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Spring, 2001

Please Take Note

This document is a special help file, designed to clarify just a few of the more difficult, nagging problems people commonly have with Myst III, Exile. It is not a walkthrough, in any sense, nor is it a spoiler file. The intention is to help those players who want something in-between when they are just plain stuck. For a comprehensive, detailed walkthrough, please Click Here.

Voltaic age:

The Lava Room Controller
The Circuit Cylinder


Finding the Route to the Spore-Pod Plants









The Lava-Room Controller

The technique for operating the Red Knob on the Lava-Room controller is a little unusual. Do it like this:
  1. Place the cursor on the red knob and click once and release.
  2. You will get the "closed hand" cursor, indicating that you still have hold of the knob.
  3. Do not hold down the mouse button.
  4. Drag the knob up or down. It will only go a short distance, as shown here in the photo.
  5. Click the left mouse button again. The knob will then travel all the way around.
  6. At any given time, the controller will only operate in one direction. If the knob returns to its starting position, try the other direction.

The point is, it takes exactly two clicks
to move the knob.


When you are downstairs in the lava room, the object is to turn on the compressor fan. You are standing on a platform that has three positions: Low, Middle and High. Use the control knob to raise the platform once. Then pass the knob through the center slot to transfer the gear to the right side. Rotate the control knob again to raise the platform to the highest level, where you can access the fan switch.

After turning on the fan, lower the platform once, change the gear to the left, lower the platform all the way, and go to the upstairs controller. Raise the platform to reintroduce the lava and make hot compressed air.) Be sure you have finished with the control-gear in the left-hand position, between the platform and the large gear. It is possible to get the platform to the lowest position with the gear on the right, and when you raise the platform with the upstairs controller, it wouldn't turn the large gear and let in the lava. No hor air would result.)


By the way, the same technique is correct for many other items: the four marbles in the linking-book locks, that have to be set to 9 o'clock etc. are best handled this same way. Click on them and release the mouse button. It is very much easier to control their position when you are not also gripping the button. The Lift-lever at the steam-valves works the same way. Click-release, drag right for up or left for down, and click again.














The Generator Circuit

The circuit-cylinder only needs one circuit-board to be set correctly. Go to any one and click ONLY on the right side buttons. Twice on the top, five times on the bottom and once on the middle. Here's a picture of the completed circuit. The reason I am recommending doing the top and bottom portion first, is so that you can see when they are correct. Then, one more click on the middle will finish it.









The path to the Spore-Plants


Root Canal Woes?

Having trouble finding that alternate path in the hollow log? It's about halfway through the log, on the right as you're going back down, and not easy to see. It almost looks as though Saavedro carved his initials on the log you must crawl through.

Step through, to go find the "bloomin' onions."

Go in here AFTER you have set Mama-Big-Bird free.


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