Game by Lina Kompaneetz

Hints by Chief


This is a point and click game.

To find the active spot of this game: use the TAB key

It is a puzzle game: you will find one outside the house, in the sitting room, the dining room, the library, the main hall,  the bedroom  and  the study.

After trying a puzzle, press “Try” to see if done right.

No save or load a game: when you come back to the game with “login” , all items collected are in inventory and just go on with the game.

Press on play to start the game, read the introduction and press “Start”




Find this puzzle under a flower pot on the right of the house and you will get a Christmas tree.

The objective of this puzzle is to illuminate all the lights to be only one colour.  By clicking on them: move from one light to the other finding which light helps on lighting up the next one(s) to the chosen colour and so on.

When done, you get an item (hint): “The additive is 5”




This puzzle is found under the sofa on the right.

You will see 4 numbers on a board that adds up to 89.

The objective is to find 4 other numbers that will give you 89.

When done, you get an item: “The second part is ten percent of the first part”




Click on the bowl on the table to find this puzzle.

The objective is to find the weight of two fruits.

Answer: 150 and 25

When done, you get an item: “You now know the third and the fourth parts”




This puzzle is found on the window: a musical board will come up with letters.

The outside puzzle must be done to do this one to have the clue.

Use the name of the notes: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si.

The objective of the puzzle is to add 5 letters of the alphabet to each letter of a note: “do” will become “it”.  Then click  “it” on the board and do this for all seven notes.

When done, you get an item: “First part is hundreds of saturdays”.




Find this puzzle on the window on the left of the bed.

It is a safe. What is the combination?

The solution: here is the answer for the first number: 700.

“Hundreds of saturdays”: saturday being the seventh day of the week multiply by 100: 700.

When done, you get a door key.




Click on the door of the study to open it.

Click on the envelopes to get “his handwriting”.

Click on the sheet on the piano to get “Signed Music Sheet”.

The puzzle is the piano keys: get 6 black keys and mark them from left to right :

1  2  3

4  5  6

Solution: press black piano keys number 2, 4 and 1 and get a small key.




Go to the clock and click on it to get “More Signed Music Sheets”.

Click again on the clock to get a slider puzzle: the letters coming from a same place(envelope-piano sheets-clock) must be on the same line. Good luck.

Read the final text.


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