A game by Auriond and Team Effigy


A walkthrough by Chief                                  

November 2009



*Read the manual included in the download to get a good idea on how to

  play the game.


*Always use the eye and the hand icons to have a good explanation of all

  objects in the game.


Martin, a sculptor, specializes in modeling human figures.

He receives an envelope with the numbers 1011 scribbled in a corner and inside a strange photo.

Soon after, Martin finds himself in a different world…….





After the opening sequence, Martin finds himself in front of a house.

In Inventory, find Martin’s Journal.  Look at the envelope and turn it around to see the numbers 1011. Look at the picture.  You will also find the Journal on the toolbar at the top of the screen.


His car is there in front of the house. Look at and go to the car using the hand icon.

Inside, Martin finds his sketchbook.  In Inventory, turn the pages of the sketchbook. On the last page of the sketchbook, click the eye icon and Martin will say that two pages are gone: they’re from a project called “Cocoon”. He wants them back.

Click the eye/hand on the steering wheel: “My keys aren’t there”.


Move back from the car and go to the house.




The door is unlocked, so just go in.

In the living room, check the sofa and find a shredded page  from his sketchbook and look at it in Inventory.


Look and click also at the television. Nothing special.

Click at the TV cabinet and open it. See a porcelain doll. There is a card attached to it. Read what it says by clicking on it again.


Turn around using the foot icon and face the entry door.  Look at and try to take the keys on the wall right of the door.  It is not Martin’s car keys.

Turn around and go through the other door.




See a cutscene and then talk completely to Giuseppe: Martin was brought here by Alice so that he can understand something. Martin has done wrong to Alice. And Alice is dangerous. Martin’s life is in danger.


After the conversation, go back to the previous room after turning around with the foot icon to see the rest of the room and use the door on the left.  You can now take the key (but only after talking with Giuseppe).


Back to the bedroom and look at the bookcase. Look at the photo. Alice?

Also, look at the teddy bear: click on the red book behind the teddy bear: another copy of “Alice in Wonderland”.  Open the book: it’s a diary.

Take the book.   It goes in Inventory as “My Diary”. Look and click on it to read all the pages.


Turn around using the foot icon to see the bed. Nothing in the wardrobes.

See a “mannequin”.  Martin will say it looks exactly like my drawing mannequin in my studio.  It is in a rather odd pose. Click on it twice and see the letter M at the bottom.  It’s Martin’s initial.


Look at the large panel on the right.  No handle.  On the panel, see a number pad. The key is two digits long.

See also a rectangular plaque with squares and letters: a classic hangman game.  So, let’s play the game: click on a letter to see if it is a good one.




Click on the word “Leave” at top right of the plaque to get back to the room.

Click on the mannequin and now that we know that it is a key, see the number 5 formed by the placement of the arms and the number 4 by the placement of the legs.

Let’s try them on the number pad: enter 54.  That’s it!


See a cutscene.




How did Martin get there from the house?

Look at the sculpture “The Birth of Pinocchio” in the center of the room and also look at the paintings.


Click on the foot icon on the right of the sculpture to go to another part of the Gallery.

See a brochure stand. Click on it to get a close up and read: “Get out of here”.  Click again on the brochure to see a plan of the Gallery: a set of directions?  See Martin’s sculpture in the corner.

Look at and take the fireman axe in the red box and back up.


Click on the foot icon on the right to go to the back of the big sculpture.

See a small desk. The drawer is locked.  But we have the key from the previous room.

Use it on the drawer after looking at it and get a scrap for the sketchbook and a photo.  Look at those in Inventory.


On the desk, see and look at the “Guest Book”. Alice was here.


Now, click over the big sculpture. The glass door wont open. The sensor is off. Martin needs a manual override.

Go to the front of the big sculpture and use the fireman axe on it: click on the red button: the door of the Gallery closed as soon as Martin let go of the button. What to use to hold it down?

Remember the plan in the brochure and those circles around two objects.


Go to Martin’s sculpture and click on it: it will automatically be on the button.

Go out through the glass door.




Now Martin is in a bathroom: What the…….

Check the sink: the water is running.

Go to the shower by clicking on the left: something is written on the glass door.  This glass door is the one Martin came in from the Gallery.

Take the towel over the toilet, click on the foot icon at left and use the towel in the sink. Get a damp towel.


Click on the door and be in a bedroom.




See an old fashion magazine on the bed. Take the magazine.  Look at it in Inventory: a page was torn out: read what is left of the text. Alice. She looks familiar.

Click the foot icon on the right to see the other side of the bedroom. The door near the closet goes to the bathroom. The one on the right goes out of the bedroom. Use it. It’s the same door that is on the left of the bed.




See and talk completely to Giuseppe: different path for different person.  It’s an apartment in San Francisco. Giuseppe is here to help Martin.

Next to the sewing machine, take the to-do list.


Click right or left on the foot icon to see the rest of the room.  On the counter, take a blue folder with a bill and a letter in it.

Take also the paint can.


Click on the fridge and see and take a cassette tape.

Use the cassette tape on the radio on the left: it’s a dialogue between Alice and her mother.




Go there by using the door on the right while looking at the counter and then the door in front of you. Use the black paint on the shower door: “Please Hide Me” and see the reflection of Alice. You can choose not to do anything or you can speak to her. She may give a hint as to your ultimate fate.




Back here and use the door on the right of the bookshelf where the radio is.

See a NO ESCAPE written on the wall. Take the photo and look at it in Inventory: see the fridge and shelves. Click on the hole at the end of the N and see ropes: the room from the photo of the beginning of the game.

Take the bottle of turpentine.

In Inventory, use the towel on the bottle (in that order) to get  a towel soaked with turpentine.


Going back to the living room, use the towel on the side of the counter: someone’s been doing remodelling on the counter: the paint is still wet.

There is a foot icon just over the counter: go there and use the towel: the counter is cut out: click and go in.




Look at the painting in front of you. See a cutscene: that face…..Eshana.

Now, look at the other paintings.

On the second painting on the left (the one that looks like Martin), see and take a knife.


The fireplace is where Martin came into the room from.


Use the knife on the first painting on the left three times. Click on it and get a hate letter: read in Inventory.

Martin needs something to pull the panel out.


Click on the foot icon on the left to see the other part of the studio.

See and take a clay jar filled with muddy water. Look at it in Inventory: Martin can’t put his hand in it.

See and take a page from a scrapbook signed by R.


Click the jar on the sink at left. The rattling sound is louder.

Drop the jar on the floor on the left of the painting that is on the floor. The doorknob that was in the jar goes in Inventory. Have a look at it in Inventory.


Use the doorknob on the first painting on the left at the other part of the room.  Click on the doorknob and go in.




Look at and take the envelope. Open it in Inventory: see some photos of objects.


Go to the bed and see some objects from the photos: click on the hairbrush (on the bed), the beauty products (on the vanity at the back of the room) and on the red dress (on the left of the vanity) and see some cutscenes between two women, Meg and Eshana: Meg doesn’t want Eshana to get hurt again. They talk about Martin. What does Martin care about. Is Eshana sure about Martin?


Look at the other side of the room and see a bag on the sofa. Click it and get another cutscene: Eshana wants someone who loves her.


A door unlocks. Go to the back of the room behind the sofa and through the door: you will see a door and a huge closet.  Open the closet to see a mannequin?  What is that?  Click the door and see a cutscene from a party where Eshana and Martin were.




Witness a conversation and a quarrel between Eshana and Martin: her contract with Martin ends tomorrow. She want to start anew, quit modelling and be with Martin.  But…..  Martin won’t let some spoilt little girl get in his way of his work.




Martin is back at his studio.

On the desk, see some photos of Eshana.


Look at the other side of the studio: click the door to the hallway. The phone rings: pick it up near the desk and see a cutscene. It’s Giuseppe: Is Martin in his studio?  Who is Alice? Eshana. When you are asked to choose an answer, they are all good.


After the phone call in which Giuseppe told Martin to do so, push on the platform in front of the desk.  See a cutscene.




Martin is now in a cavern. Go towards the light and see a room and Giuseppe wounded on the floor: he talks about Alice and dies.

Beside him, see a bag.  Take four animal traps.




See a maquette and some chess pieces on the table: was Giuseppe making some kind of toy? Click to see and get an explanation of the toy and click also on the red figurine. Look at the walls to see the thoughts in Alice’s head.


You can take the knife from Giuseppe’s body if you want.


Go to the other side of the room and click on the opening on the left: you get back to the cavern. You can’t get out that way.




SAVE YOUR GAME.  Click on the curtain: look fast at some scraps of his sketchbook and someone appearing at the opening at the back.

Something must be done as the female mannequin approaches or you will die.


You must put some animal traps in front of her before she gets to you: put two traps near the door and follow her on the side she chooses. As soon as she decides on which side she will go, put the two other traps in front of her on the same line so she can step on these two traps and die.


See the pictures for the position of the four traps:




Alternatively, (you may find this easier) – simply wait for her to make a move first, then put a trap in front of her. Every time she moves put another trap right in front of her. Eventually she will be cornered and she will have to step into your traps. It’s a bit like playing chess.


After she is dead, look at the scraps pieces in front of you. From Inventory, get the two scraps and click them on the scraps on the table.

You will have to put the scraps together to get a page of the records of things Martin has said to Eshana.  See the picture of the completed page:



NOTE:  Even if you missed picking up a scrap for the sketchbook while playing,  you can finish the game without doing the scraps puzzle (and possibly even get all endings).   Continue the game by going to the opening at the back.


After the puzzle is done, go forward to the opening at the back.




Martin is now in front of an iron gate and he can see the ropes hanging from the ceiling in the room beyond.


Click on the left of the door at mid height to see four small wheels of numbers.

Remember that number from the start of the game.

Click from left to right and on top of the wheels, the numbers 1011.


Go through the door.




So this is the room from the photo. Why does she wants me here?

See the cutscene.  Martin is caught in the ropes.  Click on Martin. Eshana or is it Alice will appear.    It’s Eshana.


Listen to the conversation. When ask a question, you can choose any answer.  At one point in the conversation, a decision must be made when she ask “to prove it”.



If you do not make a decision, you will get the Martin’s Death ending.




There are four different endings.



You have to show that you were paying attention to what she has been trying to show you about her life. Convince her that the people in her life loved her. Let’s start with her mother.  Talk to her and select “Your mother loved you”. Give her the blue folder and the to-do list of things that her mother has done for her.


She wants more proof, this time about the painter. Give her the hate letter that she wrote about the painter. Then give her the page signed by R that you found under the clay jar. She knows now how much she hurt him.


Lastly, she wants proof about your own love. Give her the photo that you found in the Geimann art gallery. Then give her your journal.


Eshana is convinced that all this while she was loved, and she lets Martin go. He returns to his normal life, a sadder but hopefully wiser person.



You only get this ending if you have a game score of more than 35 points. You can see your points under the Info button on the toolbar.


Give Eshana the two pieces of proof about her mother. When she demands proof about the painter Robert, don’t do anything. Martin tries to tell Eshana that he is sorry. Eshana asks him to stay with her. “I won’t leave you.”


Martin agrees to give up his life to stay with her in the eternal darkness.



There are many ways to get this ending, but the easiest way is just to use the knife on Eshana when you get the chance.


Eshana staggers backwards in shock. Martin has stabbed her with the knife. But then her eyes flash, and Martin is suddenly jerked backwards by the ropes. The ropes cut into him, strangling him. In the end you see Eshana’s body in a pool of blood on the floor, and Martin’s lifeless body dangling from the ceiling.


Again, there are many ways to get this ending, but the easiest way is to just wait and do nothing after you meet Eshana. She will be convinced that you never cared about her.


Martin is pulled into the air by the ropes. Flash to the real world, an apartment block: Martin is lying at the foot of a staircase with some people gathered around him. A man asks him if he is all right. Martin gets up. His face is hidden.


Flash back to Martin in the otherworld. His legs begin to move, pulled by the ropes against his will. He’s been turned into a Marionette.


Flash to the real world: Martin begins to walk away from the people. He continues to walk, controlled from the otherworld, out of the apartment block. He steps outside onto the street into the path of an oncoming car. There is the screech of tires and a crash.



There are some interesting things hidden in the game. Did you spot them all?


Silent Hill 4: If you look at the guestbook in the art gallery, there is a signature by H Townshend, the main character in Silent Hill 4.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Looking at the towel in the bathroom will give you a quote from the Douglas Adams book.

Moving mannequin: In the room with Giuseppe and the sewing mannequin, every time you come back to that room, the mannequin’s head has moved slightly, until it finally turns to look straight at you.

Talking mannequin: In the NO ESCAPE room, on the closeup of the hole in the wall, click the talk icon on the hole five times until Martin calls out and a mysterious voice answers. You have activated the talking mannequin. Now when you fight the mannequin at the end of the game, it will tell you its thought process.


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