Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon

by Detalion

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     December, 2003   version 1.1b


Gameplay:    Once installed, the game does not require a CD in CD drive. Mysterious Journey II can either be keyboard controlled or  mouse controlled. The Main Menu has the New Game, Continue Game, Load, Settings, Credits and Quit. To go to the In-Game Menu, press ESC. The In-Game Menu has Resume play, Save, Load, Settings, Transcript, Leave Game and Quit.

The game navigation for keyboard uses the W, A, S and D keys. The arrow keys moves the screen focus up or down. The mouse game navigation uses the left mouse for direction and by holding down the right mouse button for movement.

Pressing the space bar or ESC will stop a cutscene. F1 will show the transcript of dialogues. There are 3 cursors: a white circle is for navigating and no action, warp cursor (circles within circle) moves to the next area of gameplay and the use cursor (black circle) means there's an action that can be done.

The inventory is at bottom bar and automatically appears when an item is picked up or when an inventory item can be used at that spot. At Save game, a graphic and the location of the save spot is seen. There are scroll arrows at right side of the frame. The label of the saved game can be changed. Press save to enter the save spot. Press return without pressing saved game will not save the game and return to gameplay. There are unlimited saves. There is an automatic save at start of each segment of gameplay. In loading a game, select the game spot and then press enter. Pressing return without loading a saved game will return to the gameplay.

There is a subtitle option available in the game. After downloading, open Program Files, Mysterious Journey II and then the Profiles folder. Open the Player text file and scroll down to Subtitles. Change the 0 to 1, save the text file, close all folders and play as usual. (Thanks, Maarten!)


Space Station


Traitor's Fate:

Sen Geder is awakened from cryogenic sleep by a hologram of his supposedly old friend Tensa. Tensa stated that Sen is responsible for the destruction of the planet Sarpendon below the space station two hundred fourteen years ago. Only a single valley remains at the planet. The space station will fall to the planet in 16 days and he is imprisoned here. It is the first part of his punishment. All non-essential machinery have been destroyed. Before the second part of his punishment can be stated, the hologram is destroyed by a laser beam from the outside corridor. Sen does not have any memory of his past.


Repairing Talen:

First time - Go to the door and exit the room. Go forward to the large metal object, a Companion that is in the corridor. The Companion asks for restore - help.

Go forward until the end of the corridor, pass 2 destroyed large spider like machines attached to the wall and a blocked side passage until you reach the metal door. On the left of the corridor is another broken companion lying on its side. See a use cursor when placed on the companion, click and automatically a card appears in inventory.

Go back to the first Companion. Face the front of the companion and use the card on it. The companion says that the upper promenade is now open and it wants more.. prion generator..

Second time - Go back to the corridor and turn left on the now accessible mesh bridge. Look left when standing on the  bridge and see another companion and a stand at the far ramps. Go to the end and turn left. The right path is blocked by an erratic laser beam. Go forward and left across the ramp. Take the open passage seen at the right. The passage has 2 walkways on both sides that ends on top of a ramp.

Rotating Corridor puzzle - Ahead are eight tumbler ramps that should be reset to form a corridor. In front is a stand that has 5 buttons. Each button rotates one to three tumbler ramps. Study which button rotates what ramp. Then press the buttons to get all the gold knobs on top and make a corridor at the base.

Save game here. One possible solution is - Press from left to right (1-5):  Buttons 5 4 1 2 4 5 2 5. Another solution is 1 1 2 2 4. If mistake is done go back to the saved game.

Go forward on the corridor. Go to the stand on the right ramp and raise the right bar to turn off the power to the broken laser beam blocking the passage at the middle level.

Go to the other side, face the companion and click use. A cutscene occurs.


Access to shuttle bay:     Go to the end of the corridor and see a stand to the right of the companion that is lying on its side.

Opening shuttle bay door - The stand with 4 arrows is the control that moves the 4 bars on the other side of the shuttle door on the left. As Talen stated: Study the relationship of the parts with its design.

To find out what happens when you change any arrow position, go to the mesh bridge, forward and now that the beam is off, turn right to a ramp that goes up. Go forward and up the ramp. Look through the window and note of the position of the bars above the shuttle door on the right.

This is a random puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to move the bars so that the space will be centered on the center bolt.

Take note where the position of the space is on the different bars from top to bottom and how many position movements are needed to center the space the bars.

This is the other side of the door - so note that the position will be reversed on the other side where the control stand is located.

Go back to the stand and move one arrow and see how it affects the bar on the other side.  The looking at the bars and changing the arrows on the control panel need to be done several times. Good luck!

Shuttle Bay:     Enter the open access door and go forward. A warp cursor brings you to the shuttle bay. Go forward and see a force field blocking entry to the shuttle.

Go back to the side passage. Enter the elevator carriage on the right by the entryway. Walk the bridge and look down. See roomful of pods and a single lamp on the right side close to an eyelike lens on the wall.

Go down to the main level. Go forward to the third row of pods and turn right. Look at the base of the lamp. Press the button and power starts humming.

Laser  flow puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to make a series of unbroken laser beams to the eyelike lens on the wall.

Each laser pod has 4 sides with openings and sealed walls. The openings have either a pipe like or a rounded hole. The laser should come out of the protruding pipe end and received by a rounded hole.

Look at the pod behind the lamp. There should be energy going out of it when the button was pressed. Go close to the pod behind the lamp and use-turn it so that energy goes out though the 2 outlets to the next pods. The 2 outlets should be away from the lamp: one to the left and one to the back with the lamp on the right. Do not position a laser to the pod on the wall or to the one facing the lamp. Proceed from here.

 Good luck!


1. Enter and see the elevator on the right.

2. Go to lamp. Look down and press button to start laser flow.

3. Turn pod behind the lamp (now called start pod) 2xs.

4. White circles - Follow the black arrows and the white circles (pods) while turning the pods as noted with black numbers on the graph. Stop at the pod left of the one in front of the eye.

5. Red-white circles - Go back to the pod right of the start pod. Turn the pod right of the start pod 3xs.

6. Blue circles - Go to pod left of pod below the start pod and follow the blue arrows while turning the pods as noted with blue numbers.

7. Turn the pod in front of the eye 3xs, move away and see a cutscene.

Watch the shuttle bay door open and hear Talen call Sen. There are 2 tribes: Transai and Ansala. The Transais believe in the old technology and believe science is the only answer for survival while the Ansalas believe in love of nature and natural methods. Talen gives Sen flight skills update and chameleon tech, so that Sen can be disguised as a nomad from badlands. Watch the shuttle flies and crash lands on the planet.


The Valley


Companion Beach:    Click use on the Danoosha, a Companion at the beach. See the remains of the shuttle and an inoperative companion on the left path. Go up to the path on either side of the mountain wall.

Neutral Zone:    See two bridges that need to be reset to cross. One is tech and the other natural.

Transai side:    Go down the left path and see a stand with a view of 4 columns of bridge segments.

Tech Bridge - The object of the puzzle is to raise the bridge even to the cable that is stretched out on the gap.

The stand has 4 finger like knobs on top. The knobs move the stand to face each of the 4 bridge segment columns. The red button shoots red energy that resets the puzzle. The blue button shoots out blue energy that raises the columns.

Throw  blue energy to any column(s) to see how much column height is raised by each balls. Note that the height increases in relation to the sequence of the blue energy thrown i.e. first blue energy thrown raises the column the least and the last energy raises the column highest. Let us say, first blue energy thrown raises it one step, the second thrown - 2 steps, third - 3 steps, etc. Reset the columns by pressing the red button.

Then check each column to see how many steps are needed for it to reach the level of the cable. If it goes over the cable, do 2 columns until you reach the correct level and note the steps needed to reach that point. By process of elimination, I found that - (L-R) Column 1 needs 12 steps, column 2 needs 11 steps, column 3 needs 12 steps and column 4 needs 10 steps.

Then find out one of the possible sequence of energy thrown to all column to raise them to even height level to the cable that spans the gap.

When correctly done, the close up view of the stand pulls back automatically.

One possible solution is: Labeling the columns from left to right as 1, 2, 3, 4. Shoot blue energy to columns - 2 4 1 2 3 2 3 4 1. Another solution is  4 1 1 3 2 2 1 3 4.

Cross the Tech bridge and meet some Transais. Jimi, a newly appointed team leader talks to Sen as Jano, an engineer who has been missing for 2 years. They will secure the shuttle and would meet you at Touchstone.

When they leave, try to enter the force field but the sentry portal recognizes your chameleon enhancement and will not let you through. Go back across the tech bridge.

Ansala side:     Go down the steps under the giant leaf. See a plant stand that has 3 buttons on top and 4 colored buttons at the bottom. On the water are 3 plants.

Natural bridge - The object of the puzzle is to raise the plants in the water so that the segments will end up with leaves to create a continuous path to the other side.

The 3 buttons on top of the control plant target the plants in the water. The red button resets an individual plant in the water. The blue button makes three segments, the yellow - two and the green - one segment.

This puzzle is played against the computer. The computer randomly adds a certain number of segments to what you add.

The plant on the left needs 9 segments, the middle needs 13 segments and the right plant needs 10 segments to get to full height. These are found out by shooting randomly to to the top.

One of the ways to trap the computer is to leave segments for the computer that are divisible by 4, ex. 4, 8 or 12.

Your color shot on the plant always ends in a segment with leaves. The computer immediately adds its segment that doesn't end in leaves.


Since the computer segments are random:

Left plant :    Shoot green on left plant to have one leafed segment, leaving 8 for the computer.

The computer will then add non-leafed segment(s).

Count the segments on the plant.

Then add enough segment(s) (by shooting blue button for three segments, the yellow - two and the green - one segment) to leave a number divisible by 4.

The last addition should complete the height of that plant. Adjust the number to get the plant on the left to 9 segments, the middle to 13 segments and the right plant to 10 segments.

ex. You shot green to make one segment, the computer adds one non- leafed segment. The plant is completed with 9 segments. So 9 minus 1 minus 1 = 7 segments to go.

Shoot blue to add 3 segments to make the plant have 4 segments for completion.

The computer might shoot one non-leaf segment after you to make 6 segments on the plant and needs 3 more for completion. Shoot blue to make 3 segments and the plant is completed with a leafed segment at the top.


Shoot green on middle plant to have one segment, leaving 12 for the computer. Follow as above. Good luck!

Shoot yellow on right plant to have two segment, leaving 8 for the computer.

Follow as above. Good luck!

Cross the natural leaf bridge and meet Saku. She is glad that you as Troga, an explorer came back from the badlands. They want to meet you at Brada Coe. Try to go through the sentry totem and find out it is not possible. Go back to companion beach.


Companion Beach:    Watch the fight between the Ansalas and the Transais.  They destroyed the ship to prevent the enemy from taking it.

Click on Danoosha and she said I have done all... Sen looks at the gelleas, the floating islands and thinks that they are turned somehow. Go to the other companion, Wookash. He moves aside to show a path in the mountain wall. Danoosha has given Sen an update on his camouflage using missing members of the tribes.


Secret Area:    Enter the cave and come out to an area with cables and fans blocking the way. 

Fan-Cable puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to lower all the fans to enable passage to the other side. There are only 2 chances to do so.

Go to the left path and see that the fans are attached to 16 cables at the floor of the area. The fans are blocking the path.

Go back to the other side and go down to the floor using the worn path before the console. See 4 horizontal bars that connect some cables. The top bar connects 5 cables, second - 4 cables, third - 3 cables and the bottom bar connects 2 cables. Each bar can lower only 2 cables as seen on the end knobs.

Go to the console above and see that there are 16 settings that can be selected by click-hold-move the arrow. The select button is at the center of the rosette and a reset button is on the right. Play with the cables and realize you are given only 2 chances to do the puzzle as shown by the 2 lit areas on the bar.

Look across to the fans and note that fans 3, 6, 9, 10, 14 and 15 are already moved away from the path. So fans 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 and 16 need to be pull down.


First step:    The object of this step is to pull blocking fans 1-7. This is done by connecting cables 1-7 so that they can be pulled with one action. Remember cables 3 and 6 are already off the path.

Go underneath the cables again.

Move the top bar to connect cables 1-5. The knobs should be on 1 and 5.

Move the second bar to connect cables 4-7. The knobs should be on 4 and 7.

Move the third bar to connect cables 2-4. The knobs should be on 2 and 4.

Move the bottom bar to connect cables 4 and 5. The knobs should be on 4 and 5.

These connect cables 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7.

Go to console. Set the arrow to any position from 1-7 except 3 or 6 and press the center button.


Second step:    Now, pull down fans 8-16. Remember that fans 9, 10, 14 and 15 are already down.

Go underneath the cables again.

Move the top bar to connect cables 8-12. The knobs should be on 8 and 12.

Move the second bar to connect cables 13-16. The knobs should be on 13 and 16.

Move the third bar to connect cables 11-13. The knobs should be on 11 and 13.

Move the bottom bar to connect cables 12 and 13. The knobs should be on 12 and 13.

These connect cables 8, 11, 12, 13 and 16.

Go to console. Set the arrow to any position from 8-16 except 9, 10, 14 or 15 and press the center button. Fans are all away from the path.

Go to the path and enter Arko's place.

Arko's Hideout:    Arko states that gelleas (floating island) have been turned by the Ansalas. Arko tells the history of what happened to the planets and about Sen Geder. Sen was supposed to have a scientist companion. They were the ones that contacted the alien ship. The alien machineries are the Companions that are kept by the Transais. Sen is shown a door that has ancient lock. Arko gives an ancient number of power - 36. Sen wants to go back to the space station to pick up things and to find his companion, Chemay. Sen's disguise is now stronger because of Wookash and Daneesha.

Sen talks to Wookash and the companion advises to check the Transai area first because they have better kept shuttles and stronger Companions.


Transai Domain


Transai Portal:    Go to the Transai sentry portal, across the tech bridge. Sen is recognized by the sentry portal as Jano and is allowed to go through. The sentry portal's force field is removed.

Transai bridge puzzle:    The bridge are all misaligned and some have an activated force field. The object of the puzzle is to align the bridge and deactivate the force fields.

Turn around and go to the stand close to the cliff edge.

This is a random puzzle. Look at the stand. The top buttons rotates 2 segments of the bridges and bottom buttons deactivates the force field.

Note which buttons turn which segment of the bridge. Start by aligning the bridge segment that is controlled by only one button - let's call it segment A. Do not touch that button again. Then find which button also moves the companion segment (B) of segment A. Move that button until segment B is aligned. Find the button that moves the companion of B, etc.... Continue from here. Good luck!

Halcyon Woods:    Cross the bridge and exit to a woody area. The force field is activated behind you. Straight ahead is a round hovering companion. The right path ends at a door with a puzzle. Go back to the other 2 paths to the left of the force field.

Touchstone:      Enter the door and Jano's friend greets Sen. Sen meets with Mokri and Usef, members of the council. The Oracle checks Sen and he passes.

Look at the control stand beside an airship. The second to the left is lit. This is where you are now. Press any button to look around the area. The top right destination has a set of ramps, one of which bridges to an opening blocked by 3 bars on the other cliff. Only one place - second to the right button will have any active areas to explore.


Transai Skyport:    Walk the ramp and enter through the door. See a fog covered platform on the left and a ramp on the right.

Skyport maze - Go down the ramp and look up. Map the maze and note the position of the step before and after a turn based on the lamp on each side.

Go up, stand on the start area and SAVE GAME! This will let you restart the maze that you already mapped. The puzzle randomizes after a fall through the fog.

The lamp on each side is at the center point of each slab.

Hints:    I used my mouse for control. I made a chart with the turn needed (L or R), how many slabs to walk on and very important - the lamp position that I will face when I do the turn. Remember that one click of the mouse or W key moves to one slab, it takes 3 clicks to move to middle of second slab. Walk to the end of the segment while cursor is centered on the lamp you need to go to. Then check right or left to see if you are centered on the side lamps an d that you are where you need to. Using the chart and the constant check of the position of the lamp helped a lot.

Falling off and walking the maze changes the maze pattern to an easier one. Map the easier maze for you. Patience and Good luck!

Go down the ramp and meet Dari. She agrees to take you to the Companion ship, Lyra.


Lyra:    See a snow covered land with a derelict space ship. Inside the Companion ship, go across to the other side and enter the corridor. Go forward, turn right, forward and left to the next corridor.

Enter the chamber with plants. Dari and Carluen arrive to talk to Sen. Carluen introduces Sen to Matsheck, a companion. When Carluen leaves, leave the room also. Take the corridor on the left and see a locked door with an intricate puzzle.

Door Puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to make a continuous power connection from left to right. Each knob when clicked turns the neighboring knobs.

One way of solving this puzzle is to:

Click 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 once.

Click 7 twice.

Click 8 3 times.

Click 9 twice.

Click 10 and 11 once.

Click 12 3 times.

Click 13 and 14 once.

Click 15 3 times.

Click 16 once.

Click 17 twice.

Enter the room and look around. Go up the steps at the central platform. Sen sees a design on the floor similar to Arko's ancient door. Look around at the different machineries until Carluen enters to greet you. He will leave later. Go back to the chamber with plants and the companion after you have checked all the room, corridors and the area where you first entered the ship. A cutscene should be seen and Carluen will eventually enter. If you do not see the cutscene - explore both the corridors, ship entrance and the locked room a bit before the final cutscene is triggered. Carluen talks about the history of the planet and about the Ansalas imprisoning Sen and Chenay. Dari calls Sen back to the shuttle and they fly back to skyport.


Transai Skyport:   Sen ponders about he should talk to the Oracle, who he thinks is an ally of the Companions. Walk out to the airship and press the second top left button.

Touchstone:    Enter the council chambers through the portal and talk to the Oracle. Sen believes that there is an Oracle at the Ansala area that hid itself and is aiding the Ansalas. The council heads arrive and advises Jano-Sen to wait a while before he reconnoiter.

Go outside through the door and try to go out through the force field portal. The sentry portal would not let Jano through. Turn around and talk to the floating Companion, Thierry. It advises to try the portal again.


Ansala domain


Once through the portal go to the neutral zone and cross the Ansala leaf  bridge. See that the Sentry Totem is inactivated. Go forward to the flower bridge.

Flower bridge:    See that the flower petals are drooping. Go to the left around the cliff side. See the plant control stand for the flower bridge.

Flower bridge puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to raise the petals of the individual flowers.

The plant control panel has 16 small buttons and one top central reset button.

Click on all the buttons and note that some do not do anything.

Reset the puzzle and ignore the dud buttons. Process through the buttons to see which buttons will successively raise the petals. After a known sequence is pressed and a button that close the opened petals is reached, reset the puzzle and look for the next button that will raise the petal. Continue until all the petals are raised.

Click on the shown numbers in sequence.

Brada Coe:    Cross the flower bridge and go through the cave. The entry is now gone. Turn left, forward and meet Saku and 2 children. The child wants Triga to make an amblates. Saku informs that the Three wants to talk to Triga at the Great Pavilion.

Great Pavilion - After the cutscene, turn to far left of the main road. At the end close to a glowing plant-tree on the right, turn around and see a path that goes up. Take the upper path and meet Rebus, Losan and Loreann. They excused Triga from the convocation and has a place for him to rest.

After the cutscene, turn back to the right and go to the Great Pavilion again. Note a stretched drum like colored skin hanging on one side. Click on the colors to hear different sounds. Take note of the sounds.

Turn around and go forward. Climb the path and then turn around. Look at the sign on the right side of the path. Note the number of symbols - there are 9. Go back to the pavilion and take the path to the left.

Middle level - Follow the path going down to the middle level. Take note of the sign on the right side of the path - there are 16 of these symbols. Go forward until the end of the path and see a sea shell on the wall. Turn around and go back where you started when you first entered Brada Coe. See a path that goes down to a lower level.

Lower level - Go down the path and note the sign on the left of the path. There are 15 of this symbols. Go left and see a plant with colored symbols on it.

Middle level - Go back up to the middle level. Take the path straight ahead and see a well lit area on the left.

Transport pod:    See a locked brightly colored pod. Sen states that he should be looking for the Ansala's shuttle. Look at the plant stand to the right.

Symbol and sound puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to open the door of the pod by selecting the appropriate symbols and sounds based on the right colors.

See a plant stand that has symbols on ovals. The top stamens cycle the symbols, the middle stamens select the sounds and the bottom stamens reproduce the sounds.

Correct colors - Note the colors on the archway in front of the brightly lit pod - purple, indigo, red and blue.

Correct symbols - Check the plant with colored symbols at lower level to see which symbols are colored purple, indigo, red and blue.

Correct sound - Check the stretched drum at the Great Pavilion at upper level to check the sound made by clicking on purple, indigo, red and blue.

Plant stand -

Rotate the top stamens to enter the correct symbols for purple, indigo, red and blue.

Select the sound that is produced by a symbol by cycling the middle stamen below that symbol and by clicking on bottom stamen of that symbol to listen to the different sounds.

When correctly done, automatically pull out of the puzzle and the pod is opened.


Top stamens:     Click from L-R, 6 times, 4 times, no click and 5 clicks. Check the graphic below for the symbols.

Middle stamens:    With all the knobs on top position, click from L-R, 3 times, once, 8 times and 7 times. Check the graphic below for the position of the knobs.

Bottom stamens:    Click to hear the sounds made.

Enter the transport pod and arrive underwater. Look left to a stand.

Ansala Seagate:    Look at the transport plant stand on the left as you exit the pod.

Transport control stand - The object of the puzzle is to enter the correct numbers to return the pod above.

The symbols on top are similar to the ones seen on the signs above ground - at the top, middle and lower level of Brada Coe.

Under each symbols are 3 frames to enter the correct number for those symbols. Click on them and see that they cycle 4 times showing a base 4 numbering system.

Base 4 0 1 2 3 10 11 12 13 20 21 22 23 30 31 32 33 100 101 102 103 110
Base 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

The left symbol is seen in the sign at middle level of Brada Coe. There are 16 symbols on that sign. Enter 100 (base 4 value of base 10 16) by clicking the first knob on the left and leave the other 2 at zero.

The middle symbol is from the sign at lower level of Brada Coe. There are 15 symbols on that sign. Enter 33 (base 4 value of base 10 15) by clicking 3 times on the middle and right knobs.

The right symbol is from the sign at top level of Brada Coe. There are 9 symbols on that sign. Enter 21 (base 4 value of base 10 9) by clicking the middle knob 2 times and the right knob once.

A cutscene shows Loreann and Barrack coming down on the pod. Loreann invites Sen to go with them to the Gelleas wrecks.

Gelleas wreck:    Look at the openings on the left and see stacks of crates. There are 2 openings that have a control panel to raise and lower the crates.

Crate puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to lower and raise the crates to enable access to the openings on the other side.

Press the buttons from L-R: 1 once, 2 once, 3 once and 4 three times. When correctly done, automatically pull back from the control panel.

Enter through the middle opening and walk to the corridor on the opposite side. Note a similar ancient sign on the wall. Meet Mistertuoa, a Companion. Before Mistertuoa could talk further, 2 amblates appear and shroud the companion preventing it from talking further. Loreann arrives and tells you that Triga is needed above.

Brada Coe:    The real Triga came back and Sen is charged a traitor. He will be scanned and then later be sent to the rendering chamber to be processed for the good of the tribe.

Holding Cell:     Sen finds out he is invisible due to his camouflage. Saku and the guard could not see him and thought he escaped.  Loreann states that the main lock is disengaged to conserve energy but the internal synchronization lock is left. Loreann gives Sen 2 rhymes to help him escape. Note that Loreann called Sen - Sen not Triga.

Synchronization security riddle: Transportation riddle:
A museum is the place to be
Where doors can hear and walls can see.
If all your gates are closed together
The path is clear and sure forever.

The time you take must be in mind.
For lofty journeys that you find
Some waiting, counting must be done
For lofty ways to work as one.

Purple lock puzzle -  The object of the puzzle is to lock the 2 colored clips on each rope on the clamps on the floor beside the purple bulbs.

There are 3 knotted rope on purple bulbs around the perimeter of the room

Save Game here so that you can restart from beginning.

There are 3 ropes: Rope 1 is to the immediate left of the door. Rope 2 is to the back right while facing the door and rope 3 is to the back left while facing the door.

One move of rope 1 moves rope 2 one knot also. One move of rope 2 moves rope 3 by 2 knots.

One move of rope 3 moves rope 1 by 3 knots.

Arrange the knots so that one rope is locked and the other 2 can be locked in one pull.


Pull rope 2 until there are 2 knotted lengths of rope between the clamps on the stand and the purple clips on the rope.

Pull rope 3 until there are 4 knotted lengths of rope between the clamps on the stand and the purple clips on the rope.

Pull rope 1 until purple clips are clamped on the stand.

Pull rope 2 purple clips are clamped on the stand. This act also clamps rope 3. If mistake is made, start from saved game.

Brada Coe:    See that the holding cell is the end of the lower level of Brada Coe. Go left and ride the gondola.


Galleries of Heroes:     See several paths leading to the center around the perimeter of the park.

Path Puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to pass through all paths once engaging the force fields and not be blocked by a force field or backtrack.

The force field can be turned off if necessary by bud switches on the frame of the force fields.


Take the right path (not statue path) from the gondola.

1. Go around the perimeter of the park following the red arrows. Sen notes the ancient symbol at one of the perimeter node and ponders about the Oracle.

2. At the statue, take the yellow arrow path.

3. Take the center overhead path and midway jump down to the lower level path following the green arrows.

4.Go down the side path and enter the Gallery of Heroes to the very end following the blue arrows.

5. Come out of the Gallery of Heroes and climb back up the path following the purple arrows. Go to the outer node and see a cutscene.

6. Turn right to the node with the symbol and ride the gondola.


Oracle platform:    Go up the steps to the platform. An amblate, Janoosh arrives; advises to visit the water garden for making most important journey and gives a sea shell. You can look around and go down the steps to take in the ocean view. Then climb up and exit on the side of the wall to the gondola.

Arrive back at the Galleries of Heroes. Take the other gondola at the node close to the statue. It will return to lower level at Brada Coe.

Brada Coe:    Climb the right ramp from lower level. Go to the sea shell on the wall at the end of the middle level main path of the village. The sea shell in inventory comes up when facing the seashell on the wall. Use the seashell and enter.


Windmill Bridge:    See all 5 segments of a bridge turning around individually. Take the right path to go to the base of the bridge's pillar-tree trunks.

Windmill bridge puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to synchronize the rotation of the bridge segments.

Go to the farthest tree trunk. This tree trunk will be the first segment if you are even with the start of the bridge above. Note a pink spine lever on its side. This lever stops and start the rotation of all the segments.

The spine-levers of the other 4 tree trunks are for fast and slow rotation control of that particular bridge segment.

Start the synchronization on the second tree trunk after this one. Look up, study the rotation of this segment and compare it with the one before it. Slow down the rotation, look up and when it is close to being synchronized to the first one, click the lever to speed up.

Be sure to check the side of the bridge segment in relation to the main pole holding it up.

Once you think it matches in speed and position, go to the next one. Continue until all of them are synchronized and then stop the rotation using the spine of the first tree trunk.

You can check if they are synchronized and even by stopping all of them using the spine-lever on the first tree trunk. Look up to see if they are all aligned.

If done correctly, go up and walk the bridge. If not correct, you cannot walk on the bridge.

Water Garden:    Go forward, see 4 heads, a dock and a pond full of flowers. Go back and take the elevator to the top. See that the flowers make a maze and there is a boat on by the left head.

Water garden maze - The object of the puzzle is to move the boat to the dock using the wind blown by the 4 heads on the wall.

There is a control panel that manage the wind released by the heads. As seen on the controls, the left (west) control has only one gust of wind available, the second (north) has 3 wind gusts available, the third (east)  has 2 chances and the fourth (south) has 2 wind gusts.

There is a small flip knob to turn the gust on and off and a lever at the end of the left bar to reset the puzzle.

1. Turn wind on west and then north heads. 2. Turn south head on and turn off north.
3. Turn off south. Turn on east and north. 4. Turn off east.
5. Turn off west. Turn on east. 6. Turn off north. Turn on south.
7. Turn off south. Turn on north.

Go down and get on the docked flying boat. Watch Sen fly off and land at the Transai skyport.

Transai Domain


Transai Skyport:    Exit the area and ride the airship.


Tour of Transai Domain:   There are 3 destinations that stops at a shell with a timer. Each of this shells will open one of the three sliding bars blocking the opening at the end of the bridge we saw in our earlier tour.

The object of the puzzle is to remove the sliding bars from the opening at the cliff across a series of ramps.

There are 3 destinations with shells and timers. The timers retract the top, middle and bottom bars of the opening on the cliff.

The sequence that will stop the timer and hold the bars in retract position is to retract the top bar first, then the middle and lastly the bottom bar.

The destination on the control panel of the shells are bottom left for top bar, bottom right for middle bar and top left for the bottom bar.

After pressing the timer pads to retract the bars, press top right destination on the control panel to go to the set of ramps landing. Go up the ramp, go right until the ramp that bridges the gap and turn right to the opening.

Press the bottom left button on the destination panel.

Arrive at first shell platform, press the timer.

Press the bottom right button on the destination panel.

Arrive at second shell platform, press the timer.

Press the top left button on the destination panel.

Arrive at third shell platform, press the timer.

Press the top right button on the destination panel.

Arrive at ramp to go to the opening on the cliff across the way.

Enter the elevator. Go forward and see a companion on the left. Talk to Sargash. He gives two filters for tower security system: one shows the correct colors and the other shows them in reverse. Observe all portals and go through the red halves. Only the red halves.

Go back to the elevator and ride the airboat to the landing with the transfer portal to the council chambers. Use the second left destination on the control panel. Go through the door out to Halcyon woods.


Halcyon woods:    Go to the path left of the force field and see the locked door of the tower.

Tower door puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to make a continuous power connection from left to right starting from the top knob. Each knob when clicked turns some neighboring knobs. Do the adjustments by rows.

Click on the knobs as shown on the graphic. The door opens.




Grand Tower:    Go forward and see a tower with a circular ramp on top.

To get to the top floor:

Enter and the elevator rises to the third floor as shown by the number of bars at the center.

At third floor, look carefully and take the first left exit. Come back in. Go down to the first floor.

At first floor, look carefully and take the first right exit. Come back in. Go up to the fourth floor.

At fourth floor, look carefully and take the second left exit. Come back in. Go up to the fifth floor.

At fifth floor, look carefully and take the second right exit. Come back in. Go up to the top sixth floor.



Every ramp has a telescope while one ramp has two.

Each telescope is focused on a security gate on the ramp that circles the tower.

Use a telescope and see that the filters are placed on either side of the telescope.

Click on one or both filters and they will be placed over the lens.

The top button removes the filter while the lower button rotates the gate seen through the telescope.

Determine the correct red gate and rotate the gate so that the correct gate is farthest from the tower or situated at the outward part of the perimeter.

To know which gate is correct, place both filters over the telescope lens. The colors seen is the reverse of the correct one, so a blue gate is really the red gate and vice versa.

Rotate all blue colored gate to the outer side while both filters is over the telescope lens. Do this on all the telescopes.

Telescope setup   Gate seen with no filters   Gate seen with both filters

Solution by Judith: (Thanks, Judith)

Standing in front of the ramp with the two telescopes, go to the first telescope on the left (the 2 telescopes will be done last). Looking in this telescope put the blue filter on the left by green rock.

Continue left. the second telescope put blue on left.

Continue left. Third telescope put blue on left.

Fourth telescope blue on left by brown & green rocks.

Fifth telescope blue on left by brown & green with white rocks.

Sixth telescope blue on left by green & red/purple & white rock.

Seventh telescope blue on left by same colored rocks.

Ramp with 2 telescopes: the one on the left put blue on right by rocks. the right telescope put blue on the left by rocks.

When done, enter the tower and it will automatically go to the fifth floor. Exit to a ramp that will lead to the building seen through the telescope. The left inner side of the gates are blocked. Since you arranged the correct 'red' gate to the right outer side, walk the ramp and enter the building.

If all the above was done correctly and the portal at the end of the ramp still doesn't open - delete all the saved games done while doing the telescope puzzle. Go back to a saved game prior to reaching the 6th floor of the tower. Proceed with the puzzle without saving and hopefully you can enter the portal at the end of the ramp.

Oracle:    This Oracle is a decoy. The Oracle gives a number of power, 28.


Lyra:     Sen goes through a portal and exits out to Lyra. Go forward on the corridor and pick up a green ball. Go forward to the rotunda and pick up the red ball.

Take the left corridor and rise to the second level. Pick up the red-green ball. Take the side corridor and see a door with graphic above 3 columns of 4 rows of rectangular buttons.

Take the lift down and go to the left hall. See another graphic with a setup similar to the one seen at level 2.

Go back to rotunda and take the left alcove. Rise to a machine.

Ball - graphics pattern puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to make a pattern similar to the graphic on the doors seen.

Note that the top monitor has 3 columns of 4 rows like the 2 graphics setup on 2 doors seen earlier.

Note that the lines goes left to right on top row, connects to right to left on second row, connects to left to right line at third row and right to left at bottom row.

Use the 3 balls on the machine. To change balls, click on balls. To cycle the pattern of the balls, click on the side buttons. Note that the red-green ball does not show any lights on the monitor.

Find the pattern similar to the graphics on the 2 doors.


Level 1 door

Use red ball and  then cycle the buttons.

Use green ball and then cycle the buttons.

Note the placements of the lights on the monitors.



Level 2 door

Use red ball and then cycle the buttons.

Note the placements of the lights on the monitor.

Level 2 door - Go down the lift and go to the corridor across the rotunda. At the second level, go right to the corridor. Click the top right, second row right, second row middle and bottom right pads. The door opens but the path is blocked by debris. The lock pad needs only 4 entries.

Level 1 door - Go down, turn to the left hall on the lower level. Face the lower level door and since the lock needs only 4 entries - enter the first 2 lit circle of the left glyph and the last 2 of the right glyph as seen on the ball puzzle machine. Click top middle, right on second row, right on bottom row and left on bottom row. The door opens.

Meet the real Transai Oracle. The Transai Oracle has an airship that can take Sen to the Ansala Oracle. He gives an ancient number of power - 12.

Transai Skyport:    Sen finds himself at the skyport. Look at the symbols on the stone lying on the bench.


Airboat control - Enter the airboat and look at the control.

Click-cycle any button and see 12 different glyphs formed. This is a base 12 control.

The stone has glyphs similar to the base 4 seagate control underwater. Based on the seagate control glyphs, the stone reads as 3120.

Convert the base 4 - 3120 to base 12. I used a Base-n calculator to get 160.

The control has the zero glyph as default. Click the button once on the left, 6 times on the middle and no click on the right. Have a nice flight!

Gelleas above


Enter the hall and see a puzzle on the door. Turn right, enter room and see a blue and yellow framed cloth with lines. Note the lines. Go out to the hall and right. See a green lined pattern on the locked door.

To open lined doors:

Green door - Study the pattern of the blue and yellow lines in the other room. Note the common lines between the 2 patterns.

Enter those common lines on the green pattern on the door since blue and yellow makes green.

Enter the room and study the lines on the red cloth. Go back to the locked lined door at the main hall.

Clear door - Study green and red lined patterns and see what lines are in common. Enter those common lines on the door.

Secret of Sarpedon:    Sen meets with the Ansala Oracle. Arko, Carluen and Loreann arrive and tell Sen the true history of Sarpedon. Oracles are the central coordinating units for colonization of the planet. Companions are planetary engines for processing nitrogen, producing greenhouse gases and changing the soil. The watch crew of the colony ship that was to colonize this planet formed factions based on their ideas about terraforming the planet - the beginning of the Ansala and Transai tribe. The Ansalas took one Oracle out of the network and took it to the valley. A fight ensued between the two factions that resulted in the destruction of the colony ship - Lyra. The Oracles who are in communications with each other decided to mindwipe the population and impose a memory of history of global war. Sen needs the station maps and access codes for the station. Sen and Chemay are Ansala sleepers - double agents. Sen needs to restore the Oracle-companion terraforming network at the Overide chamber on the station. There is a reconnection override left by the Ansalas in case they need to use it again. Carluen and Loreann cannot help Sen because the Oracles they tend need to be manually adjusted. Arko will open and close the protection field overhead manually at the precise moment of reactivation of the network.

The Ansala Oracle prepared a ship for Sen to get to the station. She gives an ancient number of power - 52.

Sen has little over 5 hours before the space station crashes down.


Space Station

Finding Chemay:

Go forward and note the symbols on the crate sitting on the left side facing the right corridor.

Go to each door at the end of the 3 hallways. Each door has a set of colored glyphs. They are door locks. Above the colored glyphs are the labels for those doors, 2 of which are found on the crate.

Pick up the disk on top of a box at the corridor facing the crate with symbols.

Go back to the intersection and see a big circular disk on the wall. Use the disk that was picked up on the metal decoder.

Decoding the crate symbols - The decoder disk has 4 inner circles and 12 radial sections with symbols similar to the crate.

Using the crate symbols as a formula: label of door = the 4 symbols to unlock the door.

To convert the symbols in the formula to the colored glyphs on each door:

Select the first symbol to be converted and then rotate the first circle until the space shows a colored glyph under the first symbol on the outer perimeter of the disk.

Select the second symbol to be converted and then rotate the second circle until the space shows a colored glyph under the second symbol on the outer perimeter of the disk.

Do the same for the third and fourth symbols. The colored glyphs are the code to enter for that particular door.





Top set of symbols on crate for first door.


Bottom set of symbols on crate for second door.

First door:    Go to door across the crate with symbols. Press: white 3-pointed star, pink 3-pointed star, pink 3-knobbed star and green 4 pointed star. Door opens and then check the room.

Second door: Go to the door right of the white metal disk. Press:  pink 3-knobbed star, white 4 pointed star, green 4 pointed star and pink 3-knobbed star.

Door opens, go forward and see a crate with another set of symbols. Go to the right corridor and left at the next corridor.


Towers:    Go through the door and come out on a ramp on top of 4 towers. At the center is a layered taller tower. The tower roofs have numbers similar to the one that is on the airship control. Note the drawings of the numbers and we will decode it later. Look around and note that one of the windows on the wall is open. Go back and go through the corridor.




Take the corridor across the crate with the new symbols. Enter the room at the end and see the window seen from the tower top. Note that the 16 buttons overhead the window is similar to the ancient symbol seen during gameplay.

Exit and go back to the metal decoder.

Decode the tower numbers - Across the metal decoder is a panel that has the base 12 numbers. The bottom row shows the symbols seen on the crate and doors. Some numbers are missing. The top left is 0 and is read across the row to 3 at top right. The panel is a calculator with the mathematical function icons at the bottom. Select any a number, press the bottom left icon, press another number and you will get a sum.

Compare the markings on the tower roof on the symbols on this calculator. The numbers on top of the towers are: 28, 14, 08 and 04.


Decode the new crate symbols - Note that the code for the unopened door symbol is equals to the symbol above the other 2 doors with a mathematical function symbol (addition) in between.

Since the metal decoder has 12 radial segments and we have been using base 12 here, count the top of the metal decoder as #0 and going clockwise to end at 11.


As seen from decoding the door lock puzzle - first door has the symbols at segments 3 for the first circle, 4 for the second circle, 6 for the third circle and 8 on the last circle - 3468. Check the graphic above.

The second door has symbols at segments 8 for the first circle, 0 for the second circle, 4 for the third circle and 1 on the last circle - 8041. Check the graphic above.

The crate formula will then be third door = 3468 + 8041. The math function is seen at the calculator panel across the decoder wheel.

So add the numbers , first symbol, 3 + 8 = 11; second symbol, 4 + 0 = 4; third symbol 6 + 4 = 10 and the fourth symbol is 8 + 1 = 9.

Go to the metal decoder and turn the wheels to 11 for the first circle, 4 for the second circle , 10 for the third circle and 9 for the fourth inner circle.

Third door - Go to the third door and press yellow 3-knobbed star, pink 3-pointed star, pink 4 pointed star and yellow dumbbell.


End Game:

Sen is reunited with Chemay. Chemay will contact Arco and will work to get Talen fixed. Chemay gives Sen a prion generator. Sen needs to find the reconnection override.

Go forward and take the left corridor to the room with the window opened to the tower. Insert the prion generator on the slot at the right edge of the window frame.

End Puzzle - The 16 buttons above the window is the same as that of the ancient symbols. The 4 ancient number of powers given to Sen are 12, 28, 36 and 52.

The object of the puzzle is to make the ancient numbers on the towers. This is done by joining numbered towers using laser beams.

The 16 buttons are positions that shoot different combinations of laser beams to the towers.

The middle large button turns on and toggles off the lasers.

Check the laser combinations by pressing the different buttons individually, then press the middle large button and note which towers are hit by the lasers.

The tower numbers using base 12 from left to right looking out from the window is 4, 8, 14 and 28. Converting them to base 10 make the towers from left to right 4, 8, 16 and 32.

To make the numbers of power:

12  -point the laser beams on towers 4 and 8 by pressing button 15 and then press the middle button.

28 - point the laser beams on towers 4, 8 and 16 by pressing button 8 and then press the middle button.

36 - point the laser beams on towers 4 and 32 by pressing button 3 and then press the middle button.

52 - point the laser beams on towers 4, 16 and 32 by pressing button 7 and then press the middle button.

Watch the space station shake. The shield over the planet is removed. Carluen and Loreann manually adjust the Oracles.

See the Oracles tell the Transais and the Ansalas that they are now one tribe - the Transalas. Talen is grateful to Sen.


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