The Mistery Walkthrough Part II
The Discovery of Heaven

An Online Adventure By The MisteryMaster

Walkthrough by Inferno

September 2003

If you have a dialup connection (such as this poor adventurer... be prepared to wait (ah! the agony of it all!) some time as the various pages load.
Do this ***especially at the ends*** of the Chapters as sometimes there are passwords which take a minute or five to load and appear. It's very easy to miss them. Oh let's face it, if all you've got is a "dial-up" be prepared to wait as much as from 5 to 10 minutes for things to load.

Remember: Patience is a virtue!

The best place to start for me has always been at the beginning: The Mistery Part II Click on the skull, this will take you to the games. There are two adventures here. This walkthrough is for the one on the right. The walkthrough for the one on the left can be found here.

Saving: Use your Bookmarks or Favorites from you're browser...but remember this is a "Flash" project ...which means that basically the save points are few and far between. Make sure that your Pop up Blocker is disengaged.

(sorry folks)

Have a couple of browsers open for research (and a notebook wouldn't hurt either). You might want to save this humble walkthrough and then pull it up and keep it opened while your a reference.

Also keep in mind that at the end of each "Episode " or "Chapter", you'll have to click on the"Quit"button. Then go back to the Intro page in order to advance to the next chapter.

So now, to begin:

Click on the graphic of Jesus Christ. This will bring you to the Mistery II index screen (bookmark this) there
are 7 parts to this (7 stairs to heaven? 7 deadly sins? 7 vestal virgins??? who knows???).


Episode One

The Stairway to Heaven


You're presented with a map, and a commentary about the source of the "Stairway to Heaven", also known as La Scala Pilati. You can find out more about it here: (Scala Sancta) You're going to want to explore the article about relics here. (just click on the link.)

Back at the adventure, click on the red flashing light when you're ready. This will take you to a staircase of ancient one. At the Bottom of the pillars you can see some writing. Go ahead and click on these. You'll find 2 biblical verses:


These are accessed in either order ...but be careful to read and understand the message that they bring as you move your cursor into the Hallowed archway click on the left side panel.


The next section might bring back some found memories for those of us who spent our adolescence with the good nuns and brothers of Higher Catholic Education... remember these being passed around in study hall??? I do.

Remember to close your eyes. Yikes! I can still see it. Haunting isn't it? ...

As you reach the top of the last step you can see behind the gate: The Sancta Sanctorum... a chapel which houses the Acheropita. You can read more about it here:

Pass through the gates to enter the Chapel.

Ah, yes ....passwords favorite. The first one is
"ftsot". After you've made a note of it
(or printed out this walkthrough), Close the window.

...and it's on to:




Episode 2

The Shroud of Turin

Enter your password...what? you didn't write it down? Goodness...I guess you'll just have to stay after school then won't you?

oh...all right (stop your may use mine for now, but do try and keep up, will you?)

Remember: As in the Mistery Part I, the trick is all lower case letters.

Well then, here we are in the Sancta Sanatorium (Holiest of Holies) Click on the Acheropita on the altar.

ooohhhh! a puzzle.

The idea here is the put everything in the right order. Sort of on the idea of a Match Game. At your first click you were presented with main icons surrounding the image. Each one means something. After they have rotated in and out of view ...You notice that the image itself is divided into 4 sections:
Upper Center
Lower Center

Click on the Top section of the image and receive a biblical hint.

The first hint asks you for the Alpha and the Omega. (The beginning and the end) So, choose the upper left and the lower right icons to reveal the top quarter of the Acheropita.

Next click on the Upper Center section of the blank image. Hey! Yet another hint. Choose the two icons which will match to it. And so it goes until the image is complete. ...What's wrong hard???

Well, if you really can't figure it out...the answers are all below. Once the image is finished then click on the Image to partially open the grate to reveal a parchment ...or is it a Shroud? Click on the image once more . Do you see any writing at the bottom of the Image? Can't make it out, can you?...neither can I. But the top said something.

John 10:9:
I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come
in and go out, and find pasture.

More clues and info can be found here:

Nehemiah 6 4
4 Four times they sent me the same message, and each time I gave
them the same answer.

Numbers 22 28
28 Then the LORD opened the donkey's mouth, and she said to Balaam,
"What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?"

I'm sure that here is a clue here somewhere ...maybe it tells you how many times you've clicked on the Image.

No matter, Click on this image once again. Then click on the grating under the altar and then on the parchment inside the cubby hole. Neat! The Shroud of Turin, and this also has a clue. Take a look at that Shroud, up at the top notice the inscription
Ruth 3:4. Here's the Clue:

"When he lies down, note the place where he is lying. Then go and
uncover his feet and lie down. He will tell you what to do."

Maybe we should click on the Shroud, try the lower part of it the feet.

A Secret has been revealed!

sounds like a direction or location to me. hmmmmmmmmm,

Episode 3

The Missing Piece

No, not another password. Find the name of the place that the coordinates describe. You can start your research here:

Still can't figure it out? Use an Atlas and check the coordinates. Or just type in "43.21N 5.21W into a Google Search and you'll get this:

And which town matches up????


Here's the answer below:

So go ahead and type in the name of this little town in Spain...'s ok, I'll wait....

Really can't find it, huh? OK,ok...I'm not that wicked... Check the answer in the table below .


A cedar chest huh? Oh Dear...on with the pixel hunt!
...not having any luck?

Well, there is a little pot bellied stove over here on the right. Click on it ...go ahead.


It seems that you've found your way to an "Ancient Tablet"


Now, what did it say?
"One Man Closing in Victory, Prior to Increase" and then it looks like it wants you to enter the 4 Numbers code. Sounds tough.......


In the Ancient Religions (even the Christian ones) numbers were as important as words, sometimes more. Have a lookie see over here:

One = 1
Man = 6
Closing in Victory = 40
Prior to Increase = 70

So, it follows that the code should be
1,6,40 and 70.

eh, voila!

Oh, I know it's dark in there ...but don't be such a wuss! Come on...enter inside the gate! Behold the cedar chest, now covered with silver plating as befits its contents. Ahh! but can you open it to find what was inside???? If you read that previous search about "Oviedo" you'd know that The Sudarium (the cloth that covered Christ's face was inside.)

We open up the chest (there are two small brown latches in the front) to find this ancient cloth and a map of 7 Churches is revealed. These are the 7 Churches of Revelation. Shall we go see them? Mind the Password!

The 7 Churches are located in:


You can read more about them here:


Episode 4:

The Book of Revelation

Enter the password

Here are some research and info pages which may help you:

The first story (or Church), is actually a pretty famous one located in Turkey. The story is known as The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus: Now that you have some background ....let's get into the game!

Click Next and find that you are now somewhere in a field with boulders and rocks and the ruins of some ancient buildings. Find the entryway between the two pillars. oohhhh....looks pretty dark in here. We need to find some light. Try the left hand wall near the top. Ahhh, Now that's better. If you've read the story of the Seven Sleepers, you know that there is more to do here. There is money involved...coins to be precise. See if you can locate it. When you do, Click on it, then again to turn it will be encircled with stars (Look for it atop the left-hand crypt.)Read the tablet (at the foot of the right-hand crypt)to find out the ending for this tale.

Click once more and the episode will continue. Watch out through the oil lamps will be blown out and you'll be soon in the dark looking for yet another password....If you're too quick to click on "Close this window"'ll miss it.

Episode 5:

The Synagogue of Satan

enter the password "bones"

...and also known as the Second Church of Smyrna. Fear not (it sounds like a maze!)

Click on the left side on the weeping angel and read the story of the death of a saint. Click on the front and the angel asks you to give the name of the martyr. Any ideas???

Here's a hint.

It's the story of Saint Polycarp. Type in the name and then follow the dove to the small opening on the right. Search the lower left quarter of your screen for his sacred bones, when you find them, they will spell out
"POLYCARP" click on them once again and they will change to your new password "prayclop" . Click on them once again and the black screen appears. Don't click on "Close the Window" until you see the password sign.

Want to know more on St. Polycarp??? Click Here.


Episode 6:

Satan's Seat

enter the password

"...and to the Angel in Pergamos......" What the *&*%^$ does that mean? Well let's just see:

This may give you and insight or two.

The Zeus Altar (Satan's Seat)

here's some information (a little light reading)

...and here's what it actually looks like today:,3,7,20,111&img=TWNAPG06

anyway after all your research is done. Click on the bias relief at the bottom of the altar. Yikes! Have we entered into the gates of Hell? ...hmmmm looks like there's some writing in the sand here. Click on it.

wonder what it means?

Zeus Altar

OK...perhaps it means "Hi guys!...betcha can't catch the snake!!!" Well, let's just show the MisteryMaster what we adventure gamers are made of. Catch the snake!

(Hint: put your cursor over the lower right portion of the writing and wait for the snake to come to you.)

JeezeLouise! it turned into a staff! (I guess that's what snakes do.) Click on it and the snake will encircle the staff. 's a symbol. Doesn't that remind you of something??? Sort of like a Caduceus? Click on the symbol and you'll understand the writing in the sand.

Let's see the patron god of healing....medicine ....doctors....

Oh yes. Must be Asklepios or is it Aesculapius? Could be Asclepius or even Aesclepios. Which one???


When you think you know, go ahead and click on the statue.

Sorry, couldn't resist! But there was a clue....The MisteryMaster wanted the Greek Spelling (which was the first one!)

Oh Dear! Now we found out just what happen to Asklepios. Click on the white stone and read the inscription. Then click once more. Remember to wait for the password.

on to the final episode....

Episode 7:

The Temple of Baal

enter the password

Temple of Baal

I guess this brings us to the Church of Thyatira.

This will give you some insight.

So just Who is this Jezebel? Bettie Davis??? Oh no, that was a Civil War movie now , wasn't it???

Let do some research:

Wow...sure sounds like a part Betty Davis could really sink her teeth into... (now, now. Just kidding)

A temple...let's see if someone is at home...go on ...your the adventurer here on the opening and go in.

Well, what do we have here? Three passages....hmmmmm ... Let's see if you click on the one on the left, you go back 
outside...The one on the right does nothing....yet

I guess we want the one in the middle. "Ole Jezzi", herself.

So, now that you know what she looks like, click again on her to minimize... and leave the temple...yes, leave the temple. When your outside take a good look around... see any thing interesting? How about those columns over there on the left? There are four of them ...try clicking on the one closest to the temple.


Now what did you do?

Well let's take a look at the damage. Click on the fallen stone slab. Try the face in the middle. Kripes! you've broken it! Oh well, click in the center anyway...Hey! All Right! you've found Jezebel's seal. Now go back in to the temple and click on the center bias relief. Click once more on that lighter circle to the left of her waist. Yippee! You've finally opened up the gate...(Took you long enough, though.)

Well, this looks creepy. doesn't it? Who killed Jezebel? See, I told you to do a little research, didn't I? The answer is here:

and of course at the bottom (if you are lazy and don't want to do the research.)

Click Next

WOW! You've destroyed the temple. You are now ready to take your place among the IronRodWinners.



Passwords and Puzzle Solves


Episode 2 password : fpsot

Puzzle solve:

Episode 3 name of the place: oviedo
Puzzle Solve:

One = 1
Man = 6
Closing in Victory = 40
Prior to Increase = 70

Episode 4 password: ephesus

Episode 5 password: bones

Episode 6 password: prayclop
Patron god of medicine: Asklepios (Greek)

Episode 7 password: jezebel

Episode 7 endgame password: jehu


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