Nancy Drew 26: Tomb of the Lost Queen

by Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2012


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, extras, more ND and quit selections.

The options menu has voice, effects and music volume adjustments. Full screen and windowed game screen selection is here also.

Extras has credits, outtakes and teaser. Outtakes and teaser are locked until the end of the game.

More ND shows the other Nancy Drew casual and adventure games released by Her Interactive; as well as links to facebook, twitter and You Tube.

Select to play either Amateur or Master Sleuth. Amateur Sleuth has regular puzzles; hints available and detailed task list. Master Sleuth has more challenging puzzles; no hints and basic task list.


The game screen has menu at bottom left of the page. It has main menu, save game, load game, options, help and resume game links.

The cell phone is beside the menu link. It has phone, camera, settings and hints.

The phone has pictures and names of available characters that can be called. Click on the name or picture to get another frame that has a "call" button.

The camera can take 12 shots. Photos that are taken can be viewed. The focus can be zoomed in-out.

Settings has wallpaper selections as well as ring back tones selections.

The hint shows the hint hotline. Hints appear as needed. Some topics have multiple hints. Red questions (when available) will return a full solution answer.

The power button closes the cell phone.

At the center of the bottom bar is where the items collected are seen. Use the slider tab at top of the bar to go through the items.

Right of the inventory bar are the frames for Tasks and Journal.

The tasks list has the to do things in the game.

The journal has observations and suspects.

The game is non-linear. The walkthrough below is just one way to get through the game.

Easter egg locations are from Her Interactive forum.

60 years ago, a tomb was uncovered in the desert outside Cairo. A British expedition set out to find the legendary Lost Queen but never returned. Talk of a curse followed until today.

Present day, 100km outside Cairo: A team from Kingston University is digging in the desert. A dust storm overwhelms the campsite.

Expedition leader Jon Boyle is found unconscious on the floor of the main tent.

Nancy talks on the cell phone with Jon who is at the hospital. Jon was hit on the head. Learn that the crew left after the incident. Jon wants Nancy to be his eyes and ears at the campsite and to check his notes located in his bunk area.

Nancy says she will see if she can prove whose tomb this is and find out who attacked Jon.

Explore the main tent:

Look around and see bunks at both sides of the tent.

Nancy's bunk:    Check the rightmost bunk on the right.

Open the footlocker and get Egyptian Hieroglyphs to English and Hieroglyph Practice Book. Eat the Koko Kringle bar. :D Take and read the How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs book above the chocolate bar. If you read all documents or books in the game; you might win an award.

Go to the side table and see The Lost Queens of Egypt by Prof Beatrice Hotchkiss (Nancy's old friend) book. Open the book and check the phone number to enter it on the cell phone. Open the pages and read about the Lost Queens of Egypt.

Lily Crew:    Go to the middle bunk at left side. Talk to Lily. She tells Nancy that she is taking charge of the American group (which means Nancy) of the expedition.

Other bunks:    Try to check the 2 other crew bunks. Lily stops Nancy.

Lily:     Talk to Lily again about calling Jon and getting his notes.

Find Professor Jon Boyle's notes:

Professor Jon Boyle's bunk:    Check the rightmost bunk at left side.

Now that you told Lily to call Jon - Go to the side table and take Jon Boyle's notebook. Read the notebook. The last page is cut. It refers to another big clue.

Open the footlocker. Read Nancy's letter of recommendation written by Franklin Rose, of Beech Hill Museum (Secret of the Scarlet Hand).

Take the lighter on top of the jeans.

We have to find a way to check Lily's and the other bunk later.

Play the board game in the camp tent:

Go to the middle table and see a board game. Play Senet.

Senet:    The object of the game is to get all your light brown pawns off the board.

The light colored casting sticks determine how many squares your selected pawn can move. If 4 dark colored sticks are cast, the pawn moves 5 squares. You can throw again if you get 1, 4 or 5 on the casting sticks.

Move your pawn to a blank square or a square that has your opponent's pawn but not on your own. If you land on a square with your opponent's pawn; you move him back to the square where you came from. This is a good strategy.

If a pawn is blocked by 2 or more consecutive opponents pawns; it cannot be moved or played until the number of blocker pawns are less than 2.

The square with the ankh, 3 dots and eye are safe places; the pawn that lands there cannot be bumped back.

The square with the bird must be landed on no matter what the casting stick show.

The water square bumps the pawn that lands there back to the ankh square above.

It is also good strategy to land on safe places so that the opponent settles on squares that it can be bumped back on.

If you play Senet often enough; you might win an award.

Exit the tent.

 Explore the antiquities tent:

Go to the tent at right and enter.

Left worktable:    Check the left worktable.

Take the flashlight on the recharger at left side of the worktable.

Pick up the map at center of the table. Study the map of the tomb. See that there are 3 main tunnels off a large chamber. The map changes as more area is explored.

At right side, take and read the Ancient Egyptian Art book (Relic). Learn about amulets.

Take the bird (Hoopoe) tile left of the book.

See a stone with hieroglyph in a pan. Translate the hieroglyph by clicking the dictionary on the stone. Judge is he by the ancestors of Ra.

If you use the dictionary to translate often enough; you might win an award.

Pick up and read the crumpled paper right of the water bottle.  It's an ad for survival guide for earth's demolition. At top is a drawing of the eye of Horus and #. Learn that it is a Sonny Joon's show about extraterrestrial aliens and space travel.

Shelves at middle wall of the tent:    Turn right to see 2 shelving. Look close at the wood shelves at right.

Take the brown book at middle shelf. Open and see the Official site grid. Based on the map taken from the left table, the main chamber and 3 tunnels are divided into squares and labeled.

Easter Egg:     Use the pick taken from right table on the jar on the left shelf. Take the Enigmatic egg.

You will get an award if you get an Easter egg.

Right worktable:    Turn right and look around.

At left end, check the list of amulets found.

Take the pick and brush from the tools at middle of the worktable.

Use the shattered pieces to completely rebuild the amulet #1: Look close at the broken amulet at right side of the worktable.

Left click to pick up and right click to turn the pieces. Left click again to drop the piece in place.

The front paw piece is missing.

Amateur Master


Location where the cat amulet was taken:    Take note that the label at bottom left is N13E2.

Go back to the official site grid at middle wall shelf. See that N13E2 is at top end of tunnel 2 or middle tunnel.

See who else stuck around after the storm hit:

Exit the tent and go down to the pit ahead. Go through the tomb entrance.

Dr. Abdullah Bakhoum:    Turn left twice after entering the chamber. Talk to Abdullah standing right of the exit door.

Abdullah contends that he is the best archeologist and that this site is his. (He doesn't lack belief in himself.)

He doesn't like Lily even though she is part of his team.

Explore the main room:

Anubis hieroglyphs:    Abdullah wants you to practice translating hieroglyphs at top of where he is working.

Climb the ladder right of Abdullah. Use the dictionary on the hieroglyphs under the drawing of Anubis.

...according thereto. Let it be found inscribed on the tablet. As to anyone who does not know this spell, he shall never enter.

Worktable:    Go to the worktable at center of the room.  Take the spade from the table.

Explore the tunnels:

Tunnel 1:    Go the hallway at left.

See hieroglyphs left and right of the entryway. Use dictionary to translate: Twice is my hiding place opened. Thy bones shall not be destroyed and thy flesh shall not perish.

Go forward. The hallway before the dead end there is hieroglyph above the doorway. Use the dictionary to translate and get: I speak that which I wish to his mummy. It becometh strong.

Check the doorway at the dead end and see a cat depicted. Go back to the main room.

Tunnel 2:    Let's go to N13E2; the site where they found the cat amulet pieces. Go left from tunnel 1 entryway or forward through the entrance across the main entryway.

Go forward until the turn to the right and then left and forward to the end.

Use the shattered pieces to completely rebuild the amulet #2:

See a pile of soil at right. Nancy confirms that this is the site where the cat amulet pieces were found.

Use the shovel taken from the main room on the pile of dirt to get an amulet piece.

Look at the birds and tiger mural on the wall. See a bird tile on right side of the mural. It's stuck! Use the pick on the tile to get bird (vulture) tile.

Exit tunnel 2.

Antiquities tent:    Exit the main room.  Go up the steps and enter the antiquities tent.

Look close at right side of the worktable at right wall. Attach the amulet piece with the put together cat amulet.

Pick up the cat amulet.

Tunnel 3:    Go back to the tomb. Enter the hallway at left when facing the main entryway.

Scarab puzzle:    Go forward until the first light stand.

Turn left from the light stand and see a scarab puzzle. The red scarab is missing.

Sons of Horus hieroglyph:     Back up from the scarab puzzle.

Check the hieroglyph at top of the wall right of the entryway. Nancy says that it must be important since the passage starts and ends with jackal symbol.

Try the dictionary on it and it makes no sense. Crazy!

In close up of the puzzle, click on a standalone - single glyph; like the feather at start of 4th line and see the frequency it occurs in the passage. Click on letter I at top of the page. See that all of that kind of glyph is now labeled I.

Decode the rest of the glyphs by selecting it and then click on the letter above that you think is the letter that works.

Click on the erase at top right to erase a highlighted entry.

Nancy needs to find the sons of Horus the falcon headed god.

Come ye hither Gods in the train of Horus

And let the steps ascend

We are the four of Horus

I am the air that sweeps up the Nile

I am the Hunter who faces to greet

the new day

I am Imsety protector of the south

I am the cry that soars towards the

setting sun together we the Gods in

the train of Horus guard the corners

Find the burial chamber:

Continue forward until the end. See a door filled with hieroglyphs at the dead end of the hallway.

Slider hieroglyphs:    Look at left wall and Nancy says this must be the one mentioned on Jon's notes (last page). The tomb within sealed behind her titles. Acknowledge them fully with no gaps from left to right and it shall be opened according thereto. Let it be...

See 6 bars with glyphs in the frame. Below are squares that show the glyphs of the column above it. The 5th bar is fixed.

The object of the puzzle is to arrange the slider bars in a way that shows only one kind of glyph in one column and that all the squares at the bottom show glyphs.

Amateur Master


The door at right opens.

Turn back to the slider. Use the dictionary on the glyphs at the bottom to translate it. Great King's Wife, Lady of the Two Lands, Beloved of Mut.

Burial chamber:    Examine the door. It still has the seal. It is not opened yet.

Touch the seal and it breaks. Ooops!

Enter and use the flashlight. See a tomb ahead.

Lily enters and checks the tomb. Abdullah follows (Brilliant); as well as 2 other people.

Suddenly, Abdullah who is reading the hieroglyphs on the wall says to exit the room immediately. Lily says it's the curse.

The flashlight gave out. If you experience unexplained occurrence in the game; you might win an award.

Find everyone who was at the opening of the tomb:

Automatically be back at the main tent.

Lily:    Go to Lily's bunk and talk to her about the curses. She believes in curses and is a fan of Abdullah.

Nancy's bunk:    Go to Nancy's bunk and read the book by the side table. Review the descriptions of the lost queens.

There are 2 queens that were wives of great kings and the bodies were never found: Nefertiti and Nefertari.

Dylan Carter:     Exit the main tent, go forward and then turn left. See a man sitting on a lounge chair. Talk to Dylan Carter.

Learn what he thinks of Abdullah. He is not allowed inside the tomb. He is a tour guide.

Take the Pantheon - chart of Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt from the table.

Water tank:    Turn left and check the water tank right of the tent.

Take a drink if you want. If you drink often enough; you might win an award.

Pick up the lamp oil on the trailer's right edge.

Flashlight:    Go to the antiquities tent.

Use the flashlight on the charger at left worktable. Ugh! It short-circuited. You might win an award doing this.

Abdullah:    Enter the tomb. Talk to Abdullah right of the main entryway.

He believes that this is the Lost Tomb of Nefertari. He doesn't like guides.

Jamila El-Dine:    Enter tunnel 2. At the end of the tunnel, see a woman by the left wall.

Talk to Jamila. She talks about the makers, Annunaki, teachers or aliens.

Explore the tomb:

Go to the end of tunnel 3. Enter the tomb.

Look for light:    It is dark in here.

Turn around and face the door. Move the cursor to the right of the doorway; look for an active spot.

Click and see that it is a lamp. Use the lamp oil from the water tank and the lighter from Jon's footlocker with the lamp.

Use the lamp to illuminate the tomb:    Click on lamp and see the lamp puzzle.

See the mirrors reflecting the light. Arrange the mirrors so that they reflect the light to the white circle at right.

When you click-turn the mirrors it might show more mirrors spread out in the room.

Hieroglyphs:    Look above the lamp and see hieroglyphs. This is the one that Abdullah read before the warning.

Use the dictionary on the glyphs.

Everyone who had been in this place, they are wretches. There is no remedy for them because I know their names. Beware. This is the taste of death. Darkness shall conceal them.

Then the glyphs cannot be translated.

Translate the rest of the hieroglyphs above the lamp:    Click on the wall hieroglyphs and see the close up of the puzzle.

There is a quick translate at top left and erase at top right. Take note of the glyph that goes with what letters. It will be helpful in later puzzles.

If you decode all the hieroglyphs the dictionary can't deciphered and not use the Quick Translate option; you might get an award.

Nancy is cursed.

Hieroglyph left of door:    Check the hieroglyph left of door.

Use the dictionary on the glyph. Lady of terrors, sovereign lade, mistress of destruction.

Canopic jars:    Turn left from the hieroglyphs and see a case at left corner.

Look close. Remove cover and check the 4 canopic jars.

Each jar has the hieroglyph of the object inside. Take the falcon, jackal, human and baboon disks.

Read the last pages of the Relics book to learn about the Sons of Horus that gave protection over the embalmed organs.

Wall puzzle:    Beside the canopic jar case, and see a circular wall puzzle that is missing something.

Tomb:    Look close at tomb and see if you can push the lid off. Note a hole at left side of the lid. Nancy wants a lever.

Hear a loud crash.

Find a way to open the sarcophagus:

Find the source of the loud crash:    Exit the room and go forward until the main room.

Face Abdullah by the main entryway. The scaffolding fell down. Take the sturdy board right of the fallen scaffolding.

Talk to Abdullah completely. He doesn't believe in aliens.

Abdullah leaves and quarrels with Jamila.

Look at the hieroglyphs that Abdullah is working on.

O living ones, who art thou that hast come? They heart is covetous. Hearken ye. Ye shall not remove this tombstone from this its place forever. Do not rob, but act against the robber, without allowing any people to tread upon this holy ground. Then you will hear this secret.

Then the glyphs cannot be translated.

Translate the rest of the hieroglyphs above the lamp:    Click on the wall hieroglyphs and see the close up of the puzzle.

There is a quick translate at top left and erase at top right. Take note of the glyph that goes with what letters. It will be helpful in later puzzles.

Open the tomb:    Go back to tunnel 3. See Jamila working on the mural of a man holding that might be a flashlight.

Continue to the tomb room.

Look at the circular puzzle at right wall. Take the spears leaning on the wall.

Look close at tomb. Use the spears and the sturdy board from the scaffolding on the hole.

Push on the lever to open the tomb.

Plaque:    See a nice sarcophagus. Click on the plate on her chest.

Translate the hieroglyphs using the known glyphs from previous translations or check below or do a quick translate.

Procession of Gods puzzle:    See a puzzle with heads of Gods below her crossed arm. Nancy says she needs to get the gods in their proper locations.

We need more info for this puzzle.

Find out what Jamila is hiding in her handbag:

Go to the large room at tunnel 3 and talk to Jamila by the mural of a man with a flashlight.

Jamila left to check the opened sarcophagus. If you want her to leave from this site at anytime - select a dialogue that tells about a new find in the dig.

Click on her bag.

Open Jamila's bag:    It has the Eye of Horus lock. Where did we see references to that?

Open the Relic book in inventory. Turn the page to the Wedjat page. See that each part of the eye refers to a number and a sense.

Then remember the crumpled ad at the antiquities tent. It has the eye on the front page with # and the numbers inside the leaflet.

Using those clues: click on the part of the eye in the sequence of 16-8-4-32 or 1-4. Take note that the eye example is reversed from the eye on the lock. The sclera numbers should be noted.


Examine the contents of the bag. Note spaceships, cameras, leaflets and books.

Pick and read the Historical Ancient Egypt book. See a picture of an ankh amulet that provides health and life. Take note of the notations Jamila made. She notes about "her" daughters.

Drop the previous book and pick up Sonny Joon's Visitors from the Skies. Read about Annunaki and the Great pyramid.

Pick up and take a cryptic note with letters located at left side of bag..

Figure out what the cryptic note from Jamila's handbag means:   

Water tank:    Exit the tomb and check the water tank. See that someone drained the water using a plastic part of a spaceship - just like what is in Jamila's bag.

Dylan:    Talk to Dylan. He gives a piece of paper that Jamila dropped. Take the code for the cryptic note.

Learn that he came here with some traders. He wants to impress Abdullah.

Ask his help to distract Lily. In return, Dylan wants Nancy to put a good word for him with Abdullah.

Cryptic note:    Now that Nancy has the code, look close at the cryptic note in inventory.

Nancy says the letters will create letters below. As noted above, form 5 or more letter words.

Enter a letter in a blank square by clicking on the blank square and then click on the letter above that you want placed on that square.

Form words that are related to archeology and location.


Using the first letters of the words in each color set; arrange the letters to form a word.

Click on a letter and then click on the letter you want exchange it with.

Now arrange the words so that they form a sentence.

Jon Boyle:

Use cell phone to call Jon. Update him on what is going on.

Find out everything you can about Dylan:

Abdullah:    Since Nancy told Dylan about giving a good word, go inside the tomb and talk to Abdullah about Dylan.

Learn how he started archeology and about Nefertari.

Dylan:    Go back to Dylan and talk to him.

Since he left to distract Lily, check his luggage.

See a live snake bag and several Tour Guide Certification cards from different countries.

Find a way to snoop Lily's and Abdullah's bunk:

Go inside the main tent.

Snoop at Abdullah's bunk:    Check Abdullah's bunk. Click on his footlocker. It needs a key.

Snoop at Lily's bunk:     Check Lily's bunk.

Look at the footlocker. It has a strange lock. Pull back from the lock squares.

Take and read the Krolmeister Instruction Manual left of the bed. It needs a transparency overlay.

Take and read the Curses of the World book from the bed.

Look close at the side table and see a pair of dark glasses with a missing rhinestone on the side.

Dylan:    Talk to Dylan outside.

Get a great "tour guide demo".

Find and replace the missing scarab:

Tunnel 2:     Enter the tomb and go forward to the end of tunnel 2.

Look close again at the sand pile where the cat statue pieces were taken.

See and take a red scarab tile on the left.

Scarab puzzle:    Go to tunnel 3 and forward to the room where there is a light stand.

Look at the scarab puzzle at left wall. Automatically the red scarab tile is placed on the puzzle.

Easter Egg:    Before doing the puzzle; place the 4 scarabs at each corner. A secret compartment opens. Take the Uncanny egg.

The aim of the puzzle is to place the colored scarabs over the same colored squares.

The tiles can be moved using the arrows seen when the tiles are selected.

If you move the scarabs often enough; you might win an award.

1   2
3   4


1 2
3 4

Figure out who the 4 sons of Horus were:

See a panel open on the opposite wall. Nancy wants a clue.

Prof. Beatrice Hotchkiss:    Exit and go outside the tomb.

Use the cell phone to talk to Prof.  Beatrice Hotchkiss. LOL. Talk to her completely. (She made me hungry.)

Learn about the canopic jars with 4 disks found in the tomb room.

4 Sons of Horus panel:    Go back to the scarab room at tunnel 3. Look close at right wall.

Place the disks on the correct place:  

Check the journal for a synopsis of what Prof. Hotchkiss said. Horus had 4 sons: 3 animals and a human. Each of the sons represents an organ and a cardinal direction.

Remember the hieroglyphic translation on the panel at left and what Prof. Hotchkiss stated; place the disks taken from the canopic jars at the correct place.

Come ye hither Gods in the train of Horus

And let the steps ascend

We are the four of Horus

I am the air that sweeps up the Nile

I am the Hunter who faces to greet

the new day

I am Imsety protector of the south

I am the cry that soars towards the

setting sun together we the Gods in

the train of Horus guard the corners

What does it do? Turn or click one of the disks. Hear a loud sound.

Go to the main room and see what happened. The columns changed height. Wow!

Arrange the columns as shown on the puzzle:     Go back to the sons of Horus puzzle.

See 4 columns at center of the puzzle. It is arranged in ascending height.

Turn a disk to see which column(s) is affected.

Turn the disks as shown in the screenshot below. Got it!

Search the entire site for reference to heavens:

Step on the columns:    Climb the ladder beside Abdullah.

Turn around and see the top of the columns. Jump-click on the first column. Nancy jumps to the other side.

Journal:    Enter the passage. Pick up the journal on the floor at the corner.

Read the journal. This must the lost expedition. It tells of a second exit.

Note the glyphs of how Beloved of Hathor is written and the glyph for Mistress at top of page.

Heaven:    Turn the corner and look at the mural on the wall.

It shows 2 rows of creatures-Gods below the sun and Nut's body that arches over the sky with hands and feet on the ground.

Go back out and overhear a scolding of Lily by Abdullah.

Go back to the other side and climb down the ladder.

Abdullah:    Talk to Abdullah about the column and Lily.

Find out what led to the fight between Lily and Abdullah:

Exit the tomb.

Dylan:    Talk to Dylan.

Lily:    Go to the main tent and talk to Lily.

She wants Nancy to sort the amulets at the antiquities tent.

Help Lily sort the amulets:   

Go to the antiquities tent. Look close at left end of right table.

Nancy said to sort the amulets by type.  Read the Relics book and use it as reference.

One of the amulets is missing.


Investigate the cut in the tent:

See a cut on the wall of the tent.

Go outside and around to the other side of the cut in the tent. See the cut on the tent behind stacked boxes.

Check for any evidence left behind:    Nancy wants to check the ground.

Use the shovel on the sand. This is a random puzzle.

Take the scrap of paper from the hole.

See that it is a request for a jackal amulet and payment through a secret offshore account. Someone is selling the artifacts.

Jon Boyle:    Call Jon and update him.

Abdullah:    Talk to Abdullah inside the tomb.

Jamila:    Go to tunnel 3 and talk to Jamila. You don't need to send her away by telling her of a new find.

Discover who's inside the coffin:

Go to the tomb at end of tunnel 3.

Procession of Gods puzzle:    Look at the puzzle below the coffin's hands.

Using the clue on translated hieroglyphs above, place the picture of the gods based on the mural seen on top level of the tomb under the protection of the heavens).

Moving the rows and columns place the appropriate gods inside the 6 squares.


Top (L-R): Jackal, ibis and falcon.

Bottom row (L-R):    Beetle, crocodile and lion

  The procession of Gods

begins the reveal

seek them out

under the protection of the heavens



Top (L-R): Jackal and jackal.

2nd from top: Falcon, crocodile, lion, crocodile and falcon.

3rd from top:    Crocodile, falcon, lion, beetle and beetle.

Bottom row (L-R):    Ibis and ibis.

Hint: Do the 2nd and third rows first. Arrange the heads outside the squares (either above or below where you can position the heads - move up-down or left-right).  Count the squares, spaces and then get the heads. Then position them at the squares.

Second coffin:    Hear a click. Open the tomb. See another coffin.

Hieroglyphic clue:    Translate the hieroglyphic clue.

Nancy says this could be about the queen's children.

With the help of the experts, open the inner coffin's lock:

Jon Boyle:    Go outside the tomb. Call Jon Boyle to update him.

Professor Hotchkiss:    Call Prof. Hotchkiss. (Caramel flans - wow!)

Learn about Nefertari's children (sons and daughters). She wants to know who is depicted above the doors to the antechamber. Answer Ma'at.

If you answer all of Prof. Hotchkiss questions correctly; you might win an award.

The observation in the journal has the information written down.

Discover who's inside the coffin:

Go back to the tomb in tunnel 3. Look close at the children's puzzle.

Enter the name of Nefertari's children from oldest to youngest with sons first:   

Amunherkhepeshef (Amun is with his strong arm)

Pareherwenemef  (Re is with his strong arm)

Meryre (beloved of Re), Meriatum (beloved of Atum).

Meritamun (beloved of Amun)

Henuttawy (mistress of 2 lands), Nettawi (lady of 2 lands)

Use the journal information taken from Professor Hotchkiss; Jon's notes and Pantheon as references.

Based on Jon's notes, place at the end; the sitting males for the boys and the sitting females for the girls.

Based on Jon's notes; copy Pareherwenemef glyphs on the second from top.

Then for Amunherkhepeshef; use the drawn glyphs for Amun in the Pantheon and the glyphs in John notes.

For the 2 male and one female "beloveds", use the journal's 2 feathers and Re, Atum and Amun from the Pantheon.

Use the mistress glyph seen in the journal for the mistress.

Nancy will say if it is correct (Amateur). Hear a click.


Open the second coffin. It's empty!

Decode the papyrus scraps:   

Take the torn papers from inside the coffin.

Piece them together. Right click to rotate the pieces.

After putting it together, translate the hieroglyphs.

Learn that the true tomb is here.


Find the blue cat:   

Go to tunnel 1 until the end.

See the blue cat on a mural at the end of the passage. Use the brush to remove the dirt from the mural.

Find something to place in the indentation by the blue cat:    Something is to be placed below the blue cat.

Insert the cat amulet on the indentation. The door opens.

Get pressure off Dylan:    Dylan arrives and goes in first. It is dark in there but he touches something that drops rocks on him.

Click on-remove 6 rocks to ease the pressure on the crushed Dylan. This puzzle is random and has several solutions; below is just two of them.

You have to die first before these solutions work.


Dylan is sent to the hospital. Nancy automatically reports to Jon.

Talk to Dylan and others:   

Call and talk to Dylan.

Lily:    Talk to Lily in her bunk. You do not need to send her away using the "Abdullah needs you" dialogue yet.

Water tank:    Exit the tent and check the water tank. See locusts on the water tank.

Jamila:    Enter the antiquities tent. Hear Jamila talking about not expecting someone to be hurt.

Abdullah:    Talk to Abdullah inside the tomb.

Jamila:    Go to Jamila at the large room in tunnel 3. Talk to Jamila.

Learn what she thinks about Dylan, Abdullah and the black market.

Explore the Cat tomb:

Go to the end of tunnel 1 where Dylan was crushed.

Enter and see rows of cat statues.

Find a way to illuminate the new room:    Go forward towards the dark room.

Use the lamp oil and the lighter to light the lamp on the left before the entryway.

Click on the lamp to see the mirror puzzle.

See mirrors at right side of the overhead view of the room.

Add mirrors to direct light to the left. Click the turn arrows  to turn the mirrors after placing it on a slot.

Bastet - Woman with lion-cat head:    Translate the hieroglyphs with the dictionary on both sides of the mural of woman with cat-lion's head at right.

To be said: I rise out of the egg in the land hidden.

Ye shall fall down upon the earth and become animals in the form of fishes.

Check the contents of the pans at the corner:     One has a ball with a bell inside and the other has a comb.

Ra:    Translate the hieroglyphs with the dictionary on both sides of the mural of man with sun disk with cobra at left.

He flieth like a bird, he alighteth like a beetle upon the empty throne in thy boat, O Ra.

Not hath been found his defect there. The scales have been emptied of his trial.

Cat coffin:     Open the coffin at center of room.

See the mummy of a cat. Take the tag (winged scarab) from its necklace.

Plaque:    Translate the hieroglyph on the plaque below the scale puzzle.

Mouse scale puzzle:   

Amateur:    Check the scale and 9 mice above the plaque.

The aim of the puzzle is to find the mouse that is the lightest.

You are given 3 chances to use the scale to find out.

Place 3 mice on each pan. Press the scale button on top to weigh. The bottom button is to reset the puzzle.

A. If they weigh the same, use the remaining 3:  one on each pan and one in reserve. Check which is lighter.

If the scales are even, the one in reserve is the lightest.

B.  If one is lighter, take off the heavier one and check the 3 mice that are lighter.

Use the remaining 3:  one on each pan and one in reserve. Check which is lighter.

If the scales are even, the one in reserve is the lightest.

Master:    Check the scale and 13 mice above the plaque.

The aim of the puzzle is to find the mouse that is the lightest.

You are given 3 chances to use the scale to find out.

Place 5 mice on each pan. Press the scale button on top to weigh. The bottom button is to reset the puzzle.

A. If they weigh the same, use the remaining 3:  one on each pan and one in reserve. Check which is lighter.

If the scales are even, the one in reserve is the lightest.

B.  If one is lighter, take off the heavier one and work on the 5 lighter mice.

Use the remaining 5:  2 on each pan and one in reserve. Check which is lighter.

If the scales are even, the one in reserve is the lightest.

If not even, use the 2 from the light pan and weigh.

Easter Egg:    If you have collected the Easter Egg from the antiquities tent; place it in the hole. Take it out again and then take the gold Mysterious egg.

Secret compartment:    Place the lightest mouse in the hole. A secret compartment opens.

Pick up the cat tile and learn that the cat's name is Meskhenet.

Take the rest of the journal notes. Read and learn that the writer is a member of D.O.N.  Learn what happened to her and she wants to be relieved of the burden she has been carrying for 10 years soon. She is looking for the Queen.

Tiles:    Look at the ceiling and see bird tiles. One is still missing even after adding the Hoopoe and the vulture.

Find the missing piece from the panel on the tomb's wall:

Go back to the tomb at tunnel 3.

Empty tomb:    Go back to the empty tomb at end of tunnel 3.

Move the cover of the coffin and see a mummy inside. Oh!

Missing piece:    Face the panel on the tomb wall at right. Use the tag-winged scarab on the indentation of the circular puzzle.

Find the true tomb: 

Press the scarab. It turns and opens to a puzzle.

Click to look close at the puzzle.

Colored cobra puzzle:

Using the clue stated by the translated torn papyrus on the empty coffin, the cobra has to be arranged in specific color order.


On the wings of rebirth from a treasured companion

The path is opened around a circle they slide

Begin with gold to honor

Amethyst for royalty

And a pause to remember

Step ahead to rejuvenate in emerald

Knowledge abounds in Lapiz

And protection from evil in Carnelian

The true tomb is revealed.

The winged scarab was taken from the cat companion of the queen.

Arrange-slide the cobras: gold, purple, space, green, blue, red.

The round metal is the reset button.

A door opens on the wall across the puzzle.


Move or click:



















On the wings of rebirth from a treasured companion

The path is opened around a circle they slide

Begin with emerald,

then a pause to remember.

Step ahead to honor in gold,

And protect from evil in carnelian.

Knowledge abounds in lapis,

While amethyst marks her royal,

The true tomb is revealed.

The winged scarab was taken from the cat companion of the queen.

Arrange-slide the cobras: green, space, gold, red, blue, purple.

The round metal is the reset button.

A door opens on the wall across the puzzle.


Move or click:









True tomb:

Enter through the opened door. Look around.

Find out the meaning of the destiny riddle:

Check the statue of Hathor at left. Translate the hieroglyphs she is holding.


Go to the statue at right. Use the dictionary on the hieroglyphs behind the statue. So then shall not be done any evil things unto me by the fiends.

Find a way across the stones to the gold coffin:

Look at the stone path and see if the stones can spell the glyphs for destiny. No. If you click on the wrong stone, you die.

We need more information.

Professor Hotchkiss:    Go outside and call Prof. Hotchkiss.

Nefertari cat's name is Destiny.

She wants to know what kind of bird is in the cat's paw in the mural. Check the mural at end of tunnel 2 and see. It is a hoopoe.

Go back out and give Prof. Hotchkiss a call. Give her the answer.

Dylan Carter:    Call Dylan. Learn that Lily lied to Nancy about the amulets.

Jon Boyle:    Call Jon about cats and  about the mummy that appeared in the empty tomb. Someone is staging the site.

Main tent:    Go to the main tent. Hear a hissing sound.

Go to Nancy's bunk. See a cobra.

Cobra:    Move the yellow trash bin closer to the cobra.

Take the stick leaning on the wall. Use the stick on the cobra. Nancy pushes it in the trash bin.

Take the trash bin and Nancy places the trash bin with the cobra outside the tent. The trash bin has holes punched on the lid.

Stone path:    Go back to the new tomb at tunnel 3.

Now that we know that Nefertari's cat is named Meskhenet (Destiny); use your learned hieroglyphic skills to note the glyphs for Meskhenet.

Or use the glyphs from the tablet opened by the scale puzzle.

Click on the stones that spell Meskhenet.

A stone ramp moves out. Walk up to the gold coffin.

Find out who is in the gold coffin:

Click to check the gold coffin. Nancy says the glyphs on the sarcophagus are the ones from the Senet game. She wants to talk to Lily about it.

Take the bird tile (Ibis) leaning on the sarcophagus at left. A new passage opens left at left wall. Ramses II is depicted left of the doorway.

Exit through the new opening. Go forward (5 clicks) and turn left before a column with green birds facing each other at left. See a locked gate.

Tunnel 2:    Continue forward until a door. See hand lock right of door. Press on the handprint to open the door to tunnel 2.

Turn left to go to main room. This is the first hallway after the entrance to tunnel 2. It is the last door on this side.

Solve the bird puzzle in the cat tomb:   

Go to the cat room at end of tunnel 1.

Click on the tile puzzle on the ceiling. Automatically the 3 bird tiles are placed.

Using the clue from the journal written by a D.O.N. member and the bird mural at end tunnel 2; click on the birds in numerical order.

A door opens at right wall. Go through the new passage.

New passage:

At the first room, look at the sand on the floor. See footprints.

Pick up the numbers bottom sheet. Check the shining item in the sand. It is a match to Lily's sunglasses.

Journal:    Go forward and at the first room after the corner - take the journal paper on the fallen column at right.

Learn that the woman wrote a letter to her daughter before she left.

She mentions a mark she saw all over the tomb.

Hallway:    Continue forward until a door. See hand lock right of door.

Press on the hand to open the door to tunnel 2. See that this right across the new tunnel from the true tomb room in tunnel 2.

Turn right to go to main room.

Talk to Abdullah about the new find:

Tell Abdullah about the new mummy, room and then the gold coffin. He leaves immediately.

Take the locker key hanging on the scaffolding, left of the ladder.


Go the main tent and talk to Lily completely. Learn about the Senet glyphs.

To get her out of here, tell her Abdullah needs her.

Open Abdullah's trunk:

Now that Lily is gone, go to Abdullah's bunk. Use the locker key on the footlocker.

Check the envelope at left. Read the letter from Kingston University about Lily's falsifying her research.

Read the letter from Sonny Joon at back right. Abdullah contacted SPIED and learn that Jamila is not a member of Joon's organization.

Search Jamila's bag again:

Go back to tunnel 3 and Jamila. Talk to Jamila about her ruse.

Tell her that there is a new find somewhere and she will go away.

Examine her bag again. Click on the bottom of the bag and see false bottom.

Read the newspaper and notations about Abdullah.

Jon Boyle:    Go outside and call Jon. Learn about the Daughters of Nefertari.

Talk to Jamila again:    Return and talk to Jamila again.

Learn about the Daughter of Nefertari and her feelings for Abdullah. Learn that the women in her family have been looking for Nefertari for generations to protect her. So Jamila is the daughter of the one who wrote the journal.

Jamila gives a top numbers sheet.

Find out what the numbers from Jamila are for:

Go to main tent and Lily's bunk. Lily is still not here.

Since you have both sheets with numbers, click on the footlocker lock. See the puzzle.

Figure out how to open Lily's trunk:

Read the manual on the floor left of the bed to review how to open the lock.

See colored squares with numbers. This means that there should be that many squares of that color there. The similar colored squares can only be in horizontal or vertical or block arrangement.

Click-hold on a colored square and then move to cover the number of squares you want colored.

Amateur Master

The footlocker opens. Check the contents.

See a book about snakes. Didn't she say snakes give her the creeps?

See a card from a reptile emporium in Cairo. She must have bought the cobra there.

Read the postcard tucked at right side of the trunk.

Take the bottom half of Jon's notebook page.

Find out who is in the coffin:

A sand storm is brewing again. Nancy wants to shelter in the tomb.

Go to the tomb and the gold coffin at the true tomb via tunnel 2 or 3 (check map).

Open the gold coffin:    Look at the coffin.

Open Jon's missing notes to learn the info taken by Lily:

Rebirth precedes happiness.

The three truths follow the light of Re-Atoum.

Water flows at the end.

Happiness before Re-Atoum.

Lily said that:

Ankh is the House of Rebirth

Falcon is the House of Happiness

Three dots is the House of Three Truths

Eye of Horus is the House of Re-Atoum

3 lines -Water is the House of Water

Based on Jon's notes and Lily's Senet icons, deduce in what order to push the icons:    Ankh, falcon, Eye of Horus, Three Truths and Water.

Open the tomb. Nancy says it must be Nefertari.


Find someone to help Lily:

Lily calls out to Nancy across the stone path. She refuses to say her part in this curse.

The ceiling caves in and Lily is blocked in the false tomb area.

Exit through the new passage and forward until tunnel 2.

Turn left at tunnel 2 and forward to main room.

Go to Jamila at tunnel 3. Talk to her about Lily.

Jamila gives a signal box and tells Nancy to go above and call for help. Take the signal box, the ankh key and the riddle.

Get out of the tomb:

Gate:    Go to the main room and then back to tunnel 2. Enter the last door at right before the partition to be at the new passage.

Go forward twice and then go right. Use the Ankh key on the lock of the gate.

Top level of the tomb:    Climb the stairs and forward until the ledge.

See the ledge going to the exit at end of the wall is recessed partway.

On the left wall are 4 circular murals.

Go to the first mural and see that the heads can be rotated above the body of the depicted god.

Review the riddle paper Jamila gave you:

They arrive on six feet or soaring wings, with a howl or a bleat, the ancient reptile leading the way.

Underneath a blazing sun, the jackal joins the mix of hearts that stand as one betwixt the sky and the Underworld.

Dressed in red, she is joined by the child. As the evening dew appears in the cat's footprints, they learn of knowledge (looks like a snake to me).

Drawn onward by the steadfast cow, a throne accompanied by hieroglyphs arrives the balance of the mother.

Based on above clues and information from the Pantheon:

First circle:     Change head to ancient alligator. Press the center and the next ledge pulls out.

Second circle:    Falcon. Press the center and the next ledge pulls out.

Third circle:     Lion or cat. Press the center and the next ledge pulls out.

Fourth circle:     Woman with sun disk. Press the center and go to the exit.



Path to the exit:    Go forward until a new room.

See an overhead view of the room. The baddie enters at top right.

The entrance is at bottom left and the exit is at top middle.

Each pillar has 4 colors. A path is formed when similar colors of the posts face each other.

You can turn each post clockwise or counterclockwise.

There are only a certain number of turns of the posts that can be done before the baddie gets you.

Check the color you need and turn the post the shortest way (clockwise or counterclockwise) to conserve your turns.

To start you off, turn the first post to have blue face the blue of the entrance where Nancy is at bottom left.


Nancy runs out to be outside. The baddie stops Nancy. Jon arrives to save Nancy.

Check the outtakes.

See you in The Deadly Device!

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