Nancy Drew 23: Shadow at the Water's Edge

by Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2010


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. Nancy shows the desk in her bedroom. This is where the 'How to be a Detective Book' that shows the game manipulations can be accessed. The Scrapbook has past Nancy Drew Games information.

Read the Case Files to learn about the present mystery case. Once you are ready to play the game, click on the plane ticket to go to the new case location.

Select to play either Junior or Senior detective.

The main screen has pictures at the bottom of the page.

The bag at left is the inventory link. The journal shows Nancy's notes about the present case. The task list shows the junior gamer what needs to be done or was done to progress in the game. The cell phone is on the next slot.

The gear icon shows the options. Here the voice, effects and music volume can be adjusted. Also, the bottom background can be changed. Closed captioning, text size and screen size selection are also in this page.

The Load folder has the list of the saved games that can be replayed. The diskette is used to save the game. The rightmost icon closes the game.

Nancy is taking a break in Kyoto, Japan; an offer given by P.G. Krolmeister. She is staying at Ryokan Hiei, a traditional inn known as one of the scariest places in the city. Nancy will teach English during the day.

The game is non-linear. Use the walkthrough as guide only and sleep if the time during the gameplay runs out. Actions can be done in any order (some needs a trigger).

Look around Ryokan Hiei.


A portrait falls to the floor when Nancy approaches the reception desk. The old lady is upset and says that "she" doesn't want Nancy here.

Take the room 24 key. Talk to Miwako. Learn about Suki the robotic cat. Tate command makes Suki sit up. Learn about the ryokan. Yumi her elder sister will take over the ryokan. The cultural classes are in room 18.

Note that the reception desk is open 7 am to 1 am. Check the board and see that there are 5 guests in the ryokan.

Turn to the right and check the table. Read the article about Rock Garden in the book. Learn about the different stones and their descriptions.

At opposite corner, check the fire pit used for tea ceremony. See a fire burning in the pit.

Turn left and read the Ghost Stories of Japan book at corner right of the door.

Ryokan:     The ryokan has guest rooms at left and right wings. The garden and the front desk are at the center part of the building.

Each side wing has 2 floors. Nancy's room and the bath are on the left wing while the cultural room where Takae is in is at the right wing.

Nancy's room:

Go through the door left of the fire pit. The phone rings. Talk to Bess and George.

Go upstairs and use the room key on the third door at right - #24.

Teacher Exchange:    Check the green box on the floor at left.

Read the leaflet about the TE - Teacher Exchange program that Nancy is on. Read the student bios and grade the assignment on the back folder.

Use the stamps on the left to mark the answers (check or X) and then add a mark beside the name of the student (face or star).

If you grade enough assignments, you might get an award. Check the cards with Japanese script in the box

Ryokan folder:    Open the brown folder at right.

Read the information paper. Learn that the hot springs - bath is across room 7.

Misawa is the train station near here. The pachinko parlor is in Kure and the Exposition Center is in Matsue. A Fasca train ticket is needed to ride the train.

The front desk is open 7am to 1 am. Check the envelopes on the left side. You will need it later.

Suitcase:    Turn left and open the closet ahead.

Open the suitcase and take the FASCA train pass and the English-Japanese phrasebook (dictionary).

Bath - hot springs:

Exit the room and go down to the first floor. Turn to the hallway at left.

See a blue curtain at right at end of hallway and across room 7.

Try to go through the blue curtain and meet Rentaro. Learn that red curtain means the bath is open for women only while blue banner means it is men only.


Turn right and forward to hallway. Go left to the main lobby.

Enter through the door left of the front desk and be at the garden.

Look around completely. Go forward to the large stone lantern that is in the water.

Go right to the blooming Cherry tree. Use the stone path in front of the Cherry tree or the wooden bridge to cut across to the other side.

Beside the maple tree close to the wooden bridge is a bamboo - water structure that makes a knocking sound.

Rentaro's work shed:

Go the back wall and around to the other side. The left way goes to the bath hallway.

Go right and enter the shed at right. Talk to Rentaro. Learn about the ghost.

He gives a puzzle book that you can play. He is making a robotic dog, the Rentaro 4000.

Puzzles:    Open the puzzle book in inventory.

This can be done anytime during gameplay. The puzzles can be done all at once or one at a time as you go through the game.

Nonogram:    Read how to play nonogram. Do the nonogram puzzle at next page.

Click on a square to darken it. Clear at right restarts the puzzle. I did it.

Junior Senior


Sudoku:    Talk to Rentaro to return the book. He will give it back and then you can read and play sudoku.

There should be 1-9 horizontally, vertically and in a box. No repeated numbers.

Click on a number to select it and then click on a square to enter that number.

When a mistake is done, click on erase and then the number that you want removed.

Clear at right restarts the puzzle. A number is grayed out when that number is completed in the puzzle.

Do the square or the row or the column that has the least blank areas first. I did it.

Renogram:    Talk to Rentaro to return the book. He will give it back and then you can read and play renogram.

At start, click on a number and enter it in a selected blank square connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally to a previous number. From then on the number is attached to the cursor. Clear at right restarts the puzzle. I did it.

After finishing the renogram, talk to Rentaro.

If you do a lot of puzzles in the book and then return the book; you might get an award.

Sleep time:

If it is time to sleep or you want to do something that can only be done at a specified time; go to your room and use the cell phone clock.

Select menu and then clock. Change the time to 7 PM to move to the next day or after 1AM if you want to move around when the front desk is closed. Then click on 'set alarm'.

Nancy teaches during the day from 5 - 7; so there is no gameplay during the day.

Be sure to check the green box in her room to grade the assignments.


Go down to the lobby and you might hear a client complaining at the front desk.

Check the board and see that there are only 2 guests left. Talk to Miwako.

Cultural Room - Takae:

From the garden, go forward to the back area. Go right and enter the hallway at far right. Or use the hallway right of the front desk and go forward and left to the hallway.

Enter room 18, first door at left. See the sign - Cultural Room. The hours are 7 to 10:30.

Talk to Takae, the grandmother. She teaches how to write Nancy's name in Japanese.


Click to take the brush at top right.

Click-hold the brush inside the line and do the script in one stroke only. Stay within the lines and fill the inside area.

It does not matter if the line is shaky (like mine). Start at wide end and do the script following the number order.

If a mistake is done, take a new paper from the top of the screen.

Open the top drawer of the chest on the left. Read about Writing Japanese - calligraphy.

Hot Springs - bath:

Go to the other wing at first floor. Check if the bath room curtain is red. If so, enter to check the bath.

Bath:    Check the baskets at right of room.

Take the Pachinko card from upright basket at bottom shelf.

Read the Haunted Tours paper found in upright basket at left end of middle shelf. Learn that numbers 4 and 9 are unlucky. Don't write the name in red. Something bad will happen if you do.

Ghost:    Look at the mirror and see the ghost. The glass breaks. Look around.

Hot Springs:    Enter through the glass doors left of the sink.

Look around. Look close at the colored tiles on the shower wall. Something is missing.

Jump in the hot springs and have a nice soak. Good for bad back. If you soak here often enough, you might get an award.

Front desk:    Go to front desk and tell Miwako about the mirror.


Go to the shed in the garden. Talk to Rentaro about Takae and the mirror.  Ask about the portrait from the lobby.

Portrait wire puzzle:

Click-hold-drop a black dot to a new position. Make sure that no wires overlap another.

2 examples of the solution:



Certificate of Spirit Removal:

Click on the torn part of the backing and see a Certificate of Spirit Removal given to the Ryokan Hiei by Savannah Woodham, Paranormal Expert. It states that the ryokan has been cleansed of spirits and fit only for human habitation.

Newspaper article:    See and take a newspaper article written in Japanese. This needs to be translated.

Talk to Rentaro about Savannah. Learn about Kasumi, the mother that died.

Ask Rentaro about the article. He gets mad.

Front desk:

Robocat Suki:

Go to your room and set the alarm for 1 AM. Go down to the front desk and see that Miwako is gone.

Go behind the front desk and check Suki, the robocat.

Talk to Suki. Use "Suki, tate" dialogue.

Check the brown-black box under the counter. Suki is in guard mode. Don't try again or game ends.

Computer:    Check the computer and realize that a password is needed. Note the keyboard keys are in Japanese.

Key cabinet:    Pull back and check the cabinet with slots on the back wall.

See 4 colored cards. One card is missing. Read the Krolmeister Card 3000 on the clipboard.


Go back to room and set the alarm for 7 PM.

See a shadow in the balcony. Open the balcony door. The screen tore. Look around at the balcony.

Another day:

The next day, grade the assignments found in the green box in your room. Check this box every new day to see if there is a new assignment. You can see a new tab on the notebook.

Exit the room and get a phone call from Bess and George. They met Yumi, Miwako's sister at a Bento shop.

Robocat commands:    George is at the expo. Talk to George about the robocat. She will check on the cat commands.

Go down to the front desk. Talk to Miwako about the screen and certificate.

Do not ask Miwako about the newspaper article or game over. Use the second chance if you do.

Visit Takae for new lesson:

Go to room 18 and enter. Talk to Takae.

Origami:     See finished origami at the center of the puzzle. The patterns on the sides are origamis that are one step before completion to a finished product.

Match the pattern on the side to the finished product at center.

Check the shape of a pattern for possible wings, legs, tail to see if they match one at the center.

Place the appropriate pattern from the sides under the finished origami.

Do not ask Takae about the article.

Check the chest at left and open the second drawer. Read about origami and learn the folds. Exit the room.

Get robocat commands:

Get a phone call from George and Bess. George talked to the creator of the robocat and he was willing to give the commands if a puzzle be done first. George will send the puzzle to the ryokan.

Go to the work shed in the garden and talk to Rentaro.

Meet Yumi, the elder sister.

Train station:

Exit the ryokan. See signs on the left. Use the dictionary on the signs and see a translation.

The top sign points to the train station. Click on arrow to be at the train station.

Based on the ryokan info paper in your room, the nearest train station is Misawa. The expo is at Matsue and the pachinko parlor is at Kure stop.

Map:    Look close at the train route at left wall.

Note that the transfer-connection points in the route are marked by circle within a circle that has colors of the routes that intersect.

Click-hold-move the map to find Matsue. It is at the bottom of the map and is on the brown line.

Note down the connection points from Misawa to Matsue: Misawa - Nagoya - Otsu - Aomori - Kochi - Tochigi - Seto - Niigata - Fuji - Iga - Matsue.

Look at the Information panel at top of the screen. Click on the destination you want to go to.

Matsue train station:

Puzzle box paper:    Pick up the Japanese puzzle box paper on the railing at the Matsue stop.

Use the back arrow to exit the train station.

See that the expo tickets are sold out.

Virtual Nyao - robocat:    Check the display of the robocat at left. See that the robocat can have 5 moods.

Bento shop:   

Turn right from the robocat display. Go forward and meet Yumi, Miwako's sister at the Bento shop.

Talk to Yumi. She is the exact opposite of her sister.

Bento box:    Immediately be asked to fill in an order of a bento box.

You get a list of what a customer wants in a box and place them in the appropriate square.

The order and arrangement are shown by the icons at right.

The legend or what the icons mean is shown at left side.

Select by clicking an icon on the left and place it in the appropriate square-box at the center.

Yumi leaves to go to the store.

This is a random puzzle. Some examples of bento setups are shown below.

Click on the question mark to see the instructions.

Identify the icons of the clues at right (like sandwich, egg or rice in a shape of rabbit, bear or cat).

Do the orders that show an animal with the order (egg, sandwich or rice) first and those that are shown in a 3x3 grid or the most squares.

Enter the colored animals from the left on to the box puzzle at center.

A clue with an animal, slash and ingredient are completed items that should be placed on the puzzle squares first.

Deduce the squares with no clues or with just an animal or just the ingredient. Hey, I did it!

If you do enough bento orders, you might get an award.


Talk to Yumi. She run out of bento boxes and wants you to get it from her apartment by Kurume station.

She gives her key and her phone number. The phone number is now entered in the cell phone.

Continue talking to Yumi.

Yumi's apartment:

Train route:    Turn around, forward and left to the train station.

Study the route map at left wall. Look for Kurume. See that it is at the middle of the map on a pink route.

Note down the stops or transfers from here to there: Matsue - Iga - Kobe - Miyazaki - Urawa - Kurume.

Click on the destination on the display board at top of the screen.

Apartment:    Back out of the train station.

Get a message on the cell phone. See pictures of Bess, George and Yumi.

Use the key on the first door at right - #42. It's pink!

Take the bento boxes on the sink counter at left. Look around.

Closet:    Take the DVD below the pink dresses.

Check the sewing kit with dyes. Use the dictionary on the tin cans.

Frogs:    Go to the corner of the room and check the frogs above the monitor.

Read the letter of Kasumi, Yumi's mother to a Maryann by the left frog.

Look under the right frog and see a plate that has code lock.

Shadow puppet book:    Read the book below the monitor.
Computer:    Insert the DVD in the player and watch a spooky shape appear. You might get an award if you watch this.

Click on the avatar icon shown in the monitor and see that it needs a password.

You might get another picture in the cell phone.

Savannah's book:    Check the bed and read the Unveiling Ghost book by Savannah Woodham.

Take the calling card of Savannah. The phone number is automatically entered in the cell phone.

Flip through the pages and see that the story about the Ryokan Hiei has been torn off the book.

Call Savannah using the cell phone. Scroll through contacts and then press the call selection.

Talk to Logan, Savannah's assistant. He hangs up on Nancy. Call Savannah again. Logan did it again. We need to get hold of Savannah somehow.

Take care of the assistant:    Call Bess or George and tell them about the book and the assistant. Bess will flirt with the assistant to get information.

Bento shop:

Exit the apartment and go back to the Bento shop at Matsue. The train ride is automatic now.

You might or might not see Yumi at the shop. Check the time. If she is not there, go back to Misawa and your room at the ryokan. Set the alarm for 7 pm and sleep.

Take the train to go back to Matsue and to the Bento shop. Give the bento boxes to Yumi.

Yumi gives a phone charm. Talk to Yumi about the DVD, shadow puppets and outfit.

Learn about the fashion program that you can use to send avatars to your phone.

Bento box:    Do another bento box puzzle. Remember that the orders are on the right side and the ingredients to place in the box are on the left side.

Check the examples of done bento boxes above at another part of the walkthrough.

After finishing the bento box, Yumi gives the password for the avatar program.

Avatar program:

Take the train to Kurume. Get a creepy phone call in front of the apartment. Use the key to enter Yumi's apartment.

Avatar password:

Look close at monitor and then click on Avatars at right.

Check the password given to you by Yumi.

Note the shape of the password. Select-click on the similar shape at bottom right. Move the cursor to screen and see the shape cursor.

For ease in searching, note the colors of the first top 3 lines of colored balls of the password. Look for those colored balls in the puzzle screen.

Move the shape over the selected balls and click.

Make avatars:   

Click on a body shape to choose a model. Click start.

Select an icon on the left (flesh tone, eyes, hair, dress, skirt, tops and head gear). See selections on the right for that particular icon.

Click on any selection to complete the avatar body. Click done when finished.

Send to phone:   

Return to gallery. Highlight the avatar. Enter Nancy's phone number on the right: 5235554399. Send.

Do an avatar for all those that are in your phone book: Bess, George, Savannah and Yumi.

Install Avatars on the cell phone:

Open the menu of the cell phone. Select phone.

Select a contact using the scroll arrows. Click on "options'. Use the side arrow to look through the avatars you sent to this phone.

Click save to select that avatar. Do this for all your contacts.

If you send enough made avatars to all your friends' phone number, you might get an award. Check your phone list for the numbers.

Savannah Woodham:

Get a phone call from George. They have distracted Logan the assistant.

Call Savannah now while Logan is distracted. Talk to Savannah completely.

Article translation:    Get her to get the newspaper article translated. Savannah says to leave the article at the front desk and Logan will pick it up.

She doesn't have a copy of her book.

Picture(s):    Get a text message with pictures from Yumi.

Logan:     Get a phone call from Logan, Savannah's assistant. He warns Nancy about talking to Savannah concerning ghosts.

There's a second book that Savannah worked on before she dropped that career.

Ask Logan about a copy of Savannah's first book. No help there.

More at the Ryokan:

Go back to Misawa.

Pick up the envelope left at the front desk. It is the puzzle that George sent in order to get the robocat commands.

Nancy's room:    Go upstairs to your room. See the lights flicker and doors open and shut at the hallway.

See that the 2 is gone from Nancy's room number. It is now 4, an unlucky number.

Enter your room. Note Nancy's name done at the calligraphy class is on the left wall and an origami is on the shelf by the green box.

Newspaper article:    Open the brown folder on the floor and get an envelope.

Open inventory and take the newspaper article that needs to be translated. Place it in the envelope.

Automatically write Logan's name on the envelope.

Front desk:    Go down to front desk. Hear another guest complain and leave. That leaves Nancy as the only guest here. Talk to Miwako.

Give the Logan envelope to Miwako. Talk to her again and leave the envelope on the counter.

Talk to Miwako completely.

Master Sudoku:

Open the paper George sent. It is a master sudoku made up of 5 interlocking sudoku puzzles.

Solve the puzzle. After solving the top left puzzle, pull back and solve the next one. Do this until all 5 are done.

There should be #s 1-9 horizontally, vertically and in a box. No repeated number.



Nancy will tell you if it is done correctly. Alright, I'm pretty good at this!

Go back to your room. Get an envelope from the brown journal and click the finished master sudoku on it. Automatically write George Fayne on the envelope.

Give the envelope to Miwako at the front desk.




Newspaper article:

Get a text message on the cell phone. Read the translation of the newspaper article from Logan.

Last evening, officers responded to an emergency call from fifteen year old Shimizu Yumi after she found her mother Shimizu Kasumi, 42, who runs the Ryokan Hiei, lying unconscious in the indoor ryokan bath. After arriving, the emergency crews were unable to revive the apparent drowning victim. Police are currently treating the case as a crime, but have yet to press charges. If this is an accident -

Alarm:    Sleep if it is time and set the alarm for 7 PM.

Remember to grade the assignments if there are any.

Cultural room:

Go to room 18 and talk to Takae.

Learn Tea Ceremony. Identify the items used in a tea ceremony. Take a label on the right and place it in front of the item.

Use the ? question mark at bottom right to repeat the identification of the items.

See a shadow walking outside at the balcony. Talk to Takae twice. Exit the room.

Robocat command:

Get a call from George or give her a call. The command to control Suki is mate. Learn more commands from Bess.

Pachinko parlor:

Train route:    Exit the ryokan and go left to the train station.

Study the route map and trace the route to Kure where the ryokan info paper states is where the pachinko parlor is located.

Select the route: Misawa - Nagoya - Otsu - Aomori - Ube - Sakai - Kure.

Comic book:    Enter and look around the parlor.

See the prize booth at the center. Nancy comments that the comic book looks interesting.

It is the second from left top row. You need 1339 balls to win it.

Shutterclunker:    Look left while facing the exit. Check the shutterclunker booth.

Click on the slot at bottom right to automatically insert the cell phone.

Press the take photo pad at left. Look at a fuzzy picture of a redheaded Nancy at slot below.

Easter Egg (Thanks, Stefanie):    A black and white picture with a fuzzy egg should have been sent to you earlier.

Click on the slot at bottom right and automatically insert the cell phone.

Select Print photo. Click on the black and white picture and then click on "print".

Click down arrow and take the picture. Take the Easter egg behind it.

Play Pachinko:

Turn left from the photo booth and look close at the pachinko machines.

Use the pachinko card taken from the basket at the ryokan bath on the slot at bottom right. That card can be used on any of the 3 active machines and not run out of money

Insert the card at bottom right slot and get 50 balls.

Press-hold the yellow button and then select line. Release the button to shoot a ball in the play field. The strength of the ball's run in the field depends on the line selection before the button is released.

The aim is to get the balls down the holes. There are 5 holes. The hole at the center inside a flower produces a lot more balls and the jackpot.

I had a lot of luck using the right machine and selecting the 3rd line from left before releasing the button. Also I use 2 -3 balls in the play field. Have fun.

When you get over 1339 balls from the different machines; go to the prize booth.

Prize booth:    Open the box at bottom right. Place the sack of balls won from the machines in there. Close box. See the amount of balls recorded at top.

Press or click the prize selection. Get the comics from second from left top row. The cover is removed. Take comics.

The remaining balls are automatically placed in inventory.

Read the comics in inventory and learn about Yurei (unfriendly ghost) and EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

Nancy thinks that recording a haunting might be a good idea.

If you play lots of pachinko and win all the prizes, you might get an award.

Get Savannah's book:

Logan:    Use the cell phone and call Savannah. Logan answers.

Talk to Logan and learn that he's interested in Bess. He will try to get the book for Nancy.

Logan again:    Call Logan again and learn that he found a book but wants help getting a present for Bess.

Avatar program:    Take the train to Kurume.

Enter Yumi's apartment and open the Avatar program. Make an avatar of what Bess might like as far as outfit goes.

Send the avatar to Savannah's phone number: 4045554478.

Get a text message from Logan saying thanks.

Go back to Misawa.

Back at Ryokan:

Nancy's room:    Go to room and see wet footprints on the floor.

Logan:    Call Logan again. He will send the book.

Rentaro and Miwako:    Go to the work shed at the garden. Talk to Rentaro completely.

Talk to Miwako at the front desk.

Talk to Rentaro at the work shed again.

Nancy's room:    Go to room and see that Nancy's name is now in red. Set the alarm for 1AM.

Front desk:

Go to back of front desk.

Suki:    Talk to Suki and give her the new commands learned from Bess and George.

See her do a lot of tricks. Lastly, use the command Mate. Suki sleeps.

If you command Suki often enough, you might get an award.

Travel brochures:    Read the 3 travel brochures behind Suki.

Puzzle box:     Take the brown box from under the counter.

Review the puzzle box paper taken from the Matsue train station.

Open the puzzle box:


1. Highlight all slats by clicking on them. Move all slats down using the down arrow.

See tab at top that shows that the step done is correct.


2. Highlight the middle slat only. Click to unhighlight the other slats.

Move middle slat to the left.


3. Highlight all slats by clicking on them. Move all of them up.


4. Highlight the bottom slat only.

Move it to the right.


5. Highlight the middle slat only.

 Move middle slat to the left again.


6. Highlight the top right slat only.

Move top right slat to the right.

Alright, it's open!

Additional steps for senior level
7. Highlight the top left slat only.

Move top left slat to the left.

8. Highlight the middle slat only.

 Move middle slat to the right.

Alright, it's open!

Check what is inside the box. Take a tile piece and the envelope. Use the dictionary on the close up of the envelope and see that it has the password. Nancy says that she needs to open the envelope without anyone knowing she did.

Read the letter from Kasumi to Maryann.

Set the alarm and go to bed.

Next day:    Get a call from George and Bess. They have the book.

Cultural Room:    Talk to Takae. Check the left side cabinet of the chest and see that the teapot is in there. Exit the room.

Bath:    Go to the other wing and check if the curtain is red in the bath. If red, enter and go to the hot spring room.

Look close at the colored tiles on the shower wall. Automatically the tile taken from the puzzle box is inserted.

Fit all the tiles from the left pyramid in the central diamond with a circle at the center.

Click on a tile and move it to the diamond at the center. Click again to release the tile. Right click to rotate the tile.

When done, the circle moves to get a peephole to another bath room. See Rentaro and Miwako arguing.

Record the ghost.

Savannah's book:    Go to the front desk and Miwako gives a delivery. Talk to Miwako.

Read Savannah's book in inventory. See Logan's note.

Read Chapter 6 about the ryokan. Learn about EVP and where Savannah placed the microphones.

Savannah:    Call Savannah and talk to her completely. Learn about the scariest place she visited - a castle in a small town in Germany. She stayed in a second floor room at the ryokan with a secret passage that goes to the basement. She recommends that you check the records for a room that is not let out.

Rentaro:    Go to the garden. Get a new picture from Yumi.

Now that you read the comics and Savannah's book, talk to Rentaro at the work shed about EVP. Get a recorder.

Learn about the new recorder that he is making that can send the recorded message to others cell phone or computers.

Rentaro wants a collar for Suki. There's a collar that is a prize at the pachinko parlor.

Recording sites:     Go to the sites that Savannah wrote in her book and use the recorder.

Old cherry tree in the garden - Exit the shed and go left.

Go pass the tree and then turn around. With your back on the front desk area, click on the cherry tree trunk. Be at the back side of the tree.

Click on an empty channel in the recorder. Then click REC to record something. Wait for the recorder to stop and then exit.

Fire pit in the lobby - Face the fire pit in the lobby and use the recorder.

Bath - Go to the bath and face the mirror. Turn around and use the recorder.

Hot Spring - Go to next room and use the recorder. No reaction.

Upstairs hallway left wing - Walk to the middle of the hallway (close to Nancy's room) and use the recorder. No reaction.

Upstairs hallway right wing - Walk to the middle of the hallway and use the recorder. No reaction.

Listen to the recordings:    Go to your room and set the alarm for 1 am.

Go to the shed in the garden. Click on the machine on the shelf at right to automatically place the recorder.

Click on a lit channel button to listen to the recording. Then click on the arrow button at base of machine.

Recording by cherry tree - Listen to an argument between Miwako and Yumi. Yumi throws something in the water.

The fire pit and bath have spooky ghost sounds.

Find what Yumi threw:    Exit the shed. Cross the wooden bridge. Turn right at end of bridge and immediately turn right to look under the bridge.

Go forward and pick up a brown thing in the water - room 18 key.

Kasumi's secret places:

Stone slab:    See a stone slab on the left side under the bridge. There are rocks missing. There are 5 indents with pictures and one stone.

Look for rocks:     There is already one stone on the stone slab; look for 4 more. Turn around and go forward to walkway.

Go left and check the base of the stone bench at right. Pick stone by the lantern.

Continue towards the entryway to the front desk. Turn left and walk towards the large stone lantern. Take stone from base of stone lantern.

Go towards the old cherry tree and take the stone on left side of the base of the tree.

Continue towards the shed one click and take stone beside the lantern on left side.

Rock Garden of Ryoanji:    Go to the front room.

Read the book on the table left of the main door. Learn about the different shapes of stones.

Soul stone - low vertical stone. Wide base and tapered top.

Body stone - tall vertical stone. Slightly bigger at base than top and is the tallest stone.

Heart stone - similar to a stepping stone.

Branching stone - has flat top wider than base.

Ox stone - reclining stone. One end is higher than other.

Place the stones:    Go back under the bridge.

Look close at the stone slab on the left under the bridge. Place the stones on the etched slots based on their shape and info from the book.

Take the letter with markings. Read the letter of Kasumi to Maryanne.

Room 18:    Go to cultural room #18. Use the door key Yumi threw in the pond to open the door.

Pick up the card on the right side of the room. It is the red security card for the key cabinet behind the front desk.

Teapot:    Go to the chest at left wall.

Open the left side door of the chest. Take the teapot and key.

Use the key on the bottom right drawer. Read another letter by Kasumi to Maryann.

Origami:    Read the origami book from the middle drawer.

Using the book info and markings, select the steps needed to fold the origami:

I. Mountain fold.

II. Fold to front.

III. Fold to front.

IV. Fold Unfold.

V. Fold to back

VI. Push/invert.

It looks like a bamboo.

Garden:    Go to the bamboo-water structure at end of the left side walkway. Nancy comments that it looks like the image on the letter.

Look close at the bamboo post at left. We need a right tool.

Go to the shed. Take the screwdriver left of the recorder stand on the right shelf.

Use the screwdriver on the bamboo of the water structure. Take the paper that looks like a part of a nonogram puzzle.

Check the Guest records.

Open the password envelope:

Fire pit:    Go to the fire pit by the front desk.

Hang the teapot on the hook above the smoldering fire.

Take the password envelope and click on the right side of the vented steam. See picture.

See a close up of the envelope. Open the envelope. Read the password - Takakawa.

Translate the password:    The keyboard of the computer is in Japanese script. We need to translate the password to Japanese script.

Go back to room 18 and open the top drawer of the chest.

Read the Writing Japanese book. Check the Hiragana page and check the script for Ta, Ka and Wa.

Exit the room.

Computer:    Go behind the counter of the front desk.

Enter the password using the keyboard. Press the keys of the 4 syllables of the password - Ta- ka- ka- wa. (Remember to press ka twice). Press 'enter' key.

See the 2 pages of guests and their rooms.

Check which rooms are not let out to guest. Then check which rooms are on the second floor where Savannah stayed.

Rooms 25, 30 and 33 are not in the list.

Easter egg - Puzzle box:

Give the Mate command to Suki.

Take the puzzle box and open it. Inside find an Easter egg.

Place the password envelope back inside. This is not necessary in the game but you might get an award doing this.

Key cabinet:    Look close at the metal cabinet at back wall.

Read the Krolmeister 3000 info paper on the clipboard to know more about the security system.

With the red card taken from the floor of room 18, we have all 5 cards needed.

Insert the cards from left to right: blue card, red, green, yellow and purple. (Thanks, HI).

Then turn the knob below or above each card to position the shapes below it to that shown in the picture.

Take the only key in there. It opens rooms ending in 8/9.

Go to bed and sleep.

Check rooms.

Pachinko parlor:    Go to pachinko parlor in Kure.

Check Prize booth to see that the collar Rentaro wants requires 2100 balls.

Play pachinko until you have enough balls to win the collar.

Place the balls at the prize booth box and select the collar at second from right end at bottom row.

Talk to Yumi:    Go to Matsue and then to Bento shop. Talk to Yumi completely. You might need to change screen or go to the train station and come back.

Learn about the purikura booth.

Ryokan:    Go back to Misawa.

Talk to Miwako at the front desk.

Also talk to Takae in room 18 several times. Watch Takae while she is sitting - she falls asleep.

Savannah:    Call Savannah to see if she knows more about the room she stayed in.

She mentions a picture of a carved wooden bird that opens the secret passage.

Rentaro:    Go to the garden shed and talk to Rentaro completely. Give him the collar. He leaves to give it to Suki.

Look at the work bench. Take a star keycard. See the arm Rentaro is making for his planned robodog.

Talk to Miwako about Suki's collar.

Look for Savannah's room:

Since we can only open rooms ending with # 8 or 9, go to the second floor of the right wing. Use the key on room 39 at left side end of the hallway.

Enter and see a star lock on the panel close to the right closet.

Use the star key on that star lock. Look around room 37.

Use the star key on the star lock right of the closet. Be at room 35. Hear a weird sound.

Use the star key on the star lock right of the closet. Be at room 33. You are trapped.

Escape the room:

Immediately look close at the lock of the balcony door.

See that it is a crystal pieces lock. This is a timed puzzle.

There are 6 wedges in the circle. They are all similar. What you do on one of the wedge - also do it on the other 5.

Select a color from the right and fill the empty areas with the correct color.

There are pieces there already that show what should be placed on those areas.

You cannot save while in the puzzle but you can stop the time by opening the save feature. Good luck.

The lock turns. Click on the balcony screen to exit. Nancy jumps to the garden.

Secrets Revealed.

Check the secret room:

Go back to room 39. Use the master key and enter. Use the star card on the side panels until you get to room 33.

As Savannah stated, click on the carved wooden bird on the left wall.

The closet right of the door opens. Go down the passageway into the other bath.

Look around. This is the room seen through the peephole.

Check the bricked entryway and the pool.

Look close at the table with the lantern. Read a faded note by Y to M. Stop it already or you'll be sorry.

Nonogram:    See a small altar on the left with Kasumi's portrait.

Look close at the latticed work above the altar. Automatically the paper found inside the bamboo is placed on the wall. You need another set of numbers.

Look for another set of nonogram numbers.

Pictures:    Check the text message and see more pictures sent by Yumi. You should have a total of 7 colored pictures sent by Yumi.

Nancy will make a comment about printing them all.

Process Yumi's pictures:   

Go through the secret door. Exit the ryokan and go to the pachinko parlor at Kure.

Enter the pachinko parlor. Look close at the shutterclunker booth.

The "take picture" side is out of order.

Click on slot at bottom right to automatically insert the cell phone.

Click on print photo at right side.

Do each photo individually: click on a picture and then click on print. Take photo from bottom slot. Do all the colored pictures.

Arrange the pictures:

Click on one of the developed picture in inventory and see all 7 laid out in squares.

Arrange the pictures to form Japanese numbers that are hidden in the pictures. 

The purple lines on edges of the pictures are part of Japanese numbers.

Talk to Yumi:

Go to Matsue and then to Bento shop. Talk to Yumi.

Help with another bento preparation.

It's late. Yumi tells Nancy to stay in her apartment.

Yumi's apartment:

Go to Kurume. Use the key to enter Yumi's apartment.

Check the bottom of the right frog on the shelf.

See the locked container. Enter the numbers seen in Yumi's pictures.

Get the other nonogram numbers.


Set the alarm for 7 PM.

The window rattles. Open the window. Read the message.


Go back to the ryokan. If there is any grading of assignments to be done, do so.

Secret bath:

Go to room 33 via room 39. Go down to the secret bath.

Click on the lattice and see the complete nonogram puzzle.

Right click places an X on the unnumbered sqaures. There are already brown squares that are clues in the puzzle.

When correctly done, all the Xed squares will turn dark brown-black.

Solve the puzzle. See a ?fox?




Secret compartment:     See the secret compartment open.

Read Kasumi's letter to her daughters. Take the sword. Turn back.


Meet the yurei. You are under water.  This is a timed puzzle.

Immediately, take the sword from inventory and cut the ropes on the marked areas.

Check the yurei. Look close at the arm and the head.

Clarify things:

Go upstairs and talk to everybody.

Takae:    Go to room 18 and talk to Takae completely.

Talk to her again to find out what really happened to Kasumi.

Miwako:    Look for Miwako. She is not around.

Rentaro:    Check the work shed. He is not there also.

Take the new recorder that he built that is on the holder. This recorder sends recordings to computers and cell phones. See an e-mail icon at top right of the recorder.

Look at the work table. Take and use the dictionary on the pink note. It is a work order for room 33 - must finish today.

Take the door-o-matic.

Room 33:    Go to room 33; the infamous room. Save game here to see 2 endings.

Enter the room. Use the door-o-matic on the door.

Immediately pick up the new recorder from the floor. Press a channel to start recording.

See the ending based on your selection on what to do with the baddie.

Watch the outtakes at end of the credits.

See you at The Captive Curse!

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