Nancy Drew 22: Trail of the Twister

by Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   June 2010


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. Nancy shows the desk in her bedroom. This is where the 'How to be a Detective Book' that shows the game manipulations can be accessed. The Scrapbook has past Nancy Drew Games information.

Read the Case Files to learn about the present mystery case. Once you are ready to play the game, click on the plane ticket to go to the new case location.

Select to play either Junior or Senior detective.

The main screen has pictures at the bottom of the page.

The bag at left is the inventory link. The journal shows Nancy's notes about the present case. The checklist shows the junior gamer what needs to be done or was done to progress in the game. The cell phone or camera interchanges on this slot.

The gear icon shows the options. Here the voice, effects and music volume can be adjusted. Also, the bottom background can be changed. Closed captioning, text size and screen size selection are also in this page.

The Load folder has the list of the saved games that can be replayed. The diskette is used to save the game. The rightmost icon closes the game.

Nancy is on an undercover case; posing as a replacement intern with the Canute College storm tracking team. The team is sponsored by P. G. Krolmeister on the $100M Green Skies storm grant competition.

Nancy is at the team's headquarters in Oklahoma. A tornado passes the field as Nancy arrive at the farm.


Team headquarters (farmhouse):

Approach the farmhouse. Remove the debris in front of the front door.

Metal box - Examine and open the metal box at the bottom of the pile. See a roll of money and a note. The note says: Once again, amazing job! Thanks, payment enclosed.

Note:    Enter the house and read the note on the stairs' post.

Debbie's note states some chores are needed to be done. The team is out storm chasing.

Living room:    Check the living room at right. Turn on the TV and see fuzzy reception.

Turn on the TV several times and you might get an award.

Look close at the coffee table. Take a Pa's penny beside the Frankenstein book. The coin is now counted at top left of the screen. Watch out for stray pennies in different locations.

Dining room:    Go to the dining room. Look around.

Filing chore:    Go to the filing cabinet at right corner of dining room.

Read Debbie's note about her filing system.

Junior:    Numbering the clues 1-5 from top to bottom:

Clues 1, 4 and 6 place Degree, then Budget and Animals in this sequence.

Clues 7, 2, 3 and 5 place Findings, Grange, Canute and Degree in this sequence.

Place-click the tabs at right on the hanging folders' plastic slots, from left to right:

Findings in red; Grange Theater in orange, Canute in yellow, Degree in green, Budget in blue and Animals in purple. Alright, got it!

Senior:    Numbering the clues 1-9 from top to bottom:

Clues 1, 4, 5, 7 and 9 place Canute, Animals, Budget and Findings in this sequence.

Clues 2, 6 and 8 place Degree at extreme left and Grange Theatre at right end.

Place-click the tabs at right on the hanging folders' plastic slots, from left to right:

Degree  in red; Canute in orange, Animals in yellow, Budget in green, Findings in blue and Grange Theater in purple. Alright, got it!

Continue to file the folders that are on top of the filing cabinet in the hanging folders by clicking the folders on the tabs. Use the symbols as guides.

Someone has been eating Koko Kringles again. Place the chocolate wrapper in the trash right of the filing cabinet.

Corn and mice:    Check the trash. See a receipt for corn bags from Ma 'n Pa's Store.

See a pile of corn right of trash. Pull back and see a mouse. It seems like someone wants to have a mice colony here.

Cellar:    Go to the door underneath the stairwell. Go down to the cellar. Look around.

Tornado quiz:    Look close at the laptop on top of the dryer.

Check the gallery and see magnificent weather phenomena. The pictures are labeled with letters and numbers.

Click on the Twister Trivia icon and start the quiz.

1. Alert when a tornado is spotted:     C. Tornado warning.

2. Average tornado in a year:     C. 1000.

Learn about Tornado Alley: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

3. Tornado measurement system:    D. F-scale named after Dr. Fujita.

Learn how the tornados are classified.

4. Least safe place in public place:     B. A large room.

5. Emergency tornado plan:    A. Disaster kit.

A disaster kit includes water, sugar, salt, granola bars, batteries, flashlight, can opener, toothpaste, duct tape and bleach.

6. Not indicative of a tornado:    C. Downburst.

7. Percentage of EF4 (wind gusts of 166-200 mph) or EF5 (wind speeds of 201+mph) tornadoes per year:    A. 1%.

8. Cause of most injuries in a tornado:    D. Flying debris.

If you correctly answer the quiz in one sitting, you might get an award.

Scott Varnell:    The team comes back. Debbie calls down and says that Scott wants to meet you. Talk to Scott, an unhappy person and in charge of the group. Nancy will report to Debbie.

If you answer in a positive manner several times to a character in the game, you might get an award.

If you answer in a negative manner several times to a character in the game, you might get an award.

Newspaper clipping:    Look close at the box at left. Read the newspaper clipping on top of an open book.

Read about the demise of Betsy Ochs, the Ma of Ma 'n Pa's Store. Learn more about Scott Varnell. He's the nation's foremost expert in tornados.

Tornado chart:    Look close at map on the wall. Check the tornados sighted in the counties in 2009. Learn also the mph wind associated with each EF rating.

Radio:    Turn around. Look close at left side of door and see a radio on the table. Under the table is another pile of corn.

Try to leave the room and Scott chats about Debbie and students. Look close at box under the window.

Debbie Kircum:    Talk to Debbie at the dining room.

Debbie adds another chore to the list of to-dos: fix the sprinkler system left by the agricultural team.

Debbie will give the metal box to the sheriff. She is also interested in the theatre. Grange has a big play this year.


Disaster kit:    Go down the cellar.

From the quiz, learn what should go in a disaster kit.

Go to the back of the room. Check the Emergency Disaster Kit at bottom shelf of left shelving. See a mouse again.

There's not much in the kit. It needs:  water, sugar, salt, granola bars, batteries, flashlight, can opener, toothpaste, duct tape and bleach. We have to go shopping at Ma 'n Pa's.

Check the Surface chart folder at right shelving.

Frosty Harlow:     Talk to the man at right. He's the media guy. Learn how he got his name.

County Siren Chart:    Go upstairs and look close at the board on the wall across the cellar door.

See the County Siren Chart.

The object of the puzzle is to completely cover the board with overlapping circles.

Pick up the circles at right and click it on a pin.

One strategy is to use the largest circles and place them on pins that are in sparse areas.

Then fill the empty spaces with the next largest circles. Use the smaller circles to fill in the gaps.

Click on the 'clear board' to reset the puzzle.

Alright! That's how it should look!

Sprinkler system:    Exit the house. Turn right and forward to the corn field.

Look close at the pad on the ground. Remove the cover of the pad.

Take some Pa's pennies from the sprinkler control.

The object of the puzzle is to open 6 blue valves in places that do not cross horizontally, diagonally and vertically.

If done correctly, the pump turns on automatically. A reset switch is right of the online light.

One solution:

Junior Senior

Prairie dogs:    Go left and see a bunch of happy prairie dogs. Pick up Pa's pennies on the right side.

Barn:    Turn around and go to the barn.

A voice asks for help in fixing the LED display on the car.

Enter the car and see the LED display.

LED display:

Arrange the numbered button so that no 2 consecutive numbers are adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It's initializing.

One solution:

Chase Reterford:    Talk to Chase. He's the fixer in the team.

Chase believes the team will lose because of Scott's negative attitude.

Learn that the guy Nancy replaced was stranded because mice chewed the coolant hose of the car.

Tool cabinet:    Check the tool cabinet and read the newspaper clipping about the Howard J. Bison, the mascot of Canute College.

Hose:    Turn around and check the hose on the wood shelf. Look close and see that there is a sharp V cut on the hose. It's not mice that did that.

Work table:    Look close at work table and see another mouse.

At right side of the table, see some boxes of candies and a jar of tokens. Chase loves sweets.

Talk to Chase. Learn that the tokens from Ma 'n Pa's Store are pennies.

You can change them for candies at the store.

To earn tokens from Chase, fix the weather balloon circuit boards and he will give pennies.

Earn pennies by wiring weather balloon boards:

Go to the work table and read the paper.

Each fan has a specific number of wires that are needed to be attached to it.

No wires should overlap.

Check the overload meter. If it reaches red, the board is too damaged.

Check the fans by pressing the power on button. If all the fans spin, then the wiring was done correctly.

If done correctly, you get paid full price. If a mistake is done, Chase takes back a quarter.

Click on a side or corner and wires will be placed. Double check that the diagonals are placed correctly.

Double click a wire to turn it. The clear button resets the puzzle.

One strategy is to work on the corners or edges first. Work the highest number at the center next.

Some examples of the random puzzle:


Ma 'n Pa's General Store:    Time to ride out.

GPS:    Start the car. Click on purple GPS icon at bottom of screen.

Enter your location: click on Farmhouse at right.

Enter your destination: select Ma 'n Pa's at right.

Press ENTER. Remember or note down the route.

Exit the map and follow the route. You are the blinking arrow going out of the circle. The destination is the arrow going in the circle.

Drive up, right at next intersection. Go up at next 2 intersections and then left to an open area.

See a bar at top. If you have a lot of accidents, the game over might happen when the bar reaches the red zone.

If you drive a vehicle a lot, you might win an award.

Pa:    Talk to Pa about the theatre and tornados. He becomes sad when talking about tornados. He gives a welcome Pa penny.

Shop:    Look around at the store.

Read the far left newspaper left of Pa's counter. It is an article about Scott Varnell and Debbie.

Read about the competition on the newspaper at right. The opposing team is lead by Brooke Tavanah of Kingston University in New York.

See a mystery box on the counter above the newspapers. If you buy the mystery box, you win an award.

Green tag item:    Buy a green tag item and get the next green tag item half off.

Yellow tag item:    Buy 2 yellow tag items and get them at 60% off.

Blue tag item:    Buy 2 different blue items and get a different item of lesser value for free.

You need to buy:  water, sugar, salt, granola bars, batteries, flashlight, can opener, toothpaste, duct tape and bleach.

Keep a watchful eye on the budget at top left of the screen.

You can check your basket in inventory and see what you bought.

Pa pennies can only be used to buy candies.

Water:    Check the cold drinks cooler. Take a green tagged water bottle with blue cap.

Bleach:   Turn around from the coolers. Look right and buy the green tagged blue bleach bottles.

Can opener:    Turn left at end of the aisle. Buy a blue tagged can opener.

Duct tape:    Buy a blue tagged duct tape left of the can openers.

Flashlight and batteries:    Look right from the milk cooler. Buy the blue tagged green flashlight (red carton). To the right, buy the green batteries to match the green flashlight just bought.

Toothpaste:    Turn left at the corner and see green boxed toothpaste that is not on sale left of the candy display. Buy the toothpaste.

Salt and sugar:    Look at the shelves in front of Pa. Buy the green tagged brown salt and green tagged sugar.

Granola bars:    Down the aisle from the salt, buy the blue tagged Flavor Mountain granola bars.

After all the items are bought, the budget amount is zero.

Pay for the items bought. Pick up the grocery bag.

Oklahoma Museum: Enter the Museum right of the cooler and left of the newspaper rack.

Look right at the Homesteader display and note that the divining rod is missing. Pick up a Pa penny. Read about the Boomers and the Sooners.

Read about the Cherokee Nation's Trail of Tears.

Land Rush:    Play the Land Rush game by inserting 5 Pa coins on the slot.

Claim any color lot along the border. To expand, select an adjoining color that adjoins your claimed lot.

This is an alternative way to gain Pa pennies.

Examine the Fact or Fiction display about tornados.

Check the Dust Bowl display. Press the blower at left. See a trap right of the screen.

The Jackalope fight does not accept Pa pennies.

Easter egg (Thanks, catsmom):  Buy the mystery box for 9,990 Pa pennies. Inside is a storm globe with a token.

Use the token on the Jackalope game. Get a Cat Easter egg.

Getting an Easter egg in the game gets you a medal in the end.

Exit the museum and talk to Pa about the missing divining rod.


Drive back to the farmhouse.    

Disaster kit:    Go down to the cellar. Hear Debbie say something about turning in or calling it a day.

Place the grocery bag in the Disaster kit on the bottom shelf at back of the room.

Frosty mentions something about talking to Debbie.

Debbie:    Talk to Debbie about the dried corn.

Climb the stairs and call it a day.

The next day, Debbie mentions that the sensors in the cornfield need aligning. Frosty wants to show Nancy basic storm photography.

Sensor alignment:

Exit the house. Go right and enter the cornfield by the sign and the posts.

The aim of the puzzle is to connect the red beam to the other red post at top right and connect the blue beam to the blue sensor at right.

Click the mirrors to adjust the direction of the beam.

That looks right!

Overhear Debbie and Frosty talking about Scott needs to be taken care of. Time to get rid of him.

Krolmeister calls and asks about updates.

Frasier Creek Windmill:

GPS and clouds:    Go to the parking lot and click on the blue car. Frosty joins Nancy.

Click on GPS icon at bottom and select new route at top left.

Click on destination frame to erase it. Select windmill at right. It will be the new destination. Click enter.

See the route in the map. Also see clouds.


Frosty gives a drawing of clouds. Use the drawing to identify the clouds he wants pictures of.


Open the cell phone. Click menu and select camera.

In camera mode, see the number of photos that are available at left frame. You can check the photos taken by clicking on 'view photos' below the number of shots left.

To select the shots, use the zoom first and then you can pan. Center the scene to be taken using the pan.

Click on 'take photo' at bottom right.

To edit or delete pictures, select 'view photo' and see the pictures taken.

Click on 'delete photo' to remove the pictures that are not good. There's a - and + at bottom center to scroll through the pictures taken.

Click on 'return to camera mode' to continue taking pictures.

Other cloud locations:    Drive out of the windmill and go to other locations. Check the GPS map.

Take pictures of clouds using the cloud drawing as reference.

When done, select menu at bottom right to stop taking pictures. You can take pictures anytime in your travels.

If you find all the clouds in Frosty's drawing, you will get a medal.


Go back to the farmhouse.

Download photos:    Go down to the cellar.

Look close at laptop. Click on the USB cable at right. Automatically, the cell phone is attached.

Select Gallery. Then click on camera button at right.

Select the picture you want downloaded and then click on 'download' at right.

If you want to remove a photo, click on 'delete photo at left'.

Scroll through the pictures using the + and - at bottom.

You can download 10 pictures only. So delete any duplicates.

Select menu and exit out of the camera.

View what you downloaded in the gallery.

Take the cell phone from the cable.

MP3 player:    Talk to Frosty at left. He wants you to return the mp3 player to Chase. Take the mp3 player.

Exit the house. You might hear Debbie tell you to quit for the day.

Go to the barn and overhear Chase. Peek through the barn door and see him clean his best boot.

Enter and talk to Chase to return the mp3 player. Learn his opinion of Frosty and Debbie.

Stormy night:    Go back to the house and go upstairs. A tornado warning is issued.

Turn right as soon as the cursor is active. See a man bent on the coffee table.

Turn left and the forward to the cellar.

The next day:    Talk to Debbie. Chase and Frosty can sleep through the storm. So that leaves only Scott as the awake male.

Debbie says to move the prairie dogs but first talk to Scott and then Chase.

Check the coffee table where that man was during the power failure. See a position as Assistant Professor at Gorge University offered to Debbie.

Go to Scott's office and talk to him. He tried his best to be nice. A mouse jumps on his desk. Scott orders to get rid the mice humanely.

Go to the barn and talk to Chase. He wants you get a bigger tube for the prairie dog vacuum. Take the small tube.

Ma 'n Pa's General Store:   

Drive to the store.

Talk to Pa about Ma. He says that Ma is around. Hmm... For the vacuum tube, he wants you to update the display of the snacks.

Ask about the mouse trap in the museum. There's a cage hanging on the wall right of the Dust Bowl display. He can lend it to you if you update the tornado display in the museum.

Snack display:

Go right from the counter and look close at the snack display.

Click on the Wickford Product Display sign.

See a box at left and the candies at right.

The aim of the puzzle is to fit all the candies at right inside the box at left. No overlapping.

Right click the candy to turn it.

That Moon Chunk cheese looks like a treat for mice. I did it!

One solution:

Talk to Pa. Get the white large tube.

Go back to the farmhouse.


Prairie dog relocation:    Go to the barn and talk to Chase. Take the vacuum.

Go to the prairie dog holes at the cornfield left of the scarecrow.

Look close at the burrows. Use the vacuum on the burrow and the screen changes.

Use the vacuum on a hole. Wait for a prairie dog to pop up. Click to suck up several prairie dogs. See them on the panel at left.

It is best to collect multiple prairie dogs than a single one. The attempt on single ones tends to let the caught ones escape.

Go to the right side of the barn. See an enclosure protecting the holes on the ground.

Click the vacuum on the ground and watch the prairie dogs enter their new home.

Flash on flower box:

Back up and see a flash from the flower box on the left.

Metal box:   See something shiny on the flower box at left. Pick up the metal box.

Open the box and read the new message.

Terms are agreed. Series of CG, with CC or CG, from an HP storm by June 2nd. Upon delivery, payment will be rendered in the amount of $550.

Earn Pa pennies:    Return the vacuum to Chase and get ~100 Pa pennies.

The Moon Chunk Cheese snack cost 95 cents apiece. You might need at least 3 cheese snack.  If you don't have enough money, do more weather balloon boards.

Study up on Fujita scale:

Go back inside the house. Go down to the cellar and look up the Tornado measure in Twister Trivia. Then click on F-scale. It states the description of FO (45-78 mph gusts with broken tree limb damage) to F5 (gusts of 262-317mph with total destruction - houses removed from foundation).

Go to Scott's office and look close at the map. Read the map with the EFO data during the 2009 season.

Ma 'n Pa's General Store:   

Drive to the store.

Go to the museum and look close at the Fact or Fiction display.

Fujita Scale:

Open the Fujita book. See graphs to compare the Fujita Scale to the revised EF scale.

We know from the trivia, the data of gust winds of F0 and F5.

The slightly lowered values are the ones to be entered on the fastest wind column.

Enter the EF scale values taken from the map in Scott's office.

The damage indicator can also be deduced from the description of the lowest to highest F value taken from the computer.

Pick up a windspeed tag or a damage picture and place it on the correct spot.

Hear Pa talk to Brooke. She is very interested in what is happening with Scott's team.

Talk to Pa. Go back to the museum and take the trap right of the Dust Bowl display.

Buy 3 or more Moon Chunk cheese as bait. If you don't have money, make more from the Land Rush game.

Talk to Pa again about Brooke, the leader of another chaser team.


Drive back to farmhouse. Go to Scott's office. Talk to Scott.

Mice catching:   

Go close to Scott's desk. Turn around and face the door.

Look close at the table on the left with the radio on top.

See a pile of corn under the table. Place the mousetrap on the floor.

See the Moon Chunk Cheese candy at top left of the screen. Click a cheese candy on the mousetrap opening.

Do not open the inventory grocery bag and click on the candy or Nancy will eat it.

But if Nancy eats 15 or more candies from inventory, you might get a medal.

Watch as the mouse come into the trap.

A different screen is seen. Mice come in the trap one at a time.

Click on turn circle to allow the passage of the mouse to the left.

Then turn the circle to allow the mouse to enter one of the side areas. Once that side area is filled, raise the barrier by clicking on the edge of the circle. This closes that area. Fill the next area.

When all areas are filled with mice, the trapping is complete. Pick up the mousetrap. I got 'em!

Scott says to release the mice in at the springhouse at Old Orchard Rd.


Enter the car. Check the GPS, enter new route and change the destination to Springhouse. Press Enter.

Drive to Old Orchard Rd.

At the springhouse, release the mice on the ground. Go back to the farmhouse.

Easter Egg:    After releasing the mice, place the cheese which automatically crumbled on doorstep of springhouse. Go back to the farm and then return to Springhouse. See an egg sitting where the cheese had been. It's black with lightning flashes all over it. Pick up the Easter egg. (Thanks to Michelle for the info and Rushes for the check).


Enter the farmhouse. Talk to Debbie and she said that a twister is sighted. You will ride with Frosty.

Find the twister:

Enter the car and go north. Frosty will tell you if you're going the wrong way. Frosty is excitable.

Go west or left until the road turns to north and then west. Go north at first intersection.

Go left and close by the intersection is a layby at north side of the road. Enter the layby and see the twister.

Video programming:

Frosty says that his video is not working and that you should repair it.

To reconfigure, place black numbers from the bottom of the screen on to blank areas above.

The black numbers should be placed so that the numbers are sequential and are connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Care should be done to leave space for future number placements. Think ahead not to block a path. Look ahead to see where the next several numbers are to be situated and count how many numbers need be placed yet to reach that number.

The reset button is at top right of the screen. The sequentially placed numbers are highlighted to show if there is a break.

Take a black number from the bottom, click it in place. Automatically, the number on the cursor changes. Click on the next blank space you want to place the next number and so on...

You can save during the puzzle solving.


Frosty said that it didn't record. He said that it was not fixed.

Back at the house:    Talk to Scott. He blames you for the video failure and not getting a footage of the EF3.

Go to the cellar and Debbie says to go to bed. Look around Frosty's desk. See a clipping of a Peregrine car on the shelving beside the chair.

Go up the stairs and go to bed.


The next day, Debbie says that there's a communication problem. Chase programmed the GPS to show the way to the antenna. She wants you to find out what's wrong.

Enter the car and change the destination to antenna. Check the map and find out the route to the antenna.

Drive the car to the antenna area.

Reconstruct the antennae:

See pieces of the antennae strewn about.

Place the pieces back together on the 2 antennae. There are 2 pieces out of the pile for the left antenna. Right click to turn the pieces.

See a shadow of the shape on the antenna. Use the shadows as guides.

Do the weird and large shapes first. If they are placed correctly, they cannot be removed anymore.

There, now it should work.

Pick up the key with a Superior Lock and pink key label from the ground under the right antenna.

Hail storm:

A storm is brewing. Somebody programmed the GPS wrong.

Drive east away from the storm. Then go north and east again where it is clear; go north pass the windmill; E and then north pass the cows; west for a bit without encountering the storm and then south to the farm.


Talk to Debbie. She wants you to take care of the mice by the file cabinet.

Mice trap:    Set the trap again right of the file cabinet and trash. Use Moon Chunk Cheese candy as bait.

Fill up each passage as well as all the turn circles. Raise the gates to block the mice in their places.

When all are collected release them at springhouse again.

Chase:    Talk to Chase at the barn. He wants help fixing the transmission.

Transmission gears:

The gears are to be placed on the notches of the rods.

The gears should not overlap but should touch.

Select a gear and then click on the notch you want to place it on.

Work on the inner notches first going to the notch at the open end.

You can only slide a gear in-out if there is no gear (above or below or in front) blocking it.

Press the small switch at left to see if the gears work. I did it!

The other chore is to give Scott the estimate for Pete's car's body work. Take the envelope.

Talk to Chase about the GPS.

Scott:    Go to Scott, talk to him and give him the estimate.

Hear a scream. It's Frosty.

Frosty:    Talk to Frosty. He is freaked out by mice.

Trap the mice:    Trap mice again.

Place the trap on the floor right of the dryer. Use Moon Chunk Cheese candy as bait.

Be sure to fill the trap. All passages and turn areas should have mice.

Talk to Frosty about the video camera.

Video camera:    Go upstairs and look at the video camera on the coffee table.

Press the run button. Hear Frosty's voice recorded okay.

Springhouse:    Release the mice at springhouse.

Back at the farmhouse, climb the stairs to go to bed.

Lightning strikes:

Debbie says that a supercell might appear and they will check it out. Lightning strikes and fries Scott's phone.

Debbie wants you to fix the phone.

Scott's phone:    Go to Scott's office and see a burning outlet near the base of the wall beside the desk.

Hear Scott and Debbie leave the house.

Look close at the burned outlet.

Move the red wheel to pass through all the metal disk without passing through any wires again (you can pass through the metal connectors).

Move the red wheel by clicking on the next metal disk you want the red wheel to move on to. There is a reset button.

The starting point of this puzzle is random. The picture below can be used by selecting the number where your starting point is located. That should do it.


Phone call:    Pull back and hear a muffled conversation.

Go around the desk and pick up the yellow headset. Overhear Scott and Brooke talk about keeping up her end of the deal and everything under control out here.

Search Scott's office:

Locked desk drawer:     Try to open the top left drawer of Scott's desk. The lock has pink rim.

Use the key picked up at the antenna area. The drawer opens.

Read the letter from the Dean of Dept. of Meteorology of Canute College. Scott failed to get tenured.

Table with radio:    Check the table left of the door.

Check the radio. Move the spool of wires and pick up a box cutter.

The box cutter has orange residue on it. It smells like coolant. Uh oh!

Search the Barn:    Go to the barn.

Look at the hose of Pete's car that is on the shelf left of the work table. Nancy comments that it is like made by the knife in Scott's office.

Chase is not in the barn. Go behind the car area.

Go left and see Chase's boots that he fussed about earlier. It is coated with oil.

Open the door at right and pick up Pa pennies.

Pa:    Exit the barn and get a call from Pa. Answer the cell phone. He wants Nancy's help at the store.

Ma 'n Pa's General Store:   

Talk to Pa. He wants Nancy to catch the mice by the Homesteader display in the museum. He gives a Moon Chunk candy as bait.

Trap the mice:    Trap mice again.

Go to the museum and the Homesteader display.

While facing the homesteader display (not close up), move cursor to bottom right of screen.

Click on active spot. See a pile of corn on the floor.

Set up the trap on the floor. Bait the trap with the candy from top left of the screen.

Be sure to fill the trap. All passages and turn area should have mice.

Take the filled mouse trap. Release the mice at springhouse.

Candies:    You can buy candies if you have extra money.

If you give several bought candies to other characters multiple times, you might win a medal.


See the divining rod missing from the museum. Take the divining rod. Nancy mentions stepping on oil when hiding the rod. There's oil on the ground.

Release the mice at springhouse.

Ma 'n Pa's General Store:   

Go back to Pa at the store. Talk to Pa about the team and the divining rod.

Place the divining rod back on the Homesteader display in the museum.

Talk to Pa again and get Pa pennies.


Go back to the farmhouse.

Barn:    Talk to Chase about searching for oil and divining rod. Learn about the lightning rod on the antenna.

Scott:    Talk to Scott completely.

Debbie:    Talk to Debbie several times. She asks that you fix the TV.

TV repair:    Look close at TV.

Open panel at right and turn the TV on. See the color test pattern.

The aim of the puzzle is to arrange the colors at the center to match the color patterns shown at the 3 corners: red, green and blue.

Turn the knobs under the yellow switch at right to rotate the rings of the big circle.

Do the all the rings for red first. When correctly done, the red pattern at top left is grayed out.

Do the green next and then the blue. The corner circles will be grayed out when done correctly.

See the footage shot by Frosty.

For Juniors: The inner ring shown in the red and green pictures below is not present.

Red   Green

Frosty:    Go down to the cellar.

Ask Frosty about the video camera. Learn his connection with the metal boxes. He states he is helping another photographer. Debbie knows all about this.

Frosty will also ask about the cloud pictures. Nancy will say what cloud picture(s) she is missing.

Clouds:    If you missed one or 2 of the cloud pictures, go back to the windmill and complete the cloud picture taking.

Go to the cellar and download the picture(s). You can only download 10 pictures. So delete any duplicates.
It is not necessary to get all the cloud pictures to finish the game. But if you do, you might get a medal.

Go to bed.

Target Storms:

Nancy will drive. <groan> Select and enter the truck.

Go to the nearest cloud formation in the GPS or to the windmill.

Activate the Doppler machine:

Open the side panel on the truck.

You need to flip 3 switches at a time until all the lights blue.

Numbering the switches (from left to right): Top: 1 - 6; Bottom: 7-11.

Flip switches:

1, 4 and 5. Press button at right.

7, 9 and 11. Press button at right.

2, 3 and 11. Press button at right.

3, 8 and 11. Press button at right.

Briefly see a scan. The machine blew up.

Arrange the wires:

Open the box on the truck bed under the dish.

See disarranged colored wires, numbered socket the wires are to be plugged on and the colored wire plugs on the right.

The first wire goes on top and the last wire goes at the bottom.

Insert a colored plug on the numbered sockets based on the outermost wire on the left.

To verify the color, lay the plug over the wire to see if they match.

When done, press the lightning button at bottom.

Junior Senior

Scott's office:

Debbie says that they need to go back to base and wait there.

Enter Scott's office. He is not here. Look at his desk. See a note sticking out of the locked drawer.

Use the key to open the drawer and read the note from Brooke.

Brooke will meet with Scott this afternoon. He will get paid and the terms are that Scott disappears until they are declared winner.

Scott left a clue to the meeting location:

Review Surface charts:

*45+ dewpoint and continuous moderate rain.

*85 degrees + with either light hail, no thunder or severe thunderstorm with hail.

Find dates.

Find meeting location.

Go down to the cellar. Look under the laundry tub between the washer and dryer.

Storm weather symbols:

63 - moderate rain continuous. The symbol is made up of 3 black circles.

89 - light hail no thunder. The symbol shows 2 triangle (the top is darkened and the bottom is an open triangle).

99 - severe thunderstorm with hail. The symbol is like a B with an open triangle on top.

Check the symbol for Open the Surface Charts white folder at bottom shelf behind Frosty.

Look for the 3 storm weather symbols:

*45+ dewpoint and continuous moderate rain.

*85 degrees + with either light hail.

*85 degrees + no thunder or severe thunderstorm with hail.

They are found on:

March 3, 8, 18, 21 and 26.

April 3, 6, 10, 23, 29.

May 6 and 12.

Go back up to Scott's office and check the calendar right of his chair.

Start with March. Use your computer and type in the letters-numbers on the dates taken from the surface chart.

WM9A, GV2C, SH4A. Take the paper. Where did we see those numbers?


Go down to the cellar. Check the gallery and look at each picture.

Check the pictures labeled WM9A, GV2C, SH4A. All 3 pictures show a windmill.

Go to meeting site:

Talk to Debbie. She is looking for Scott. She and the others are going to the theatre soon. Someone has to watch the front that's coming in.

Go outside and see there's only one vehicle left. Take the car and drive to the windmill.

After the talk, Nancy was knocked down.

Grange Theatre:

Nancy was awakened by Debbie's voice through the radio. Debbie needs help at the theatre and the keys are with Nancy.

Enter a new route from the windmill to Grange on the GPS. Drive to Grange.

Go to the storm shelter at left side of the building.

Use the keys from inventory on the padlock.

Go down and see another locked door.

Open the cabinet on the right. Check which key works on the door. Use the 4th from left at top row key on the keyhole.

Chase the culprit:

Nancy says the storm has passed. Exit the shelter.

After Debbie's explanation and advice, follow the truck. The truck has a tracking device.

In the car, go the direction of the arrow seen at bottom right.

Crash:    Follow the truck until it reaches the springhouse. Avoid the cloudy roads. Drive around them.

At the springhouse, corner the truck and it will crash.

The weather is really getting nasty. You need to get into a shelter.

Pick up the crowbar lying on the ground in front of the springhouse.

Use crowbar on the boards on the door.

Watch what happens.

Be sure to watch the outtakes at end of the game.

See you at Shadow's at Water's Edge

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