Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel


Walkthrough by Betty Isbell

August, 2003


If you are a Nancy Drew Fan, you will really enjoy this game. Please, only use this walkthrough when you are truly stumped. This is a direct step by step walkthrough, and when played as I have it wrote, should get to the end in less than 4 hours. The game starts in Nancy's hotel room. You will notice she has a laptop computer on her desk. Check often her journal, email, and her things to do list" as it almost pushes you in the direction you need to go. And, don't forget Nancy's cell phone; call her friends often for clues. The game in her laptop has no value on the outcome of the game. So, only play it for fun if you like. After you are done checking out the room, head out to solve the game. Actually you should just go to all places on the map to get acquainted with the areas you will be exploring. Go as far as you can in all locations then return to the beginning of walkthrough.


Getting Started

Go see Harlan Bishop, Joy Trent, get your pass and exhaust all conversations with these two. Before you leave Joy's office look and touch everything highlighted with your magnifying glass. Check out the file cabinet, seems to be a letter in there that has a missing word.  It is in shorthand, so Ill get back to this later.  Take the letter with you.  Visit Ingrid, now go visit the art dude Elliott. Well, youve made Elliott mad so now you have to see Joy before you can get back in to Elliotts workshop.


How to get back into Elliotts workshop:

Go back to Joy's to get her to call Elliott before you can go back and see him. Well, Joy is out, but the Robot (Milo the Magnificent) wants to talk to you. He tells you to leave a note for Joy on her desk, in the meantime he is talking to you, dont forget what you came in here for. If you forget to do this step, you might have to start the game over. I did.

Now that you have left Joy a note you can go back to the art Dude Elliott, talk to him and look at everything there is to see. Be sure to take the tissue strips in the box on top shelf.  Lets go and see Harlan again. Go check out the Roller Coaster.  Darn the access panel is broke.


How to fix the Roller Coaster card Reader:

Go and see Ingrid, she will help you out by giving you an Instruction Repair Manual. And she tells you to go see Elliott Chin he has the soldering gun you need to fix the card reader.   Now it's time to go fix the card reader on the roller coaster.

Get your repair manual out and follow the instructions concerning the ohms.

Insert the resistor into the circuit board close to the right of board. Using the soldering gun, solder both ends of resistor.

Follow the top wire on the resistor & solder in a line six places in all staying on top half of board.

Turn the switch to (ON).

If you did it correctly, Nancy will say, that should do it.

Now take the red tag back to Harlan and he will turn on the power.

Return to the Roller Coaster, you can enter now, check out the track. Oh no, you're stuck. "Timed sequence not to worry, not a very hard puzzle to solve, take your time.


Roller Coaster Power Switchs box:

The correct order top to bottom is Blue, Red, & Green; now switch the track by clicking the green button. Now you can leave by the back door. Theres nothing more to do here; time to go see Joy again.


Solving the first Riddle:

Milo gives Joy and you a riddle to solve. After much discussion and Joy finally giving up, you need to go see Harlan, Ingrid and finally Elliott about the riddle. Elliott Chin solves the riddle.

Go back to your room and order a fundae, (correct spelling is Fundae) using the phone by the bed. After eating the fundae take the spoon back to Milo the robot in Joy's office. Joy now remembers and Milo gives you a second riddle, but it is on a blank sheet of paper. 


Solving Second riddle

Go back to your room.

Find the iron just inside the door to the left of the hall.  Go inside the little room, and click on the ironing board and turn on the switch that turns the iron on.

Run the iron across the blank piece of paper Milo gave you four times and the clue will appear.

Don't forget to turn off the Iron or you are (toast). Give the clue to Joy and go talk to everyone. Now is a good time to read your Journal, and Things to do list, and call your friends check your computer for email.


Midway games:

Its time to go play the games on the Midway. Use your Fun pass on the games to play.


Squid toss

1.) One click right (shrimp) strength

2.) One click left (dolphin) strength

3.) One click left (whale) strength

Collect your anchor token.


Swimmers Itch Just choose the easy game, win three times and collect your seahorse token. To play the game, try to get the swimmer to the beach, by moving obstacles from his path.


Fixing Barnacle Game:

Barnacle game is broke.  You have to repair it.

Go see Ingrid for instructions. She will tell you.  You need the computer keyboard and the Repair Manuel to fix it. Look for a computer keyboard in the haunted house by the shark at the end of the hallway.

Now go back to the Midway.

Click on the barnacle game's side to open up the back.

Attach the keyboard, and start fixing it.

Type super in front of the Barnacle Blast as shown in the repair manual, and hit enter.

Now put the serial number KM5200 in the next space and hit enter.  You can find this serial number on the front of the machine.

The game is now fixed.

Now you have to play this game to get the tokens necessary to get the harmonica so you can solve another puzzle to continue on in the game. This game is like the old Ataris (super breakout).  Just eliminate all the pieces on the screen by catching the bouncing ball and sending it back till they are all gone.

After you win that game, get the tokens and go over to the token machine and claim your prizes, a harmonica, and the Chinese yo-yo. You don't need the boat or the shark toy.



Its time now to go check out the carousel. Open up the cabinet between the wall and carousel, you will see a place where the band organ pipes are and on the other side is where you can put a music roll. But before you go any further, a note instructs you to call Tink. He's already in your cell phone, so call him for advice. He will tell you the roll you need is in the gear cabinet inside the carousel.


Opening the Gear Cabinet:

The combination is 18 9 39. After you enter each single digit, click on the top button each time and it will open.

Once inside the cabinet, take the roll.

Turn right and notice a trap door in the floor. Now its time to open the trap door and go down the stairs.  Find a blue remote control. Take it. (Don't touch the button after you get it (or else). Leave this space.  As you leave up the stairs notice a letter up in the rafters.  Use your red Chinese Yo-yo you just got out of the machine and knock it free. Take the letter read it and leave.


Getting the Brass Ring:

As you leave the gate at the carousel you will notice on your left there is a place to insert your fun pass. Time to play get the (Brass ring).

Use your fun pass on the clam and go grab the Brass ring, you will need it later. If you place the bottom tip of the spy glass next to the A on the sign you will get the brass ring easily after you pass the horse.

Go see Joy, oops she's busy don't bother her instead go see Ingrid. Her door is locked.


Opening Harlans locker:

Go see Harlan. Hes out, time to snoop. Check out his desk find his combination to the locker on a magazine highlighted in Yellow. It looks like we need a VHS tape to put in the player on the desk. Let's open up his locker now. (Harlan has to be gone to open his locker).

The combination is 101190. Enter each number then click on button on top, same way you did it in the carousel.

Get the VHS tape use it on the player on the desk behind you. You will see Joy use her pass code for door. It is 0726. Put the tape back into the locker and leave. Call Luis (Parole Officer) and talk to Luis about Harlans past.  Now its time to go see Joy.


Time to get into Ingrids workshop:

Go back to Ingrid's and use the code (0726) to get in.  Lets snoop around while she is out.  Check out her desk. Looks like Ingrid is in the money. Check out her work bench, find note and call L.H.

Go see Elliott: Get roll of duct tape off the workbench near the ruler on your right as you enter the workshop.


The carousel puzzle Part I:

Go to the carousel; put the roll on the spool.  The spool is broke, take it out, you have to make a new one back at Elliotts lathe. Before you go there, might as well put the tissue strips and tape on the holes of the band organ holes, youll need to come back here later to solve a puzzle.


Fixing the broken Dowel:

Now take the broken dowel (spool) to Elliotts.

The first thing to do is measure the dowel at the workbench.  Lay the dowel next to the ruler.   Need to leave 2 1/2" on each end. And put a groove at the 12" mark. Put on your goggles or its curtains for you.

Get a new wood dowel from the left side of the machine, standing upright, and insert it into the lathe.

Lets start at 2 " and work right till you stop at 11 ".

To get the right setting for depth, click on the knob on the right 3 times, and click on the power to start the lathe.

Repeat this till you get to the 11 mark on the ruler.

Then move over to 12" mark on the ruler and click on the depth knob 1 click to put on the groove, hit the power button.

If it is correct Nancy will say "that looks perfect.


Part II of Carousel puzzle:

Now take the dowel back to the carousel. Put in the new dowel in and insert the roll.

Now turn on the power to the band organ, move the dial from CD to Roll, and write down the notes as the tissue papers fly up. (AEDEFEAE). Go see Joy, before you get there, Harlan pages you, go see him first. Now go play Miles a tune on your harmonica. Just enter the letters correctly.  Joy remembers she had a favorite horse but cant remember his name.


Solving the Stenographers Clue:

Go back to the hotel, and call everyone check email, make the rounds. Take out that letter you found in Joys office at the beginning of the game and look at it.  Ask Bess to send information on shorthand. You have to get email from Bess before you can enter the name in the blank. The clue is Glory. Type the name Glory into the blank space on the letter. Go see Joy again.


Haunted house segment:

Time to check out that haunted house again. Go to the door on the left side of the stage, and find a secret panel and use the remote on it to reveal a key hole.

Call Tink, he will tell you, you need to know (Amelia's nickname). He couldn't remember it, so call everyone.

See Harlan, Ingrid and Elliott.

Elliott isn't in, so check out the magazine he wouldnt let you look at earlier in the game. There is a phone number inside of someone who is an expert on Kessler.

Call him.  He will tell you the nickname is SPATZI.

Go see Harlan, then Joy. Harlan calls you to his office. He gives you an envelope with a key inside. Go to the haunted house. Notice Spook Ten is missing an arm. Follow where he is pointing to check out that secret panel now that you have the key. Go down the stairs, grab the pliers quickly and run. If you hang around too long, you will (die).


Fixing Spook Tens Arm:
Go see Ingrid; she has the arm that belongs to Spook Ten. Take it back to the haunted house and attach it with the pliers. Click on the pliers about 4 times or his arm might fall off.

Take the red tag off his chest and return it to Harlan so he can turn the power back on Spook Ten.

Now go back to the haunted house and click on Spook Ten's chest and enter the nickname spatzi.

Put the brass ring on his newly installed arm, (Oh Joy! This is it) Walk toward the sign, and go down the stairs and see Glory. Get the jewelry and the letter. Read the letter.

Click on the medallion on the wall.  Here is Kesslers secret workshop. Check it out. Look at the paper on the desk.

Leave by the door.  Here is Elliott. Choose (that's right. You wanted it), here . . .  And run and jump over the hole in the floor.  Mess with Spook Ten's arm that has the brass ring on it and he will knock Elliott in the hole in the floor and trap him. Congratulations you just won the game.

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