NANCY DREW: Secrets Can Kill

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WARNING: This walkthrough will take you step by step through the entire game......leading you from the very beginning all the way to a happy ending!!



Begin the game by reading the letter on the table at Aunt Eloise's house.  Open the bottom right drawer of this table and take the phone calling card.  Enter the living room.


Open the books that are stacked on the small table and notice that the first letter for each of the plants is highlighted, spelling out a name.  (M I T C H)  Open the box on the coffee table.  Open the drawer to the right of the sofa.  Read the notepad, and read the card.  There are letters on the top of the card.  Make a NOTE of those letters/symbols.  You will need those shortly.  Get the TV/VCR remote control from the drawer and then close the drawer.  Open the book to the right of the TV.  Get the key from inside.  Use this key on the chest that sits on the floor to the right of the TV.  Get the quarter.  Exit the living room and return to the entry hall.


Click on the painting behind the table with the note from Aunt Eloise.  Open the safe by clicking on the letters/symbols you saw on the card from the living room.

 Take the key hanging on the door of the safe.  Open the box inside the safe (you must solve the flower puzzle).  Read the message inside the box.




Turn around after closing the safe and click on the front doors (you will see a 'turn around' arrow but you will EXIT the house).  Use the silver key from the safe on the front doors of Paseo Del Mar High School, and enter the building.


Inside the main doors, make a note of the layout of the building.  Become familiar with the directions to move from one area of contact to the next.  There is a map on the wall on the bulletin board.  Move down the hall and read the sign on the second bulletin board (sure are a lot of bulletin boards at this school!).

Fin dthem ornin gedit ion

Anddi scove ranot here rime,

Thean sweri sin blac kandwhi

Tow how illdot heti me.

Back off this bulletin board, turn right and go down the hall.  Turn slowly and click on the PINK message on the bulletin board in this hall.

In the face of danger

against a killer if you dare

a very unlikely couple

could be a helpful pair.

Move towards the gym.  Notice the eye chart.  Talk to Hulk Sanchez, the football player.  Ask him everything (Jake Rogers).  Turn from Hulk Sanchez and zoom in on the 3 bottom notes on the bulletin board by the gym.  Translate (reflections, backwards, upsidedown) the messages.


Use the silver key on the Library door.  Move to and zoom in on the library desk as you enter the door.  Note the highlighted words on the SAT sheet.  Move to the right and zoom in on the file drawers against the wall (thin drawers).  Note the two different word puzzles.  On the puzzle with the blue and green letters, solve the blue letters first (piece together the words), and then solve the green letters, creating a sentence.  Move around the library, carefully noting the encyclopedia's (Brail, etc.) and as many books as you can read.  Knowledge is retained in what you read!  Some of the book titles found throughout the Library are: Faces of Violence, Optical Illusions, The Zodiac and You, Protecting Manetees, Palmistry for All, Judo handbook, Boiler Operations (will come in handy towards the end of the game!), A Sign of the Times, Mysteries Dreams (coded/highlighted letters spelling out: DON'T RUN NANCY) etc.  In one of the books, the Sign Language book, you will note the sign language numbers that are highlighted are: 2, 3, and 5.  The letters in sign language that are highlighted are: A, E, J, K, spelling out JAKE.  These clues are helpful to enter Jake's locker later on.

Exit the Library and make your way back to Hulk Sanchez.  Talk to him again.  Then move around the building and enter the Student Union.  Talk to Hal Tanaka.  Again, as with Hulk, ask him everything you can.  Enter the next room and talk to Connie (by the magazine rack).  After speaking with Connie, note the phones on the wall.  Open the telephone book and notice that the Pharmacy phone number has been torn out.  Use your calling card, and call all three of your friends for advice.  The advice you are given at this point boils down to 3 objectives:  getting inside the Teacher's Lounge and on the main school computer, getting into the Maintenance room which leads to the basement, and finding a way to get inside Jake's locker.

Back in the Library, you should find a book about Kanji and the symbol that Connie wears around her neck.  The symbol stands for crane.  Again, return and speak with Hulk Sanchez.  You will find out that Hal Tanaka's locker is next to Jake's locker.  Talk to Hal and he tells you that Jake once mentioned the fact that he wished he'd had a phone.  This tells you that JAKE is spelt out on the phone.  Return to the room with the phones, and zoom in on the one you used before.  Note the numbers for the word JAKE and then move all the way down the hallway to the sign that says: CAFETERIA.  Just to the left is a locker with yellow police tape across it.  That is Jake's locker (code: 5253)

Open Jake's locker, look at the empty VCR box, read the English book, and the Judo magazine.  Click on the jacket and see the bottom of the locker.  Get the knife/box cutters.  After examining Jake's locker, return to Hal, Connie and Hulk and ask each one everything.  Exit the school and enter the Diner.


Notice the menu board up above the counter.  Letters spell:  The bolt cutter you must take, or you could be the next Jake.  Read the menu on the table to the right: Danger, and Sabatoge.  Talk to Daryl behind the counter (smooth talker, isn't he? LOL)  Back off Daryl after asking him everything and listening to him.  Turn towards the left and zoom in on the doors leading back to the kitchen area.  Enter this area.  Turn left and take the laddel from the black pan.  Read the instructions for the fryer, and the work schedule.  Zoom in on the cutting board with the tomatoes.  See a message there?  Zoom out from the tomato/cutting board and click on the lower left side of the stove.  There are bolt cutters there (remember the message to take the bolt cutters?).  This is a good time to save your game.  Remove the bolt cutters and immediately place the laddel in its place or you will be blown up!  Once you've removed the bolt cutters and placed the laddel in it's place, you may safely leave the diner.  If you wish, you can play some pinball (use your quarter), or play some music on the jukebox.  Your choice.  Exit the diner and return to the school.


From the outside view of the school, move your mouse cursor to the far right side of the building and click on the windows.  Use the box cutters on the 3rd window pane of the left-most window.  Enter the Teacher's Lounge.


Inside the lounge, be sure to log onto the computer and click on the KEY on the right side.  Note the codes for various rooms, but pay particular attention to the MAINTENANCE room.  Also click on other options and explore the school mainframe computer!  Afterwards, be sure you look in the file cabinets.  There's no way to enter the refrigerator to get anything to munch on during your 'break', so don't bother trying!  LOL  Exit the Teacher's Lounge via the window again, and return to the main school building.  Talk to Hal Tanaka about what you discovered in the file cabinet.  Talk to Connie, and Hulk while you're in the building.  Return to each again to exhaust all possible leads.  You might wish to contact your friends again on the telephone!  Now it's time to head for the Maintenance Room door.


On the door (at the end of the hallway, to the right of the sign that points to the Student Union, and Study Dome) is a Brail keypad.  You should know the letters represented by Brail based on the Brail book in the Library.  You should also know the code for the door as you discovered this information in the Teacher's Lounge on the mainframe computer.  Enter the appropriate code in Brail.  Enter the Maintenance room and go down the elevator.  Inside the toolbox are a pair of gloves.  Pick those up.  Next, note the directions for the Boiler on the wall.  Notice that you cannot move the 3 levers on top of the Boiler (you will later..... and in a REAL hurry!), but you can also click on the grate over to the right of the Boiler itself, and down lower towards the floor.  There is no interaction at this point in the Boiler room, so after getting the gloves, you might as well not hang around here.  Exit the Maintenance room and return to the Diner.  Talk to Daryl again.  Leave the Diner and return to the school.  Again, talk to Connie (who becomes agitated!), Hal (who also becomes a little upset), and Hulk Sanchez (boy, is he agitated!  I think he's been blocked one time too many in football!  LOL).


At the Diner, Daryl will tell you that someone left a note for you.  When you back off the conversational window, the note will be there.  Read the note and head for the Maintenance room again.


Enter the maintenance room (SAVE YOUR GAME!) go down the elevator and enter the Boiler room.  There will be a chain on the levers.  Time is of essence at this point, so if you don't want to blow yourself up, use the bolt cutters on the chain (between the left and middle levers) and remove the chain.

Without delay, click once on the LEFT lever, then once on the RIGHT LEVER, then again on the LEFT, then the RIGHT and finally the LEFT lever again.  The boiler will fizzle out.  Turn from the boiler and note the box of matches on the crate.  Open the matches and make a note of the phone number.  Turn to the right and notice the elevator control switch has been tampered with (more like destroyed!).  Turn back around and click on the crate to the right of the boiler.  You might wish to use your gloves at this point.  Crawl through the air vent and pick up the video tape.  Once you're outside head for good ole' Aunt Eloise's house.


Turn the TV on with the remote.  Place the video in the VCR and watch!  Go to the Diner and talk to Daryl.  He admits to running drugs for Mitch.  Return to the school and talk to Hal, Connie and Hulk.......  You are trying to get them to help you, but none agree to assist you.


Return to the Diner and note that Daryl is gone and the Diner is closed.  Now it's time to meet him at the Pharmacy.  SAVE YOUR GAME.

SUSPENSE and ENDING coming up!



It's dark now and when you arrive at the Pharmacy you will witness Daryl and Mitch talking.  Pay close attention to your INVENTORY at this point.  Connie will jump in to rescue Daryl from the right side of your viewing screen.  When she moves in the screen, note the GUN that appears in your inventory.  Click on the gun.  When Mitch notices you standing there, he will turn and move towards you.  IMMEDIATELY take your gun from your inventory and point it at him.  He will surrender to you.

Watch the ending sequence.

Game over!  Nancy solves yet another crime!

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