Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Game by Her Interactive

Walkthrough by NancyDrewFan11

Junior Detective Mode


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Notice: You only need to use the discs once, which is when you are installing the game. From then on you can just click the icon on the desktop, and your game will load! Nancy has a backpack, which stores important items, a journal, which provides clues and phone numbers, a task list, which helps you if you’re stuck on what to do next, and Nancy’s phone, which you can call Bess, George, Savannah, Yumi and yourself. Have fun!


Nancy’s Room: You start off in Nancy’s bedroom. You can read the ‘How to be a Detective’ book, Nancy’s scrapbook, and the case file. When you are ready to start the mystery, simply click on the plane ticket!

Starting the mystery: You start off the case walking in to the ryokan. Nancy automatically talks to Miwako and Takae. The picture frame on the wall starts to move, and suddenly it falls. Takae is furious, and leaves. Talk to Miwako and she gives you a room key, labeled Room 24. Ask her about the robotic cat and she says Rentaro gave it to her. Ask her about the portrait and what a ryokan is, too. And finally, when you question her mother, she ignores Nancy. But why? Go to the corner and inspect the fire pit. Miwako won’t let Nancy near, guess we’ll have to come back later. Go over to the portrait, but Miwako says it is dangerous with the broken glass. Pan over the corner with the table and chairs and read about the rock garden. Pan to other corner and read about Ghost Stories of Japan. Go over to Miwako’s desk and notice how many people are staying at the ryokan and look at the hours Miwako stays at her desk. Now let’s go to the hallway next to the desk. Nancy’s phone rings, it’s Bess. Tell her everything you can so far, and continue on your adventure. Make a left down the hallway and to the farthest room on your right, the cultural room. Takae will talk to Nancy and tell her she will be learning katakana today.

Katakana: Start by grabbing the brush in the top right corner and carefully tracing the lines with your mouse from 1 to 15. It takes practice and patience, so don’t worry if you mess up a lot at first! If you go outside the lines you’ll have to start over. Click on a paper on the top to restart. Ask her if she’s always been at the ryokan, and she says yes. Then ask if she’s always offered classes, she says it’s new. We can’t do much with Takae in the room, but you can go over to the corner and see a chest with a book about calligraphy. Exit the room and turn around to the other main hallway. Turn right on the bottom hallway and click on the only door with the blue banner. Whoa, didn’t expect that to happen!

Clumsy Rentaro: Rentaro only talks to you for a minute, but we can chat later with him. Haha,he tripped!!!

Nancy’s hotel room: Turn around and turn right up the top hallway. Nancy’s room is #24. Use the key and enter. Make a sharp right and open the closet door with her suitcase. Pick up the FASCA card located near the top left. Also pick up the English/Japanese Phrasebook. Go to the corner of the room with the flower. Click on the Ryokan Hiei folder and read the flyer. Next, pick up the green tote. These are the papers you’ll need to grade for the kids. Click on the Japan Teacher Exchange brochure and read about the classes. Read the Student Bios in the file. Click on the What’s Your Name file to grade. Click the appropriate stamp on the left and put a stamp to the right of their name and the rest to the left. Click paper to grade the next one.




Garden: Go back downstairs and use the doors next to Miwako’s desk in the main entry room to precede to the garden. Turn right and keep going forward until you see a brown shed. Talk to Rentaro. He gives you a Puzzle Book. Ask him about Takae and Miwako liking Suki. Then ask him what he’s building. Turn around from the shed and look in your inventory to start the puzzle.

Puzzles from Rentaro: Basically what you have to do in this puzzle is have each row and column shaded by the designated number above or beside it. For example, let’s say there are a 1 and a 2 in the first row. You have to click to shade in one block for the 1 and two blocks for the 2, but there must be a space in between them to show a different group. If you’re still confused, use the picture below:




 Return it to Rentaro. He gives you a sudoku puzzle to do now. This I’ve actually done before, but what you do is enter a number in each blank square that cannot repeat in each row, column, and 3x3 square.




Report back to Rentaro (again!) and he gives you yet another puzzle! This one is called renograms. Yeesh! If you’ve played Trail of the Twister with Frosty’s camera, you’ll know what this is like. You need to make a string of numbers starting with 1. They have to touch either diagonally, next to, above or below. Here’s the solution:




 If it’s too late, go back to your room. Enter the ryokan and overhear Miwako arguing with a guest. Set your phone alarm for 2 AM. Go downstairs to the lobby and check out Miwako’s desk. Notice Suki and say to her ‘Suki, tate.’ She will beg. Try to grab the wooden box on Miwako’s desk and get a very angry cat! I guess we’ll just have to do that later... Click on the computer and find out you need a password to log on. Only problem is, it’s in Japanese!!! Turn around and look over at the back wall. There’s a key card puzzle but you’re missing one of the cards. Read the clipboard and learn about the key card puzzle. Go back to your room for now and go to sleep. Set your alarm for 7:30 or so. In the middle of the night, Nancy sees a shadow on the wall. Creepy! Click on the screen door to see what was there and notice the screen just tore. Look outside and Nancy says she thought it was just her imagination. She’s probably just tired...

A New Day: Wake up and grade the Family papers. Exit and your phone rings. Talk to Bess and George and keep them updated. Go down to the lobby and talk to Miwako about the guests, the screen, Rentaro, and the guests being scared away.


Cultural Room and some Origami: Go back to the Cultural room and have another lesson with Takae. It’s on origami.




 Ask Takae about the gardens and the ryokan. Open the second drawer in her shelf and read about Origami. Exit and hear your phone ring. Bess and George are on and will send you a puzzle in order to get the cat commands. Let’s go to the baths.

Baths: If the red banner is on, you may go in. If it isn’t, set the game to the next day, or until it is. Enter into the bathroom area place. The lights flicker and you see a girl in the corner...yikes! She really crashed the bathroom! Go over to the baskets and read the one about Haunted Tours. Pick up the animal card, too. Turn left through the glass doors and into the heated pool room. Take a close look on the right where the showers are and notice something is missing. Hmmm....

Bess and George’s Puzzle: Exit the baths and when you walk into the lobby, Miwako will have a delivery for you. Tell Miwako about the mirror in the baths, too. The sudoku puzzle DOES overlap, so some answers may be the same.

Here are the answers to the giant sudoku puzzle from the cousins:


Top Left Puzzle:



Top Right Puzzle:




Center Puzzle:




Bottom Left Puzzle:




Bottom Right Puzzle:



Go to Nancy’s room and click on the envelope. Then open your inventory and click to put the sudoku puzzle inside. Give the mail to Miwako and she will give it to Bess and George.

Gardens: Be sure to look at the bamboo pipe stream with water near the back of the garden over by the bridge. Talk to Rentaro and ask him if the ryokan is haunted, Suki, the mirror, the portrait, screen, and what has been scaring the guests away.

Picture frame wire puzzle: Okay, this one is definitely one of the hardest puzzles in this game. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. So what you have to do is move the wires so none are overlapping/crossing each other. This one took my sooo long, but hopefully it won’t take you that long! Here is a possible result of the finished product:




Next click on the backing of the fixed portrait. You’ll find a Certificate of Spirit Removal and an article written in Japanese. It looks important. Moving on... Speak with Rentaro about Savannah Woodham. Then ask him to translate the article. Rentaro seems upset and won’t tell you. Exit the shack and your phone rings. It’s Bess and George (again!) They tell you all of Suki’s commands. Great!


Meet Yumi and Japan: Exit through the double doors in the lobby. Use your dictionary phrasebook to translate the signs to your left. We are going to Matsue. To get there, you must go through various cities. The order is: Nagoya, Otsu, Tokyo, Seiyo, Uji, Izumo, Omuta, Hioki, Osaka, Iga, and finally Matsue. Before leaving the station, pick up the paper on a Japanese Puzzle Box Instructions located on the railing.

Expo Center: Play with the cat commands to your left and then meet Yumi to your right. She really needs you to make a bento box, so let’s!

Bento Box #1: This is another challenging puzzle. It’s logic. Unfortunately, the puzzles are at random, but each box needs to contain two: an animal and the ingredient for it. The pictures on the right tell you what each box has, but not exactly where on the puzzle. Let’s look at an example.



 This picture shows a 3x3 grid, which is obviously the entire size of the bento box. We know for sure the middle on in the 3x3 grid is an egg bear, so that goes there. We also know a cat egg goes in one corner and a rice bear in the other. What we don’t know is wether the bear and cat in the bottom corner are rice, egg, or sandwich. Let’s look at the upside-down L. It has a sandwich, rice, and a bear. Let’s look at the 3x3 grid again. These will overlap. The bear in the L grid is the same as the one in the top right in the 3x3 grid, just without the rice. So we know the bear is already in place, but a sandwich and rice go next to it. Now let’s see the 3x1 grid. It has a cat, and so does the 3x3 grid, so that whole slot must go there. The cat sandwich on the 3x1 grid goes below the egg cat on the top right. Finish the puzzle and you get this:



If you’re still having trouble, save your game and the puzzle might change. Maybe it’ll be easier for you!


Yumi and her apartment: Talk to Yumi about the ryokan, Takae, Rentaro, and Miwako. After asking about Yumi and Miwako taking over the ryokan, she reminds you again to get the boxes for bento, at the Kurume station. To get there from Matsue, go to Iga, Kobe, Miyazaki, Urawa, and finally Kurume. Get there and find a funny photo of Yumi that she texted to you on your phone. Enter her apartment. Pink!! Grab the boxes to the left near the sink. Go straight, and make a sharp right into her closet. Grab the DVD. Go to her bed and find a Savannah Woodham book. Interesting...Grab her card in the second page. You’ll need to call her later. Oh no! A chapter is missing! And supposedly it’s about the Ryokan Hiei...Creepy! Turn right to the corner and inspect the frogs on the top shelf. Click on one and notice it needs a code to unlock... of course. We’ll come back to that later. Also read the letter from Kasumi on the shelf. Go to her computer area and take a look at the book under the picture frame: Shadow Puppets. Could that be what happened at the ryokan?? Click on the DVD player below and insert the disc found in the closet. That was odd... Go back to the Expo Center and Yumi gives you a phone charm. Talk to her about everything. Also, when you talk to her about her mother, she will get upset and you’ll have to wait until later to talk to her about other things. Look at your phone and see some new texts from Yumi. Funny! Go back to the Ryokan and get a phone call of just creepy phone static! Awkward..Go on your phone to see a new message from Unkown. Wow..what is that? It looks like eyes, a mouth, and an egg! Say...

Get That Book!: Call Savannah and get her assistant, Logan. He’s so rude! Hanging up on people, seriously? Call again and he hangs up on you! Here’s what ya gotta do: Call Bess and George. Tell them about the book and they will try to get past Logan at the Expo Center for you. Keep them updated by telling them any other details. Next, go talk to Miwako. Ask her everything you possibly can BUT the article. Do that and it’s game over. Now go to bed, set the alarm for 7 PM on your phone, and continue your conversation with Miwako if she cut you off last night. Head down the hall and get a call from George. Quick, call Savannah! Talk to her about her book and then finish the call and get a text from Yumi again. Now visit Takae.

Tea Ceremony: Here’s the names and labels of the tea items:




 After finishing, see the lights go out and an eerie figure appear on the wall. Talk to Takae about Yumi and Miwako, the portrait, and Savannah.

Exit and get a phone call from Logan.  Go up to your room and see the lights flicker again and doors shake. Creepy!!! Observe Nancy’s room and see it is changed to 4, an unlucky number... Anyways, go inside and take an envelope from the folder in her room. Put the Japanese article inside and head downstairs to give to Miwako. Hear another angry customer. Yikes! Miwako talks to you about the customer. It looks like she doesn’t want to talk right now. I guess that article will have to wait for later.


Go back to your room and set the alarm for 7 pm. Then go back down to Miwako and she will accept the letter.


Enter the garden and talk to Rentaro. Then go to Matsue and ask Yumi about her clothes. She says she will tell you about the program she uses for it make bento. D:

Bento Box #2 and Yumi’s Apartment:

Okay, so every time the bento box differs, and like I said before, you can keep saving and exiting your game until an easier bento box is there.

When finished, Yumi gives you the code to her computer. Talk to her about other things and travel to her apartment.


Enter her computer by using the correct shape found on the paper and look for a blue dot for the top of the shape’s appearance. Have fun creating avatars! Check your phone if you forget your friend’s phone numbers to email them your creations. Speaking of phones, check your message and read the translated article from Logan about Kasumi found unconscious on the floor. Oh no! No wonder no one would tell us what the article meant...After you’ve finished, you can talk to Miwako,Yumi, and Takae about the article if you want, although afterwards they will tell you to ‘leave them alone.’


Make sure you complete the students’ work for On the Farm if you haven’t already.


Pachinko Parlor: To get there, go Misawa-Nagoya-Otsu-Aomori-Ube-Sakai-Kure. Enter and observe the prize machine. Turn right and see a photo booth. This must be where Yumi sends us those pictures. See arcade game booths. This game is pinball. Use your Pachinko card to play. Once you have 1339 marbles, exchange for the yurei comic.


Call Logan and talk to him about the perfect outfit for Bess. Go to Yumi’s apartment and create an outfit. Call Logan back and he will tell you he got the picture.


Go back to the Misawa and into Nancy’s room. Gasp!!! Someone’s been in her room! Footprints!! Go out of your room and try to get the puzzle box at Miwako’s desk, only the cat won’t let you. Return to your room--and--Nancy’s name is in red! That could only mean bad luck...


Getting Savannah’s Book: Set your alarm again and get a call from George. Talk to her about the book and Logan. Then go downstairs and talk to Miwako about her and Rentaro. Take a visit to the Cultural room and talk to Takae. Then go outside and talk to Rentaro. Come back in the ryokan, and Miwako will have Savannah’s book for you. Read about EVP’s and ask Rentaro for one.


Set the alarm to 1 am and go down to the front desk. Say some commands to Suki and say Mate. Grab the puzzle box.


Puzzle box: To open, you’ll need to slide the tiles in a certain order. Start by clicking on all of the tiles. Then click on the yellow down arrow. Click on the middle tile only, and click on the left arrow. Click on all the tiles, and click on the up arrow. Click bottom tile and move to the right. Click on middle tile and move to the left. Click on top right tile, move to the right.


Read the letter to MaryAnne, take the tile piece and the envelope. Use your phrasebook to translate the word, it says PASSWORD.


Tile Puzzle: Go to the baths and automatically begin a tile puzzle after you click on the wall with the missing tiles. Right click to rotate tiles. The finished puzzle will look something like this:




 The circle in the middle will move and you will see Miwako and Rentaro arguing.

Call Savannah. She will tell you about EVP’s and such, and even about a time when she stayed in Germany. Could this be the hint to the new game, The Captive Curse? Hang up and get a photo from Yumi.


Set your alarm to--you guessed it!--7 pm. Talk to Miwako and Rentaro about how they are doing. Rentaro wants you to get a collar for Suki at the Pachinko Parlor in Kure. The collar costs 2100 marbles, so play the arcade games until you have enough and buy it. Visit Yumi on your way back to the ryokan. Give Rentaro the collar and he will give it to Miwako. Take the key card on his desk.


EVP Spots: Walk to the cherry tree and click on its trunk. Click on a channel on the EVP and press Record. Press it again to add the ghost spot. Add an EVP spot at the fire pit in the lobby. Go over to the baths, have your back facing the mirror, and record. Put a recording in the room with the hot spring, although there is no feedback. Add a channel next to Nancy’s room, and one on the opposite upstairs hallway. Set your alarm to 2 am and go out to Rentaro’ shed. Listen to the recordings, especially the first one of Miwako and Yumi fighting. Yumi threw something into the pond. Let’s check it out. Go over the bridge and see a curved arrow. Grab the Key #18. Also notice rocks. Some are missing, so you need to find them around the garden.


Rock Hunt: Find one rock at the base of the giant stone lantern in the middle of the pond. Find another by the stone path to Rentaro’s shed. Find a rock by the small lantern on the ground near the bench near the entrance of the ryokan. Find one behind the base of the cherry tree. Go back to the pond and realize the symbols on the large stone slab represent something. Go back inside the lobby and read the book on Famous Kyoto Gardens. Rearrange the stones like this:




 A stone slot will slide open. Take the piece of paper with strange etchings. Read the reverse side to see a letter from Kasumi.


Use room #18  to unlock the door to the cultural room. Take the red card on the floor. Open the orange cheat and take the  key and teapot. Click on the origami book to fold the piece of paper with etchings. Start with Mountain Fold, then Fold to Front, Fold to Front, Fold Unfold, Fold to Back, Push/invert. The origami will look like bamboo.


If it’s too late, Nancy will automatically be sent to bed. Be sure to do any students’ work if there are any. Go to the garden and go all the way to the back, where a bamboo waterfall is. Click on it and click on the left part. Nancy can open it if she had the right tool. Talk to Rentaro and see his deer face. Lol. Set your alarm for 2 am and then go to the shed and take the screwdriver. Pry open the bamboo and see a string of numbers. Wonder what it could mean....?


Computer Hacking: Go to the fire pit and put the teapot over it. Quickly put the PASSWORD envelope on it and the paper will open! Take the teapot of before it catches on fire. Then observe the envelope. It looks like the password is Takakawa. Find the book on Writing Japanese in the Cultural Room. Go to the Hiragana page.




Head over to the lobby and enter the Japanese characters found in the book onto the computer screen.




 Observe the Room Tracker. The rooms not found on the guest lists are 25, 30, and 33.


Getting the key (Puzzle):

Click on the key cabinet and notice a card was missing, the red one, which you found in the cultural room. Place the cards in this order: blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. Click curved arrow until it looks like this:




Take the key for rooms ending in 8/9 and go to bed.


Call Savannah the next morning and she tells you there was a carved wooden bird in the room that triggered the passage. Go to the upstairs hallway opposite Nancy’s room. Try the key on room 39. Then turn left and use the star key to open the next room. Do it again and hear odd noises. Use your key on the next room and see that Nancy is trapped!  


Balcony tile puzzle:

Quickly turn to the balcony door and click on the mosaic. You’ll need to color in each of the tiles, but a specific color. The mosaic should be symmetrical. Here is the quick finished solution:




 The balcony lock opens. Click on the door and watch Nancy jump out! Creepy!!

Go back to room 39 (ugh, I know you don’t want to now!) and keep clicking with the star card until in the room with the bird in the left corner (should be room 33).

Click on the bird once and go down to the basement. Click right and see a pool of....something gross! Look at the table with the lantern that says “Stop it already or you’ll be sorry”. Look on the other wall and see a nonogram puzzle. Nancy is missing the other set of numbers. :(


Talk to Miwako. After talking to her, get another text from Yumi. Cute.

Go to Kure and look at the photo booth. Exit and get another pic from Yumi. Nancy says something is strange about them and she should print them out.


Good thing you’re in the right place! Insert your phone and click print photo. Print all 7 and if you want an easter egg, print the one with the weird gray face and egg!! Once they are printed, click on one of the pictures (the one of Yumi and Rentaro, Yumi, Bess, Bess and George, etc.) and it will automatically take you to a screen with the pictures. Order the pictures like this:




 Nancy says she should talk to Yumi about how the pictures contain a hidden message. She tells her she did that on purpose, but now wants Nancy’s help with--bento!! Oh no, bento! Lol. After the bento, Yumi tells you she kept you here so long, you missed the train to the ryokan!! She tells you to sleep at her apartment for the night. Go inside and click on the frog above her TV. Enter the Japanese digits found on the picture puzzle. Take the nonogram number sheet.

Set the alarm for 7 pm. Hear noises outside the window. Open it and see writing on the window! Automatically be at the ryokan.


Start grading papers for How Are You. Then find your way back down to the basement through room 33 and into the closet. Now that you have both pieces, do the nonogram puzzle. Here is the finished puzzle:




Once the puzzle is done, a compartment will open. Read the letter and take the sword. Back out and be face-to-face with the yurei!! Quickly, take your sword and cut these spots:



 Inspect the yurei and realize it looks a lot like one of clumsy Rentaro’s inventions. Exit and go talk to Takae. Notice Miwako is missing, and so is Rentaro. Take Rentaro’s EVP recorder and translate the pink note. It says ‘Must finish today! Workorder: Room 33” Take the door-o-matic. Go directly to room 33 and use the door-o-matic on the door. See the culprit. What I did was use the door-o-matic on the door before the culprit could escape, then used the EVP recorder to record what the culprit will say to prove he/she is the baddie. Then after showing the culprit that you were recording them the whole time, either say “Ok. But I’ll be watching, you’d better do it.” or “Not a chance” Depending on what you say, the ending will change.

         The awards at the end of the game are:

Cat Whisperer-For taming the wild beast

Easter Egg-Confidential

Fashion Designer-For sharing your costume designs with the world

Mystery Seeker-For watching eerie footage

Password Pilferer-For returning “borrowed” goods to their rightful home

Puzzler Pro-For solving all of Ren’s puzzles

Recording Artist-For listening to the world around you

Sous Chef-For mastering the art of bento

Souvenir Searcher-For getting all of the prizes

Squeaky Clean-For enjoying the baths

Teacher’s Pet-For making sure your job wasn’t forgotten

Trivia Tamer-For correctly answering the trivia question

Gaming Guru-For playing with new cellphone technology


You have beat Nancy Drew #23: Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Be sure to play the next Nancy Drew Game: The Captive Curse

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