Masters of the Elements

By Tivola

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     March, 2003

Gameplay:    Install the game by inserting the CD-Rom in the CD-Rom drive. Click on Start button and on 'Run'. Type CD-Rom drive letter\start:exe. Click OK and the game starts. The game runs best on 256 colors and 640x480 pixels. The introduction and other sequences can be skipped by left click of the mouse.

The game starts with a teaching sequence. You find yourself in the dark. Either click at the center of the screen or pull the chain. A mole, your teacher will get you to change the cursor to a glove, learn to move forward, move backward and finally, open the book. You move above ground and the Master of Chance narrates the background of the story - His cat has disappeared and you have to find it.

The aim of the game is to collect different lost pages of the book. The book also has the main menu. It has the chapters of the storybook that are accessed as you progress through the game. There is also the Open (load a saved game), Save and Quit. The saved game is placed in a folder that you will create in any folder in your hard drive. The different rooms in the Castle of Infinity can be accessed via the book. Each room has a Garden of Chance missing page. Once you retrieved a missing Garden of Chance page, the Master of Chance will tell you a story that contains clues that can help solve the mystery of the lost cat. Each chapter of the storybook can be played anytime and in any order. Read the chapters and important clues about each room are given. When all pages have been collected, the final challenge is at the Garden of Chance.

The clover leaves that appear every now and then show how well you're doing in the game. The more leaves you have the easier the endgame will be. Earning clover leaves is done by finding or doing special things in the game.

Underground:    Oh! Somebody is snoring! We need light! Pull the ring to get light. Follow the instructions given by the mole to learn how to manipulate your new glove hand. Forward, go back and open the storybook.

Sky:    The Master of Chance tells about the other Masters of the Elements (Gravity, Warmth, Time, Electricity and Light) that live at the Castle of Infinity high in the mountains. How the other Masters are helping him find his lost cat but they left their rings in the castle. The rings are losing their powers throwing nature out of balance. The Masters are having difficulty remembering their jobs.

Grab and twirl the ring to activate gravity. There is a ball here also. Fall down into the Room of Gravity.

Room of Gravity

High in the clouds:  

            Exits:        Storybook - Go forward towards the window. Find the Storybook on the floor under the windows. The Master of Chance starts the story and we can access other rooms through this storybook. This is the main menu book. Let's not get ahead on doing things. Turn the page back by click-hold-move right or left or click the soldier or leaf at upper left of the page. Click on High in the Clouds, turn the page and go through the sky to get back to the room of Gravity.        Cuckoo clock - The cuckoo clock keeps on tolling. Where the cuckoo should come out is an entrance to the Room of Time. We will go there later.

Everything's in balance:

             Hobbyhorse and Pencil - Pick up the hobby horse and learn to balance it on your hand by raising, moving right or left to keep it erect. If you balance it long enough a clover leaf will appear. Do the same with the pencil (no - I didn't do this one). Another clover leaf will appear.

            Ball - Throw the ball to make it bounce on both side of the screen until you hear a glass breaking. This will earn a clover leaf.     Stars - Click on the stars on the curtain for special effects. Move back and go to the blue chair.   

Flying with the fakir:   

            Airplane - Play with the airplane by turning the propeller counterclockwise and then let go. The plane with the rubber band will fly. Go forward to the red curtain.       

            Red Curtain -     Enter the curtain and see a blue glove that starts to juggle a pin. This blue glove will help you throughout the game. Learn how to throw and catch the pin. Then learn to juggle 2 pins and then all three pins in the air. If you do get 3 pins juggled for a certain period, an egg which is an entrance to the room of Warmth will be thrown <easier said than done>. After practice, move back.

If you can fall you can fly:        

            Seesaw - The blue glove comes out to help by staying on the other end of the seesaw. The aim is to get the glove high up in the air to grab a missing storybook page. A cannonball can be dropped at the other end to get the blue glove airborne. The handle at upper left moves the clamp up and down and the lever at bottom left moves the clamp left and right. Grab a cannon ball and drop it at the other end of the seesaw to get the glove to where it can grab the page.

To get the missing page in this room:    Use the lever to move the clamp to the left. Lower the clamp by using the rope handle down to grab the middle cannon ball. Raise the clamp-ball by lowering the rope handle to raise the clamp-ball to its highest limit and then lower it to be just even with the drawing of the right cloud. Use the lever to move the ball to the end of the seesaw and it will drop the ball. The blue glove goes airborne and grabs the Room of Gravity's missing storybook page. You will see the Master of Chance's home at the Garden of Chance. We're not ready for this place yet. Click on leaf to go back to 'High in the Clouds'.

Go to the storybook on the floor by the window and let's go to another room.

Room of Light

Let's look at colours together:   Go to any storybook access at any room. Enter the picture of the Mistress of Light. Take and twirl the ring at foreground to light the room. The light (daylight or moonlight) will come on. The scene in this room depends on the time of your own computer's clock. If during the day, there will be light coming from the windows. During the night, the room will be dark. You can change the day to night or vice versa by adjusting your computer clock.

            Exits:         The chandelier changes colors and becomes the access to the storybook or main menu when the beam of light puzzle is done. The Room of Electricity can be accessed by entering the bottom picture on the wall to the right of the large mirror on the floor. While standing with the picture of the Master of Gravity on your right side, it can be used to access the Room of Gravity.

            Fun things:        There's a fish that jump up and down from the aquarium. Catch the fish and earn a clover leaf. Place the glove hand at the highest point of the fish jump. Wait and grab the fish when it jumps to that spot.        Nighttime:    Take and twirl the ring at foreground to activate it. Moonlight will light the room. Go to the dark area at left side of room. Catch fireflies and the blue glove will place it in the jar. Earn a clover leaf when you catch all 7 fireflies and another clover leaf if you catch 2 fireflies at once.

            Daytime:     Note a mirror on the floor. Go forward and click on the different pictures to hear the story of the Master of Gravity, Master of Time and Master of Warmth. Pick up and move the red and green eyeglasses on the picture at upper right. Looking through the red lens, you will see the clue to finding the missing storybook page in this room and a clover leaf will appear. Note the path of the projected light in the drawing.

Ghostly shadows on the wall:

To get light at dark area:    Go forward to the mirror on the floor close to the background wall.  Move it around to bounce the beam of light from the large mirror in the corner to the painting close to where the red and green eyeglasses are sitting. A twang sound will be heard when it is a right place. Go back to the eyeglasses and topple the painting that is blocking the beam of light. This will allow the bounced light to go the mirror on the left wall. This left wall mirror will bounce it to the mirror on the floor in the foreground. Go back to where you started when first entering this room. Move the mirror on the floor until the light bounces to the mirror at the dark area by the left wall. With the help of the blue glove, move the mirror to project a circle of light on the wall. It is best to keep the circle of light at bottom right corner by the mirror.

To get the missing page in this room:    A bat will be heard and seen to pass through the circle of light. Catch the bat and it will fly up. Move the bat away from the windows or else it will fly out. If successful in keeping the bat from the windows, you will reach the middle of the tower and get the secret storybook page from this room.        Hint:    Wait for the bat to appear on the circle of light. Grab the bat. After the third window on the right, cut across to the middle and get the bat to pass over the suspended missing page about the Master of Chance's cat.

Room of Time

       This room can be accessed from the storybook or through the cuckoo clock (where the cuckoo should come out) at the room of gravity. The storybook can be accessed through a house at the left side of the train station when the chimney emits smoke. Another exit is at the bottom of the giant gear at the ceiling of the room. The exit is a flashing white line when the cursor passes over it.

            Grab and twirl the gear ring at bottom of screen to get time going again.  The ball appears here too.

            Clock and plant - Move back and look close at the alarm clock. Turn the big hand until it points to the missing page. This will make the plant in the bucket grow straight. The plant will grow curvy if the hand is not pointed to the missing page on the clock. While waiting for the plant to grow, let's look at the train.

The clumsy cuckoo:

            Train - Go forward and see a conveyor belt that drops into an open topped railcar. Logs for train fuel drop from above. The wall shows the route of the train. Note the closed rail at upper right of the route. Go forward at right of the screen and see a tap dripping water in a bucket at the back of a rail guard. To raise the rail guard, the bucket must be filled with water from the tap. Move back and do the puzzle.

The art of cooking:

To get the train to the next room:        The train has the battery and must go to the next room. Catch as much logs as you can and drop it on the conveyor belt to fuel the train. One log fuels one turn of the train on the tracks. The more logs on the train, the more chances of raising the rail guard can be done. Move forward to the lowered rail guard at right of screen. Turn the tap to fill and control the speed of the drops of water to the bucket at one end of the rail guard. Time the filling of the bucket to raise the rail guard with the arrival of the train. It takes 13 drops of water to raise the guard. If timed successfully, the rail guard rises in time to get the train to pass through and enter the tunnel to the next room.     Hint: Fill the bucket and then empty it. Slow down the drip of water and when the train is heard coming, raise the drip to maximum. With practice, the timing can be refined to time the raising of the rail guard and the train's arrival.

Climbing the beanstalk:

            Clock and plant - Go back to the alarm clock and the plant. Whenever you hear the cuckoo while at the train station, the plant has grown a little. When the plant reaches way high, the alarm of the clock will ring. You might need to go and check other rooms while waiting for the plant to grow high enough. Also practice climbing the plant as it grows. The blue glove will appear when it is the correct time and it will help you climb the plant to get the missing paper from this room. Climb the plant, Jack.

How to get the missing page - Best save the game when the plant is already off the screen and before the blue glove appears at 9:45. If the alarm goes off, the plant has reached its highest growth and if the page is not successfully taken after a while, the plant will grow small and needs to grow again before another try can be done. Once the blue glove holds the stem, immediately hold the stem higher than the blue glove until you reach the flower-stem part. Pull down the screen by click-hold-move the mouse up and down to see the rest of the plant up off the screen.     Hint: Hold the screen down as long as possible to give the blue glove time to jump and grab the missing page.

Room of Electricity

From steam to electricity       The room can be accessed from the storybook and from a picture at the room of Light. The other exit is on the plug of the mixer under the table. It is a flashing white line when the cursor passes over it.

            If the battery is not sent here yet from the Room of Time, you will find a note from Grandfather Time to his granddaughter the Mistress of Electricity on the floor on the left side of the room. If the battery was sent here from the Room of Time, the train comes in and drops the battery. Twirl the ring on the floor to get electricity flowing through the battery. Check the light bulb on the battery to see if it is charged. Check every so often if the battery needs charging.

            Fun stuff in the room:        Press down the connector on the left bottom of the screen to see the musical dancer turn. While doing the wire maze puzzle, the eyes of the Mistress of Electricity moves. The clown on the right of the room gets electrified and tries to distract you while the puzzle is being done.

            Circuit Table:      Move back and see the circuit table. There is a box with a loose nail on the left foreground. The circuit of electricity has to be completed in order for the ledge with a fakir under the circuit table to rise. The ledge with the fakir will then get the missing page.

The battery by the ring has purple-blue cable on its negative pole and red on its positive pole. The battery's purple-blue cable is attached to a metal rod which in turn has the red handled loop attached on it. The red handled loop must then connect to the nail at right end of the circuit table. The nail at right end of the circuit table is attached to a purple-blue cable hanging from the table. The purple-blue cable must then be attached to the motor that is on the right side under the table. At middle is a fakir on a ledge with gears and on the left are an Arabian tent and a mixer.

How to get the loop - Go forward to the top of the circuit table. On the circuit table is a red handled loop attached to the battery below. You have to move the loop through the metal maze without touching its side to free it from the maze. At right end of the maze is a metal rod barrier that flips up when electricity is not flowing through the metal maze. It flips down when the loop touches the metal, closes the metal maze and the loop will not be removed from the maze. Move the loop and rest it on the purple insulated part of the metal maze on the left. Left click and hold the mouse to move the loop up and across the metal rod. Left click without holding down the mouse will turn the loop sideways to pass through each corner of the metal maze. If you touch the side, you have to go back to the purple insulated metal rest on the left to raise the metal rod barrier on the right again and start over. The clown in the background will distract you by blowing his horn - so watch out!         Hint: Align the bar of the loop handle to the metal maze like tracing the metal maze with the loop's bar. Turn the loop at an angle that is diagonal to the corners for easier turn of the corners.

If successful in not touching the side, release the loop from the metal maze and go up and over the raise metal rod barrier. The nail on the right will flash. Drop the loop over the nail. If you pull out the loop without going over the rod and did not see a flash on the nail, the loop will not be able to be dropped on the nail. Just go back to the space between the rod and the maze and go over and place it over the nail on the table.

Forkfuls of sparks:

To complete the circuit - Move back and place the loose nail found in the box on the left to connect the 2 nails with red cables attached to them on the table in the foreground. The nail will be placed at bottom of the left and top of the right cabled nails.

Elevating with electricity:

 Get the missing page - Then go forward under the table. Try attaching both hanging cables on the mixer on the left after all of the above has been done and a clover leaf will be earned. The motor to run the ledge where the fakir is sitting on is on the right. To raise the ledge, attach the purple-blue cable to the motor's left prong and the red cable to the right prong. The ledge goes down, if the cables are attached the other way around. The fakir will rise to the ceiling and take the missing page. Try raising the fakir again after you have taken the page and the fakir will fall down hanging from a bungee rope.

Room of Warmth

       Twirl the ring in the foreground to light up the kitchen. Take the cat food and shake it - releasing the ball behind it and a clover leaf will appear.     Exit: The exit to the storybook is the glass with an umbrella and straw on the floor. The timer can be turned and the rooster crows. The timer is also an exit to the rail guard at the room of time. The forks and spoons on the stove is an exit to the room of electricity.

Playing with fire:

Turn the stove on:    Go forward to the matchbox by the open window. Get a match and strike it on the matchbox to light it. Carefully move it to the gas stove on the right to light the stove. You will burn your hand if you wait too long.    Hint: Time the lighting of the match when the wind dies down and move quickly to the timer to protect the match from the gust of wind. In moving from matchbox to timer, tilt the match so that the flame is lower. Watch the arrow of the wind chime to gauge the wind gust. When the wind dies down a little bit move it to the stove on the right while having the flame a little higher. There is no saving of game possible here. Once the stove is lit, get another match and light it using the stove's flame and earn a clover leaf.

Lumpy Pancakes:

Cook pancakes:    Go to the stove top. Scoop pancake batter to the frying pan. You have to cook both sides of the pancakes by flipping the pancakes back into the pan. Shake the pan, if the pancakes are cooked on both side, they can be moved to the plate on right side. The blue glove will check if they are good or not. If not done in a set of time, the flame goes out and you have to go through the match puzzle and the pancake puzzle again. No saving of game can be done here.     Hint: Light the stove, pour batter on pan and wait until the pancake turns brown. Take the frying pan, move it over the red switch at the center of the stove and flip the pancake to turn it over. Wait until the other side gets cooked (light brown) and then flip the cooked pancake into the plate at right side. If correctly done, the blue glove will transform it to a marvelous looking rolled pancake with trimmings and syrup.

To get the missing page:    When the pancake puzzle is correctly done, pull back away from the stove and see the blue glove go to the hot air balloon on the left. Take the warmth ring in the foreground and wave it on the balloon to lift it up. Adjust the amount and position of warmth (ring) you introduce to the hot air balloon's opening to get it up to the ceiling where the missing page is located. Move the balloon using the warmth ring so that the blue glove can grab the page up.

The Garden of Chance

Now that you've collected all the missing pages and have collected as many clover leaves as you can - preferably all 9 clover leaves, read the story of the Garden of Chance to learn all about the missing cat and what must be done. So that is what happened to the missing cat - the ever present ball. If you do not have enough clover leaves, you can go back and go through each room and collect them by doing different tasks as seen above. I don't think a saved game can be done in this chapter.

        To get to the home of the Garden of Chance:        See a picture of a platform in the midst of a garden pond surrounded by the clover leaves you have collected. The more leaves, the easier the different tasks will be.

Jump into the platform. A task must be done correctly (juggling, balancing, catching fireflies, catching falling light bulbs), to get to step on a chance rock on the other side of the platform. The chance rock will cycle to different selections to move forward or back depending on how well you did the task or what the die rolled. The more items done in one task (more light bulbs, more fireflies, longer balancing, etc), the farther the rock moves.

Red die - Throw the red die on the rock and the number seen will be the number of moves the rock will do to get to move forward. From the platform, 5 will get to next platform and 6 will get to the next chance rock. The higher the die number is the better.

Forward arrow - automatically get on next platform and do another task.

Back arrow - moves back to platform you just left.

Target - moves to back to the beginning.

            There are 3 platforms, yin-yang toss coin rock and then a boat to get to the hut. Go to the hut and the classic shell game is to be done using the 3 magic hats and the cat-ball. Select the correct hat the ball is under in and the ball will be turned to the missing cat.



I found the cat under the left hat. I don't know if that will work for you!

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