Mata Hari: Betrayal is Only a Kiss Away

by Cranberry Production

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  July, 2009

Spy points updated August, 2009


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click DVD game. The manual is in the installed game folder.

Main Menu:    The main menu has new game, load game, options, credits and exit game. The main menu can be accessed using the ESC key or the main menu at right end of the inventory bar at bottom of gameplay screen.

Options:    The Options menu has 3 selections on top of frame: Gfx, Sfx and Game.

Gfx has selections for gamma, screen resolution, refresh rate, graphics quality and advanced graphic settings. The advanced graphic settings are scene quality, character quality, background characters, antialiasing and reflections.

Sfx has master, music, speech, Sfx and ambient volume bars.

Game has show dialogue bubbles (subtitles), interface and minigame panic button. The panic button allows skipping the minigames.

Interface:    Double click on an item or person makes Mata Hari arrives immediately to that place.

The space bar shows all the active spots in the screen.

Inventory:    The inventory bar is at bottom of screen. Items collected or dialogue or tasks options have symbols in the inventory bar. Take a symbol and use it on a person or item. A blue dialogue symbol is seen in inventory as long as it is not completed. A red symbol means that the object or topic must be taken; wait for the information or task completed.

At right side of the inventory bar, the game menu, load-save and the diary can be accessed.

Diary:    The diary is accessed by the bottom right of inventory bar of the J key. Here check the mission in progress and see how Mata Hari has advanced in her abilities: spycraft, wealth and skill.

Advance Mata Hari by taking advantage of circumstances during gameplay to increase her abilities.

Spycraft:    Look everywhere for hidden information that are not shown by the spacebar.

Information obtained can be worth 50 to 150 points. An additional 150 points is obtained when the information is correlated at the end. Each of the submissions requires 3 pieces of information to be completed. Once completed a newspaper article will be seen on the screen.

Wealth:    Successful dance performance increases her wealth. Each performance can pay - 500, 1000 or 2000 francs.

Skill:    Successful completion of the minigames increases her skill. Minigames can result in 0 to 30 points depending of the speed the minigame has been successfully done.

Points:    At the end of the game, the points obtained will be tallied and influence how Mata Hari lives out the rest of her life.


March 14, 1963: Elsbeth Schragmuller is interviewed about Mata Hari. Mata Hari's real name is Margaretha Zelle McLeod. She came to Paris in 1905 to make a career as an exotic dancer.


What happens to Mata Hari after this game depends on the skill, wealth and spy points you collect in the game. So Mata Hari's future is in your hands!

Chapter 1


Dance Manager

Mission 1:    Meet someone that can advance her career.

Door of theatre:    Talk to the ticket collector. Mata Hari does not have her ticket.

A mysterious gentleman arrives. Talk to the mysterious gentleman. Click the ticket on him to start that dialogue.

He vouches for Mata Hari and they enter the theatre.

Artist Ball:    Pass the cursor over the different characters.

Talk to Gabriel Astruc, the Impresario standing at the center of the room. He wants a drink and get a cocktail icon in inventory.

Get a drink for Astruc:

Go to the right and talk to the bartender. Use the cocktail icon on bartender. Take the champagne from table.

Give the cocktail to Astruc. Talk to Astruc. He wants an introduction.

Get an introduction to Astruc:

Talk to the middle-age lady left of Astruc. She gives pointers on doing small talk with the guests: city, latest fashion, guests and weather. The lady is Elsbeth Schragmuller.

Go to the young journalist at left talking to the mysterious gentleman. Use all the small talks especially about Paris and then ask for an introduction. He agrees but after an interview. Mata Hari means Eye of the Dawn.  He said to tell Astruc that Morning Herald sends his regards.

Talk to Astruc. Use introduction on him. Now, Astruc wants 2 compliments from people that saw her perform.

Get two compliments:

Talk to the handsome gentleman, Rupert Zollinger. Do small talk especially about fashion. He admits seeing her but did not give any compliment

Talk to the mysterious gentleman at left, Oscar Samsonet. Do small talk especially about people. He gives pointers. He wants Mata Hari to see if he can get a compliment from the handsome gentleman, Rupert Zollinger by talking about his mistress.

Go to and talk to Rupert Zollinger again about her mistress. He finally admits that Mata Hari lights up the ball.

Talk to Samsonet and tell him what Zollinger said. He gives a nice compliment.

Go outside to the balcony.

Talk to stylish woman, Danielle Rouyer. She is the companion of Rupert Zollinger.

Talk to Married Woman. Use small talk and ask for compliment. She gives a nice compliment.

Persuade Astruc to become my manager:

Go back and talk to Astruc about the compliments from the married woman and from Samsonet. 

He finally gives his Astruc's business card.

Corporate Seal

Mission 2:    Seduce Zollinger and get an impression of his corporate seal.

Exit the theatre.

Samsonet stops Mata Hari. He recruits her to be a spy. He wants an impression of Zollinger's corporate seal. She is to seduce him.

Samsonet gives a love note for the mistress of Zollinger. Elsbeth Schragmuller is also one of his spies.

Artist Ball:    Go back inside the theatre. Talk to Elsbeth Schragmuller.

Alienate Zollinger and Rouyer:

Go to the balcony and talk to Danielle Rouyer, Zollinger's mistress again. Use the love note on her. She wants to reply to the note but she needs a pen.

Go to the young journalist or Zollinger and ask for a pen. He gives a pen.

Go back to Danielle and give her the pen. She writes and gives Rouyer's reply.

Give Rouyer's reply to Zollinger. He gets mad and says a mistress' complaint.

Go back to Danielle and use the mistress complaint dialogue on her. She gives a dialogue - parting shot.

Go to Zollinger and tell about the parting shot. Zollinger gives her his gratitude.

Seduce Zollinger:

Use gratitude on Zollinger.

Talk about the rules of seduction:    seduction by flattering, seduction by yielding, seduction by dismissing and seduction by daring.

Talk to Zollinger about all the seductions.

Zollinger gives Mata Hari a trinket and invites her to a late night drink in his hotel.

Find the sigil:   

Zollinger's Hotel:    While Zollinger is restless in bed, Mata Hari goes to the living room.

Take the bottle of whiskey and rod right of the window.

Take the pillow from the foot of the bed.

Look at the sigil on the small table in front of the sofa.

A restless Rupert calls Mata back to bed. Give him the bottle of whiskey.

Take the soap from the wash basin and cigar lighter from the dresser at left of room.

I found a scrap of paper anti-corrosion pressure valve description:

Submarine warfare:    Go to the foreground and check the wine glass.

Find a scrap of paper that containing anti-corrosion pressure valve description. That information is valued at 50 spy points.

Make impression of the sigil:

Use the lighter on the sigil but the draft from the open window blows the lighter's fire off.

Use the rod on the open top window.

A restless Rupert calls Mata back to bed. Give him the pillow. Now he snores.

Use the lighter on the sigil and see it red hot. Use the soap on the sigil and get an impression on the soap.


Chapter 2


Secret Papers

Mission 3:  Take picture of the British ambassador's notes.

Paris:    Go to the door. Someone knocks.

Talk to the woman that asks for advice on attracting a man. Mata gives advice on seduction. The woman is the chemist, Marie Curie.

Exit and be at the street.

Talk to Elsbeth Schragmuller sitting at the cafe. Elsbeth says that Samsonet wants to talk to her. Samsonet is in Monte Carlo, Monaco and she has to take the train to get there. Elsbeth warns about foreign agents that might intercept her.

Go left and take the taxi to the train station.

At the station, go to the ticket office and ask for a ticket for Monaco.

Evade the foreign agent puzzles:

See an agent blocking one of the routes to Monaco. Find a clear way to Monaco and not get intercepted.

This puzzle is random. This puzzle is one way to get skill points.

Every time Mata rides the train, this puzzle will appear.

As the game progress, there will be spies at strategic locations that Mata can contact. They will give an alternative train that travels to the destination safely and faster. No skill points are obtained using those safe trains.

Also as the game progress, the difficulty of the puzzle increases from easy, medium to hard. These puzzles will have aids to block, safe places or double turns that help the gamers.

The skip red button is at top right.

Monaco:    Exit the train station. Talk to Samsonet standing in front of the cafe.

Samsonet wants Mata to take pictures of the British ambassador's notes at the embassy in Paris. The notes are about the talk between the British and French. Mata can ask Elsbeth Schragmuller for a camera.

Go left and take the taxi back to the train station. Buy a ticket for Paris.

Paris:    Mata is arrested by Captain George Ladoux of the French Counter Intelligence.

In the jail cell, take the metal cup from the table. Look at the sewer and get a piece of wire. Look at the lock of the cell door.

Do either one: Use the pin on the lock or use the cup on the cell door. Either way, Ladoux arrives.

Ladoux eventually explains that she is in jail for the theft of Zollinger wife's bracelet.

Give the bracelet to Ladoux. He now blackmails Mata to do counter espionage for him. He wants to know the plans of the German's Jules Verne Project. To do this she has to dance on stage to meet Major Arnold von Kalle.

Go upstairs after looking around at the jail. At the jail's office, see a decoder-cipher machine on the table at foreground. Exit the building.

Get camera:

Go right of the plaza to 'way to side road'. Go pass the Camera shop and talk to Elspeth about a camera.

Go back to the plaza at left.

Find a way into the embassy:

Take the taxi at left of plaza and go to British Embassy.

Talk to the embassy guard. He demands a pass.

Acquire British Embassy Pass:

A man comes out of the embassy. Talk to the man (random).

Mata dances to get the man recognize her. Use the seduction dialogue (random).

He gives a pass.

Find the secret papers:

Go to the left in front of the embassy. Hide the camera in the happy little bush.

Ambassador's office:    Give the pass to the guard. Enter the embassy and be at the Ambassador's office.

Look at the big chest with a combination lock on the floor beside the desk.

Take a blank note from the card holder on the desk. Mata noted impressions on it.

Take a piece of coal in front of the fireplace. In inventory combine the charcoal and the blank note to get a note with numbers.

Use the note with numbers on the locked chest. Open the big chest to get the ambassador's notes.

Photograph the secret papers:

Use Ambassador's notes on window. It doesn't stick.

Take the whiskey bottle left of the door. Use the whiskey bottle on ambassador's notes. Mata said it will leave stain.

Exit the building. Empty the whiskey bottle on the sink by the wall at right. Fill the empty bottle with water using the faucet.

Go back inside and to the office. Use the bottle with water with ambassador's notes. Use wet notes on window.

Exit the building and take the camera from its hiding place in the happy little bush.

Take pictures of the notes on the window. Hide the camera back in the happy little bush.

Go back inside. Take the notes on the window. Place them in the big chest.

Submarine warfare:    Pick up a paper from the desk and read about the British intercepted communiqué with specification for torpedo launch tube pressurizer valve. Get spy points.

Check the coat hanging between the fireplace and drawers. Get a note that has a password - torpedo to be used with a spy concerning anti-corrosion pressure valve. Thanks, WAF.

Exit the building. Take the camera from its hiding place and exit the embassy.

Convey the film to Samsonet:

Take the taxi to the train station.

Submarine warfare:    After getting the note at the British Embassy, talk to the spy at right column. Use the password note taken from the British Embassy. Get a diagram of pipes and tubes referring to torpedo launch tube pressurizer. Get spy points. Thanks WAF!

Buy a ticket for Monaco.

In Monaco, give the camera to Samsonet. Mata tells Samsonet about working for Ladoux.

Go back to Paris via taxi and train.

Guns & Steel:

Mission 4:    Find out information on Jules Verne Project.

Stage a dance to attract von Kalle:

Theatre:    At the Plaza, enter through door of theatre.

Talk to Gabriel Astruc. Astruc advises to observe at the streets for inspiration.

Inspiration:    At the street, click on the musician at the center of the road. He makes circular gesture turning the wheel of the organ.

Inspiration locations for the entire game: Thanks, WAF!

- Paris, theatre: clouds (aeroplane)
- Paris, theatre: barrel organ
- Paris, English embassy: fountain 1
- Paris, English embassy: fountain 2
- Paris, train station: umbrella
- Paris, train station: locomotion smoke
- Paris, Malbec's house: birds
- Berlin, train station: locomotion steam
- Berlin: cyclist
- Monaco: clouds (balloon)
- Madrid: fountain
- Madrid: juggler

Spy:    See a spy in front of the theatre. Talk to spy. To not meet hostile agents on the way, he gives a train ticket to Paris Express. To learn other routes, he said to ask his fellow operatives.

Go back to the theatre and talk to Astruc again. Use inspiration on him. Automatically, Mata will change and do arm movements.

Astruc is convinced. Astruc also gives Mata a letter from Marie Curie. Give Astruc dance permit.

Dance Show

I've done it again:

Dance:    The aim is to get a high score by touching the notes while they are at the center of the circles.

There is a bar at top left of the screen that shows how well the puzzle is done. The skip red button is at top right.

There are 4 circles and notes will scroll from the sides.

Touch each note when they are at the exact center of the circle to get the highest score.

The farther the notes are intercepted from the circle, the lower the score will be.

Get wealth points. Mata Hari has success once more.

The more dance puzzle done, the speed and number of notes increases. Also the movement and costume of Mata Hari become more daring.

I charmed Major von Kalle:

Outside the theatre Major von Kalle introduces himself to Mata.

He wants to entertain Mata and gives an invitation to the Grenadier Club in Berlin.

Convince van Kalle I can be useful to his project:

Exit the room. Take the taxi to train station. Get a ticket for Berlin.

Spy:    There is another spy right of the ticket counter, talk to him. He will say to take the Rocket for a safer way. Exit the station.

Grenadier Club:    From the taxi, go left and see the Grenadier Club.

Talk to the gatekeeper. Show him the Grenadier Club invitation. Enter the club.

See Major von Kalle at right side. Go to him but be intercepted by a talkative attaché.

Another guest tells Mata, that Graf Baumann, the talkative man rushes home when his wife calls the butler to give him a message.

Hotel:    Exit the club. Go across the road to the hotel.

Use the telephone and then click the Grenadier Club invitation on the telephone. Mata talks to the butler and leaves a message for Baumann from his 'wife'.

Go back to the club and show the invitation to the doorman.

Arnie:    Go to Major von Kalle talking to Colonel Manfred Holz. Mata overhears about the structural failure with the Verne process.

Talk to Major Kalle. Use the Verne failure dialogue on him. Convince him that Mata can help by using Marie Curie's card on him. He says that he will pay if he gets information about the DuMolier process.

Get the DuMolier Process:

Exit the club and take the taxi to the train station. Get a ticket for Paris.

Exit and be at the plaza. Take the taxi and use Marie Curie's card on the taxi.

Marie Curie's lab:    Enter the building and talk to Marie Curie. She is working on an experiment.

She asks for magnesium. Pick up the Epsom salt on table on the foreground. Give it to Marie.

She asks for vitriol. Pick up the sulfuric acid on table at top right. Give it to Marie.

She asks for saltpeter. Pick up the sodium nitrate on shelf at left. Give it to Marie.

Mata comments that these reagents are the makings of gunpowder.

Ask Marie about the DuMolier details. Marie says that her new lover, Jacques Brunel knows about it.

Marie introduces Mata to Brunel in the next room. Brunel states that the process is top secret and that his notes are written in iron oxide.

Take and develop the photo plate:    Go back out to next room. Since the chemicals we got are the makings of gunpowder. Let's make a distraction.

Take the foil pouch on shelf at top left. Use the foil pouch on the 3 chemicals in front of Marie's experiment. A bang happens.

Marie sees the mess and calls Brunel to help her. Brunel comes and says that he needs to make tea first and leaves the room.

Go back to Brunel's room.

Take the photo plate at right end of the worktable. Use it on the notebook at table at left.

Go to next room and pick up  radium salts, hydrobenzene at middle shelf on the left and acetic acid from table at right side of room.

Go back to the notebook. Use the radium salt to penetrate the notebook.

Use hydrobenzene to develop on the notebook with plate.

Then use the acetic acid to stop the developing process. Get the DuMolier detail notes.

Leave the room and building.

Give the DuMolier details to von Kalle:

Take the taxi to the train station and go to Berlin.

Go left to the Grenadier club, show the invitation to doorkeeper and enter.

Radio direction finder:     Listen in the conversation of the 2 men at right of the room. They talk about Marconi.

Talk to the attaché about Marconi. He explains how the German intercepts the radio messages of the French and submarines. Get spy points.

Talk to von Kalle. Give him the DuMolier detail notes.

Find out what the Jules Verne Project is all about:

von Kalle's place:    Look around the room.

Pick up the pencil from desk at top wall, sheet of paper from right desk, From Earth to Moon book and 20000 miles under the sea book from the shelf. The 20000 miles book mentions a submarine.

French merchant shipping routes:    At bottom open shelf of the book case, see a blue folder at right. It has a map of French merchant ship routes and their radio frequencies. Spy points are obtained. Thanks, Adam B.

Open the cabinet at bottom of the desk at right. See a strongbox in it.

Get the combination:    Use the From Earth to Moon book on a sleepy von Kalle. He says it is about a big gun. Use big gun on von Kalle and he says info is on page 102.

Use page 102 on From Earth to Moon book and see numbers on the side of the book to get combination.

Use combination on the strong box of the desk at right. Get a picture of large cannon.

Use the blank paper and then the pencil on the cannon plans to get big gun tracing.

Use the big gun tracing on von Kalle. Mata asks for money or she will show the picture to her friends.

von Kalle tells her that the big gun is no good. But if she gets the correct amount of boron needed for the steel, he will pay her.

Learn how much boron the French use in making steel:

Go back to Paris. Use the taxi to go to Marie Curie's lab.

Meet Zollinger outside the building's door.

Enter the building and go to next room. See Marie and a murdered Brunel.

Marie leaves the room.

Radio Direction Finder:    Pick up the paper on the floor tucked under the drawer at top left corner. It mentions crystals used in the making precise radio frequency control. Get spy points. Thanks WAF.

See newspaper report about the torpedo plan.

Take the pen and the notebook from the table at left.

Ladoux arrives and talks to Mata. Give him the big gun tracing.

Notebook:    Use the pen on the notebook and see that the notes are written in invisible ink.

Go to next room and ask Marie about the pen. Maries says to use iodine to reveal the written notes.

Go back to Brunel's lab and take iodine from the bottom shelf at top right.

Use the iodine on the notebook and get the heat treatment note.

Ladoux doctors the amount of boron in the formula and sends Mata back to von Kalle.

Give boron formula to von Kalle.

Take the train to Berlin.

Enter the club and talk to von Kalle. Give him the heat treatment note.

He leaves immediately to use the information leaving Mata Hari in the club.

Find out the size of the Jules Verne cannon from Holz:

Talk to Colonel Manfred Holz standing at center of the room. Use the big gun on Holz.

He said that the cannon does not hit the moon but Paris is in range. He reveals the length of the cannon - 29 meters.

Give the cannon size to Ladoux:

Go back to Paris. Go to police station and talk to Ladoux. The only way out is death.


Chapter 3


Airline Plans

Mission 5: Get Airfoil details.

Get an introduction to Mercedes Jellinek:

Mata talks with Oscar Samsonet in Monaco. Samsonet wants Mata to find out details of radical airfoil made by Fokker.

Mercedes Jellinek, the daughter of Emil Fokker is a fan of Mata. Emil Fokker is a major investor in Daimler's plant.

Talk to Emil Jellinek walking on the street. Use seduction by dismissing on Jellinek. He gives the phone number of Mercedes.

Talk to Oscar and then take the taxi to the train station.

Spy:    Talk to the spy partly hidden by the column. He says to take the Rapide for a safe journey to Monaco.

See a street painter at left.

Go to Berlin. The Evade the foreign agent puzzle now has 2 agents and possible blockage icon or safe place icons to use.

In Berlin, enter the hotel at right. Use the telephone and Mata calls Mercedes.

Show Mercedes a new dance step:

Mercedes:    Mercedes arrives shortly and will help Mata get in the factory if she shows her new dance moves.

Inspiration:    Exit the hotel. Go left and click on the man on a one wheeled bicycle riding by the waterfront.

Go back to the hotel and use the phone to call Mercedes.

Show Mercedes her new dance move. They leave for the factory.

Find out where the airplane plans are located:

Factory:    It is Sunday so no workers are around.

Go to the workbench at the middle of the cars. Take the Mercedes badge from the workbench.

Show Mercedes the Mercedes badge and she said that there's a car named after her.

Office:    She wants to show Mata the design. She goes to the office and unlocks the door.

Inside the office, go to the bookcase. She opens the secret compartment in the bookcase at left.

Inside are some airplane parts plan. Mercedes realizes that these are top secret so she asks Mata to leave.

Prepare factory for return visit:

Hangar:    Go to the hangar at top of screen. Check the windows. It is too high.

Take the pliers from the tool box on the floor at left.

Take the pipe from the box in the dark area at bottom right of screen.

Check the oil barrel at top right of room. Use metal cup on oil barrel to get oil-filled cup.

Window:    Exit at bottom of screen and go right to the window that is on floor level.

Check the window and Mata says the latch is rusty.

Use oil on the window. Use pliers to unlock the window.

If you do not have the metal cup, combine pliers and pipe to make an improved pliers. Use it on the latch. (Thanks, Geo!)

Mercedes comes out and talks to Mata.

Examine the airplane plans:

At night, Mata enters through the prepared window. See a worker at the hangar at left.

Go left of the window and see the switchbox.

Switchbox:    Look close and study the layout of the wires.

See the 3 power sources on the left and bottom. They exit to 2 floor lights and the hangar lights.

The aim is to get all 3 power sources flow to just the hangar. The 2 floor outlets should not be connected.

Pick up a set of wires and move it to another location. Double left click turns a set of wires.

Take the set of wires of the right floor lights and exchange it with the top floor light.

Take the middle set of wires and exchange it with the right floor wires.

The lights on the floor are now off.

Move towards the office:   

There are rats that make noise on the floor. The noise brings the worker to the floor.

Go pass the first car and enter in between the 2 cars to be at the center of the floor.

Go towards the bottom aisle. Then go left and enter the aisle between the first and second row of cars.


See if you can get the metal strip on the workbench. Go around to the other side of the bench and take the metal strip.

Go to the middle aisle between the second and third row. Go to bottom side aisle again.

Enter the first aisle. Go between the second and third car of the first row.

Go to the door.

Find the secret compartment:   Use the metal strip on the locked door.

Take the scrap of paper from the desk.

Go to the bookcase on the left. See a book on the floor.

Look close at the books.

Arrange the set of books on top row in order. The order clue is the marking on the spine of the books and the frame of the bookcase.

There's a book missing at the center.

Pull back and now you can pick up the book on the floor.

Click the book on the book shelf before looking close at the books.

Arrange the books again and see that the books' first letter spells DAIMLER.

Airplane papers:    Check the secret safe.

Take a half of a diagram from the safe.

See the airplane plans in the safe. Too many numbers.

Combine the pen with invisible ink and the scrap of paper.

Use pen and paper on office safe to get the airfoil details.

Give the airfoil details to Samsonet:

Take the train to Paris (Samsonet is not in Monaco).

Do the Evade the foreign agent puzzle or use the Paris Express that bypasses the foreign agents.

Ledoux stops Mata at the train station. He wants Mata to get a German decoder code wheel. He also took Fokker's airfoil details.

Sabotage experimental aircraft engine:

Samsonet appears and orders Mata to sabotage the new airplane engine at the Daimler plant.

Take the train to Berlin. Automatically be inside the auto plant.

Go between the 2 cars on the last row. Go to bottom of screen. Go between the first and second row and then between the second and third car. The worker is still upset about the rats.

Go to office door. Use metal strip on door and enter.

Take the moldy cheese sandwich, coffee mug from desk and screwdriver from  left table.

Go back out and see 2 metal grate; one has rat dirt. There's an active car hood at end of first row of cars.

Distract the engineer:

Go back to the empty box close to the switchbox and window.

Place the moldy cheese under the empty box. See all the rats run to the cheese. The worker sees the rats and decides to go home.


Go to the car at first row. Use the screwdriver to open the car hood.

Use the coffee cup on engine and get acid filled mug.

Enter the lit hangar at top of the screen.

Aerial attack - Diagram:    Take another half diagram left of the tool box on the floor and under the covered plane.

In inventory combine the 2 diagrams and learn what Fokker thinks. He thinks that the French are planning to ferry airplanes by hooking them to giant airships. Earn some spy points.

See the engine with the top not bolted down. Use the acid filled cup on engine.

See the newspaper report about the airplane and the car factory's reputation.

Automatically talk to Samsonet in Monaco. Now he wants Mata to decode a secret message from Zollinger to the German army.

Break code.

Mission 6: Get the German code wheel Ladoux wants.

Stage a dance for von Kalle:

Go back to Paris. Enter the theatre.

Talk to Gabriel Astruc. Astruc advises to observe at the streets for inspiration.

Inspiration:    At the street, look up and click at the sky.

Go back inside the theatre and talk to Astruc. Use inspiration and then dance permit.

Dance again and click on the notes to get as high a score you can.

Earn more wealth points.

Outside the theatre, Mata is approached by von Kalle. He is saying goodbye. He is going to Madrid.

Spot von Kalle in German Embassy:

Travel to Madrid.

Go to left side of the fountain and talk to the embassy guard.

See von Kalle on the second floor window of the German Embassy. He is on the telephone.

Find the telephone switch box:

Go to the alley at left side of the building.

Look in the trash barrel and get a German sausage.

Give the sausage to Indiana, the German shepherd.

Look at the phone box on the wall. Mata says that she needs the correct equipment to tap Arnie's phone.

Acquire a telephone ear piece:

Go to train station at top right. Travel to Berlin.

See that a man, nattering fool is using the telephone. Talk to him. He mentions that his train leaves at 1700 Express.

Go to the clock control box at right. Use the clock control box and Mata advances it 30 minutes.

Go to the train conductor and Mata asks what time it is. He realizes that he is late and blows the whistle for boarding.

The man on the phone rushes to the train.

Look at public phone and Mata says that earpiece wires are held by screws. Use screwdriver and get phone earpiece.

Tap von Kalle's telephone:

Travel to Madrid.

Go to the alley left of the embassy. Look close at the box.

Use the phone earpiece on the phone box.

Arrange the wires so that the incoming wires seen at top connect to both outgoing wires at right and bottom. All the other large white wires must be connected to squares.

Hear 'to look for me at the gallery'. His picture is there. So, von Kalle is meeting an operative and he will be recognized by his portrait.


Balkan assassination attempt:    Listen in on the phone again. Do another puzzle and overhear about the time and place (Serbia) of an assassination attempt. Earn some spy points.

Acquire a portrait of me:

Go to the gallery right of the fountain where a juggler is standing. Look at the portrait of von Kalle.

Go to train station at the top right corner. Travel to Monaco.

Talk to the street artist. Ask for a portrait. He paints a portrait of Mata.

Set up rendezvous with German operative:

Travel back to Madrid.

Spy:    Talk to the spy standing top left of the fountain by the palm tree. He gives the safe train code to get to Madrid: Eagle.

Juggler:    Talk to the juggler. Use seduction by daring. The painted juggler moves to the street and performs.

Portrait:    Look close at Arnie's portrait on the easel. Replace von Kalle's portrait with Mata Hari's.

Go left and wait. A man arrives and looks at the portrait.

He talks to Mata. He gives the code wheel.

Take code wheel to Ladoux:

Dance Inspiration:    Travel to Paris. Enter the theatre.

Talk to Gabriel Astruc. Astruc advises to observe at the streets for inspiration. We will be on the look out for an inspiration.

Ladoux:    Take the taxi to police station.

Talk to Ladoux. Give him the code wheel. He wants Mata to decode a message that he can't do.

Decode a message for Ladoux:

Place the code wheel on cipher machine.

This is a random puzzle.

There are 3 wheels used to change: vowels, consonants and encryption alphabet.

Turn the wheels using the arrows inside the wheels or the arrows at sides of the labels.

Check the coded message on top. See if there is a pattern.

Turn the vowels to see if there is a proper placement of vowels.

Once you think the vowels are placed and have the correct encryption alphabet, then cycle the consonants.

If none, cycle to next encryption alphabet and cycle the vowels again.

Read the decoded message. March thru Low Countries; War plan approved by GHQ.

The Germans are going to war. Ladoux is ecstatic and they toasted to the success.

Zollinger's Message

Mission 7:  Prove Colonel Malbec is a traitor. Decode a secret message from Zollinger.

Request use of Ladoux' code machine:

Use coded message on Ladoux or talk to him. He refuses to allow Mata to use the machine.

He might change his mind if Mata proves that his superior Colonel Victor Malbec is a traitor.

He wants Mata to wiretap Malbec's phone. He gives Malbec's address.

Tap Colonel Malbec's phone:

Take the taxi and show Malbec's address.

Inspiration:    Look up and click the inspiration icon on the vine and birds on the arch above the gate.

See-click the phone cables at side of gate but no switchbox.

Look at the manhole cover. Mata reads the number of the sewer entrance - 318.

Aerial attack:    Check the downspout over a barrel. Read a note about the French Zeppelin carrying airplanes. Get spy points. Thanks, Bonniesan!

Sewer:    Go back to the police station and talk to Ladoux about unable to reach sewer.

He gives the key to his secret entrance to the sewer.

Go to jail cells. Use the key on the cell door at left. Mata says it smells down there.

Click the closet at right. Mata changes clothes. Enter the sewer.

See the numbers on the side of the entrances. We want 318.

From the steps of the jail cells, be at 117.

Go right to 118. Go to bottom screen to 218.

Go left to 217. Go to bottom screen to 317.

Go right to 318. See a phone box.

Use the phone earpiece on the phone box.

Arrange the wires so that the 2 outlets at bottom and right is connected to the top

Hear Malbec talk about airships with bombs, Kris Kringle and usual drop.

Go back to the jail by: Going left to 317.

Go up the passage to 217. Go right to 218.

Go up the passage to 118. Go left to 117.

Go up the stairs to the jail cells.

Change clothes by clicking on the closet at next room.

Go upstairs and talk to Ladoux about Malbec's telephone call.

Decode Zollinger's secret message:

He now lets you use the cipher machine while he arrests Malbec.

Zollinger's code:    This is a random puzzle.

Use Zollinger's coded message on cipher machine.

Check the coded message on top. See if there is a pattern.

Turn the vowels to see if there is a proper placement of vowels.

Once you think the vowels are placed and have the correct encryption alphabet, then cycle the consonants.

If none, cycle to next encryption alphabet and cycle the vowels again.

Read the decoded message. Gas Research goes well. Factory production next.

Airship operation facility:    Check Ladoux' desk and read a book about the French police guarding an airship operation facility. Get spy points.

More spy points:

Balkan assassination attempt:    Travel to Berlin and then go to Grenadier's Club.

Pick up the coded message inside the fireplace.

Travel back to Paris and then go to the police station.

Use the coded message on the cipher machine.

Read the decoded message. Beograd agent ready to stop archduke. Get spy points. Thanks WAF!

Mata leaves the decoded message for Ladoux. He knows what to do.

Give the secret message to Samsonet:

Travel to Monaco.

Balkan assassination attempt:    Before talking to Samsonet, talk to Jellinek.

Use the weather small talk. Learn about assassination weather in the Balkans. Get spy points. Thanks, WAF!

Balkan Assassination Plan Foiled!

Samsonet:    Talk to Samsonet about his decoded message.

Samsonet says that Zollinger is producing poison gas in his factory.

He wants Mata to find Zollinger and his factory.


Chapter 4

Assassination of the archduke happened and the war is in the offing.


Destroy Poison Gas Factory

Mission 8:

Meet Fritz Haber:

Mata is brought to the police station. Mata and Ladoux both agree that Zollinger is Brunel's murderer.

Ladoux wants her to find out where Zollinger is. One connection is Fritz Haber a chemist.

Samsonet:    Talk to Elsbeth sitting at the cafe at right about Zollinger and Haber. She says that Zollinger and Samsonet were once partners.

Go to Monaco and talk to Samsonet about Zollinger and Haber. He explains about poison gas. He recommends talking to Marie Curie.

Marie Curie:    Travel back to Paris. Take the taxi to Marie Curie's lab.

Enter the lab and talk to Marie Curie. Convince her to help by informing her of Zollinger as the murderer of Brunel. She gives a letter of introduction to Haber.

Fritz Haber:    Travel to Berlin. Use Fritz Haber on the taxi driver.

Gain Haber's confidence:

Meet Haber. He needs convincing. Give him Marie Curie's letter. Talk to him about Zollinger as murderer and poison gas.

He gives a pass but with opened seal to Zollinger's factory. The blinds are down when riding in a limousine to Zollinger's factory.

Acquire sabotage information from Haber:

He also gives sabotage formula to use at the gas factory.

Mata is to adjust the hydrogen, ammonia and phosphate in the mixer.

See a portrait of Haber on the chimney wall.


Monaco:    Go to Monaco and see Elsbeth hiding by the right column.

She says the French are cracking down on spies. Samsonet went to Paris to warn Mata but was jailed by Ladoux.                      

Police station:    Travel to Paris and then go to police station.

Talk to Ladoux about Samsonet. Then talk to Samsonet at the jail cell. He is now given thought about his idealism and wants Mata to get out of the business.

Talk about pass to factory and sabotage formula.

Samsonet advises that Mata has to look like and sound like Haber. Also she is to find a limousine and get the location of the factory. Talk to him when everything is lined up. 

Find Haber costume:   

Learn to imitate Haber's voice:

Go to Astruc at the theatre.

Talk to him about the costume. He needs a picture of Haber.

Ask Astruc about Haber's voice.

He made Mata scream until she becomes hoarse.

Travel to Berlin. Use taxi to go to Haber's place.

Haber's wife confronts Mata and then locks her in the office.

Take the picture of Haber covering the chimney door.

Take the chemical-copper nitrate in the box by the window and the matches at left.

Take the blank sheet with Dear Mata. Take paper weight and book from the desk. They are later removed as useless.

Check the appointment schedule under those 2 useless items. See that he is to scheduled to be in limo to Z with Holtz (friend of Arnie).

Open the chimney door. Use the paper, the chemical and then the matches in the chimney.

Mata cries 'fire'. Haber arrives and bemoans his papers in the fireplace. Leave the room.

Discover the location of Zollinger's factory:

Go to the Grenadier Club. Talk to the gatekeeper about meeting Colonel Holtz.

Talk to Holtz at far right of the room. Ask about the factory address.

Use the seduction by flattery and then seduction by yielding on Holtz.

He says that the factory is in Monaco's side street. He is the one that drives Haber in a limo to the factory.

Acquire use of limousine:

Travel to Monaco. Talk to Elsbeth at the train station and she advices to talk to Jellinek.

Talk to Jellinek sitting at the cafe about limo.

In return for the use of his limo, he wants Mata to convince Mercedes to come home. She ran away with a young man named Ludi. Ask about Mercedes and he says she's in Berlin.

Talk to Mercedes:    Travel to Berlin. Enter the hotel at right.

Use the telephone to talk to Mercedes. Mercedes asks if Mata has a new act.

Haber costume:   Travel back to Paris. Go to Astruc at the theatre. Show him Haber's picture.

Mata changes to the Haber costume.

New act:    Talk to Astruc again. Since we have an inspiration already from Malbec's place, use the dance permit to perform. Do the dance puzzle to make money.

Another new act:    Ask Astruc for another act. He wants Mata to find another inspiration.

Inspiration:    Go to the Paris train station and click on the woman with the umbrella.

Mata performs in Berlin.

Mercedes meets Mata outside the theatre. Mercedes left angrily after being asked to go back to daddy.

Intimidate Mercedes:    Travel to Paris and talk with Ladoux about the limo.

He is willing to give a warrant of arrest for Mercedes' lover if Mata knows the name.

Go back to Berlin. Use the phone in the hotel. Talk to Mercedes. Mercedes agrees to meet in Paris. Ask about her friend and get the name of the lover.

Travel back to Paris and Ladoux. Tell Ladoux the name of the young man and get a warrant of arrest.

At the plaza, talk to Mercedes sitting at the cafe. Meet Ludi. Show her the warrant of arrest and she agrees to go back to daddy.

Jellinek:    Travel to Monaco and talk to Jellinek at the cafe. Mercedes is already back home.

He agrees to the use of the limo.

Make money:   

You can dance at the Paris theatre to make money. Inspiration is needed to convince Astruc to permit a dance show.

Other items to get inspiration from are the train at the station in Berlin, the juggler in Madrid and later the beach in Monaco.

Finish the preparation:

Seal:    Travel to Paris and then police station.

Inform Samsonet of all the preparation done. He advises to talk to Elsbeth in Monaco for the seal.

Travel to Monaco. Talk to Elsbeth at the station about all the preparations.

Using the seal taken from Zollinger's hotel room using the soap, Elsbeth reseals the pass.

Sabotage the factory:

Exit the station and automatically be outside the gate of the factory.

The pass was checked and Mata as Haber is allowed in.

Mata-Haber talks to Zollinger. Use seduction of daring and seduction of dismissing on Zollinger.

Note:    Read the note tacked on the right side of the room. The machine's combination has been changed and everything green. So we need to get a green color when we do the combination change.

Displays:    Go to the displays at right on the pedestal.

Read the operating procedure:

Switch on the pump.

Open pump valve.

Adjust gas proportion.

Launch process by activating mixer control.

Switch on the pump:    Go to the floor and then left. Check the pump switch and click on it.

Open the pump valve:    Go up the pedestal and go left. Click on the pump valve to open it.

Adjust the gas proportion:   

Go to the floor and right to gas adjust controls beside the note.

Use the sabotage code on the machine. See a close up of the processes involved.

Activate the pumps for the 3 basic elements:    See 3 valves with 3 colored parts each.

The object is to change the color of each pump to all green.

There are 3 buttons that controls each colored segment of a pump.

The reset is the flip switch under the pumps.

Left pump: Turn the left, middle and then right.

Middle pump:    Turn middle, left, right, left and middle.

Right pump:    Turn the middle 3 times and then the left.

Connect them to the main boiler:    See a set of pipes.

The object is to connect the 3 elements seen at left side to the 3 pipes at top.

The pipes can be moved around. They can also be rotated by double left click.



Set the critical mixture ratio of the 3 elements:

See 3 colored liquids in tubes. From left to right: Phosphates, Ammonia and Hydrogen.

From Haber's instructions, they should be adjusted to:

Hydrogen - up 2%

Ammonia - down 3%

Phosphates - up 5%

There are 2 switches for each element. The small one with a handle drains the liquids in small increments. The larger wheel drains in larger increments.

There are 2 switches on the left: the top is the reset and the large arrow fills up the tubes.

First, fill up the 3 tubes to the top using the left switch with the arrow lever. Clicking it twice.

Hydrogen:    Turn the small switch with handle 2 times. The pilot light should turn on.

Ammonia:    Turn the big wheel once and the small switch with handle twice.

Phosphorus:    Turn the small one once.      

Watch what happens to the factory.

Learn what happened to Mata Hari depending on the wealth acquired and skills.

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