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Game    : NiBiRu

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Section 1.---------- Sections

        A.---------- Updates

            B.---------- Disclaimer

Section 2.---------- Game play

        a.---------- Shortcuts

Section 3.---------- The Story

Section 4.---------- Walkthrough

Section 5.---------- FAQ's

Section 6.---------- Characters

Section 7.---------- Items

Section 8.---------- Puzzle Solutions  

Section 9.---------- Suggestions for helpfile/game.

Section 10.--------- Contact Info

Section 11.--------- Credits

Section 12.--------- Copyrights




Jan 11 08 Started the FAQ for this one.  Shouldn't take long.

Version 1.0(Finished with the whole Walkthrough part on Jan 19 08.

A week and a day later.  Would have been sooner but I wasn't playing non-stop)




This FAQ is meant for PRIVATE USE ONLY This FAQ may not be redistri-

buted for profit by anyone!!!  Or put on any other site that is not listed in

the allowed site or does not have permission to use it.  If you email me to

ask, I might allow it.(If you get plenty of hits per day, let me know, I will

probably allow it then :D)




Main Menu.


New Game: Starts a new game.

Save Game: Saves the current game.

Load Game: Loads the selected game state.

Options:  Turn on antialiasing, Sound volume and Shadows, and turn

on or off subtitles(on is good, you won't miss nothing spoken,

because you can read it then at the bottom.)

Credits: Read the list of creators

Quit: Exit the Game


Cursor Types:

Ways out of screens are shown as doors and if you hit the tab button

it will show them.


In the top right corner when you put the mouse in it a "gears" icon

will appear, this is the go back to the main menu way once in game


Certain things will also be a close up shot of an item, in the bot-

tom right corner is a circle with a triangle is the out of this

screen button.


The regular Cursor is a silver magnifying glass: This is how you


This is also how you find items, things you can check(or pick up)

this same cursor will be gold instead.


In the Item area(on the bottom of the screen).  If you have a lot of

items, you can use the buttons on the left and right side to scroll


A "Chat" symbol over a person means you can talk with them, Just about

all the people you see can be talked too.




Will need to find if this game has any...


---------------------------[3]The Story----------------------------


You are an archeology student named Martin Holan, in contact with

an uncle to examine a WWII tunnel once occupied by the Germans in

Bohemia.  Discovered while making a Highway

The uncle believes that this tunnel has a connection to NiBiRu, the

12th planet in this system, and you are to contact a friend of his

uncle in Prague, only to find that something is wrong...




You start out watching a bit of a cutscene... You and your uncle are

at your uncles house, and he starts out telling you of NiBiRu and of

the project the Nazis were trying to do to find out the mystery of

the NiBiRu story.  He tells you to meet a contact in Prague.




-Charles Bridge-

Then you are on the bridge in Prague that was said to be where you were

supposed to meet, but you arrive late, and the girl Barbora is not

to be found.  So instead of contacting her, you get to go and find

some stuff out about her, so begins the finding stuff, you will see

a painter with picture that he is working on.  Go talk to him, he will

be talked to a few times, He will talk about some junk most of the

time.  But the last two times he will discuss Barbora, and the guy

that was watching her, then the last time you talk about the guy

and buy his *Picture*, then you go and check the statue up a bit from

the stand, right click it and he will check closer and find a *Note

from Barbora*.  Right click it to read it, then right click your

cell phone to talk your uncle.  He will tell you where she lives, and

you move to that location.


-Barbora's Apartment Complex-

Click on the entry to the house, then click on the little button

area next to the door, this brings up a doorbell ringing area(the

door is locked)ring Barbora's twice, then ring five other bells(it

doesn't matter which the fifth one will let you in) once in the

building go check the far set of mail boxes under the light, by

right clicking them it will tell you which flat is Barbora's. 

Then go into the elevator, once on the second floor ring the door

bell twice, then knock on the door.  You will say "I need to find

another way in." Then go up the attic steps that door is locked. 

Go Back down the elevator, and right click on the message board by

the entrance.  You will see a message that wasn't seen before it gives

the location of the attic *Key*(up behind the clipboard by the fire

extinguisher.) Then click on the key in the inventory, and click on

the door, and go up.


-The Attic-

This area starts out dark, you will find the switch by the door just

move your cursor around on the characters left hand side of the door

until the cursor turns gold.  Click to turn on the light, now to col-

lect some loot.  You should see a *Rag* right by your feet, pick that

up, then move to the *Rope*, then go over to the wardrobe, and click

on the bricks below it(I didn't see it the first few minutes of play

but it's under the front left side.) This will make the thing fall

then you will say "Something rolled into this hole." and try to take

it.  You will say "ouch" and not do it.  Then you have to click on it

again, then you will get a *Marble*.  Now note that a window was be-

hind that wardrobe... Take that rag that you have, and click on it,

then the window and he will break it.  It don't break all the way,

so do it again, then you notice that you can click on the beam.  Well

click on the rope, then click on the beam, you will put it around the

beam, and out the window.  Then climb down the window...


-Barbora's  Apartment-

You get knocked out, but awaken soon afterwards, to find the apartment

in ruins.  You will see a *Purse* on the ground go and pick it up. 

the right click on it and you will get a *ID* out of it.  Now go into

the bathroom, to find a horrid scene, the body of Barbora in the tub...

and her very good and faithful pet cat on the chair, Right click the

cat, and you will pet him and see that his name is felix.  Now go back

out, see that computer by the window, go look at it, it will ask for a

password(a little hint about the faithful pet part) the password is the

cats name.  You will check her computer.


-Central City Archive-

You start out here in front of the building, click on a location

near the building but not on the building.  You then zoom in to the

building more, walking into the building.  Talk to the guard until

you say "He won't let me in".  Then go out of the building twice

meaning out of the first section then out of the park like area.

(we'll come back later-now head down to the part that says Bureau


-Central Inside the Archives-

Down the elevator...downstairs, go over to the door across from

the elevator.. use the Barbora's ID on the Key Access thing next

to the door.


-Outside of the Building-

Back we are again..

Now, go towards the entrance, go towards the old man, talk to him if

you haven't yet and then light a firecracker, his birds will go away, and

he will then talk to you.  He tells you he worked in the Archive building

and that the guard is his son..  He then tells you that he will help you

if you help him, he is going to a poker game, and wishes to bring some wine..

Back to the bureau side.. Get some *Wine* from the kiosk, then ask

the Bum for one of his *Bottles*, and put the wine from the box in

the bottle.  Now give it to the Old Man.  He will give you his *ID*

card... Now to the building again.


-Barbora's Office-

Enter the office, now in here they put a few items that you don't need

to inspect, you can anyways.  Check the flowers by right clicking on

them, you will discover a *Key*.  Now turn to the desk, Here they put

a lot of things to look at, one is the cats upside-down picture(Hmmm...

Another hint maybe.)Right click the picture, and you will move it, and

pick up a *Pencil Sharpener*.  Then click on the pencil holder, to get

a *Pencil*.  Click on the pencil then the pencil sharpener, to sharpen

it.  Now click the pencil on the pad of paper.  That will give you a *code*

Now open drawer with the key, and get the *The Stamper*.  Then Click out of

that screen, and click on the computer.  Note how the cats picture was

kind of strange, well try that name:D not exactly an answer but it should

be kind of obvious..Once found you print something out, then you use the

Stamper on that printout.  Now go back out, go to that machine next to the

Elevator, and use The ID on it then use the pad of paper on it and you will

get some documents out of it.  Now you can leave this building. 


-Central City Bureau Side-

First thing to do is go to the left near the Kiosk, and peek down

the subway area, you will be surprised by *FireCrackers*.  A little girl

has dropped them at you... You then tell her off, and ask her for a

trade... You trade her that Marble for the firework.  Now talk to the

Kiosk Chic... you then buy some *Matches* from her, (While here talk to

the bum, who was woken by the firecracker) he wishes to have some

*Smokes*, go back to the Kiosk and buy some, then give them to him. 

Now you go back to the Archive side again... :D

(You go back to this side again too:D!!-Now go back up to the Outside of

the building area.)


-Central City in the Bureau-

Now go back to the entry area of the Bureau area.  Once in the office

Talk to the secretary.  She won't let you in and has forms that take

two days to officialize(but of course a way around will present itself)

Once you talk to her, talk again, and she will give you a *call card*. 

Then talk to her again, about the forms that you stamped.  Now go back

out and talk to the bum about her.  He will tell you that the car at

the corner of the street is hers.  He doesn't know the license plate

so you go over and check it, then you use your phone to call her desk,

calling her with a rather strange excuse to get her out, but you do then,

you go in after the cut scene, and then go in and talk to the director of

the Bureau, get the papers signed.  Off you go cutscene to the Mines.




-Mines(by day)-

Auto talking to the guard at the entrance, and the Major.  After a while

they allow you in.  Go talk to the major twice, also try to peek at the map. 

Then look at the majors door, and get yelled at.  Then head out of the screen

and back in to talk to the Corp.  Then head to the next scene, and click on

the mushrooms and the light post.  Now you get to talk to Petr, Now you can

also talk to Petr about the Mines, the trailers, and the Major.  Talk about

all of them then go check on the cabin to the back of the trailer.  Now go

further towards the mine and bug that guard..:D  And then talk about the mine.

He is very strict... Then talk about the permission that you have.  Now go back

to talk to Petr about the cabin, and the mine, then talk again about the mine.

You and Petr make a scheme to get in.  This will make it turn night after you

tell yourself what’s going on. 


-Mines (by Night)-

Go into the Trailer that’s open, Pick up the *Can Opener*, the *Cans of Beans*

and right click the coat to get a *Paper* out of it as well.  Now just go

to all the scenes, when you go to the mine you won't go very far and auto-

matically turn back around.  So go back to the first screen and the Corp will

automatically have you walk towards him and talk to you.  Then you can see if

he would take a break (The chair symbol in the items list) he doesn't but you

have to ask.  Then talk about the lights... then you talk about the Cabin, go

out of the screen and back to it and do another auto talk, the corporal is

hungry... (hmmm beans and maybe something special) now go collect a *Mushroom*.

Then light the stove in the trailer with the matches, Open the beans with the

opener and then put the Mushrooms in it and cook the beans and mushrooms. 

Give it to the corporal and leave, and go all the way to the trailer scene.

Then come back and the corp. will go and have a problem, leaving the Majors

tent unwatched.  Right click the uniform of the major to get some *Keys* and

then take a *Walkie Talkie*.  Now on to the locked cabin, pick up the *Hammer*,

*Toolbox* and the *Rope*.  Now right click on the box to open it and get a

*Hand Oiler*,*String*,*Screwdriver*,*Flashlight*and *Wrench*.  Use the screw-

Driver on the lid and a Phone will go off in a locker now use the hammer on

the lock.  Oh No... It’s a body, right click and it's Petr... Now go back to

the generator and hit the button twice, once it will hit just the inside the

trailer lights the next time the outside ones go out... Now for some cutscenes


-Inside the Mines-


-First Corridor-

Go and click on the *Rod* in the barrel twice.  Then use the Wrench on it, and

go to the left.  Click on the "Cave-in" twice, and then click on the Rod and click

on the cave in again.  Now click on "Crevice", and then click on the flash-

light and then click on the crevice.  Click on the *Pin* then right click on

that same spot to get *Keys*.  (They like using a lot of Keys in this game)

Now go down the right side of the opening cave, they put an item called a

*Cramp* in the wall under the light by the left corridor, go get it out of

the wall.  The go down that corridor, and check that little hole on the right

side of the screen it's kind of hard to see, but if you look under the light and

around all the rivets on that side you should be able to find it, it will show

as "opening" now check that.  Now use the cramp on the "heap of earth" below

the opening.  You will get a *Wheel* now put the wheel in the opening and turn

it.  Then you will get a *Hook* from the crates chain.  Now go to the right

corridor and click on the water twice, then click the flashlight and click on

the water again.  Now click the rope and then click on the hook to make an

*Anchor*.  Then use this on the *Can of Oil*, now go further down the corridor.

Click on the area that says mechanism.  Open the middle area and put the keys

into it.  Now try to move the left side thing twice, and try to use the hand

oiler on it.  Now fill the oiler with the oil, and use it on the mechanism. 

Then turn all the things to make the Nazi symbol.


-Second Corridor-

The next area is dark, and the flashlight burns out, but you discover a lamp

click on it twice, now light it.  Now click on the generator, and we get to

start it up, first click on the first valve wheel.  Now try the next one, it's

stuck then oil it, it's still stuck, now try the wrench, now it works fine. 

Now go and click on the lever above the rotating part.  Go to the left corridor

in the next scene.  Click on the door, and then use the keys on it.  Go and pick up

a bottle of *Kerosene* off the shelf on the right hand side and pick up a

*Light Bulb* from the boxes.  From the back shelf pick up a *Test Tube*, then

use the cramp on the case that lay in the floor in the middle.  Then pick up

some *Dynamite*, go out of this area, and cross to the other corridor, and open

the locked door, then use the key, it breaks in the lock.  Now go back to the

other room, and click on the battery to flip it on its side, then fill a test

tube with *Acid*.  Now go back to the other door and burn it with the acid.


-In the Archive-

On the guy’s right side left click and have a closer look at the archives.

Now click on the paper from the guys pocket and click on the drawer that it

matches.  Now click the Documents to get a *Case*, then right click it to get

some *Magnets*.  Now go further down the archives, put the light in the one

that is burnt out.  Now go to the table, and Collect the *Ruler*,*Box*.  Sorry

I missed this item somehow. You find a *Magnifying Glass* on the table outside

the secret room on the shelf. Now go check the Groove in the floor, then click

on the cabinet to reveal a secret wall.  Click on it, and then click on the cramp

and click on the wall to reveal a crevice.  Now put the dynamite in it, the

fuse is a bit short, so go over and get another dynamite and pull the *Fuse*

out of it (by right clicking it).  Now light it, Oh no... it didn't make much of

a dent.  Now the creators had some ingenuity... put the ruler together with

the box, then open the other can of beans and put them in the *Rat Trap* you

made, now go back to the entrance hall.  Underneath the sign you will see a

hole, place the trap in front of it by clicking on the rat hole.  Then leave

the area, when you go back you will see a rat get caught.  Go pick it up, and

right click on the box to get the *Rat*.  Now go get another piece of dynamite,

and put the rat on it... (I know very strange) then put the *Dynamite/Rat* in

the hole and blow it up... 


-Secret Room-

Hit the switch (after he gets done talking) and now go get the *Journal* off

the table (I suggest reading it now because the Scientist reads it and its

really long, once you've read it yourself I suggest you keep clicking to get

him to read through it faster...) and also pick up the *Iron*

(for now that's all)Now go down the hall to the main halls, and go up the one

that is going up, click on that little triangle thing on the left side of the

hallway.  Then put those small magnets on it.  (As long as they all fit, it

seems that any combination will do.) 


-Back from the Elevator Area-

Once you find them, use the key you found from the drain, on that hole in the

secret room.  Use the numbers you found on the journal to open it.  Now get

the *Statue* from the safe, and leave.  You will be attacked sort of then a cut

scene where you throw the statue to the guy because he puts a gun to you. 

Except as he goes for it you click on the lever thingy next to the door by you

and knock him out... (Next area :D)


-Down the Elevator-

Click on the table to get a *Magnet*, then use the string on the magnet.  Now

use that on the drain area to get a *Key*.  Now click on the burner, then use

the fuel on the burner, light it and then take the *Heated Iron.  Now use the

Magnifying Glass on the journal then you can use the Heated Iron on it.  (I

thought my game was glitched what a relief) These numbers will be put in the

Puzzle Solution Section (for those who can't find it or it doesn't work.)-Now

you go back to the secret room.




-Hotel at Night-

Enter the Hotel, and talk to the old guy at the desk.  Now ring the bell, and

take the *Matches* off the desk.  Now you leave the building for a few minutes

and click the matches to get the front desk number and use that phone booth

you will claim to be the guy the old guy was talking about and are cancelling

your reservation.  Now go back in, you get a room.  Now go up and in your room.

Then you are done, now go back down stairs...  You call your uncle, and will be

visiting him as well.  Now go outside, and go to the southwest exit side. (Read

under Fisherman’s Wharf first you'll come back to Hotel at Day after a little



-Hotel at Day Outside-

Go down the Alley and talk to the beggar then go and try to grab the staircase.

then go back and click on the beggars Stick.  Now talk to the beggar and see if

you can borrow her stick.  Now you go and talk to the guy in the buffet window.

Buy a *Hotdog/w mustard* on it and give it to the old lady, what's this, the

lady don't want it :( She wants one with ketchup on it, but the guy doesn't

sell them this way.  So you buy a *Plain Dog*, and then find some *Ketchup* in

the Hotel lobby on the reception desk then put that on it.  Now give it to the

Beggar, and she will give you her *Stick*.  Now go grab the Stairs with it.


-Hotel at Day Inside-

Starting in the top floor, go down a flight. Enter your room pick up the *Vase*

and then go and unplug the lamp, and throw the water at the outlet to short

out your room.  Now go and click on the door at the end of the hallway.  Then

talk to the maintenance person.  Keep talking till he goes into the room.  Pick

up the *Keys*  and go into the closet.  Pick up the *Broom* and *Diluter* and

the *Rag* by the stool and boxes.  Now put the rag on the broom and then

soak it with the diluter on it and light it, to have him automatically put it

up against the sensor.  Now go down and pick up the key to room 32.  Go back

up to the second floor, and right click the bed.  Click the suitcase, this

suitcase is nice, it lets you know which numbers are the ones that are right.

You have to listen closely for a click and it will be right.  (Answer is the

same I believe and will be put in the Puzzle Solutions Area) --- Off to Mexico


-Fishing Wharf-

Now you get to help the fishermen, load up crates its automatic, (but you

chose to do it happily or not...) Then you go get to visit your uncle, and talk

to him.



You get an *Envelope* in the cutscene right click it once you’re out of the cut

scene.  When you go back you get found out... another cutscene...  and they

cuff you, and (omg a timer) give you 60 seconds to get the *Knife* and use it

on that red button next to you it opens a secret area that rolls a barrel or

something at the table that has what's going to kill you and takes it out...

Then use the pin on the cuffs, to get out of them.  Then climb the ladder in

the middle of the room (it's on the beam/post if you’re not sure)



You get worried about your uncle after this, and go to his house to find the

police there.  (Oh no...) You get through the gate, to find a detective further

on, he talks a bit, then you show him the *Letter* from your uncle, they think

it was a suicide, but this proves it's not.  Now enter the house you will see a

*Pyramid* on the table, go pick it up, and then go to the bookcase area.  Go and

left click on the bust and then pick up the *Hour Glass*, then break it with

the *Knife* to get a *Key*.  Notice that poster  it says Tikal right...  when

you click the bust a safe is shown.  Go put the numbers of the word Tikal

according to how it is on a phone.  Oh no, when opened the statue that was in

it is gone!! :(.  Use the *Key* in the *Pyramid* to get a *Old Mayan Map*. 

When you’re done with that, check the messages on the telephone.--Back to the

Hotel :)( Read Hotel Day Outside section)




-Town at Night-

Go check George's, he isn't there he's at rosies.  Now go down the alley and

talk to the bouncer.  He wants to talk to Isabella, so you go talk to her

mother.  In return for Isabella talking to him, you need to get the mothers

husband to give her some money.  He's the drunk on the bench, so go and get

that *Bowl* by the fountain.  Fill it up with *Bowl/Water* from the fountain

and give him a good soaking.  He doesn't have anymore, so you end up giving

her some of yours. :D  Now talk to the bouncer again, he didn't tell you about

the admittance *Chip*.  Go bug the drunk again and get one from him. 


-Rosie’s Bar-

Talk to the bartender about George, a Tequila and the bar.  Then Go talk to

George.  This is it for this part



He puts two temples on the Map for you.  After you get the Statue go back in to

ask for the jeep.  (More stuff later)


A bit later...:)-Town at Dusk-

Now you get some Tools from him.  They are, *Bag*, right click to get *Rope,

lantern lighter and Hammer* Back to the Temple...


-Town at Day-

Talk to the Stall keeper by Isabella’s house.  You get a *Stone Statue*


-Temple of Dawn-

Go talk to the Tourist he gives you a *Camera*.  Go to the Archaeological site

to the right.  Then talk to both people, they both say a lot and you can talk

to them about multiple things.  You hatch a plan with the one digging to get

into the temple later.  When done go to the temple side (over to the left two

screens)  and then put that stone statue you bought in the *Statue* on the right

in the front of the building.  Then grab the one out of the left side. (Click-

ing on it twice.)   Then go in and talk to Paul, you do this twice and ask a

favor to take a picture the second time.  Now go back to the Arch Site, and

talk to the Arch on the steps about the *Scraps*, and then deliver them back to

Paul.  Then take a picture for the Tourist, and he will give you another

*Statue*.  Now go in to the Ruin, put the statues in those openings around that

big circle.  Then push that circle, and immediately SAVE THE GAME!!  Now for

the most difficult part of the entire game!! You will at least the first time

or two need a definite help for this.  A puzzle that is very complex and if you

screw up, forget going out and starting over unless you have a save of it right

before you started.  NO RESET BUTTON... FYI I have one of the many solutions

to it below in the solutions area (Thanks to drdel for letting me use it:D)) if

you follow it very very closely you will be fine.  Pause for a second while I

do the puzzle myself:D.  I screwed up at the very very end:D be careful, after

you get that done a box will open by the steps and reveal a *Prism* go and take



Back to the Temple area again!!

Talk to Pedro, he opens the secret area in the floor, put the prism on the top

of the pedestal, and open the little flap behind the pedestal.  Pedro stands on

a stone that was revealed, now go and pick up a *Stone* and put it on a second

one of them that was revealed.  Then you stand on the third.  Now the floor

opens under the statue that Pedro was messing with, a slight argument occurs,

then you go and put the rope on the statue that moved.  Then go down when you

get down there light the lantern, and he will put it on a table.  You can't go

anywhere just yet, they have another puzzle, right by the table, click on it to

try and solve.  (A solution will be available, but it's a somewhat straight

forward one) Once done the rest of the stairs will come up.  Go down the stairs

that just appeared light the torch on the wall (examine everything).  Now go up

and talk to Pedro to get a *Waterbucket*.  Now pour the water into the bowl

under the head, and put the Hammer in the opening next to it.  Oops... that did

not quite work did it... A crack appears at the base, back up you go to get

another bucket of water, and some plaster.  Right click on the plaster, to get

it and put a little water in it.  Now plaster the hole, and then fill the bowl

(No rhyme was intended).  Then go up and get a third bucket of water (Pedro is

so pleased to hear this..:D)  Now go back down once more... pour the water, and

hit the lever.  Go through the door...hhmmm. Where have we seen these dashes

and dots before (Not Braille...)


This part may be confusing, but right click the map you got.  Then switch to

the back by clicking on the arrow at the top right-hand corner.  Mayan math. 

Basically, add the blocks on either side of the statue together by rows...and

then multiply it as shone on the back of the map (those are the numbers used)

you should get 2004, I'll show you exactly how in the solutions part.  But...

only three numbers?!  You have the last two... a 0 and a four... but, how to

get the 20 to fit, I'm not exactly sure how this is figures still but it's

going to be a 5.  So now click on the little switch looking thing in the front

of the pedestal and put the numbers 5 0 4... or ___ o .... from top to bottom...

The Statues at the entry will turn the other way.  Take the statues, and go

back to Pedro.  Auto talk a bit...Then you automatically go to White Bears once



-Town at Dusk-

A kid starts talking to you, and has a message for you.  Oh no...  Go back to

the bar, it's the Old Guy from Fishers Wharf!! The Scientist from the JOURNAL!

Now you go to see White Bear.  Get in the Jeep, and go to White Bears. 


-White Bear-

(Cutscene of White Bear)

Now go and talk to George again. (Read back a bit up at the Georges part)

(After collecting the Three Statues another Cutscene with White Bear.)


-Last Temple-

Oh no... Another Puzzle...  Very simple though, Start by sliding the Top Middle

one over, and the middle one up.  Now put the *Amulet* in the.  Again it may

be easy to figure out if not a Solution will be provided...Enter the temple and

place the statues in the "Monoliths", they will glow when the correct one is

where it's supposed to be...  Guess what, you did it... Now watch the two ending

cutscenes...:D (I'M NOT SPOILING IT:D)








*These people you can talk to.


Martin Holan-This is you


Francois de Vilde*-Your uncle


Barbora Kánská-The contact in Prague


Painter*-A bystander that gives you information, and a picture


Guard*-He blocks you from entering the Archives


Old Man*-He gives you his ID to enter the Archives


Little Girl*-She throws a firecracker at you, and gives you another

one, in exchange for a marble


Kiosk Lady*-She gives you Matches, Smokes, and Wine


Bum*-he gets woken up by the firecrackers, you buy him smokes.

and he gives you a bottle, and information on the secretary.


Secretary*-Must have the proper forms, and wait two days to talk to

her boss ;), you get her call card


Director of the Bureau*-Talk to him to get your permission signed

to enter the Mine.


Corporal*-he gets hungry eventually and you feed him. 


Major*-He won't let you go in the mine-during the day that is


Guard*-He won't let you in the mine either will he.. ;)




Buffet Owner*


Old Guy at Counter in Hotel*


Hotel Desk Clerk*


Bum in Mexico*






Isabella's Mother*






Bar Tender*


Stall Keeper*










Little Boy*






Started with this


Cell phone




You collect this from the bridge,

*sketch of guy*

*Note from Barbora*


Apartment Complex



The Attic














*Guards ID*


*Bottled Wine*


Barbora's Office



*Pencil sharpener*





*Call Card*




Camp-Night Only


*Can Opener*




-Mostly from the Cabin-


*Heated Can of Beans and Mushrooms*


*Walkie Talkie*





-From toolbox-

*Hand Oiler*






First Corridor








*Can of Oil*

*Filled Hand Oiler*


Second corridor


*Test Tube*

*Light Bulb*

3*Dynamites*-2 are used 1 you pull a fuse out of








*Magnifying Glass*


*Rat Trap*




Secret Room





Down the Elevator area






Hotel(At Night)



Fisherman's Wharf



Uncles House


*Plane Tickets*


*Hour Glass*



*Old Mayan Map*


Hotel(At Day)

*Hot Dog w/Mustard*

*Hot Dog Plain*


*Janitors Keys*





*Ketchup*-in the Hotel for the Plain Dog

*Hot Dog w/Ketchup*




Town at Night


*Bowl w/water*

*Admittance Chip*


Town at Day



Temple at Day


*Statue Different from Town at Day statue*

*Statue Different from Town at Day statue*




Town at Night







White Bears



Temple at Night


*Waterbucket x 3*


*Right clicked Plaster*

*Plaster Mixed with Water*

*Third Statue(The ones that are actually being collected.)*



-----------------------[8]Puzzle Solutions-------------------------


Barbora's Home Computers password felix


Barbora's Office Computers password xilef


Safe in the Mines,


to the Right to 4

to the Left to 7

to the Right to 9

to the Left to 2

to the Right to 2


The Mansion Safe

Tikal is what is on the poster so that in numbers is




The Suitcase Numbers


the first one clicks at 3

middle clicks at 7

and the bottom clicks at 1



-The Mayan Marble Madness-


Solution by drdel:

At the start of the puzzle, save your game before you touch it.

In the close up you’ll see the balls arranged in four radial arms at clock

positions: 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. If you look at the little arrows at each

clock position, you’ll see which colors are to finally go on the arms: 12

o’clock = red; 3 o’clock =green; 6 o’clock =white; and 9 o’clock = yellow.

When you start, the balls are arranged from inside out on each arm as: white,

green, red and yellow. Obviously, you’re going to have to do some jiggling

to move the balls around so that there is one of each color in each ring in

the correct aspect to each other.  Keep the relationship of the colors to each

other in mind as you go, and think Rubik’s cube! That’s what gave me a clue to

finally solving this wretched little monster!  You’ll see there are four

rings, plus an outer ring with a ‘free’ spot, that you can temporarily park a

ball on. I labeled mine from center outward as 1R, 2R, 3R, 4R and OR (for

outer ring). All the rings move either clockwise or counter-clockwise with L

or R mouse clicks. Clicking on a ball will move it to an empty space. Clicking

on the empty space just moves that ring, so position your mouse carefully when

you’re clicking.


Here goes:


R click your OR to the 6 position. Click on each ball and move each one out-

ward. That leaves a slot on the 1R to move something into.

R click 1R. At 3 o’clock position move all the balls towards the center

R click OR to 3 position. Insert yellow ball into the 4R.

R click OR to 12 position. Move all balls outward.

R click 2R. At 12 position move red ball to center.

R click 3R. At 12 position move all the rest of the balls toward the center.

R click OR to 9 position. Move all balls outward.

R click 2R. At 9 position move yellow ball toward center.

L click 2R. At 12 position move red ball toward center. Move yellow ball down

to 3 R.

L click OR. Move yellow ball in to 4R.

R click OR. At 9 position move all balls outward.

R click 3R. Move one yellow ball in.

R click 4R. Move remaining yellow and the green balls in.

R click OR to 6 position. Move all balls outward.

L click 2R. At 6 position move the white ball in toward center.

R click 2R.

R click 3R. At 3 position move the green ball toward center.

L click 3R. Move all white balls in toward center.

L click OR to 9 position. Move green ball onto OR. Also, move 3R yellow ball

to 4R.

R click 4R. Move 4R yellow ball to 3R then L click 4R.

You should now have all yellow and white balls in their proper positions.


Now to fix red and green!

R click 3R. At 12 position move 3R red ball to 4R.

L click 3R. At 3 position move 2R green ball right to 3R.

L click 3R. At 3 position move 3R green ball to 2R.

R click 3R.

R click 4R. At 12 position move 4R red ball down to 3R.

L click 4R

R click OR x 2 and pop green ball onto its proper arm.


-------------[9]Suggestions for this document/and game-------------




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