LONDON C.I.T.Y. 2000

Walkthrough by Crash

You're John Daring, a young talented British agent. After finishing a job in South America, you return to Europe for a vacation. But job is calling you back. This time you're ordered to catch S. Rooter, the famous drug dealer who wants to conquer Europe. So, back on duty again you walk out from Heathrow Airport in London to meet your agents. The movement is quite simple. Always open your inventory bag so you can detect if something can be used. The map ( after you got it ) is a quick way to travel in town. Here's the walkthrough of the game.




Go out to find a cab. Talk to the driver. Darn .... I don't have money. Back to the airport building. Find the information desk on the second floor. Receive an envelope. Look inside. Read the letter ( it contains an adress : Mayfair ). Find a coffee shop nearby. Get the dirty mug. Next find the photo booth near the subway station. Make a photo inside ( use your money ). Then buy a train ticket. First, try to find the Hilton hotel ( it's near the Mayfair ). Get inside. Take the map from the receptionist desk. Then go to the address on the note ( it's north of Hilton, near Mayfair ). Use the doorbell. Talk to agent X. Listen carefully to what she said.

Go to Madamme Tussaud. Find the statue of Henry VIII. Talk to him, he's the Agent Y. Choose this answer :

     "How a man could possibly want six wives is beyond me."

In return, you'll receive a note with codes on it. To translate it just use the word after the code word ( ex: R = S, etc ).
    CODE  :                                                             

       R QNNSDQ CQTF KZANQZSNQX                 

       KNR KNBNR RNGN RPTZQD                          

       GDZUHKX FTZQCDC ADVZQD                     

       ZFDMS X






       AGENT Y


Now visit the secret lab. Ring the bell, and give this answer to the guard :
     "I'm looking for Los Locos"

     "I've come about the job as the replacement guard"

     "Oh dear, have I put my foot in it ?"

While the guard asking your status inside the lab, quickly snatch the cigarette on the stair. Then a technician will give you an order to pick up a package from a house on Fond Street. Now return to the Agent X appartment. You'll receive a message to meet her at Covent Garden. Go there and talk to Agent X. Then search your cigarette for a piece of note : Songbird. Go to Fond Street ( near the airport ). Use the door bell. Answer : Songbird. Receive the package. Bring back the package to Los Locos. This time get the ID card on the stair.

Report the situation to Agent X at Covent Garden. Receive the skeleton key. After the briefing, go to London Tower. Search for a piece of rope there. Look at the ID card. Go to the address : Ruthland Gate & Ennismore Street On Kensington ( Kensington Road is near the airport just east of National History Museum ). Use the doorbell. Then use the skeleton key to picklock the door. Get the cane then hide. When the man come inside, hit him with the cane. Get his keys and tie him with the rope. Use the phone and memorize the password : Vision of the New World. She also tells you about a lab coat at the gallery somewhere. Use the photo with the ID card. That's it you make your own ID card. Go to Tate Gallery near the river Thames, south of London. Get the labcoat on the step. Now go back to Covent Garden. Attend another briefing. Agent X tells you to pick up a floppy disk inside the tavern. Go to Kings Road. Enter a pub there ( it's not easy to spot this pub, but the entrance is near the word "Kings Road" ). Get the disk on the table inside. Now you're ready to enter the secret lab.

Go to Los Locos. Before you enter, wear the lab coat. Use the doorbell. Answer : Vision of the New World. Get inside. Take the jackknife and the medical kit inside. Now do this quickly : mix the mauve tube with the green tube. When the technician go out of the room, use the skeleton key to picklock the desk. Look inside. Get the A2 disk. You should have enough time to do this if you're quick.

Note : I think there's a bug here. You must do this in single action. Because later on you have to do this once more to put back the disk. From my experience, if you're fail to do this in single action, you'll have a difficulties when you try to put back the disk later on.

Go to Madamme Tussaud. In front of it, there's a computer terminal. Use it. Pick up the crossword puzzle. These are the answer of the crosswords :

    ACROSS :               DOWN :

      1. Elephant            1. Envelope

      2. Hat                 2. Ante   

      6. Elected             4. Throwing

      9. Boxer               5. We

     10. Own                 7. Trance

     11. Arrests             8. Dirt

     12. Zn                  9. Between

     13. One                14. New

     15. Weeps

     16. Always  

Then use your translator to decipher it. You get a hacker's adress. Go there ( it's on Tooley Street near Tower Bridge ). When you're facing the river, you'll enter the house. Answer : "Did you bring the beer ?". Enter the house and give him the floppy disc. Then he orders you to return the disc to the lab and find Agent Z in Natural History Museum on the second floor. The code is "Smoke". Go back to the lab. Repeat the action to put back the floopy disc inside the desk drawer. Mix mauve and green tube then mauve and blue tube. That's should distract the technician.


Now go to Natural History Museum. Go to the second floor. While facing the red alarm up there, use the cigarette for calling the agent. Choose this answer :
   "These English brands don't suit me anyway"

You'll be ordered to go to Heathrow airport to meet Rooter's man. Go there. Find the man at the cafe. Listen to their conversation and answer this :
   "Vision of a new world"

   "Dr Murphy, senior chemist"

   "I've been sent out here to give you a message"

   "The planes must not fly tonight"

   "Because the drug has been contaminated and won't work"

   "I know, Sir, and I', extremely sorry about it"

   "It was an accident with a bunsen burner and some bleach"

   "I'm afraid so"

   "We can get it done soon"

Now meet S. Rooter at the National Theatre. He'll bring you to his house. Choose this answer :
   "One of a young technician had a hang-over"

   "We are back on course for the plan now"

   "We can have a new batch ready by tomorrow"

He'll release you at Dr. Murphy house with a promise to meet you at Leicester Square. He wants to test you. So, use Murphy's keys to enter the house then walk back to The National Theatre. Get the ticket from the ticket booth inside the theatre. Sometimes after this you'll get a message to go back to your hotel. Go back there first before you meet Rooter at Leicester Square. Receive the message from your contact. Read it. Agent X wants to meet you in Marble Arch. Go there and attend the final briefing. She should give you the transmitter pill.

Now ready yourself to track down Stanislav Rooter. Go to Leicester Square. Meet his niece Mary ( Rooter is getting suspicious with you now ). Follow her step to the river ( look to the direction she goes and follow her ). After some security check on you, go to Parliement Square to meet one of Rooter's man again. Rooter is suspicious enough about you, so be careful. Then, go to St. James Park to capture him. And Daring once again save the world from the evil man. THE END.

Note : It's important to meet Agent X first before you meet Rooter. Because if you don't do that, Rooter's goon will beat you up till death at St. James Park.

Copyright April 1997, CRASH
Thanks for the help from Susan Lockwood Lee to finish the game.

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