Louisiana Adventure

Walkthrough by Callista


This is a third-person game where you play as Agent Katie who works for the Bureau of Special Investigation. The game begins in the office of the Director of the Bureau of Special Investigation.

Bureau of Special Investigation

Turn around and go to the Director’s desk. Talk to Theodor.

Turn around again and go to the chessboard. Take the blank notebook. This is used to keep a summary of your investigation in chronological order.

Turn around and go back to Theodor. Talk to Theodor. Select: “To be honest, sir ... I only believe what I see with my own eyes! Or what I can verify on my own.”

Theodor then assigns you to go to New Orleans to investigate three brutal murders.

You are now automatically taken to the Government District of New Orleans, near the Albert Hotel.

Government District - The Underpass

A coachman greets you at the underpass and gives you directions to your room at the Albert Hotel. Three hours later, the coachman awakes you to inform you of another murder. You are then automatically taken to the Beaumont Hotel in the country, 15 kilometers from New Orleans.

Beaumont Hotel

Talk to the coachman. Select: “Thank you. You did the right thing.”

Go right and talk to the undertaker by a body. There is no response. Go to the body. The undertaker will not let you examine the body.

Go to the main entrance of the hotel to your right. Enter the hotel lobby and go to reception on your right. Use the bell on the desk. Talk to Mr. Wilbur, the manager/receptionist/owner. Select: “Sure. Could you give me some more information about that incident?” Learn of the murder. You are given your key to room 102.

Turn around and go upstairs. Turn right and go to the first room on your right. Enter room 102. Talk to the bellboy. Select: “And where’s their boat, right now?” Learn that the boat has not been found. Go further into your room to the low desk under the middle window. Take the tweezers. Go to the bed and take the towel.

Go back outside the hotel. Turn left and notice the janitor painting a boat. He is too busy to talk. Turn left and go forward just past the large tree. Notice something on the lawn. Take the gnome fragment 4. Head back to the hotel entrance. On the way notice a garden pedestal on the left before the gate entrance. Notice a tiny boot footprint on the pedestal. Continue on to the hotel entrance.

Talk to the bellboy. Select: “You look a little glum. Are you all right?” Learn that he wants something to read.

Enter the hotel lobby and go the table with a chair on each side. Take yesterday’s newspaper from the table.

Go back to the bellboy and give him the newspaper. Talk to him and select: “I gather you know everyone at the hotel?” Then select all dialog choices. Learn that the undertaker likes a stronger drink.

Enter the hotel lobby, go left and enter the restaurant/bar area. Notice a bottle of whiskey on the bar. You cannot take it as it is one of Mr. Wilbur’s private collection. Learn that you need to divert his attention.

Leave the bar and go up the stairs. Go right and then right again into the stair well. Notice a toolbox at the base of the stairs. Examine the toolbox. Take a hammer.

Go to your room (102). Enter and then turn hard left to enter the bathroom. Go to the table on the left. Take a cake of soap. Go to the bath tub. Use the hammer from inventory on the tap. Water is now spraying everywhere.

Go back down to the bar. Tell Mr. Wilbur that the water tap in the bathroom is broken. You automatically follow him up to the bathroom.

When Mr. Wilbur leans over to fix the tap, go up right behind him. Steal the keys to the study from his pocket.

Go back down to the restaurant/bar. Take the bottle of whiskey from the bar. Look to your right and notice something else on the bar. Take the bill in the amount of two dollars from the bar.

Leave the bar and go back upstairs. Go left to the end and enter room 104 (Miss Kennard’s room). Go forward and talk to Miss Kennard. She wants you to leave. She accuses you of being a journalist and any information will cost money. Select: “All right, but I have no money with me right now. I’ll try and scrape it together.” Go to the table behind her. Take the sleeping pills. Turn around to exit the room. Notice another gnome fragment on the floor on the left hand side. Take the gnome fragment 1.

Exit the room and go back to the restaurant/bar. Notice a man in a beige suit sitting at a table. Talk to Mr. Jacobs. Learn that he wants to pay his bill but can’t. Use the bill in amount of two dollars from inventory on Mr. Jacobs. Take the two one-dollar bills in exchange.

Leave the restaurant and go back outside to see the undertaker. Before reaching him, combine the bottle of whiskey with the sleeping pills in the inventory to get whiskey with pills. Use the whiskey with pills on him. He collapses into a deep sleep. Go to the body and examine it. The findings are automatically recorded in your notebook.

Go back to the bellboy and talk to him. Select: “I thought you may be able to tell me something about Miss Kennard. What does she like?” Learn that she adores fresh flowers.

Go back up the driveway, turn left, and go past the janitor painting the boat. Continue on until you reach a locked gate. Look on the ground to your right and notice some flowers. Pick a bouquet of flowers.

Go back to the vicinity of the body and the undertaker. Look around the barn area. Notice another gnome fragment neat the water trough. Take the gnome fragment 2.

Go back to the bellboy again and talk to him. Select: Did anyone see anything unusual this morning? Learn that Mr. Wilbur found something on the jetty after the murders and he locked it in his office.

Go back inside the hotel lobby to the locked door at the end of the reception desk. Use the keys to the study from inventory to enter the study. Go across the room to the desk. Take the piece of paper with a shoe print and an old Confederate coin. The janitor comes in and surprises you. Talk to him and make a bargain. You have to fix the fountain on the patio in exchange that he will not tell Mr. Wilbur of you snooping around. The janitor gives you directions to go to the machine room.

Leave the study and go to the restaurant. On the far right is a door leading to the patio. Go to the door and exit to the patio. Go right and notice another gnome fragment sitting against a wooden fence. Take the gnome fragment 3. In inventory, combine all four gnome fragments to make one intact garden gnome.

Go to the back wooden wall and go under the overhanging vines. Turn right and notice the entrance to the machine room. Go down the stairs to enter the machine room. Go forward to the end of the metal walkway grating, turn left, and notice a wooden crate with some instructions on it. Examine the instructions on operating the fountain.

Puzzle Solution

First pipe:        Turn around and notice a Z shaped pipe directly ahead. Turn the wheel.

Second pipe:   Turn around and go back near the crate with the instructions. Notice another valve wheel on your left. Turn the wheel.

Third pipe:       Go right to the walkway leading to the stairs. Look on your left to notice another wheel. Turn the wheel.

A cut scene will show the fountain once again spraying out water and is now fully restored.

Start walking back to the stairs and you will automatically be transported back into the lobby of the hotel. Go to the restaurant and exit the door to the patio. Mr. Wilbur talks to you, then leaves to go back and fix your bathroom tap.

Go back outside to the pedestal with a tiny boot footprint. Use the garden gnome from inventory on the pedestal. The garden gnome is now fully restored.

Go back to the hotel and enter room 104. Use the bouquet of flowers from inventory on Miss Kennard. Go to her bed and take the bath robe. Go back to Miss Kennard. Use the two one-dollar bills on Miss Kennard and listen to her monologue on the fates of Mr. Borowitz and Miss Mirrabel. Select: “Have you ever seen a spectral phantom or anything like that before?”

You are now automatically taken outside. A cinematic cut scene shows the janitor being arrested on two counts of murder and led away by a policeman.

You are now automatically taken to New Orleans; to the underpass, near the Albert Hotel where you are staying.

Government District - The Underpass

Your coachman greets you at the underpass and tells you to go to the Albert Hotel and get some sleep. Select: Investigate Miss Kennard (witness).” The coachman tells you to meet a girl named Allison who is painting lampposts in the city square.

Go up the street and go past Timmy the paperboy. Go straight ahead to the Albert Hotel and turn left. Notice a woman painting a lamppost outside the police station in Square Park. Also notice Mr. Jacobs, the same man in the beige suit you saw at the Beaumont Hotel. Talk to Allison. Hatch a plan to have him followed. Select: “Yes.”

Go back to the Albert Hotel and automatically go to bed, then automatically wake up again in the morning. Allison is there waiting for you, she has some documents on Mr. Jacobs and gives you a map and a government certificate.

You automatically get taken back to the underpass. Talk to the coachman and show him the map. He will help you get to the marshlands. You automatically get taken to the marshlands by row boat.


The coachman leaves and will pick you up in the evening. Go right and then straight ahead until you see four metal boxes, each has a raised lever. You now have to lower some of the levers to raise a bridge for access further into the marshlands.

Puzzle Solution

From left to right, lower the levers in this order: 1-3-4. Lever 2 is not lowered. Look to your right and notice a raised bridge. Walk across to the other side. Follow the path around to your left and arrive at an old shack.

Go to enter the shack. You are knocked unconscious and imprisoned inside the shack. Take the wooden plank by the door. Go right to the shelves. Take the old photograph and the wrench. Turn around an notice a trap door. It cannot be opened as a heavy crate is on top of it. Go to the cupboard and take the moldy cheese. Go to the table and take the empty bottle. Examine the crate. Learn that you need some leverage to move it. Use the wooden plank from inventory on the crate.

Open the trapdoor. Notice some rats down in the cellar. Use the moldy cheese from inventory on the cellar opening. Climb down the ladder into the cellar and discover an illegal distillery. Go to the table and take the cork stopper. Go to the shelves and take a bag of table salt. Go to the table with the distilling apparatus on it and take the metal hook. Examine the large brown distilling tower. Use the wrench from inventory on the distilling tower, take the metal pipe. Examine the collection vessel (wooden bucket) on the table. Use the bag of table salt from inventory on the collection vessel to make some hydrochloric acid. Use the empty bottle from inventory on the hydrochloric acid and take an open glass bottle containing acid. In inventory, combine the cork stopper with the open glass bottle containing acid. You now have a corked glass bottle with acid.

Exit the cellar and climb up to the shack. Use the corked glass bottle with acid on the door. In inventory, combine the metal hook with the metal pipe to get a metal hook with a pipe. Use the metal hook with a pipe from inventory on the door. Open the door and go outside. Go right and keep going until you find an old Civil War ironclad.

You are then automatically taken back to the landing point where the coachman is waiting for you. You are then automatically transported to the underpass in the Government District in New Orleans.

Government District - The Underpass

Learn from the coachman that Miss Kennard is engaged to a certain Mr. Michael Sunderland and that you should talk to her. Look to your right. Notice Miss Kennard in the tea garden. Enter the tea garden and talk to her. Select: “I don’t know him. My snitch told me about him. In fact I really don’t care about you or your fiancé. All I need is information.” Learn about her fiancé and about a letter she is going to send him.

Automatically you go back to the coachman and get him to intercept the letter. He needs a bottle of wine and two glasses to create a distraction. Go right into the tea garden. Take a glass from the table near the wrought-iron gate. Go up the street and go left into Square Park. Notice a wine glass on a barrel at the start of the red building. Take the glass. Continue going anticlockwise around Square Park. Notice a wooden crate outside the red brick building. Take the bottle of wine from the top of the crate.

Go back to the coachman and give him the wine and the two glasses. Go back to the Albert Hotel for some rest. A cinematic cut scene plays out. Next morning the coachman informs you the letter contains no interesting information. Talk to the coachman. Select: I have this shoe imprint (evidence). Could you ask local shoemakers for more details?” Learn about Max, a local pharmacist and a phony doctor. You are automatically taken back to the Albert Hotel entrance.

Go to Square Park. Notice a man sitting on a park bench. Talk to the man. Learn that it is Max the pharmacist. Learn he wants a helper, but first you have to solve a puzzle.

Puzzle Solution

Top Line:         Light Blue, blank. Yellow, blank, blank

Middle Line:   blank, Red, Purple, blank, blank

Bottom Line:   blank, blank. Dark Blue, blank, Green

Talk to Max. You are invited to visit his pharmacy in the suburbs near the east harbor. You are automatically taken back to the underpass. Learn of the results about the shoe imprint from the coachman. He tells you the customer lives across the street from the tailor shop.

Go up the street and around the corner. Go to the house on the right with shuttered windows just past the red brick house. Knock on the door. There is no answer. Go back up the street and talk to Timmy, the paperboy. Learn that Splitsy Jones lives there. Select: “Do you know him?”

Automatically, a little later that evening, you follow Timmy to bring Splitsy his evening meal. Splitsy is not home.

Automatically go back to the underpass. The coachman asks you if you have any new tasks for him. You ask him to find out about the janitor and what the police know about him. He wants you to meet with Max in Square Park.

Go to Square Park. Max is not there but the undertaker is there, leaning against a lantern pole. Talk to the undertaker. Learn that the murders were by the same person, by the same sharp instrument and were premeditated. Go back to the Albert Hotel to get some sleep.

You automatically wake up in the morning and meet the coachman outside the Albert Hotel. Talk to him and learn that the janitor has an airtight alibi, and that he is being held at the police station in Square Park. He tells you to tell the police that you are his cousin.

Leave the Albert Hotel, go sharp right, and talk to the policeman outside the police station. Learn that there is a lockdown and no visitors are allowed. Go past the policeman to the grate in the path. Talk to the janitor through the grate. Select: “Listen to me now... I know you are innocent...” Learn that he will tell you everything if you can get him out. Select: “You’re quite right.” All the janitor needs is a pin to get him out.

Go back to the underpass. Go right and enter the gentlemen’s accessory shop. Talk to Mr. Hanson. Select: “I’m looking for a pin.” Take the bobby pin. Go back to the grate and give the bobby pin from inventory to the janitor.

You are automatically seen talking to the janitor outside the Albert Hotel. Learn that he will meet you in the old powder mill (the big red building) across the Square Park after dark.

You are automatically taken back to the underpass where you ask the coachman to follow you.

Go back to the red building. Enter the old powder mill through the front door. The coachman tells you that the janitor is not here. Notice some footprints on the ground. Examine then and learn the janitor must have been dragged into the sewer hatch beside the wall. Go to the set of shelves near the hatch. Take the pair of pliers. Go left and forward to another set of shelves. Take a broken lever 1. Go back to the hatch and open it. Climb down to the underground.


Go left to notice a blue door. Go right to enter through a hole in the brick wall. Go right and go to the end and notice another lever part. Take the broken lever 3. Turn around and go forward past the hole in the wall to near the end. Notice a single alloy nail on a wooden column. Use the pliers from inventory to take the nail. Continue along the passage until you come to a metal door.

Open the door and enter into a large hall. Go right and to the end of the rail tracks. Notice the janitor locked inside a steel cage. Talk to the janitor. Learn that an old Confederate soldier believes you are a spy.

Turn around and walk along the line of the central steel columns. Starting from the cage, go down to the 4th girder. Look behind the steel column near the handrail and notice another broken lever piece. Take the broken lever 4.

Continue to the end of the hall and then go right between the two steel girders on the floor. Go forward and notice a coarse rope on the floor. Take the coarse rope. Go right over the metal grid plate and down the stairs. Notice an old Confederate soldier up the far end of the bunker. Go forward and talk to the soldier. Select: “I know him, really well too. You can bet he’s no spy.” The soldier wants you to provide proof he’s not a spy.

Turn around and go back to the stairs. Notice a large boulder under the stairs. Examine the boulder. Use the nail from inventory on the boulder to make and take an alloy hook.

Go back upstairs and go left. Notice another set of stairs in front of you in the corner of the hall. Go to the stairs and take the stone.

Go back to where the janitor is in the cell. Notice a picket fence leaning against the back wall. Examine the fence. Use the sharp edge stone on the picket fence. Take a wooden board. Use the stone again on the fence and take another wooden board.

Go back to the Confederate soldier. Go past him and try and enter the metal door to the left. He stops you and warns you of a trap inside. Open the metal door and enter into another passageway. Go along the right side of the passage. Just before the second bend, notice another broken lever piece. Try to take the lever, but you cannot. In inventory, combine the coarse rope with the ally hook to make a rope and hook. Use the rope and hook on the broken lever and take the broken lever 2.

A few steps further up the passage, just before the two barrels on the right, notice a wire-trap across the passage. Use the pliers from inventory to cut the wire.

Look ahead and notice four broken lever mechanisms on the left hand wall and an iron grate door blocking the passage. The puzzle is now to use the four broken levers in the right order on the four wall levers to open the grate door. Lever 1 is farthest from the grate door and lever 4 is nearest the grate door.

Puzzle Solution

Use the broken lever 1 from inventory on the first lever mechanism.

Use the broken lever 2 from inventory on the next lever mechanism.

Use the broken lever 3 from inventory on the next lever mechanism

Use the broken lever 4 from inventory on the lever mechanism closest to the door.

Go to lever 3 and pull on it.

Go to lever 2 and pull on it.

Go to lever 4 and pull on it

Go to lever 1 and pull on it.

The iron grate door is now fully raised and allows you to continue along the passage.

Go forward and eventually you will fall through the floor into another passage. Go ahead until you see a ladder up ahead. Next to the second last wooden mine prop on the right, notice an iron rod. Take the iron rod.

Climb the wooden ladder and continue until you reach a large lit room. Just inside the room to your right, notice a red oilcan. Take the oilcan. Go forward and meet a Union soldier. Talk to the soldier. Select: “You mean that Confederate soldier?” You need to have the Union soldier write a letter to the Confederate soldier. Select: “I will give you two dollars.” The soldier automatically gives you a letter.

Go out the door to the right of the Union soldier. Follow the tunnel around to a red door. Examine the door. Learn that it is rusted and wedged in tightly. Use the oil can from inventory on the door. Use the iron rod from inventory on the door. It is now open. Exit the tunnel into the large hall where the janitor is held prisoner.

Go back to the janitor. Meet the Confederate soldier on the way. Use the letter from inventory on the soldier. Talk to him. Select: “Could you please let your prisoner go? He isn’t a spy or an enemy.” Take the cage key to the cell from the soldier. Go back to the janitor. Use the cage key on the cage.

You are automatically taken back to the Beaumont Hotel in the country. It is late at night.

Beaumont Hotel

Talk to the janitor. Learn that he saw two people leaving the boat carrying a heavy object. Learn that he found a wooden walking stick and that he hid it in a log cabin on the jetty. Learn that he left the small side gate open in the fence (where you got the flowers before for Miss Kennard).

Go right and follow the path around the side of the hotel. Go through the open gate and forward, and then go left into a courtyard with a fountain.

[Note: This next sequence must be done in the following order.]

Go to Mr. Wilbur. Talk to him. Learn he keeps goldfish in the fountain. He will not allow you to go to the jetty.

Look in the fountain. You do not decide to take a goldfish as it would be suspicious.

Go to Allison who is cleaning some dead fish. Talk to her and ask if you can borrow a fish. She gives you a dead fish.

Go to the fountain. You think of switching the dead fish for a goldfish. Select: “Yes.” You automatically take a goldfish from the fountain.

Go back to Mr. Wilbur and tell him about one of his goldfish. As soon as he goes to the fountain, go down the ramp to the jetty. Go to the cabin and enter. [END OF SEQUENCE]

Go right and notice a wooden crate to your right. Examine the crate, click the mouse, and automatically pick the lock to open it.

Another puzzle to solve. This is similar to the previous one where you have to correctly place the 6 colored objects on the board.

Puzzle Solution

Top Line:         Yellow, blank. Light Blue, blank, blank

Middle Line:   blank, blank, Red, Dark Blue, blank

Bottom Line:   Purple, blank, blank, Green, blank

Take the walking stick.

Go back to Mr. Wilbur and automatically talk to him. Go to the fountain and click the mouse. A dialog appears about returning Wilbur’s gold fish to the fountain. Select: “Yes.” Go back to Allison and give her the dead fish from inventory. Go back to Mr. Wilbur and tell him his goldfish is just fine.

Go back to the janitor. Talk to him. Tell him you have just got the walking stick. You are then automatically transported back to the underpass in the Government District in New Orleans.

Government District - The Underpass

Talk to the coachman. He suggests that you take the walking stick to the gentleman’s accessory shop to your immediate left (the place where you got the hairpin before).

Enter the shop. Talk to Mr. Hanson. Learn that the pharmacist purchased it two weeks ago. You are then automatically transported to your hotel bedroom to sleep.

A Suburb near the East Harbor

You automatically awaken outside in a courtyard somewhere. A man is near you. Learn that he is a smuggler who drugged you for your map of the marshlands. He also saved your life by kidnapping you from some men who came to kill you. You are now in a New Orleans suburb somewhere near the East harbor.

Turn around al look along the planter box. Take an apple and a bottle of wine. Exit the courtyard and go left into the street. Go to the end of the street. Learn of a barrier as the streets are closed for a bicycle race.

Go back up the left hand side of the street. Go to the back of the first cart with flowers and shrubs on it. Take the carpenter’s saw from the back of the cart. Go forward to where the two ladders have fallen across the road. Look left and notice a paintbrush on the top crate. Take the paintbrush.

Go to the end of the street and enter the tavern on the right corner. You hear a noise coming from the tavern. Enter the tavern and go to the nearest table on the way to the bar. Notice a key on the table. Take the tavern key. Go behind the counter (the entry is adjacent to the grandfather clock). Go to the cellar door and use the tavern key from inventory on the door. A very drunk police constable staggers out as he was locked inside. Talk to the constable and learn more about Max, the pharmacist. Go to the doorway and take the crowbar leaning against the opening. Enter the cellar and look left at the wall. Notice a set on numbers scribbled on the wall. They are: 7-1-3-7-10-4. Exit the tavern back onto the street.

Go right and talk to Timmy the paperboy. Learn that he is hungry.. Use the apple from inventory on him. Talk to Timmy. Select: “Perhaps you could help me. Is there something going on in this neighborhood?” Learn that he saw a secret. Learn about a strange melody coming from the piano in the tavern and someone putting something inside the piano.” Select: “Any word from Mr. Splitsy?” Learn that nobody has seen him. Select: “Leave.”

Go past Timmy and go towards the end of the street sticking to the right hand footpath. About half way down the street, notice a wheel leaning against the wall. Take the velocipede wheel. A few steps further on, notice something else resting on the ground in the recess. Take the velocipede brake.

Cross the road and go into a small courtyard. Go past the park bench and take the straw man.

Go back to the tavern and turn left. Go down to the end of the street and turn right. Notice a wooden crate on the footpath. Go to the crate and use the crowbar from inventory on the crate. Open the crate and take the women’s bloomers.

Go back up to the end of the street and go left. Go down the street until you are confronted by a vicious dog. You need to divert the dog’s attention. Turn around and go back to the trolley on the road. Use the straw man from inventory on the trolley. Use the women’s bloomers from inventory on the straw man. Push the trolley towards the dog.

You can now go and confront Max as the killer. Go to his pharmacy around where you are. It is the shop with the green bay windows out the front. Open the door. You then decide it may not be safe and you need the coachman there for help.

Go back to Timmy who is still selling newspapers. Select: “I presume you know my coachman. Could you sneak out through the bicycle race and bring him to Max’s pharmacy? Tell him it’s urgent.” Learn that Timmy will help you if you can sell all of his newspapers (5 of them). Select: “Okay, I’ll sell them.”

Go forward down to the fire cart. Talk to the janitor and buy the newspaper for him.

Go to Mr. Hanson who is still repairing his penny-farthing bicycle. Talk to him (twice) to mention the newspaper. Learn he will buy it if you get him a velocipede brake. Use the velocipede brake from inventory on him. He buys a newspaper.

Turn around, go back up the street and go to the courtyard where the smuggler is. Talk to the smuggler. Select: “I am truly indebted to you, but I have just one more favor to ask. Would you buy this newspaper?” Learn that he cannot read. He will buy one, however, if you paint the constable’s pants a bright color.

Go back to the fire cart near the janitor. Notice a pail of red paint beside the fire hydrant. Use the paintbrush from inventory on the pail to get a paintbrush with paint.

Turn around and go straight to the end of the road, past the vicious dog, to the police station. Talk to the constable. Select: “Are you interested in buying the latest newspaper? I’m helping a little boy sell them.” The constable takes a newspaper. Use the paintbrush with paint on the constable. The constable is now covered in red paint.

Go back to the smuggler and talk to him. Select: “Well, a smile is all you’ll get. Here’s your newspaper.” Go back to see Max at the pharmacy. Talk to him twice to mention about a newspaper. He wants to buy one but he has lost his briefcase. You now have to look for his briefcase.

Go back to where Mr. Hanson is still with his penny-farthing bicycle. Notice an open street drain in the road just before you reach him. Examine the open drain and notice the pharmacist’s briefcase floating inside. Something is missing from the inventory.

Go back to the police station. Notice a board lying against the brick wall beside the green door. Take the board.

Go back to the open street drain to get the briefcase. Use the carpenter’s saw from inventory on the board (from the police station) to get a shaped board.  Use the shaped board from inventory to get Max’s briefcase.

Go back to see Max. Give him his briefcase. You are automatically taken outside the pharmacy.

The coachman is there waiting for you. He tells you to go to the tavern to get something from a secret mailbox inside the piano. Go to the tavern and enter. Go near the piano but not near enough to activate any use symbols.


Do a save here.

There is a known bug in this game at this point. If you proceed to enter the 6 numbers from the wall onto the piano keys; after hitting the last note, the game will freeze and require a cold boot.

There is one solution that does work most of the time to overcome this problem. On hitting the last note, immediately after, hit the Esc (Escape) key on your keyboard. The secret coded letter will go into your inventory. This should solve the problem and enable you to complete the game.

Walkthrough continued...

Approach the piano. When the gears symbol appears, left click the mouse or hit the Enter key on your keyboard to start the puzzle. You will see 12 keys on the piano, the two end keys are superfluous (not needed) The keys are mentally numbered from left to right as 1 to 10.

Puzzle Solution

The numbers you found on the wall in the cellar are the numbers you have to enter on the piano keys in that order. When the key 1 is on the left hand side of the piano and key 10 is on the right hand side of the piano.

The correct order for the keys is:        7-1-3-7-10-4

Don’t forget to hit the Esc key on your keyboard immediately after hitting key 4. Check in your inventory to see if the letter in code has been added.

Go back and talk to the coachman. Use the letter in code from inventory on the coachman. Talk to him and you decide to go in alone to talk to Max inside the pharmacy.

Talk to Max. Select: “Tell me. Max, why did you get rid of Splitsy?”

Max is arrested.

You are automatically taken back to the Director’s Office of the Bureau of Special Investigation. Talk to Theodor.

A cinematic cut scene concluded the game where Theodor opens Max’s jail cell and goes in to talk to him. He wants Max to join him outside, it’s a lovely day.


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