Missing: The 13th Victim

by Paul Allan


In order to play this game, you definitely should have played the first edition"Missing: Since January" as many references (like websites) are revisited here!

Also be aware that this is practically a spoiler/walkthrough; starting withsite references but evt. giving solutions ! If you get stuck in one part (of the day), then just go on with another “hour of the day”. Mails will come in from time to time to give you the necessary clues. I did not play the game according to the “hour sequence”, but found out later that this should be the best technique (and be aware that the right order is not necessarily the alphabetic order)

Start puzzle

Find this website [http://www.doomdiva.com/quabalah/] by entering some of the words from the circles; it will allow you to finish this part.


- You can move the letters to the circles by "chasing" them in the right direction. At some point, "Helmstedt 1566-1632" is shown (while sounding a different noise). Search for this information, and one of the sites returned is [http://www.positiveatheism.org/hist/bruno06.htm]. You'll learn that this person is a good friend of Giordano Bruno.

- Find this website [http://www.bruno-giordano.net/magic2.html] upon entering the phrase "Articuli adversus mathematicos". Find and place the appropriate cards in the correct order. Finalize by spelling the word "Magic" in the correct order/place. (a different sound is heard when a correct letter is placed).


- Click within the video picture at the spot where the sound changes/cracks (both horizontally/vertically). If done correctly, the video stops and shows her shoulder with an tattoo on it.

- Find this website [http://www.demagia.net/bruno.htm] upon entering the words "giordano bruno astral magic". Find the appropriate image and enter its name (recall the 'heroic' reference).

>>> You now need to find the guardian angel of Carolina

- Find this website [http://www.benatky-webzine.info/] upon entering the words "Carolina, Benatky, Minerva (Athena)" (info which you get from a mail a bit later). Search for Carolina and you'll find her full name on this page ("drama Benatky nad Jizerou"). In a later mail, you find out that "Athena" could also have been entered for image name ?!

- Find this website [http://www.lanterna-magica.net/fr/guestbook.html] by searching for the words "Carolina Molikova". On one of the pages (guestbook), you'll find here name again, and a reference to another website. You'll also find her email here <caro0603@post.cz>. (Notice the 2 numbers; they appear to be representing her day/month birthday (she should have been born in 1971/2 according to the webmaster's commentary).

- Find this website [http://www.geocities.com/shareebee10/angel8.html] by searching for the words "guardian angel born zodiac" for an overview of guardian angels by day/date. I found several similar sites with different spelling for the same angel !!!

- Find this website [http://www.czech-genealogicka.org] (from above site). In the forum section, you'll find a comment from Carolina, referring to her guardian angel as login. Go there, and fill in [carolina - jabamiah] (all lowercase) to find her family tree (and notice she was born in 1972). Note: I found the same angel, but spelled as "gabamiah" (and you can't login with this name !).

- Note: Birthstones site [http://www.jewelryappraisal.com/birthstone_almanac.htm]: Chrysolite (a tip given at after a certain period) can refer to several orientations; it seems that in this case, that would be the hour (according to this website [http://www.harlequinbeads.com/cgibin/beads/library/article.html?article=LIB00060].


- Each sound/click will give you a letter (1-click=1st letter / 2-clicks=2nd letter / etc). Eventually, you'll be able to find the 7 letters.

- After some time, you'll receive a mail stating that "Falkirk" might be a French metal band (or Scottich town). Find this site [http://falkirk.free.fr/index_site.htm] (since Tom is Frenchman). Then check out the Pictures section, and select the page containing the "Magnus Imperium" era. In the credits, you'll find Tom's last name.

- Search for "Tom Altman cameraman", which gives you this site [http://www.agence-tomaltman.com/qui.html]. Find out who they are, and you should find Tom's own website [http://www.tomalt.net/] (and his Press card info).


- Start by clicking all eyes, and one will remain open (and give some keyword hints).

- Search for "1514 durer melancholia", which gives you this site [http://www.mathpuzzle.com/masquare.htm] and the solution for this part of the puzzle.

- Try to scan the red barcodes (and maybe the orange as well) in order to get a row of numbers (and a new name to be found). A mail (later) reminds you that the numbers of the magic square have changed (4 - 1 became 9 - 6) ! The numbers correspond to the alphabet, but since the magic square numbers got increased by 5, you need to do the same thing with the alphabet. (easiest is to decrease the numbers by 5 and they'll correspond now with the alphabet).

- Note: A video is shown, and in here the street name is mentioned where Hilde Gardener is murdered (you need this name in SALLA: so pay attention). It sounds like "Stein---" something... (later you’ll find out that they are actually walking down the street which starts at the corner of the Sweetheart Boutique)


- A video is shown and remark that Hilde was burned here in a cellar; found some references on it while looking around (zwischenhausen - Garfenlaube -Boutique Sweetheart - Stein immobilien - and directions to Schloss (castle) -Altstadt (old/ancient part of town)). Searching for any of these words in Marburg did not give anything immediately. So went on with other puzzles, and found reference in Sadedali. But: read note below...

- No immediate idea what to do/look for, untill a mail arrives telling to search for the street in Marburg where the murder took place. Still, difficult to find a good map of Marburg (I did find one here [http://www.marburg.de/en/24679]). You need to know that the church is close to the railway station (Haupt bahnhof), at the corner of "Deutsch hausstrasse" (a fact that I found on another map, but with no street details). Just across the Amerika Haus, you'll notice a street stating "Steinw." (in German, Steinweg, Dutch steenweg, French chaussée). Fyi: stein, steen, stone can also have the meaning of castle (hence, the reference to schloss).

- If you search for "Gardener Steinweg", you'll come across this crippled site [http://www.kunstklub-uni-marburg.info/]. On one of the working News pages, you'll find more info about the murder case; and Hilde's full name. Search for her full name, and you'll find her personal website [http://www.hildeseite-webde.net/]. It now seems to me that this site is an important start site for further (and passed) search work...

- The next puzzle ask you to find day of birth and place of Hilde (her day of death=2nd birth of Tellus was 12/01/2006, as shown on the screen). You'll find this info at her personal site. Overwrite the date fields, and fill in the birthplace in the last field.

Note: I was sure that there had to be some hint in the photo/video. So instead of going for string searching, I looked up the addresses in the German Yellow Pages [http://www.gelbeseiten.de/yp/quick.yp].

> Stein Immobilien = Ketzerbach street (no cigar, but close)

> Boutique Sweetheart = no result (then searched just on Sweetheart, and bingo = Steinweg). The map is also of better quality and gives exact street location/orientation (5 streets crossing).

> Garfenlaube (nothing, but it gave me a choice to search for Gartenlaube = Steinweg)


- You need to drag 3 zodiac symbols to the middle (see 3 small squares above). A mail (later) tells you what to do (in essence, find the 3 zodiac symbols related to fire.

- A list of names appear. Before searching for any of them, start dragging the names to the fire. In doing so, about 4 of them remain. Try any of them will not work.

- Search for "markus ackerman" and this site will be returned [http://www.ukde.org/index.htm] (notice the other names in the search text). You'll find another Markus on this site, and his last name solves the puzzle.


- Just click on the crosses, and some letters will give a (ascending) sound. You can then quickly find the 5 letters you need.

- A remark tells you to look closely to the picture, and you need to order the symbols according to the Seven Skies. Going around the picture shows the number "440" somewhere. Now go and search for "Leyde 440" and this site is returned [http://www.chimie-medievale.com/fr/index.htm]. On one of the pages, you'll find the seven symbols; just follow their order (leave the empty circles for last; or do them first). Btw: this references to Johannes Trithemius, found in a mail sent early in the beginning of the game (The sequence used by Trithemius is Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Sun).


- Keywords given: Tycho Brahe Palace

- You need to restore the painting (right upper corner remains empty).

- You now are asked for a name, and a palace (?) is shown. I had seen this picture before; a palace he had bought and restored as an observatory. So evt.I went searching for "tycho brahe astronomy" which returned [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tycho_Brahe]. You'll find the exact picture, and name of the palace.

- Keywords given: Lover of Mars, ancient empire city. A mail (later) tells us that Venus is that lover. I started searching for "venus ancient egypt" and came across this site [http://interoz.com/egypt/gods1.htm]. Looking for Venus in that page, I stumbled across "Phoenix" as well ! Searching for "venus ancient egypt Phoenix" returned this site [http://www.egyptianmyths.net/phoenix.htm], which gives us immediately the name of the city. (I missed its name already on the first site, btw)

Note: some more mails followed confirming the lead to this information.


- Bring/bounce the little circle to the middle of the picture; then make it bounce (horizontally) against the left bar. In my case, it immediately showed message written down on the notebook. (but you can obviously check it via the video as well). I saw these signs before in Missing I; and found them back here [http://www.demagia.net/corne.html]. This page allows you to translate the message.

- The 56th will take you to him. Logion 38 refers to the Gospel of Thomas, but searching did not give anything useful yet; neither did logion 56. A next mail tells us that logion 56 might indicate that we need to find the person that discovered Carolina in Benatky... The 4th and 8th video speaks about the Prague policeman Jamek (but name could be wrong, tried it). A mail (later) confirms the name (incl spelling) but it's not the solution. So he was the policman running the investigation.

- I searched for "Jamek Benatky", which leads us to this site [http://www.radiozakaz-cz.net/]. Checking the pages didn't immediately help. A mail (later) tells us that we need to check the archives (under the Tag button). "ZAKAZ ARCHIV #17" contains the name Jamek, but I can't read anything of that stuff (Tjech). It appears that the name shown at the end of the article (Štěpán Brožík) is our man. Filling in his last name (without the accents) ends this puzzle.

Spoiler: I have to admit giving up here (stuck at this radio site, and searched the internet for the solution... maybe, mails coming in later would have helped me evt.).


- You see 6 symbols (Hebrew, as you quickly can find out here [http://www.demagia.net/corne.html]). Keywords: Holy blood will reveal. Dropping blood in the center evt. shows that 13 of them causes them to go up in smoke (confirmed by a mail later on). So I figured I need a word made up of 13 letters... These site produce clear Hebrew tables: [http://www.jewelmarketplace.com/_hebraic/] and[http://www.answers.com/topic/enochian]. Another mail follows, telling us to look for "gematria of the word Unity". Searching for "gematria unity" gives this site [http://www.jewishpath.org/gematriajewishunity.html]. "Echad: 13 = Dalet = 4 + Chess = 8 + Aleph = 1". Does this mean 'the number of drops ?' Doing so causes the middle circle to turn 'bloodish', and dragging the small paper above it makes our name appear.

- A bouncing dot and swirling letters. Moving our mouse over the dot reveals a text, starting with "Ali Samman". Searching for "ali samman" reveals this site [http://www.nag-hammadi.com/history.html]. Upon reading the history, I discover that the text appears to be several names of people who got in contact with the Nag Hammadi. In particular, the 14th codex history is referenced on this page, giving you all the names in one nice overview. (I now understand where Thomas Malko fits in this whole picture - see NATHALON below)

Note: maybe I should have finished the puzzles following this order [http://www.anges-demons.net/us/index.htm] ?! (a bit late for that, hum)


- Keyword: Saturnia (and a 9-cross raster). Connect the crosses to form Saturnus. Check this site for a constellation lead [http://www.demagia.net/bruno.htm]. Saturnus is pretty easy to follow/understand. Juppiter is far less logical, but you'll notice quickly that it becomes symmetrical around a vertical axis.

- Anton is the missing link. Several mails follow indicating a link of Carolina with Nag Hammadi, the 14th codex. Searching numerous combinations did not get me anywhere. The best result "anton molikova carolina" gives 3 links, of which 2 we came across earlier [www.czech-genealogicka.org/index.htm] and [www.lanterna-magica.net/guestbook.html]. I logged into Carolina's tree (see earlier for login info), and tried "Havel" as word (no result). I stopped here, and went on trying other sites/combinations without result.

Spoiler: evt. I searched for the solution on the internet and found out that the solution was indeed to be found here [www.czech-genealogicka.org/index.htm] (I just needed to click a bit more, to find another Anton...). Later - upon finishing ABAI - I figured I should have finished that one first...


- Numbers are shown, next to some strange characters (look like Greek, and seen them before). Using the razorblade, you'll evt. find 2 (Greek) names on the

left of the number column. I checked up on this site again [http://www.demagia.net/corne.html], and bingo. And found the lowercase characters here [http://www.mathacademy.com/pr/prime/articles/greek/index.asp]. (be aware, always convert the lowercase letters to its CAP letters !). A mail (later) makes the connection with Jesus Christ.

- Keywords: 5th sky 2 demons Mardy (French for Tuesday?) Western side, demon 8th hour of the day. I need to find 3 names (4 - 7 - 5 characters). I can pull at the small yellow ball, and swing it in a particular direction... Searching for "Johannes Trithemius demon" site (a hint given in one of the mails) came up with this site [http://www.anges-demons.net/us/index.htm]. You find a lot of tabels (and angels), so I first went for anything 'western' and 'tuesday'. That quickly gave me the right table for the first 2 names "of Angels of the Fifth Heaven" (I got this confirmed by the puzzle itself since it moves automatically to the next character when you're correct). I could not find any other name matching the last demon, so with trial & error I completed this puzzle.

Based on this new information (finding the last of the demons), I searched the internet for the 3 demons and ended up here [http://www.2368.info/us/index.htm]. More mails follow, and confirm this particular website. And more mails follow up on the history, and try to explain Carolina's death. Does it all end here ??? Another site mentioned in a video was this one [http://www.jimleroy.net/gb/index.html], but I retrieved no valuable info from this site.

Important note about the game:

Once a puzzle is finished, you can not redo it (for certain clues, it would be helpfull to restart it). And I can't get rid of the feeling that my search did not always turn up the sites explicitly created for this game... (Or less time has been spent on this part of the game)

Another note: there are some pretty good walkthroughs for this game in French. Use "solution" (same meaning as in English) to find them. 

I do not plan to update this document, but feel free to distribute it (as long as you do not make any money out of it !). No problem if you want to update this document with more precise info, but please keep my reference, being  <Paul44Al>.


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