By Paulo Coelho and arxel tribe

Walkthrough by MaGtRo      October 1, 2001

Game Play: Right click of the mouse will show on top of the page - "Bag", that contains things that are collected during game play; "Actions", has objects needed for fast action, "Shield of the Templars", contains the possible dialogues and the "Main Menu Icon". To move back from a close-up view, move the pointer at the bottom of the page and click the closed eye icon. Save often, especially on action scenes because you can die. If you cannot move the cursor to go to another frame, right click the mouse.


Tancrede de Nerac, a former Knight of the Templars has become a lawless desert pirate and has taken the name As-Sayf derived from the sword he carries -the Arabian scimitar. After years of being a mercenary, he becomes disillusioned. He heard of a prophet, Simon de Lancrois who is supposed to have collected a following of people of different races and religions to build an ideal city away from the world. Impressed by this dream, he leaves his companion in arms, Caradoc and goes in search for the city where the followers of Simon the prophet is supposed to be.


Tancrede de Nerac aka As-Sayf wants to see the prophet's dream in the city of Jebus. 

As-Sayf arrives in front of the chained gate of Jebus riding on his horse, Phorbas. On the left side of the gate, a plaque can be seen. Clicking on areas around or in the plaque will hear how the people joined together and the dreams they have for the raising of the city of Jebus. On the right side of the gate, a little behind the horse, is a wall inscription charging Simon de Lancrois of being a "murderer". Note the bricklike protrusion. 

An oasis with a well is seen to the left and beyond that is a discarded caravan. Inside the caravan, pick up the rope, adze and tineul/metal bar. Look inside the chest and get the big key. 

Go back to the gate and place the tineul on the center of the chains. Click the rope on top end of the tineul. Click Phorbas on the end of the rope. Enter the city.

Map of Jebus

Explore the city at leisure and enter doors, listen to the memories of the inhabitants and learn the progress of the prophet's dream.

Tie Phorbas to bar. Sawing and hammering can be heard. Turn left, move forward 3x, turn left, forward once and turn around. 

See a hungry dog. Turn right, move forward 2x and turn left. Enter door and get meat from barrel at corner. Go back and feed the meat to the dog. Follow dog - Turn right, forward 5x, automatic right, forward once, automatic right, forward 3x, left, forward 3x. Look up and look close at the scaffold board. Use sword on board. Now, how to get up there. 

Turn back, forward 3x, right, forward once, right and see a man on a scaffolding. Let's talk to him. Click on man 2x. Look down on the left and pick up stones. Click stones on man. He dropped something. Forward, turn around and look down, pick up oil gourd

Turn right, forward once, right, forward once, left and enter door. Pick up hammer. Turn left, go to locked door. Click Big Key on oil gourd to get oiled key. Use it on locked door. Enter and get ladder

Go back to the scaffold door that the dog showed you. Place ladder against the wall. Climb up. Walk the scaffolding until the next ladder. Look up and see the old man ready to clobber you. Stick him with the sword. Save game!

Climb up and turn around to see the man try to break the planks with a pail or rocks - immediately, cut the rope of the pail with sword. He is really unfriendly!

Walk forward using only the sturdy brown planks. Climb up and walk forward until the cliff edge. Look up and place rope on ring on the bar. That's showing him!

Move forward until cave entrance on the left. Poke curtain with sword. Click on old man and then select dialogues on shield - Theodore, Jebus, Simon. He goes to sleep on us, must really be tired. Pick up bucket. Go back to cliff edge. Pick up plank on the right side and place on cliff edge. Cross plank and get rope again. Walk the scaffolding 3x and pick up the mass/hammer wedged between the planks.  

Go to well at the oasis outside the city. Combine bucket and rope and use it on the well wheel. Click on rope and pick up the bucket full of water

Go back to the wall inscription outside the gate. Combine mass and adze and use it on the protruding brick. Pick up Pearl Box

Go back to sleeping Theodore. Click  bucket of water on him. Click the Simon dialogue on Theodore. Pick up nail. Pull back from table. Click nail on Pearl Box. Click on letter and read the words of Simon de Lancrois. He explains his actions. Click on Theodore again. 

As-Sayf burns the dream named Jebus. Theodore tells As-Sayf about one man who might know where Simon is - Qamar who lives at the Street of Four Pearls in Jerusalem. 

So, As-Sayf looks for Simon, embittered because of destroyed Jebus and his own broken dream. 

Cd 2



As-Sayf goes on search of Qamar to lead him to Simon. 

You cannot take the horse in the souk. Click the selection of dialogues on the boy. Give him the dinar to take care of Phorbas.  

Turn around, forward 2x and left to the souk. Talk to the man in the blue robe on the left. He wants the chest that the goldsmith has. Go to the Goldsmith - He asks - Are you clear-sighted in spirit?  He asks for your help about a coded message and you say Yes. 

Talk to the herbalist and he will give you a puzzle to solve - say Yes. 

           Herb puzzle - He asks that you place the five herbs on the parts of the drawing that it will cure. Chelidonia - with the master of the skies, light enter where there's only darkness, reveals hidden senses and unties the most tangle hanks - place on eye area. Artemisia - bruises her father (Mars) gives her like a ram, is a good antidote - place on top of head. Green anisen - kept by the man of the moon, planet of childishness - place on abdomen. St. John's wort - recommended to weary travelers - place on leg. Mallow - keep their voices harmonious - place on throat

Note the hanging herb - it looks like Chelidonia, the herb that reveals the hidden senses. Aha! The herbalist will not give a cutting of it. When the herbalist bends down, use dagger on hanging herb and Chelidonia will be in the bag.  Combine chelidonia and coded message to get uncoded message

Talk to the other merchants on the street. You can get a lemon from the fruit seller. You gather from the talks that Iblis, the tea drinker can help, was wounded on the leg and was previously a horseman of the ousted sultan of Jerusalem. Iblis greets you as a soldier under Ubak Khan, the new leader of Jerusalem, asks if you are a soldier guarding Jerusalem and if you get his medicine from the herbalist he will be your guide. When you give him his medicine, he will ask to have a drink with you. If you refuse, he will not  help you. If you agree and drink, you will be poisoned.

Give the uncoded message to the goldsmith and get the small box in return. Give the small box to the man in the blue robe and he will take you to the Street of Four Pearls.

Street of Four Pearls

As-Sayf finds out where Qamar is.

Enter the street to the right. Enter the brown gate on the left where the sound of a blacksmith can be heard. Talk to Taleb, the blacksmith. Walk to the table and look at different metal objects and go back to Taleb and talk to him again. Isaac will come out. Walk to the fireplace and look at the metal rod on a stand. Talk to Isaac, the cabbalist using the shield dialogues. Then talk to Taleb and he states that they are making a golem to get Qamar out of prison. You find out about their plan to free Qamar from prison. Go to the table opposite the forge and pick all the parts that are not spear points. Let us see how well this plan is.

           Golem puzzle - Go to the metal rod on a stand at the fireplace and construct a golem. Place the torso, head, then the first right part, second right part, right button and then first left part, second left part, left button, third left part, fourth left part, fifth left part

Isaac is proud of his work, so let us see how well. Pick up the bucket of water by the right side of the forge and a sword by the left side of the table that had the metal parts. Save game!! Place the sword on the golem's hand. Whoa! Heeding Isaac's words to remove the inscription - pour bucket of water on his head. It was an interesting plan anyway! Now, it is As-Sayf's turn.


As-Sayf sets out to free Qamar.

Go forward to the cart. Pick up the iron stick on the cart and the oil lamp on the ground. Click iron stick on the lock of the herbalists shop. Enter. 

On the floor, see mouse and pick up glass flasks and the brown pot of hawthorn pollen. On the shelf, pick up measuring glass. Open the left cabinet and pick up the brown vase like container of water of bistorte. Examine the parchment on the right and see the formula for something - a.b.a.b - brown pot, brown vase like container, brown pot, brown vase like container. Now, lets mix one up and see what we can come up with. 

           Formula puzzle - Place measuring cup on the counter. Click on the measuring cup - hawthorn pollen once, water of bistorte once, hawthorn pollen once more and water of bistorte once more. Wow - smoke! Click a glass flask on the mixture. Now let us test it! Click filled glass flask on mouse. It is now a narcotic flask.


As-Sayf meets Qamar.

Turn left and look up. Click dagger on icicles. Combine icicles and narcotic flask to get narcotic icicles. Inventive! Turn right and go forward. Turn left and pick up the sling hanging on a rafter. Combine the sling and narcotic icicles to make sling with narcotic icicles

Look close at the guards and see them drink from a water reservoir filled by a drainage pipe. Click the sling with narcotic icicles on the light at the middle of the watchtower. Save Game!! Click sword on guard that is ready to skewer you. Go to guard and click dagger on his left shoulders to get 10 keys.

Enter watchtower and use first silver key to open door. Go to the third cell on the right and use the second blue key to open the door. Talk to Qamar using the shield dialogues. He says that he maintains an active link with Simon through An-Nab, a caravan driver. To find him, Tancrede must do some calculations in his library and observe the stars when Sirius looks at himself. Also, Qamar expects that As-Sayf will be of help to his prophecy. Picking up a small crystal ball, Tancrede departs. 

Back at the blacksmith shop, talk to Taleb. Isaac will take you to Qamar's library.


As-Sayf looks for the location of An-Nab, Qamar's link to Simon.

Talk to Isaac. He says that Sirius is a star in the Great Dog Constellation and is connected to end of winter and coincides with high waters of the Nile. He tells you to find a map of the skies. Turn right and go to the bed and a get key. Turn left and remove fruits off a bowl on a stand and see a star map with animals and other drawings. At the center of the bowl are the different constellations. 

Pick up the large crystal ball and toothed wheel from the bookcase across the room and the small case from the shelves on the long wall. Click the key on small case and get the sky map frame and disks of the cat, boar, knights, dragon, stag, stork, hare, hawks, mermaid, peacock, donkey and sheatfish

           Star map puzzle - Place the sky map frame on the desk. Starting at the one o'clock position going clockwise, place boar, stag, hare, knights, donkey, mermaid, dragon, peacock, hawks, stork, sheatfish and cat on the holes making a metallic star map.

Go to the ornate brown door with the inverted triangle. Place the metallic star map on the gold knob below the triangle. Turn the map until the triangle points to the knights and the wooden triangle protrudes out.

Click on triangle. Place the small crystal ball on the eye socket of the robot. 

As-Sayf pushes the robot out to the veranda, under the starry sky. Place the toothed wheel in the back of the robot and turn the rectangular box to winter.

Go to the front of the robot. Place metallic star map and large crystal ball on robot's hand. Turn the star map until the reflection of the stars above caused by the crystal ball coincide with the indentations of constellations on the star map. An inscription is reflected on the sash of the robot.

Click on inscription - Jerusalem. That is where An-Nab is.


As-Sayf fulfills Qamar's prophecy. 

Walk to the guards and talk to the left guard, Madrus. Give him the sword and dagger. Talk to Rajib, the chamberlain. Ambitious! Enter the door and see Ubak Khan and dancing girl. 3 Puzzles are to be done to prove royalty in order to face the Khan in battle.

           Wax doll puzzle (soul -magnanimity and insightfulness test) - turn left and look up to the hanging lamp. Click on lamp and click wax doll on it.

          Scale puzzle (mind - equity and good judgment test) - place equal weights on each pan of the scale. There are a total weights of 52 made up of 18, 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4, 1. Each pan should have 36. Place 36 on the right pan - one variation is 18, 10 and 8. Open the drawer and get lighter. Saved Game here!!!

           Speed puzzle (body - coordination test) - Turn around and pick up the bow and arrow lying on the carpet. Turn to left and face Khan. Immediately click bow and arrow on bird.

As-Sayf kills Ubak Khan. Talk to Rajib about Qamar. Free Qamar and go with him to the caravanserai to look for An-Nab. Madrus is still As-Sayf's loyal follower.


As-Sayf meets An-Nab.

Move forward, turn left and note the rag/robe on the ground. Talk to the sitting man behind the camels. Turn around and pick up the torch on fire

Talk to other man selling a falcon. Turn around and note the falcon on the stand with eye cover and leg shackle. 

Move forward and talk to man standing in front of tent. He says that An-Nab is tending his goat. Enter the goat pen and see Isaac, Tahib and a man tending a goat. Talk to kneeling man - An-Nab. He says that Simon went to Ayn as Sarrah and gives you a brooch as instructed by Simon. Exhaust all dialogue with An-Nab. He said to look for a map to find out what and where Ayn as Sarrah is.

Exit pen and go to the last tent and talk to Qamar. Pick up iron needle lying on the ground. Note reclining "Lady". 

Go to vats behind the goat pen. Pick up dung pancakes and mouse

Go to 2 men playing chess. Pick up magnifying glass. Talk to the man on the right about maps. He will give you the map if you win the chess game.

           Chess puzzle - Move shield on second brown row to fourth brown row from the right.

Take map from bag. Look at brooch - it is made up of 2 parts of similar design that is opposite each other. Use magnifying glass on brooch. 

            Brooch puzzle - Look at it with your mind's eye (1) and your real eye (2), flatter it with your strongest hand (5) and you will understand. Use iron needle on numbers and depress numbers 1, 2 and 5. The brooch closes and becomes an eye.

Click brooch on map to pick up map. Click brooch on close-up view of map and note the position of Jerusalem, Cairo and Alamut. 

Talk to Qamar again. Qamar talks about Ayn as Sarrah, the old man of the mountain. 

Go to the goat pen and talk to Tahib and An-Nab. Say yes to the requests of the caravaneer to rid an oasis of ghouls as payment for taking As-Sayf with him to Alamut where Simon is. Talk to Tahib again. He needs black, white and red sulphur to make a weapon to protect from ghouls. Qamar said that he saw black sulphur where they were before. 

Go back to the last tent and talk to the reclining "Lady". In exchange for the black sulphur, she wants a bird of prey and gives conditions on how to get it . 

          Falcon puzzle - Go out of the tent and click mouse on bottle outside the tent. Go back to the rag/robe outside the first tent near the gate. Combine dung pancakes and torch on fire to make dung pancakes on fire. Place dung pancakes on fire on the rug. Go to the falcon and click on the leg strap and eye cover. 

Talk to the lady again and get the black sulphur. She also says that Rajib has other colored sulphur.


As-Sayf goes in search of the red and white sulphur.

Rajib advises As-Sayf to learn more about his enemies and in front of him is the text to do so.

           Puzzle to learn about the ghouls - Get carafe from table. Open case and get ink bottle. Fill empty metal pot with the ink and click carafe on ink. Click on the words and learn the ghouls want of water and how to fight them with 3 stones with the color of Tradition. 

Rajib gives the red sulphur. A soldier that went in search of ghouls thinking that they have a jewel in their forehead stole his white sulphur from him. He also advices to use the white stone only on daylight for ghouls hate sunlight and possessing the 3 stones, fight ghouls only if there are more ghouls than you

Blacksmith shop

As-Sayf gets protection for the fight with the ghouls.

Back at the blacksmith shop, click on Tahib and give him the sword. In order to help, Isaac will make a talisman with the mark of As-Sayf's personal angel and a parchment to be burned in case of danger and a miracle will occur. 

          Sign of angel puzzle - The sign of your angel begins on the right by a sign without angle or curve, does not end in a circle, has two ligatures which do not join, and a triangle between the two parts of an octagon. Find the seal.... From right to left - line, arch, part of octagon, triangle, part of octagon and then arch.

To aid in fighting the ghouls, Isaac gives the parchment and talisman and Tahib gives the sword. Qamar adds his wishes.

Cd 1


As-Sayf fulfills his promise to An-Nab.

Ride Phorbas. Once at the oasis, turn around and cross the river. Turn left and use sword on the bush. Turn around and pick up the turban. Go back to the other side of the river to the horse. Turn left, forward 2x. Turn around, look down and pick up the wooden branch in front of the rock. Turn around again and move forward 2x. Turn left, look down and see a rock. Combine wooden branch and turban to make a torch. Place bush on rock and use lighter on bush. Click torch on bush on fire to make a burning torch

Look up and go forward. Go down the stairs. It is good to have a (sun)light here.

Turn left and go to the far pond. Look left and down. Use sword on water plants at center of the pond. Look close on hand. Use sword on hand and get white crystal. So that is what is left of the greedy soldier. Go back to the waterfall. It is getting desperate here! Click the parchment on the waterfall.

            Ghoul fight - Move cursor to the brown circle on the ground by Ay-Sayf's right on top of the screen. Herd the ghoul to the other side of the water to join the other ghoul by clicking on the brown circles, rocks and the brown circle on the other side of the water. Once face to face with the ghoul, click on the ghoul. 

As-Sayf kills the ghoul. Promise fulfilled.

Meet Kyot, the poet. He wants to immortalize As-Sayf. 

Sounds of horses are heard. Attack coming? Meet Caradoc, As-Sayf's comrade in arms

Talk to Kyot, An-Nab, and Caradoc about the old man of the mountain. 

As-Sayf dreams and faces a Jinni throwing fireballs.

           Dream fight puzzle - Click on his old friend Caradoc, the one that can help him fight.

The End

of The Legend of the prophet & the assassin, The Legend Part 1.

(The story will be continued in Secrets of Alamut, The Legend Part 2)

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