In this walk-through:  “F” means forward; “L” means left; “R” means right; “D” means down.  Go forward, turn
left, then take your backpack from the seat.  Now, you will be able to collect inventory items.  Turn right, then
take a cigar and put it in your backpack.  Click on the computer for a close-up, then hit the “Click to Play”
option on it’s screen.  You’ll hear a message about your mission and view the opening credits.  Once the credits
end, back away from the close-up of  the computer and wait for the plane to land (you’ll be able to hear the
engines whine).  Go to the front of  the plane, then turn left.  Click on the door at the right side of  the screen to
open it, then exit the plane to meet Chris.  Give Chris your cigar, when he asks you for something, and he’ll be
willing to talk to you about the recent strange events.  After Chris walks away, go over to Davenport’s office,
then enter to meet him.  Be sure to refer to the maps, on page 6 of  this walk-through, if  you have trouble
finding a location.  During your initial conversation with Davenport, he’ll give you a set of  two keys; one for
your trailer’s door and one for the lone warehouse.  Before you leave, be sure to click on Davenport, until you
are no longer able to; it’s fun to badger him.  Exit Davenport’s office, turn left, then go forward, until you reach
the lone warehouse at the end of  this road.  Enter the warehouse to say “hey” to Lorrie.  After that, exit the
warehouse; Davenport will have some things to say.  When he’s done, go over to Segal’s trailer, then enter to
meet him.  Exit his trailer and listen to more from Davenport.  Go back inside the lone warehouse where Lorrie is
studying the Egyptian box.  You can’t do anything, but when you exit this warehouse a second time, it triggers a
funny cut-scene with Davenport.  Go over to the airstrip tower, then climb it to the top.  You’ll find that the
entrance to the tower’s control room is locked.  When you climb back down to the ground, you’ll hear more
from Davenport.  Go over to the mining site, then face the entrance gate, to hear even more from Davenport.
Go over to where the huts are located.  Hut 8 will be explored in a few moments.  For now, click on each of  the
other hut’s keyholes, until you trigger a cut-scene where Davenport tells you about Chris.  After that, enter Hut
5, through it’s broken window.  Take the necklace that’s sitting on the table.  As you turn to leave, Davenport
yells at you again.  Exit this hut, then go into the hut in which Chris lives; Hut 8.  Notice the scorpion that’s
sitting on top of  a book.  Try to take the paper that’s under the book.  The scorpion won’t let you take it.  Turn
on the fan to blow the scorpion away.  Now, you can read the letter that the scorpion was sitting upon.  Move
further into the hut, until you find a cobra on your right.  Try to take the paper that’s lying on the floor, in front
of  the cobra.  The cobra won’t let you take it.  Turn off  the heater, on the left side of  the screen, to disable the
cobra.  Now, you can read the letter that is lying on the floor, in front of  the cobra.  Proceed to the back of  the
hut and listen to some pleasantries from Chris.  Click on the statue, at the left side of  the storage locker, to hear
Chris’ comments about the statue.  Click the necklace that you found in Hut 5 on Chris, to hear his comments
about the necklace.  Exit this hut, then go inside your trailer.  Click on the bed to get some sleep.

After a nightmare or two, you wake up.  Read the note on the nightstand.  Exit your trailer, then turn right.
Lorrie will tell you that Segal has been killed.  Go to the mining site, then use your ID card, on the guard at the
gate, to gain entrance.  Go straight ahead and into the mine.  Davenport is waiting for you, at the first
intersection, and he will tell you where Segal’s body is.  For fun, wait a moment, after Davenport has told you
where Segal’s body is; he will grow impatient.  For more fun, go the wrong way.  After Davenport yells at you,
turn around, then go forward, until you come to the body.  Search Segal’s pockets for his keys, then take the
knife, as well.  Turn around, then go forward five times, to discover that it’s too dark to explore any further.
Turn around, then click on the Emergency Power box.  Hmm, not enough emergency power.  Exit the mine.  As
you’re leaving the mining site, Davenport will have some interesting things to say.  After that, walk over to
Davenport’s office, to talk to him some more.  When this conversation ends, enter Davenport’s office, through
the open window.  Use your water bottle, on his water dispenser, to fill the water bottle.  Take the full water
bottle.  Move to the close-up of  Davenport’s desk.  Read the letter in the bin, to learn that there are tools in the
hangar.  Open the desk drawer, then take the keys, which will also prompt the reading of  an important letter.
Pick up the phone, to find out that there’s no dial tone.  Exit the office, then go into the lone warehouse.  Move
to the close-up of  the Egyptian box that’s straight ahead on the floor.  Open it, and you will find...nothing.
Close the box.  Notice the hole at the lower middle part of  the box’s lid.  This hole is surrounded by an
illustration of  water.  Use your bottle of  water on the hole in the Egyptian box’s lid.  What was that sound?  It
was the sound of  a scroll being dislodged.  Open the box again, then take the scroll that’s now accessible.  Exit
this warehouse, then go into Davenport’s trailer.  There’s a book on his bed.  Take the bookmark from the book.
The numbers on this bookmark are the combination for a safe that you’ll open later.  Exit this trailer, then go into
Warehouse 5.  Turn right, then take the roll of  tape sitting on the barrel.  Turn left twice to get an ear-full from
Davenport.  Exit this warehouse, then go straight ahead and into the generator building.  Look at the sabotaged
wires.  OK, so this is why you can’t explore the rest of  the mine.  Exit this building (Davenport will offer some
more words of  encouragement), then turn left and go into the garage; Davenport will have a few more things to
say.  Pick up the gas can, carry it left, then forward toward the table.  Put the gas can down on the table.  Pick up
the gas pump nozzle, then click the nozzle on the opening in the gas can.  Click on the big switch on the gas
pump to turn it on.  Click on the gas pump nozzle’s trigger, to fill the gas can; you only need to click on the
trigger once, to fill the gas can.  Click on the gas pump nozzle, to return it to the gas pump.  Take the full gas
can, then take the yellow-handled wire strippers, too.  Move to the other side of  the garage, then find and take
the cutters.  Exit the garage, go back into the generator building, then move to the close-up of  the sabotaged
wires.  Use the wire strippers on each end of  the severed wires.  Grab each of  the bottom wires and connect
them to their matching top wire.  Use the roll of  tape, on each of  the reconnected wires, to insulate the exposed
connections.  Remove the gas cap; it’s to the left of  the wires.  Use the full gas can on the opening to fill the
generator’s tank; this is a fuel efficient generator, because once you get it started, it will run for the remainder of
the game.  Put the gas cap back on.  Hit the square green button, below the gas cap, to start the generator.
Now, you’ll be able to explore the rest of  the mine.  But for now, let’s continue to explore the mining camp.
Exit the generator building, then go into Hut 2.  Move the bed, to expose a trap door.  Open the trap door, then
flip the light switch.  Follow this secret passageway, until you reach a locked door.  Use your cutters to break
open the lock, then go through the door.  Turn around and examine the beer bottle on the floor, to learn that
Davenport has probably spent some time down here.  Move to the close-up of  the table, then open the drawer
and take the switch handle.  Go over to the Nazi flag, at the far side of  this room, then click on the lower left
part of  the flag to expose a switch.  Use the switch handle on the switch, then pull the switch handle, to open a
door to another secret room.  Turn right, then enter this newly found secret room.  Read the German note, which
is in the clutches of  a skeleton’s hand.  Take the gun and translation book; they’re a set.  Retrace your steps and
exit the hut.  Go into Warehouse 1, then turn left and listen to Davenport, as he gets some more things off  his
chest.  When he leaves, go forward, then turn left, to face a forklift.  You’re objective, right now, is to reach this
warehouse’s landing area.  Stack the two crates, at the left, onto the forklift.  Hop on the forklift, for a view of
it’s controls.  Hit the green button to start the motor, push the lever up to raise the crates, then hit the red button
to turn the motor off.  Now, go up, then forward, and you’re progress will be blocked by a crate hanging from a
rope.  Use your knife to cut the rope, and the crate will fall to the floor.  Now you can go forward to the ladder.
Climb up the ladder, then turn left and take the rope.  Descend the ladder, then exit this warehouse.  Go into
Segal’s trailer, then turn left.  Go to the box on the floor.  Use your cutters to break open the lock on the box.
Open the box, slide the plate, then hit the red button, to reveal a secret compartment.  Read the diary, then take
the Sonar Maps Backup disk.  Go over to Segal’s computer, then turn it on.  Put the Sonar Maps Backup disk in
the disk drive, to discover that you need a Mine Maps disk.  Return the Sonar Maps Backup disk to your
backpack.  Note that the disk sitting on Segal’s desk is blank.  Exit this trailer, then go back into Davenport’s
office.  Notice the calendar hanging on his office wall.  Click on the calendar, to move to a close-up.  Clicking on
the upper part of  the calendar will cause it to fall to the floor, and reveal a wall safe.  Enter the safe’s
combination:  28 (top number); 9 (middle number); 5 (bottom number).  Once you have correctly entered the
safe’s combination, you will be allowed to click on the safe’s handle, to open the safe.  Take the Mine Maps disk,
from the safe.  Move to the close-up of  Davenport’s computer, then turn it on.  Put the Mine Maps disk in the
disk drive.  When it asks if  you’d like to load additional information, click “No”, for now.  Click on the “Print”
option, to print the mine maps.  Move to the close-up of  the printer, then take the printed mine maps.  Go back
to the close-up of  the computer and turn it back on.  Since the Mine Maps disk is still in the disk drive, the
computer will again ask if  you’d like to load additional information.  This time, click “Yes”, then remove the
Mine Maps disk, from the disk drive.  Put the Sonar Maps Backup disk in the disk drive.  Click on the “Print”
option, to print copies of  the mine maps that include sonar info.  Retrieve the Sonar Maps Backup disk, from the
disk drive, then move to the close-up of  the printer and take the printed mine maps.  If  you compare the first set
of  maps, to the sonar enhanced second set, you’ll notice that Level 6 is near some gas pockets.  You’re
definitely going to have to get down there to investigate.  But for now, exit the office, then go over to the rear
view of  the two hangars.  Click on the left hangar’s open window.  Use the rope on the open window, then
climb the rope to get inside the hangar.  Turn left, then open the red tool box and take the wrench.  Go down the
ladder, then exit the hangar.  Go into the infirmary, and you’ll find that Segal has been moved here.  Approach
the sink on your left, then take the smelling salts.  Exit this building, then go into Lorrie’s trailer.  What happened
to Lorrie?  Nudge her; she won’t wake up.  Use the smelling salts on Lorrie.  She will snap out of  it, then tell
you to go to the tower and radio the authorities.  Take the tower key, from her nightstand.  Exit her trailer, then
climb to the control room, at the top of  the tower.  Once you’re in the room, turn left to find an unconcerned
Davenport, who just smoothes things over.  Alright, you’ve done all that you can at the camp, for now.


It’s time to do some mine exploration; the goal will be to explore Level 6.  Leave the tower, then walk over to
the mining site and show the guard your ID card.  Enter the mine, go right at the first intersection, then go right
when you reach the next intersection.  When you come to the pulverizer, do not go toward it; you’d be
pulverized.  Instead, turn right, then go forward to a close-up of  the pulverizer’s on/off  switch.  Try to turn the
pulverizer off, by pulling the switch.  The switch will break off.  So, back away from this close-up, then go
forward to a close-up of  the black hose, at the right of  the pulverizer’s on/off  switch.  Use your knife to cut the
hose.  This cripples the pulverizer, however, the conveyor belt will continue to run, since you weren’t able to
turn the pulverizer off.  But at least the pulverizer is now safe, for when you’ll need to escape later.  Now, use
the mine elevators to reach Level 4; the elevators that take you to/from Levels 5 and 6 are out-of-order.  Please
refer to your mine maps, for elevator locations.  Once you reach Level 4, exit the elevator, and go to the left.  Go
left at the first intersection, then go left at the next intersection.  You’ll see a mining cart in front of you...get in
the driver’s seat.  Once you’re in the cart, notice that it’s panel has only one control, which can be moved
forward, left, and right.  When you click on one of  the cart panel’s three arrows, the cart will automatically
travel in the specified direction, until it reaches an intersection.  When the cart stops at an intersection, you can
choose which direction to take, from there.  Anyway, the following instructions tell you exactly how to ride the
cart to Level 6...Click on the arrows, on the cart’s panel, in the following order:  3F, L (to reach Level 5), F (to
reach a “Danger” sign), L (through the “Danger” sign to reach Level 6), R (to move to a drop-off  area).  Exit
the cart, so that you can explore Level 6.  At the intersections, go right, straight, right, left, then left.  Continue
forward, until you reach an area where a ladder and a lantern is, then take the lantern; the ladders that you find in
the mine lead to exhaust fans.  Turn around, go right at the intersection, then continue straight through the next
intersection, until you see more blood, to learn that Davenport may have been lying about the location of  Segal’s
murder.  After that, turn around and go left when you reach an intersection, then go right at the next intersection
and continue forward, until you reach an area where a digging unit is located.  Get in the digging unit, for a view
of  it’s controls, then save your game.  At the digging unit’s controls:  hit the blue button to start the engine; hit
the green button to activate the  “diggers”; hit the right knob to do some excavating.  After the cut-scene, take
the digging unit’s ignition keys, to acquire a Mine Fans Switch cover key.  Now, you have to get out of  the
mine, before it collapses.  Go back to the cart that brought you to this level (go straight through the first two
intersections, then go left at the next intersection).  Once you’re back in the cart, click on the cart panel’s arrows
in the following order, to return to a Level 1 drop-off area:  2F, R, F, R, F, R, F, R, F, 2R.  Note that the
drop-off  area past this one leads to a cave-in.  Exit the cart and go forward onto the conveyor belt.  After your
ride on the conveyor belt, keep going through the tunnel, until you’re safely outside.  Leave the mining site, then
climb to the tower’s control room for a cut-scene with Davenport.  You’re still not able to get any help from
Davenport, so, climb back down to the ground, then go into the generator building.  Use your keys to open the
Mine Fans Switch cover, then turn the fans off.  Exit this building, then go back over to the mining site.  Of
course, you’ll have to get past the guard again.  Go to the close-up of  Exhaust Fan 2 (refer to the Mining Site
Map for it’s location); note that all other exhaust fans just lead to cave-in’s.  Use your wrench to remove this fan
screen’s bolt.  Open the fan screen, climb into the fan, then descend the ladder all the way to Mine Level 6.
When you reach the bottom of  the ladder, turn around, then follow the mine to an intersection.  Turn right, go
forward until you reach a dead-end, then turn left, to see a break in the mine wall.


Use your lantern to enter the opening in the wall.  After entering the opening, turn around and grab a rock; you’ll
automatically carry the rock in your hand, since it won’t fit in your backpack.  Turn left, then go through the
stone door that’s directly in front of  you.  Now, go forward, and you’ll automatically throw the rock, which will
trigger a spike trap.  Save your game.  Now that you can safely pass through the spike trap, continue forward,
until you trigger a flood.  Once the flood has started, turn around, then grab the pot on the right.  Carry the pot
to the right, then put the pot down.  Use your rope on the pot, then connect the loose end of  the rope to the
floor drain handle.  Turn left, then go forward into the pot on the left.  After the water drains away, go forward
out of  the pot.  Try to climb the stairs.  Uh oh; too slippery.  Turn to your right, then grab the rug that’s on the
floor.  Carry the rug up the stairs, and you’ll automatically put the rug down for traction.  Go forward through
the narrow hall, until you reach the statues, then look down.  Use your rope, to extend it down the front of  the
statue that you’re currently standing upon, then go down the rope.  At the bottom, you’ll be facing the statue
that you just climbed down.  Save your game.  In order to solve this statue puzzle, please follow my instructions,
exactly.  My instructions, for solving this statue puzzle, include every single cursor click that needs to be made:
Go 3L, F, D, then grab the ground, to cause a set of  spikes to elevate.  Go 2R, 4F (up the statue), to cause this
statue’s head to fall to the ground.  Go 2L, then grab the headless statue’s hand, to cause the other statue’s set of
spikes to lower back into the ground.  Go 2L, F, then grab the broken statue’s head that’s lying on the ground.
This moves the head onto the set of  spikes and it is automatically elevated by the spikes.  Grab this statue’s
hand, to lock the spikes into the raised position.  Go 3F (up the statue), then grab the statue’s jaw, to reveal an
opening.  Congratulations, the statue puzzle is now solved.  Enter the opening and continue forward through
several doors, while listening to the ancient story.  Eventually, you’ll open a door and be greeted by a live
mummy; quickly shoot the mummy, or he’ll kill you.  The sound from your gun causes a huge crack to appear in
a wall, which you’ll use to exit the tomb, in a few moments.  Look to your left.  Move to a close-up of  the
skeleton, then take the hieroglyph from it’s hand.  Turn to face the mummy that you shot.  Notice the pillars on
each side of  a door that you cannot open.  You’ll have to come back to this door later, when you know how to
open it.  To the right of  the door is a huge crack in the wall.  Click on the crack in the wall for a close-up, then
exit through the tunnel.  Once you exit the tunnel, you’ll run into Davenport, who is pleased to see that you’re
alright.  Exit the mining site, then go into Lorrie’s trailer.  Just grab her and she’ll explain the hieroglyph to you.
Exit her trailer and go back to the tomb, using the tunnel that you just escaped through (you’ll need to use your
lantern to make it through the tunnel).  Move to a close-up of  the door that’s flanked by pillars; the one that you
took note of, before leaving the tomb earlier.  Insert your four glyph pieces, into their matching holes, on the two
pillars.  Once all four glyph pieces are correctly placed, the door before you will open.  Enter the newly opened
door and watch the cut-scene.  Follow the ghost of  Simhotep, by going R, F (through the doorway), R, F.  After
the cut-scene, use your scroll on Simhotep’s sarcophagus.  Simhotep is resurrected, then he takes your scroll.
After that, turn left, go forward, then open the chest and take the dog statue.  Turn around, then go forward to
the other chest.  Open it and take another dog statue.  Face the door, then go F, L, 2F, L, F to see a robbed
tomb; this isn’t necessary, but it’s interesting.  Face the door, then go F, R, F, L, then look up.  You can’t reach
the three crystals that Simhotep told you about, yet.  Look at the wall that is opposite the three obelisks.  When
you click on that wall, you move to a close-up of  an engraving of  an obelisk.  This engraving is actually a
button that controls the raising and lowering of  the three obelisks.  Click on the obelisk button three times to
lower the three obelisks.  Turn around, then take the three crystals that are now within reach.  After you’ve
bagged the three crystals, go R, 2F, L, 3F, R, 3F.  After the cut-scene, you will be paralyzed, as the result of
Simhotep’s powers...don’t try to move and it will wear off, in a few seconds; just wait for your character to say
that he can move again.  When your paralysis wears off, go L, F (through the wall), R, F, R, F, veer L, veer R,
then F to reach Chris.  You get knocked out, from behind.


After the long cut-scene, cross the bridge, then try to enter the door on the right.  A ghost dog will prevent you
from entering.  Go back across the bridge, then turn around to face the bridge.  Go forward to the base of  the
bridge (if  you end up on the bridge, you didn’t do it correctly).  In the close-up of  the base of  the bridge, cut
both sides of  the bridge, with your knife.  You’ll automatically swing down to a lower level.  Look to your right,
then pick up a bone.  Climb the bridge to the upper level.  Go toward the door on the right again, then use the
bone to get past the ghost dog.  Go through the door, then watch the cut-scene.  Take Natanuka’s advice, by
turning left, then going forward toward the right wall.  Give the two dog statues, one at a time, to the skeleton
hand, then take the Scepter of  Ra  that the skeleton hand offers you.  Turn left, go forward, then open the door
and enter.  After Natanuka wishes you good luck, approach the platform that has a laser-like beam of  light
emitting from it.  Place a crystal where the beam of  light meets the top of  the platform.  Move the cursor below
the crystal that you just placed, to the area where a small base is located.  Position the cursor over the small base
so that it points to the right, then click, to reveal another platform.  Approach the newly revealed platform.  Place
a crystal on this platform.  Grab in the center of  the small base below the crystal that you just placed, and yet
another platform will be revealed.  Approach it, then place the last crystal on this platform.  Grab in the center of
the small base below the crystal that you just placed, to reveal an open door.  Go through the newly revealed
door, then approach the throne.  After the cut-scene, quickly use your scepter to take care of  Simhotep, who
then drops the Power Crystal.  After Natanuka and Lorrie leave, take the Power Crystal.  Go L, F (note that the
doors out here just lead to dead-ends), R, F, R.  Pick up the box that’s in front of  you, carry it left, then drop the
box; you’ll automatically go for a river ride.  Once you land, turn left to see Chris, but don’t approach him, or
he’ll shoot you.  Go 2R, 3F, 2R, 3F to a close-up of  a dead soldier.  Take the gas mask from the box (don’t take
the gas mask from the dead soldier; it didn’t work for him and it won’t work for you), then take the gas bomb.
Carry the gas bomb over to where you saw Chris.  As you approach Chris,  you’ll automatically throw the gas
bomb at him.  This triggers a cut-scene that ends with Davenport demanding the Power Crystal.  If  you do
anything, except give the Power Crystal to Davenport, he will shoot you, and the game will come to a
disappointing end.  So, give the Power Crystal to Davenport, and you win!

                                                       Airstrip          Hangar           Hangar                      |
                                                        Tower                                                                  |
                          Garage                                                                                               |
                                  |                                                                                                 |
                 Generator  |    Warehouse 1    Warehouse 2                                                |
                  Building   |                                                                                                 |
                                  |    Warehouse 3    Warehouse 4    Warehouse 5                         | Infirmary
                                  |                                                                                                 |
                                  |                                                                                                 |
                                  |                                                                                                 |
                                  |      Hut 6      Hut 5      Hut 4      Hut 3      Hut 2      Hut 1         |
                     Lone     |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                     Whse    |                   |                               Hut 8      Hut 7                Davenport’s
                                  |                   |                                                                         Office
                                  |       Segal’s | Davenport’s
                                  |           Trlr  | Trlr
                                  |                   |
                                  |      Lorrie’s | Your
                                  |           Trlr  | Trlr
                      To Mining Site

                 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To Mining Camp
                             Exhaust                                    |
                               Fan 1                                      |                                       Exhaust
                                                                              |                                         Fan 4
                             Exhaust                                    |
                               Fan 2                                  Mine
                                                                      Entrance                                  Exhaust
                                                                                                                        Fan 5
                               Fan 3                                                  Exhaust
                                                                                            Fan 6

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