Nancy Drew 20: Ransom of the Seven Ships

By Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   July 2009


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. Nancy shows you the desk in her bedroom. This is where you can access the 'How to be a Detective Book' that shows the game manipulations. The Scrapbook has past Nancy Drew Games information. The Case Files is where the information about the present mystery case is explained. Once you are ready to play the game, click on the plane ticket to go to the new case location.

You will then select to play either Junior or Senior detective.

The main screen has pictures at the bottom of the page. The bag at left is the inventory link. The journal shows Nancy's notes about the present case. The checklist shows the junior gamer what needs to be done or was done in the case to progress in the game. The gear icon shows the options. Here the voice, effects and music volume can be adjusted. Also, the bottom background can be changed. Closed captioning and screen size selection are also in this page. The Load folder has the list of the saved games that can be replayed. The diskette is used to save the game. The rightmost icon closes the game.

Thanks, Becky!

Read the case file and learn that Bess and George are already at Dread Island in the Bahamas to start the all expense paid vacation Bess won. Nancy will follow. Start the game by picking up the plane ticket.

 This walkthrough is one way of gameplay. It follows El Toro's journal. The game is non linear.


Shark Diving Ecotourism Resort:

Nancy arrives by floatplane at the resort in Dread Island. George runs and tries to stop the plane. Bess has been kidnapped!

Read the note left by the Gibsons, the owner of the resort. Bess took a golf cart to watch the sunset at Sangre Beach.

Read the kidnapers' note written to Nancy. They want her to find El Toro's treasure. But first she must dig up a chest at Shark's Cove.

Talk to George. She has been trying to fix the satellite phone.

Take a good look around the lobby.

Map:     Study the map on the wall right of George. Take note of the locations of the Resort, Shark Cove, Sangre Beach, Blue Hole, Bat Steep and Monkey Center.

Book Exchange Basket:    Look close at the basket on the sofa's side table. Read about Captain Juan Ignacio de Santa Ana Domingo aka El Toro. In 1669, he and his 7 ships sailed and were never seen again.

The author noted that maybe the treasure can be found with just a scuba gear, metal detector and shovel.

CouCou the Parrot:    Talk to CouCou and learn that Loulou the parrot at Blackmoor Mansion in England is her grandma. She loves fruit and like her Grandma Loulou will give hints.

Nautical Flags:    Study the poster above the display right of CouCou. Learn the flags that correspond to the alphabets and numbers.

Bats and birds:    Check the glass display. Learn about the 5 different bat species found at Bat Steep and their frequencies. There are also several colorful birds found at the island.

Bat Seeker:    Take the Krolmeister Bat Seeker right of the bat-birds display.

It needs a battery and has to be put together.

Click the bat seeker twice to open the back. See that the parts are loose.

Place-click all the parts on the green board at left. Right click to rotate the pieces.

They have to fit without touching each other and that the pins on them are inserted on holes.

That looks right. But I still need a battery.

Monkeys:     Read the monkey board. Learn that the monkeys learned to play 3 different games.

Learn and hear by pressing the buttons the 5 calls learned by the monkeys. Note the ball refers to sea urchins.

Take Sonny Joon's Field Research Notes right of the monkey board. Read it in inventory and learn how to play: Color squares, Alleyway game and Coconut throwing contest with a monkey named old notch ear.

Diving Supplies:     Check the closet left of George. It has a sophisticated lock right of the door.

Figure out how to get into the closet in the lobby.

Diving supplies lock panel:    See green lights on the panel and the reset button at right.

The aim is to have all the lights off by pressing some of the buttons.

Note that a button affects buttons at top, right, bottom and left of that button.

Knowing that, try to isolate lights at each corner to turn the adjacent lights off.

Numbering from left to right and top to bottom:


Solution 1 - Press 5, 15, 25, 10, 5, 22, 21 and 7.

Solution 2 - Press 21, 22, 25, 15, 10 and 7.


Solution - Press 20, 14, 8, 9, 4 and 5.

Open the closet. Take the walkie talkie at top left of cabinet. With the use of the walkie talkie, George and Nancy can now call each other and interchange being the active character. You might get a star if you communicate with George often enough.

Look at the map at top of the air tank refill box and see that it shows all the places Nancy had a case.

Take the scuba gear (suit and tank). See them with the amount of air in the tank at top left of the screen.

Look around outside.

Exit through the main door and forward to the dock. See a sailboat with no sail.

Go back to the main building and go right. Check the cabinet and golf cart.

Find the key to storage shed:    Check the storage cabinet and see that it has a padlock.

Go back to George and talk to her. She gives a key. Use the key on the storage cabinet.

Locate sails and open bin:    Look close at the wood bin below the Sinking of Atocha framed coin.

See that it has nautical flags on the lid. Look close at the lock at edge of the lid.

Using the nautical flag poster as clue, click the dials to show 7 9 2 0 4. Take sails and close lid.

Take shovel at right door.

Distilled water:

Read the note to learn that each of the cart batteries needs 100 ml.

One press of the button releases 60 ml of water into any open tube. Each tube can be opened or closed.

The water reservoir dispenses 300 ml of water. Take the distilled water dispenser above the note.

Golf cart:    Go to golf cart. Look close at the note.

It needs distilled water and all levels should be at 100%.

Put distilled water in golf cart batteries:   

Now that you have the distilled water, click on the cart seat and see the batteries.

Use the water dispenser on the batteries.

See that each switch on top has red and green dots. Turn the switch to green to open the dispenser on that battery.

Junior:    See that the top 2 batteries have 100 ml already.

Middle left has 45, middle right has 15, bottom left has 25 and bottom right has 15 mls.

1. Open all 4 bottom switches turning the switches to green. Press a white-blue button on dispenser to dispense 15 mls to each of the 4 batteries and get: 60, 30, 40, 30.

2. Close the bottom left (40 ml) battery. Press a blue white-button on dispenser to dispense 20 mls to each of the 3 batteries and get: 80, 50, 40, 50.

3. Repeat - With bottom left (40 ml) battery closed, press a white-blue button to dispense 20 mls to each of the 3 batteries and get: 100, 70, 40, 70.

4. Close middle left (100 ml) battery. Press white-blue button to dispense 30 to each of the 2 right batteries to get: 100, 100, 40, 100.

5. Close middle right and bottom right (100 mls) and open bottom left (40 mls). Press a white-blue button to dispense 60 mls to last of the 3 batteries and get: 100, 100, 100, 100. That should do it.

Senior:    See that top left has 15 mls, top right has 40, middle left has 60, middle right has 55, bottom left has 55 and bottom right has 75.

1. Open all 6 switches by turning them to point to green. Press a white-blue button to dispense 10 mls to all 6 batteries and get 25, 50, 70, 65, 65 and 85.

2. Close the switches of top right and middle left. Press a white-blue button to dispense 15 mls to top left, middle right, bottom left and bottom right to get: 40, 50, 70, 80, 80, 100.

3. Open top right, middle right and bottom left; all others are closed. Press a white-blue button to dispense 20 ml and get 40, 70, 70, 100, 100, 100.

4. Open top right and middle left; all others are closed. Press white-blue button to dispense 30 mls and get 40, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100.

5. Open top left and close all other.  Press white-blue button to dispense 60 mls and get 100 mls on all. That should do it.

 Use the golf cart to explore the island and look for Bess.

Be sure that you have studied the map right of George.

Click the steering wheel to use the cart. See an over head view.

Drive at all the locations, park at parking lots and look around. Bat Steep does not have a parking lot but a dirt path.

Take note that there are short cuts marked by tire tracks in the sand. Use them to see where they lead.

Take the top left road and go to Monkey Center, Bat Steep, Shark Cove, Blue Hole and then Sangre Beach.

Easter Egg at bottom of Island: (Thanks, catsmom)

Drive to the south part of the island until the pink sands close to Sangre Beach.

Drive through black shrubs to a clearing surrounded by trees. Automatically get a pirate egg.

Go out to Sangre Beach and look for Bess.

Walk the pink sands of Sangre Beach. See a motorboat beached in the sand.

Turn left and forward to the path. See Bess' slippers in the sand. Pick it up and get caught in a trap.

Meet and talk to Johnny Rolle from Jamaica. Look at the things he has in his camp.

He says that there are men in the island.

Head to Shark Cove and follow the directions of the kidnappers.

Drive to Sharks' Cove close to the Resort. Be sure that you have the shovel.

Go left at the beach and forward to the rock wall.

See an overhead view. Read the directions of the kidnappers.

Each of the objects in the area has a number. For example: A palm tree might have 3 fronds or a group of palm trees is made up of 4 trees or there are 3 coconuts on sticks.

Walk opposite of where that object is located. If the object is east of where Nancy stopped. Walk to west.

Look for the W mentioned in the note. Walk right of pool and see 4 palm trees form a W.

Walk using the number of the object multiplied by the number on the note under additional paces.

When you reached the end of the pacing, right click to dig.

You can use keyboard or mouse to count off the paces.

Object Additional paces (multiply) Direction to go and paces to be done
1. 4 palm trees Stand under the middle of the W S 3
2. 3 coconuts x 1 W 3
3. 3 fronds x 3 N 9
4. 3 palm trees x 3 W 9
5. 2 coconuts x 1 N 2
6. 1 rock x 3 W 3
7. 3 fronds x 5 S 15
8. 4 fronds x 1 W 4
9. 2 coconuts x 3 S 6
10. 4 fronds x 3 E 12
11. 5 fronds x 1 N 5
12. 3 rocks x 2 E 6
13. 4 rocks x 1 S 4
14. 4 coconuts x 2 E 8
15. 2 coconuts x 1 N 2
Place the hand cursor in front of Nancy and right click to dig.

Take and open the box. Take the book inside the box. Read El Toro's coded journal.

Decode the cryptograms that are in the book.

Look close at the brown journal in inventory.

Click on a page and see the scripts in close up with the alphabets at the bottom.

Click on a script and then click on the letter you think it corresponds to.

All the highlighted scripts will have that letter on top of them.

There are 3 pages to be decoded.

Read the journal.

Deciphered page 1:    In the black of night, with hurricane winds wailing and giant waves pounding, I ordered my fleet to change course and make for land. But with this island in sight, the Caridad foundered and disappeared into the sea, while the Castidad was set ablaze when lightning ignited her sails and sank amid the smoke and flames. The remaining five ships managed to reach the island, where we dropped anchor, and waited out the tempest.

Deciphered page 2:     The light of dawn revealed catastrophic damage. Only a third of my men survived. Worse, not one of my ships is salvageable. None shall ever sail again. We are shipwrecked. The only hope we have of ever leaving this accursed place is to be seen by a passing ship. Lest it be a pirate ship, I have undertaken to hide our cargo. As a loyal servant of the King, it is my duty.

Deciphered page 3:       Seven ships set sail, and so seven pieces shall open the seal. I have tasked each surviving ships’ crew with hiding a single item, its location known only to them and to me. Securing the treasure itself shall be my task alone. I write this in English so that no one here with me will know how to find it. In this manner, any attempt to force the location of the treasure from my men will be fruitless.

October '69: The Caridad is 1 nautical mile SE of the island. There is an iron chest there.

See if Johnny will lend his metal detector.

We already have scuba gear to dive to shipwreck and shovel to dig with.

Go to Sangre Beach and talk to Johnny. He will lend his metal detector only if his compass is obtained from the notched eared monkey.

Figure out how to get the compass from the monkey.

Drive to Monkey Center, northeast of the island.

Monkeys: Read Sonny Joon's Field Research Notes. He noted that it is the notched ear monkey that knows the coconut throw game.

Find out if the monkeys really do know how to play games with people.

Play a game with the monkey that stole the compass.

Coconut throw:   Ask the monkey at left for a game.

The aim of the puzzle is to get a higher score than monkey.

There are 5 pictures with different scores: lizard scores one, shell scores 2, starfish scores 3, crab scores 4 and guava scores 5.

There are 3 games of 8 coconuts each in a set. Good luck. I got tired of the monkeys laughing at me. <sigh>

Win and select the compass.

Play games with monkeys to win random prizes. A star might be obtained if you win all the random prizes.

If you play and win against the monkey at right, select the colored dial first. Or you can play with her later.

Trade the compass for a metal detector.

Drive to Sangre Beach. Talk to Johnny and get the metal detector.

If you want, ask him for the 9 volt battery for the bat seeker. He says to look for his beacon NW of the island.

Be on the lookout for some fruit to feed the parrot.

Drive back to the resort.

A basket of fruit is on the desk by George at the resort. Take guava.

Talk to CouCou. She does tricks for guavas. You might get a star if you see all her tricks.

For junior gamers, a 'hints for fruit deal' is made. So if game help is needed, talk to CouCou and ask for hints.

Place the guava on the seed cup. The number of guavas in inventory is seen at top left of the screen.

Guavas can also be won in Monkey games.

If you eat enough guavas, you might get a star.

Talk to George and get her up to date. 

Let's go sailing.

Now that the sail and the scuba gear are taken, go outside to the dock.

Take the sail and click it on the sailboat.

Enter the boat and let's check the island. Sail around the island.

Do not hit the orange buoy, rocks, whales, sharks, crates and markers.

Glass bottles:    (This is not necessary to finish the game.) Collect or pass over and automatically pick up glass bottles.

Take the note inside. There are 9 glass bottles. I found them at: 1 N, 1 W, 1 SW, 1 S, 1 extreme SE, 1 inside Shark's Cove, 2 E and 1 NW.

The messages are automatically pieced together. It is a quotation from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

There are red letters in the message. The red letters forms:

Deep in the sand before the sharks seek this. Under the word 'this' is a picture that I cannot decipher.

The picture is that of an egg. The Easter Egg is before seeing the sharks at the dive in Caridad later on in the game. See below. Thanks to Michael and Alyssa.


See a half-moon shape island SW of the island.

There is a broken circle of a coral reefs SE of the island.

A dove shaped island is NNW of the island.

Sail to the shipwreck described in El Toro's book - Caridad.

Be sure that you have scuba gear, metal detector and shovel.

Sail SE of the island. See a broken circular coral reef. Enter the circle of rocks.

Sailboat manual:    Read the How to sail book found on the deck of the sail boat.

Learn to position the boat in irons and how to sail into the wind by tacking.

Read the last page and learn about using longitude and latitude to pinpoint landmarks.

Dread Island is N24 deg 00' and W73 deg 24'.

Dive down to the shipwreck and dig the iron chest.

Save game here. Double check that the air tank is full - 100%.

Read El Toro's journal concerning the Caridad.

Dive down by clicking on the rope ladder left of boat.

Automatically be in scuba gear holding the metal detector.

At top of the screen, the blue line is the air tank amount and the red line is the pressure underwater. Watch those 2 lines.

See brain coral growing just beside the shipwreck.

Swim to bottom right until the shipwreck and then over the middle part of the deck.

Once the metal detector reads full bar, right click and automatically use the shovel.

See the chest with the insignia and name Caridad. Remember this spot.

Open the chest and look to study the lock.

Open the chest.

Now go back to the saved game while still in the sailboat. Replay, dive down and swim immediately to the site of the chest; dig and you have saved precious air and time.

Click the cover of the chest to see the lock.

El Toro wrote in the journal: In colorful nine by nine no colors do repeat in any group, column or row, forever honoring the 81 brave sailors lost at sea.

I recommend that you take a picture of the lock and work on it outside the game. Then dive down, dig and enter the solution. Better for the nerves.

The Sudoku puzzle has 9 large squares (3x3). Each square has 9 small squares inside.

To the left are small colored tiles of 9 colors.

They are to be placed on the empty small squares in the puzzle.

Each large squares should have one of each color - no duplicates.

Each row from left to right spanning 3 large squares is to have one color each - no duplicates.

Each column from top -down spanning 3 large squares is to have one color each - no duplicates.

The chest opens. Take a bee dial and astrolabe.

Swim back to the boat and climb the rope ladder. Click the sails to release it.

Junior Senior


Easter Egg:    Check if you have enough air. Dive down to the Caridad. Using the clue of the pieced together papers in the bottle, look for an egg. Deep in the sand before the sharks seek this.

Swim to the top of the wreck and then right by the rocks. See sharks. Nancy says not to go near. To the left of the sharks and the wreck the metal detector gets a hit. Dig and get an Easter Egg. Thanks to Michael and Alyssa.


November '69: Befriended one of the families of bats that call this island home.

Johnny's beacon:

Now that we have talked to Johnny about the battery for the bat seeker, sail to NW of the island.

Search for 2 white rocks side by side. There's a red flag in between the white rocks.

Sail in between the rocks to automatically pick up Johnny's beacon. Sail back to the resort.

Threatening letter #1:    Go forward to the resort building. Look close at the note pinned to the post right of the stairs.

Talk to George. George talks about hearing something outside. Nancy updates George about what she has done.

Johnny's battery:    Use the golf cart and drive to Sangre Island. Talk to Johnny to give him the beacon. Take the battery.

Look at round thing (astrolabe) taken from the Caridad chest.

Decode the rest of the journal:   

Look close at the round thing-astrolabe and click on it. See scripts and letters.

Open El Toro's journal. Open to the page with coded words. See the round thing on top of a stand. It is an astrolabe.

Click on the coded words to be decoded in the journal.

A new page with the paragraph that has the coded words.

Click on a script and then click on the letter(s) you think it corresponds to.

All the highlighted scripts will have that letter on top of them. There are 5 pages to be decoded.

1. Befriended one of the families of bats that call this island home. Their gargantuan ears and winged antics provide much needed laughter for my men as the creatures devour the insects attracted to our lantern. The cave which they call home has become a safe haven to us.

2.  Explored the interior of the isle searching for supplies. From its highest point, found a view most worthy. Half a fathom tall, the astrolabe guides the way to a flying dove and a watery grave.

3. Discovered a bounty of seafood at Halfmoon reef. Divers swim down to the secret entombed behind death. Two form a perfect square times three, three create four, four makes five. Then they return to the surface, prize in hand.

4. A challenge issued today by Generosidad’s cabin boy, Manuel, to helmsman, Andres, for ownership of a hammock which washed ashore. Pointing to two three hundred kg rocks, Manuel proposed that whoever lifted one of them first would win. Andres, the stronger by far, quickly accepted. He had not yet budged his rock when Manuel, having used six loops of a fifty foot rope over pulleys, raised his with ease and walked off with the hammock.

5. More losses at the Blue Hole when a group of men dove in and lost their bearings. Danger! Heed this warning: Death awaits all who enter these caves unprepared. Poisonous guardians of the deep strike with no warning. Stay away! Only those who follow the signs will find their way.

Look at the picture of the astrolabe - round thing on a stand in the journal. Nancy says that stand is what CouCou is perched on.

Air tank:   

Go back to Resort. Refill the air tank at the Diving Cabinet.

Click on the scuba gear and automatically the tank goes to the refill slot.

Press the red button. Take the filled air tank.

Figure how to get CouCou's perch.

Now that Nancy commented about CouCou's perch; talk to CouCou about her perch. After giving her a guava, she says she wants a driftwood perch.

There are several driftwoods found in the beaches: 3 at Shark Cove, 2 at Sangre Beach and one at Blue Hole.

You can only take one driftwood at a time. Return to CouCou so she can check it out.

If rejected get another until she is happy with her new perch. Not right, not right.

In the end, CouCou gets a perch that is (can be random) driftwood, (junior) has 3 branches, 2 leaves and bark or (senior) 4 branches, 2 leaves and no bark.

Take the perch by the newspaper table. Nancy sees her old cases in headlines.

Use bat detector to find the cave where the bat El Toro referred to.

Bat with gargantuan ears and loves insects.

Look close and read the bat display.

The Waterhouse's Leaf Nosed bats are insectivorous large rounded ears bats. They have a frequency of 16 KmHz.

Bat seeker: Look close at bat seeker. Use the battery on the close up of the bat seeker.

Bat Steep:    Drive to Bat Steep, NW part of the island. There is no paved road to it but a dirt trail.

Go forward and save your game before climbing.

Try to not be hit by rocks thrown by monkeys that are on the top of the cliff.

Entering a bat cave resets the bar at top of the screen.

The placements of the bats in the 5 caves on the cliff are random.

Enter a cave. Use the bat seeker in inventory and turn the dial. Check the light of the antenna. Look for the bats that has a frequency cry read as 16 KmHz. They are Waterhouse's Leaf Nosed bats; the one described by El Toro.

If you identified all the bats, you might get a star.

If you climb up and down this Bat Steep often enough, you might get a star.

Explore the bat cave.

Enter the cave. Look around and see a jade square plate with a face on it at left wall.

Press the jade plate. Uh Oh! That was kinda dumb.

Redirect the beam of light.

See a beam of light from the stone block to deep in the cave. Turn around and see 2 mirrors reflecting the light. Click on the mirrors and see an overhead view. There's something Nancy sees at extreme right of the screen.

Arrange the mirrors so that the beam of light hits extreme right of the screen.

Calling George on the walkie talkie does not help.



Take the Camel dial and the tablet with new symbols-scripts.

The source of light and air for the cave was blocked.

Hear static. That might be the walkie talkie. Use the walkie talkie again to call George.

As George:   

Exit the building and automatically be at Bat Steep.

Save game here. Climb to the bat cave where Nancy is located. It is the one blocked by a stone boulder, of course.

Click on the boulder with a skull to talk to Nancy.

Look at the brown plate under the skull. It's a picture of a camel. Remember what it looks like.

Click on it again and it ends up in pieces.

Put it together and realize that they are arranged in 9 squares.

After the pieces are together. Realize that it is now a slider puzzle. Pull back resets the puzzle. George did it!

Click tiles in position stated: 8 9 6 3 2 1 4 5 6 3 2 5 8 7 4 5 6 9 8 7 4 5 6 9 8 5 4 7 8 9

As Nancy:

Check outside the cave.

Look at the items on the ground by the entrance.

See John Poole aka Johnny Rolle's Australian driver's license.

December '69:  From the highest point, found a view most worthy.

Go to highest point on the Island based on El Toro's journal.

Exit the cave and climb to the right and up to the top of the cliff.

See the monkeys blocking the way. Talk to them. Listen to the sound they are making.

Find the meaning of that sound.

Go back down and drive to the resort. Check the monkey board.

Press the buttons and find out that they are asking for a 'ball'. Learn that the ball they want is a sea urchin found by brain coral. We saw them earlier.

Find sea urchin.

Check how much air is in the air tank. Fill the tank if it is not 100 %.

Go to the sailboat and sail SE to the coral reef where the Caridad shipwreck is located.

Iron the sail boat and dive down.

Close to the sail boat are brain corals. Click and take sea urchin.

Swim back to the rope ladder of the sail boat.

Sail back to the resort.

Confront Johnny.    Drive to Sangre Beach and talk to Johnny. Hear his story.

Give sea urchin to monkeys.    Drive back to Bat Steep. Climb up to the top of the cliff. Give the sea urchin to monkeys.

Set up the Astrolabe.

Go forward to be at the highest point of the island and see a metal with hole on the ground.

Look close at hole on the ground. Place CouCou's perch on hole.

Place astrolabe on top of the perch-rod.

Line up the astrolabe.

Click on astrolabe. See someone move in the jungle.

Move the arrow to point at different numbers. Look through the center to see where it points to.

Locations seen at coordinates: NE 40 is Halfmoon Reef, SW 20 is the Coral Reef where the shipwreck is situated and SW 70 is Dove Island. These coordinates might be random.

Sail to the island shaped like a flying dove.

Climb down and go back to the resort. If you need air in the tank. Fill 'er up.

Talk to George and get her up to date.

Go to the sailboat. Sail NE and land at Dove Island.

Go forward and see a stand with 6 sundials on top.

Each sundial is labeled with a letter. The letters spell ATOCHA, the one that has a medallion in the storage closet.

Turn back, forward to boat and Nancy automatically calls George to look at the medallion on the placard in the storage shed.

Nancy sees a flash of light coming from the resort. At the resort, there are monkeys screeching.

As George:

Storage shed: Go outside and see that someone broke in the shed.

Look close at the Atocha placard. See that the year is inscribed on the coin and the coin is gone.

Pull back and note that there are monkey footprints all around. There are small and large prints.

Go back inside and take Sonny Joon's Field Research Notes right of the monkey board. Read it in inventory and get George to learn how to play: Color squares, Alleyway game and Coconut throwing contest with a monkey named old notch ear.

Get the coin from the monkeys.

Use the golf cart and drive to the Monkey Center.

Play a game with the monkey with babies at center (small and large footprints).

Read up on the Alleyway game in the Research notes. This is a game of chance.

Spin the dial and move forward based on the number spun.

If you land on another player, you are brought back a certain number.

If you land on the red and black cloths (13 and 25), you are brought back a certain number also.

The first one to reach 'finish' wins.

Take the silver coin with etched 6/9/1622. Use the walkie talkie to call Nancy.

As Nancy:

Turn sundials to the date the Atocha sank.

Look close at sundials. Each sundials can be turned using the arrows seen when the cursor is placed right or left of the sundials.

Junior: Senior:

Turn O sundial to 1.

Turn the first A sundial to 6.

Turn C sundial to 6.

Turn H sundial to 2.

Turn last A sundial to 2.

Turn T sundial to 9.

Turn C sundial to 6.

Turn H sundial to 2.

Turn O sundial to 1.

Turn first A sundial to 6.

Turn last A sundial to 2.

Turn T sundial to 9.

Click to lift the lid. Take the code of conduct and the owl coin.

April 1670: Divers swim down to the secret entombed behind death.

Sail to the reef seen through the astrolabe.

If the air tank is less than 100, go back to the resort and fill the air tank.

Sail SW of the island and iron the sailboat at Halfmoon Reef.

Save game here. Dive down. Try not to touch any jellyfish.

Dive down to the bottom and see caves-holes that have the symbols seen on the tablet taken from the bat cave.


Swim to bottom left and automatically get a close up of conch shells. Take a conch shell.

Go to and click the hole with the Death (looks like a 5) symbol at right side of the area and a little higher than the sea bed.

See the tentacle of an octopus come out. Note shell fragments litter the outside of the hole.

Lay the conch shell at farthest oyster.

The octopus is forced to come out to grab it. It swims away. Save game here.

Open box:    Enter the hole and see a box. Look close at lock.

El Toro's journal states:  2 form a perfect square times 3, 3 create 4, four makes 5.

Line puzzles:    The objects of the puzzles are:

1. Make 3 squares with the use of 2 sticks only.

2. Make 4 squares with the use of 3 sticks.

3. Make 5 squares with the use of 4 sticks.

Click on an unnecessary line to remove it from the puzzle and then click a blank space to make a line needed for a square.

Take the ant dial.

3 4
5 Alternate 5

Swim back up to the surface carefully. Watch the 2 lines for air and pressure (bends) at top of screen.

Zigzag swim or stop to get the bottom pressure gauge to go lower.

Threatening letter:    Sail back to Resort. Read the threatening note from the post.


July '70:    Hammock challenge.

Check Blue Hole out.

Drive to Blue Hole and look around. See the Blue pool.

Go forward and see 4 wheels on wall. The rope is attached to a slab covering a sort of stone box.

The pulley is missing. It seems the culprit is a monkey that has an extra toe.

Review El Toro's journal. Dive down Blue Hole and realize that there's not enough light.

Find the monkey with extra toe and get pulley.

Drive to monkey center and play a game with the monkey at right.

Read Field Research Notes to see how to play color squares.

You and the monkey have 2 colors each.

Each one alternately selects a square to click on - the larger the better.

No color can touch the same color box.

The one with the highest score wins.

Take the pulley. Wait; is that a disk in the selection?

Play again and win that donkey disk.

Raise the rock slab with pulley.

Drive back to Blue Hole.

Read what El Toro mentioned in the journal about Manuel using 6 loops of a 50 foot rope to raise a rock.

The drawing stated it needs 30 feet of rope left to raise the slab-rock.

Look close at wheels on rock. Place the pulley at bar at bottom.

Click on wheel to loop the rope. See how much rope is left.

The end of the rope highlights when it can be tied to the slab.

The rope has to end at top right wheel. Pull back resets the puzzle.

Click on wheels: bottom right, top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left and top right.

Click on end of rope. Take panther dial.


August '70:    Sun Shines on the date a glorious galleon was claimed by the sea.

Drive to Shark's Cove and check out the site shown by medallion taken from the sundials.

I wonder if this clue is related to the picture under 'this' in the message from the collected bottles.

Drive to Shark's Cove. Turn left and go behind the rock wall.

Automatically, Nancy uses the metal detector. Right click to dig on sites that show full activity.

The dig sites are random.

Go around, search for and dig: Bess' bracelet, dove metal disk, rabbit metal disk, donkey metal disk and the metal disk wheel with 3 animal metal disks on it already.

The metal disk wheel will be left on the sand until all other plates are collected.

If you collected all other metals in the area, you might get a star.

December 1672: Will the sun ever shine on its iron form again or must we live in shadow?

Go back to the metal disk wheel and pass over it to pick it up.

Automatically all the collected plates will be on the wheel.

The 6 outer plates are silhouettes of the animals-birds shown.

The aim of the puzzle is to reproduce the owl by placing certain silhouettes (metal disks) over the center plate.

Select an outer silhouette, turn it if needed and then click on the stem to place it at the center.

Do not turn the donkey but click on stem to move it to center.

Turn the camel once and click on stem to move it to center.

Turn the dove 3 times and click on stem to move it to center.

The center plate opens. Take the owl dial.


March 1674: More losses at Blue Hole when a group of men dove in and lost their bearings.

Ask Johnny for underwater glowsticks.

Drive to Sangre Beach and talk to Johnny about glowsticks.

Before he gives it, he wants his GPS programmed.

Nancy takes the GPS and the chart.

Chart:    Look at the chart in inventory. Longitude is N-S while latitude is E-W direction.

The red horizontal latitude line is where Dread Island is located.

Each line in the chart is a difference of .03' (min).

Count off the lines using the coordinates of Half Moon Bay that is on the chart already.

Dread Island's coordinates is at the back of the sailboat manual or count it off the chart.

GPS:    Enter the numbers counted off from the chart in GPS. Then click 'save'.

See the waypoints at right.

Half Moon Bay is N23 deg 57', W74 deg 30'.

Dread Island is N24 deg 00', W73 deg 24'.

Danger Reef is N24 deg 09 ', W74 deg 18'.

Kraken Whirlpool is N23 deg 54' W74 deg 12'.

Shipwreck Shoals is N24 deg 06 ' W74 deg 00'.

Gull Rock is N 23 deg 51' W73 deg 48'.

USS Cyclops is N24 deg 09' W73 deg 42'.

Bermuda Triangle is N24 deg 18' W73 deg 27'.

Talk to Johnny and take the glowstick.

Let's go cave diving.

Go to the resort and fill the air tank. Talk to George.

Go to Blue Hole. Save game here. Dive down.

See symbols on the path underwater. Refer to the tablet of symbols taken from the bat cave.

Swim until the dial panel at end of the path at far right.

There are 2 places that have spare air tank. Check the map below.

Keep the air tank close to the door puzzle in reserve.

There are 2 paths to get to the dial panel.

El Toro's journal states: Danger! Heed this warning: Death awaits all who enter these caves unprepared. Poisonous guardians of the deep strike with no warning.

Danger, warning, death, enter and poisonous are the symbols seen in front of you going to the dial panel.

Guardians, deep, strike and warning are the symbols seen in front of you going back to the surface.


October 1675: I've created a two rule code of conduct to bring order to the six.

Save game here. You might need air. Go back and take the air tank off the 'Deep' side path.

Dial Panel:    Look close at the dial panel.

1. Arrange the dials on the panel based on the words found at the Codes of Conduct taken from the sundial at Dove Island. Read the Code of Conduct seen at left of the dials.

Top row:    Bee, Ant, Donkey

Bottom row:    Owl, Panther, Camel

2. Turn the disks so that colors and patterns are adjacent to each other.

In the picture below, move top right disk one more click counterclockwise.


May 1676: What a blessing it would be if the sands of time to run out for all at the exact time.

Save game here.

See 7 hourglasses. El Toro's clue states to have them all run out at the same time.

Check the journal again and see that 7 letters are written in black: h g c p t c d. It is the order the hourglass is to be turned. Thanks, Michael.

Take key from the Humilidad hourglass.

Determine the speed of flow of each hourglass. You might need to repeat this puzzle several times to finesse the timing.

You have 3 tries before the 'game ends'. I think I made a boo boo. There is second chance.

1. Turn Humilidad.

2. When the sand level of Humilidad drops between (middle) the 1st and second red lines, turn Generosidad.

3. When the sand level of Generosidad drops on the second red line, turn Castidad.

4. When the sand level of Castidad drops between (middle) the 1st and second red lines, turn Paciencia.

5. When the sand level of Paciencia drops between (middle) the 1st and second red lines, turn Templanza.

6. When the sand level of Templanza drops between (middle) the second and third red lines, turn Caridad.

7. When the sand level of Caridad drops between (middle) the second and third red lines, turn Diligencia.


Another solution from Stacy: Thanks Stacy.

1. Turn Humilidad. Start count at 27 going down.

2. Turn Generosidad at 25.

3. Turn Castidad at 20.

4. Turn Paciencia at 15.

5. Turn Templanza at 11.

6. Turn Caridad at 6.

7. Turn Diligencia at 2.

When done correctly, the cabinet drops, the spikes removed and treasure seen.

Take the map of the western US.

Pull back and turn around to the water hole. Take the spare air tank left of the screen.

Dive and swim back to the entrance.

Guardians, deep, strike and warning are the symbols seen in front of you going back to the surface.

Check in with George.

Drive back to Resort. Talk to George. Read the kidnappers message left on the porch.

Argue with George so that Nancy goes alone.

Give map to Johnny.

Drive to Sangre Beach. Talk to Johnny.

Ah. Remember Nancy Drew 2: Stay Tuned for Danger with Rick Arlen and Dwayne Powers.

The map might be to get to Cibola, City of Gold.

Unlock door Bess found.

Nancy is placed in a cave with Bess. Bess is hungry and thirsty. She found an exit.

Look close at the soil door Bess found. Look close at keyhole right of the door.

Use the key taken from the hourglass on the keyhole at right.

El Toro himself:

Enter El Toro's room. Look around.

See symbols on pictures, head of bull and armor.

Look close at El Toro's skeleton on the bed. Take the key he is holding.

Open the X plate on the door left of the bed. Aha. The last page of the journal - the plate with several keyholes.

August 1679:    The other pieces are safely hidden. I place the final one amongst these pages.

We can now use the key from the skeleton and do the puzzle on the last page to escape from here.

Study the keyholes.

But wait! He writes about a final piece. Let's check that out.

Hidden treasure:

Look at the key taken from Humilidad hourglass. Compare that to the picture in the second to last journal page. That ornate design at the back looks like one of the keyhole plate on the panel. The keyhole plate placement is random.

Use the hourglass key on that keyhole drawn in the journal.

See the bull picture move. Look behind the bull picture and see buttons with symbols.

Symbol lock:    Look around the room and see 5 symbols on different pictures and items.

Study El Toro's journal. See all those 5 items drawn. Check the order of those pictures in the pages: El Toro's portrait above the bed, the bull picture, the armor, the bull head and the fallen picture.

Press the symbols related to those items using the order in the journal.

Number lock:    Take the box inside. Look close at the lock.

The aim is to depress all 5 buttons.

Insert the hourglass key and El Toro's key on the keyholes. Turn both keys once.

Study which button(s) are affected by other buttons. From there, deduce the sequence needed to depress all buttons.

Press: I II IV V. Take the treasure.

Keyhole plates:    Now let's see if we can get out of here.

Go to the X panel left of bed. Open and see the keyhole plates.

Review the last page of the journal.

Bronze is the one that is green in color and iron is red colored.

The cutout plates are drawn in the journal.

From the clues, deduce which plate to insert El Toro's key in to open the door.

Use El Toro's key on deduced keyhole plate.

Exit and watch. Be sure to watch the outtakes after the credits.

See you at Warnings at Waverly Academy.

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