope attached to the bell outside is hanging at left. There's a bellow on the floor.

Attach the rope to the bellow. Use water carrier on the fire to dampen it down.

Feodor leaves. Brother Jeremiah returns to the kitchen. Hear the bell ring when he used the bellow.

The praying monk exits the dormitory.

Monastery cellar:

Secret of the conspicuous bed:    Enter the dormitory and check the conspicuous bed. Feodor pushes the bed and exposes a secret door on the floor.

There is no opening mechanism.

Check the altar. The statue at left is a monk keeping his eyes closed.

Click on the niche at right and Feodor says that there is one statue that can't see and one that says nothing.

Check the small shrine at center. See 4 monk statues.

The large one at left has arm that can be moved. The 3 smaller ones can be turned to show different actions.

Since the bigger statue on the altar above is holding his hands over the eyes - turn the left small one to show a similar position.

Then change the middle one to ring-haired monk that says nothing or finger on his mouth (as Feodor mentioned).

Following the 3 monkeys, change the right one to one that has his hands on his ears.

Pull the arm of the large statue at left. The secret door opens.

Go to Inquisitor's room:

The Abbot:    Go down the secret passage. Look around.

Check the bag at center. Meet the Abbot of the monastery. Talk to him. Learn that the Grand Inquisitor was his student.

There is a secret casket in his room. The abbot tells how to get to his room via the shaft.

Shaft:    Check the shaft mentioned by the abbot at left. Pull the rope and learn that it needs a counterbalance.

Take the bag - sack with cloth remnants beside the abbot. Use the sack on the water.

Use the wet cloth remnants on the rope of the shaft.

Climb the rope to the roof. See soldier come in with Rafi. Rafi meets with the Grand Inquisitor.

Casket:     Look around. Check Mary full of Grace statue on the wall to get a key.

Check the casket on the table. Take the heavy ivory cross left of the door. Take the candle holder by bed.

Check the chest by window. Use the key taken from Mary full of Grace statue on chest. Nothing there.

In inventory, right click the ivory cross and get a cross with knife.

Save here. If you die, you get other chances to continue on with the game.

Use the cross with knife on casket. Feodor takes the key fragments.

When the soldiers, Rafi and Grand Inquisitor enter and dialogues are done, immediately click on window to escape.

White City of Zerzura

Jamila and Feodor get Ramon from the camp. The sandstorm comes.

During the cutscene, use the Bedouin clothes on Ramon to cover him.

The storm passes and the trio reach the gate of city of Zerzura.

The Gate of Zerzura:

Look around. Check the mountains, sand and the old cart. Take the metal ring of the wheel and bar from the old cart.

Look at the statue of Sekhmet framing the gate; the dove at top of gate marking the city of Zerzura, Eye of Horus, and cat that signifies Bastet.

Talk to Ramon. Ramon says to place the pieces on the gate.

Key fragments:    Use the 12 key fragments on the hollow on the gate.

Place the fragments correctly under the gold rim of the circle.

Place the pieces with knobs on them first because they don't fit if there are others beside it.

Take note of the icons on the gold rim; they are clues to the drawing on the key fragments. Similar drawings should be together.

Place the ringed knob with small bird on the indent at left. The cat with knob piece under the cat icon on the gold rim, etc...

Left click-hold-drop the fragment in position. Right click turns it.

Make handle:    Use the metal ring from old cart's wheel on the key but it is too big.

Use the metal ring with the pliers and it is cut smaller. Use the metal socket on the key.

Use the bar from the cart to hold he metal socket in place.

Turn the key:    Talk to Ramon again. Ask about the story.

The story is about a little bird that broke its wing when it fell off its nest. The bird met a cat and told it that it wants to get back to its nest up in the mountain. The cat took the bird it its mouth and climbed the mountain. Upon reaching the top, a vulture came and scared the cat away. The little bird closes its eyes thinking that it will be eaten. But the mountain shook and the vulture was scared away.

Go back to the key and study the icons on the gold rim. See all the characters and items mentioned in the story.

Click-hold-turn the little bird clockwise to stop at each character or item that are in the correct sequence of the story: start with the little bird, cat, nest, vulture, eye and back to start.

Mother's house:

Feodor and Jamila push the door open. The trio enters and Ramon is excited.

Ramon remembers the house he was born in and walks towards it. Ramon collapses before he reaches the doorway. They need the healing water.

Temple and drawbridge:    Look across the way and see the temple. The drawbridge is raised on the other side. There is a crevasse between the temple area and the houses. Feodor has to get to that side.

Susanna's house:    Check the lion's head. Enter the house with the lion's head. Look around. Check the walls, ceiling and mosaic floor.

Check the statue and take the wedding chain.

Check the parchment on the floor in front of the divan-seating. It is Ramón's drawing.

Take a shard of glass on the floor at left. Exit the building.

Foundation:    Check the foundation at bottom left. It looks like a foundation of a church. Look around.

Take the book below the cross. Read the book in inventory. The Zerzurian who wrote it is descended from a crusader and he laid the foundation of the church. He was cast out by the queen. He is jealous of Susanna who guards the river's influx. Susanna's house is around the influx. The crusader descendant threatens the queen. Ah...

Take the spade by the columns and the pickaxe at center foundation.

Look at the date tree and Feodor takes a dried palm leaf. Check the statue of Sekhmet.

Mill house:    Go to the building across the main square.

Take the clay pot on the bench and the rags on the bed.

Check the cross, painting behind the wall, box, ceiling, broken millstone and grinding mill.

Find the river's influx:

Susanna's house:     The diary states that the house is around the river's influx. Go back to the house.

Check the walls and Feodor can hear a noise. The wall is damp.

Exit and take the upper stone of the column in front of the lion's head. Click it on the mill house door.

Place the column stone on the grinding mill. Place the spade on the column stone.

Place the grain on the grinding mill. Turn the wheel. Click the mill to get flour.

Go back to Susanna's house. Use the flour on the damp wall. Feodor blows the flour around.

See the detected damp wall. Use the pickaxe on the wet wall.

See an underground river. Go through hole and Feodor falls in the water.

Drawbridge:    Feodor comes out the other side of the river.

Use the handle of the drawbridge to lower the bridge. Turn the wooden handle again and it breaks off.

Take the rope at water's edge.


Go to the temple. Check the skeleton of the guard with the leather armour in good shape.

Door:    Check the cog wheel above the door. Check the 5 niches and symbols on either side of the door.

Ramon:    Ramon would know the symbols. Go back to Ramon and search for notes. Get parchment and a match.

Read the parchment. Learn about Sekhmet.

Study the left page and see the notation and drawing for Zerzurian blood; fire, flowing water, sand and amber - flash.

Door:    Go back to the door of the temple. Use the parchment on the symbols to learn the meaning of the symbols.


Collect the symbols:

Zerzurian blood:    Use the knife on the top right niche-blood alcove and Feodor cuts himself. Nothing happened. Maybe it wants one born here like Ramon.

Go back to Ramon and use the knife on him. Feodor collects Ramon's blood on the rag.

Sand:    Go outside the gate and use the clay pot from mill house to get sand.

Amber-Flash (Thanks, Ludwig):     Go back to the temple and use the knife on the armour of the skeleton to get metal disc.

Place the symbols:

Place Ramon's blood in the top right niche or Blood alcove. The cog wheel moves.

Use the water carrier in bottom right niche or water alcove. The cog wheel moves.

Place the clay pot with sand in the sand alcove at top left. The cog wheel moves.

Place the soldier's metal disk in the amber alcove. The cog wheel moves.

Place the palm leaf and wooden handle in the fire alcove at bottom left. Use the shard of glass on match to get burning match. Use burning match on the filled fire alcove. The cog wheel moves.

Outer chamber:

Enter and see carnage. Check the bones of Christians and Zerzurians. Note the shield and weapons left of the statue of Sekhmet.

Gate:    Pull the handle right of the right statue.

See 3 rotating blades on right and left wall of the passage.

Take the war hammer left of the gate. Use war hammer on the first right blade-knife trap. One is stopped.

See a Sekhmet head and an armoured skeleton at the back area of the passage.

In inventory combine rope and pliers to get improvised grappling hook.

Use the improvised grappling hook on head of statue. Feodor pulls it in. Use the head of the statue on second knife trap. Two are stopped.

Click on the armoured skeleton to make Feodor time his run to it. He automatically uses the skeleton on the third trap and pulls the lever to stop the other traps.

Sealed gate:    See a lion's head on the sealed gate. Use Ramon's talisman on the gate.

Throne room:

Queen:    Enter the main chamber. The brazier lights up. Feodor talks to the Queen.

The Queen asks Feodor to fill the fountain; she can make healing water enough for a drink or 2. She doesn't want Susanna's son to die.

Anyone who wears the lion mask becomes the high priest of Sekhmet and is bound to her.

She lost control of Sekhmet only once in thousand years. That is 20 years ago. The one that build the temple to another god caused the anger. During the uprising the queen lost control of Sekhmet's anger and slaughtered everyone around her. The rest closed the gate to seal her in. She is now in control and welcomes her people.

Fix the fountain:

Locate the fountain pipes:    Click twice on the fount for Feodor to check the pipes there.

Now a main intake is seen at back of the fountain. Click main intake so that Feodor can follow that to the front part of the fountain under the floor.

Click on the paving stones and Feodor removes the mosaic stones to show the pipes.

It leads to the left side. The large stone slab over the pipe is too heavy but it has a hole in the middle. Use the improvised grappling hook on the hole of the slab.

Take the end of the rope and tie it to the closest statue. Now push Sekhmet. A shaft is exposed.

Fix the left gears:    Study the gears.

From left to right: See that there is a missing second cogwheel that connects 1 and 3.

Go back up and take the ankh once carried by the fallen statue from the floor. Pick up the rope also. Go back down.

Use the ankh on the bracket of the second broken cog wheel.

Pull the weights to see that the left side now works.

Fix the middle gears:    Study the middle cogwheels. The left cogwheel does not connect to the left set of gears and the right cogwheel does not contact the left.

Use the rope on left middle cogwheel to connect middle left cogwheel to the working gears at left.

Use the knife on the worn right middle cogwheel so that it connects to the left one.

Pull the weights again to see if it works.

Get healing water:

Go upstairs. See that the main intake is shooting water outside the fount. Click on it to seal it and get water flowing on the fount.

Use the water carrier on the flowing fountain. Give the filled water carrier to the Queen.

The Queen comes down and sanctifies the water carrier.


Jamila arrives with Rafi holding Ramon.

Gonzalo the Grand Inquisitor follows them. Learn who Gonzalo really is - one that wrote the notes on the bible and incited a revolt.

The Queen cannot trust Gonzalo because he hesitates when she asks him to pledge himself to Sekhmet.

Gonzalo stabs the queen. Gonzalo takes the mask and wears it. Gonzalo picks up the water carrier and says that in his rule no more healing water will be available to others; just for himself.

Rafi fights Gonzalo and is also killed.

Save game here. Now Gonzalo attacks Feodor. Jamila goes to the other side.

Click the flour on the brazier above Feodor. Feodor blows flour on the fire causing a flash. Jamila uses her sword to flip the healing water to land in the fount. Jamila and Gonzalo fights.

Pick up the water carrier from the fount. Gonzalo holds Jamila.

Right click the water carrier to get Feodor to drink it. Feodor moves to other side of the fountain. Gonzalo comes closer.

Use the stone slab that seals the main water intake.

Take the sword left of Gonzalo and fight.

Watch what happens.

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