Sometime before April 15, 1219 AD

Main Goal : Retrieve the second artifact by solving Sidda's Quest

Q : How could I get accross to the temple ?
A : Mark the pilgrim. Go inside the guard house as the pilgrim and talk with Dob-dob the guard. Show the silk scarf to him. He'll raise the bridge for you. Whenever you want to go back again just ring the bell.

The Six Budha

Q : What should I do here ?
A : There are several people that could give you all the information you need. The Lama inside the temple, Jenghis Khan inside the tent, and the Gardener at the green house (cross the bridge where the pilgrim is). They will told you about the Sidda Quest (it's the second artifact) and how the steam tunnel below the temple gave them lots of trouble lately. The Lama will speak to everybody. Khan will only speak properly to Lama and you could collect information from the gardener if you disguise yourself as the Lama or Dob-dob. There is a Painting of the Six Budha on the wall inside the Temple of the Gods (inside the main hall on the right wall) that could show you how to deal with the six statue of Budha.

Q : Inside the green house I see the dying sacred tree. How could I cure it ?
A : Remember this, tree gets his food by using its roots. Find its roots and feed it with Healing Water. Open the grate on the floor nearby. Go down through the manhole. Pour the healing water on its roots. You heal it. Go up and climb the wooden ladder. Get the magic fruit on its branch as a reward.

Q : What should I do with the fruit ?
A : Put it on the hand of the Budha statue nearby (The Shrine of Pretas Realm) as an offering. You'll see a yellow stone appears. Grab it.

The carving on the wall

Q : How to solve the musical instrument puzzle in the Temple of the Gods ?
A : The answer lies on the carving on the cliff wall accross the bridge where the pilgrim is (look picture above). It's "Om ma ni pad ne hum". You have to compose the music according to this rhytm. The problem is one of the gong is broken (the top right one). You have to find a way to fix it. Make it a little loose.

Notes : If you click on the broken bell while holding the 'E' keys, you'll see a turn symbol. Turn it and you'll see an easter egg.

"Om Ma Ni Pad Ne Hum"

Q : How to fix this broken gong ?
A : There are 2 things that could make this gong loose -- the olive oil and the butter. If you follow my hint, you should have the olive oil in your possession now. If not you have to find the butter. Use either one to loosen the gong. Then hit the gong with this order. Look at this picture to help you. When you're done with it, you'll see a white stone appear on the statue hand (the statue is in front of the instruments: The Shrine of God's Realm). Get the white stone.

Q : Where is the butter ?
A : It's hidden in the secret cave down at the steam tunnel. Get the map from the green house (it's on the top of the wooden ladder beside the dying tree) and don't forget to take the knife also. You could enter the steam tunnel through different entrance in this area. You could enter through the grate from the temple, the green house, or the grate on the wall beside the musical carving (use the gaff to pull the lever to open the grate). When you enter the steam tunnel with the map, Arthur will update the map regularly. Use this map below to help you to reach the secret room. Pull the lever to move the boulder. Inside the secret room you could get the buttler boiler. It contains the butter.

The Route : From the Main Temple's grate (Center), move boulder to
left, take right path, take left path, move boulder to left, take right
path, take left path, take right path, take left path and head
into the secret cave

Q : What should I do with the Shrine of Hell's Realm inside the secret cave ?
A : To solve this puzzle you have to re-arrange all the stone door in the steam tunnel so that the steam will flow from the lava pit to the secret cave instead of to outside. It will melt down the shrine and leave a black stone on it. Get the black stone. Look at this map above to help you (it's only one of the solution.

Q : What should I do with the Shrine of Asiris Realm (the statue outside Khan's tent) ?
A : It's the way of sword. Remember the sword inside Khan's tent. You have to sneak in and take it. Go down to steam tunnel and head to the exit on the top right corner of the map. Disguise yourself as anybody beside the Khan himself. Climb up the ladder and quickly grab the sword on your left. If you're not quick enough, the Khan will hit you.

Q : What should I do with the Shrine of Animal Realm (near the carving on the cliff wall) ?
A : It seeks knowledge. Shapeshift as Khan and talk with Lama in the temple. Ask about animal realm. Answer : 'Ignorance'. He'll give you the Book of Knowledge. Put this book on the empty slot on the base of the shrine. Get the green stone.

Q : What should I do with the Shrine of Human Realm inside the temple ?
A : It's the way of humility. If you look closely to the Painting of Six Shrine inside the Temple of the Gods, you'll see that the blue shrine holding the bowl. Now you have to find the bowl that ressemble humility ..... the beggar bowl. Where do you see it .... Yes at the Atlantis city. Go back there and head to the dock. Pick up the beggar's bowl. Put this on the shrine's hand. Get the final stone: the Blue stone.

Q : Now what should I do with these stones ?
A : Go to the Temple of the Gods. Go directly to the main hall and climb down the ladder. Go to the other side of the central pole. There is a white statue in the recess. Put the white stone on his palm. A stair will appear. Climb to level 2. Each level will contain different color statues. Put the appropriate color stone on the statue. The order will be: White, Red, Green, Black, Yellow, and Blue. If you read the inscription on each level (on the stair) you'll learn the journey of Budha. On the top of the stair you'll find the Lotus.

Q : Where is the second artifact ?
A : The Lotus is actually the second artifact but you have to change its form first. Look at the circle above the eye on the wall. You'll see a reflection of the pilgrim. He's the one that could change the form.

Q : The pilgrim won't change the Lotus. What should I do to complete the 'path' ?
A : Be yourself. Shapeshift to yourself and give the Lotus to him. You got the second artifact now.