Limbo of the Lost

by Majestic Studios

Hints by Inferno  & Walkthrough by MaGtRo

December 2007


Thanks for the game gift, Jean.

Gameplay:    This is a DVD game. After installing the game, a name and a serial number is required to finish the installation. The serial number is found inside the left cover and under the game disk. The game manual is found in the game disk in .pdf form. Read the manual to get more information about the game.

At the start of a new game, a Display and sound selection frame is seen. In Display: display device, colors (16 and 32 bit) and antialiasing (none, 2x, 4x, 6x) selections. For further trouble shooting, force 16 bit textures and force texture subdivision selection are shown. In Sound, the sound device of your computer can be selected.

This is a point and click game. At bottom right of the screen is a compass and shows where the lead character, Briggs is going.

The main game interaction is done through an interface called Ouija board. To show the Ouija board is accessed by right click of mouse on the screen. Click on S to save the game, L to load, T for toggling the subtitles, Q for quit and O for options. Left click of mouse exits the Ouija board. There are 4 icons at the corner of the Ouija board: skull for sense, skeleton for the main action in the game, like opening things, eye for examination of objects in the screen or inventory and hand to take things.

Another way to access the main screen is to press ESC key and the main menu will show: Back to hell (return to game, Resurrection (load), Save your soul (save game) and End is nigh (end the game).

To save a game, select an empty slot, click on save button and type in the title of the saved game. The saves can be overwritten.

Inventory is accessed by placing the mouse at top of screen and the inventory bar is seen. Left click to select an item. If you want to combine with another item, drag that item on the next item on the screen or inventory and then click. Right click to return the item in inventory.

Benjamin Spooner Briggs is the captain of the mysterious ship Mary Celeste. Mary Celeste was found floating with no man aboard in the Atlantic Ocean.

Limbo is the place that is between the world as we know it and the next place in the afterlife. You the gamer are the guide for a living mortal, Briggs; a tool of Destiny to show Fate that man has free will to make his own decision.

The Curious Tale of Capt. Benjamin Spooner Briggs

A poem by Inferno


Prologue -- The Dungeons


Avast ye, me hearties! While I spin a tale with no jest
Of the mysterious journey of the Mary Celeste.
A brigantine ship bound from New York town
to the shores of Italy, where she was bearing down.

Yet Fate had his eye on this jewel of the sea
He picked out the Captain and eyed him with glee.
“He will be my pawn in this game of life”
Then he spat as Fate swallowed his crew and his wife.

Then Destiny spoke and arose such a clatter
“You may use The Captain, but not yon ship for that matter.”
So the Celeste was at last found unmanned, yet sea worthy still
“Nilmates will I take for my pawn”, his first name was Bill.

“I’ll grant ye the Captain, but his soul remains mine”
Young Destiny said to his brother, with that the elder did whine.
“Enough of this nonsense, we’ll see” Said Fate with an evil look.
“He might keep his soul, if he puts the Seal with the Book!”

And so it doth start, the tale of Benjamin Briggs
Plucked from the ships railing, its sails and its rigs.
”He’ll start in the dungeons, let’s see what he’ll choose.”
But Destiny smiled on Briggs and sent him some clues.

Briggs awoke the next day, inside his cell
"Where am I?" asked the Captain.
"Just outside of Hell" The reply came from Arach,
who was not on the floor
And he bid him get up and unlocked the cell door.

"You are imprisoned by The Four",
Arach said a word to the wise.
But you are not alone, you have help
To sort the truth from the lies.

For a "Spiritual Guide" rides along with you, my friend.
Heed well what they bid,
for they’ll help you succeed in the end.
Then he placed his hand in his ear and pulled out a worm
And gave it to Briggs, who started to squirm.

So Briggs leaves his cell, and walks on down the hall
He learns about Grunger, the jailer of all.
He wanders the halls, meets a ghost who just in a rage
and soon happens by Billy Nilmates up in a cage.

Billy wrangles on and on about his captors and keep
The Captain does try, but soon falls fast asleep
Yet when he wakes, a damp torch he does find
He picks the thing up and backs out in kind.

Briggs meets up with Edd who’s a "head" of himself
You may laugh when you spy him in spite of yourself.
Edd tells the Captain to leave, he’ll need a key
But ‘tis around the neck of this great lump that ye see.

Edd tells Briggs to make a quick "Sleeping Draught"
Gives him a bottle, now Briggs is feeling quite daft.
But still he goes off stepping quietly in motion
And is now on a quest to create a nice Sleeping Potion.

They both decide since Grunger’s not eaten
Their plan just cannot be beaten.
Perhaps the good Captain could spike his “gruel”
So it’s off to the kitchens, but the cook is no fool.

She’s Grunger’s poor mum, Aye that’s just what she is.
She cooks up dead souls to make for his gruel.
But something is needed to complete her son’s meal
a dead arm or a leg, so find it with zeal.

Go to her larder where books are like her school
Ye’ll soon find a note which shows her how to make gruel
a pot filled with fat which is a good source of fuel
And another empty pot Briggs can use as sort of a tool.

Aye, this empty jar Briggs will find is a “snot pot”.
But you’ll find that it’s empty, But Grunger’s nose; it is not.
So fill it in close-up, it’s the best that the Captain can do
Jeez Louise, but this is a disgustingly bad sort of clue.

An arm for the pot? Did I really say that??
Burn the ropes near the wall
and Billy Nilmates falls flat
Collect the appendage and skull from where the cages sat.

Look to Cranny Faggot, she’s wise and she’s green
But the women of Limbo like their drink now betwixt and between.
So help Briggs make some tequila with water and worm,
An arm for the pot and a skull nice and firm.

Then ask for a sample and fill up the skull
Add the snot from the pot and the gruel now will mull.
Then it’s off to the jailer to give this sick brew to Edd
The key can be captured, there’s no more to be said.

So now with the key, Briggs can finally get out.
Find the large Oaken Door which is locked and about
And take heed and learn of what this level teaches
You're at Chapter One and The Lower Reaches.


Chapter 1 --- The Lower Reaches

Look to the "beds of endless rest"
The one on the left shows items for your behest.
The one on the right though it may be graven
Has bones for the hungry and an eye for the Raven.

The one on the left holds sailor type things
A ship’s wheel, an eye patch, a whistle which doesn’t sing.
Still take them all so there'll be nothing to lack
”Take what ye will; give nothing back”

Follow down the stair to The Keepers new lair
Where he’ll offer The Captain gifts three
Take one at a time, the effect is sublime
Choose the Spice first as Briggs gets it for free.

A ship's wheel and iron bar from a lose grate
Combine these two, then go back to the coffins to open a gate
A friend you'll uncover, and a "gift" from his back
Give this to O'Negus, or an entry you'll lack.

To open three doors might give you some pause
Yet where there’s a will there’s a way.
Each dog gets a bone
Then they’ll leave Briggs alone
As they back up the doors open and stay.

Send Briggs through Door One, so he will have some fun
With a coffin lid over some rotten boards.
Travel onward from there, you’ll find “Bugsy” somewhere
Though his eyes are cut, there were no swords.

Listen to “Bugsy’s” tale, and how he doth wail
Of the attack of his pet, The Woodgator.
Take the green bottle, then push the stone faucet’s throttle
Add the water and spice and I see all y’all later.

Go back to the main door where the dogs were before
And enter Door Three on the right.
Find Good Chief Blackhawk, how his pet it doth squawk
Like two pigs under a blanket held tight.

As David met Goliath, create one special tool.
Remember what happened at the Valley of Elah.
For once Briggs has fixed it, he know he’s no fool.
And Blackhawk will call him “a jolly good fella.”

On the way to the place where this Raven doth perch,
A statue resides, waiting the good Captain's lurch.
A container of gold, the prize, if his aim be true.
A liquid though thick will this vessel hold
'Tis an obvious clue.

Look to the Ravens, each a Siamese twin
Save the Good Chief from their cawing
And you'll find his good graces
Briggs soon will be in, if he ceases this incessant jawing.

As Goliath before David so stands the Raven on high
Make ready the "I" cannon, Take aim, let loose! Watch it fly!
A gift made of bones, will be yours soon to share
For soon Briggs will place The Woodgator there.

Now out of Door Three and back to Door One
Don’t you wish that The Captain was programmed to run?
Follow the trail and sooner or later we’ll come to the jail
Of the Lonely Woodgator!

A rusty chain in need of lubrication
Wood that is ground for the gator’s mastication.
These you must find so go back by the dogs' mouth
Walk down the stairs and then make Briggs go south.

Two urns will ye find of sawdust and oil
One Briggs can pick up but the other might spoil
So now use the gold cup, the one Briggs did toil
Take care so it won’t spill onto the soil.

Now put these together, combine as ye will
And soon Briggs will find the cage easy to fill.

Look to the cage for a place for the food.
Or less a bite which could be quite rude!
And once it is caught asleep should it be
As the Captain is squeamish and well should he be.

So how should this sleep, can the Captain incur?
A cover perchance, But where to procure?
Look to the dark, at bottom down left shall ye go!
And tear at the fabric and the beast won't be a foe.

The Captain, you know, is quite squeamish they say
When Creepies and Crawlies do pass his way.
So what have you found that might do the trick
To capture Bugsy’s last grub and not make him sick?

Nothing, I've Nothing! Is that what you cry?
Perhaps a trip to O'Negus will help you get by.
Use the bottle Billy gave you from the crack in his back
Briggs soon will gain entry, with nothing to lack.

Here at O’Negus, trade like for like.
Saffron for warrior, a cute little tyke.
Then look to the back room for another glass jug
So Briggs won’t be squeamish and pick up Bugsy’s last bug.

But first he must use something strong
to put ickle baby to sleep, for Briggs will not touch it
Yet in glass it might keep.
So back to The Keeper change “the Spice” for “the Drug”
Add cotton and glass to the mixture
Then catch that grub bug.

Then through Door Two, How will Briggs do
When he tries to pass by the Monster of Stone?
Give Briggs a brave soldier’s heart (or a warrior’s part)
To pass by the monster and leave it alone.

Then once in Dreamland tucked fastly away
On a sphere made of glass Briggs allows it to play.
Briggs needs the spear too, Yet he’s up to the task
But, what of the bug? Its shell might be a mask.

Look close at the grub after it dies
Odds Bodkins! It’s changing
To Lord of the Flies!

Now take it once more in the glass jar shall it linger.
And give it to one who’ll trade for a nail of a finger.
The tool of humanity will soon pick the lock
Four doors of insanity Won’t give ye a shock.

Three doors made of steel, and one made of wood
The spear will block one will the gator eat as it should?
So enter within though inventory may be slightly fewer
We’re at Chapter Two and this part’s called The Sewers.


Chapter 2 - The Sewers


The Sewers we find are not at all hell,
They thrive underneath Limbo's vast Citadel.
A region where lost souls breathe ‘tween life and fear,
A place which appears every 100 year.

Step from the alley then turn where the Game Master sits
He’s known as the Keeper and will hand ye a new bag o’ tricks.
The hint to a first “entry” though ye will spy thrice
Look fast for tis fleeting, as he hands Briggs the dice.

So move on to the lift that’s marked with  “666”.
And travel on down to the Sewers and pits.
Go out to the left and explore so ye will learn
And meet with Jethro Quagmire in a place that recalls Bothlin Burn.

Poor Quagmire’s shackled all by foot, mouth and hand.
Use a finger pointed at him, he’ll speak, though he stares at the sand.
If Briggs frees him twice more from chain and from ball
He offers the exits or not none at all.

So pick up the jaw clamp and follow on down
And then to the North in a clearing turn roun’
Go up past the clearing to see something silly
A man caught in the mud, Oh Gee! I think it’s our Billy!

Our Billy has something again in his back
He’ll give it if Briggs shakes a leg and offers his help
Though trying and pulling his leg Briggs doth crack.
A rusty sword is the gift from this hysterical whelp.

Now back from the clearing and back to the bog.
From the Shackled Soul who gave Briggs a clue
Four times to the north then to the east he must jog
To see the three exits is what Briggs must do.

The chamber he spoke of shows three exits there
To open the first one ye must have a care.
An item Briggs has with him will help ye decide
The opposite numbers then in he will glide.

Clue One spoke of numbers: The “opposing” of Six
And then the number of “Three”
Soon ye will find in Briggs shall he be.
Twice the Keeper did show Briggs
And well ye did see.

Into Sewer One is where Briggs must go
There is only one gate which will open, you know.
Look to Gate, It’s at the far right
The key is not far, and not out of sight.

'Tis guarded by a Monster Worm
It is a god of the sea.
Although its single eye might have ye squirm
Sightless soon it will be.

Let it attack, as it is just full of bluster
Then look to the ledge, Briggs' courage will muster.
We find on the edge, a rusty old key
Use this on the gate, and unlocked it may be.

Search here if ye will, but there’s nothing to see
Ye’ll use this room later, just wait and let be.
So do read the notice up here on the wall
But save it for later not for chain but a ball.

And don’t forget to check the left in Grate One
There’s much to find from that side here --- and wasn’t it fun?
First is the Worrymeister, who doth worry so
If Briggs visits him twice, he will make him go.

Now on to the rooms, where Thor’s Hammer doth sleep
Keep it for later or Briggs will surely weep.
Also a flute hide here made of wood.
‘Twill call the rats when you need them, if Briggs carves it real good.

You’ll need something else to accomplish this task
Once you find what you need in its glory you'll bask.
Brigg’s already has it, Quagmire’s first gift
Look and “action” it closely; you’ll notice its shift.

Now examine this new object
Yes, that's what you should do...
For looking at it closer
Will give the Captain an important clue.

Is there someone here annoying?
Someone who's not very kind?
Who, soon as Briggs tries to talk with him
He tosses Briggs out you'll find!

Perhaps if you direct the Captain
to sneak up from behind
And reach into the inventory
and somehow make him blind.

Then in this room, the Captain may search
to find things to free Quagmire from his stolid perch.
But a pen and an inkwell? This couldn’t be right.
How doth a pen free Quagmire from his sticky plight?

Just fill it with ink, then find something to bruise
The Guardian of The Gates! Aye, that’s the ticket!
Go find him again, then in his eye Brigg’s will flick it.

Go back to Quagmire, and free him from his shackles
He’ll offer Clue Two, just like Barney Hackles.
Clue 2 charges Briggs “Add it all up, It’s the only way to go.”
'Twill open Grate two and put on the rest of the show.
A ONE and a ZERO as you have surmised
The First and the Last Now don't be surprised.

So back to the grates, and try for Grate two
It’s really quite easy, to open the flue.
In does Briggs go to have a look ‘round
But take care to be nice to the souls that you have found.

In here we will find a gal known as Nora Ratty
She does like her drink, and she’s really quite batty.
But likes Briggs she does, and oft tells him so.
“When you need me, just whistle: put those lips together and blow!”

So find her a drink, a bottle of hooch.
Could this be the love interest?
Nah, Briggsy’s scared of the smooch.
Look to the bar for the rum and you’ll see
And do take the cutters, or Quags won’t give Briggs Clue Three.

Before we leave here a boat ye may find
'Tis low in the water, but have presence of mind.
Briggs must raise the level, but first plug the drain
Twill be his exit from here, if he doesn’t first go insane.

Great Quagmire free, soon disappears quick
But as he leaves an iron ball he will kick.
A gift he will give to open Grate Three, its metal with prongs like a thistle
But Briggs can't pass through, so what should he do?
I guess he'll just have to stand there and whistle.

For the ball is too heavy, (like a '69 Chevy)
So you see he needs some assistance
Here come Nora's rats, Thank God, there're no cats!
to offer it any resistance.

So into the First Grate with the "Hammer of Thor"
Through the Power room gate and down to the Spigot.
Thor’s Hammer he'll pound, then the steam will expound
and move this ball with the speed of a frigate.

Now what to do? Has Briggs tried Sewer Two?
Find the Ball and then call back the rat!
Pull the drunk with the chain, hit the control pad again
And then tell Briggs to hold on to his hat.

Now the Water is high, to the boat Briggs should fly
Help him in so he can quickly row.
There's no question or care, 'cept to get out of there
It's all done like a box with a bow.

Sit back, your work all is done. Now wasn't that fun?
So heave to with a sigh and a sneer
Go ahead, relax for a minute you'll see
For you're now in Chapter 3 which is known as Darkmere.

Chapter 3 Darkmere

Briggs rows the boat
'Till port he makes here.
Snow falls, yet 'tis warm
In the town of Darkmere!

Worrymiester so shall ye meet
Upon the dock so purloin.
The first victim soon shall he be
As he gives Briggs three coin.

A child will accuse
So, Briggs needs to peruse
his composure as he'll be thought guilty by many.
He'll need to beware,
Seek an ally in the Square
For time, he just doesn't have any.

So, off to Town Square
Briggs goes with some care
and meets with a man who is blind.
Though true he can't see
His wisdom's not free
Three coins will gain knowledge of mind.

A silver chain you will need, for the capture to succeed
You'll find it way down Cutters Place.
Look through the snow on the ground
for the chain to be found
Now hurry! Catch up with the chase.

The Inn is the place
Where Briggs should give chase
And seek out the Deputy Mayor.
Yet, things are not as they seem
This is one nasty dream!
And he finds himself in a Barred Lair.

How to get out? There's no reason to pout
As Billy clues you with poise
"Empty vessels make the most noise".
Take the cup and make noise for the jailer.
A supper he'll offer...
Yuk! Oh just take the darned coffer.
Though if Briggs eats it he soon will grow paler.

So? Give it to whom?
No one else in the room!
True, but what of the window, young squallies?
See who might be there
No; Briggs won't need a chair
Look! It's the man who loves those "creepy crawlies"!

Offer the pot and likely as not
"A Gift for A Gift" he may say.
Wait a few moments in all
Briggs will go to Town Hall
Soon he'll be freed and well on his way.

Now the Mayor will charge him thereafter
With the Soul Taker’s capture
He'll provide Briggs a notebook and map so well put.
With these tools of the trade
A detective is made
Better hurry for "The Game is a foot".

Look to the notebook to see what to do
There be plenty of items to get for a clue.
The map is the key
Though four keys you'll need find
to open some doors and catch the Soul Taker's behind.

Now Victim Two does quickly appear
It's the Deputy Mayor!
See his face filled with fear!
Look at the clues! Match "sign" and "foot".
A rubbing perhaps made from paper and soot?

Look to your map for a type of "junk store"
Talk to the lady, but notice the hearth near the floor.
Two items to use for evidence to take at the Stable.
Have Briggsy do it as soon as he's able.

A "picture" he's made, though his fingers be sore.
What could it mean? You've seen it before!
A symbol, a sign, a footprint --- it matches all three
Look to the map – ‘twill show who needs to see.

This tradesman you find
Recognizes the "sign"
Four pairs he's created and given
To the Blind man were shown
but the owners, unknown
He did take them as he was bidden.

But have ye no fear
though blind, he could hear
Though sightless, still had sense of smell:
Of the paddock and field
And of what death doth yield
Rang true as the toll of a bell.

Yet in knowledge there's danger
so found this blind stranger.
And better for these four he is slain.
Of the clues he had three
Gee, now what could they be?
A parchment, an orb and a cane.

Look to the map -- to the Blacksmith's mayhap.
and study the clues Briggs has found.
Look carefully at them as well as the victim
who lies there frozen in pose on the ground.

To the Blacksmith Briggs goes
To see what he knows.
"Try the Skurge brothers, Billy and Danny."
The Abattoir and Stable is theirs,
Hmmm, things do run in pairs...
It's a clue but you're soon to find many.

But let’s take a pause, and to the Registrar because
It's nice to be kind to the wearies.
See the Worrymiester scratched through
and a reference to who?
Oh, Bless --- as the Captain's heart queries.

He spoke of a lass who he did not like to pass
Could it be the lady who owns the Pie Shoppe?
Though they're put out each day
No one eats them they say
full of mince? or full of "meat slop"?

Seven souls for one soul
Of this, the Captain's been told
More than once if you're paying attention.
So, continue you'll find as these clues will unwind
That the cure is an ounce of prevention.

Now, Danny 'tis said has shoes full of lead
But jobs he has –well, there are three.
The Abattoir is one and the Stables to run
and the Prison, he does that for free.

So, off to the Prison, cross that off your list
and then to the Abattoir which is locked.
But near the Stables is where
you'll find more evidence there
of the fields where no fields are blocked.

Yet, now what of Danny? Is he with his Aunt Fanny?
Have you tried O’Negus' house of Pawn?
Yes, Danny is there -- so, pull up a chair.
And listen to the tale that our Danny will yawn.

But as Briggs gets out, something hits with a clout.
Pick it up, as it's an important "jinn".
Laura sends him a line, we can read it just fine
It says simply "There's more than one way Inn".

Skurge said that O'Negus (who’s getting quite famous)
and Billy are out with the Mayor.
So off to Town Hall -- why not? Go pay a call.
Just climb the stair and speak with the bear.

Then on to the office to hear Briggs' theory.
"It's the work of the four, and we don't think it's more"
Said the Captain who looks rather cheery.
A new place on the Map, get familiar perhap?

The Society Hall, but none there at all
Save The DoGooders and a victim which makes the sum four
So back to the hall, where the Cobbler did fall
Find the glasses and an apron of leather
'Tis odd it still seems,
in this town of strange dreams.
There is snow though they're having warm weather.

We've seen glasses before,
on one who can't see though she wore.
Perhaps these are the glasses she'd use?
Would the Bric a Brac Shoppe be your next stop?
Or might these items be meant to confuse?

Yet the lass is not there, and there's nothing to find
So it’s back to the map to choose your next place.
Remember the note? Who she was; what she wrote?
Perhaps little Laura will help you give chase.

The Blacksmith, her father would speak
and he doesn't sound meek --
though cautious for those who tell, die.
There's a place down the lane, to a person quite sane
Who’ll say more and it isn't a lie.

So, please use your map -- there's no time for a nap.
For you'll find that the Mystic's your mentor.
She speaks of a "Wall" --- it's not nonsense at all,
To gain entry use left -- right -- and center.

Now Danny Skurge does appear, and we'll lend him an ear
As he tells of the fifth victim's demise.
Briggs follows him there, straight to Town Square
Where the dead is Ms. Hudson, the maker of pies.

Return to the Square, learn of evidence there.
In Briggs' bag you find new items three.
A hat and a cork which says "SIN"
Could it be from the Inn?
And a label says "I" that's attached to a key.

Think of what you have learned, your grey matter has burned.
"There's more than one way Inn"
A cork that is written with "SIN"
and a Label with "I" attached to a key.
Use these three for a clue and you'll know what to do.
Find the Inn and prepare for a stormier sea.

Once inside you will find an entry hidden behind
Something large made with wood, nails and tar.
It holds many dangers
like "free drinks for strangers"
Need a hint? It's the Inn of Sinn Bar!

So, now down Briggs does go
to the tunnels below.
Where there be clues and items to find.
You're under the ground, another entrance is found
to the "Hall" if you don't lose your mind.

There are keys to exchange
and costumes quite strange.
Take them all as its evidence to handle.
Briggs feels The Soul Taker will soon meet its maker
But first acquire a light and a candle.

Now, take the time to consider this rhyme:
Check the name of the keys Briggs' exchanged thus.
One is marked "O"; and the other an "S", don't 'cha know?
So off to the Stables and then to the Shoppe of O'Negus.

So, 'tis off to the Stables as soon as Briggs' able.
Use the key and let us go in wily nily.
Find a man in this place, his skin gone from his face
Then hide near the door and listen to Danny and Billy.

Wait till they leave, then right back to perceive
a small button we saw when Briggs hid behind barrels and bend.
By the door its right here, far away things appear
Where are they now? Perhaps 'tis the Wall at Dead End.

But for now, leave this be and look to the key
with the "O" for the Shoppe of the Pawn Maker.
No one to be found so have Briggs look around
Find two things to help solve the Mystery of the Soul Taker.

Look in Briggs' bag, to see what he has
that might actually act as a double.
Those glasses in there, you now have two pair
Where's that lady for whom seeing is trouble?

Remember the Manual, I trust you have read
"Trust No one!" I do believe it had said.
To the Bric a Brac Shoppe but don't make any passes
See how she reacts when Briggs gives her the wrong glasses.

"She's done quite enough!", you hear Briggsie say
He'll then leave by the door, yet make him go back the same way.
When he does she is gone, the glasses weren't needed to see.
Look to the floor and pick up the key.

The key has a label marked with an "A"
So back to the map, and then to the Abattoir to make it OK.
Here the smell of death can be found
Pick up the key, then have a quick look around.

This is a key now marked with a "C".
Two places with "C" the map does remit.
Yet if you try them, no place will it fit.
So logic will tell that it's for the place still unknown
Off to Dead End and see what Briggs might be shown.

Here at the Wall in the Dead End,
Recall what the Mystic said by her word.
Three things must he do, of this you've already heard.
Push the blocks in the right order, the correct sequence
Can't recall what it was?
Its somewhere in this poem, now don't get so tense.

If the sequence is right, an entry opens for you.
Enter with might for the very last clue.
Now use the key on the door that you see
The Registrar's next, is what Briggs will surmise
He runs back to Danny who’s still in the jail.
"Jailer, summon all Darkmere to meet, I have a surprise."

He uncovers the four and unmasks the Soul Taker.
He plays like Watson and Holmes at 22b Baker.
Sit back and watch, as Briggs acts out the scene
Then it's on to the next: Chapter 4 The Machine.


Chapter 4 -- The Machine

The Captain's inventory
Is missing it seems!
Not so, Click to the left
It will appear like a dream.

First, fix the circuits, with a wire found.
'twill make a connection
For Briggs to be travel bound.
A map from the wall, will he need to put forth this tale
Then the train will carry him with whistle and wail.

Traverse the circle,
Pay heed to one; in this do not fail.
Do as he bids,
Fix the bridge and the rail.

Remember The Captain
Sometimes gets in the way
Guide him to move
So your "discoveries" might play.

Some things hide in plain sight of Limbo's gloom
Others prefer its "dark".
The "former" is used heal an impending doom,
The "latter" is where you will find its mark.

A skull shall ye find
with teeth gleamed and glitter.
Briggs must play the Dentist,
Though taste may prove bitter.

The track is now fixed
So, go ride the train
Connect all the links,
or the Heart might be in pain.

A last task shall ye do to fix The Machine.
Three parts will be needed and fitted.
“Dr. Briggs to surgery!”, The Janitor’s voice doth careen.
Move fast lest none be acquitted.

A patch made of metal, cables both black and red
The patch is a square and the cables are thread.
And something to find in a Tower you'll tour
A metal hinge Pin, inside a gate and down on the floor.

The Heart Room is where this procedure takes place.
With the Janitor assisting, such amazing grace!
Now once this is done to the platform ye scurry
Jump on it at once, on to Chapter Five - The Citadel Briggs will hurry.


Chapter 5 -- The Citadel

Here on a pentagram, there’s no time to rest.
Look carefully around, for right of the last barrel is best.
Pick up the “knocker” before Briggs goes in
Look at it closely … my word, what a sin!

The Citadel now holds a statue inside
With slots one through four for things to abide.
Look to the symbols of the plaque on the floor
Study them well, until ye are sure.

Look to the left, two doors ye will see
One be for Greed the other Gluttony.
Search the main hall for more of the same,
There’re seven in all and each has its own name.

Up left will be Sloth, its neighbor's named Envy;
Up right is for Lust and next Pride’s door 'twill be.
But far to the east if ye find right the path
Lies the seventh door, and its name is Wrath.

Seven Knockers for Seven Sins must be found
Before Briggs can go To "Reaches Unbound".
Yet to find these items where should Briggs go?
Look to the steps on the right and the Captain will know.

Four emblems are here, take one of each kind.
Then turn to the south, for a hall is in mind.
Look carefully at the crack in the floor
where Gluttony doth hide the knocker for its door.
Continue on through to the light of a candle
We’ll be needing the wax but not the handle.

The next hall we’ll see divides both east and west.
I’ll let ye discover which way might be best.
To the west lies a manuscript taped to the wall
It holds quite a clue, if nothing at all.

Look to the four seals to figure this out.
Use the candle with each, of this Briggs has no doubt.
Now back to the east, and be wary of rock.
Search for the item ‘twill let Envy’s door knock.

The four doors behind Briggs, the horsemen call home
Famine, Pestilence, War and Death not far shall they roam.
Yet these doors are all locked, but shall soon yield us shrift.
For the tale’s told in the west, on yon manuscript.

Then back to the slots of Death’s Statue in kind.
For to use the wax seals with the Statue will bind.
Go back to the east, where the four horsemen abide.
We find the doors opened. Search quickly,
so none have their ride.

Gather one of the four knockers from each room and quarter.
Briggs now will own seven to prepare for the slaughter.
Apply the right knockers to each wooden door
Lest the portal not open. Now this, Briggs would abhor.

The soul they say,
Hides in the light of one's eyes
Remember their colors
'Twill serve ye clockwise.

Many hints I have given
And none shall ye mock
Most important of all
Is read like a clock.

The shield is a reference, for once the Time starts.
The order prior to this makes no difference.
Be wise, save your game 'afore the last knocker parts
Use your knowledge as it is an inference.

Now read the shield just like a clock
For the rooms that the Captain will seek.
"Time's of the Essence", the Soul-Timer did mock.
Better start moving, or Briggs will grow weak.

Look to the lintels for the symbols ye need
Remember the shield order or else Briggs will bleed.
The order was given before the last door did quake.
I hope ye be watching, at least for your sake.

Each room of seven has one symbol to view
The lintels and colors are a clue to perceive.
The shield holds the order for each room's review,
Use the hand, lock the symbol, then the room Briggs must leave.

Or else the endgame
Play ye more times over
'Till ye get it right
And you’re sitting in clover.

And when this is done,
A Ouija game it must be
Will The Captain succumb to his "Fate"
or choose his "Destiny"?


Walkthrough by MaGtRo


The Dungeons

Press the T key for subtitles. The Seal of Sufferance is in inventory. Look close (eye icon in the Ouija board) at the Seal. The Seal needs to be reunited with the book of Sufferance.

Cell:    Meet and talk to Arach. Arach opens the door and sees you, Briggs' earthly guide. The slimy worm given by Arach is in inventory at top of screen.

Hallway:    Exit the cell using the skeleton of the Ouija board.

Go down-south. Read the signs on the other cells using the eye icon in the Ouija board. The signs are written by Grunger.
Exit down-south. Read signs on cell door about Grunger.

Go east and see a hanging skeleton.  Climb the stairs. Go right and through the metal door.

Upper level:    Climb the stairs again. Go to bottom of screen at the hallway.

Climb stairs again. See a ghost. Check the stone coffin at the center of the hallway.

Hanging Corpse:    Go right screen from the stone coffin. See 2 hanging cages. One has a talkative corpse and the other has a skeleton. Briggs promises to find the rope to lower the cages. Take the damp torch from the ground in front of the talkative corpse.
Go back to left screen. Go left and down the stairs at top of screen.

Go to top of screen in hallway and then right. See a sign that Grunger is sleeping.
Grunger:    Go left at top of screen.

Talk to Edd the head at the foot of the sleeping Grunger's feet. Edd gives a plan for increasing the potency of Grunger's daily gruel with the addition of a sleeping draught. Then take the key hanging around his neck while he sleeps.

Take empty flask beside Edd. Exit the room at bottom of screen.

Cranny's kitchen:    Climb the stairs and go through the door to Cranny's kitchen.

Talk to Cranny Faggot, Grunger's mom. She does not know the rules for mortal man cooking but wants Briggsy to look for fresh meat to replace him in Grunger's gruel.

Library:    Go to right screen and be at the library.

Take the note and jar (pot of human fat) on the desk under the window. Check the note and jar in inventory using the eye icon.

Take an empty pot on the floor right of the left exit door and beside the book shelves. Check the empty pot with eye icon and it states that it usually holds sleeping snot. Aha!

Go to right book shelves and take A Book (Cranny's Cook Book) from second from bottom shelf. Read the book in inventory.

Grunger's Brew - 1 lump rotten meat, 1 batch of base brew. Best serve with a drop of liqueur.

Collect Grunger's Brew ingredients:

Rope room:    Go through right exit from the library. Go right at hallway and then climb stone stairs.

Go through the wood door at top of screen. See 2 hanging ropes. Use the lever by the wall. It won't budge.

Exit and go left at middle of hallway. Down the stairs and back to library.

Cranny's kitchen:    Go back to the left screen to Cranny Faggot.

In inventory, combine damp torch and jar of human fat to get oiled torch. Use oiled torch on the fire under the cauldron to get a lit torch.

Rope room:    Go back to rope room. Use the lit torch on the 2 ropes to drop the 2 cages as promised. Uh oh!

Exit rope room and go down to the bottom screen at the hallway.

Water room:    See a sign 'Beware Water! Enter the room. Eek! Is that a worm?

Use the empty flask taken from Grunger's room on the fountain to get flask with putrid sewer water.

In inventory, combine flask with water with slimy worm given by Arach to get - you guess it; Tequila! We have the liqueur.

Exit the room; take the left exit at middle of hallway and down the stairs to the library.

Exit Cranny's kitchen, down the stairs, down the hallway and go down the stairs.

Go left at middle of hallway and forward to where the hanging cages are located.

Hanging cages:    See the cages on the ground now.

Get the skull of Old Bony on top of the coffin and the severed arm of William Nilmates.

Cranny's kitchen:    Go back to Cranny's kitchen.

Give Cranny Faggot the tequila and the severed arm. Then give the skull to get Grunger's brew in the skull.

Grunger:    Go back to Grunger's room.

Look close (eye) at Grunger and see snot (ugh) on his nose. Use the empty sleeping draught pot on snot to get a pot of snot.

Combine Grunger's brew + pot of snot = sleeping potion.

Give sleeping potion to Edd. Automatically exit the room so that Edd can give the potent brew to Grunger.

Go back to the room and take Grunger's key from his neck.

Water room:    Go to room where the water fountain is located. Go to kitchen, library, up the stairs and down the hallway to the water room.

Go to bottom of screen (No Way Out) and use Grunger's key on the wooden door.

Chapter Complete!

Chapter 1

The Lower Reaches

Take the coffin lid right of door.

Keeper of Lost Souls:     The Keeper of Lost Souls explains that you are in the Keep of Lost Souls, the place between the world and the next. Briggs is the chosen one, the tool of Destiny against Fate. The Keeper gives the welcome note.  He wants you to take a welcome gift.

Keeper's store:    Go to bottom screen. Select a gift from: chloroform, broken eye glass and a bag of saffron. You can get one and take another one later. When you take another one, the old gift will return on the counter. Right now, take the chloroform. Go to bottom screen to exit the store.

Keeper's welcome note:    Read the Keeper's welcome note.

1. Above all keep your soul safe.

2. The Seal frees the tongue of the Dead.

3. The Dead can help.

4. Only one gift per visitor.

5. Trust no one.

6. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Coffin on the left:    Look close at coffin on the left. Take the broken bosun's whistle, the naval hat, small pilot's wheel and the eye patch. Move to bottom of screen and exit the close up.

Look close at the metal plate above the left coffin. It has a square hole at the center.

Coffin on the right:     Look close at the coffin on the right. Take rotting bones. Move left to the head and look close.

Look close at the eye cavity. Take whatever is in the eye cavity and get a glass eye.

Iron gate:    Check the iron gate and see there's stone coffin behind it.


Rotting walkway:     Go left and see a rotting walkway. Use the coffin lid on the rotting floor boards.

Cross and go left to the end of the hallway.

Urns:    See a sign 'Do not feed the dogs'.

Go to bottom screen and see 2 urns: left has some kind of oil and the right urn has fresh sawdust. Take sawdust (top of urn). We need something to carry the oil.

Go to bottom screen and climb the stairs.

Gateway room:    Briggs sees a bowl for Fluffy. Oh, 3 hungry beasts.

Check the 3 gateways. They do not budge.

Metal Grate:    Look close at the metal grate on the floor at center of the room. Take the loose metal bar at the center of the metal grate. Look close at the metal bar; it is square in shape at both ends. Hmm...

3 Beasts:    Place the bone on the first of the dog bowls. The middle gateway opens when the chain is pulled. Let us feed the other 2 beasts first before we check the gateway. Go back to the Keeper's room.

Keeper's room:   

Right coffin:    Go to right coffin, look close and take rotting bone. Pull back. You can only take one at a time.

Go back and feed the second beast at the gateway room. The right gateway opens. Go back to the Keeper's room.

Take another rotting bone from the right coffin. Pull back.

Iron gate:   

Open the iron gate:    In inventory combine the pilot's wheel with the metal bar to get pilot's wheel with bar attached.

Use the pilot's wheel with bar on the metal plate with square hole above the left coffin. The iron gate rises.

Stone coffin:    Use the action icon on the stone coffin. Hear voice from inside the coffin.

It's talkative William Nilmates. He gives an ornate vial. Look close at the vial and see the Property of O'Negus.

Check the Gateway rooms:    Go back to the gateway room. Place the bone on the last dog bowl. The left gateway opens.

Left Gateway:    Enter the left gateway. See that this is Old Faithful Section 1A. Cross the bridge.

Deadman's Curve:    Cross the bridge and go forward.

Left entryway:    Take the left entryway at the tunnel. See that this is Old Faithful Section 2A. Cross the bridge and go forward.

Go down the stone stairs.

Dark Stairs:    Go down the dark stairs. Stay at left side close to the bottom of the stairs and see torn curtain at extreme left.

Move cursor at bottom of the torn curtain. Take torn curtain.

Continue at bottom of screen and then go right.

Bugsy:    Take the hallway at right and then go left. Enter the grilled door seen through the window.

Meet Bugsy or Sir Jonathan Rothbottom. Learn what woodgator did to him. The woodgator loves wood.

Take the empty green glass vial at far wall floor.

Glass grub:    Go to the bottom of the room and see a glass grub. Try to take the glass grub. Briggs hates creepy crawlies.

Sink:    See a sink at the left wall. Press the button above the sink. See water running. Thanks, Ana.

Use the empty glass vial on the running water to get glass vial with water. If the water stops first, press the button again.

Exit the room, climb the dark stairs and go back until you reach the split in the tunnel.

Right entryway:    Take the right entryway. See that this is Old Faithful Section 3A. Cross the bridge and go forward.

Woodgator:    See the mouth of the cave where the woodgator is locked in. Try the pull chain to open the gate and find out that it is stuck.

Exit the room and go back until you reach the gateway room.

Middle Gateway:    Enter the middle gateway. See that this is Old Faithful Section 6A. Cross the bridge and go forward.

Deadman's Drop:    Cross the bridge and go forward.

Arach:    Talk to Arach. He is looking for crunchy crawlies. A gift for a gift perhaps?

Left entryway:    Take the left entryway. Go forward.

Onegus Curios for the Curious:    Onegus is looking for himself. Where did we see that name before? Ah.

Give Onegus the ornate old vial that was given by Nilmates. He invites Briggs to come in.

Learn about his collection of lost souls.

Collection of lost souls:    Look close at the lost soul bottles on the cabinet at top of the stairs.

Take note of the soul of a warrior in a green vial on the top shelf.

Pull back and go to left room. Take the glass jar from the table. Look close at jar and see a cotton ball inside the jar.

Exit the room, forward until Arach and the split in the tunnel.

Right entryway is locked. Go forward until the gateway room.

Right Gateway:    Enter the right gateway. See that this is Old Faithful Section 4A. Cross the bridge and go forward.

Deadman's Gorge:    Cross the bridge and go forward.

Left entryway:    Take the left entryway. Go forward.

Guardian:    Listen to the guardian talk in a language that is not understandable.

Remember the welcome note of the keeper.

Use the Seal of Sufferance on the stone guardian. Now understand what he says. He needs the soul of a warrior before he lets you pass. Where did we see that bottle? Hmm...

Right entryway:    Turn back and enter the right entryway. This is Old Faithful Section 5A. Cross the bridge and go forward.

Statue:    Look close at the statue and see a gold cup held by the statue. Push the statue. The gold cup falls. Take the gold trophy cup. Look close at the gold cup and see that it is a trophy won by Bugsy.

Chief Blackhawk and a 2 headed raven:    Briggs promises to help Chief Blackhawk get rid of raven.

In inventory combine the eye patch and the glass eye to get a makeshift slingshot. Use the eye patch with glass eye on the 2 headed raven. Chief Blackhawk gives a large birdcage made of bones.

Exit the room and go back until the gateway room.

Complete tasks:

Pick up the glass grub from Bugsy's room:    Go back to Bugsy's room via the left gateway, then left entryway until the end.

In inventory combine the chloroform and the glass jar with cotton ball taken from Onegus' room to get a jar of chloroform.

Click the jar of chloroform on the glass grub to get jar with glass grub.

Take the warrior soul from Onegus' room:    Go back to Keeper's room. Take the saffron from Keeper's store. The chloroform is returned on the table.

In inventory combine the saffron bag with the green vial with water to get vial with saffron water.

Go back to Onegus' room via the middle gateway and left entryway.

Look close at the lost soul cabinet. Use-click the vial with saffron water on the vial of the warrior's soul. The glass vial that glows (warrior's soul) is now in inventory.

Take the woodgator:    Go to the room with urns just below the stairs from the gateway room. Use the gold trophy cup on the oil (top of urn) to get cup with oil.

Go to the left gateway and forward to right entryway at the fork of the tunnel. Go forward until the woodgator's room.

Use the cup with oil on the hole right of the gate of the cave. Use-pull the pull chain at right and the gate rises.

In inventory combine the birdcage with the sawdust taken from the urn earlier to get birdcage with sawdust.

Place the birdcage with sawdust on the mouth of the cave. Wait and see the woodgator inside the cage. Its arms are flailing. Use the piece of torn curtain on the flailing woodgator in the birdcage. Now it is asleep. Take the covered birdcage.

Enter the secret passageway behind the stone guardian:    Take the right gateway and forward until the left entryway at the tunnel.

Use the green vial that glows on the stone guardian. Go to the back to the guardian and enter the secret passage.

Arena of Pain:    Look at the ornamental statue beside the left skeletal warrior. See that it is a glass orb with a metal spear through it. Hmm...

Use the jar with the sleeping glass grub on the glass orb. The glass grub eats the glass orb. Take the metal spear. Pull back.

Gift for a gift to Arach:    Look close at the fat glass grub on the floor. See it change to a glass fly after all that food.

Use the now empty jar with chloroform, on the glass fly to get weird looking grub.

Go back to Arach at the middle gateway.

Give the weird looking grub to Arach. He gives as an exchange for the gift his fingernail.

Locked door at the middle gateway:    Use Arach's fingernail on the keyhole (or door) of the locked door at the tunnel of the middle gateway.

Doors of Destiny:    There are 4 doors of destiny: one wood and 3 metal doors.

Use the covered birdcage with the woodgator on the wood door. It eats the door.

Press the metal button inside the half ruined door. The right metal door opens.

Close the right metal door and the one next to it opens. Hmm...

Use the metal spear on the right metal door to block it.

Now close the open door second from right.

The leftmost door opens wide to allow an exit.

Go through the 'looks like an exit' way.

Meet a monster that empties Briggs pocket.

Chapter complete.

Chapter 2

The Sewers


In inventory are the Seal of Sufferance, Keeper's welcome note, (warrior's soul) glass vial that glows and Arach's fingernail.

Keeper:    Go to bottom screen.

Turn to the right and talk to the keeper. He gives baubles of luck and magic (dice).

Briggs rolls the dice and it always comes up the same number.

Shaft No. 666:    Go right (south) to where the Keeper disappeared.

Go to the back stairs and up to the elevator shaft.

It goes down with no way back up. Go forward down the stairs.

Swamp:    Go left (south) 4 times.

Quagmire:    Talk to a man that has his mouth covered by metal; his hands manacled and feet in ball and chains.

Use-click Arach's fingernail on Quagmire. The metal mouth cover is released.

Quagmire states that there are 3 exits from this place. The first can be opened by using the opposite of 6 with 3.

He will tell the answers to the other 2 exits if his other 2 imprisonments are removed.

Take the iron jaw clamp on the ground.

William Nilmates:    Go to bottom of screen (east and then north) twice and then go up to top of screen.

See Nilmates sunken in a bog. Briggs pulls his leg off. Nilmates was thrown there from the Inn of Sin. He gives Briggs a rusty dagger.

Go back to Quagmire by going down and then left.

3 metal vents:    Go right (north) 4 times and be back at the stairs area. Go right (east) through an entryway on the right wall.

Left metal vent:    Look close at the left metal vent and see clamps encircling the vent.

The clue given by Quagmire is 'The first can be opened by using the opposite of 6 with 3.' In a dice, the opposite of 6 is 1. 1 with 3 = 4.

But I found that several solutions can open this metal vent: Click on top small clamp and the large clamp next to it clockwise or click the top small clamp and the second small clamp clockwise or click on all small clamps right of reset at bottom going to top counter clockwise. There might be more solutions. This can be because we're lucky due to the dice?

Sewer 1:    Go through the left open vent. Check the metal gate at the back and see that it is locked.

Worrymeister:    Go top left, down, down at next tunnel and left. See the sign 'Office of Woe'.

Click on the door and talk to the Worrymeister. The Worrymeister is worried about Onegus. Look around.

In inventory, look close at the metal jaw clamp. See that it has gag and blind settings. Use-action the metal jaw clamp and it will turn to a metal blindfold. See that Arach's fingernail is now broken.

Use-click the metal blindfold on the Worrymeister. He runs off.

Open the desk drawer. Take the fountain pen and the ink pot. Exit the room.

Office of Death:    Outside the building, go right. Go to bottom of screen (below Office of Woe sign).

See a large sickle beside the picture of Death. Go left and enter the library.

Go left and enter a living area. Go right to the bedroom. To the right of the picture of Death riding a horse is a desk.

On top of the desk is a piece of wood. Take the wooden flute - piece of wood. Move the cursor slowly to find the active spot.

War & Destruction room:    Go right and take Thor's hammer from the floor. 

Exit the room, bedroom, library and then office to get back to sewer.

Guardian of the Gates:     Go right, up, right, up, right and be back at the locked metal gate.

Go right twice and then down. See a giant one eyed worm rise up and then try to get to Briggs.

Take the rusty key from the ledge of its hole.

In inventory combine fountain pen and ink pot to get filled fountain pen.

Exit the place. Go back to the guardian's hole. Immediately use the filled fountain pen on its eye or at the worm itself.

Take the nib of the fountain pen that broke off on the ledge.

Go left twice and then down to exit the sewer.

Swamp:    Go left and down to get back to the swamp. Go left 4 times to get to Quagmire.

Second release of Quagmire:    Use the nib of the fountain pen on Quagmire.

Quagmire gives the second clue. Add it all up; it's the only way to go.

3 metal vents:    Go right (north) 4 times and be back at the stairs area. Go right (east) through an entryway on the right wall.

Middle metal vent:    Look close at the middle metal vent and see clamps encircling the vent.

The clue given by Quagmire is 'Add it all up, it's the only way to go.'

Again there are several answers to this one. The easiest is top right (1) and then the topmost (0).

Sewer 2:    Go through the middle open vent.

Office:    Go forward or bottom screen 3 times and be in an office.

See a slumped drunk man on the desk. Take the glass bottle on floor in front of the desk. Look at the bottle in inventory.

Take the fishing line from the floor.

Go to bottom screen and be in dining area and kitchen. Take the metal cutter from the table.

Go to the kitchen area and then go left to the wine storage. Use-click glass bottle on the dripping metal tap (keg) at left to get bottle of Hooch.

Exit the kitchen and office to be under a metal hatch.

Boat:    Go right and see a boat on dry canal. There's an open drain at the center of the canal. Exit and go left.

Nora Ratty:    At the big room, go right and meet Nora Ratty and her rats.

Talk to Nora. She will help Briggs, if she gets a drink.

Go back and give her the Bottle of Hooch. She said to whistle when ready for help of her furry friends. Briggs doesn't know how to whistle.

Exit sewer 2 and be back to the other side of the metal vent.

Swamp:    Go left and down to get back to the swamp. Go left 4 times to get to Quagmire.

Third release of Quagmire:    Use the metal cutter on Quagmire. He gives the last clue - shape of this implement.

Quagmire gives the metal circular device. He kicks the ball away and leaves the chain. The chain can not be picked up.

3 metal vents:    Go right (north) 4 times and be back at the stairs area. Go right (east) through an entryway on the right wall.

Right metal vent:    Use-click the metal circular device on the right metal vent. It opens but can not be entered.

See the ball of Quagmire at bottom right in front of the vent. Hmm...

Raise the boat:   

Block the drain in the canal:    The ball of Quagmire can be useful if it can be brought there.

Whistle for Nora's friends:     In inventory combine the rusty knife and the wood flute to get wooden flute with holes.

Use-action icon the wooden flute in inventory. Indiana Jones, Briggs is not. See the big rat come; take the ball and go through the vent.

Move the ball again:    Enter the left vent.

Go right 3 times and see the locked door of the pump room. Use the rusty key from guardian on door.

Go down and see the ball behind the stairs at right. Read the note on the wall. Okay.

Go to the right and see a big wheel. Use Thor's hammer on the wheel. It releases a steam of gas and the ball rolls out of sight. This releases water to the canal.

Exit the pump room and go back to the metal vents.

Move the ball another time:    Enter the middle vent and then go to bottom screen. See the ball at left has rolled here. Thanks, Ana.

Use-action the whistle to call Nora's pet. I love that song. The rat takes the ball another time. Where? I don't know.

Check the boat:    Go to bottom screen and then right to the canal. See that the pump released water here.

The water is still draining and the drain is still open.

Hit the ball:    Go back to the right and then go down to the office.

Use the chain to pull the drunken man off the control panel.

Use the control panel. Somewhere in the sewer, see the ball get hit by a big cricket bat.

Enter the boat and Briggs rows.

Chapter complete.

Chapter 3



Cutter's Alley:    Briggs rows to Darkmere. The snow is falling.

Worrymeister:    A worrymeister greets Briggs and gives him the gift from a friend.

He walks away but is met by a soul taker. The worrymeister is petrified.  A young girl mistakes Briggs as the Soul Taker. Look at the gift in inventory. The gift given is 3 old coins. There is a strange mark on the coin.

Look close at the petrified worrymeister. Take the metal chain (to soul bottle) beside the body. Look close at the chain in inventory.

Town Square:    Go forward and left to the town. The bell tolls the curfew on the town.

Blind beggar:    The beggar after sniffing him tells Briggs that he can give him advice for the price of a dram.

Give-click coins on the beggar. Golden chains and hands unseen will help you find your taker.

Briggs asks about the name Darkmere. Click coins on the beggar. Darkmere is named after the malevolent place that lies below the town.

Briggs asks about snowfall with no chill in the air. Click last coin on the beggar. The snow happened after the Taker claimed his first victim. The 4 dark generals summoned the Taker. It is slave to the callers and does their bidding. The mayor, jailer and council are not doing much about the dark being.

Mayor's statue:    Look close at the mayor's statue atop a black horse. His hand is raised to show a light - Hand of Justice.

Inn of Sin:    Climb the steps at the background and enter the Inn of Sin.

Bartender:    Talk to the bartender.

Deputy Mayor:    Go to further inside the inn. Go to bottom screen and then left at end of the room.

Talk to the drunken man. He is worried that the mayor is not like himself. He knows all the mayor's foibles but not lately.

Briggs is approached by the young girl, bartender and the blacksmith. Briggs is accused of being the soul taker and is taken to jail.

Darkmere prison:    The jailer leaves. Take the tin cup from the bed.

Nilmates:    Look close at the crack on the wall below the window. Talk to Nilmates.

Quagmire was here is written on the left of the crack. The same sign found on the coin is on the wall right of the crack.

Nilmates says that the empty vessels make lots of noise.

Jailer:    After finally and about time stop talking to Nilmates, use the tin cup on the cell door - jail door bars.

The jailer brings Briggs' last meal. Look close at the meal-metal pot in inventory and see what it contained.

Arach:    Use the meal on the cell window and see Arach. Talk to him and he promises to help if given the last meal (his version of food). He will be finding help in other places. He will also send helpfulness. It is a gift. Time passes.

Jailer:     The jailer says that there's an order for release signed by mayor.  Briggs has friends in high places; Onegus is the Mayor's advisor. Briggs is more a returner of Soul than taker.

Town Hall:    The jailer brings Briggs to the Mayor's office at the Town Hall.

Mayor:    The mayor adjusts his eyes back in position. Talk to Mayor. Onegus backs Briggs up. Briggs is now the Detective of Darkmere. He is given a badge, map, notepad and pen.

The jailer arrives and says that the Deputy Mayor was found behind the jail and his soul taken. This is Briggs' first case.

Stables:    Read the notes that Briggs wrote down. He crosses off the places that he has visited already.

Deputy Mayor's body:    Look close at the body and see that he is very scared. He will not worry about the mayor anymore. Look close at the footprints in the snow. See that they have the same symbol as the one in the coins and on the jail wall. Take note where the footprints lead to.

Stables' door:    Go forward to the door at the end of the path. Look close at the same symbol on the door as the ones in the coins, jail wall and footprints. The door is locked and needs a key. Read the curfew pink note.

Go down the path and be at the map screen.

Map:    The map screen is seen 1-2 steps away after leaving a place.

The map has all the possible places to be visited.

The places that can be visited at the moment are labeled. Click on it and you will be transported there.

An event in one place can trigger another event is an already visited place - so be sure to revisit places.

An event in one place can also trigger the opening of a new place - so be sure to check if a place has a label already.

The map can be scrolled up-down, right-left.

Bric-a-brac shoppe:    Click the Bric-a-brac shoppe in the map. Enter the shop.

Miss Blackley, the Proprietress:    She talks to Briggs. It looks like she is nearly blind and deaf as well. Her eyeglasses do not help.

Take the charcoal and paper on the bench at right. Exit the store and go to map screen.

Stables:    Go to the stables.

Symbol:    Go to the door. Look close at the symbol. Use-click the charcoal and paper on the embossed symbol to get a charcoal etching of the symbol.

Cobbler:    Go to the cobbler.

Talk to the cobbler about the shoes. Click the charcoal etching on the cobbler-shoemaker.

Learn that he made 4 of the shoes with this symbol. The blind fellow made the order. He gives it to a street urchin that brings the order to the shop. It is like there is someone with him. The blind beggar says that the one that asks him to order has the smell of death and paddock about him.

Automatically exit the shop. The jailer says there is another victim.

Blacksmith:    Automatically be outside the blacksmith. Briggs picks something.

Blind Beggar:    Go back to the blacksmith's and see the jailer is gone. The third victim is the blind beggar.

Check what Briggs picked up in inventory. The parchment states:    Neither shadow of night nor shadow of day would dare face the light lest fade away.  Look close at the hollow wooden cane and the glass orb.

Blacksmith:     Enter the door. The blacksmith does not trust Briggs. The daughter backs Briggs up.

The Blacksmith says the same as the deputy mayor - the mayor has changed.

He advises to talk to the 2 brothers: Danny and Billy Skurge, the owner of the stable and abattoir.

Stables:    Go to the stables. Take the strands of hay and leather pouch from the snow. Look close at them in inventory.

Registra:    Go to the Registra.

Listen to the registrar's complains while he crosses off the worrymeister's name.

Go to the ramp at right to be at the map screen.

Pie Shoppe:    Go to the Pie Shoppe.

Talk to the nice pie lady, Mrs. Hudson. She places the pies at the statue every morning and at afternoon, she picks them and places them on display.

She gives good words:    Who is it that likes to collect things and aspires the ultimate goal: 7 souls from limbo for one living soul?

Dead End:    Go to dead end. See that there are 3 of those symbols on each wall. They are not active.

Abattoir:    Go to Abattoir and see that it needs a key.

Darkmere Prison:    Go the Prison. Enter and look around.

Onegus' Pawn Shoppe:    Go to the pawn shoppe.

Jailer:    Talk to Danny Skurge, the jailer. Onegus is with the mayor. Danny doesn't know much about the business; Billy does all the thinking. Billy is also with the mayor.

Outside:    When Briggs exits, he gets hit by a snowball and note. Take the note. There's more than one way inn.

Town Hall:    Enter the town hall through the archway at left of screen. Climb the stairs.

Mayor's office:    Meet a very strange secretary and another employee.

Talk to the mayor about the theory.

Exit the office and the building.

Society Hall and Hospice:    Go to the Society Hall.

See that there's another victim.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. DoGood. Go back to the Society Hall.

Take the leather apron and thick lens glasses. Look close at them in inventory. The victim is the shoemaker-cobbler.

Blacksmith:    Go to the Blacksmith's.

Talk to the daughter of the blacksmith waiting outside.

At the end of the lane is a place where they can give good and sound advice.

Mystic Cottage:    Go to Mystic Cottage.

Mystic:    Talk to the Mystic and her advice: To go further, face the wall and left, right and centre.

Outside, Danny the jailer says there's another victim, Mrs. Hudson.

Town Centre:    

While laying her pies, Mrs. Hudson must have been attacked.

Briggs picks up the chef hat, key and cork. Look at the items closer in inventory.

The cork has Sin written on it, the key has an I label and the chef hat is Mrs. Hudson's.

Inn of Sin:    Go to the Inn of Sin at the back of the Town Centre.

Use-click the I key on the locked door. Look around.

Cellar:    Go to the back of the bar. Go to the right side of the bar.

Move the hand cursor slowly at right edge of the right post below the bar counter. When the hand cursor starts pointing down, click. Briggs will go down to the cellar.

Secret lair:   

Keys:    Take the 2 rusty keys from the wall.

Go right and through the metal door.

Go around the circular path.

Secret exit to the town:    Go through the metal door and check the wooden ladder to hatch. The hatch is locked.

Exit the room and continue to the left. Go up around the circular path.

Cloaks:    Take the empty cloth sack. Then take the 4 cloaks on the door. Automatically take the 4 pair of boots also and they are placed in the clothes sack.

Cabinet:    Look close at the wooden cabinet at left. Use-click the 2 rusty keys on the 2 keys in the cabinet to get keys S and O.

Temple:    Go through the wooden door and be in a hall.

Take the scroll from the left side of the center table. Take the black candle from the right side of the center table.

Look close at the scroll in inventory. It is the invocation to call the Taker of Souls.

Now take the matchstick on the floor. The cursor of this is picky. Move it around or move Briggs around so that you can pick it up.

Exit the place and the inn.

Stables:    Go to the stables and use the S key on the door.

Skinless man:    See a skinless man and 2 horses: a black and a brown one. Hmm... Looks familiar.

Briggs tries to understand to the poor man. He raises his arms and points to his black mare.

He hears 2 men coming. He promises to get out of here.

Danny is one of the men and horses for courses is said.

Onegus' Pawn Shoppe:    Go to the pawn shoppe. Use the O key on the locked door.

Take the glass box beside the vase and the pair of thin lens glasses on the counter.

Bric-a-brac shoppe:    Click the Bric-a-brac shoppe in the map. Enter the shop.

Talk to the shop owner. She's not wearing glasses. Briggs gives her the thin lens glasses from the pawn shop.

Go back inside and take the A key from the floor.

Abattoir:    Go to Abattoir and use the A key on the door.

Ugh! I hope that is not the skinless man. Take the C key from the floor.

Stables:    Go to the stables. 

Go inside and to the door at the back. Press-action the button right of the door.

See that the symbols at Dead End are pushed out.

Dead End:    Go to Dead End.

Now that the symbols are pushed out, push-action them using the instructions of the Mystic: left, right and then centre.

See the wall rise to a hidden house.

Crematorium:    Go to the house and use the C key on the door.

Meeting:    Watch Briggs tell the jailer at the prison to call the whole populace to the Town Hall.

The Seal of Sufferance is placed on the table. Briggs talks to the people of Darkmere about the solved case.

One, two, three.

The inventory monster again empties Briggs' pocket

Chapter complete.

Chapter 4

The Machine

The inventory looks empty. Use the scroll arrow at left continuously to show the inventory items from the last chapter: Seal of Sufferance, Keeper's welcome note, (warrior's soul) glass vial that glows and parchment.

Turnkey room:   

Take the map on the wall right of the doorway.

Enter the doorway and see a platform. Exit the big room.

Go left and pick up the wire at the foot of the stairs.

The Janitor says to 'Leave this place'.

Go to bottom of screen and see a train that is not active yet.

Go back up to the room at top of the stairs.

Fuse box:    Read the note at left: Lights on. Train ready to run!

We need to turn all the lights on.

Use-click the wire on the 3 rows of unlit light bulbs right of the green ones. Move the wire on the middle unlit row, left column. Once the label at top states 'use fuse wire with cut circuit' click and the lights will come on.

Go and enter the train. Now that you have a map, see the route of the train. Check all the stops and see what are there and what can be picked up.

Tower 1:    Go forward to the power room and look around. Go back to the train.

Heart room:    Go forward until the Heart. See that the heart is broken. Go back to the train.

Tower 2:    Go forward to the power room and look around. Go back to the train.

Design room:    Go forward and look around.

At the Design room, see that there are cables on the right panel that can not be taken yet.

Go forward and see a man across the gap.

Talk to the Jethro, the Janitor. He asks that you repair the track by Tower 5.

Go back to the train.

Tower 3:   

Exit the train and take the metal bar beside the bench.

Go forward to the power room and look around. Go back to the train.

Fuel room:    Go forward and look around.

At the fuel room, take the skull. Look at skull in inventory, see that it has gold teeth.

Go back to the train.

Tower 4:    Go forward and look around.

See that there is something that can not be picked up yet inside the wire fence just before the stairs.

Go back to the train.

Parts room:    Go forward and look around.

At the metal hallway, see something that can not be picked up yet at bottom left of the screen.

Go back to the train.

Tower 5:    Go forward and look around.

At the power room, move Briggs aside and pick up the metal tongs on the floor under the electricity flow.

Go back to the train.

X between Tower 5 and Turnkey room (Track broken):   

See a broken part of the rail.

In inventory combine the metal tong and the skull to get metal teeth.

In inventory combine metal teeth and metal bar to get metal bar with teeth.

Click metal bar with teeth on broken track. The track is fixed.

Go back to train.

Design room:    Go forward.

Janitor wants you to charge the tracks.

Go back to the train.

The train goes around the circuit and charges the tracks.

Go back to the Design room and talk to the Janitor again. He wants you find things to patch her (heart) up.

Go back to the next room. Take the cables at right panel.

Go back to the train.

Tower 4:    Go forward.

Take the metal pin inside the wired fence before the stairs.

Go back to the train.

Parts room:    Go forward.

Take the metal plate at bottom left of the metal hall.

Go back to the train.

Heart room:     Go forward.

At the heart room, give the janitor the cables, metal pin and metal plate.

Turnkey platform:    Automatically be at the turnkey platform room.

Go to the platform.

Nilmates is on top of a robot and arrives at the Machine level and tracks.

Chapter Complete.


Chapter V

The Citadel


Outside the Citadel:    Briggs arrives on the top of the platform that has a pentagram drawn on it.

Door knocker:    Go to the right side and take the door knocker beside the right barrel and the wall.

Look close in inventory and see that it is the Sloth door knocker.

Citadel:    Enter the building and be at the main floor.

Death statue:    Look close at the base of Death statue. See that there are 4 slots labeled II (top left), IV (top right), III (bottom left) and I (bottom right).

Shield:    Look close at the shield left of the statue. There are 7 icons and one empty space around the shield.

Remember the icons and their positions.

7 Deadly Sins doors:    Go to right screen of the Death statue and see a door with Wrath labeled above it and a face.

Go to the opposite side, left screen from Death statue and see the doors for Gluttony and Greed.

Go to the left side above the Death statue and see the doors for Envy and Sloth.

Go to the opposite side of this place, right side above the Death statue and see the doors for Pride and Lust.

Stone emblems - Metal Seals:    Enter the hallway above the steps right of Death Statue.

Look close and take the 4 metal seals from the wall: Death, War, Famine and Pestilence.

Hallway:    Go to bottom screen.

Take the door knocker on the crack on the floor. Look close and see that it is the Gluttony door knocker.

Next hallway:    Go through the doorway at end of the hallway.

Take the red candle from the shelf at right.

Left side of the hallway:    Go forward through the door and go left.

Look close at an old manuscript on the wall.

One drought creates Famine.

It takes Two to make a War.

The Three plagues of Pestilence.

Brought Death to the Four.

Signed...... Felspar.

Right side of the hallway:    Go left and then go to the right side of the hallway.

Take the door knocker from the floor at right. Check that it is the Envy door knocker.

Alcoves:    Go to each alcove at the back wall.

See that they have doors for Famine, Death, Pestilence and War. They are all locked.

Death Statue:    Go back to the main room of the citadel and Death Statue.

In inventory combine Death metal seal and red candle to get red wax Death seal.

In inventory combine War metal seal and red candle to get red wax War seal.

In inventory combine Famine metal seal and red candle to get red wax Famine seal.

In inventory combine Pestilence metal seal and red candle to get red wax Pestilence seal.

Based on the manuscript's words:

Insert the red wax Famine seal on the open slot at bottom right I.

Insert the red wax War seal on the open slot at top left II.

Insert the red wax Pestilence seal on the open slot at bottom left III.

Insert the red wax Death seal on the open slot at top right IV.

Hear a sound.

Doors at the alcoves:    Go back to the right hallway above the steps, bottom screen and forward until the right split in the hallway.

Enter the different alcoves and look around.

Famine room:    Take the Greed door knocker from the floor at right.

Death room:    Take the Wrath door knocker from the floor at left.

Pestilence room:    Take the Pride door knocker from the bench at right.

War room:    Take the Lust door knocker beside the fireplace.

Door knockers:    Go back to the main room of the citadel.

Place the door knockers on the appropriate doors. Study the symbols on top of the door.

Wrath has red eyes.

Gluttony has yellow eyes.

Greed has turquoise eyes.

Sloth has white eyes.

Envy has light blue eyes.

Pride has dark blue eyes

Before placing the last door knocker - Save your game.

Lust has purple eyes.


Briggs sees a dark passage. He sinks to the floor. Briggs lies on a cross shaped slab with a swinging axe above him.

The Dark One knows about you. Where is the seal? The chosen commands your dead. You answer to me.

Time is of the Essence:

An hour glass filled with blood shows the time to solve this puzzle.

Stands:    Enter the appropriate door in the order shown by the symbols in the shield.

Look close at the stand seen inside. Look at top of screen and see the symbol associated with the sin.

Press the appropriate symbol on the Hand of Fate as seen at top of the screen. If it is the correct symbol and the correct order as shown by the shield; the symbol will light up.

Do this until all the symbols are lit on the Hand of Fate.

The correct order of the 7 Sins' room to go to and press the Hand of Fate:   

Pride - at top right from statue.

Sloth - at top left from statue.

Lust - at top right from statue.

Envy - at top left from statue.

Greed - left of statue.

Gluttony - left of statue.

Wrath - right of statue.

Exit to the main room of the citadel.

The eyes of Death statue lights up.

Choose:    Select letters on the Ouija board. DESTINY.

The Seal is placed.

Let's paarty!

The brothers, Fate and Destiny converse. Where is the book? Let the Battle commence.

Limbo of the Lost II:    Flight to Freedom.

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