Main Goals : Collect all the Agent 3's time codes

You can finish this chapter in any order you want. There is no restriction for this one.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA : October 06, 1262 BC

Q : What should I do here ?
A : First, get the Journeyman Suit in front of the lighthouse. You'll meet your friend Arthur here. Learn from him about Agent 3.

Q : Where is the first time code ?
A : It's on the top of the lighthouse.

Q : How could I climb up to the top of the lighthouse ?
A : Find the rope at the pier (you'll see it lying on the ground). Attach it to the broken stair inside the lighthouse. Climb up. You'll see the first time code on the floor. Notes: while you're at the pier, try to look closely to the boat at the distance. You'll see someone there. That's the inventor of the time machine.

ANDES MOUNTAIN : January 29, 524 AD

Q : Where is the second time code ?
A : It's on one of the Hot Air Balloon on the sky.

Q : How could I get out from this well ?
A : Move the stone that block the stone slab on the well's wall (near the bottom of the wall). Move the stone slab, you'll be floating to the surface.

Q : How could I lower the Hot Air Balloon ?
A : Get the winch from the top of the well. Get the crop basket from the village ruin (if you go from the well, take the first left path and follow it to the end). Use winch on the rope and attach the basket on the Hot Balloon.

Q : How could I go to the other Hot Balloon nearby ?
A : Zoom in the rope (you'll see a hook). Use it to grab the other Hot Balloon. Inside this one, you'll see the second time code.


Q : Where is the third time code ?
A : It's inside the temple down at the city.

Q : How could I go down to the city ?
A : You have to fix the ladder first. Get the wheel and the wooden staff on the ground. Find the stuff outside the ruin. Attach the control wheel on the gear inside the ruin. It will roll down the ladder. Now you could climb down the ladder to the city.

Q : How could I get into the temple ?
A : One of the window is loosen. Use the staff to force it open. Slide in and climb the Budha statue. On the top ramp you'll see the third code.