Memento Mori

by  Centauri Productions

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   July 2009


Gameplay:    Memento Mori a third person point and click game. The game manual is in the installed game program folder.

The Main Menu has continue, new game, load, save, credits, settings and quit. It is accessed during gameplay by the ESC key or by the main menu button at right of the inventory bar.

The settings options have 2 selections: Basic and advanced.

The basic setting selections are for sound, music and dialogue volumes; subtitles, visual and sound levels, mouse sensitivity and animated cursor.

The advanced setting selections are for sound card, 3D sound, higher sound quality, graphics card, screen resolution, monitor frequency, high color depth, anti aliasing, texture filtering, mipmaping, shader quality, vertical sync, dynamic shadows and dynamic reflections.

The cursor changes depending on the action required.

The arrow moves the character. Double click of the any cursor makes the character run.

Some items can be interacted in more than one way. These items shows a split cursor when the cursor is on top of them. Left or right click selects the action in that position in the cursor.

Eye cursor is to get information about the item.

Hand cursor is to pick up or combine the item.

Cogwheel cursor is to do a specific action.

Lips cursor is to talk to another character.

Finger cursor is to push.

Question mark cursor is to get more information.

Green arrow cursor shows points to another area not seen on the screen or present location.

Green footstep arrow cursor means you can exit to another location.

Camera cursor denotes important cutscene dialogs.

The TAB key shows the active spots in the screen.

Red circle means important object.

Grey circle means an object that has interesting information.

Green arrows shows exits.

Inventory is seen when the cursor is moved to top of the screen. Items can be combined by picking one, laying it over another item and then click. Items in inventory can be seen in close up and possible interaction with that item can be done. The items can be scrolled during gameplay (no need to open inventory) using the mouse scroll wheel.

Dialogues can be skipped by left mouse clicks.

Saves are automatically done at start of each Act. They can be overwritten or deleted.

Responses:    There are 2-3 choices on certain events: positive, negative and question. In some cases, the response does not matter and usually ends up the same path forward. Sometimes, you have to repeat the dialogue to get a better response to move forward. There are timed puzzles or situations. If not resolved within time, the game selects a negative response by default.

There are 8 possible endings to the game depending on specific event's dialogue and action selected in the game.

Different cutscene(s) will be shown within the game depending on the action chosen.

This walkthrough shows the best ending. Some events that affect the ending are noted. (Thanks Beverly!)

A man colors a manuscript while listening to Doctor Anatoli Abramchikov talk about his new analysis method. It will be installed at the State Hermitage Museum first.  The phone rings. They will stop Dr. Abramchikov.


Act 1 Beginning

Lyon France, Monday (Lara)

Lara's flat:

The phone rings while Lara is having her shower. Lara sees the message on her phone. Check the phone's answering machine.

Colonel Sergej Vasily Ostankovic, Colonel of Russian Militia leaves a message for Lara to call him as soon as possible.

Press the TAB key and look around the  flat.

Click on wardrobe right of the bookcases.

CD:    Take the CD cover from the coffee table by the sofa and chairs.

Go to bottom screen to the computer and take the CD from the drive. It is the album Muriel lent Lara.

In inventory, combine CD cover and CD to get CD in cover.

Pick up the permanent pen beside the mouse.

Click on the TV screen on the wall right of the computer. The body of Dr. Abramchikov was found at the Park.

Cell phone:    Take the charger from the table below the TV screen.

Go to the hallway left of the stairs and right of the windows. Go left to the stairs.

Left click the coat and automatically take the cell phone with no charge.

Exit left. See a map. Go to work; select Interpol.


Talk to Brigadier Damien Neville, one of the guards at Interpol. He came back from a vacation in the Canary Island.

Enter the building and the lift. Select office.

Lara's Office:

Call Ostankovic.

Cell phone:    Plug the charger on the electric socket right of the water cooler.

Use the cell phone on the charger.

Take the cell phone from desk and then right click from inventory.

Scroll the list on the cell phone using the arrows at bottom. Select Ostankovic and then click on phone icon at bottom.

Learn what happened at the Hermitage Museum. He needs the event secret and wants Max Durand. He threatens Max.

Computer:    Use the computer and select database.

Read all the info on the list of names. Learn about Abramchikov, Jennings, Ostankovic, (Lara) Svetlova Larisa and Max Durand.

Learn about Max' conviction .

Read messages:    Learn that Professor Abramchikov's fluorescent X-ray machine can be used to detect forgeries on site.

Pierre Bouiller asks a favor to check if a painting is a forgery. He asks to find at least 3 differences on a Bruegel's Flemish Proverbs painting in the lab.

Max is in University of Toulouse. Log out.

Contact Max.    Use the phone and dial 302 for switchboard.

Talk to Muriel.

Cell phone battery:    Dial 513 to talk to Jennings about the cell phone battery.

Notice board:    Right click to look close at notice board. Read all the notes.


Exit the office and select laboratory.

Listen to Demers.

Painting differences:    Look close at the painting on the table.

The painting to be checked is the one lying on the table.

Look for the copy of the original on the photo organizer. Flip the pictures to the one with a town scene. The picture that is compared is at bottom right quadrant of the picture of the original.

Click the permanent pen on the photo to be checked.

Use the sponge to erase mistakes.

Click on the photo to be checked to get a magnifying lens on the original.

Move the lens to find differences. Once found, click on difference and automatically mark the photo.

Find at least 3 differences. It is best to find more. Finding less than 3 differences will result in a different ending for Lara.

Place the pen down and leave the lab.

Outside the building:

Exit the building.

Give the CD in case to Damien, the guard. Select your response (positive or negative).


Take the cell phone battery and read the note.

In inventory, right click the cell phone. Look at the back using the arrows.

Click the cover. Take the old battery out and replace with new battery from inventory.

Check e-mail:    Use computer.

Read messages. Read Diego's message.

Send messages. Select Pierre and automatically write Pierre about the forgery.

Call Max:    Try to use the cell phone to get hold of Max.

Use the phone and dial 302 and talk to Muriel.

Max' is waiting on the line. Lara talks to Max.


Lara talks to Max.

Act II Forgotten Case

Petersburg Russia (Max)

Ostankovic's Office:

Ostankovic gives his orders to Max. Just get in the museum and call me back.

Take permit and look at file from the table.

Take lighter from the table by the sofa. Max has a cell phone in inventory.

Exit the office. Go to bottom screen in the street to get to map. Select Hermitage Museum.

State Hermitage Museum:

Look at-talk to guard. He has an unlit cigarette.

Show him the permit. Ostankovic calls. Select your answer.

Use the lighter on guard. He allows Max to enter.

Enter the museum. The cell phone does not have signal. Go up the stairs.

Vase Gallery:

Go forward and close to windows (lit area) at left and use the cell phone.

Scroll to Ostankovic's name using the mouse scroll button. Click on his name or use the phone icon at bottom of phone to call him. Talk to Ostankovic.

The internal monitors are switched off. He wants Max to look around. Select your response.

He also wants Max to check the paintings if they are counterfeit.

Paintings Gallery:

Go right to the next room - corridor - Paintings Gallery.

See-look close at barrier set up for Peter the Great's hallway.

Go back to the Vase Gallery and window. Use the cell phone and call Ostankovic. Learn about the barrier and Peter the Great painting.

While talking to Ostankovic, Max sees a man run through the Paintings Gallery.

Go to Paintings Gallery and see the barrier is on the floor.

Continue to the dark Peter the Great's hallway.

See the blank wall where the 'to be restored' painting was placed before.

Secret door:

Use the lighter on the plate tag. Move the lighter to bottom of the wall. Max feels a breeze and sees a gap (next to secret door label) at bottom of the wall.

Check the gap. It is too thin.

Go back to the barrier. Take the red rope at right side.

Look close at the fallen restraint post. Take the hook at other side of the post.

Go back to secret door. Use the hook on the gap. Go through the secret door.

Act III Under the Surface

Beneath the Hermitage (Max)

Check the red button beside the door. It was recently fixed. It opens the door back to the museum.

Go forward and try the ladder going down the sewer area. It pulls away from the railing.

Use rope on ladder to tie it to railing.

Try to go down again. Max hesitates since he doesn't know what's down there.

Make torch:

Pick up the stone on floor at left.

Go to the pipes at right. See a rusty wheel.

Take the insulation-rag beside it.

Use the stone on the metal bracket below the wheel. Take the broken off bracket.

In inventory combine the bracket and insulation rag.

Go to the ladder. Use lighter on torch.

Automatically, Max drops it in the dark and sees the way is clear.

Leave the door open:

Use the stone on the door to leave it open. Leaving the door closed will result in a different ending for Max.

Chase the mysterious man:

Go down the ladder. Enter through the door.

See the robed tattooed young man looking at a painting. Talk to the monk.

Go forward to stop the monk. By the bridge, select the negative response to move forward.

Max runs forward and the bridge falls in the sewer. The tattooed monk has the painting.

Act IV Assistance

Lyon, France Tuesday (Lara)

Lara's office:

Lara worries that Max has not contacted her.

Lara answers the call from Pierre. In exchange for calibrating the chromatograph machine in the lab, Pierre will check about the death of Abramchikov. The manual for the chromatograph machine is in the computer.


At 'available information', select GCT55-XD.

Read the information about the gas chromatograph.

Learn to use environment type 2 for the standard temperature and humidity.

The lowest accelerator setting is recommend for new devices.

The default initial mode is 3. Logout. Exit the room.


Turn on the Gas Chromatograph:

Go to the lab and then look close at the chromatograph.

Turn the machine view to the left. Look close at the paper on the side of the machine. The calibration protocol is 3.

Turn the machine view to the left again to see the back of the machine. See a socket. Click on socket to plug it to power line.

Turn the machine view to the front view. Flip the switch at right side of the machine in front view to turn on the machine.

Calibrate the Gas Chromatograph:

Press the yellow RUN button at bottom left.

Enter using the number pad at right:

Environment type: 2 (mentioned in the computer info.)

Calibration protocol number: 3 (mentioned on note at side of machine.)

Acceleration specification number: 1 (mentioned in the computer info.)

Default init mode: 3 (mentioned in the computer info.)


Lara gets an alert about an e-mail. Go back to the office.


Read messages in computer.

Learn what info Pierre got about Abramchikov's death. There's a drunken man that witnessed a black limousine. Log out.

Get a phone call from Ostankovic. Select positive.

Learn about Max.

Act V Awakening

Petersburg, Wednesday  (Lara)

Ostankovic's office:

Learn what happened to Max at the museum.

The phone rings and get a call from hospital. Max is to be brought to Lara's old flat.


Max tells them about the monk that has the painting of Delaroche. Ostankovic tells Lara to go back to Lyon.

Aunt:    Go to Auntie's room right of the bed. Look around and check Sergey's picture on the shelf. Sergey is Auntie's son.

Talk to Aunt. Exit the room and automatically leave.

Act VI Searching

Petersburg, Thursday (Max)


Max experiences a nightmare - a recall of what happened when his brother fell through the ice.

Andre, Max' brother arrives to watch over Max. Andre gives ideas on how to proceed with the search.

Computer:    Go right to the computer.

Click on computer. Automatically, read the note left by Lara and take the cell phone she left for Max.

Use the computer. Read messages (seen at top of monitor) and select termination. The University of Toulouse fired Max.

Select write messages. Select Malvin. Max automatically writes a message.

Room:    Look around the room. Press Tab key.

Open the curtain above the refrigerator and take the plugged spray paint can.

Go to the bed. Take the notebook (and pen) from shelf above the bed.

Aunt:    Go through the entryway and talk to Aunt. She wants to tell Max' fortune.

If you refuse, Andre will not let you go until you agree. Refusing the fortune telling will result in a different ending for Max.

Go through the fortune telling. The first 2 cards selected are: Mem, the hanged man and Vav, the high priest.

The third card is Tav, the world. Max does not want to open the last card.

Exit the room. Talk to Andre. Leave the flat.

Hermitage Museum:

Enter the museum. Go up to Hall. Check the trash bin before the Paintings Gallery corridor.

Go right to the Paintings Gallery.

Talk to the angry visitor. Select question response.

Look up and click on the security camera. Talk to the guard by the restraints and learn the police took the tapes.

Exit the museum.


Enter the building and talk to Ostankovic.

After talking to guard about the camera, Max asks about the camera.

Learn about what happened. A virus happened and record of what happened later disappeared.

The guard left to answer the call of nature when the painting was vandalized.


Take the photos from the desk.

Right click the pictures in inventory and study them in close up.

Click on the painting, guard and the painting at right.

Click on the damaged part on the floor on the third photo.

Then click to note the time the pictures were taken at top left of the photos: 12:05:57, 12:06:07 and 12:06:15.

Do this to all 3 pictures. Max notes that the time is too short from one picture to another - no time to go to the bathroom.

Then click on the time of the first picture again (comparison between first and third photo). Max should comment on the discrepancy.

Talk to Ostankovic about the photo discrepancy.

Hermitage Museum:

Enter the museum. Go to Paintings Gallery and see that the guard is not there.

Automatically, Max calls Ostankovic.

Go back inside the museum and talk to the new guard at the staircase.

Select the question response. The guard, Ilya Federov probably left because of his sick daughter. The daughter is with his mother at the Makarov Embankment.


Drunken man:

Talk to the drunken man who knows about everybody. Learn that the little ill girl at third floor wants a pet.

Tanya:    Enter the block of flats, entryway at middle of building.

Knock on door at right. Tanya answers the door and express wanting a pet. She doesn't talk to strangers.

Go to bottom of screen and open the hydrant cabinet. Take the thinner.

Exit the building through the lift.

Get a pet for Tanya:

Go to the alley (further into housing estate) right of the building.

Look at the graffiti on the wall left of the bar. Someone wants to show who is the boss here.

Enter the bar door under the neon sign.

Talk to the barmaid. Select the question response. Learn about the punk customer, his graffiti and his pet iguana.

Go outside the bar. In inventory, combine the plugged spray paint can and paint thinner.

Use the spray paint can on graffiti.

Go back inside and talk to the punk. He leaves hastily.

Take the transport box with the iguana. Talk to the barmaid. Exit the bar.

Tanya:    Go back to Tanya at the block of flats. Knock on door.

Tanya relates what happened to her. 2 men took her to a farm. She gives Katya doll for her daddy.


Hear aunt wants her cup of coffee. Take the cup of coffee from the counter behind Andre. You might need to talk to him for a bit before he moves.

Give the cup of coffee to aunt at the next room.

Get an e-mail. Go to the computer.


Read messages. Select Hunter's tracks and learn about an ex-forger that uses the symbol Pandora's box as signature.

Write messages. Select Lara and automatically write her a mail.

Get a call from Ostankovic. The guard is caught.


Talk to Ostankovic. He wants the guard to be interrogated by Max posing as his lawyer. Supposedly, it will not be recorded.

Interrogate the guard by the restraints:   

Talk to the guard. Max shows the doll.

Learn what the men ask the guard do: throw the CD out, destroy the painting and place the disk on big computer.

Learn that one of the men wore a robe, like a monk and he has a tattoo on the neck.

The older one called the guard the next day.

Use the notepad on the guard. He draws the tattoo. It looks like writing.

Lara is not answering her phone.


Use the computer and read message from Lara. Write a message to Lara.

Immediately get a call from Lara. She mentions a private library at Zagorodny Prospect.

Act VII Symbols

Private Library:

Enter the light colored building beside the advertisement stand at left side of the street.

Talk to the librarian. After mentioning Lara's name, the librarian agreed to help.

After showing the symbols of the tattoo, he mentions that information concerning Mem-vav (symbols) might be mentioned in one of the recently delivered books.

He wants Max to get a thin book, that might have the symbols connected to northern Europe.

The book is placed at top shelf in the next room.

Find the book:    Go left to the study and see that Andre is here.

Look close at desk at bottom of screen (right of Andre). Look close at the catalogue book. Check the last entries.

Click on second to last entry at right page: Societas Scania by John Christopher Stewart. It is promising. Max reads the description of the book.

Go to the bookcases at left. Click on bottom of ladder to unlock the safety catch of the ladder. .

Click on middle top shelf. Max moves the ladder.

Click on bottom of ladder to lock the safety catch of the ladder. Failing or refusing to lock the ladder will result in a different ending for Max.

Climb up and take the thin book - Societas Scania at top shelf. Open the book from inventory and check the title of the book.

Go back to the book catalogue and click the taken thin book on the entry: John Christopher Stewart - Societas Scania. Max will say this is definitely the book and should show it to the librarian.

Go back to the librarian at right. Give him the book. He looks through the book.

Max gets a phone call

Act VIII Secrets

Lyon, France Thursday (Lara)

Lara's office:

Lara is frustrated about not finding any leads on man using Pandora's box signature.

She mentions to check the books at home as well as go to museum to relax.

Exit the room and then the building.

Lara's flat:

Go to the bookcase behind the sofa. Learn about Pandora's Box maker - Hephaestos. Exit the flat.


Talk to the old man sitting on the bench. Learn more about Hephaestos' life and that he has a disability.

Lara's office:

Use the computer. Check messages.

Check information about artists with disabilities. There are 3 names. Check all of them.

Click on Hephaestos link at Aurelio Diaz' information. Log out.

Use the cell phone and call Ostankovic. He orders Lara to unofficially go to Portugal to confront Diaz.

Act IX Initiation

Lisbon, Portugal Thursday

Street in front of apartment building:

See a maniac with a sign walking up and down the street. Talk to maniac. <sigh>

Mailboxes:   Go to door at right. Try the door and see that it is locked.

 Check the mailboxes left of the apartment door.

Automatically find Diaz' mailbox. See that there's a letter in there.

Enter the building:

Try the intercom at left and Lara presses Diaz' buzzer. No answer.

Try the neighbor. The neighbor talks in Portuguese that Lara can't understand or respond to.

Use the cell phone and call Diego Jimenez. He tells Lara the Portuguese sentence to ask to enter.

Use the intercom again and talk to the neighbor. After Lara says her Portuguese sentence, a response is needed.

Call Diego again. Click the cell phone with Diego on the line on the buzzer panel.

Diego talks to the neighbor and the door is opened. Enter the building.

Enter Diaz' apartment:

Go to the door at far end close to the window.

Check the door and see that it is locked. Lara said that she needs to break in.

Check the fire extinguisher beside the door. It has rusty strap. Exit the building.

Construction site:

Go to bottom of screen (sidewalk) to the construction area. See the worker fast asleep.

Wake the worker up:    Try to wake up the worker.

Look close (right and then left click) at the radio. Turn the frequency tuning and get a music station.

Move the antenna to get a better reception. That wakes the worker up.

The radio drops to the ground and breaks. Pick up the damaged radio.

Talk to worker. He is not working because his jackhammer needs compressed air.

Fix the compressor:    Go right to the green trailer.

Open the back door of compressor trailer. The worker gives orders in Portuguese.

Look close and press the main switch on top. Hear the compressor start. See the arrow show full air measurement.

After a while the switch flips back to off position. The switch needs to be fastened.

Taxi number:    Click on the Taxi sign on the wall above the shed at right.

Use the cell phone on the Taxi sign to save it in memory.

Look for something to repair the switch:

Open the shed at right and Lara automatically takes a nipper-tongs.

Go back to the street by the apartment and then go to the taxi stand at other side of the street.

Check the newsstand down the street.

Pick up the banknote-paper money on the ground right of the table with books close to the street.

Cross the street to the right and see a vending machine.

Use-look close at vending machine. Press the the number of the selection wanted.

Select the lollipop using number 135. Press the green select button. It is given that money was inserted.

Lara picks up the lollipop and the change of coins.

Lollipop:    Look close at lollipop in inventory. In close up, left click the lollipop. Lara takes off the wrapper.

Again look close and then left click the unwrapped lollipop. Lara eats it leaving the stick.

Fasten the compressor switch:    Go back to the construction site and the compressor trailer.

Look close at the panel at back of trailer again. Press the main switch and immediately place the stick on right side of the switch. That should hold it.

Still not working. Press the right small red light below the switch.. That is the pump that the jackhammer is connected to.

Diaz' apartment:

Go back to Diaz' apartment.

Gain entry:

Look close and use the nipper on fire extinguisher. Take the fire extinguisher.

Take-use the fire extinguisher only when the sound of the jackhammer covers the noise you will make or else the neighbor will get irate.

Get a call from Phillip, the ex boyfriend as soon as you walk in the room. Select the negative response.

Carpet-rug:    Click on light switch left of the curtain to get light in the room.

Look close at the rug in front of the door. Check the other corner of the rug and Lara takes a key.

Bathroom:    Click on light switch right of the curtain.

Go through the curtain to the bathroom and see posters of a celebrity named LIV Santi.

Drawer of table by window:    Go to the table by window and open the top left drawer.

See and click on a Roman Numeral conversion paper.

Turn the view of the drawer and see a calculator. Take the calculator.

Calculator:    Look close at the calculator. It's heavier and like a weird toy.

Click on the button on the right side and see there is no power.

Look at the back of the calculator and open the battery cover at the back. There are no batteries.

Look close at the radio. Look at back of radio. Open the cover and try to take the batteries.

Use coins to loosen the batteries. Take the batteries. Use the batteries on the calculator. Turn the calculator on.

Bookcase:    Go to the bookcase. Try to move the bookcase and Lara mentions that there are marks on the floor.

Look close at bookcase. See a stamp collection book at right.

Open the stamp collection book to the third page and take the tweezers.


Go back outside to the mailboxes.

Use the tweezers on Diaz' mailbox. Lara says that she can do this in front of witnesses.

Get maniac to leave:     Use the coins on the maniac with the sign. He gets insulted and leaves.

Use the tweezers on Diaz' mailbox again and get an envelope.

Look close at the envelope in inventory. Turn it around and click on the flap.

Look close at the letter in inventory, left click to open and read it. It is from WAD films demanding that Diaz stops stalking LIV Santi.

Diaz' apartment:

Books:    Look closer - right click at the books on the bookcase again.

Click on the books and Lara will note the number on the spine of the books.

LIV is Roman numeral for 50 - 1 - 5.

Check the books that has these numbers in the bookcase.

50 (Ways to Cause Back Pain) has 7 on the spine.

One (Mind's Eye) has 1 on the spine.

5 (Centuries of Print Making) has 3 on the spine.

That is 7 1 3.

Standing close to the bookcase, look close at the calculator. Turn on the calculator using the button at right side.

Enter 7 1 3 = buttons. Don't forget the equals sign button. See the bookcase move.

Secret room:    Click the bookcase to pull it.

Enter the secret room. Look around.

See a tailor's dummy with the picture of Liv.

Go to the desk and take the 9mm bullets-magazine; the note to Alfredo is read.

Look at and open the file cabinet right of door using the key taken under the rug.

Lara finds out that Diaz left for Edinburgh and then go to Ladybank in Scotland to check on a painting.

A tattooed monk enters the apartment and knocks Lara unconscious. He breaks the lamp.

Act X Darkness

Lara wakes up in darkness. The eye will adjust and gets lighter as time goes by in the room.

Go to the file cabinet right of door.

Find a way out of sealed room:

Right click on metal cupboard-cabinet and she uses the light of her cell phone to examine the file cabinet. She sees something behind the cabinet.

Left click on metal cupboard-cabinet again and Lara takes a 9 mm gun from behind the cabinet.

In inventory combine the bullets (magazine) and the 9 mm gun to get loaded gun.

Try the bookcase blocking door and see that it is blocked.

Go to X-ray machine beside the desk and in front of the screen.

Look behind the X-ray machine. Use coin to open the cover at the back.

Take the explosive phial.

Use phial on back of bookcase door. Try to use gun on phial.

Lara wants to protect herself. Move the metal cupboard right of door.

Now fire at the phial using the loaded gun.

The debris breaks a gas pipe and causes an explosion.

Lara runs out the apartment. The maniac is dead by the staircase.

When Lara exits the building, a black car is seen speeding off.

Get to airport:   

Lara wants to get to the airport immediately.

Timed event:   Right click the cell phone in inventory.

Scroll down and call Taxi Lisboa. One event that affects Lara's ending is for the time to end without leaving the area.

Act XI Witness

Petersburg, Thursday (Max)

Private Library:

Max gets a call and takes it outside on the street.

Lara tells Max about Diaz and the trip to Ladybank in Scotland.

Max warns Lara not to pursue Teahan in Scotland.

The librarian coughs, gets ill and collapses.

Andre runs outside and tells Max the librarian collapsed.

Call for help:

Go to the phone booth at left. Look close and see that the phone is broken.

Move the plastic cup right of the phone and see emergency numbers.

Use the cell phone on the numbers to get the number in the cell phone memory.

Use the cell phone and scroll down the list of numbers. Select ambulance to get help.

Act XII Confidentiality

Lyon, France Thursday (Lara)

Lara's flat:

Lara calls Ostankovic to report what happened in Portugal.

Ostankovic wants Lara to go to Scotland in official capacity and pursue Teahan.

Interpol Office:

Go to Interpol office. Get a call from Muriel about the bomb destroying the building in Portugal. Select question response.

Use the computer. Read messages.

Select Important events. Learn from Charlotte's message that a transfer to Glasgow Modern Art Gallery is going to take place.

Write Charlotte a message concerning the trip to Glasgow.

Get a call from Jennings about the battery.

Charlotte writes back that it is Sebastian Garnott that is going.

Check Garnott's data by clicking on his blue colored linked name. See that his extension is 548. Logout.

Use the phone and dial 548. Talk to Garnott. He happily agreed to have Lara take his place.

Act XIII Meeting

Edinburgh, Scotland Thursday (Lara)

Castle gate:

Lara says to find a way in and not be seen by the security camera.

Check the plate left of the gate. It states Edward Teahan. Check the security camera, large flat stone on the ground, plate left of wall, creeping plant and wall. Take stone beside the lamp post.

Fix the security camera:

Click on creeping plant to break off a piece. Pick up the broken piece of creeping plant from the ground.

Use the creeping plant on the security camera. Lara ties the plant to camera and get it to face away from the left wall.

Now, climb the wall at left.

In front of the castle:

Tool shed door:    Check the door at left.

Look close and try the handle. Lara says that the door is a 'joke'. Check the keyhole.

Check and climb the gutter pipe right of the door.

Pick up the gutter pipe bracket from the ground.

Make a lock pick:

Go back to the gate at left.

Use the gutter pipe bracket on large flat stone below the security camera.

Use the stone picked up beside the lamp post to hammer the bracket and pick up pieces of metal - primitive lock pick.

Go back to shed door. Climb wall and look close at shed door.

Pick lock of shed door:

Look close at lock. Use the pieces of metal on keyhole.

There are 2 pieces of metal: one is placed on top and one at bottom.

Ignore the label of the metals in the game. I did the lock pick 2 ways - see below.

Move the top metal to left, click to release the metal.

Position the bottom metal to center of the keyhole as seen in picture until she says that it is working now.

Click hold and move the top slowly to be in position above the bottom metal piece. She will say that it is done.

Automatically take screwdriver and small knife from shed.

Move the top metal to left, click to release the metal when she says 'this one's holding'. Note the position of the bottom metal.

Click hold and move the bottom slowly to be in position as shown in the picture. She will say that it is done.

Automatically take screwdriver and small knife from shed.

Cellar window:    Check the cellar window at right and Lara needs to lift the latch.

Go back to the gate at left. Check the label-metal plate left of gate.

Use the screwdriver to take off the label-plate from the wall.

Go back to cellar window. Use the plate on cellar window. The window is opened.


Enter through the cellar window.

Take the pallet under the window. Lara props it on the wall for easy access out the window.

Steel door:    Go to the right and check the steel door. It is dark.

Flip the light switch on right wall beside the door. Move cursor until the label light switch is seen. Let there be light.

Click on and then look at steel door. Lara sees the wires coming out of the steel door to the light. Lara says to find the control box.

Switch box:    Go to foreground and check the switch box. It is locked.

Use the screwdriver on switch box. Lara mentions that there's a gap.

Act XIV Package


Hear the doorbell ring. Someone is at the gate. See that it is a parcel delivery.

Climb through the cellar window and go to the gate at left.

Envelope:    Take the postal consignment inserted on the gate grill. Lara knows the sender, Theodor Morgan, a known bad guy.

Look at postal consignment-envelope in inventory. Check the address.

Turn the arrows to see the side view and see that there is a protruding surface on both right and left side. Right and left click both sides. One side feels like a box and the other side feels like plasticine.

Look at bottom back of envelope. Click on protruding surface. Lara should say that she knows how this works.

Use the small knife on back of envelope.

Bomb:    See a bomb. Click on the wires-detonator coming out of the plasticine. The blue and red wires are in inventory.

Take the metal box off the envelope. Open the metal box and read the note in inventory. Friends like that we don't need.


Go back to the cellar.

Go to the left and check the box on the shelf left of the pallet. Take the cloth that is in there.

Switch box:    Go back to the switch box. Use stone to pound the screwdriver and pry the door open.

Pick up the screwdriver from the floor.

Look close inside the switch box. Look at the schematic of the switch. See that the 2 left wires are for the light and the 2 on the right are for the steel door.

Flip the fuse-switch at right of the panel to turn the current off.

Use the small knife on each wires to make holes on each one of them.

Take wires from inventory.

Click the wire on left light wire. Then click on the hole of the left steel door wire. They are now connected by red wire.

Click the wire on right light wire. Then click on the hole of the right steel door wire. They are now connected by blue wire.

Flip the fuse-switch at right. The steel door opens.

Meeting room:   

Enter through steel door. See Teahan dead on the floor.

Looka at to check Teahan's corpse. He was killed recently. His throat was cut.

Lara sees what happened. A hooded man confronts the younger tattooed monk and uses the knife on Teahan.

Check the DVD recorder left of the monitors. The security tapes are missing.

PDA:    See a PDA on the table. Use the cloth on the PDA to take it with no fingerprints left since this is a crime scene. Leaving fingerprints will result in a different ending for Lara.

Check the PDA in inventory. Another seeing shows the young tattooed monk with Teahan. See Diaz examine the painting.

In inventory, use the cloth on the PDA. Then place the PDA back on the table. Leaving fingerprints will result in a different ending for Lara.

Monitors:    Right click the monitors. The right monitor shows an injured man.

Diaz:    Go left and then left again to the corridor behind the board stand.

See a wounded Diaz rambles about he didn't see anything.

Lara sees that he blinded himself to prove that he didn't see a hooded monk kill Teahan and reprimand the young tattooed monk. Diaz dies.

Lara goes back to the other room. Exit through the door to the cellar and automatically be outside the gate.


Lara calls Ostankovic. She resigns and got Ostankovic to report what happened.

Act XV Flight

Petersburg, Thursday (Max)

Private Library:

The librarian is dead and taken away by the ambulance.

Max gets the memory of Andre's ice pond accident again. Max said that he saved Andre by himself. Storyteller says that Max ran to the village for help.

Check the librarian's notes. Max reads the notes.

Read the notes in inventory. Click on all the paragraphs. Me vav tav - death. There's a monastery named Eternal Sleeper in Finland that has tattooed monks that worship death. Ars Moriendi - There's a list of what to avoid in order to get a 'good' death at the last page. Exit the library and see that Andre is not there.

Go to the left to get to map.


Talk to Ostankovic. He refuses to give back Max' passport .

Exit the office. Talk to Andre. He will go to Finland and wait for Max. He advises to contact Lara to find out how to get a passport.

Pick up the newspaper on the second bench in front of the police cars. Read all the pages of the newspaper using the turn arrows at the bottom to check the left pages.

Auntie's flat:

Talk to Aunt in her room.

Go back to the computer and read message from Andre.

Write message to Lara about the Finnish monastery. Wait. -Get a call from Lara.

She says forgers place ads in newspapers and uses the words comics or foreign studies.

Check the newspaper in inventory. Click on the reader's notice page at the back of the third page. There's an ad about lost French book. The ad states to check the ad board by the private library.


Look close at the ad board right of the bus stand shelter.

Read the ads. Click on an ad to move it to another place. Read the ad about comic books. It is under 2 other cards. Inquiries can be done at the bar at Makarov Establishment.


Talk to the drunken man. Find out the museum guard's little girl Tanya died.

Bar:    Go to the alley right of the building. Enter the bar and talk to Nada, the bartender.

Select question response. She needs a photo.

Hermitage Museum:   

Go up to the hall and check the trash bin with discarded Polaroid pictures.

Look for the photographer that takes these pictures. See him take picture of that vase left of the trash bin.

Click to look and then try to talk to the photographer twice. Position Max in front or close to the vase. Eventually, Max will run in front of the camera and get his picture taken.

The photographer discards Max' picture. Take Max' picture from trash bin.


Use the photo on Nada. Henri Latoure is Max' passport name.

After overcharging Max' credit card, Max gets a passport.

We've never seen each other Max. I'm sorry about that.

Act XVI Eternal Sleeper

Eternal Sleeper, Finland Saturday

Shrine at the Forest:

Talk to the caretaker monk. Andre is here. See a shrine at right.

Go back to the bridge and up to the monastery.

Talk to the Abbot. He mentions that Max might want to wash up before dinner.


Go to the arcade-building at left. Enter the first door.

Look around. Take the watering can from table.

Exit the room and go to the garden at top.


See and talk to the young tattooed monk that stole the painting. He has a wound on his throat.

The caretaker said he can't talk because he doesn't have a tongue. Hmm...

Click on fountain to get jug with water. Go back to the bedroom.


Place the filled watering can on top of the stove. Take the matches from the table.

Open the door of the stove. Take kindling from the left and place it inside the stove.

Use the matches on kindling.

Pull the ash box at bottom of the stove. Close the stove door.

Max will sit in bed and rest.

Try to take the heated watering can. Too hot!

Exit the room and go to the dining room at right building.

Dining room:

Look and then talk to the monk on the dining table to note that he is using a magnifying glass.

Go to the fireplace and take the towel-cloth hanging right of the fireplace.

Go back to bedroom.


Use the cloth to take the jug with hot water from top of the stove.

Use heated watering can on the wash basin under the mirror.

Read the words formed by the steam on the mirror. He left a message at the shrine.

Dining room:

Exit the bedroom and talk to Andre.

Go to the dining room and talk to the Abbot. The other monk says 3 on the table. The Abbot corrects him and says 4. There are 11 there and one is leaving.

Andre directs the Abbot to talk about their beliefs. Ars Moriendi is their 'bible'.


Outside Max reprimands Andre about his actions towards the Abbott.

Go right to get to the bridge. Go left to the forest and see the shrine.

Look close at shrine. Use matches on candle to see better.

Click the figures to find the message. They are too small.

Go back to the dining room and borrow the magnifying lens from the monk reading a book.

Go back to shrine. Use the magnifying lens to click on the etched figures to find the message.

Click on the hand of the spy at top left and see a loose stone. Click the loose stone and then take the message from the secret hiding place.

Read the message in inventory. It states to go to crypt in garden. Signed H.


Go back to the monastery, arcade and then to the garden.

Go pass the fountain, crypt and see the crypt door.

Enter and be on a balcony. Go to bottom screen and then go down the stairs at right.

Tombs:    See niches around a central gazebo like structure.

Open and check each of the tombs inside  the niches. Each tomb has a symbol. They are the symbols of the Ars Moriendi - the list of what to avoid in order to gain a 'good' death.

From left to right: Avarice - scales, lack of faith - cross, altar, spiritual pride - mirror, impatience - hourglass and despair - spiral.

Secret door:

Go back to the altar between the niches.

See an etched figure. Look close at the symbols on a coat of arms below the figure. They are the symbols seen on the tombs of the Ars Moriendi.

Remember or read the last page of the librarian's note. It has a passages that describe each of the Ars Moriendi.

Passage - Ars Moriendi List Symbol
You are only one of many spiritual pride mirror
thus go together with thy fellow man, avarice scale
for hope and determination, despair spiral
for belief and destiny lack of faith cross
today, tomorrow... forever. impatience hourglass
then you will find redemption.  

Click in order: mirror, scale, spiral, cross and hourglass. The door opens.

Secret room:   

Turn on the lamp by the desk with a laptop notebook.

Look around. Check all the paintings and see that they are all original ones. So those in museums and collections are fake.

Check the painting at bottom right and see that there is a locked cabinet behind it.

Check the 3 paintings at bottom left. See that they are the ones taken from the Hermitage Museum in Petersburg.

Check the wooden box at bottom right. Look close at the delivery slip. It is to be delivered to Rotterdam with a consignment number.

Exit the room and crypt.


Go back to the bedroom and write a response to the young monk.

Take the message from the shrine and click it on the inkpot to automatically write a message for the shrine.

Go to the shrine.  Click to place the message for the shrine in the shrine.

Max automatically goes back to the bedroom and sleeps.

Act XVII Truth


Exit the bedroom and talk to Andre.

Go to the shrine and get the second message. It states to switch the security system off; create distraction, meet at the shrine and they will escape to the forest.


Go to the garden and then right to the crypt.

See that the caretaker is resting on the bench and a ring of keys is beside him.

Distract the caretaker:

Go back to the left of the fountain and look at the supports.

Push the wood of the support and part of the structure falls. The caretaker arrives to check and fix it.

Go back to the right. Take the toolbox right of the hay at the shed behind Max.

Take the ring of keys. Enter the crypt.

Secret Room:

Go to the secret room behind the altar.

Turn the alarm off:

Go and click on painting at bottom right.

Use the keys on the locked cabinet. It is the alarm system.

Turn the alarm system off by pressing the switch (black button).

Open crate:

Look close at the toolbox in inventory. Take the hammer and tongs.

Open the right drawer. See a metal box. Turn the view to see the right side of the box. Click the safety catch a off. Take the nails.

Look close - click on cover of wooden box to get a close up. Use the tongs on all 4 corner nails.

Click to move the cover. See that there are statues inside.

Stolen paintings:

Take a stolen painting from bottom left and automatically Max places all 3 inside the crate.

Right click the paintings in the box (overhead view) to get a close up.

Move the lid of the crate. Use the nails on each of the 4 corners to close the crate.

Use the notebook-laptop to send an e-mail to Ostankovic telling him the consignment number and delivery place of the crate.

Exit the crypt. Place the keys back on the bench. The caretaker comes back.

Dining room:   

Talk to the Abbot during dinner. Their future plan involves purification.

Give a positive response to guilt question.


Talk to Andre outside. While talking to Andre, see 2 monks carry the crate away.

Max alerts Andre to get his clothes and meet him in the car.


Go to the garden and then go right pass the fountain.

Use matches on the hay left of where the toolbox was taken at shed at back of screen.

A fire is started.


Max sees the young monk dead in front of the shrine.

Max is now by the car calling for Andre. Andre did not come. Max again leaves Andre to his fate.

The Abbot talks to the hooded monk. This is a well thought out plan for the relocation and coming out of the brotherhood.

Andre silently stands behind the Abbot.

At the airplane, Max calls Lara and tells her what happened.

When he mentions Andre's presence, Lara tells him the truth: that Andre died in childhood. Max has a flashback again.

Max collapses in the plane.

Act XVIII Madness

Petersburg, 2 weeks later (Lara)

Auntie's flat:

Lara talks to Aunt. She is willing to accept her heritage now to know what would happen to Max.

Lara turns Max' last card. It is Death or Transformation.

St. Anna Sanatorium:

Look at the car parked by the sidewalk. There's a parking pass issued to a Dr. Petrov.

The gate is closed. Use the intercom right of the gate. Talk to the woman.

Give a positive answer to question about having an appointment.

Give negative answer to question about being sure that she has appointment today.

Give positive answer to question about who the doctor that sent for her - Petrov.

Inside the asylum:

Lara talks to Dr. Petrov about Max' condition.

Max:    Max inside the cell sees Andre. He is the Angel of Death, Charon. Death explains what he has done to Max' memory.

Max gets very angry. He throws something at Death.

Lara:    Lara hears the noise.

Try to open the door. It is locked.

Talk to the doctor and he says that he should be sedated. Select positive response.

Talk to him about doing something. He checks the door and saw it is locked.

Talk to him about intervening. Select negative response.

The doctor gives the master key. Use the master key on door. The key won't turn.

Talk to the doctor again and give a question response.

The doctor leaves to get help.

Max:   Death explains why those paintings are taken. They show Death.

Death comes to those who are about to die. Some painters survive and paint him. The stolen paintings are modified a bit and returned.

The brotherhood has to go through purification by fire. Death used Max to do his plans.

Death didn't need to intervene.

(Other ending dialogues:    He saved Max from drowning at the Hermitage tunnel and had him found by others.

Death kept him from falling off the tall ladder at the library.(

Mirror:    Go to the mirror and click on it. Max breaks the mirror.

Take a mirror shard.

(Other ending dialogues:    There's no coming back when you choose that path. I hope you thought it through.)

Death persuades Max that suicide is not the answer.

Table leg:  Click to remove the grill of the window. It held. (There's nothing to fear Max.)

In far view, look up and right click the light bulb. See the table leg Max placed on the wire of the light bulb.

Take the chair and Max moves it below the light.

Click on light bulb and Max climbs on the chair. Click the light bulb again to get the table leg.                                                                                                            

He falls and drops the table leg. Pick up the table leg from the foot of the bed.

Use the table leg on window grill.

Lara:    Lara hears another crash.

Take the axe from the red fire cabinet at right. Lara uses the axe on the door.

See what happens.

What happens when Lara enters the room depends on what was NOT done during the game.

The other endings will differ on what happened afterwards to Max, to Lara's record, to Lara's job and to Ostankovic depending on a single or combination of events noted above.


It's too soon to lose hope.

Memento Mori - Remember, you are mortal

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