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Walkthrough by MaGtRo

December 19, 2001

Game Play: The game is mixed keyboard and mouse manipulations. The movement uses the arrows of the keyboard including page up for look up and page down for look down.  The inventory manipulations and other possible actions are controlled by the mouse. After installing the game, a game manipulation practice segment with Monet is started. Pressing the Esc key brings up the main menu and some cut scenes can be stopped by pressing Enter. The inventory is accessed by pressing the space bar. An automatic save starts at the beginning of a puzzle or the new location. The game has several timed sequences and ample time is given in most cases. Inventory items are in bold letters below. Monet's paintings are the scenes of the game.  The Gallery at the main menu shows the paintings of Monet, the title and other information about the paintings.

The Orangery is in ruins and the French government is deciding between restoration as a museum to keep the artwork of Monet or for oil well construction. The final decision was to restore it and hired a young architect (gamer) to oversee the restoration. Celeon Derek, the oil well project backer is angry about the decision and he will contact Ernest in Le Havre port tomorrow.

Normandy, Le Havre Port

The scene on the waterfront is Monet's "Impression: sunrise". The Captain of the ship, an old friend of Monet greets the architect. The Mayor of the Le Havre waits on the dock and gives instruction to call Monet as soon as the architect arrives to tell him when he can visit him in Giverny. Click on visiting card from Monet and drop it in inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. Talk to the captain twice and he points you to a telephone. Go to the right side of the dock by pressing right arrow key on keyboard, towards the dark brown shed passing a telephone pole with an attached box on the left. Push the barrel close to the wall of the shed using the mouse and get the key. Go forward to the far side of the shed, left, left and use key on door. The mouse cursor placed on the door shows an arrow with green circle to denote an action is needed. Press space bar, get key from inventory using mouse and click it on the door. Enter using Ctrl key and forward arrow. Note: A gamers stated: As I clicked to pick up the card on the phone I pressed the 'run' key and forward. This let me get into the hut.

Telephone puzzle - Get the Watchmaker business card off the phone. Click on the phone and find that no dial tone is heard, just a buzz. Click on it again. Go behind the desk, look down (press page down on keyboard) and open bottommost drawer. Get the handle. Go back out (use ctrl and forward arrow keys) of the shed, turn right, right, forward to the back of the shed, right and forward to a box on telephone pole. Use handle on box. Pull lever down. Go back to the shed and use the phone.
A conversation is overheard between Celeon and Ernest. It is about the plan to dynamite the Orangery and the timer is to be obtained in a watchmaker shop (shown by the card leaning on the phone before) in Rouen. Zimbozo, the clown is in on the plan. Uh oh! The eavesdropping was detected. Have to hide now. 
Escape timed puzzle - Get the rope behind the door. Look up (press page up) and see a hook on the trap door on the roof. Use rope on hook. Automatically climb to the roof. 
Turn around and walk on roof (joining of the 2 roof lines - shed and the adjacent building) to the other side passing 2 chimneys. Jump down (press Ctrl and forward arrow keys) to the rail tracks on the ground. Climb on the rail car and go forward until a lever on the right is seen. Turn right to the lever and click on it. Go forward passing a tunnel until the end of the tracks.

Le Havre Station

The scene is Monet's "Train in the snow". Get off on the right side the rail car. Go forward passing the left side of the tree. Turn left and walk through the snow towards the fenced buildings. Careful! - there is a frozen river with very thin ice on the right. Turn left by the fence, forward and then right, passing a lady selling roasted chestnuts.

 Two windows down, talk and try to buy a 5 francs ticket to Rouen from the ticket seller using the money in inventory. He does not have change for 100 francs. Take the money, turn right, forward, pass a window and then enter the door at the end of the building. Pick up the wood plank

Go back out to the lady selling chestnuts and buy some with the 100 francs. She gives you chestnut. When she gives the change, a magpie swoops down and gets the coin. 

Magpie puzzle - Turn left, forward pass the fence, turn right close to the frozen river and see the bird on the ground. Go towards it and the magpie flies across the river and to the right. Go towards the building by the rail car and then go close to the frozen river. See the bird sitting on a grilled fence on the other side of the river. Place the plank on hotspot found on the snow bank on your side of the river right across where the bird is.

Save game here. The scene is Monet's "Magpie". Carefully walk the plank to the other side. Click the chestnut on bird and it drops the coin and picks up the chestnut. Save game here. Timed puzzle starts.

Ticket timed puzzle - Pick the coin up. Go to the other side of the frozen river using the plank. Run (use the Ctrl and forward arrow keys) now, turn right and go back to ticket seller. Find him asleep. Turn left, forward to the end of the train engine. Turn left and see a rope pull hanging inside the coal tender car. Pull rope and a horn blast sounds. That woke him up! Go back to ticket seller, give coin and get ticket. Turn right, forward to passenger train, left, forward to the end of the passenger cars and turn right to the train conductor. Give him the ticket. Enjoy the train ride to Rouen.

The scene is Monet's painting "Rouen Cathedral, main portal, full sunlight". Turn right, go forward and talk to the cinematographer. and he says that it is too sunny to watch the film he took that morning. Turn around and go forward to clown. Talk to Zimbozo, the clown and after his act a postcard of the cathedral is in inventory. 

Turn right and forward to the Police Sergeant. Talk to the Sergeant and click watchmaker business card from inventory on him. After his talk with Ernest, the man with the briefcase (containing a timer) coming out of the shop, you will be facing the cathedral again. 

The scene now is Monet's "Rouen Cathedral, the west portal; dull weather".Go back to talk to cinematographer and now it is cloudy enough to view the film. Move behind the projector, look down and pick up the reel and click it on projector's reel holder. Watch an old film of Monet painting the cathedral. The cinematographer says that his film taken that morning is gone. 

Turn right and go towards the caravan parked on the other side of the plaza. Look on the caravan's right front wheel and pick up the reel used as a hubcap. 

Go back to cinematographer and give him the reel. Watch the film and see the clown and Ernest walk together and then enter the caravan.

Go to the caravan, to the far back window on the side facing the tree, click window and listen. Hear that the boss is in Giverny keeping Monet busy as well as establishing an alibi while they plant the bomb. They will meet at St. Lazare station. They counted 2 sticks of dynamite and noted that a third one is missing. They also plan to grab the architect to prevent his meeting with Monet.

Turn right and talk to cinematographer. He will cover you in case of danger while searching the caravan. 

Caravan puzzle - Go to the front of the caravan, look down and pick up the key under the right side of the steps. Use key on door of caravan, enter. The cinematographer gives the alert that the clown is coming. Timed. Turn right and enter the curtain on the right wall. Wait until the clown leaves after talking. Exit the curtain and click twice on chest by the door. Look down and pick up the dynamite. Exit the caravan. 
Turn right, go to the Police Sergeant and give him the dynamite. Zimbozo got to him before you did. That weasel! He now wants to arrest you. After he talks, timed puzzle to get away starts. Turn right, forward, right and click on bicycle leaning by the wall of the cafe (it is not there before the talk with the sergeant). Cycle out of town and automatically ride the train to Giverny.


The scene is Monet's "The painter's house at Argenteuil". Forward, turn left, forward to table and pick up honey jar on table. Forward to door of Monet's studio. Knock on door. Give Monet the calling card from the mayor. Enter. Monet continues to paint his " Blue waterlilies". He tells you to go visit his terrace garden and also look out for his missing purple paint tube. 

Go out to the terrace garden and down the step to the lower garden. The scene is from Monet's The artist's garden at Vethuil, "Garden in flower" and "Waterlillies, green harmony". Turn left and get ladder by a tree. Place ladder on window of the studio. Turn back, forward and pick up a fishing rod leaning on another tree. Move forward to the other end of the garden and see a chest on the right side. Open it and get 2 paddles.

Go back up to the table in the terrace garden. Go to the flower plant in a pot on the left side of the main door and see/hear a bee buzzing. Click honey jar on it. Pick up purple paint tube.

Go back to Monet and give him the purple paint tube. He tells you to look around the studio while he finish his painting. Look around the studio and learn about his art by clicking on painting. Paintings seen are Monet's - "Coquelicots (Poppies, near Argenteuil)", "La japonaise", "Portrait of the artist" and "The boat at Giverny". By the table is a Japanese print and a picture of Monet in a motorcar. Pick up the cork off the top of the wine bottle.

After Monet stops painting, give him the Rouen Cathedral postcard. He does not believe your story. He takes you out to the garden to meet Celeon. A noise is heard and Celeon shouts that there's a masked man in the garden and to help him catch him. Pick up the white glove he dropped on the ground. Go down to the garden and look around. After some time, a cry for help from Monet is heard. Go back up, enter the studio and see Monet unconscious and gagged. Ernest has a gun pointed at you. He steals a painting (Coquelicots), locks the door and says "Good luck fishing for the key". Hear a sound of something dropping in water. 

Release Monet, go to the other end of the studio where Monet was painting, click on canvas on floor and get the hammer behind the canvas. Turn back to the window at the other end of the studio and use hammer on window. Automatically climb through and down to the garden. 

Key puzzle - Go forward and right to the boat. Look down on boat while on the shore and see a hole on the left end of the boat. Place cork on hole. Get on boat. Turn to each side and click oars on paddle holders. Go forward until just after passing under the bridge and see the key on the right side of the boat. Click the fishing rod on the key. Go forward or go backwards until the original docking area is reached. Turn left, press shift key to jump off the boat.
Either climb the ladder to the window and then use the key on door or go back to the studio door via terrace garden and use the key on door. Monet says that he will report the incident to the police and now he believes your story. Go back to the gate on the side of the house. Paris here we come.

Paris, St. Lazare station

The scene is from Monet's "Saint-Lazare station" and " Saint-Lazare station, train arriving". Go forward to the station's offices, turn right on brick pavement, forward and left on next hallway. 

Talk to station man sitting in the office at the far end. He says that to get to the Orangery, use the metro, but it is under repair. So, take the Omni bus that will leave in 10 minutes. 

Find the villain puzzle - Poppy, the dog jumps up and starts barking. Talk to station man again and find out that Poppy tracks by smell. Click white glove on Poppy. Follow Poppy and try to open door. Go right, left and left again (might see Poppy on the way). Enter waiting room and look at broken grill - that's where Poppy escaped from!! Click on grill and enter automatically. 

Go forward, left, left and see Celeon searching his pockets. Lost something? He threatens you. Timed! Immediately turn around, look up and click on nail holding rope to wall. The chandelier drops on Celeon. Turn to the chair blocking the door and get the key. Use key on middle, second from the right locker (no label). Get painting.

Click on chair to open door. Give painting to station man. Turn left, forward, right, forward out to the streets and towards the carriage drawn by horse to the right.


Move forward towards the small dark building to the right. Turn left, right and enter the shed. Pick up garden shears and water pot. Use water pot on gardener. So, the fiends have already planted the dynamites. 

Save game here!! Go out the door and see the clown on top of the museum with a gun. RUN towards the left side of the museum - do not pass on the open courtyard in front of the museum. Pick up crowbar leaning on wall of the museum.

Go forward to the other end of the museum and see a manhole cover in the garden. Use crowbar on manhole cover. Go down. 


Go down 2-3x and turn right 2x. Save Game !!!!! Pull lever to turn on the lights in the sewer and start the hardest Timed Puzzle in the game to get to the dynamites.

Dynamite timed puzzleRun whenever on the pavement. Save Game when necessary. Go forward (right side when facing the ladder) until a plank is seen on the right. Cross plank carefully - align view of plank straight and then cross. Turn right, forward until the second plank is seen on the right. Cross plank. Turn right, forward until the pickaxe is seen. Pick up pickaxe. Go back to plank. Cross plank. Turn right, forward until the grillwork. Turn left, click on grilled gate. 

Enter, forward, left, forward and turn right, forward to second room. Use pickaxe on wall with light cement around bricks. 

Enter hole. *Climb steps. Use pickaxe on wall. Enter. (Saved Game starting here) Use garden shears on dynamite. Whew!!!!!!


*Gamers playing the game using Win 98 OS might not see the steps. Win XP gamers have no problem on this part. 

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