by StarLite

You wake up aboard a ship

Walk to stool - Look at stool

Look at nail - Use pliers on nail

Look at poster

Go left

Look at barrels - Take lamp

Go left

Use lamp on barrels - Take sponge

Use sponge on bucket - Pick up wet sponge

Use lamp on opening

Look at cask twice - Take oil

Go right

Look at dirty water yuk (you don't need the dead rat)

Go right

Use oil on pump - Pull handle

Go left

Look at chain - Take corkscrew

Go up

Use wet sponge on poster

Use corkscrew on knot - Look in hole

Take knife

Go right

Use knife on post

Go up pole

Go right - again

Use pliers on wooden pin

Go right

Go forward - again

Go left

Look in container - Take towel

Go right - Forward - Left

Use towel on ring

Go right

Go to cache and take soap

Go right

Look at cannonballs - Take oar

Go right - Forward - Again - Right

Use soap on chipped cannon

Go left - Forward - Left

Use soap chips on bottom of door

Pull handle

After talking to man you whined up at the gate of the Manor.

Look at tractor

Look at basket on top of tractor

Open toolbox - Take cigarette pack and pipe

Use pipe on battery

Give apple to horse - Take note

Look at gate - Use pipe with battery acid on lock

Go to Manor entrance - Take log

Take portrait above door

Go to garden

Go to backyard

Go to North side of lighthouse

Take wine bottle

Use dart on barrel - Take barrel

Go to vault - Put picture in hole in steps

Click on picture

Look at date on plaque

Subtract dates to get age and enter age in squares then click on cross

Use map to go to Manor

Use dart in keyhole

Take handle from door

Click handle on inventory box at top of screen

Click handle on wire

Put battery, wine bottle, handle and wire together to make magnet

Use magnet under door to get key

Inside Manor

Take oar from wall

Open fuse box - Take resin

Use foil from cigarette pack on fuse

Take fire extinguisher - Look fireplace

Take roasting spit

Take rod and put in fireplace

Go to vault

Enter elevator push button

Use barrel on ground

Use cork from bottle on container

Go to lighthouse N. side

Use roasting spit on window - Take hose

Put hose on handle of door

Go to vault put other end of hose on railing inside elevator

Push button

Go to lighthouse

Pick up wooden shoe on stairs

Go upstairs

Open drawer get notebook

Open other drawer take acid

Use oar on cupboard - Take razor

Use telescope

Focus on shipwreck near cliffs - click on wreck

Note 3 shields with colored pictures - make note

Go upstairs - Look at curtains

Climb curtains and take kerosene

Use razor on curtains

Go to first floor

Take key from wooden shoe and use it on basement door

Go back to door and take piece of glass

Go to basement

Open canel valve

Use acid and glass on algae

Put roasting spit in hole

Use rust remover to turn spit

Use map and go to Crypt

Open trunk by clicking top and bottom buttons corresponding to shields on wreck

Note: sword=knife, cannon=gun, cannonball=bullet

Push bottom button to open trunk

Take ships log and fiberglass

Go to garden

Look at well

Put hose on facet

Look at hose - needs repairs

Put fiberglass and resin on tear

Pick up end of hose and put it in well

Turn on facet - Take cork from well

Go to boat

Use wooden shoe to bail out boat

Put rag and cork in leak

Use oar on boat

Enter cabin

Open cabinet - take boat in bottle

Open cabinet again take bottle of hot sauce

Look in basket 3 times take items

Move chair take ships log

Move chair again - Climb on chair

Use nail on bracket

Click on chandelier in inventory and take off parts

Leave cabin

Put sauce on bread

Throw bread on roof

Use razor on buoy

Use rope on anchor

Throw anchor at cliff

Go basement of lighthouse and pick up barrel

Go to well use razor on hose

Go to manor

Put kerosene on handkerchief

Put log and rag in fireplace

Use hose to break ship bottle

Use match on box in cigarette pack to light match

Fire will make rod expand to light up flagstone on floor

Put barrel on flagstone

Use hose-club on barrel

Put candle in hole of barrel

Open sandbox use wooden shoe to fill barrel with sand

Enter hole in wall

You are now inside wrecked ship

Go to mast and pick up pliers

Put floats on floor by box

Put copper wire on electric wire

Use pliers on wire

Use fire extinguisher and club on lock to open box

You are now back on the ship

Go to hold of ship

Go left

Use hook on lock - open trunk - clean house

Look in trunk again - Take ribbon

Go to mid deck

Go forward - right - enter

Use pliers on nail

Join together, wooden peg, oar, ribbon and nail

Use on halyard

Look at end of halyard

Put corkscrew in notch

Attach end of halyard to corkscrew

Leave room

Go left, Forward, right

Look porthole - Pull rope

Look bucket 3 times

Go back to halyard and take corkscrew

Go right - Forward - again - left


You are now in Captain's quarters

Go outside - Look at stern - Take flag

Go to bathroom

Look rug - Look corner - Take key

Go to bedroom

Open dresser take bowl and salts flask

Take banana slices - leave room

Look at desk chair twice - Take key

Use brass key on desk - Take blotter

Open drawer again - Take dagger

Go left twice

Go to bedroom

Use dagger on carpet

Open trapdoor

Go right enter cellar

Use corkscrew on post

Take key - Exit cellar

Go left

Go to mysterious room open door

Look shelf - Take flask

Go to elegant room

Look at curtain twice - Take cage

Look at desk open drawer - Take ring

Go to hold

Go left

Look in trunk use dagger on spring twice

Take powder and handkerchief

Go to cellar

Use powder on post and climb

Go to bathroom

Use ring on cabinet notch

Look table - Take record

Look bar twice - Take phonograph


Go back to Captain's room

Go right

Put phono on table, put record on turntable push button at top to start playing

Put bowl on blue bench under Galipo, you cannot see the parrot

Put salts and acid in bowl

Go left twice

Put cage on table

Put bananas in cage

When bird flies in cage put black flag over cage

Go to bathroom

Use polish on hanky - Use hanky on sink

Use blotter on polished shine to get number

Go to painting look twice

Enter number on box

Take box and cage

To open box turn right open top take key

Push top then middle - Use key - Take gun

Go left twice to big cupboard

Use silver key

Open box get iron key

Go to mid deck

Go to where you go the soap

Use towel on ring to open panel

Put bird in hole - take bird

The rod has moved completely

Go free Yoruba

Look floor - Look crevice

Use corkscrew to get object

Use magnet on gun

Use gun on shackles

Use pliers on mast door

Look boxes - Take cotton bale

Use cotton on mast

Use boat hook on shelf

Take rum bottle

Use sponge on rum bottle

Use label on Melkhor

Island of Cristobald

Go to waterfall

Talk to boy

Put flag on manicou

Use corkscrew and pipe on coconut

Give milk to manicou

Use parrot on passage

Use key on cage

Knock on door

Put coins in slot

Go to Delia's Cabin

Take spellbook

Ask about piece of cloth when speaking to her

When she leaves the room take mirror - Use on spider

Take blouse

Go to Makandal's cabin

Open window

Put holocom on table

Activate holocom - Take holocom

Put potion in drink

We he is stunned take glass

You will automatically return to Delia's cabin

After talking to Velvet go to Delia's cabin again

When she gives you the potion go to Makandal's cabin

He will give you another potion

Mix the two potions together

Go to Serapion's house

Give him potion to make him talk - He will give you some salt

Mix salt with potion to make sugar

Give to dog - Go to kitchen

Move stool

Pick up bag from table and empty the bag

Look at crib

Put empty bag on fire - Then place bag of embers on stool

After snake crawls into bag put it on the fire

You will meet up with Jarlath on the bridge

Throw the flour in his face


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