Lunar Deep

by AncientRein Gaming

Walkthrough by Chief

June 2006


As the game starts, see a tube on the screen. Click on the lid to open it. You will find a message from peoples living underground needing help.


Quay:    Find yourself on a quay. Click on the building to get closer.

You can only open the door if there is an eclipse. Click on the brown oval handle. Click on the 3 frames to see 3 red suns and other symbols.

Solution to that puzzle from left to right: yellow sun, blue circle, small white circle. Click on the handle.


A round room:    In front as you enter is a transporter with a close lid.

On the side of the entry door, see a panel with a spider. Click a few times on the spider and it will go away. Open the panel and see a puzzle. We will come back to it later.

Continue looking around the room to find a tree cone and behind it a button. Take the button.

Beside a blue broken vase, find a red stone key.

Now back to the panel and place that missing button. Press button 4, 1, 3 and 3 and the lid of the transporter will open.

Go the transporter and click on the pipe coming out the barrel on the left. Click to go up the ladder and enter the transporter. You will find a circle with the picture of a spider; click on it to start the transporter.


Red bricks room:    On the right of the transporter are 2 vases. Take the grey stone key hidden between the 2 vases.

On the left of the transporter, move 2xs to a table and a chair.

On the table, see another message:  you will learn about the writer, Luna, a life machine, a key to find and the Hall of Minds.

On the right of the table, take a wheel. Click on the chair (while facing the door) and find the key hidden under it. Take it.

Go to the door and place the wheel on the small circle at top right and the key at top left. Click on the wheel of the door and it goes up, enter.


A cavern:    Move to the incomplete bridge and find a box. On the box, you will find some letters that glows when pressed. The solution:  press to make the word LUNA and the lid goes up. Take the map inside the box. Press the red button. When you close the lid, the bridge is complete.


Hall of Minds:    You will find 6 glass containers with 5 brains.

Go to the upper right corner and see a table and 2 other containers with cerebral fluids.

In the upper left corner, find a domed cabinet with a round door. Open the door and place the 2 keystones. Take note of the symbol on the middle wall. Click on the handle on top of the circle. Click the chain to get the transporter to move up.


The transporter:    Enter the transporter to find a chain, a lever, 3 buttons and a screen.

When you press on the left button, you see a purple-pink oval door on the screen. Press the middle button, you will see a landscape; press the right button, you will see a brown oval door with a red button on top left.

If you activate the lever, you will see the entry to the room you are in.


The oval purple-pink door:    Press on the left button and click on the chain to see your transporter arriving at a place. Go out by clicking on the wheel.

You find yourself in a purple-pink round room. Look at the table and read the letter.

Go to the pink oval door and go out to meet a man who talks about the map. Give the map to the man who leaves to go in the pink round room.

When the man is gone, find a bridge that goes to a round building and a brown door. Go to building and enter. Around the room, you will find 3 stands. Press all 3 of them and an object appears in the center of the room. Go forward and take the Water stone.

Come back to the round pink room to find that the transporter is gone. Look at the symbol on the wall where the transporter used to be.

On the table, click on the picture of the cat and see it move to the right. Click on a button to call the transporter.


The brown-orange oval door:    Enter the transporter and this time, click the right button. You are in a brown-orange round room. Take the blue container from the floor. Go to the oval door.  (The red button on top is the return button if the transporter was not there).

Go out and see a woman on a bridge. Go to her and she will ask some questions.

Move forward on the bridge to the tree by moving the cursor at the corner of the 2 bridges. See a sap on the tree trunk. Use the container on the sap.

In inventory, combine the container with sap and the Water stone.

Go back inside the dome and press the red button by the door to call the transporter. Take note of the symbol on the wall behind the transporter. Enter transporter and press the middle button to go the landscape.


The landscape:    Go out and follow the rock formation on your right as far as you can go.

Go right to a telescope in which you see an animal heard in the purple-pink area. Go back to the trees area.

Go right while facing the transporter. Go forward to a blue door and you will find The Ancient Life Machine inside.

Go right to a stand on the side of The Ancient Life Machine.

Place the Water stone with sap in the holder. See that the top of the stone is green and the bottom blue.

Based on the symbols on the wall and the color of each of the rooms visited, turn the 3 balls under the 3 circles on the setup right of the stand.

The solution for each ball is:  the ball on top has the purple-pink top; the ball on the left has the white top and the right ball, the orange top.


There will be a trembling and the end cut scene.


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