A game by Jo99


A walkthrough by Chief




-This is a point and click game with no possibility of saving.


-The player moves around using the colored triangle seen near the bottom of the screen.


-The Inventory is at the bottom of the screen.  Click to pick up an item to use.





You can look at or skip the introduction scene.  HOW to get out of this island????



Click the triangle to go to the beach.  See a piece of paper on top of two planks on the left and click-hold it to put it aside. Pick up the green key that will go into the Inventory.   Go to the trunk and use the key on it: take the flashlight. 


Go up screen to the green path and then the left path at the junction.

Enter the hut.   Open the top drawer of the desk and take the Book of Survival.   Click it in Inventory to read it.

Back down from the drawer and click the top of the desk. Look at the Robinson Crusoe book and take the medallion in the book.

Click also the dice on the one dot to pick up the diamond.


On the left, by the chair, take the green bottle from the floor.


Exit the hut and go back to the junction: see and click the totem.  Put the medallion on it’s forehead.  See 12 squares: click on them in order according to the book on page 4.  The panel opens and take the red key.   Take back the medallion.


Back down and walk the right path to click the small totem on the right of a stoned door.  Click the medallion on it and pick up a blue key.


Back to the hut and the red trunk in front of the window.  Use the red key on it and take the half medallion.

Now look at the right top corner of the screen and get a close up of a smaller trunk.  Use the blue key and get a seed.    


Back down 4X to be at the beach and notice a temple on the left. Go through the opening seen on top of the directional triangle.

Look at the water on the left and use the bottle on it to get some water.


Go back to be outside the hut: put the seed in the round container on the left and water it.  Take the pear from the small tree.


Back to the temple and place the pear with the other fruits beneath the statue: click the trunk and get another half medallion.

In Inventory, put the two half medallions together.


Back to the junction and take the right path to the stoned door.  Click the medallion on the round receptacle on the right of the door:  Go in using the flashlight.  Get close to the door and insert the diamond.  Walk in.


Puzzle: do the puzzle on the left: turn the middle and side squares to get an eye in the middle surrounded by a circle. Then adjust the four corners to get a proper image.   Pull the lever at top right: take the binoculars and notice the red planet at the back and some symbols.



Go to the hut and look at the window with the binoculars and then on the planets to get a close up:  click the red planet on the right:  write down the symbols seen at the bottom when the curser is over the red planet.

See a “moon-star”, “water”, “fish” and “crown”.


Back to the stoned door, enter and go to the puzzle panel on the left: open it with the lever if necessary and click the four symbols:

 moon-star: top right

 water: second from the left bottom row

 fish: first on the left second row

 crown: bottom row, second from the right


 See the final scene.



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