Lighthouse Submarine Solve

Solve created by Seeker, Witchen, and Rick

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Description of switches:

*1 activates power to the engine room (back of sub)

*2 activates power to the navigation control unit

*3 activates power to the diving control unit (ballast)

4 is the ignition key

5 is the door lock for the bridge (leave it in the up position)

6 is the door lock for the engine room (leave it in the up position)

7 is the switch that engages the sub

    *Bear in mind that switches 1, 2, and 3 can only be used two at a time. In other words,
    if you are using switches 1 and 2 then switch 3 must be turned off, or if you are using
    2 and 3, switch 1 must be turned off, and so forth.

Sequence of Operation:

1. put the throttle in the slot to the right of the captain's chair, indicated by number 7

2. turn the ignition (switch 4)

3. click switch 1

4. flip switch 6 to up position

5. go to engine room (back of sub)

6. open door with flywheel

7. enter engine room and pull lever to your right to turn on the engines

8. go back to bridge

9. turn switch 1 off

10. turn switch 3 on


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11. blow the ballast:

    a. flip lever 1

    b. flip lever 2

    c. click on valve 1 (water will start to rise in the left 2 tubes)

    d. when the water reaches the level of the blue lines, click valve 2

    e. the sub should now dive

12. go back to the captain's wheel

13. turn switch 2 on

14. go to the navigation unit (middle compartment of sub)

15. open the tubes in front of you. One of them has coordinates for the shipwreck site

16. now turn to your right to face the nav controls

17. click on the big ball to your right to open the map unit

18. on the coordinate controls to your left, pull the left lever on top of the unit

19. enter the north coordinates for the shipwreck (20.67)

20. pull the right lever

21. enter the west coordinates for the shipwreck (118.96)


23. now enter coordinates for the volcano in the same way. You got these coordinates from the machine on the bottom level of lyril's temple. They are N 22.01, W 119.11

24. now all four locations show a lit star.

    The top star is the volcano
    The bottom star is the shipwreck site
    The center star is the work shop
    The rightmost star is for Martin's roost (where you started)

25. to choose a destination, click on the corresponding star and HIT ENTER.

26. go back to the bridge.

27. pull the throttle, indicated as switch 7, and you are off and on your way. Good luck, Captain

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