Leisure Suit Larry 7 Love For Sail

Solution by Phil Darke

Larry 7 takes up where Larry 6 left off. In case you forgot, Larry was all set for what he thought was to be a night of passion with Shamara Payne in La Costa lotta. Unfortunately things did not quite turn out as he had planned (surprise surprise!). Shamara left him hand cuffed to the bed and stuck a cigarette in his mouth before leaving with Larry's wallet. Being a non smoker, Larry spits out the cigarette, setting fire to the bed. Take the Lil' Hair Weave Kit from the dresser to your left and the vice grips from the right . Open the Lil' Hair Weave Kit and use the vice grips on the needle. Now use the bent needle on the hand cuffs. Go to the next room. The heat has caused the frame of the patio doors to expand and you can't open it. Pick up the chair and throw it at the door. The chair shatters, leaving the door intact. Click on the door and select other, then type smash or break. The door shatters and Larry emerges onto the balcony. He finds a picture of a cruise ship which he takes. Now jump into the net.


Larry arrives at the cruise ship and meets Captain Thygh and gets a slap for his trouble. Pick up you room key from the purser then head for The Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge. Peter explains the Thygh Man Trophy Contest. Look at the red and white striped object between the 2nd and 3rd chests on the left. This is the first of 32 "Where's dildos" which you need to find. Go out onto the deck and look at the topiaries in the thin topiary you will find another where's dildo. Go left to the promenade deck. Open the fire hose cabinet and take the hose. Talk to Peggy about all available topics, then select other and type captain. Go left to the focs'le and talk to Rod. He will make some balloon animals. Click on the sheep topiary to get another where's dildo. Take some kumquats.


Go to the library, pick up another where's dildo near the clock.

Examine all the books and all the other objects here. Go and talk to Victorian Principles about all topics. Choose other and type anything. When she turns to look at the computer take the mucilage. Head south to the waterfall. Near the right column is a where's dildo. Next go to the clothing optional pool. Pick up another where's dildo from the bushes on the left then try and enter the pool. Talk to Dick. You can not enter while you are wearing your suit. He lends you a complimentary swim suit and a towel. Drew Baringmore gets sunscreen in her eyes and grabs your towel. Talk to her about all available topics, also look at the book. This could be just what you need to spice up the librarian, but Drew has not finished with it yet. Also look at the magazine. Go to your cabin. Pick up the where's dildo near the bucket. Look at the toilet and unblock it by removing the spray can. Also take the toilet paper. Go back to the clothing optional pool. Talk to Drew again and ask about the book. This time she lets you take it. Go back to the library. Talk to Victorian again. Choose other and type anything. When she turns to her computer take the book from the top of the pile. Go to your inventory and click on the Prudish and Proud book and select remove jacket. Now click on the book you got from Drew and use it with the Prudish and Proud jacket. Exit your inventory and click on the pile of books and use the book in the Prudish and Proud Jacket. Go back to your cabin. There is another where's dildo beside the toilet. Go to the Sexual Prowess competition, there is another where's dildo in the right hand cubicle. Use your TMT card with the card reader. When you are finished push the green button and head back to your cabin. There is another where's dildo near the pipes in the lower left corner. It is about time you checked out the library again. Vicki has changed dramatically and you make love. Also there is another where's dildo on the right near the pineapple. Head back to your room as you enter the cabin you are seen by an old lady. You will also find if you look in your game directory that a picture named VICKY.BMP has been added. Take a look at it. Once you have regained you composure and your clothes return to the library and talk to her again when you talk about sex ask her to prove that she is the best by taking part in the Lovemaster 2000 competition. You use your score card in the machine and Vicky enters the competition and achieves a perfect score.


Go to the Best Dressed Man Contest area. There is another where's dildo here. Unzip the fly on the mannequin to reveal a card reader. Larry gets a pathetic score of two. Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom. Enter the ballroom . There is a where's dildo on the stage. There are also two more which are quite difficult to spot if you don't know about them. One is near the statue on the right and the other is by the table at the bottom of the screen. Talk to the woman, this is Jamie Lee Coitus talk about all available topics then choose other and type Leisure Suits. You need to get some fabric to help Jamie out. Go to the El Replicant Sculpture Garden. There is a big statue of David made from playing cards. Beside the left foot is another where's dildo. There is also a Venus De Milo made from dice. Click on the foot and take a couple of dice. Go south to the waterfall. There is another where's dildo here. Go right back to the sculpture garden. Climb the scaffolding and take a screwdriver from the tool box. Go to the employees only area. Ignore the lasers and security gadgets and walk up to the security door. Cick on it then choose other and type push. There is a where's dildo near the chairs on the right. Take the tube of KZ jelly and the jackpot preventer which is hanging above the microwave. Read the bulletin board until the messages repeat. Go to the bridge and climb the ladder. Look at the sails, they are made of polyester, just what you need. Climb the mast and take a look. Go down and enter the bridge. There is another where's dildo here. Also here are the controls to raise the sails, but you can't get to them because they are guarded by a ferocious dog. Go back outside and look at the electrical junction box. Use the screwdriver to open it. Use the jumper wire on the fuses inside. You have now shorted the P.A. system to the sail circuit. So the next time an announcement is made the sails should rise. Climb the ladder again. OK the sails are up but you need a knife to cut them. Go to the Heaving Ho. There is another where's dildo in the bowl of food. Look at the ice sculpture and lick it. Listen at the door the top of the screen and try to open it, but it is locked. Look around the dining hall until you find the bean dip and eat some. Talk to the meat carver and talk to him. He gives you a serving of S'pork. Talk to him again and you get another serving. Wang goes away to get more s'pork. There is another where's dildo here. Take the carving knife and the bulb. Return to the bridge and climb the ladder. If the sails are not up wait for an announcement, then use the knife on them. The sails come down with Larry still wrapped inside. Unfortunately that was the last announcement of the evening, so you are stuck up there all night. When the sails open next morning Larry comes down with a bump. Undeterred you head for Captain Queeg's ballroom. Talk to Jamie and give her the Polyester. You end up naked again. Head back to your room and get dressed. Head back to the ball room. Jamie is not here but she left you a note telling you to meet her backstage. Instead you end up on the stage and naked again.Back to your room again, this time you are waylaid by a reporter. At least now the Leisure suit is back in fashion. So go back to the best dressed competition. Unzip the model's fly and win easily. You now have another picture in your directory, JAMIELEE.BMP, take a look. 


Go to the Pair O' Dice Casino. There is a where's dildo near the blackjack table. Try to play craps, the table is full. You need to find a way to clear the table. Go back to the dining room and eat some more bean dip. Return to the Craps table, click on Larry choose other and fart. The craps table clears like lightning. Play craps twice, you lose. Use the souvenir dice in your inventory with the toilet paper. Play again but this time use the shaved dice. This time you win. A woman named Dewmi Moor invites you to her cabin for a game of Strip Liars Dice. The game looks complicated but once you have read the instructions and played a couple of rounds you will soon get the hang of it. Save your game every time you win a round and restore when you lose, unfortunately this game does not have restore function from within the game. So you will have to quit and reload every time you want to restore. This is time consuming but you will win eventually. When Dewmi's money runs out she will start shedding items of clothing. When she is down to only her bra she offers Larry a drink, which he drinks and has a weird dream and ends up naked again. This time in the pool. Larry makes his way back to his room only to be spotted again. Back in your room you hear an announcement that you won the craps competition.


Go to the help menu and select about there is another where's dildo here. Go back to Dewmi's room ,510 On the table is a bottle of orgasmic powder, this is what she used to drug you. Take the bottle. When you spoke to Drew Barringmore earlier in the game she told you that she had had the cabin boy put her suitcase away. So you need to talk to him. Go to the Promenade deck and ask Peggy about the cabin boy. She tells you that he is hiding behind the lockers in the break room. Ask about the break room and she will tell you that it is second locker from the left, bottom row. Go there and try to open it, you can't. So go back and ask Peggy for the combination 38-24-36. Open the locker and go in and talk to Xqwzts about all topics. When he mentions the photos ask him how he got them then buy the pictures. Go and talk to the Purser about all topics. Then use the white courtesy phone and call pranks. On the roof above you is another where's dildo he is quite hard to spot and is just a couple of red pixels. Go and talk to Peggy again and ask about Xqwzts and she tells you that he wants a passport. Go and talk to the purser again and ask for your passport. You need photographic ID to get your passport back. Go into your inventory and use the mucilage on the photo and use the sticky photo on the purser. He will now give you your passport. Go to the break room and give the passport to Xqwzts. He disappears, leaving behind a key. Take it. Go back to your room. Try to flush the toilet, it doesn't work. Use the fire hose on the toilet and try again. Now go to the poop deck and talk to the Juggs. Go to the Proud Lil Seaman Lounge and go to the bottom right of the screen. Talk to the barman. There is another where's dildo here you can just see him poking out from the left hand side of the hatch. Order a gigantic erection and while the barman goes off to prepare it enter the door on the left. There is another where's dildo near the hay bales on the left of the screen On the dressing table is a can of silicone lubricant, swap it for the KZ jelly. Push the red button and exit. There is a light fitting dangling down. Remove the bulb and replace it with the heat lamp. Order another gigantic erection and go back into the dressing room and press the red button again. Leave and go anywhere, then return to the lounge and watch the Juggs performance. Look at the JUGGS.BMP picture. Larry ends up naked again. On the way back to your room this time you are spotted by some Japanese tourists. Go back to the Proud Lil Seaman lounge. Go up the steps onto the stage and take the clothing chase lights. Go to the left hand side of the stage and take the remote control. Go to the horseshoes competition. There is another where's dildo here. Use your TMT score card on the rear end of the Centaur. Play horseshoes, you lose, but of course Larry doesn't give up that easily. Go to the Casino entrance, climb the scaffold and take a look at the spike. This is the bottom of the horseshoe spike. Use the battery powered chase lights on the spike. Return to the horseshoes competition. Use the remote control and play again this time you win. Take your TMT card.


Go to the bowling competition, there is another where's dildo here. Use your TMT card on the fibre glass Walrus. Take the ball and play bowls. You lose. Go to the room where Xqwzts was and use the screwdriver on the grille. You end up in a pitch black room. Move your cursor around the right side of the screen about half way down. Click undress. The lights go on. you are in the middle of a blind tasting competion. After being thrown out make your way back to your room. You get spotted by the purser. Waiting for you in your room is a woman in black. She makes you an offer, but unfortunately Larry gets his wires crossed. She leaves behind a handkerchief. Take it. Go to the Heaving Ho. Go through the door at the top of the screen. Look at the chair at the bottom left. Underneath it you find a life insurance policy. Examine the policy to find out the name of the owner, Annette Boning. Go and talk to the purser and ask him about her. He won't tell you anything. Use the white courtesy phone and page her. Talk to the purser again and ask him about your account. When he goes away look at the phone on his desk and push the LND button to find out Annette Boning's room number. Go to the owners suite. Enter and climb into the bed. The lights go on and Annette appears. You were in bed with her husband. Naked again you make your way back to your room only to be seen by a little girl. Head back to the Boning's suite. Ring the doorbell and talk to Annette about all topics, then give her the insurance policy. She gives you half a billion dollars in stock. OK back to the bowling. Go to the aft hold. Use the custodial key on the handle and enter. This is where they make the bowling pins. Use the deodorant spray on the hopper next to you. Go back to the bowling competition. Use the KZ jelly on the handkerchief. Then use the TMT score card on the Fibre glass walruss. Take the ball and use the treated handkerchief on it. Play bowls and win the contest.


Go to the kitchen. There is a where's dildo here. Take the wrapped fish. Also take the pot and the salt from the bottom left table. Operate the Caviarmaster next to the stove. Open your inventory and read the magazine. There is a recipe here. You need kumquats, mold, salt, lime juice and beaver milk. You should already have everything except the beavers milk mold and lime juice. Go to the bar and ask Johnson for some lime juice. Now go to the lower aft hold. Open the door with the custodial key. Click on one of the beavers, choose other and type milk. If you haven't already done so. Go to the library and read the books on Magnetism and Fokker. Next go to the forward hold. Unlock the door and enter. There is a where's dildo near the blue suitcase. You get hit on the head with a suitcase. This is Drew Baringmore's suitcase. Take it. Go to the captain's quarters. Look at the TMT leader board. Knock on the door. Now go to the clothing optional pool. There is another where's dildo by the bush on the right. Talk to Drew and tell her about the suitcase. She returns with you to your room and takes a shower. She is in there for ages. To get her out flush the toilet. Go to any location then return to your room. Some mold has grown in the shower. Take it and go to the kitchen. Use the the Beavers milk on the Cybercheese 2000 to get some cheese. Use the Kumquats on the cheese and make quiche. Use the orgasmic powder on the quiche and go to the cook off competition. Give the quiche to the judges. You win the final contest. Go to the Captains quarters and knock on the door. Last weeks winner is carried out. enter the cabin and talk to the captain about all topics. Finally give the stock certificate to Captain Thygh.


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