A game by Renzo Thönen


A walkthrough by Chief                                                          

January 2009


-         Read the “Instructions” before playing the game.

-         This is a point and click game.

-         This Walkthrough represents one way of playing the game.

-         Press the ESC key or the M at the bottom left of the screen to get to the Main menu page.

-         Use the PDA for some minor hints during gameplay.

-         Put back an item in Inventory by right mouse clicking.

-         Items can be combined in Inventory.

-         Right clicking during a conversation will accelerate the dialogue.

-         Press the magnifying glass at the bottom left of the screen to see the active spots.


You play the role of Henrik, a mental psychiatrist for Mental Repairs, Inc.




As you enter the hall, the door closes behind you and you are stuck in the building.


Get a conversation with Goggles, the PDA.


In Inventory, you have a pipe wrench, a screwdriver and the PDA.

Look at all three items by clicking on them with the left mouse.


As for the PDA, check the gear icon and see the task at hand: breakdown of main computer and subsystems affected. The phone does not work.


Talk to the PDA.


Pick up the mirror on the table in front of you. Look at it in Inventory.




Go to the door on the right.


Take the thermos flask on the table. Read the description in Inventory.


Look at the message board and read the memos. Nothing interesting.


Click on the copier to get a description. There is an employee card in the copier.


Click on the touch screen. The copier can’t print in color. By clicking on the gear icon of the touch screen, you can of course see the screen. Try to eject the card: you can’t.


Look at the paper bin and pick up a crumpled paper.  Click on it in Inventory and use the hand icon to get a print test.


Open the top of the copier and place the print test. Close the top and click the touch screen: START. Get a copy of print test: it’s grey.

Pick up the print test from the copier.




Use the pipe wrench on the copier: what just happened?  Talk to Goggles: you are in the psyche.


Look and talk to the copier. It can’t print in color.


You offer your help to correct the situation. It needs the corresponding color of the five sheets of paper on the wall.


It asks for the color of the sheet on the left of the wall.


See the “copy of print test” appear on the screen. You must match the color of grey of the sheet on the wall to the color of grey from the copy of the print test and then click the corresponding color you see beside the proper grey using the colors from the list at the bottom of the screen:


Sheet of paper on the left on the wall: light red

Second sheet from the left: mint

Center sheet: brilliant blue

Second sheet from the right: dark blue

Sheet on the right: sulphur yellow.

See all five sheets turning to their proper color.


The copier says you can pick up the employee card.




So, press the touch screen and “eject card” to see the card  go in Inventory.


While in this room, look at the red box: it’s the air conditioner. There is a problem with it and you can’t open the panel.


Take the pipe wrench from Inventory and use it on the air conditioner.




Meet a pictogram man and talk to him. He’s looking for coal for is stove. So let’s see what we can do.


Leave the psyche by clicking on the pipe wrench in a red circle at the top left corner of the screen.


Go to the Entrance Hall and more to the left to the Reception Hall.




Look at the logo of the company. You can read the info about it in the PDA.


Look at the coffee dispenser. Click the employee card on it. You can’t.




Click the wrench on it. Look at  and talk to it, twice. It needs coffee powder.


Leave the psyche.




Go towards the elevator passing on the right of the coffee dispenser.


Look at the floor display and look at and press the call button. No reaction.




Click the wrench on the elevator.


Look at the intercom and then the alarm button. Push the alarm button and talk. No cooperation.


Press the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen to see the hot spots.

Look at the smudges on the wall. Use the screwdriver on the smudges and find a cover plate: look at it and try to open it with the screwdriver: it will open a bit but you can’t see much. Use the mirror and the screwdriver again. The elevator stops going up and down.


Pick up the paint flakes from the floor.


Back to the alarm button: push it. There seems to be one person in there. Press the Up button and the alarm button again. Talk to it. The elevator is going up looking for freedom.

Could there be someone else but it won’t let you talk to it.


Talk to Goggles first and then press it’s gear icon: click on the phone and talk to the other completely.


After talking on the phone, press the alarm button to talk: what is the Target? You do not know.

Click the phone of the PDA to talk to the other and learn that Cairo is the destination.


Click again on the alarm button and give Cairo as an answer. Talk to it again: since the alarm in the building is activated, it can’t go to the first floor.


Leave the psyche and you talk to Goggles about the flakes.




Talk to it about the fine coffee powder: put the paint flakes in the chute: the dispenser gets sick on the boots and they leave. The dispenser also talks about Cairo.




Insert the card  and click the gear icon: take the coffee


In Inventory, fill the thermos with the coffee.




Go to the copier and with the cover of the copier open, insert the card , click the touch screen and press “Start” to get a black sheet of paper. Take the card back.


In Inventory, click the black sheet of paper and crumple it. (coal)




Give the thermos and the crumple black sheet of paper  to the pictogram man.  The man puts the black paper (coal) in the stove and it stops snowing.


The man gives back the coal and the thermos.


Be out of the psyche and talk to Goggles about Cairo.


Back to the elevator.




Press the alarm button to go to the first floor.


Press the call button and find yourself at the executive floor. Talk to Goggles.


You can look at the sculptures. But nothing there.


Go down screen to the corridor and then to the office.


Look at the computer on the desk: see birds?


You can’t operate the computer.




Henrik is in the computer. Look at the emitter from which the ray of light comes from. The deflective part of the pedestal on the right is broken.


In Inventory, click the screwdriver on the mirror to get a mirror  and a magnifying mirror.


Repair the pedestal on the right with the mirror and turn the pedestal at the bottom center of the screen. The ray of light continues.   See a green cube: the computer brain. Talk to it.


Click on the “leave psyche” on top of the screen. It breaks down.


Talk to the cube again. Later…………


Henrik falls asleep.




You find yourself in Henrik’s room.


See Cairo the bird……… Goggles talks to you.


Click on everything in the room: lamp, bed, etc….

In the wardrobe, take the can of Frozzi.


Go to the bird’s cage and open it: the bird hits the window and dies.


Goggles talks to Henrik and makes him come back in time.


Click on the window to see that there are blinds that close automatically when there is light.




Go through the door on the right and be outside.


Look at the satellite dish on the neighbour’s house. Of course from the ground, you can’t turn it towards your room’s window.


In Inventory, open the can of Frozzi and fill up the thermos to get a mixture of coffee and Frozzi. Click the thermos and drink.


WOW, a giant!!!!!


Turn the satellite dish and put the magnifying mirror from Inventory on the dish. Get some light on the window of your room to see the blinds go down.




Go to your room by going into the house.


Open the bird’s cage and see Cairo fly.


Goggles talk to you and you talk back.  Aversion of birds?


In Inventory, uncrumpled the black sheet of paper and put it on the lamp. See Cairo disappear. The lamp is a projector.


Continue to talk to Goggles to know more about the bird.




Back at the office, Goggles talks again and explains what happened in the building.


The front door opens and the game ends.


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