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System Requirements


     I. Getting Inside the Herculania
    II. Inside the Herculania
   III. Neurographicon Machine
  I V. Theater & Theater Foyer
    V. Guest Quarters, Vaporarium, Mudroom, Herbal Lab
   VI. 2nd Floor and 1st Floor
  VII. Sanitorium and Neurographicon Lab
VIII. Leo Galte’s Dream World
   IX. Back Aboard the Herculania and Gathering More Clues
    X. Belle Swan’s Dream World
   XI. Bill Mexler Clues
  XII. Bill Mexler’s Carnival Dream
XIII. Gathering More Clues for our next dream
XIV. Claire Moon’s Room
  XV. Gathering Clues for Grace Thermon
XVI. Grace Thermon’s Dream World [Nightmare World!]
XVII. Neurographicon Lab & End game

System Requirements
Pentium, 8MB RAM,
4X CD-ROM drive,
640x480 display (256 color or higher),
Windows 95,
Windows compatible sound card, mouse.

Publisher - Piranha Interactive Publishing, Inc.
Publisher Phone(800) 747-2642
Operating SystemPC, Windows 95, MAC MSRP PC
Category - Adventure MSRP MAC
Release Date:09/30/98 Age Group:13+
Available at Electronic Boutique on 9/30/98

     From ALL the Adventure games that I have played, I found Morpheus to be one of the best...I would rate this game between an 8-10 on a scale of Adventure games....[1 being the lowest and 10 being the best of the best!]. Morpheus is a game for Adventure game lovers. You will be submerged into a world somewhere between the Titanic [not the game!], and the Phantom of the Opera. This game is full of adventure, many puzzles within puzzles, and many different "worlds" or "dreams" to visit.

     The game begins in the 1950's, where you find yourself aboard a ship that has been icebound for nearly 70 years in the Arctic. You play a character who is seeking out the truth behind the disappearance of your father. You find out much later in the game what has happened to him....not to mention the others on the ship! The ship was especially designed by J.C. Pharris for his adopted son, Jan, and his experimentation with a machine he calls the: Neurographicon machine. Six very special guests have been invited on the Herculania's maiden voyage. Unbeknownst to them, they are about to embark on a personal crusade of Jans [the adopted disfigured son of Jonathan Cleveland Pharris].
     J.C. Pharris has spared no expense in accommodating his passengers and their needs and/or wishes.  Each passenger shares a "history" with Jan, JC or each other in one aspect or another. Each of their rooms have been customized to their likes and dislikes. An Assistant, Dr. Malherbe, is there to help Jan provide the correct herbal serum for each passenger so that they may take the "journey into their dreams."

     The Herculania began it's maiden voyage to the sea on November 17, 1928 and ended it's journey stuck in the frozen ice 3-5 days later. It has been stuck in the ice ever since. Where did everybody go? Were they rescued, did they freeze to death, or are they still aboard the ship? You will soon find out.

     I found this game to be a WONDERFUL game, and I very HIGHLY recommend this game to all who are as addicted to Adventure games as I am. You will not be disappointed. Many of the puzzles are somewhat difficult, but by paying attention to the "visions" or "flashbacks", taking notes and sheer perseverance can be solved. A few of the puzzles I found quite difficult but managed to get them and finish the game.

     You will NOT be disappointed in this game. That, I promise!

     Take care all....and look for MORPHEUS to fly to the top! In my opinion, this game has the potential to match Myst, Riven, Lighthouse, Shivers, and even Black Dahlia!


I. Getting Inside the Herculania

1) Click and hold down the mouse button. Move right & forward beyond the cargo bay area.

2) Turn left, click on the Herculania life preserver.

3) Turn right, and go all the way down the side of the ship.

4) Click on doors [sealed by airlock]. Back off the doors.

5) Turn to the right and zoom in on the DISTRESS CANISTER.

6) Click on the hammer and watch. The balloon gets stuck.

7) Turn around and head back to the rear of the ship. Watch the vision of Malherbe as he hangs
     himself on the cargo bay.

8) After seeing this vision, walk left and up the stairs. Turn right and click on the LAUNCH controls. [see picture below].


    [a] Grab the FLARE control and pull DOWN and to the LEFT. Set the FLARES as shown in the
    picture above.
    [b] Grab the RANGE control, pull to the RIGHT as shown in the picture above.

    [c] Pull down on the LAUNCH HANDLE, then move to the right and the CARGO BAY CONTROLS.

    [d] Pull the CARGO RELEASE.

9) Go down the steps and to the DISTRESS POD on the right side. Zoom in on that and listen to JC

10)Now go step on the cargo bay area and go down.

    [a] Read the letter from Malherbe.

    [b] Turn around and zoom in on the cargo controls. Pull the RIGHT lever to lower to the 2nd floor.
    Back off the cargo controls and turn all the way around. Open the door [breaches all the airlocked
    doors]. Enter and look down. Turn around, forward twice, left, forward to the steel garage looking
    gate. Turn left and examine the box of radioactive materials. Puzzled?

    [c] Return to the cargo controls, go DOWN to the 3rd level. Examine the rare flowers from Indonesia.
    Turn left from the flowers and go forward to the steel garage-looking door.  Turn right and enter the

    [d] This door takes you back up on deck. Walk forward to the left side of the ship and the airlock
    doors. Turn left and look at the bird nest and eggs. Enter the doors.

II. Inside the Herculania

Awfully dark in there, huh? Need some light? Walk forward and out the next set of doors. Then turn right and enter the ship again. Go down the stairs and then turn around at the doors. Face the stairs and the banister. Check out the attached picture for the SOLAR POWERED LIGHT CONTROL (see picture below).


Zoom in on the end of the banister. Light Controls? It's possible. Click on it!  Have fun exploring!

III. Neurographicon Machine

Go around the banister on the left [you can use the right side, too]. Turn left and go through the doors. Go down the stairs, through the doors and move to the center of the room. Enter through the double doors. Turn left and zoom in on the SOLAR VOLTAIC CIRCUITS [see picture below].


Turn right and look at the A I V SEQUENCER and push the button on the left. Now enter the control booth. Pull the handle on the far right side just below the dial reading [notice the positioning of the control booth on the horizontal slider above the INJECTORS]. Next push the button just below the VENTRICLE sign. Slide the device in front of you all the way to the left and note that the ATRIUM has now lighted up. Push the button on the left to lower the device.  Reach for and pull the lever on the far right side to move ahead to the INJECTORS. Push the button on the right. Click on the INJECTORS in front of you and notice that the INJECTOR light has now be turned on or activated. Push the button on the left to lower the Injectors. Pull the lever on the far right [the control pod will turn around]. Pull the lever on the far left and you will go backwards to the final VENTRICLE area. Push the button on the right, swing the handle in the middle of the device all the way to the left. Notice that the Ventricle light is now activated. Return the mobile control pod to its original position or by pulling the left lever you will back up to the area of the cargo bay you once entered.

You have now activated power to the Atrium, Injectors and the Ventricle areas of the NEUROGRAPHICON device. Notice that the lights on the A I V Sequencer
are now on and activated. Pull down the lever on the right. You will see a flashback of Jan and his father, Jonathan Cleveland Pharris arguing about the Neurographicon machine. You should be aware by now of what you have been fooling around with!! Exit the Control room and return to the main floor.

IV. Theater & Theater Foyer

Enter the foyer to the theater. Click on each of the 4 projection devices, beginning with the one to the right of the theater entry doors. Move clockwise around the room from one projection device to another until you have viewed, reviewed and taken notes on each of the 4 devices.

Enter the theater, click on the film projector and watch the short film.  Upon exiting the theater, pick up and read the postcard from Claire Moon to her Uncle. Click forward and watch. See that flashback? Who might that be? And where’s that dog now?

V. Guest Quarters, Vaporarium, Mudroom, Herbal Lab

Move beyond the banister, through the doors and examine each of the rooms, who is in what room and be sure to notice that each passenger, including Dr. Malherbe, has a 3 digit code to enter
the room. Notice, too, the replica of the Herculania in the middle of the hallway. Click on that. Exit the double doors beyond Mexler and Malherbe’s rooms and into the Vaporarium [see picture below]


Zoom in on the fountain and watch the flashback of Ms. Grace Thermon and Bill Mexler. Turn right, enter the Herbal Lab. Zoom in on the table and on the frog. Also zoom in on the chair and watch the flashback of Grace Thermon and Dr. Malherbe. Exit the Herbal Lab and go directly into the Mud Room. Zoom in on the toilet [more on this later!] Check out the Mud bath as well, as long as you’re in there.

VI. 2nd Floor and 1st Floor

Go up to the
2nd floor, and to the Ballroom doors. Click on the sign that advertises Belle Swans performance. Enter the room and click on the wheelchair item. next, click on the jesters hat on the floor to the left of the wheelchair. Move right and enter the Orchid Atrium. Move to the center of the Atrium and turn around. Move to the center of the Atrium and face the double doors. Enter the closet area and click on the diagram of the Atrium [see picture below]. Make a note of the layout design for each orchid as this is of significant importance later in the game.


Now click on the greenhouse watering system. Walk around the Atrium and examine each of the plants. Be sure to click on the net leaning against the wall in this room. Exit the Atrium and exit to the outside of the ship by the right side of the ballroom. Go up the stairs and around the corner. Zoom in on the handkerchief on the bench.

Enter the captains bridge and begin by zooming in on the recording device on the far right side.  Now, at least, you have a better idea of what occurred all those years ago. Exit the other side of the bridge and go all the way around and down the stairs [do not take the first set of stairs]. Just to the right of the lifeboat, zoom in on the snow. You’ll see what happened to Belle Swans poor little pooch!. Enter the ship through the doors ahead and into the ballroom. Exit the ballroom and head through the doors on the right side of the huge clock. Notice all the boxers?

Uh oh....one of the paintings is missing. Leo Galte’s painting is missing. Welter Weight, huh? You can click on the lower area that will show the weight class, or the higher area shows a video of Leo & Belle.. Enter the main doors to the Gymnasium. Check out the
pool area, the free weights [which weights are missing?], the rowing machine, the jogger machine, the boxing ring and the scale.

Notice anything in particular about the weight allowances for Welter Weights? When you know Leo Galtes room code, or you think you know his code, exit the Gymnasium, enter the elevator and push Level 3.

Exit the elevator, turn around and head
for Leo Galtes doors. Enter the code and push the left button [see picture spoiler below].


Inside Leo Galte’s room, zoom in on the bed. Examine the table to the right of the bed carefully. Notice the painting that was missing in the hallway seems to have found its way to Leo’s room.  Click on the box with the rose on it. Examine the piece of paper attached to the top of the box.  Now take the red serum bottle in your hand. Time to head for lala land and happy dreams of Leo Galte!

VII. Sanitorium and Neurographicon Lab

After retrieving the serum from Leo Galte’s room, it’s time to head for the Sanitorium
and the Neurographicon lab. Exit Leo’s room, head to the elevator and get off on level 4. You’ve just entered the Sanitorium. Walk forward and look at each of the pods. Push the button on each one and watch the short video scene for each person, visitor, passenger. Turn around and begin heading back to the elevator. Turn left and zoom in on the POD RETRACTOR machine [see picture below].

Enter the 3 digit code that you saw on the rose box in Leo’s room. Pull the handle down on the right.


When the flashback between J.C. Pharris and Dr. Malherbe concludes, head for the secret doorway along the tiled wall. [Insert disc 3]

As you enter this room through the spiraling stairs, you have just entered the NEUROGRAPHICON
pods and lab. Examine each of the pods and finally, zoom in on the huge green cocoon looking pod at the end. That’s Jan Pharris, the deformed adopted son of J.C. Pharris, and biological son of Leo Galte and Belle Swan!!

Turn around and enter the open pod. This is a good time to save your game! [Neurographicon pod picture below]


Insert the serum from Leo’s room into the rose receptacle. Happy travels!


You appear in front of Molly’s 3 Blooms for a Penny flower cart. You’ll need to collect 3 roses to complete Leo’s dream and return to the Neurographicon and the Herculania. Click on the cart a few times for a look inside.

Turn around and head to the right of the Bow Street Police Station. Turn left, enter the police station through a side door. Notice the 6 maps on the wall and then be sure to notice each of the police desks.

1) Muffy, the dog is missing and was last seen at Sweeney’s Meats

2) Colored name plates with matching colored push pins. [see photo below]


Now go around the police counter and enter the Morgue. Notice all 6 jail cells contain one unique item. Remember what item is in each cell. Exit the jail cells and note the keys on the desk. [see picture below]


Exit the police station, turn right, and head for Ms. Pettibones Boarding house. Look around and enter the library area. See the telephone? More on that later! Go upstairs. Enter the first room on the left and notice the knitting needle and yarn. Be sure to take note of the postcard video in this room, as well [Big Ben - London, England]. Exit and enter the room next to that one.

Notice the tea cup and postcard video [Hong Kong Harbor]. Continue investigating the other 4 rooms upstairs, being sure to make notes on the items in each room and the locations of the video postcards. When you have looked and made notes for each room, leave the Boarding House and return to the police station. Using the keys and jail cell assignments, in combination with the colored names and matching push pins, and with the items within each of the jail cells and boarding house rooms, take one colored push pin at a time and insert it into the appropriate location on the maps. Solution below!

OPHELIA [red] = London, knitting needle & yarn, jail cell # 2
TESS [purple] = Paris, single glove, jail cell # 1
MOLLY [green] = New York, flute, jail cell # 3
INGRID [yellow] = Egypt, decorative pin, jail cell # 6
LULU [blue] = Hong Kong harbor, tea cup, jail cell # 4
KITTY [aqua] = Rome, flowered hat box, jail cell # 5

When all push pins are placed correctly on the 6 maps, a rose will appear. Put the rose in Molly’s Flower cart. The first of 3 puzzles in Leo’s dream world has been solved.

Now head for Smedley’s Pub. Look at the beer handle dispensers behind the bar. Note each handle design carefully
. Now look around the bar. There are 6 booths, darts on each booth table, and a dart board over on the wall. Move left to the first table. Select a dart and throw it.

If it is the correct dart, the matching beer handle will dispense beer. It if is an incorrect dart, the dart will return to that table. Try again! When you have thrown the correct dart, move to the next table. Continue throwing the darts until you have been to each table and have matched all six darts with the corresponding handles. When you finish the sixth and final dart, all beer handle dispenser will begin dispensing beer and a secret passageway will open behind the fireplace.

Enter the secret passageway and then move towards the boxing ring. Right up Leo’s alley, huh? You know what to do with the rose.

Remember that missing dog, Muffy? Head back to the police station and take a look again at the missing dog sign on the desk. “Last seen at Sweeney’s Meats!” Head there now [to the left of
Smedley’s Pub, down the street and across the street from Henchley Bro. Merchant]. Enter
Sweeneys. Click on the dog tag and flip the tag around [see picture below].


Remember the phone at Ms. Pettibones Boarding House? Rush over there and answer the phone! What did he say about “winding up at the Morgue?” Uh oh., better go check it out. Now there’s somebody there. Go ahead, don’t be afraid. Take a closer look!


Let’s lighten things up a bit. How about a refreshing drink? Hop in the elevator and head for Level 1 and the Eden room (lounge). [insert disc 2] Exit the elevator, turn left and click on the colorful organ. Leo looks content, doesn’t he? Left again and note the card on the table [see picture below].


Back off the card, and spin left a little. Go forward and then turn left. Note the cards on the table. Click on the cards and watch the flashback. Now we understand why Leo was so mad at Bill Mexler before in his room! Remember?

Move around the lounge and find the cigar on the bar for another flashback. Exit the other doors into the huge globe spinning dining room. Turn left and click on the table with the cigar box.

Listen to Mexler and Ms. Grace Thermon talk and argue. Then click on the cigars. See something there? Click on the business card.

Now spin all the way around, exit the double doors to the captains bridge. You can listen to the ships log that J.C. Pharris recorded, watch the flashback of the boatsman, or any of the other equipment on the bridge. Exit the lounge and enter the elevator. Level 2 is where you’re headed next. It’s time for Belle Swans famous performance! Enter the ballroom, move left and forward of the sign. Turn right and click on the organ in the center of the room. Spin the dial at the bottom to her favorite song. Push the 3 musical instruments to match the cards on the tables in the lounge! Push the PLAY SELECTION button. [see picture below]


Bingo, must be her room code! Haste makes waste, so head for her room! Use the stairs for exercise or the elevator to the 3rd floor. Enter the code from the organ on her door [see picture below].



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