Nancy Drew 31: Labyrinth of Lies

By Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2014 


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, help, extras, more ND and quit selections.

The options menu has voice, effects and music volume adjustments. Full screen and windowed game screen selection and Fast convo selection are here also.

Help shows the different cursors and navigation arrows used in the game. The interface description is shown at bottom of screen.

Extras have awards, credits, teaser and bonus art. Bonus art and teaser are locked until the end of the game.

More ND shows the other Nancy Drew casual and adventure games released by Her Interactive; as well as links to Facebook, twitter, You Tube and Pinterest.

Select to play either Amateur or Master Sleuth difficulty mode. Amateur Sleuth has regular puzzles; hints available and detailed task list. Master Sleuth has more challenging puzzles; no hints and has basic task list.


The game screen has menu at bottom left of the page. It has main menu, save game, load game, options, help and resume game links.

The main menu frame has a trophy cup icon at right side. Clicking it will show the trophies that can be achieved in doing certain actions in the game.

The cell phone is beside the menu link. It has phone, camera, games, settings and my diary.

The phone has pictures and names of available characters that can be called. Click on the name or picture to get another frame that has a "call" button.

The camera can take 30 shots. Photos that are taken can be viewed. The focus can be zoomed in-out.

There are 9 games installed on the phone.

Settings have wallpaper selections as well as ring back and ring tone sound selections.

The envelope icon show messages received.

My Diary has Nancy's notes on the game's activities.

The power button closes the cell phone.

At the center of the bottom bar is where the items collected are seen. Use the slider tab at top of the bar to go through the items.

The frames for Tasks and Journal are right of the inventory bar.

The tasks list has the to do things in the game. The question mark beside the task gives hints to help the gamer fulfill the task. If you did not use a spoiler, you will get an award.

The journal has observations and suspects.

The dialogue frame has a double arrow at right; it is used to hasten the dialogue.

Phone charms are only for the games with bonus.

Saved game folder in Win7 is located in My Documents folder or C:\Users\computer name\Documents\Labyrinth of Lies.

Phidias Cultural Center - Museum grounds:   

Upon arriving at the Phidias Cultural Center - Greek Museum, Nancy talks to Joe and Frank Hardy on the cellphone. Learn that Melina Rosi is missing. Nancy was hired because the museum has been losing staff for unknown reasons. The Hardy boys will contact the network.

Hear a scream.


Nancy goes to the amphitheatre and see costumed man and woman. Learn that it is a rehearsal. Thanos is told to take a break.

Xenia Doukas:    Talk to Xenia. Learn that the play is about the story of Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of Harvest. Xenia plays as Persephone; as well as be the director of the play. She has a connection with her character but is nervous about her job.

Xenia warns Nancy about Thanos.

Explore the amphitheatre:

Turn around and climb the stairs. 2 clicks up, see trash on the stone seat at right.

Take the Famous People of Greece book. Read the book and learn about the Greek men and women that pioneered science and art.

Explore the stage area:

Go down and turn right at the bottom of the amphitheatre. Climb the steps to the stage.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Pick up the abstract design phone charm from left side of the steps.

Main stage:    Turn left, forward and left to see the amphitheatre.

Turn around and see the backdrop of the stage.

Backstage:    Turn right and go to top left. Enter the backstage at right.

Grigor's tablet:    Pick up the blue tablet on top of the storage case at left.

Read the stage notes. Learn that Thanos lines are cut and Hermes' role becomes more pronounced. This causes Grigor to have less time to do light cues and other things.

Light cue changes and fly system are to be signed off by Xenia and Grigor.

Read personal notes. Learn that a password is required.

Grigor Karakinos:    Talk to Grigor, who plays Hermes and is the all around man of the play production.

See Grigor's bag on the chair.

Hydraulics room:    Go down the steps at back wall. Turn left and be at the hydraulics room.

Pick up and take the Greek Mythology, The Great Books Initiative on top of right crate. Read about Tartarus and the Underworld. Learn that souls pay an obolus coin to get Charon the ferryman lend passage on River Acheron. The gate to the underworld is guarded by the 3 headed dog Cerberus. The souls are judged by Rhadamanthys, Minos and Aikos. They either go to Elysium for those who led exemplary life or to Tartarus to atone for their sins.

Go forward to the locker in front of the grilled fence. See that the locker is locked with a keypad.

Fly system:    Go back upstairs and see the ropes and levers of the fly system.

Try to take the rope below the lever. Grigor stops Nancy and warns her that it could kill her.

The fly system controls the sceneries. Grigor leaves.

Check the light board control panel below the posters on the wall.

Pull a red lever above the round rope of the fly system. A sound is heard.

Xenia comes into the stage and starts to rant. She is extremely upset.

Snoop Xenia's stuff on her table:

Go outside to the amphitheatre. Go to the director's tent. Look close at the table in the tent.

Character cards:    Read the cast of characters by the plastic cup. Learn that this is the first acting role of Thanos who is playing as Hades. Xenia is an experienced actress; Niobe is a set designer and it is her first time to act. She plays Demeter. Grigor is an experienced director in several companies and actor in productions.

Production script:    Read and take the director's copy of the production script - Persephone in Winter.

Learn that the control remote for the hydraulic lift is stored backstage and has a code 18355. The lift only activates by remote when standing under it.

See the weight values of each of the sets.

Read through all the pages and see red colored notations on several pages.

Grigor tablet pass(word) - first, last, repeat.

There are the cues for specific scenes marked in red.

Thanos wants to send messages to the VIPs. There's a key to the poster stand outside the museum.

Xenia's tablet:    Examine the tablet and see the locked frames.

Assemble the image by picking up a piece on the right and placing it on the correct square at left. If correctly place, the piece cannot be moved anymore and makes a different sound.

Open the #1 puzzle. Finishing the first one unlocks the next one. The rest of the puzzles are optional.

If you do all the puzzles, you will get a trophy.

Leave the tablet on the table.



















Figure out how to use the stage lift:

Remote:    Let's go back to the amphitheatre. Go to backstage, pass Grigor and down the stairs to the hydraulics room.

Go to the locker with keypad. Using the numbers seen in Xenia's script note - enter 18355.

Take the remote from top of the cabinet.

Stage lift:    Go back up and out to the stage area.

Nancy says this must be the place for the stage lift. Use the remote; press the down button.

If you use the lift enough times, get a trophy.

Thanos Ganas:    Thanos warns Nancy about being in his kingdom. He abruptly leaves.

Explore Hades' realm:

Plaque:    Examine the plaque on the dock. Click it again to get Nancy to try to get a rubbing of the image.

Boat:    Check Charon's boat.

Charon:    Examine Charon's figure. He has his hand out. Click on his hand that is waiting for his coin-fare.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Click on the end of Charon's staff to get a vulture phone charm.

Lift:    Go back to the lift and use the up button on the remote.

Xenia:    Go to the amphitheatre at right exit off the stage.

Talk to Xenia. Learn about her life - personal and professional. She asks to check on Grigor.

Explore the museum:

Climb the stairs and out of the amphitheatre. Go forward to the museum.

Poster stand:    Examine the poster stand in front of the entrance door. It is locked.

Mailbox:    Examine the mailbox left of door. It is empty.

Enter the museum.

Meet the theatre troupe players:

Niobe Papadaki:    See Niobe run from the glass case at left. She broke the glass case when she did freehand tracing.

Talk to Niobe who plays Demeter in the production. Niobe warns Nancy to leave.

Explore the museum (part 2):

Statues and Armor display:    Examine the statues - torso, Poseidon head, Nike, Aphrodite, armor case and Nemean lion.

Painted sculptures:    Look at display left of the statues. Examine the colored reproduction of statues on the left side of museum.

Temples of Ancient Greece:    Go to the right and to the middle display. See a temple reproduction and a "Create your own temple" stand.

Pull back and turn around. Take the Temple Architecture paper from the bench at left.

Vases:    Look close at the vase display right of the temple alcove.

Coin and Jewelry display:    Go right and look close at the coin and jewelry display. See Niobe's broken case and the necklace Niobe was examining.

The coin display is locked.

Crates:    Go towards the entrance door and see open packing crates at right. Read the invoice on the cover of the crate to note that a handwritten entry of a jewelry set (gold necklace and earring) was sent. Note the stamp.

Central display:    Turn around from front door and see the columns and statues at central part of the museum floor.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Take the lion head phone charm from right bench.

Check in at the museum's office:   

Go to the door right of the jewelry display.

Read Melina's note taped on the door. Read the next page.

The key to the office is with Nike. Melina also gives a list of tasks.

Office key:    Go to the statues and armor display at top left of the museum.

Look close at the winged headless Nike statue. Take the office door key beside Nike's foot.

Check out the office:

Use the office key on office door. Enter.

Melina Rosi:    Get a call from Melina. She is investigating the missing jewelry set from the crate. It is stated on the invoice but never arrived. She is following the paper trail.

The police have interviewed and cleared the cast.

The display keys are in the locked filing cabinet. The key to the filing cabinet is hidden in the box with animal figurines. You have to match them with the gods.

Melina wants Nancy to do the provenance of the items leased to the museum. Niobe can help with the provenance.

Nancy informs Melina of the broken display case.

File cabinet:    Turn left and look close at the file cabinet. It is locked.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Take the helmet phone charm from top of file cabinet.

Book case:    Look close at book case and open the wooden box. See small figurines.

Printer:    Check the printer left of the desk.

Computer:    Examine the computer on the desk. It needs a password.

Phone USB stand:    See the USB phone stand below the monitor.

Exhibit list:    Go to the other wall. Read the paper on clipboard on the table and see the exhibit list of items, when received and who signed for them.

Cupboard:    Open the cabinet at right wall. Examine the boxes, folders and binders.

Top shelf left - Read the blue binder to learn about the Pinakes group building the stage and the terms.

Middle shelf binder at right - Read the museum's structure, financing, staff and security procedure.

Middle shelf binder at center - Read about the choice and comments about the theatre group. See also a list of loaned items, who loaned them and their terms.

Learn that obolus coins on display at bottom row of the case are replicas.

Other characters:

Niobe:    Exit the office and go to the statues display.

Talk to Niobe. She wants permission to look at the locked displays. She gives the Greek Mythology book. Read the book.

Talk to Niobe about provenance. Take the Introduction to Provenance book. Read the book.

Frank and Joe Hardy:    Use the cell phone and call the Hardy boys. They will check up on the production cast.

They will send a book about Greek Art to Nancy. ATAC is the old name of the network of teens helping the FBI.

Unlock the filing cabinet:

Animal figurine:    Go back to the bookcase in the office. Look close at the wooden animal figurine box.

Match the animals with the symbols of the gods the animals are associated with.

Review the Greek Gods Mythology book from Niobe.

Take an animal and place it below the item symbol it is associated with.

Eagle - lightning - thunderbolt (Zeus).

Cow - peacock feather (Hera)

Vulture - sword (Ares).

Owl - Olive tree branch (Athena).

Dolphin - lyre (Apollo).

Stag - bow and arrow (Artemis).

Dove - heart (Aphrodite).

Take the filing cabinet key from the secret compartment.

Check out the filing cabinet:

Use the key on the filing cabinet lock.

Top right drawer:    Take the vase tabs-labels.

Examine the folder. It has the staff's time cards. Some of the staff quit, one was fired and several on personal leave. Note the dates they left.

Top left drawer:    Open the cabinet. Take the coin display key.

Read the yellow post-it paper - KLEROTERION.

Figure out the password of the computer:

Go to the computer and enter the word on the post-it - KLEROTERION. Press enter key.

Messenger:    Read the messenger entries from Melina to Nancy.

Learn that Charon is coin operated and can be activated with a replica coin.

Melina wants the set below the stage searched. The flames are real and do NOT touch the river water.

There are 3 pieces that need provenance.

The tickets for tonight show is to be placed in the mailbox and picked up by a courier.

Arrange tickets for opening night:

Open the Ticketer file.

Using the stated clues; arrange the seats based on the requests.

Click on a name and then click on the seats at top row that you assign them to.

You can do only the first puzzle, the rest are optional. Take the tickets from the printer left of the desk.

If you do all 6 levels, get the ticketer trophy.


Optional puzzles





6 Be sure to scroll the clues.

Mailbox:    Go outside the museum and open the mailbox.

Get the Guide to Greek Vases sent by the Hardy Boys.

Place the arranged tickets inside the mailbox.

Label the vase display:

Read the Guide to Greek Vases sent by the Hardy Boys.

Go back inside the museum to the vase display.

Look close at the display at right. Based on the description on the book, place the labels seen on the sides of the screen on the vases' plaques. That's it!

Create the temple designs:

Go to the temple display. Look close at the stand Click to start building the temples based on the requirements stated at left side.

Click on the parts at top left, use the arrows at top right to find your choice.

Select the statue of the God that matches the design. There is a reset button.

Click submit button. If the gods approve, take the picture from the printer.

Place the printed picture on the appropriate stand.




Figure out how to cross the River Acheron:

Melina wants the set below the stage searched.

Coin display:    Use the key on the coin display.

Take a coin on the bottom row of the coin display.

Stage:    Go to the amphitheatre and then up on the stage.

Use the remote's down button to lower to the set below the stage.

Review the Underworld Myths book.

Charon:    Look close at Charon's hand. Use the coin on his open hand.

See the hands of the dammed sticking out of the River Acheron.

Charon's boat delivers you to the gate of the Underworld guarded by the 3 headed Cerberus.

If you ride enough time on Charon's boat, you will get a trophy.

Get past 3-headed Cerberus:

Click on a frame below a head. See stars and a dog icon.

Block the dog from reaching the stars.

Click on a line and it will block the dog. Best to make blockage closer to the star in question.




Explore the Underworld:

Enter through the skull door.

Go forward and be on a bridge. Go through the wooden door.

Cerberus:    See another Cerberus at left.

Look close at second plaque like the one on the boat dock beside Cerberus.

Workshop:    Go forward and open the blue double door.

An alarm sounds. Immediately back up and leave the workshop. We need more info for the alarm.

Stairs:    Turn around and climb the stairs.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Take the scythe charm from top of the stone at right side of the steps.

Greek alphabets on decagon:    At the top of the stairs see a decagon with Greek alphabets. Need more info.

Judgment chamber:    Go down and look close at the 3 judges on their throne. Examine the scale.

Examine and try to open the box on the bottom step.

Door to Elysium:    Go to and try to open the door at right where the ones judged to live exemplary life pass through.

If you try to open the door, enough times, you will get a trophy.

Door to Tartarus:    Enter through the fiery red door to Tartarus left of the judges.

Go forward pass the bridge.

Quarrel:    Hear Xenia and Niobe quarrel. Niobe doesn't want to act on stage. Xenia is surprised seeing Nancy. The ladies leave.

Explore Tartarus:

Enter purgatory. Turn around and check the door. It is locked.

Pool:    Go left twice and see a pool.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Take the Cerberus phone charm from edge of the pool.

Examine the large tub on a stand right of the tree.

Easter egg:    Look close at the tree. Click on the fruits or tree trunk several times.

An egg eventually pops up from the crown of the tree trunk. Take the Greek egg.

If you find an Easter egg, get a trophy.

Incline:    Back up and go to the right path pass the lava.

See an incline on the left. Climb up the incline.

A boulder is released - immediately back up (down arrow at bottom of screen) to let the boulder through. If you are run over - another chance is given.

Go back up the incline and climb to top.

Take the pitcher with holes. Turn around and go back down.

Red eye door:    See a locked door at end of path.

See another (third) plaque left of the door with red eyes.

Turn around and see a keypad on the left.

Path with cell doors:    Go forward to the left and see a path with open cell doors at both ends.

Examine the black panel on left wall.

Steps and workshop notes:    Just outside the path (across the pool area) with cell doors, turn left to the steps.

Take the workshop notes on the bottom step. Read the note.

Climb the steps and see a triangular puzzle with vines and flowers.

Repair the leaky vase:

Go back to the pool by the tree. Use the pitcher on the pool and see water pour out of it.

Click on vase and see holes and covers.

The arrows when clicked; cover some of the holes. Block the holes.

Click the arrows the number of times shown on picture.

Find a way to open the skeletal gate in Tartarus:

Fill the vase with water from pool.

Empty the water in the large tub right of the tree. Do this 3 times.

Hear a sound and see the red eye door blink 3 times.

Explore the fire room:

Enter the door to the fire room.

Go forward pass the bridge to the fire room. See that some steps are missing to cross to the other side.

Turn around and look close at another plaque left of the door.

Examine the small box right of door. It contains different seeds.

Exit the room.

Escape Tartarus:

Go to the door with hands and skulls. It is locked.

Look close at the panel right of door.

The aim of the puzzle is to stack the hand tiles on top of the center tile with lots of hands.

Action can be done only one space away from the tiles.

Click on a space beside 2+ tiles to combine them to one.

Move all the hands one space away from the center tile and then pile them on top of the center tile.

Click on the tiles in order shown.




Exit Tartarus. Go forward. Exit through door with the picture of Charon on his boat left of Cerberus and pass the blue door of the workshop.

Go forward to River Acheron.

Light:    Examine the light focused on the door. Ride the boat to go back to the dock.

Thanos:    Thanos takes the remote and warns Nancy not to come back here.

Scour Xenia's script for hidden clues:

Remember that Xenia says to check Grigor.

Grigor:    Go to backstage. Talk to Grigor. He wants Nancy to help fix the fly system since she broke it.

Check the tablet to learn about the fly system. Continue to talk to him about the stolen items, underground and the lighting system.

Tablet:    Pick up the tablet on the case at left.

Read the stage notes again. There might be new entries. Lights and Cues states to check Xenia's script notes.

Read Xenia's notation on page 2 of the director's copy of the script.

Fix the theatre's fly system:

Look close at the ropes and levers of the fly system.

Counterbalance the weights of the production settings.

To add weights: take weights from bottom slots and click-add it to the bars of the appropriate ropes.

Note that the labels are different from Xenia's notes.

These are just one solution.

Review the Temple Architecture paper in inventory to know that:

Amateur --- Rope label - Xenia's notes Required weight Add weights
Stylobate - Temple base 80 40 + 20 + 20
Entablature - Temple top 60 40 + 10 + 10
Peristyle - courtyard decoration 120 50 + 30 + 20 + 20
Plinth - Sculpture base 40 30 + 10
Pediment - Temple triangular reef end 80 50 + 30
Portico - Porch 100 50 + 30 + 20
Master - Rope label - Xenia's notes Required weight Add weights
Stylobate - Temple base 96 14 + 14 + 28 + 40
Entablature - Temple top 120 12 + 12 + 28 + 28 + 40
Peristyle - courtyard decoration 144 12 + 14 + 22 + 28 + 28 + 40
Plinth - Sculpture base 24 12 + 12
Pediment - Temple triangular reef end 120 12 + 12 + 12 + 22 + 22 + 40
Portico - Porch 72 22 + 22 + 28

Figure out the password to Grigor's tablet:

Tablet:    Pick up the tablet on the case at left.

Open Personal Notes on Grigor's tablet. See words above blank squares.

Remember Xenia's notation on the director's copy of the script: First, last, repeat.

Click on: first letter of a word, last letter of the next word, repeat.

Personal notes:     Learn about Xenia's box and the way to open it.

The Plutus casting sheet is in the red stitching in Grigor's bag.

Grigor checked on Thanos and found out that he is connected to Kronos, the Greek mafia.

The proper crowd should pass through the gift shop after the show.

Grigor managed the timecards, entry and exits to cover up something.

Niobe needs to follow IRT replica work rules.

Check out Grigor's bag:

Go to the chair that has Grigor's bag.

Phone charm (bonus game only):    Take the circular eye phone charm from left of the machine on the table.

Open Grigor's bag by the chair.

See that Grigor has a copy of the production script.

See the red stitching mentioned on the tablet.

Click the red slit and read the Audition call for the role of Plutus. Learn the name of the people that are on the call.

Frank and Joe Hardy:

Use the cell phone and call the Hardy boys.

Learn that the staff that left are missing or not in the network.

Grigor is not Greek but an American.

Xenia is from New York.

Thanos killed people.

Niobe is an amazing artist and was accused of forgery.

Finish Melina's tasks.

Go back to the museum office.

Paper:    Get a blank paper from the printer.

Computer:    Check the rest of the programs in the computer.

Player:    Listen to the recording of the cast saying their lines.

If you listen to all the recording, get a trophy.

Lottery:    Play Persephone in Winter.

This is a Match Game. Find 2 or more matching icons.

If you clear the board in time and have a high score, you get entries to the lottery to be drawn on opening night.

If you win enough entries, get a trophy.

Prove provenance on the requested museum items (part 1):

Review the Provenance book loaned by Niobe. All the acceptable documents must be originals including digital forms.

See the list of the acceptable documents.

Open the yellow provenance program in computer.

The first requested item is gold green leaf necklace.

We need a picture of the necklace to be entered at top right.

Exit the office to take a picture of the necklace. See Niobe open a secret door across the hall from the office.

Look into Niobe's mysterious exit in the museum:

Go to the hidden door across the hall.

Click on the circular design.

The aim is to show all lightning bolts.

Click hold an icon and drop it on a place of your choice.

See that lightning bolts can cover the tridents.

- Click-hold the trident at 4 o'clock position and drop it onto 9 o'clock position. This covers the trident at 8 o'clock.

- Click-hold the lightning bolt at 5 o'clock position and drop it onto 4 o'clock position. This covers the trident at 4 o'clock.

- Click-hold the lightning bolt at 9 o'clock position and drop it onto 1 o'clock position. This covers the tridents at 1 and 2 o'clock.

The door opens.

Deactivate the alarm:

Go forward. Click on the slot cover on the door to see that the workshop is empty.

Enter the workshop. Alarm sounds.

Using the clues on the workshop notes taken from Tartarus, disarm the alarm.

Look close at the alarm on right wall.

See fingerprint smudges. Click on any circle and connect all the circles in unbroken lines.

Amateur Master

Explore the workshop:

Cabinet:    Examine the cabinet right of the alarm panel. See unpainted vases.

Read the notebook below the cabinet. It is Niobe's musing about art.

Table:    Check the table under the poster at end of room.

See pieces of replica vases.

Trash can:    Read Melina's letter to Niobe about the rules of reproducing the exhibit pieces.

Read the added text:    first entry - bookcase; second entry cast in Greek alphabetical order.

Bookcase - shelves:    After reading the note in the trash can about first entry - look close at the bookcase - shelves at left.

It has paint cans and other supply.

Click on shelves to move the shelving and see the entrance to the museum - first entry.

Cabinet 2:     Check the cabinet right of the poster on wall. See empty shelves.

Kiln:    Check the kiln under the cabinet.

Work area:    Check the shelves and table across the alarm panel.

Take charcoal pencil from the bottom shelf.

Exit:    Open the tunnel entry by clicking on the shelves left of the poster.

See that the exit to the museum is locked by a circle with Greek alphabet - second entry mentioned in the note in the trash can.

Go back to the workshop and exit through the blue double doors to Tartarus.

Melina Rosi:    Call Melina and find out what this reproduction is all about.

Learn the problems involved with the new presentation of the museum and making reproductions. Melina wants Nancy to watch Niobe.

Track down where Thanos put the lift remote:

Exit through the River Acheron door. Ride Charon's boat.

At the dock, look around where Thanos hid the remote.

Turn around and click on base of the tree right of the dock to get spectroscope.

Turn around and examine the yellow box on the lift.

See connections with numbers.

The numbers indicate the sum of lines to be attached to that connection.

If the numbers are correct the red connection turns green.

Click in between a connection to form a line. Click the number of lines needed.

Take the remote from the open box.

Enter the lift and use the remote's up arrow.


Turn right and go top left to backstage. Talk to Grigor.

Learn his background, his false name, mentor and angel investors.

Grigor is quite upset about having Nancy's people check on his angel backers and screams at Nancy.

Tablet:    Read Grigor's tablet again.

Under personal notes, read about tiles of jewelry box.

Learn about an insurance that Grigor hid. Learn how to open the stone tokens.

Prove provenance on the requested museum items (part 2):

Go back to the museum and continue doing the provenance.

1. Gold green leaf necklace

Picture:    Go to the coin and jewelry display.

Use the cell phone camera to take a picture of the gold leaf necklace above the coin display. Zoom in. Got it.

Go back to the office.

Info:    Check the clipboard list by the cupboard door.

See that the gold leaf necklace was received on July 2 by Stavros from The Golden Age exhibit.

Open the cupboard and read the loan terms from the middle shelf. The State Museum of Fine Arts loaned 4 pieces from The Golden Age through September.

Computer:    Place cell phone on the USB port.

On the computer open the provenance program and enter:

Artifact:     Jewelry.

Received:     July 2.

Received by:    Stavros.

Current Owner:    The State Museum of Fine Arts

On Loan from Exhibit:    The Golden Age.

Loan ends:    September.

Select the correct picture and press submit.

2. Nemean.

Picture:    Go to the statue display.

Using the cell phone camera, take a picture of the Nemean lion. Zoom in. Got it.

Go back to the office.

Info:    Check the clipboard list by the cupboard door.

See that the statues (Nike, Poseidon bust, lion sculpture) was received on June 29 by Michail from World of Gods & Heroes exhibit.

Open the cupboard and read the loan terms from the middle shelf. The Kostas Bezos Gallery had 3 statuary pieces, 2 figures and 1 animal loaned through November.

Computer:    Place cell phone on the USB port.

On the computer open the provenance program and enter:

Artifact:     Sculpture.

Received:     June 29.

Received by:    Michail.

Current Owner:    Kostas Bezos Gallery

On Loan from Exhibit:    World of Gods & Heroes.

Loan ends:    November.

Select the correct picture and press submit.

3. Vase depicting four women, one seated holding a bird, another standing behind the chair.

Picture:    Go to the vases display. Look at the left display.

Using the cell phone camera, take a picture of the vase with 4 women at top shelf. Zoom in. Got it.

Go back to the office.

Time card and dates:    Look at the clipboard.

Nancy comments that if the time card are correct this list is not right. Remember Grigor's personal note about time cards and entries.

Info:    Check the clipboard list by the cupboard door.

See that the red figure vase, four women was received on June 30 by Sophia from Permanent Collection exhibit.

Review the notes at right, written after doing the lock puzzle of Xenia's tablet.

It states that the pottery depicting 4 women is owned by the National Archeological Museum of Athens.

Open the cupboard and read the loan terms from the middle shelf. National Archeological Museum of Athens loaned 6 pieces (vases and coins) through August.

Computer:    Place cell phone on the USB port.

On the computer open the provenance program and enter:

Artifact:     Vase.

Received:     June 30.

Received by:    Sophia.

Current Owner:   National Archeological Museum of Athens.

On Loan from Exhibit:    Permanent Collection.

Loan ends:    August.

Select the correct picture and press submit.

The program states that submission is accepted. Time gap indicated. Unable to confirm provenance.

Check discrepancies:

Time cards:    Open the file cabinet at side of room. Check the time cards at top right.

Note that Michail Speros quit on June 29 and was at work for only 7 minutes.

Sophia Zika is on holiday June 29. Grigor's work, eh.

Crate:    Exit the office and check the invoice on the crate cover right of the exit to the museum. Note the seal.

See that it was shipped 4/7/14 from Piraeus, Greece and received on 6/7/14 here at Gonnoi, Greece. It is signed by Melina Rosi.

Check the list in the clipboard in the office. It states that only a Hoplite armor was signed in by Melina on the 7th.

Hardy Boys:    Call the Hardy Boys.

They are worried about Thanos being a member of Kronos, the Greek Mafia.

They laid out a plan to check Thanos.

Follow up on Grigor's tablet entry about the gemstones:

Go to the coins and jewelry display. Use the coin display key on the glass case at left.

Take and look close at the box.

Nancy says she needs to show 7 gems on all outside tiles on the lid when the box is closed.

Open the lid to show 2 sets of tiles that has gems.

Move the tiles to arrange it so that the sum of the gems on a tile is 7.

Note that the tiles are arranged in mirror image to the other set-side. That is the top right tile of the left set is to be superimposed on the top left tile of the right set.

Arrange the 7 gem tile to be on the blank space.

Click on the location of the tiles (not the tiles) as shown below:

Right side only:

5 4 7 8 9 6

3 2 1 4 5

Left side tile:     Drop the middle blank tile down.

Close the lid. Hear a click.

Pull back and take triangular tile from the opened box.

Check Niobe:

Melina asked Nancy to keep watch on Niobe.

Enter the secret passage to the workshop.

Go forward. Click on the slot cover on the door to see that Niobe is in here. She is not in her costume.

Enter the workshop.

Paint a vase for Niobe (part 1):

Niobe asks that Nancy paints a vase.

Take the vase guide from the table.

Go the unfinished vase cabinet right of the alarm panel.

Take a vase from middle left shelf.

See a screen with choices of design. Use the vase guide and select the designs.

Place the design on the location shown in the guide.

Click on the top right vase to reset the puzzle.

Click on Fire vase at bottom right when finished.

The vase is placed in the kiln. It will take time to fire the vase.

Niobe:    Talk to Niobe.


Do the plaque rubbing - Compile a complete Greek alphabet:

Exit through the blue double doors to go to the underworld.

Go to the 4 plaques in the Underworld.

Use the single blank paper from the printer on the plaques. Since you already have the charcoal pencil, it will automatically take a rubbing.

- From the workshop, turn right and exit through the door with Charon depiction. Ride the boat to the dock.

Stand on the lift and then turn around. Take a rubbing from the panel on the dock.

Talk to Thanos. He still do not want Nancy here. Talk to Thanos again and get his story.

- Go back to the Underworld. Take the Greek letter paper - rubbing of the plaque beside the Cerberus close to the workshop.

- Go to Tartarus. Take a rubbing from the panel left of the door to the Fire River.

- Go through door and be in the Fire River room. Take a rubbing from the plaque left of the door.

Figure out the importance of the vine tile carving:

Go to the triangular vine-tiles on top of the stairs across the pool.

Automatically add the tile taken from Grigor's gemstone box.

Arrange the tiles so that all the edges matches.

Right click to turn the tiles.

Take the small key from the opened compartment left of the puzzle.

Figure out the meaning behind the entry about famous Greeks:

Go back to the steps after the judgment room. At the top of the steps see the Greek alphabets in the decagon.

Open notes at bottom right of screen beside the task. Read about Grigor's tablet entry.

It states to look at the stone tokens. There are 5 sets of letters that represent famous Greeks with images of what they are known for.

Slide the tokens to the correct color wedge.

Each color wedge needs one token, with letter tokens in wedges with a blue Greek eye.

Only tokens of the same pair can share a color wedge.

Read the Famous Greek book to identify the characters.

Check the rubbing to learn the Greek letters of the first alphabet of their name.


Famous Greek











Theatre mask








Archimedes screw





Scroll -poem

Place the token and the Greek letter on the color of the wedge they are associated with.

The Greek letters are placed on the wedge with the eye icon.

The edge of the wedge shows the color.

The token of the same color can go to the wedge of the same color anytime.




X down

Caduceus to orange

E to center to purple

Sigma (E) to purple to center

Screw to inner blue

Sigma (E) to purple up to blue with eye

Scroll to center to purple

A to center

Temple to orange

E to green

A to purple

Temple to center to green at bottom

Scroll to center to orange

Ph (Q) to center to purple

A to center to red

E to purple

Scroll to green

Ph (Q) to center to orange

Sigma (E)  to purple to center
A to blue to purple to blue

Caduceus to red to blue to purple

X to red

E to orange

Scroll to purple

Continue at next column










Ph (Q) to green

Sigma (E) to orange

X to center

E to red to blue

Scroll to orange to red

Ph (Q) to purple to orange

Sigma (E) to green to purple

X to orange

Sigma (E) to center

X to green to purple

Mask to orange to green

Sigma (E) to orange

X to center

Mask to purple

Sigma (E) to green

X to orange to red

Sigma (E) to orange to center

Mask to green to orange

Ph (Q) to purple to green

Scroll to orange to purple

E to red to orange

Caduceus to blue to red

A to purple to blue

Sigma (E) to purple











X down

Caduceus to orange

E to purple at top right

Sigma (E) to center

Screw to inner blue

Sigma (E) to blue with eye at left

A to center to blue at bottom left

Mask to  inner red

E to bottom red

Caduceus to purple at left

X up and right to top right purple

Ph (Q) to orange at top

Temple to red at top

X to green at right

Scroll to purple at top right

Temple to green at bottom

E to red at top

Mask to center

X to inner red

Mask to green at right

Caduceus to red by X

Mask to purple at left

Scroll to orange

Ph (Q) to purple

E to inner orange

Mask over inner orange (E)

Scroll to purple at left

Ph (Q) to green at right

Caduceus to red at top

Mask to orange at bottom right

Scroll to purple at top right

Sigma (E) to center

A to blue at top left

Sigma (E) to purple at left.


Take the letters note (JMMDMVN) and the seal from the opened compartment.

Paint a vase for Niobe (part 2):

Continue forward to the workshop.

Check the kiln. See a sphinx fragment inside the kiln.

Take the vase and automatically place it in the cabinet.

Niobe:    Talk to Niobe. She gets mad when asked about the sphinx in the kiln.

Find out what to do with the Greek letter panel in the tunnel:

Exit through the bookcase - tunnel.

Greek letter panel:    The paper in the workshop trashcan states "second entry cast in Greek alphabetical order."

Note also the pronunciation of the letter e mentioned in the paper (for Niobe).

Nancy says to enter the name of the actors in Greek letters.

The names are entered in Greek alphabet order: Grigor, Thanos, Niobe and then Xenia.

Click the letters that form their name. The door opens.

Easter Egg: Get Eggopus Rex egg by misspelling Xenia several times. Vicki B says use the Greek X, use H (for the long e sound) N and A. (Thanks, Vicki B.).


Track down the key to the show poster's display box:

Go outside to the poster display close to the entrance of the museum.

Use the small key taken from the triangular vine puzzle at Tartarus on the display box.

Take the poster. Read the back of the poster. It is an invitation to "gather the treasures of Greece".

Find the password for the authentication database:

Melina Rosi:    Call Melina. She wants Nancy to check the vases and jewelry for authenticity.

The password for authentication database is Calliope.

She will connect with the authorities.

Authentication database:    Go to the computer in the office.

Open the authentication database. Enter Calliope as password. Press enter key.

To test gold, an unglazed pottery is needed. Rub the pottery on gold. If real, gold will rub on pottery, if fake, black mark.

To test for pottery, blacklight is needed.

To test for gemstones, a spectroscope is needed. The spectroscope was taken from the base of the tree by Charon's boat dock already.

Verify authenticity of the gold chain link necklace:

Get unglazed pottery:    Go to the workshop.

Go to the table left of the kiln. Take shard of pottery from the bottom shelf of the table.

Go back to the museum and the coins and jewelry display.

Look close at the necklace in the broken case.

Use the shard on necklace. There is a black mark - it's a fake.

Confirm if the emerald earrings are real:

Open the display left of the coins. Take the emerald earring under the gold wreath.

Use the spectroscope on the emerald. Nancy says the spectrum reading is not like that. It is a fake.

Melina:    Call Melina and she states that Nancy is wrong. She changed her tune. Something is wrong. She sounds scared.

Figure out who's behind the fakes:

Niobe:    Go to the workshop and talk to Niobe. She maintains she is keeping the real jewelries she copied.

Hardy Boys:    Call the Hardy boys. Talk about Niobe and Grigor's list. The boys wants Nancy to ask Thanos about Kronos.

Melina:    Call Melina. Melina tries to get Nancy to leave.

Thanos:    Ride the boat to the dock. Talk to Thanos. He scared Melina. He has friends in  the police. He is not afraid to be reported.

Ride the lift to the stage.

Hardy Boys:    Call the Hardy Boys and update them.

Open the letter box on Xiena's table

Go to the amphitheatre and the director's tent.

Grigor's notes states: The letters around the empty squares indicate which letters belong with what row or column. Place the letters into the squares in a continuous line alphabetically to unlock the box.

Click on an empty square. Then click on selected letter from left. That letter will be now entered in the blank square.

Start with the letter A already on the square.

Read the paper inside the box.

Learn that the activation code of the cage is 72914.

Amateur Master

Grigor:    Go backstage. Grigor is not here.

Read Grigor's tablet to see if there is anything new.

Read about the stagecraft people, Xenia's background and the casts' need for money.

More updates:    Call Melina and the Hardy Boys again.

Set up the light cues:

Xenia:    Go to the director's tent. Talk to Xenia. She wants Nancy to do the cue lights.

Ask about her dress and learn that it is a Niobe's original.

When told about the forgeries, Xenia went berserk and demands Melina's number.

Read the light cue guide that Xenia gave.

Select the Cue number. Read the description at bottom of the panel.

Look for that scene in the director's script.

Enter the light letter, the color of the arrows (shown by the first letter of the color) and the dimmer level (shown by number of dots above the color).

Press the "save cue" at bottom right when done.




There is an overload and looks like it tripped the stage lights circuit. Manual restart required at breaker box.

Circuit breaker:    Go down to the hydraulics room. Open the breaker panel. Pull down the lever of the circuit breaker.

Figure out what Grigor is up to (part 1):

See Grigor come up from Underworld on the lift. He is checking Greek vases.

The vases need to be tested.

Get blacklight:    Go to the workshop and then to the Cerberus by Charon's boat.

Look close at - click on the blacklight focused on the door. Nancy needs a tool.

Go back to the workshop and look for a tool.

Take the hex key beside the orange can on the work table at right (has to be triggered).

Go back to the blacklight by Cerberus. Use the hex key on the blacklight.

Easter egg:     Go to Charon. Use the blacklight on his lantern to get an Easter egg.

Test the vases:    Go back to the museum.

Use the black light on the vases. The vase with the 4 women is fake.

Grigor:    Go backstage and talk to Grigor about the swapped copies.

Thanos is the problem now - not Grigor. Thanos is always watching.

Figure out who is behind the fakes:

Go to the workshop via the museum entrance.

Hear an upset Niobe and a threatening Thanos. Niobe breaks the pots she created. Thanos leaves.

Automatically talk to Niobe. It is not about money but about survival. Thanos knows that Nancy knows about the forgeries.

The real art will be taken before the show is over.

Niobe left something that will help Nancy but she dropped it on stage.

See what Niobe left on stage:

Go to the stage. Check the stool behind the 2 stone column left of the lift door.

Pick up the narcissus flower. Take the key inside the flower.

Thanos walks towards Nancy. Nancy falls down the lift. <Evil laugh>.

Escape the cage:

Nancy wakes up in the cage at Tartarus.

Grigor walks in and Nancy asks him for help. Learn that he was offered 10 grand per week to do this production. The money was too good.

Grigor and Niobe are both in over their head. He doesn't want to be seen helping Nancy.

Nancy has to escape the cage on her own. Grigor left something on the boatman's hand.

Black panel:    Turn around and examine the black panel on right wall.

Use Niobe's key from the flower to open the black panel.

Free spider from the web:

Make a path for the red spider on the web above to get to the wheel at the bottom.

Click-hold the black tiles to move left or right to make a path.

Moving the tiles also turns the spider web made up of green and yellow ring.

Select the arrangement that will make a path on the 2 rings.

As shown by the yellow number on the left and green number on the right; the number of tiles on the right-green should be 7 and the number of tiles on the orange left side should be 9.

Pull the lever to drop the spider. The cage is opened.

Amateur Master

Find out what Grigor left with Charon:

Exit Tartarus and make your way out to Charon's boat.

Thanos' note:    Read the note on the bench of the boat. The VIP's do not like to wait!

Read Grigor's added notation.

Roman Gods:    The ancient Greek Gods have Roman names.

Enter the Roman Gods on the staff from left to right. The M order is: Mi, Ma, Me.

Review the Greek Gods book to learn the name of the Gods, their description, items and animals they are associated with.

Click the 3 parts of a God to cycle the choices.

Remember Grigor's note that was found when the Greek stone was opened: J, M, M, D, M, V, N.

From left to right:

- Jupiter, thunderbolt, eagle.

- Minerva, small thunderbolt, golden helmet, owl.

- Mars, armor, helmet and shield, spear, vulture.

- Diana, bow and arrow, stag.

- Mercury, caduceus, wears winged cap and sandals.

- Venus, mirror, dove.

- Neptune, trident, horse.

Examine Charon. Take the seed note - clues from Charon's hand.

Look for a way out:

Lift:    Ride the boat and go to the lift. Use the remote. The connection is off. Need to reboot the wifi of the lift.

Workshop:    Go back to the workshop. It is locked.

Tartarus:    Go to Tartarus and to the Fire room.

Seeds panel:    Check the panel right of the door. Nancy says she need to find the missing seeds.

Exit the Fire room.

Trap Thanos:

See Thanos walking towards you through the cage path.

Keypad:    Use the keypad at left. Enter the activation code seen in Xenia's box: 72914.

Thanos is trapped. He says he is like the Cerberus that has 3 heads. He says he will not be caged for long.

Exit Tartarus.

Look around the judges thrones.

Find the judges eight stones:

Cage:    Go back to Tartarus. Thanos escaped!

Pick up the marbles from the ground close to the light fixture.

Figure out what's inside the 3 judges' trunk:

Scale puzzle:

Look close at the scale. This is the first line of Grigor's seed note.

Place the 8 marbles on the slot at left.

One of the marbles weigh more than the others. Find out which one.

There are only 2 tries.

Weigh 3 black and 3 whites on each pan.

Press the judge button.

If equal, weight the other kept 2 marbles.

If the 3 marbles are unequal. Weigh the heavy 3 marbles. Keep one of the marbles and weigh the other 2. If the 2 weighed stones are equal the third kept one is the heavy one.

Place the heavy marble on the slot at right.

The judges' trunk opens.

Letter:    The letter talks about Niobe and her debts; Grigor and his connections. Looks like Thanos and Xenia are in on this together. They have Niobe and Grigor controlled. They plan to place the missing items in Melina's office.

There's an empty box of Grigor's seal.

Blueprint:    Look at the plan of the item delivery during the show.

Judged:    Nancy is judged by one of those on the throne. He turns his head and hits Nancy with his spear.


Nancy wakes up chained. Xenia sitting on Persephone's throne says that she is the brains of the heist. Grigor will take the fall.

She alludes to Persephone becoming the Queen of Death but that she has always been the queen.

She raises the bridge and walks out. The bridge goes back down.

Escape the chains:

Look at the shackles on Nancy's ankles. Turn the rings and form words. Use the blood or red stains to help you.

Amateur Master

Explore the throne room:

Hades' throne:    Go to the large black throne atop the steps.

Take the seeds on the back of the throne.

Loading dock:    Go through the small path right of Persephone's throne.

Exit to the loading dock. See the waiting van to load the loot.

Grigor's confession:    Turn around and take the paper on the stacked chair at right.

Read Grigor-Hermes' confession. It is one of his insurance or revenge if he's murdered.

Figure out how to raise the bridge over the river of fire:

Persephone's throne:    Look close at the smaller throne.

See the fire bridge control panel.

The aim of the puzzle is to match the color and position of the 4 shapes on the top and the ones at the bottom.

1. Move blue and green down on the side.

2. Move red and yellow to right side corner.

3. Turn wheel slot to right. Insert green, turn wheel, move green up and left. Green in position.

4. Move yellow on top slot and out at side slot. Move yellow up on side.

5. Place blue at side slot, turn, out on top. Move blue to right.

6. Place yellow on side slot.

7. Move red down at bottom corner. Red in position.

8. Move yellow in wheel out at top.

9. Move blue to side. Turn wheel to side. Move yellow to corner.

10. Insert blue at side and out at top. Move blue to right side.

11. Insert yellow at side and out at top. Move to right side.

12. Insert blue at side and out at top. Move under the blue icon above. Blue in position.

13. Insert yellow at side and out at top. Yellow in position.

14. Move red up to position.

Bridge rises.

Unlock the throne room gates:

Cross the raised bridge-steps.

Open the seed panel right of the locked door.

Automatically place the seeds taken from Hades' throne.

Review Grigor's seed notes.

The colored circles indicate the colors of the adjoining tiles. All tiles must be filled.

- Tiles with one hint color mean all adjoining tiles are that color.

- All adjoining tiles must share a hint color.

- Continue working around the clues and empty tiles.

If you make 6 mistakes, the step you're standing on is removed and you fall in to the river of fire.

Fill up the empty spaces first.

Then fill up the ones with seeds but surrounded by a hint color.

The seed colors inside the hexagons are not important but the seed colors of the adjacent hexagons are.

Start with red seeds, then yellow, pink and lastly brown.

The door opens.






Red Yellow
Pink Brown

Reboot the wifi of the lift:

Exit the fire room. Pass through Tartarus to go to the judgment room.

Hear the announcement that the intermission is over. Nancy says to catch them before the show is over.

Open the judge's box.

Take the router. Nancy says to fully charge the wifi.

The aim is to get the charge bars to the top and all the red bars at right to disappear by clicking on specific buttons that will reboot the system.

All the lines should be unattached.

Look for long connected lines.

Click the numbered buttons on the picture in order.

Amateur Master

Bring the evidence to light:

Go to Charon's boat and ride on the River Acheron.

Go to the lift. Use the remote's up button while on the lift.

Nancy is the surprise actor in the show.

Next game: Sea of Darkness

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