Nancy Drew 21: Warnings at Waverly Academy

by Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2009


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. Nancy shows you the desk in her bedroom. This is where you can access the 'How to be a Detective Book' that shows the game manipulations. The Scrapbook has past Nancy Drew Games information. The Case Files is where the information about the present mystery case is explained. Once you are ready to play the game, click on the plane ticket to go to the new case location.

You will then select to play either Junior or Senior detective.

The main screen has pictures at the bottom of the page. The bag at left is the inventory link. The journal shows Nancy's notes about the present case. The checklist shows the junior gamer what needs to be done or was done to progress in the game. The gear icon shows the options. Here the voice, effects and music volume can be adjusted. Also, the bottom background can be changed. Closed captioning and screen size selection are also in this page. The Load folder has the list of the saved games that can be replayed. The diskette is used to save the game. The rightmost icon closes the game.

Open the Case Files to learn about the current assignment. Nancy is asked to pose as a student named Becca Sawyer at the Waverly Academy. She is to find out who has been writing threatening letters and causing accidents. Click on the ticket to start the game.

See a student get a note from the Black Cat. She was locked in the storage closet.

Corine Myers:    Talk completely with your roommate, Corine. Danielle Hayes is the former roommate that was locked in the closet. Learn about the Black Cat notes. Two notes are sent before an accident happens. Megan Vargas next door also went home because of an allergic reaction.

Corine recommends reading the Waverly Student Guide online with emphasis on the demerit information. The girls on this floor are all valedictorian candidates. The valedictorian gets full scholarship in any college of her choice. Mel Corbalis plays the cello next door.

Request note:    Turn around and check Nancy's handbag on the desk at right. Take out the picture of Bess and George from the bag and is placed on the desk. Read the note from Rachel asking for help with a project.

Izzy Romero:    Exit the room, turn right and meet Izzy, the student body president. She programs Nancy's cell phone to receive text messages.

Rachel Hubbard:     Go forward down the hall. If you want to visit the rest room, go ahead.

Go around the lounge area and then go left to the hallway before the stairs. See Izzy and Leela's room on the left, Paige's room at end of the hall and Rachel's room at right.

Check Izzy and Leela's room and see that it is locked.

If you check rooms to see if the occupants are at home enough times, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Knock on Rachel's room. Enter and talk completely with Rachel. She needs help on a web design project. She's from Pittsburgh and loves math.

Rachel wants you to take pictures of valedictorian candidates and upload them at the Meet the Candidates link at the Academic page of the Waverly website. Take the list of the candidates. Be sure to read the list in inventory.

Text message (sometime):    At the hall, you might receive a text message. Check the cell phone and see news about Becca.

If you read all text message and talk to other students (gossip) about it, you might earn an award at end of the game.

The Valedictorian Candidates of Ramsey Hall:

Mel Corbalis:    Go forward and turn right around the lounge area. Go forward and knock on the first door on the left.

Enter and talk completely with the school's Goth girl playing the cello. Learn about the Black Cat and Megan, her roommate. Mel gives Megan's phone number. It is automatically entered in Nancy's cell phone.

Picture:     Ask to take her picture.

Use the cell phone, select Menu and then camera.

Zoom in until she is seen torso high. Use the pan buttons to center her based on the green frame.

When ready, press the 'take picture' button at bottom right.

Check the picture using the 'show picture' button at left.

If it looks right, save by clicking on 'save' at left side of the frame. Delete if the picture is not centered or zoomed correctly and ask the students to take another one.

Exit the camera when done.

If you take enough pictures of people and items, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Ask about a picture of Megan. Leela Yadav might have a picture of Megan. She's at the Rec Room.

Sampler:    Look at the sampler on the wall above the bed. To find what is hidden. Read much followed by Moore. Nancy comments on the spelling of Moore.

Learn that Megan's family has Waverly legacy. Exit the room.

Megan Vargas:    At the hallway, use the cell phone and scroll to Megan's phone number given by Mel. Press the call button.

Talk completely with Megan. She got 2 Black Cat notes.

Her cell phone camera is broken. Megan says that Leela might have a picture of hers.

Corine Myers:    Enter your room at left before the stairs and talk to Corine.

Ask to take her picture.

Exit the room and turn left to go down the stairs.


Izzy Romero:    Enter the first door at right and be at the library. Turn right and forward to Izzy.

Talk to her completely about the other students, Black Cat and Miss Hollowell. Take her picture.

Library desk:    Turn around from Izzy and go to the reception desk. See the name plate states that Corine is the library assistant. Pan right and go to the computer.

Computer:    Look close at the computer.

Click on Waverly icon. It asks for a password.

Click on 'forgot password'. It says to see student body president for assistance.

Password:    Talk to Izzy at other side of the room about password.

She blatantly drops a hint she needs help with a DNA model.

DNA model:    Take the DNA model. Open the DNA model in inventory.

Yellow adenine should be joined with black thymine.

Red cytosine should be paired with blue guanine.

The ends should be connected to white sugar which in turns is attached to a brown phosphate.

There are several variations on this puzzle but only one is accepted by the game.

There are 2 pieces that are alike: black guanine attached to a white sugar structures. They need to be placed at the right location. Interchange them if the solution below does not work.

Double check that all sugar-phosphates are connected.

Right click to rotate the chemicals.

When done talk to Izzy. She gives the password. It is written in the journal under Observations.

Go to the computer.

USB port box:     Click on the USB box in front of the monitor. The camera is attached automatically.

Log in:    Click on monitor and Waverly icon.

Using your own keyboard, enter the password given by Izzy. It is found in the journal's observation: WAC35NE136. Click OK.

Homepage:    See that Becca is in charge of the Snack shop. This duty has to be done at least once a day. Failure will result in 3 demerits.

The Black Cat and Other Poe Stories by Edgar Allan Poe is missing.

About Us:    Read about Waverly Academy.

Academics:    Click on the Valedictorian Race frame at right. Now that the camera is attached on the USB port, click on a download button.

Click download at right to download pictures. Scroll pictures and download Izzy, Mel and Corine's pictures.

Student Life:    Read about Casper the squirrel (2 pages) and the security blotter.

See a Double Take frame at top right. It is a memory test and getting the top will result in credits. If you maintain the highest score on Double Take, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Student Handbook:    Read the rules of the school. Note that Lights Out is 11 PM for seniors. Click on 'next arrow' at top right to scroll to other pages.

Pay attention to violations that are listed in the demerit system.

Demerit Standing will list any demerits you have obtained.

If you do a lot of the demerit violations as listed, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Recreation and snack room:   

Exit the library. Turn right, go forward pass the piano at the foyer and enter through the archway.

The locked classroom is through the double doors ahead.

Turn right at the hallway and forward to the snack shop and Rec room.

Snack shop:    Turn right and read the Orientation guide. You might get a text message from Paige. She reminds that you are snack shop boss.

Click on snack shop to open for service.

Orders are written at top right. Fill each sandwich order exactly as written.

If toasted bagel or bread is asked, place the bread or bagel in toaster at right and pull down the lever.

When cookies are ordered, take the cookie dough from fridge. Click dough on Cookie-oven at bottom left, close door and later take the baked cookie when the light turns green.

If mistake is done, discard the item at trash at bottom right.

When order is filled, click on Pick up button below the filled order tray.

Be sure to do this once a day or else you get 3 demerits. Doing this 5 times a day earns 2 credits.

If you do it often enough, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Pick up the key that fell from above.

Check the TV on the wall, press small button at bottom right and see that this is pre-exam break time.

Leela Yadav:    Talk to Leela completely.

Take her picture.

Having talked to Mel and Megan about Megan's picture, ask about Megan's picture. She will get the picture if you beat her at Air Hockey.

Air Hockey:    The object of the game is to get the puck in the opposite goal 7 times before she does.

Move your mallet to block the puck from entering the goal on your side.

Hit the puck hard to get it pass her blocking mallet.

You can only use your mallet on your side of the table.

Good luck. After many failures, Nancy will ask Leela to give the game to her.

Talk to her completely about the other girls. She's waiting for her boyfriend to call.

If you play enough air hockey or scram with Leela, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Storage closet:    Turn around from Leela. Pan right and see a door at the corner.

Open the door. Turn on the light using the switch at right of doorway.

Take the key at right of top shelf.

Back stairs:    Pull back and climb the stairs at right. Turn right at corner. 

Text message (sometime):    Get a text about Izzy dating Leela's boyfriend. Uh oh!

Rachel Hubbard:     Knock and then enter Rachel's room.

After uploading the 5 students' pictures on the webpage, talk to Rachel and then take her picture.

Leela:    Exit and turn left to go down the back stairs to the Rec room.

Talk to Leela about Jacob, her ex-boyfriend and Izzy.

Ask about Megan's picture. She will give Megan's picture if you win at Scram.

Scram:    Scram is a dart game. The object of the game is to get a higher score than opponent.

The 2 players can either be the blocker or the scorer.

The stopper throws 3 darts first. The hit numbers are stopped or blocked and will not result in a score by the scorer.

During the scorer's turn, 3 darts are thrown to hit high number areas that are not blocked.

The center of bull's-eye is 50 points and the next circle is 25 points.

The outer numbers are for that wedge. The closer the hit to the bulls-eye that number can be doubled or tripled.

Once a number has been stopped, it does not result in a score. The list is seen at top right frame.

My strategy as scorer is to use all 3 darts on the highest available area or number. As a blocker, I hit consecutive high to low numbers to take them off the list at top right.

Good luck! After many failures, Nancy will ask Leela to give the game to her.

If you play enough air hockey or scram with Leela, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Megan Vargas' picture:    Look close at Megan's picture on the table behind Leela.

Take a picture of the Megan's picture.

Library:    Go to the library.

Download the pictures:    Now that you have all 6 pictures, download all of them.

Go to the computer. Click on the USB port box in front of the monitor. The cell phone will automatically be attached.

Click on Waverly icon and then Academics. Click on the Valedictorian Race frame at right.

See the downloaded pictures and empty download buttons. Click on a download button.

See the pictures in the camera. Scroll to select the pictures you want downloaded.

Click download at right to download pictures. You should have all 6 pictures now.

If you downloaded some pictures before, there might already be a comment posted by Rachel.

You might need to retake some pictures.

If none and you have all 6 pictures, go to Rachel's room and talk to her.

Rachel:    Go to Rachel's room and talk to her.

If the pictures are all correct, she'll ask that you enter them in the webpage. Get a credit point for helping Rachel on the pictures.

Text message (sometime):    Exit the room and read the message that states that Mel plagiarized a submitted paper.

Enter the pictures in the webpage:    Go back down to the library and the computer.

Click on the Waverly icon and then Academics. Click on Valedictorian Race frame at right.

Valedictorian webpage:    See information and the pictures of the Valedictorian candidates.

The aim is to place the pictures and information in appropriate columns.

The clues are stated above the frames.

1. Each column contains only one of the following: Megan, 3rd spot, Boston, New York, art and math.

2. Put Izzy and Mel as far apart as possible.

3. Corinne is immediately after the girl who chose bio, but somewhere before Izzy.

4. Do not place roommates side by side.

5. Megan's from Concord and loves history.

6. Mel used to spend summers visiting Leela's RI home.

7. The girl who enjoys English is from Boston and is immediately before the girl who loves history but somewhere after the one who picked math.

8. The biology and psych students are roommates.

9. Rachel who loves math is from Pittsburgh.

- Based on #2 and #3, place Mel at far left and Izzy at far right.

- Based on #1, #3, #4 and #8, place Megan on 5th slot.

- Based on #3, #7 and #9, place Rachel at 2nd slot, Leela at third and Corine at 4th slot.

The locations and subjects are self explanatory now. That looks right to me!

Get a credit point for helping Rachel on the webpage.

Text message (sometime):    Exit the library and get a message that Izzy was black-catted.

Rachel:    Go to Rachel's room and talk to her. If the webpage is correct, she'll ask that you take pictures of Waverly icons. Take the list of the icons.


Mel Corbalis:    Go forward and turn right around the lounge area. Go forward and knock on the first door on the left.

Talk to Mel about plagiarized paper. Learn about Paper Trail.

Mel noted that none of the digits of the IP of the paper she supposedly stole from are repeated.

Take the plagiarized paper. It is dated 11/17.

She asks that Nancy work out the IP of the person who posted the paper she supposedly stolen from. Talk to Mel completely.

Library Computer:    Go to computer and enter Waverly site, Academics, Resources and Paper Trail.

Check data source:

Open the plagiarized paper in inventory. Type in on the blank space any database source code-number from the plagiarized paper. I used 3043.624.1.

Click 'search' and then view poster IP: 'view'.

See a list of numbers that might be part of the IP number.

Based on Mel's observation that the IP does not have any repeating number, select-click the number from the column to enter it at the bottom.


Then click 'submit IP'. The poster is Jacob Pryce and posted on Nov.18 (day after Mel submitted her paper).

Mel Corbalis:   Go to Mel's room and talk to her about the dates.

She gives an old newspaper clipping about the Odyssey Championship trophy. It is the first Academic win of the school. Read it in inventory.

NOTE: Check the clock on your cell phone. Be sure that you are in your room at 11 PM or else you will earn a demerit.

Nancy's room:    Go back to Nancy and Corine's room.

Talk to Corine completely.

To go to sleep or change night to day:    Use the cell phone's clock.

Enter 6 or 7 AM and then click the 'set alarm' button. Any time earlier will make noise and a demerit can be issued by Paige.

A scream is heard during the night and Paige issues a warning.

The next day:

Text message (sometime):    Read about the scream in the night.

Snack Shop:    Let's get this duty out of the way first - you can do it anytime today.

Go to the snack shop and serve the other students. If a teacher comes in, a timed preparation puzzle occurs.

Waverly's icons:

1st Academic win trophy:    Based on the paper given by Mel, the 1st Academic trophy is the Odyssey Championship trophy.

Exit the snack shop, forward and turn right to the display case on the wall.

See trophies that are displayed. Open the glass door.

Take the Odyssey Championship trophy at center.

Take a picture of the Odyssey Championship trophy.

Wood inlaid school emblem:    Go to the main door of Ramsey Hall.

With you back near the main door look down at the wood inlaid school emblem.

Zoom in and pan to get a close up of the crest-emblem. Take a picture.

Entry arch to Waverly:    Exit through the door and then turn around.

Take a picture of the arched entryway.

Oak tree:    Turn left and walk the path to the enclosed oak tree at left.

See the albino squirrel, Casper up the oak tree.

Take a picture of the twisty trunk of the oak tree.

Look around:   

Plaque:    Turn around from the tree. Go left to the path left of the building.

Look close at the cornerstone's plaque. It has the names of the 4 founders of Waverly.

Cellar:    Turn the corner and forward to the cellar door.

Use the key that dropped down on the snack bar. Open the cellar door and go down.

Turn on the lights using the light switch on the left.

Look around. Go forward to back wall and check the box of books. Look at all the book especially the America, Land of Adventure.

There's an old furnace with levers on the right.

Turn around. Look close at wall left of the stairs and see slats of wood with starburst indentations.

Exit the cellar. Go back inside the building.

Leela:    Go to Rec room and talk to Leela.

Izzy:    Go to Library and talk to Izzy completely.

Research Moore from Mel's sampler:

Library computer:    Go to the computer. Check all the pages available in the Waverly website.

Use the Library catalog. Click on search catalog at bottom left. Type in Moore.

See a book: The Story of Four at the Special Collections shelf.

Pull back and turn left. See a glass book cabinet. Look close and see the Story of Four by Madeline Moore book inside. The cabinet is locked.

If you do enough searches using the search engine, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Corine:    Go to Corine's room and ask her as library assistant about the key to the cabinet.

She'll give the key if Nancy finished the orthographic views assignment for her.

Orthographic views:    Take the drafting folder.

Open the orthographic folder in inventory. Read the example on how to do the assignment.

Click on the central example picture to open the assignment.

Select the top, front and side views of a particular structure.

Place them in the appropriate frames.

When done talk to Corine. Take the cabinet key.

The Story of Four book:    Go back to the library and the Special Collections shelf.

Use the key given by Corine to unlock the cabinet.

Read The Story of Four book by Madeline Moore. Learn about Rita Hallowell, one of 4 founders of the Waverly Academy and her relationship with Edgar Allan Poe.

Take a closer look at the picture at the last page. Rita Hallowell is the one at far right and touching the cornerstone. The plaque-cornerstone is different from the one we saw outside.

Cornerstone-plaque:    Go outside to the cornerstone at side of the building.

Look close at the square at the center. This one has an empty space at center while the picture has none.

There are 4 tiles. Each tile can be turned by right clicked-hold and drag left or right.

The aim is to arrange the 4 tiles so that there is no empty space.

The slab opens and shows a starburst token on top of an old book.

Casper the albino squirrel comes and takes the starburst token.

Take the journal of Rita Hallowell. Read the journal completely.

Pull back and get a call from Ned. Talk to Ned.

Usher's lamp and piano rendition:

Read the second page of the journal about Usher the cats' lamps and the piano rendition of their musical narration.

Even the warmth of his favorite lamps no longer calms him unless accompanied by piano rendition of their musical narration.

There's a notation on the page: 1st low bass, then coloratura.

Lamps:    Go back inside and check the 2 lamps on the tables at left of the foyer.

Turn the piano keys designed lampshades and see musical notes. Write them down to remember.

Computer search:    Click the Library catalog icon and then the 'search the catalog' button.

Type in piano. The Musical Notation: Piano book by Virtuosi was checked out by Mel Corbalis.

Mel:    Go to Mel's room. Talk to her about the music theory book. She wants milk and cookies.

Snack shop:    Open the snack shop and do the preparations. If there is a teacher order, do the preparation as fast as you can.

The Musical Notation: Piano book:    Go back to Mel and give her the sack with the snack.

Take the Musical Notation book. Read the book.

Remember that Rita Hallowell's notes in the journal mentions 1st low bass, then coloratura. The book states that Coloratura Soprano's range is from C4 to F6 and Low Bass's range is from C2 to F4.

Check the piano keys in the book and note where the Coloratura and low bass keys are located.

Piano:    Look close at the piano keys.

Based on the book and the notations on the lamp shades, play the piano.

Press the keys noted on the right lampshade for the low bass and the keys noted on the left lampshade for the coloratura keys.


- Click on the left side of the piano keys.

- Play the right lampshade keys (low bass):     D2 A2 B2 D3 F3 A2 C2

- Pull back. Click on the right side of the piano keys.

- Play the left lampshade keys (coloratura):    E6 A5 B5 C5 E5 B4 C5 G4 C4

A secret compartment opens. Take the cat sunburst token.

If you play the piano enough times, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Celebratory Dinner:

Review the second to the last page of Hallowell's journal.

With a Celebratory Dinner, an elegant nine course meal serf with perfect etiquette. I bid the last of them farewell.

Text message (sometime):    See a picture of Izzy and Corine.

Victorian Dinner display case:    Go to the display case across the door of the library.

See that the Menu card of am 1871 Celebratory Dinner was checked out by Leela Yadav.

Text message (sometime):    Read a denial mail by Izzy.

Leela:    Go to Rec room and talk to Leela.

She will give the 1871 dinner menu if you beat her in a game.

Choose the game you want to play and beat Leela.         

Pick up the menu.

Izzy:    Talk to Izzy in the library.

Victorian Menu:    Go to the computer. Do a search using Menu as the search word.

See that Formal Victorian Dining: The Right Fork for the Menu by Demetria Espinoza was checked out by Rachel Hubbard.

Rachel:    Go to Rachel's bedroom and talk to her about the book.

She is using the book right now. But if Nancy gets her math notebook from Mel, she can work on that while she loans you the Menu book.

Mel:    Go to Mel's bedroom and ask about the math notebook. Mel left it in the library.

Library:    Look around for the notebook.

Lost and Found:    Look at the Lost and Found drawer left of the reception counter.

There is numeric lock and MMDCXLI is etched on the wood.

If you need help in translating the Roman numerals, check the book displayed on the reception counter.

Look close at the lock. Enter the translated MMDCXLI = 2641.

Take the calculus notebook.

Rachel:    Go to Rachel and give her the calculus notebook.

Take the Formal Victorian Dining: The Right Fork for the Menu book.

Read the book and learn the different fork, spoon and knife used in a Victorian Menu.

Take a student ID card at page 41 of the book.

Using the Formal Victorian Dining book, find out the flatware used in the 1871 Celebratory Menu.

Menu Flatware
Oysters 1 Seafood fork
Consommé 2 Soup spoon
Terrapin 3 Terrapin fork
Fillet of Beef 4 Steak knife
Sorbet 5 Egg spoon
Roast Spring Chicken 6 Game knife
Cheese 7 Cheese fork
Vanilla Ice Cream 8 Ice Cream spoon
Sugared Oranges 9 Orange-fruit spoon
Coffee 10 Demitasse spoon

Open the Celebratory Dinner display cabinet using the key taken from the snack shop storage closet.

Pull down-click the flatware as shown on the chart in the order used during the 1871 Celebratory Menu.

Take the gorilla sunburst token.

Casper the albino squirrel:

Time to sleep:   

Go to Nancy and Corine's bedroom. Talk to Corine.

Set the clock in the cell phone to alarm at 6AM.

Casper the albino squirrel:    In the middle of the night, Nancy is awakened by a tapping noise.

See Casper with the sunburst token in his mouth.

Open the window and climb out to follow Casper.

Nancy wants an expert tree climber to show her the best way to climb the tree.

Climb the branches used by the resident expert tree climber - Casper.

There are 3 tree climbing puzzles to get to Casper's hole.

Click on the branches in the same order that Casper used.

Click on the hole and take the bug sunburst token.

Junior low part of tree Senior low part of tree
Junior middle part of tree Senior middle part of tree
Junior top part of tree Senior top part of tree


Chanters:    Hear chanting. Nancy looks down and sees 6 black gowned chanters and one blue gowned chanter.

Climb down and go back to the room. Exit the bedroom; go down the stairs and outside.

Go to the base of the oak tree. Pick up a ribbon-barrette from the ground.

Go back to the bedroom and set the alarm again to early morning.

Wake up:    The alarm goes off and the cell phone falls on the floor.

Look under the desk beside Nancy's bed.

Take the cell phone, the second Black Cat note sent to Danielle and tile.

Pick up the Black Cat note for Nancy slipped under the door.

Talk to Corine about the barrette.

Mel:    Go to Mel's bedroom and ask her about the barrette.

Learn about the Blackwood Society that started 2 years after the school was founded.

Text message (sometime):    Read a message sent to Becca-Nancy about the Poe book and Izzy's bedroom.

Izzy and Leela's bedroom:    Go to the locked door across Rachel's bedroom.

Knock on the door. No one is inside.

Use the student ID card on the lock of the door. Enter and look around.

See the athletic equipments by the bed at left. Check what is under the dumbbells.

Missing Poe book:    Take the missing book by Edgar Allan Poe: The Black Cat.

Open the book. See a list of stories written by Poe with dates after the titles and 4 sunbursts on top of the list.

Desk:    Go to the desk and check out Izzy's picture. Turn it over by clicking again.

Take the key behind the picture. Check out Jacob's picture.

Izzy's trunk:    Go to the foot of Izzy's bed and look close at the trunk.

Use the key just taken on the trunk. Examine the contents and see the blue gown of the leader of the chanters.

Find the words to the chant:    Go down to the library.

Talk to Izzy about the chant. Three is fine but five is more. Even nineteen defeats four. Should just seven become lore, at least two will find the door.

Snack time:    Time to do the daily opening of the snack shop.


Review the raven page of Hallowell's journal.

Close observation of the wedge tail, large bill, shaggy breast ruff and elegantly long primary feathers lead to a wondrous conclusion. Reconstruction of these United States will lead to an even more wondrous conclusion but that is a subject for an altogether classroom.

Set the alarm:    Time to look around at night. Set the alarm to 11 PM.

Classroom:    Wake up at 11 PM. Exit the room and go down the stairs.

Go forward to the locked double door at the hallway before the snack -Rec room.

Use the student ID card on the lock of the door. Enter the classroom and turn right.

Raven:    See the raven on the post by the door.

Based on Hallowell's journal; press the tail, bill, breast and primary feathers.

Easter egg:  Press the eye 3 times, the wing 2 times, tail 1 time. (Thanks family!)

Map:    Uh Oh! The map tiles drops off.

Reconstruct the map now that the Oklahoma tile found under Nancy's desk at the bedroom is taken.

Place the coast states first and then work inland.

If done correctly, the raven turns and a secret compartment is seen.

Be sure to take a picture of the map.

Take the raven sunburst token from the raven's secret compartment.

Rachel:    See Rachel with a snack tray. Nancy follows Rachel to her bedroom.

Use the student ID card to open the locked door. Enter the room and see a secret door close.

Go to the left wall by the window.

Star line puzzle:    See lines with starts at each junction.

The object of the puzzle is to light up the stars without crossing over an existing line.

The reset button is at bottom left.

Click on star at right or left of the button at the center.

Enter the secret passage to the attic. Meet Rachel and Kim. Learn about the Black Cat notes.

The next day:

Snack Shop:    Open the snack shop today.

Library computer:    Read the homepage and see a blizzard warning.

4 starburst tokens:

Cellar:    Go outside to the cellar door. Enter the cellar and turn on the lights.

Starburst panel:    Look close at the slats with starburst indents.

The 4 starburst tokens are automatically in 4 of the indents.

Easter Egg (Thanks, catsmom!): Place the starburst on the slat that has 4 indents.

From top to bottom:     Cat, bug, gorilla and raven.

See the slats fall of revealing an Easter Egg. Take the cat Easter Egg.

Pull back and continue with regular puzzle.

The object of the puzzle is to place the tokens at the correct indents.

Remember that there is a drawing of Black Cat and words - Other Poe Stories at the last page of Rita Hallowell's journal. It must be another clue.

Review the list of Poe Stories written on the Black Cat and other Poe Stories book page.

There are 17 starburst indents on the wall.

There are 17 Poe stories written on the book.

There are dates beside the stories. Using your own game notes, arrange the stories in chronological order.

Then note the chronological number of:

The Black Cat, The Murders in the Rue Morgue (that has a notation 'The ape did it' in the book), The Raven and The Gold Bug.

Place the respective tokens in those indents.

- The gorilla token on the 6th indent.

- The bug token on the 13th indent.

- The cat token on the 14th indent.

- The raven token on the 15th indent.

A compartment is seen when the slats fall off. Open the box. Take the cellar plan and the portrait of Rita Hallowell and Usher the cat.

Hallowell and Usher picture:    Take a picture of Rita Hallowell and Usher. That is the last of the Waverly icon pictures.

Study the cellar plan and see that there is a room behind the old furnace.

Waverly iconic pictures:

Time upload the pictures to be checked. Go to the library computer. Click the USB box to attach the camera.

Click on Waverly icon and then About Us. Select Why Waverly? at left bar.

Download the pictures:    Hollowell and Usher; the US map, Oak tree, Arch of the Ramsey Hall door, wood inlayed emblem and the trophy.

Rachel:     Go to Rachel's room and talk to her. She's happy about the pictures of the icons.

Now she wants the paper written by Corine uploaded on the Pen to Paper on the website.

Exit the room.

Corine's paper:

Text message (sometime):    The message states that the Black Cat has bitten Izzy Bad.

Corine:    Talk to Corine about the paper. She wants a snack first.

On the way out of the room, see the second Black Cat note slipped under the door.

Snack shop:    Open the snack shop.

Go back and give the snack sack to Corine. Take the stick drive with the essay from the desk.

Library computer:    Go to the library computer. Use the stick drive on the USB box.

Click on the Waverly icon and then Academics. Click on the top right frame about winner of the Pen to Paper award. Click on download.

On the main page, open the preview folder of the essay. Read Corine's paper. So the last works of Poe disappeared.

Izzy:    Talk to Izzy and find out that her paper is gone from her computer. She is definitely upset.

Rachel:    Talk to Rachel in her room. They did not send the second Black Cat note. Hmmm...

Corine:    Go back to the bedroom. Corine is not here.

Check her desk. Check the paper under the drafting papers and triangular ruler. See Izzy's password and steps to reformatting. Ah... Corine sabotaged Izzy's computer and erased her paper.

Check under the papers with the straight ruler. See a note about Cellar.


Go outside to brave the blizzard and enter the cellar door. Turn on the lights. Look around the cellar.

Furnace:    Go to the old furnace at the corner. Hear a noise.

Plan:    Pick up the missing modern plan right of the furnace door.

Automatically, Nancy compares that plan with the plan taken from the box with Hallowell's picture. A room is behind the furnace.

The modern plan has the label 'Dupin' and the levers of the furnace are numbered.

Last page of Hallowell's journal:    Behind the Dupin grate, the black wood's chant shall someday reveal what history deemed lost, but only after someone's dogged curiosity and capacity for clear thought have proved that person to be worthy.

The Blackwood Society chant as recited by Izzy:   

Three is fine but five is more. Even nineteen defeats four. Should just seven becomes lore, at least two will find the door.

Furnace plan:    Study the Dupin numbered levers in the modern plan.

Turn the levers based on the Blackwood chant. A reset button is on the wall at right.

Turn the levers:    3 5 19 4 7 2. The grate opens.


Treasure:    See the Black Cat with the unpublished Edgar Allan Poe book - the treasure Rita Hallowell hid.

The Black Cat takes the book and leaves Nancy locked in the cellar. The furnace door is closed.

Look at the pedestal's top and the stepping block triggers the swinging axe. The Pit and the Pendulum.

Colored stones and plate puzzle:    Look at the mechanism on top of the stone pedestal.

There are 4 outside plates with varying shaped holes.

The center plate is filled with colored stones of varying shapes.

The aim of the puzzle is to drop all the colored stones from the central plate.

Each outside plate with holes when placed under the central colored stones plate and the handle pulled triggers the removal of the stones of similar shape.

- Click an outside plate so that it goes under the central plate.

- Pull the gold handle at bottom of the central plate to release the stones.

- Do this until all stones are dropped out of the central plate.

Click on bottom right outside plate. Pull gold handle.

Click on top left outside plate. Pull gold handle.

Click on top right outside plate. Pull gold handle.

Click on bottom left outside plate. Pull gold handle.

Exit the cellar. Watch what happens to the Valedictorian candidates and the Black Cat.

Be sure to watch the outtakes after the credits.


See you in Trail of the Twister!

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