Lost Horizon


Walkthrough by ronrob

Game Play Notes:


In the opening menu, the four windows and the middle door are used as labeled. The street sign at the right is used to Quit the game.


In the lower right corner of the game screen,


1.         The magnifying glass shows all hot spots.

2.         The icon right of the magnifying glass summarizes where you are and tasks to be done.

3.         The icon on the far right goes to the main menu.


When you run your cursor over a hot spot, you will see an eye and/or a hand. The eye means you can look at the spot, which you do by right clicking. The hand indicates an action you perform by left clicking.


When you pick up an inventory item, you should always look at it in inventory. Sometimes doing so will produce one or more additional inventory items. You can combine inventory items by left clicking an item to pick it up and then left clicking it again over another item.


Left clicking anywhere on the screen moves your character to that spot. As a general rule, you really ought to look (eye) at every hot spot. That said, I will not always refer to hot spots that don’t significantly advance the game.


When you first arrive at a scene, it is a good idea to look at absolutely everything. Sometimes you get a hand icon, but there is nothing you can do yet. Write down what it is and where it is located because there is a high probability that you will need it eventually.





Khambalung Valley, 1936


Two British soldiers are under attack from unknown assailants. One helps a Tibetan monk into a chamber, which the monk describes as a gateway to the treasure of all mankind. He gives a “key” (artifact) to the soldier and asks that it not fall into the hands of the attackers. (You will learn later that the soldier’s name is Richard.)


Richard needs to use the key to get to the other side and contact England. Look around at everything in the chamber, including the monk. Go to the middle of the chamber and use the artifact on it.

German Camp


A German soldier reports to a female scientist that the operation at the monastery in Khambalung Valley is complete, but the chamber has not yet been found. The Brits were there as part of an expedition to map the area. The scientist is angry about anyone being there and wants to take all measures to prevent anyone else from disrupting her work there.


The soldier reports that the expedition was using maps created by a cartographer in Hong Kong. The scientist wants the cartographer eliminated. The future of the Third Reich depends on it.


Night Club


You are playing as Fenton Paddock, a charming smuggler, and you are talking with Shen, the bartender. Shen warns you about intruding on the smuggling operations of the Tongs.


You are smitten with the sexy new singer and you attempt to score some points with her. (Making the first choice in each of the answer selections worked for me.) Two Tong triads show up and seem to be looking for you. The singer distracts them so you can leave by the back door.


Two triads meet you outside and knock you out. The four triads place you in a wooden box with a hole in it and dump you into the bay. 


Escape from the coffin:


(Note: You can’t die in this game, so take your time to check out the coffin.)            


You automatically have a lighter, a napkin from the club, and your wallet in inventory.


Use your lighter on the tar at the right. Then use the napkin on the softened tar. Place the tarred napkin into the hole under your hand.


Look at your wallet to obtain some coins. Use a coin to unscrew the hinge and then use

the hinge on the lid.


Back at the club, a German agent approaches the four Tong triads to hire them for the hit on the cartographer.


Chapter One: A Missing Friend


Your Office


Talk to your mechanic, Gus, who is working on your Ford Tri-Motor. There is an officer waiting for you in your office.


You meet Huxley, aide to the Governor, Lord Weston. He treats you with contempt and reminds you of the riots that you caused in Hong Kong. You were court-martialed and dishonorably discharged, but Huxley thinks you belong in jail.


Governor’s Palace


Lord Weston speaks of China’s thoughts about annexing Tibet and, to be prepared, the area needs to be mapped. The expedition sent for that purpose has disappeared. Rescue parties have failed to find the expedition, and Lord Weston is now calling on you to conduct a discreet search.


You are highly resistant to the idea until Lord Weston tells you that the leader of the expedition is Richard, his son and your friend. You receive a dossier. Look at it and conclude that you need maps from somewhere. On your way back to your office, you make plans.


Your Office


Speak with Gus again and tell him that you need his help. He mentions that Wuang did some mapping of the Tibet area, and he refers to Wuang’s daughter, Kim. Wuang moved, and Gus doesn’t know where he is. Gus suggests that you ask Shen. Take the bellows beneath Gus.


Go into your office and look at everything. Take the measuring tape that is hanging above the hammock. Take the alarm clock at the right end of the hammock and look at it to get the key.


Now you need to ask Shen about Wuang’s whereabouts. Leave the office and go to the city at the left of the screen. At the map, select “To the nightclub.”


Hong Kong


You check the front of the club and see Tong and his men. Return to the back alley and enter the club through the side door.


Talk with Shen, the bartender, about Wuang, but he doesn’t know where he moved. Shen suggests that you ask Nianzu who is sitting behind you.


Talk with Nianzu. He doesn’t recall the name, but thinks a photo of Wuang would help. Leave the club and head back to your office at the airport.


Your Office


Look at and try to open the safe. You don’t remember the combination, but it is written down in your wallet. Unfortunately, you lost the wallet when you were thrown into the harbor. Go there.


The Harbor               


A boy has just fished your wallet out of the water, but he is determined not to give it to you. He finally agrees to return it if you help him catch a bat from the warehouse across the way. When it’s raining, as it is now, insects won’t come out and bats won’t come out either.


Okay, this is getting out of hand. Let’s get these tasks organized.


To get a map from Wuang, you first need to find him. Nianzu might help you if you show him a photo of Wuang. The photo is in your safe whose combination is written in your wallet. The boy has the wallet, but he will return it only if you help him catch a bat, which requires insects. Got it?


Get insects:


You saw insects in the alley of the club, so go there.


Night Club


Use the bellows on the swarm of flies. Oh, great! A cat noisily hops up on the trash can. You need to get rid of the cat. Left click the flies to get the idea of finding something that cats like to play with. If you were sharp-eyed, you saw a ball lodged in a tree in front of the Governor’s Palace. Go there.


Governor’s Palace


Look at the taller tree on the left and see that there is a ball. Try to take the ball, but the guard becomes officious. You need to distract him.


Note the rubbish bin at the far right. In inventory, use the clock key with the clock to wind it up and place the clock in the rubbish bin. When the guard goes there, take the ball from the tree. Combine the ball and the measuring tape to create a cat toy. Go to the club.


Night Club


Place the cat toy on the rod that is left of the flies. Now use the bellows again to get a

fly-filled bellows.


One task completed. Next, you need to get a bat. Return to the harbor.


Get a bat




Use the fly-filled bellows on the lantern behind the boy. You have completed your end of the bargain, so you get your wallet back.


Now that you have your wallet, you can open your safe. Return to the airport.


Get the photo of Wuang


Your Office   


Look at the wallet and get the safe combination. Use it on the safe and then use the safe to find a packet of memorabilia. You read an article that describes the incident for which you were blamed. There is reason to believe that you were a scapegoat.


You automatically retrieve the photo of Wuang.


Now you are ready to see Nianzu again. Go to the club.


Find out where Wuang lives


Night Club


Enter the side door and show the photo to Nianzu. He tells you where Wuang lives.


 Leave the club and go to Wuang’s house.


Wuang’s House


Enter up to the hallway. Take the bamboo rod in the flower pot on the right of the left door. Look at the left door and knock.


The door is answered by Kim, Wuang’s niece. Wuang died just a few days ago. You and Kim argue over the event in which the workers were killed. Kim feels that you betrayed Wuang.


You ask about Wuang’s maps and notes, but Kim is still hostile toward you, especially when you say that you can’t tell her why you need them.


Suddenly, Tong bursts in and holds a gun on Kim. Recall that Tong is working for the German agent who wants Wuang’s maps and notes. Kim uses some martial arts to disarm Tong.


You look outside to see that two of Tong’s thugs are out front. Kim explains that Richard was here several weeks ago and took copies of Wuang’s maps. Kim agrees to give you one last chance.


Take the hanger from the wardrobe on the left and combine it with the bamboo rod to get a

pole with hook. Come down to the other room and go out the door to the balcony. Use the pole with hook to get the yellow lantern above you.


Go out to the hallway and hang the lantern on the hook by the door. Now you can see a small window high up on the back wall. Look at the window and then go back to talk with Kim.


Escape from the triads:


Tong revives and organizes a search. You and Kim emerge from the alley. Shooting starts and Kim runs for the truck. You are drug along the street. Tell Kim to drive faster. When you see the black clock, immediately tell Kim to hit the brakes. Your momentum carries you into the truck.


Use the pole with hook to drag the piece of glass. Use the broken pole to try again and get the glass. Use the broken glass on the tarp over the motor to get a rag. Combine the rag and the pole to get a pole with rag. Give the pole with rag to Kim.


Switch to Kim


Use the pole with rag on the cigar lighter to get a torch. Take the key from the rearview mirror. Give both to Fenton.


Switch to Fenton


Use the key to open the crate and take some fireworks. Place the rockets in the motor and light them with the torch. Sayonara, Baby!


Your Office


You finally manage to persuade Kim that she must leave with you for her own safety. Off they go toward Tibet.


Flight to Tibet


You explain what happened at the workers’ riot. Your saving Richard caused a breakdown of order. Richard pulled strings to keep you out of jail, but someone had to be blamed.


You explain the purpose of your mission to Tibet. Your thought of dropping Kim off while you continue on is an entirely rejected. Suddenly a German fighter starts shooting at you.


Get rid of the fighter


Take the pumpkin, the bag of flour, the cannister, and the parachute. Make a hole in the pumpkin by banging it against the fixture on the right wall. Use the cannister and the bag of flour on the pumpkin. Open the door and use the pumpkin on the German fighter.


The fighter goes down, but not before it fires into your starboard engine. Worse, the fire shreds the wing. You take the plane down for a crash landing.


German Camp


That same German soldier reports that the originals of Wuang’s maps and notes are likely to be in the hands of the niece (Kim) who is being protected by a soldier (you). The scientist wants information about you and Kim and wants to know why you wanted the maps.


The soldier also reports the disappearance of one of their aircraft. The scientist wants a search and recovery effort and the removal of all traces that might lead back to the camp.



Chapter Two: The Secret in the Mountains




You regain consciousness near the crash site. You call to Kim who is still in the cockpit of the plane leaning against a cliff. Your first priority is to help her out of the crashed airplane, but you can’t reach her from here.


Take the sled and the propeller blade. You can’t open the crate, so use the blade on it to get the lid. Use the crate to get a the horn of a  phonograph player and a broken record.


Take the path to the left to approach a chasm, and see the crashed German fighter on the other side. Obviously, you would like to get over there, but you can’t just jump. The hill behind you looks like a ski slope. Do you dare?


Use the lid on the sled to make a sled with cover. Look at the smooth rock near the edge of the chasm and realize that there is no snow there. There is a snow drift at the right edge of the screen. Use the horn to gather snow and spread it on the smooth rock. Place the sled on the furrow in the slope. Wheeee!


Of course, there is the problem of getting back. The wing is overhanging the chasm. Pick it up and use it on the chasm to push it across.


Use the blade to open the cover of the wing that is buried vertically in the snow. Remove the wing hull that looks a bit like a ladder. Look in the cockpit and get a jacket and binoculars. Cut open the jacket with the broken record to get a lambskin and a document.


Read the text of the document and look at the two seals. The document seems to indicate permission for and expedition to be here and some immunity. The seals suggest that the expedition is sponsored by the Thule Society and that it has the blessing of the Tibet government.


Take a look at the puddle beneath the aircraft and at the fire. Then had back across the wing over the chasm to your own crash area.


Go up the path beside the cliff. You are met by an argali, a kind of mountain sheep. Note the altar, the incense sticks, and weird lumps, but you can’t get past the argali. Place the lambskin on the sled and then place the folding table on the sled. This creates a fake sheep.


Use the fake sheep on the argali to entice it into attacking. Pick up the horn and leather strap. Look at the horn and leather strap to separate the horn and the leather strap. Go to the altar and take the incense sticks. Pick up the weird lumps that are actually argali dung.


Go back down the path and left to the German fighter crash site. Try to burn the argali dung in the fire. Place the dung in the phonograph player horn and try again to get a horn full of burning argali dung


Dip the leather strap in the puddle. The wet strap freezes into a frozen leather strap.


Return to your crash site and use the wing hull that looks like a ladder on the ledge at the right. Use the ledge again to climb up there. At last, you have reached Kim, but she is unconscious. You need to revive her.


Light an incense stick by sticking it into the burning argali dung. Use the burning incense on Kim. You try to remove the cockpit cover but to no avail. Note the parachute at the upper right corner of the screen. Use the frozen leather strap to retrieve the parachute. Place the parachute on the cockpit and then use the parachute.


You hold a long conversation with the increasingly complaining Kim, but you eventually get around to the Professor Hayes 1922 expedition accompanied by Kim’s uncle, Wuang. Wuang’s note seem to indicate a monastery near here, but you can’t read the text.


Listen to and see Kim’s translation of Wuang’s notes about the expedition.


Wuang and Hayes had found a dead monk in a cave along with a partially burned map of the region. The map included the word “Khambalung,” with which Hayes was familiar. It referred to a valley shrouded in myths and in which there was an ancient monastery no one had ever found. The monastery was said to be guarded by monks to protect a secret. In the hand of the dead monk was an artifact that resembled the “eye of the dragon.” Hayes took the artifact.


The notes go on to say that Hayes and Wuang tried to find the Khambalung Valley, but the weather thwarted them.  Hayes drew a crude map.


You believe that finding the monastery is your only chance. Suddenly you see an army truck driving below. You decide to follow the truck. You arrive at a German military camp. You can’t imagine what they are doing her, (but of course, we know that it is a large-scale expedition to the monastery). Through the binoculars you see a British prisoner. You must free the prisoner.


German military camp


You are hiding beside a barracks building. As always, look around at everything.


Walk to the far right and look at the sign. Oops!


Switch to Kim


Fenton will need some help from you. Take a newspaper, the rope that runs horizontally along the right side of the truck, and the sign that also includes a log. Look at the crate in the truck and take the pot, the tape, and the gas burner. Pass all these items (except for the sign and documents) down through the crevice to Fenton.


Go back to the side of the barracks and cover the holes in the snow with the sign. Pick up the cigar that was thrown out the window and send it down to Fenton.


Switch to Fenton


You can try the far right passageway, but it just loops around. Try the second passageway from the left, but you decide it is futile - - although you do feel a draft that might indicate a way out.

Light the gas burner with the cigar and use the gas burner on an incense stick. Use the incense stick on the second from the left passageway and see the smoke being pulled by the draft into the left passageway.


Go into the left passageway to a cave with a pile of rubbish. Take the pocket knife from the base of the pile. Place the newspaper on the pile of rubbish. Put the ice in the pot and seal the pot with the tape.

Use the pocket knife (corkscrew) on the log to bore a hole. You get a wood chip as a result. Plug the pot with the wood chip. Light the newspaper with the gas burner and place the pot on the fire. Now you have a hole in the ceiling of ice. Retrieve the pot.


Attach the rope to the broken horn to create a grappling hook. Use the grappling hook on the crevice in the ceiling and then use the grappling hook to climb out.


Now you have gone farther into the camp. You see the tent where the prisoner is kept. Look at the case to your left, open it, and take a hand grenade.


Walk to the right in the direction of the tent, but there is a welder who might see you. Look around at everything. Put the pot in the vent of the generator shed. The water short circuits the generator. When the welder enters the shed, kick the beam holding the hood of the truck to trap the welder inside the shed.


Try to open the toolbox, but the lid is jammed. Enter the tent and see Thomas, a man you know is from Richard’s unit. The German is too big to handle. Pick up the tent peg from the boxes and exit. 


Go back to the toolbox and use the tent peg on it. You get a vice, some glue, and a saw blade in a cover.


Getting rid of the guard


Apply glue to the broken record and assemble the pieces.


The light cracks would be detected. Use the vice on the hand grenade to get black powder and use the powder on the record. Look at the saw blade with cover to remove the saw blade and get a cover. Use glue on the cover and apply the newspaper to the glued cover.

Finally, place the record in the cover.


Go back inside the tent and place your record on the pile of other records. The guard changes records and it blows up, knocking out the guard.


Talk to Thomas and learn what happened  - - as shown in the introductory scenes. Discuss everything. Thomas says that trucks leave frequently, so that might be your way out.


Take the soldier’s jacket and also get some keys and a tape reel. Use the keys on Thomas to remove the handcuffs. Thomas can’t walk and he is depicted in your inventory.


Exit the tent and follow the tracks up to the truck. Place Thomas in the back. You are confronted by the truck dispatcher. You can’t take the truck without filling out a form that can be found in the radio room.


Use the keys on the door of the radio building at the left and enter. Pick up the pencil from the floor. Place the tape reel on the tape recorder to hear a report of the interrogator. It sounds as though “Object 28" would be sufficiently important for the dispatcher to release the truck.


Look at the list on the left wall and see that Object 28 is the “Eye of the Kanjur.” Take a form from the desk and use the pencil on it. Select “Eye of the Kanjur” from the list on the right.


Exit the radio room and head straight upward past the right side of the truck Give the form to the dispatcher in the window. He sends you on your way, and Kim jumps aboard.




You, Kim and Thomas arrive at the base of the monastery mountain. Kim again insists on remaining with you. Thomas heads for India.


Use the tent peg to remove the signs from the post behind you. Use the lever to see what it does. Talk to the petulant Kim and get her help. You raise her up to the bucket where she finds some wooden planks and baking powder.


Take the path up to the monastery. You overhear the changing of the guard. Look in the bird’s nest and take the egg shell.


Return to the crossroads (lower left corner of the screen) and use the eggs shell to collect some oil from the puddle beneath the lift. Go back to the monastery.


The small bridge is booby trapped with trip wires and grenades. Use a plank with the drain along the lower right side of the bridge and another plant with the dragon’s claw. Look at and try to take the prayer wheel that is right of the door. Use the tent peg to dislodge the prayer wheel.  It appears to be some kind of universal magnet.


See a gap left of the door. Use the tent peg to remove the rock and reveal a wooden wheel. Use one of the road signs on the wooden wheel and then turn the wheel. Repeat with the other three signs. You have raised the door.


Enter and see the courtyard that is guarded by a dog. Look around at everything. Try the pulley beside you, but it is rusty and noisy. Use the egg shell of oil on it. Now raise the pulley. There is a tin below, so this is a good time to test the magnetic properties of the prayer wheel. Attach it to the pulley and lower it to get the tin. Use the trusty tent peg on the tin to open it and get some disgusting meat.


Drop the meat to the wooden slab. When the dog fetches it, the knapsack slides to the end of the slab. Use the pulley to hoist the knapsack. Look in the knapsack to get a gas mask, a canteen, a compass, and a torch.


Get rid of the guard dog


Use some glue on the torch and then attach the compass to the torch. Use the modified torch on the dog kennel to attract the dog into the kennel.


Look at the canteen to drink the contents. Place the baking powder in the canteen and use the lid on the foaming canteen. Toss the canteen to the snow drift above the dog kennel.


Look at the use the shadow of the western wall. Look at the strange chest. Use it to obtain a wiring puzzle. Select your difficulty level. The objective is to insert the plugs on the right to correspond with the placement of the plugs on the left. When you succeed, the lights come on.


Look at the wall and see that there are three ornamental plates. Try the prayer wheel on them, but only the far right one has any effect. Look inside and see a mosaic of two dragons. Use the mosaic to get another puzzle, again with a difficulty level choice. (Hint: The top tile of the center column is the one with the distinctive brown fins.)


Enter the secret chamber, the one where we last saw Richard. Look around to find Richard’s belt pack and look at the strange symbols. You recognize the symbols from Wuang’s notes. Ask Kim whether she can translate the symbols.


Kim reads the symbols as meaning that there are two keys to the sleeping dragon. The Eye of the Dragon is one, of course, but the second is hidden away somewhere else. Using the Eye of the Dragon on a map will reveal the second key’s hiding place. The conclusion is that the maps and the Eye of the Dragon are probably with Hayes. To find Richard, you need to find Hayes.


Countess von Hagenhild arrives with a squad and says that Hayes is in Marrakesh. Listen to her fiendish plans for getting the eye from Hayes and for reviewing the Piri Reis map in the “museum.”  When you are led out, you escape and eventually jump into the truck that is taking Kim to the camp. In the process, a rocket is launched that sets off an avalanche that hurls the truck far down a snow slope. Poor Kim. People are still firing at you, so you run off.


Note: We are asked to make a leap of faith here. Somehow Fenton has traveled on foot 400 miles to Lhasa where he catches a flight to Casablanca and then a train to Marrakesh. Pretty good for a guy who never has any money!



Chapter Three: Race Against Time




You locate Hayes’ shop, but he is in jail for not paying taxes. Mr. Lacoste is in the shop for the courts to inventory Hayes’ goods. He tells you how to get to the jail.

Go up through the arch to the bazaar and then through the north exit at the upper left corner. Take the crank handle from atop the well. Enter the jail.


The jail officer won’t let you talk to Hayes, but Hayes can be released with a bail of 200 francs.


Exit the jail, and you are hailed by Hayes from his cell window. You discuss the Tibet expedition and Wuang’s role. You explain what has been happening with you, and he is astonished that you actually found the Khambalung Valley. You tell him about Kim’s translations and about how the Eye of the Dragon can be used with a map to find the second key.


Hayes reveals that he has the Eye of the Dragon. The second key will take you to Shambala, which is also the goal of the Nazis. Hayes’ heart is acting up, and he asks you to find his heart medicine back at the shop. He will say nothing more about the Eye of the Dragon until he has his heart medicine and is released on bail. He gives you a ring for seed money.


You now have two tasks: Get the heart medicine and raise 200 francs for Hayes’ bail.


Return to Hayes’ shop and go to the rear. See the small case on the shelf. Talk with Lacoste. He can’t give the case to you, but he gives you a form for requesting a waiver. It must be stamped.


Leave the shop and return to the jail. Naturally, the officer does not have the authority to stamp the form. Your two tasks will take some creativity. It’s time to look around.


Return to the alley and talk with the snake charmer. He tells you that his flute can be used with camels. Follow the discussion thread about the flute. He offers to lend the flute to you, but first you have to bring him something to drink.


Come down and talk with the jeweler in red. Discuss the ring Hayes gave you, and the jeweler offers 2 francs for it. He bumps it up to 5 francs along with a coupon for a free repair or polish.


Go back to the bazaar and leave through the right arch to the desert. The sign warns against proceeding without a guide. The sign at the tent says that the guide is on a break.


Look at the sparkling crystals, but you can’t break them off. Use the well crank on them and take a crystal. Also take some hay from the trough.


Return to the alley and give the crystal to the jeweler. You use your coupon to have the crystal polished. The jeweler returns with the polished quartz.


Now it’s time to distract the jail guard. Return to the jail. Place the polished quartz in the crank holder above the well. Place the hay in the ray of light. The jail officer rushes out to put out the fire. Talk to Hayes, but he can’t reach the stamp on the desk. Pass the well crank through the cell window, and Hayes gets the stamp. Use the stamp on the form.


Return to the rear of Hayes’ shop and give the stamped form to Lacoste. Take the small case, return to the jail, and use the small case on the cell window. Hayes returns the case that also contains a gold detector. Use the well crank on the small case to break off the knob. Use the gold detector on the knob to learn that it is gold coated.


Return to the bazaar and talk with the green grocer. Use your 5 francs to buy a half melon. Use the well crank on the melon to get a melon rind.


Go left to the dyer’s shop and look at everything. Note especially the clean water. Use the melon rind on the water, with the dyer’s permission, of course, to get a melon rind with water. Return to the alley and give the water to the snake charmer. He gives his flute to you.


Return to the bazaar and look at the poster on the right of the arch to the desert. Go out to the desert and use the flute on the camel beside the tent in the distance. After the camel arrives by a circuitous route, try to use the camel. He won’t move. However, you should be safe if you follow the camel tracks. Use the camel tracks and, at the map, select the Berber fairgrounds.


You talk with the man in blue and learn that beating Aziz in wrestling would give you a prize of 100 francs. You also learn that you can’t enter the festival unless you are wearing a blue djellaba.

He gives you a garment ticket that will allow you to rent a djellaba at the bazaar.


Return to the bazaar and give the garment ticket to the cloth merchant. After much talk and haggling, select the white djellaba.


Go talk with the dyer. Eventually, you can ask him whether he can dye your djellaba blue. Of course, he is out of blue dye and is waiting for indigo. You can go to the oasis and get the indigo yourself. He gives you flatbread for the caravan master.


Return to the desert and, at the map, select the oasis. Talk to the nomad, give him the flatbread and receive a bag of indigo. Note the shrub with the white flowers.


Go back to the city and dyer. Give the indigo to him and you get the blue djellaba.


Return to the desert and the Berber fairgrounds. Talk with the man in blue and then enter the shaman’s tent at the far left. By the end of the game, you will realize how prophetic the shaman is.  Talk about everything and learn about thorn apple seeds that, taken immoderately can have serious consequences.


Enter the wrestling tent and talk with the promoter. Accept the challenge. Naturally, you lose, but recall that Aziz began by taking a drink from the bucket.


Go back to the desert and to the oasis. Take a thorn apple blossom from the shrub.


Now go back to the Berber fairgrounds and the wrestling tent. Try to place the thorn apple in the bucket, but you wait until the promoter is looking the other way. (The thorn apple goes into the bucket automatically.) Talk to the promoter and accept the challenge. Sure enough, Aziz drinks from the bucket and you win 100 francs.


Return to the city and to the thimblerigger’s stand. This is the old monte con game, and you will fail in trying to increase your 100 francs. You can go ahead and try if you wish. It will cost you only 25 francs. Note that the ball looks just like your gold ball. Use the gold ball on the stand.


The con artist agrees to use your ball. After he shuffles the cups, use your gold detector on the cups to locate the correct one. You win. Accept a rematch and follow the same procedure. You win again and the con artist gives up.


Go to the jail and talk with the guard. Hayes is released. The two of you sit in a café where Hayes tells a long tale. The bottom line is that the Eye of the Dragon, which Hayes has, is of no use without the keeper’s map. Only with both can the second artifact be found. Hayes refers to the Piri Reis map, the same one mentioned by the Countess. It is in the Berlin museum.


At Hayes’ shop, he produces the Eye of the Dragon, but Nazis shoot him and abscond with the Eye. Hayes’ dying words are that you must prevent the Nazis from reaching Shambala.


The scene shifts to the Governor’s Palace where Lord Weston receives a telegram from Thomas. Curiously, he burns the telegram.



Chapter Four: Into the Lion’s Den






You spotted the Countess entering the museum to examine the Piri Reis map. Look at the advertising pillar and take the camera poster. Look at and try the drainage grate.


Enter the museum and talk with the maintenance man. The exhibits are closed right now. There is a reception tonight for gold medalists. The exhibits are currently about Tibet and are in the upper halls. The lower halls have been closed for over a year to prevent anyone from getting into the basement.  


He gives the Olympics event schedule to you. Look at it to see that Glenn Parker, an old school mate, is in the running for the decathlon. This may be your entry to the museum.


Look in the cardboard box and take a rubber glove and sandpaper. Check the rubbish bin and take the lid. Also take the dried bouquet and the broken bottle neck.


Look at the argali and use the broken bottle to take its whiskers. Look at everything else and exit. Go to the city and to the Olympic Stadium.


Olympic Stadium


Note: The quick scene with Glenn allows you to observe the disguise you used to get in. You need a beard (you already have whiskers), glasses, a hat, and a camera.


Approach the stadium and you are stopped by the guard. He wants to see your press pass. You need to go to the accreditation office at Pariser Platz to get one.


Go over to the gas (helium) bottles and use the rubber glove to inflate it. The organ grinder has a hat that you might be able to use. You can come back to this later.


Pariser Platz


Go to the city and Pariser Platz. Of course, the IOC accreditation office is closed. Add a press pass to the list of things you need to get. Baltus Edison, the man at the table strikes up a conversation. He is a journalist who hates sports. What he really wants to cover is some big story about romance in the royal family.


Edison receives a phone call from his editor who is pushing for his Olympics story. Look at Edison’s jacket to see his glasses and press pass. There is room for mischief here.


Look in the pram and see a child with a lollipop. Try to take it, but the child whimpers. Look at the dried flowers in inventory to get a wire. Use the wire on the helium filled glove and attach the balloon animal to the pram. Pick up the lollipop that the frightened child tosses away. Take the napkin from the empty table and use it on the ketchup.


Look at and talk with the tourist. He has a camera that could be a solution for you. Talk at length with him and learn that photography is often banned in certain areas. If it were banned here, he would go to the magistrate immediately. Hmmm . . . He accepts your offer to “watch” his camera for him in such an eventuality. Note the bus stop sign behind the photographer.


Get the camera




Return to the museum. While you are her, use the sticky lollipop on the drainage grate to get a coin.


Enter the museum and use the ketchup napkin on the circular doorknob of the double doors. Now use the camera poster on the doorknob to get a “camera banned” poster.

Pariser Platz


Return to Pariser Platz and go to the bus stop sign. Use the lollipop on the camera poster and attach the poster to the bus stop sign. Tell the photographer about the camera ban. When he rushes off, take his camera.


Talk to Edison about borrowing his press pass. No luck. To succeed in your next trick, you need to look at your napkin to see where you are: Café Erika.


Get the press pass and glasses


Use your coin on the telephone booth. You leave just the message Edison wants to hear. When he goes into the café, you steal his glasses and press pass.


All you need now is a hat.


Get a hat


Olympic Stadium


Go back to the organ grinder at the stadium. Use his hat and then talk to him about it. If you can replace it with something better, you can have the hat. He turns down the metal bowl (lid) because it is too rusty. Use the sandpaper on the lid to polish it up and offer it to the organ grinder. You get his hat.


Use the lollipop on the whiskers and then talk to the stadium guard again. Now you are done with your explanation to Glenn of how you got in here.


You tell Glenn about your need to get into the museum. He agrees to get you in, provided he wins the decathlon, which is in doubt. Huber is the better long jumper. The margin is 25 centimeters. If he wins by that much, Glenn will lose the gold medal.


After Glenn leaves for the event, you decide to figure out how to rig the results. Walk up the steps out to the stadium. You watch the procedure for a long jump. Look at everything, especially the tape measure, which might be the heart of the matter.


Return down to the catacombs and look at everything. Note especially the cables along the ceiling. Enter the locker room. Use the trainers to get shoelaces. Look in the trash can and take the bottle of cleaner. Take a clean towel.


Look at the coat hook that is slightly askew. Take the coat hook and use it to open the vent cover. Enter the ventilation shaft to the equipment room.


Look at the table and take the table tennis balls and the measuring tape. There is a metal panel on the side of the locker. Try the coat hook on it, but its rounded end doesn’t work as a screwdriver. Pick up a dumbbell from the floor under the shelf.


Place the coat hook on the foot of the shelf and try beating it with the dumbbell. The coat hook won’t stay in place. Out the coat hook back on the foot of the shelf and tie it down with the shoelaces. Now use the dumbbell again.


Use the modified coat hook on the metal panel. Look at and take the suit (judge’s uniform). Go back through the ventilation shaft. Use the broken bottle neck to cut the measuring tape. You get a 1-meter tape. Use the broken bottle neck again, this time with the 1-meter tape. Now you have a 25 cm tape and a 75 cm tape. Recall that 25 centimeters is the amount Glenn needs for his jump.


Try to use the cleaner with the table tennis balls, but you need a container. Place the table tennis balls and the cleaner in the trash can. Dip the 75 cm tape into the trash can and then use it with the cut measuring tape.


Leave the locker room and use the dried flowers on the blinking lamp. The flowers are now burning. Go out to the stadium and watch Huber’s jump. Glenn is up next.


Go back down into the catacomb and place the burning flowers in the empty above the steps. The lights go out in the long jump area, and the two judges leave to fix the problem. Use your altered measuring tape on the tape on the table. Watch Glenn “win” the decathlon.




Glenn has brought you to the reception. Much has changed here in the foyer, so look at everything. The display case can’t be opened. Try to take the scarf in the cloakroom, but a guest wanders in. This will be a continuing problem, so pick up the red barrier at the lower right and place it across the reception room. Now go get the scarf.


Look at the champagne table and take the bottle of champagne and the champagne glass. Look at the glass in inventory and get a cork with wire. Look at the cork with wire to separate it into a cork and a wire.


Look at the cupboard next to the door at the lower right and use the wire to unlock it. Take a mop and jar of hydrochloric acid. Use the hydrochloric on the door and enter to an amazing site.


The Countess arrives and talks to one of the scientists. She is angered that the Piri Reis map was moved to the Wewelsburg Castle in the middle of the city. She denies being a member of the Thule Society, although she is paid by them. She gives an important bag to the battalion leader. Watch the door by which he exits.


You are certain that the bag contains the Eye of the Dragon, but you will have to go to the Wewelsburg Castle for the Piri Reis map. The scientists run a test on a jet propulsion engine and then go to check the conduits.


Try the red box and you get the handle that broke off. Recall the display case in the foyer with no lock. Go back there, try the handle, and take a piton. Return to the lab.


Tie the white scarf to the piton and then attach it to the mop to get a long hook. Use the hook to turn on the power at the large console. The red start button is a bigger problem because it’s too far away. Place the cork back into the champagne bottle and then use the corked bottle on the small console. Bulls eye!


Use the handle on the red box and take the fire hose. Attach the fire hose to the railing and use the fire hose to display the loose end. Move the loose end to the door the soldier used. Use the briefcase to get the Eye.


The scene shifts briefly to the Governor’s Palace. Clearly, Lord Weston has been cooperating with the Nazis to get Richard back, but this agent is unhappy about your involvement.


Chapter Five: Deep Behind Enemy Lines


Wewelsburg Castle


Train Station


You have arrived in the town where Wewelsburg Castle is located. Getting in won’t be easy. The station attendant says that the castle came under military control, all access roads are sealed off, and patrols work the area. Also, the train station is closed for renovations.


Check out everything. The information board tells about an underground mine that might be your way in. Pick up a candle from the cross on the left and take the axe from the reddish panel on the left of the station. Take the steel cable above the rain barrel.


Look at the sign right of the mine entrance. Use it to wipe away the moss and then look at it again. Use the candle to burn away the rope that is attached to the hand car. Away goes the station attendant!


Look at and try to take the lantern at the right. Use the axe to get the lantern.  Place the candle in the lantern. Use the axe to break the chain across the mine entrance.

Note: I suggest you save here in case you want to start over with the mine maze.




Enter the mine. Take a short step or two right and you see a railroad track. Follow the track, although this requires some guesswork. Take very short steps for best success. The track dips down southeast for a while and then back up northeast. Eventually, you will come to a junction with a track heading down. Keep going east to another junction with another track going down. Go past that junction also.


The track you are on makes a turn south. Follow the track down and see that it turns east again. You come to yet another junction at which another track comes down, but keep going east. The track eventually ends. When you step off the track, still going east, you are on a path. Now you can use the magnifying glass to locate hot spots. Look at the skeleton to go there directly. Look at and pick up the old pot. Now use the magnifying glass again and look at the stairs along the right edge of the screen. Use the stairs to leave the mine.


The Castle


Look at everything and take the hand drill left of the arch. Pull the curtain aside and take the dirty mirror and the nutcracker. The hook right of the curtain can’t be removed by hand, so use the nutcracker to get the hook.


Go through the arch to the upper level. A clerk is inventorying the objects from Berlin. (Recall that the Piri Reis map was sent from Berlin.) Take the wild boar pelt, the tin soldiers, the candle holder, and the gauntlets from the suit of armor.


Step outside to the balcony and see a telescope. Use the hand drill to remove the telescope. Your goal is to see what the clerk is writing. The telescope and the mirror are good candidates for accomplishing that, but the mirror is dirty and needs to be cleaned first. The only thing remotely possible as a cleaner is whatever is in the sweet dispenser at the train station, but you need a coin to use the machine. Maybe you can make one.


Return to the workshop, place the tin soldiers in the pot, and place the pot on the fireplace. Pour the molten tin into the candle holder. Use the hook on the candle stick to retrieve the “coin.” Use the secret door to return to the train station.


Insert the coin in the sweet dispenser and get lemon sweets. You need some water for the lemon sweets, so use the pot on the rain barrel and use the lemon sweets on the pot. Go back through the mine to the workshop.


Dip the pelt into the pot of lemon water and then use it on the mirror. Go back up the steps and try to use the telescope on the mirror above the seated clerk. It is reflecting the documents, so use the telescope on that mirror. Use the hook on the crack in the wall above the table and hang the mirror on the hook. Now use the telescope with this mirror.


You see that the Piri Reis map is exhibit 104C in the north tower, but you don’t know where the north tower is. Go back out on the balcony and use the telescope on the village. Look at the church, and you deduce where the north tower is. The problem is getting there.


Go back inside and retrieve the mirror and the hook. Go to the workshop and use the pelt to smother the fire. Look at the chimney and see that the rungs lead up to the roof. Use the rungs, but they are too hot. Use the gauntlets (gloves) on the rungs to climb up to the roof. Your destination is the round tower at the rear. Left click it to make the long, slow trip.


You decide that the crypt must be one level below. Look at and try to life the circular slab. Use the hand drill on it and insert the hook. Use the red wheel at the right to lower the chandelier, and use it again to life the chandelier with the slab attached.


Go down the opening and look around. Look at the wooden crates. Look at each of the four lecterns (left to right seems like the best sequence). Use the Eye of the Dragon on the lectern at the far right to learn that the second key is on the Kathiawar Peninsula in India.


Chapter Six: The Eye of the Tiger   


You have arrived at a native village that seems to be deserted. Take a bundle of reeds, the bamboo pole and cloth, feathers near the bottom of the screen, some pot shards, the clay jug, and the broken basket.


Try to leave the village via the path to the left, but you are stopped by a man hiding in his hut. He warns you that there is a man-eater prowling around. He says that there is a temple nearby. He will lead you to it if you get rid of the tiger.


Get rid of the tiger


Leave the village and go to the “unknown destination.” You see the tiger across the swamp. Pick some mushrooms and herbs at the base of the tree. Note the large vine and the crashed airplane in the tree.


Return to the village. Talk about everything with the man in the hut. In particular, ask about the mushrooms. They can be used as a sedative and must be administered through the blood stream. A lot could knock out a water buffalo. (Or tiger?) Use the herbs to get the white goat.


Use the shards to cut up the basket and get two stones, some stitching, and thin sticks. Use the stitching on the goat to give him a leash. Tie the goat to the tree.


Place the bundle of reeds in the fire pit. If you haven’t already, ask the man in the hut about the two smooth stones to learn that they are flint stones.


Use the two flint stones to ignite the reeds. Place the mushrooms in the clay jug and place the jug on the fire. Use the cloth to remove the jug.


Now you need to make a tranquilizer dart. Use the shards on the thin sticks to make a stick with an arrowhead and use it with the feathers. Now you have a dart. Dip it in the jug and then insert it into the bamboo pole - - a perfect tranquilizer blowgun.


Leave the village and go back to the swamp. Use the blowgun on the tiger. When the tiger follows you back to the village and the trembling goat, use the blowgun on him again. You repair the tiger’s foot and the man from the hut carts it back to its habitat.


As agreed, the man leads you to a lagoon, the site of the temple. Look at everything and dive into the lagoon. A shark prevents you from going down to the temple.


Get rid of the shark


Leave the lagoon and head back to the swamp. Right click the airplane to climb up to it. Get a cardboard box from the cockpit. Look in the box to get a radio. Look at the radio to get a crank. Use the crank on the plane’s cover to get a cable. Attach the cable to the radio and shimmy down from the tree.


Return to the lagoon and use the jug with the lagoon to fill it with water. Go back to the village. Use the jug of water on the blood stains and then use the cloth on the stains. (While you are here, get another bundle of reeds that will be needed later.)


Return to the lagoon and use the bloody cloth with the radio. Use the radio with the lagoon to toss the end of the cable with the bloody cloth into the water. When the shark is attracted, use the crank on the radio to shock the shark and drive it away.


Dive into the lagoon again and look at the items on the gate. There is a recess in the shape of a down arrow. There is a mechanism behind it, so some kind of key is needed. (Go up when the progress bar starts to run out.) Dive in again and take the metal rod near the bottom. Place the jug on the ground to gather some mud


Go back to the swamp and use the metal rod on the vine in the tree. An oily sap oozes out of the severed vine. Use the bundle of reeds to soak up the sap from the vine.


Go to the lagoon and use the metal rod to clear away the plants left of the tree. Look at the stone column to see a small carving. Note that the carving is in the shape of the recess in the temple gate.

Make a temple gate key


Use the oily bundle of reeds on the carving. Toss the cardboard box into the lagoon to get            wet cardboard. Use it on the carving and then take the mold.


Go to the village and use the jug of mud on the mold. Place the mud-filled mold on the fire. Use the metal rod to remove the clay shape from the fire. You can use this as your key to the temple gate.


Return to the lagoon, dive in, and use the clay shape on the recess. You are now in a chamber. Look at everything. Pick up the three round stones that are lying here and there in the chamber.


Look at the three wall murals starting with the dark one on the left and working clockwise. They tell of the discovery, golden age, and death of Shambala. At each of these murals, take a round stone. You should now have six round stones.


Look at the stone column in the middle of the chamber. Place the round stones in the holes. Push the stones until all are depressed. Pick up the second artifact, the key to the gates of Shambala!


You are having second thoughts about the mission, so you go to see Lord Weston. You tell him that you cannot open the gate to Shambala, even to save Richard, because of the danger to all mankind. You have decided to destroy the second key. Herr Kleist arrives and carts you off to Tibet.


You are greeted by the Countess and a large band of soldiers. Because you found the key, you are the only who can use it. Naturally, you dig in your heels - - until the Countess produces Kim! You capitulate and place the key in the pillar.


When you awake, you see Richard in a ghostlike form. When Richard used the key, he was transported to Shambala of the past. Richard gives an explanation of what Shambala is.


The surviving priests of the past set up a force shield to protect the center of Shambala. Only a certain amulet will provide access. The amulet is divided into three pieces and are hidden in the temples of three priest castes.


Richard will be needed to stop the Nazis from disrupting the force field. The pieces of the amulet were not yet hidden in Richard’s time, but he can help you find them.


Chapter Seven: The Heart of the World


You and Richard must team up to locate the three pieces of the amulet. Because Richard is in the past, his actions will affect you in the present, but not the other way around. Thus it makes sense to begin with Richard.

Switch to Richard


Note: It is especially important that you look at everything in every scene and make notes about places where the hand icon appears but no action is yet possible. 


Use the pile of shards and get a nut. Open the stone slab beneath the center stone head and take the wooden gear. Take the torch right of the exit arch.


Exit the chamber. Take the chain from the small bridge and take the right pillar (post). Kick away the stones that are blocking the stream.  Use the metal post to break away the stalagmite.


Use the metal post to loosen the dirt at the mound of soil. Use the loosened soil to uncover a coffin. Look at the coffin and try to do something with it.


Enter the room at the right and see the Shambala hub. The priests are building a force field to protect against the Nazis according to what you told them. Take the square stone to your left.


Exit and enter the room at the top. On the map, you are in the northern cave. Select the southwestern cave. Read the three symbols at the base of the statue. The one at the right symbolizes life, so place the nut in the bowl above it and cover the nut with the wet dirt.


Note the recess above the center symbol. Exit by the right door and select the southeastern cave, the temple of light. Note the recess behind you and another at the back wall and another at the far right. Taker the icicle. Place the icicle and the wood gear in the tub.


Exit, select the northern cave and enter the starting room on the left. Place the square stone on the slab under the dripping water.


Exit, take the path down, and select the southwest cave. Attach the torch with the chain and lower the torch and chain into the lava. Now you have a burning torch


Exit and go to the north cave. Use the burning torch on the coffin to burn away the paint. With the lock exposed, it should rust away by the time Fenton finds it.


Exit and go to the southeast cave. Use the torch with the tub to melt the icicle and fill the tub with water. Then place the chain in the tub.


This appears to be all that Richard can do, so . . .


Switch to Fenton


Pick up the stone block that Richard left for you on the pedestal. It’s hollowed out now.


Exit and look at the coffin. Thanks to Richard you can open it and take a bone. Pick up the pebbles near the top of the waterfall.


Go through the room to the right. In the distance, you see Kim. She is tied up, and the Countess is setting explosives on the force field built by the priests. As Kim, try to use the table with the bottle, but now is not the time.


Note that Nazi troops have been set up all around the perimeter, Take the crystals on your left. Go back inside and exit to the southeastern cave.


Recall the three recesses you saw as Richard, and now you have three crystals. You don’t suppose . . .  Try it and see that some ice is melted. Reach in the get the tail piece of the amulet.


Recall that Richard left some items in the tub. Take a look. Pull out the block of ice with the wood gear embedded.


Exit and go to the southwestern cave. The nut that Richard planted has grown into a tree. Look at the symbol under the tree and then the symbol on the right. It is the mirror image of the symbol on the right, which could mean life, so place the bone (for death) in the right bowl. 


Look at the center symbol and guess that it represents fire. Lower the block of ice into the lava to free the chain and the wood gear. Attach the chain to the hollowed out stone and lower it into the lava. Place the stone with lava in the recess. Take the body piece of the amulet from the chin of the statue. 


Exit, go to the north cave and into the starting room. The door under the center stone head is still open, and you see that a gear is missing. Insert the wood gear.


Look at the pillar and three disks in the center of the chamber. The red markings on the pillar are lined up. It appears that the red lines on the disks should align with this on the pillar. Putting pebbles in the stone heads causes the disks to rotate.


Place pebbles in the left head until the big ring’s line is aligned with the pillar.

Place pebbles in the middle head until the middle ring’s line is aligned with the pillar.

Place pebbles in the right head until the small ring’s line is aligned with the pillar.


Take the head piece of the amulet from the top of the pillar.


Combine the three pieces into the dragon amulet. Exit and go out the middle door. Use the dragon amulet on the force field. Yikes!


As Kim kick the table and get the glass shards. As Fenton, use the dragon amulet on two of the platforms of troops. As Kim get the broken glass and use it on the ropes. As Fenton, use the amulet on the other two platforms. For Kim’s fight scene, the choices don’t matter. Richard will remain here, and you have saved the world!

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