Mystery of the Nautilus

Walkthrough by Tally Ho

I suspect that many players who normally resist peeking at a walkthrough will find themselves yielding in the case of Mystery of the Nautilus. For that reason, I will create a two-fold walkthrough. The main body will be the traditional step-wise complete walkthrough, and the extra section will contain only a list of rooms and objects, and how to find them. This is because of the frequent difficulty of locating an object due to the tiny hot-spot associated with it. 

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Stumped by only the Organ Puzzle? Click Here.

After the introduction, which shows you, a professor, taking a mini-sub and entering the Nautilus, in direct opposition to your Captain's orders. You are in a decompression room, and can go no further until you equalize the pressure. Do that by pulling the chain in the corner by the door. You hear the door unlock. Notice the Nautilus Emblem on the hatch where you entered. It's a capital N with an anchor superimposed. You will see this symbol several times. Before you go through the door, wipe the condensation from the glass window (three times) and see an apparition of some kind. Enter the next room, where the diving equipment is kept

When a 'comment box' appears at the top of the screen, that is you talking to yourself. It remains until you close it by right-clicking. Keep this in mind when you are under pressure of time; for as long as the box remains, you can't do anything.

A brief word about Saving your Game. Don't hesitate to save often; there are twenty-four slots. You can scroll down the three saved-game pages, eight at a time. In order to access the PDA and create a saved game, your inventory must be closed. (Right-click to close the inventory.)

Here's a trick to help you save the view you want - when you go to the PDA, the view rotates. If you move the cursor swiftly to the (closed) inventory bag first, then over to the PDA, you get minimal motion of the view.


Your primary goal in Stage One is to gain access to rest of the submarine. At present, you are limited to the airlock and diving equipment room, a corridor, and the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Library.

Just in front of you, on the floor, is a page torn from a book. As you read it you realize that this vessel was deliberately abandoned. To exit the close-up of the book, flip the lower right corner. 

Turn left and find the Ball on the bottom shelf. Examine this view to see how to position the cursor to pick things up. To activate the hand cursor, the upper-left corner must intersect with the object.

Other items in this room include a pair of leather gloves, a rusted screwdriver, and a wooden box. Find the gloves in the drawer of the chest behind you, the screwdriver on the shelf just above that, and the wood on the bottom shelf next to the opposite door. (Step forward to get there.) Don't worry about getting shocked; but you cannot open the door as long as it is electrified. Interestingly, the gloves are called Rubber Gloves when you find them; then called Leather Gloves when they are in your inventory. You need to wear the gloves. To do that, open your inventory and place the gloves atop the bottom icon that represents yourself. It's a bit weird looking, but any object you have picked up can be placed over your face, indicating you are wearing it. Only gloves, boots, and clothing items are appropriate to use this way. Use the Ball in the sparking circuit box to short out the sparks and make the door safe to pass. If you try to use the ball without wearing the gloves, welcome to your first Timed Sequence. (There are several timed sequences in this game, but they are all more than fair. There seems to be plenty of time; the timer just adds to the tension.) Spin the wheel to unlock the door, and go into the Corridor.

Directly opposite is the door to the Dining Room. Looking left, you can see two doors, the one at the end is heavy, and locked by four diagonal bars. To its right is the Kitchen door. Looking instead to the right, are two more doors. The one at the end is locked by a nine-digit keypad. Please don't experiment with it. The door to its left is the Library. Click on the handle to open the door, and go into the Library.

Meet Captain Nemo - his diary that is. (Right-click to continue.) Before you roam around the room, rotate right and find the large book leaning on the lower-right shelf. You get only its title, "Complex Mechanics and Imitating the Human Mind." Turn around to the left, and click on the bookstand to read a letter from Auguste Champenois. Step forward and examine the fan. Seems we might be able to unscrew the grate. Still got that screwdriver? Use it on the corners. Oops - it really was rusty. Now we need something stronger. Turn left and go to the shelf. Open the book, and examine it. Hmmm - a secret hiding place. What could he have used it for? Rotate left and find the Matches in the base of the hanging lamp. Let's leave here and go to the Kitchen.

In front of you is a kitchen range, and a Pressure Cooker you can pick up. Turn left and go to the other end of the kitchen. Find several hot-spots: the sink, the water tap, the stovetop, the firebox, and the cupboard above. Down below, left of the stove, is another good look at that Nautilus Logo. The cupboard is locked. You do not have a key. How about a more violent method? Put the pressure cooker in the sink and fill it with water. Place it on the stove. Put the pieces of wood ('wooden box' from your inventory) in the firebox. Matches won't work? You need something for kindling. Turn right, and go to the large sideboard. Open the right-hand drawer, and take the Notes. Go back to the stove, and use the paper you just found in the firebox, then the matches. The fire starts, and the pressure cooker makes steam. Before you proceed, be sure the door between the Kitchen and Library is closed, just in case you were exploring. 

Have you come this far without saving? This would be a great time to do so.

Click on the steam to cause the pressure cooker to overheat. It explodes, and breaks the cupboard door. You can take the Oyster Knife. Another timed sequence begins, in which you must exit the kitchen and close both doors. If both kitchen doors happen to be open at this time, just be sure to close one of them from inside the kitchen, then exit the other one and close it from the outside. You can go either way, just so long as you close one door from the inside first. You may run out of time if you try to close them from the library and corridor sides. It's possible to do, but the little thought box keeps popping up at the top, and uses precious time. Whichever way you went out of the kitchen, go now into the Dining Room.

On the table, the far end from the kitchen, take the Candle Holder. Optional: On the outside wall, open the red curtains by clicking on them, and open the shutter by moving the two levers under it. Watch your friends searching for you. You can close the shutter or leave it open, your choice. That Oyster Knife looks stronger than an old rusty screwdriver for sure. Go down the corridor and into the Library.

We seem to have done just about everything possible, and there are no more unlocked doors. What to do? Use the Oyster Knife to finish the job on that grate, then stop the blades with the candlestick. Thud! Go through the hole into what's called the Lounge.


Your primary goal in this segment is to restore electrical and mechanical power, and gain access to more of the rooms.

As you enter, you get sort of a virtual tour. Gives you an idea of the layout. Looking around, you see that you are standing on a sort of U-shaped balcony. Let's call the 'base' of the U, where you entered, the South side of the room. On the east and west arms of the balcony are matching arrays of chains and orbs. If you go to one of these devices and try to operate it, you learn that the power must be restored first. This tells us what the purpose of this segment is. Looking over the railing to the level below, you see a circular grouping of sofas, a round table, and a cabinet. Looking up, you discover an elevated platform. Turn right from the grate-entrance, and go forward once. Looking down, you can see and examine a fuse box. Part of our job will be to find the fuses. Looking up from the fuse box, there is a door that invites you to enter. DO NOT go through this door. The corridors are electrified and you will be searching for a saved game instead of some fuses. 

Go down to the lower level, using the East side. Turn back toward the South, and find the column pictured here. Pick up the Bolt from the floor. I feel this object is a little unfair - a small brown object against a brown background.

Then touch the Control Box on the column to lower the circular stairs. You can climb up to the Cartography Room.

Upstairs, step forward (toward the right) and observe the Periscope controls. You can open it, but without power for lighting, it is useless for now. You can leave it open or closed, your choice. You must at least open it, or you cannot proceed to the next node. Turn left and go to the Projector. You can open it, but nothing happens. Apparently it needs a part, or power, or both. Turn around left toward the maps and take the metal Rod that is hanging by a chain from the superstructure. That's all for now in the Cartography Room. Go down and head to the North end of the room, where the ship's steering mechanism is. You will get another visit from Nemo's video-diary, extolling the autopilot system. Before you do anything else, go over to the other side (West) of the balcony area, and walk to the chain-and-orbs device. Look on the floor behind the chains to find another Bolt. This one is easier to see. Now, go back to the spot where Nemo talked to you, and examine the large metal hatch in the floor. You need something like a crowbar to open it. Use the Rod you found upstairs.

The hatch opens. Go down, three times straight down to reach the bottom level. Standing within the ladder, you can pick up the Belt from the floor. It looks like you should be able to step forward where the Belt was, but can't. Look to the right and climb through the bars. From that location, you can see a lever on your left (doesn't work yet) and two gears on the floor. Pick up a Gear. Look to the right and climb the metal steps and enter the Engine Room. 

You can't get through the steam unless you find a way to turn it off. Look at the small bronze plate to the right of the door. It is a clue to setting the levers. The side where the plate is, (starting nearest the door) Up, Down, Down, and the other set; Up, Up, Down. Put on your reading glasses to see it: Full Circle means lever up; Broken Circle means lever down.

Step forward twice into the Engine Room. See another episode from the Captain's Diary. Look down and to the right, open the chest and take the Fuses. Step forward once more, and look down and to the left to observe the Battery. It needs help from some object you do not yet have. Forward yet again, look down to the right and pick up the red Claw. Another step forward takes you through a door into the Dormitory. It's very dark in here. Turn around to your left, and find the Light Switch on the right side of the door. Uh-Oh. Now you've done it. That dratted computer knows you don't belong there, and has electrified the corridors, making it lethal to wander around. Step forward twice, and examine the bottom bunk on your left. You can lift the mattress and find the Bottle. Step forward again to the end of the room, and look at the lockers on the right. The end one opens, and you find a pair of boots. Take them, then 'wear' them by placing the boots over your icon. Back to the other end of the room, and pull the lever next to the spiral staircase, to open the shutter at the top. Step back into the room, and climb the stairs to the Electrified Corridor above.

Exit the door, and find yourself in the Lounge. Go down the West side and around toward the couches, find the large cabinet. Open it, place the bottle on the shelf, then open the other side. From the bucket on the bottom shelf, take the Icepick. 

While we are right here, let's go examine the Steering Wheel. When you touch it, you get a message about it being locked, and a puzzle opens. It's not nearly as difficult as it looks; the pieces cannot go into the wrong locations, and all that remains is to rotate them until they are all correct.

When you solve the lock, you get word that the rudder is broken. Go examine the devices to the left of the wheel. It tells you that the left hand gauge is Azimuth (that means which direction you go) and the right hand gauge is Pitch (up or down.) The button on top will enter the settings you choose, but how to know? That remains to be solved. Let's go get some of this equipment working. 

Go to the Fusebox, which is just to the left of the door to the Electrified Corridor. Place the fuses in the box. If they are in the correct order, you will see some sparks.

Return to the electrified corridor, the door right next to the fuses.

Close the stairway by pulling the lever, and go forward to find the Cable sticking out of a grate. Use the Icepick to pry open the grate, and take the cable. Go through the other door, and find yourself in the Museum. After your visit from Nemo, go to the left of the big table, and turning right, find the projector. Take the Projector Bulb. (You can poke around and even play with the organ, but nothing really happens until later.) Go back into the corridor, open the stairs, and down into the Dormitory. Go into the Engine room, and use the Cable on the Battery. Go into the gears room, and climb up to the top level of the ladder. Use the Belt to connect the wheels in the first catwalk, go into the other catwalk and use the gear. Climb down one level, and fasten the two gears, using the Bolts. Each time you connect something correctly, the wheels spin momentarily. Go down to the ground level, and pull the Lever to start the machines. Shortcut: Now that the machines work, you can go up the ladder and directly into the Lounge.

Go upstairs to the Cartography area, and open the Projector and put the bulb inside. Close the Projector, and turn left to see the map illuminated with an image of our ship, and Uh-Oh; heading directly for a canyon wall. Before you go, look on the floor, behind a chest to the left of the Projector. Near the N logo in the railing, and find a paper showing the following:

Look familiar? These are the Chains and Orbs, which will now work, that we have restored the power. When you set them correctly, the Exterior Shutters will open, and you will be able to see out the windows and use the Periscope. Go set the chains. The view is from South to North, or from Aft to Forward. That is; the Orb nearest the Fusebox should be down, the middle one should be up, and the one nearest the steering mechanism should be centered. 

Do us all a favor, and save your game right here, please.

Once you open them, things start to get interesting. Go back to the map room, and look into the Periscope. You will see your friends doing some 'research' that is, dropping depth charges to see the effect on the terrain. The effect is, you will be crushed if you don't move out. Open your PDA and find the Calculator. It displays two things: the current settings for Azimuth and Pitch; and the calculated New Settings which will keep you from colliding with the canyon walls. Go back to the steering gauges, and put the new settings in. 120 on the left, and 0 on the right. Then press the button on top. The Sub moves safely to its next position. You must go back upstairs to get the new readings. You don't have to look into the periscope or at the maps, just be there. Open the Calculator and find the next two numbers: 60 Azimuth and 180 Pitch. Go back to the controls, and input the correct numbers. The third set is left up to the Intrepid Adventurer (that's You.) If you can't do it without me telling you how, then you know who you are, and why I won't reveal the answer.

Go back to the Museum. Remember how to get there from the Lounge? Through the door by the fuse-box, and straight across the corridor. Go to the Organ and play any note to start the Simon-Says puzzle. The Organ will play three notes, and you are to repeat them. HINT: Go to the Options menu and turn the music volume down to zero. Now you hear only the organ, and not the background music along with it. OTHER HINT: Instead of turning down the music, turn the Sound Effects all the way to zero. Now, you do NOT hear the organ play, rather you solve it by watching the keyboard. I found this to be the easiest method of all; particularly because I have a good ear, I do play the piano and organ, and the puzzle keyboard is unreal, and out of sequence. The disadvantage of this method, is that you will miss the 'Reward Sound' each time you complete a sequence; and the 'Reward Music' when you finish.

The organ starts with three notes: 1 - 2 - 3. Each time you repeat a sequence correctly, it adds one note. The total sequence is shown above. Complete the puzzle correctly, and the door to Nemo's Bedroom opens. Go there.


Your goal here is to survive an encounter with (destroy) a lethal robot, and regain access to rooms that were locked by the security system.

Nemo's Bedroom is a strange room. First, you annoy the security system. Then a visit from Nemo, then the Oxygen is reduced and a timer starts. Do not panic - there is LOTS of time. Just go about your business. First, turn around to face the door you just came in. There are two hotspots: The top one needs some kind of item to help it. The lower one can be picked up. It is a Holographic Lens. Try to exit the other door. It is locked. Touch the glass and it breaks. Replace the broken window with the Holographic Lens. It fits. There is a scale that shows you weighing 75 kilos. Weird - that's exactly what I weigh. How did it know? While you are there, look toward the sink, and twist the mirror. Step toward the Star Map. The map wants some object. The floor creaks, and the locked door opens. Great! The floor seems to be a pressure switch connected to the door. Oops. Step off the plate in the floor, and the door locks again. Rats! Maybe we can find some way to hold the plate down. Pick up the Shell and the Globe and place both objects on the floor-switch. Now the door stays unlocked.

Go over beside the bed and find the Pendant under the pillow. Go back to the other side of the room, where the Star Map is. Use the Pendant on the map to reveal the constellation Cassiopeia. The stars are labeled in Greek. Copy down the seven letters: b, a, h, g, d, e, i. Now you can go back to the puzzle, insert the Pendant, and solve the lock. Inside the safe, take the Key. If you have not disturbed the tumblers, you can solve it thus: from left to right, give the tumblers this many clicks: 3, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 2. If you have experimented with the lock, that solution has no meaning, for the puzzle does not reset to its original state. Caution: The key you just found will unlock the other door in the bedroom. DO NOT go in there yet. Go through the doorway that you unlocked with the pressure-switch, and find yourself in a corridor. Look over your right shoulder at the artwork, to reveal some kind of clue:

It would appear that we are expected to reflect light from some source, and use it to destroy an enemy. Let's see what happens. After all, we have already installed a lens and turned a mirror. Must be on the right track. Go into the room directly across the hall, the Guest Room. Looking left, there is a Statue that can be picked up. Oh well, you know the routine, "it's not nailed down." Go to the desk. Take the Rope that is on the floor. Go to the sink. Take the Mirror and the Polish. Look at the grate in the opposite wall, There is something in there, but you can't reach it. Exit the Guest Room, and look down at the floor. Leave the statue there. Go to the end of the corridor, and place the Mirror on the grate next to the door. Enter the room, the Mess Hall. Just left of the door is a garment you can take It is a reinforced Coat. Put the coat on and leave it on. It's for your own good. Go to the end of the table, and step toward the dart board. Down and to the left is another Holographic Lens and a Handful of Darts. Further left is a Mechanical Arm. To the right, on the table, is a Metal Plate. It needs to be shined up. You did find some polish, but it's not quite that simple. Step back from the dartboard and throw some darts. [Caution - I have had the game lock up on me at this point - you might just want to save before throwing the darts.] You can only throw three. Go retrieve your darts. Exit this room and go back to Nemo's Bedchamber. Open the other locked door with the Key. Be sure you are wearing the Reinforced Coat. Go into the Laboratory. Here, it seems, is the source of light we need. Now, how to make it useful. If you were adventuresome, and have already explored the lower level near the Mess Hall, you'll know what you're up against.

Step forward into the lab, and find the drawer on the right side, open it and take the Duster (rag.) Go to the end of the room, and turn off the Laser Projector. Hear the warnings from Nemo. The end-wall where the Periodic Table is, is a hotspot. Use the Rope there, and it attaches to the Projector Switch, and extends through a vent in the wall. Go back to the center of the lab, and take the Acid from the side you couldn't reach while the laser was working. Use the acid on the glass window in the door, and replace the glass with the Holographic lens. Return to the corridor, where you left the statue. Place the Plate in the statue's hands. Put some polish on the plate, and wipe it clean with the Duster. Aha! Now I see a plan coming together. At the other end of the corridor, you will find the rope protruding through the grate, high up. 

At this point, I Strongly Suggest you practice using that funny stairway, until you understand how it works. The Green button sends the chair down, and the red button sends the chair up. If you are on the upper level, you can send the chair up or down with the two buttons. To go to the lower level, bring the chair up and step on it. Down you go; and the chair automatically returns to the upper level. If you are on the lower level, you can bring the chair down with the green button, and if you press the red button, the chair will go up, with you in it. The point is, you will be in a hurry to get up, so when you go down, press the green button to bring the chair down, before you need it in a hurry. Need I also remind you to Save Your Game.

On the lower level, one door is locked, the other contains a surprise. Open it, and find yourself facing a killer robot. Right-click to close the dialog windows, and as soon as possible, turn around and exit the room. Go to the stairs, and press the red button to go up. Now you are up, and the Robot is down. Safe for a moment. Send the chair down, then bring it and the robot up. Pull that rope to turn on the Laser, and enjoy the Robot-Roast. Now, it seems Ms Security-Freak has no sense of humor at all. She proceeds to lock all the doors. The only place accessible is the room where the robot was, the Technical Room.

Go into the room and approach the desk. Four items here: Pick up the Matches and Wire from the desktop, and the Pliers from the wall to the left of the desk. Also examine the Wiring Diagram on the wall. Now go to the opposite corner of the room, and look at the shelves. Two objects here: top shelf, at the far left is an Iron Bar, and middle shelf in the center, a Cold Chisel. Now go through that shimmering door - it's just a holographic illusion. Look left, and find the Dynamite on the very top shelf. 

Here's the Bar

Here's the Chisel

On the floor, near where you found the Bar and the Chisel, is a Battery. Fill it with acid from your inventory; use the Iron Bar, and the Wire to create an Electromagnet. Take it with you.

Go open the large circuit-Box next to the desk. If you try to touch the wires they are too hot; and if you try to touch the pipes on the right-hand compartment, it is too cold. Maybe you could combine the cold with the heat? Use the Cold Chisel to cut through the divider. Now you can handle the wires.

Let's have a look at that wiring diagram. This would be the device that controls the locks on various doors. You see six door-controls, and below that, Positive, Ground and Negative poles. The Positive side is circled, indicating that this is the pole that activates the lock. Therefore, the wires leading to that left-hand Pole should be cut. Use your pliers and cut the following wires: Top row; Left, Center, Right. Bottom row, none (you got into that room because that wire is already broken), Left, Left. (If you cut an incorrect wire, you will get a shock. If you cut more than one wrong wire, the Life-Meter will appear. It's not a timer, it just gets lower each time you snip the wrong wire. Too many, and it's Game Over. The meter goes away when you have opened all the doors and exit the Technical Room.)

Go across the hall and use that Dynamite on the door. (Don't forget to look down - it goes on the floor.) Use the matches to explode the Dynamite and gain access to the Pump Room. Good thing you've got that full metal jacket on! To the right is a machine with two levers. Use the Mechanical arm on the left lever. It still needs help. Throw a dart at the other end of the room. You have destroyed a machine of some sort. Still more help is needed. Time to search. Go upstairs and into the Guest Room. Let's see if that Electromagnet will attract whatever is in there. Aha! It's a key. Back to the Pump Room. Use the key to wind up the Arm, then touch the Arm to turn it on. Pull the right-hand lever three times to start all the oxygen pumps. You will notice your O2 meter rises to normal, then retracts. Let's go to the Museum.


Your job is to deal with damage after an attack by a Giant Squid, and force the monster to leave.

When you enter the Museum, the ship is attacked by an enormous Squid. The creature is still hanging on, and has penetrated the hull at one or more points. The museum is a shambles! Opposite the door, you can see a harpoon in its display case, but it is too firmly attached for you to pick it up. Go left, toward the red sofa, and find the Ice Axe on the floor. You have to move a broken display case to get to the axe. Then go to the Organ, and find the Diving Suit and the Organ Pipe on the floor. Go back to the Harpoon and release it using the Ice Axe. Go into the corridor and assess the damage. The door to the Lounge is jammed, but the stairway mechanism still works. The room below is flooded with sea water. You need to go down there to retrieve some items. You can wear the diving suit if you like, but it contains no air. With or without the suit on, you have less than a minute to accomplish your goal. If you do not think you are going to get everything done on one breath, come back upstairs to breath and get almost a minute again.

Going down, that squid's tentacle is in the way. Stick it with the Harpoon. Go to the lockers at the end of the room, and find the open locker on the right. Take the air tank, Iron Bar, and Digicode device. If you have enough time, turn around from the lockers and push the red button. The shutter closes, and the squid is forced to retreat. Go back upstairs as soon as you have the items. Return as often as you need to, to get the three items and get rid of the squid. It's best to do all this on natural air, rather than using the tank. It only contains about eight minutes, and there's plenty to do. After you have pushed the red button, the door to the Engine Room is accessible.

Enter, turn right, and pick up a Chain from the deck. Turn around the other way, and find a solitary piece of Rubber Tubing, two Hooks and several more pieces of tubing. Step into the room twice, look left, and repair the leak with the solitary piece. Step forward twice more, and repair the leaking pipe on the floor, and the overhead leaking pipes on the right and left. Finally, go to the far door, and repair the leaks overhead with tubing and the organ pipe. Now you can go into the Gears Room. Need a rest? Climb up the ladder above the water line, and you can take off the mask, saving precious air. Besides that, you have something to do up there. Step forward twice, and find the Key sitting on the I-beam. Notice also, the action cursor, calling for an inventory item. What would fit nicely on the beam? The Chain, of course.

Go all the way down (two clicks down) and find the bottom end of the chain. Put a Hook on it. Back to the ladder, and go up once. Exit the ladder, find the chain and beam, and attach them together with a hook. Then use your Iron Bar to dislodge the beam. The weight of the beam brings up the gear. Click on the gear, it automatically installs into position. Go up the ladder, and discover at the top, you can exit the hatch into the lounge. Whew!

To the right (East) of the Steering console is a cluster of equipment. Higher up, on a pole is a lever that doesn't seem to do anything. Shucks! Let's go to work. Back to the center lounge area, and look for a Sofa that you can move. Take it, and it is stacked on the other sofa, to soften the blow if you slip. Climb up the ironwork to the Cartography area. Go forward (left) and pick up the Cable from the floor. Go to the Periscope and use the Cable and the Key. The periscope rises. poking the squid, who finally departs. Now go back and pull that lever near the steering area, and the water is pumped from the lower levels. Go up to the south side of the Balcony area, to the door next to the hole you crawled through from the library. This door, remember, was at the end of the original corridor, and has a digital keypad. Take out your Digicode device (from the PDA) and Reinitialize it. Now take it out from your inventory and use it on the keypad. Go through the door, and enter the Library, the door on the right.


Time to escape.

You are in the Library. Go forward once, and find the diagram showing the Escape Bell. It gives you some idea how to get out. Go left, look down, and take the little green Ring that is sitting on a book lying on the floor. That's all in the Library. Exit, go right, and enter the first door on the left, the diving equipment room. As you enter, you learn that the vessel has come in contact with volcanic material, and the emergency escape hatch is blocked by a rock. Down and to the left are some boots. Take the Rope. To the right up on the wall, take the green Pipe from the spool. (Looks like a fire-hose.) At your feet are two levers. Pull the left one, and you see the upper half of the locks retracted from the door to the Escape Bell. Pull the other lever an get a dire message denying you access, and reminding you the way out is blocked. The air pressure is decreasing. Go toward the door to the airlock, and find the Pliers sitting in a drawer on the floor. Thank goodness Nemo had no shortage of pliers! Exit the room, and go straight across into the Dining Room.

Go around the table to the right to see Nemo for the last time. Go to the circular window, and take the Curtain-Rod (Pole) that has fallen to the floor. To the left, use the Ring to break into the cabinet. Take the Alcohol and the Piece of Cloth. From here, go left and into the Kitchen, all the way to the other end, look left and up high. Take the Box from the top shelf. You may have looked at these objects during your earlier visit to the kitchen, but the box was not available at that time. Notice the leaking steam-pipe. Something is needed here.

Go into the corridor, to the point between the Library and Diving Room. Look at the carpet. Roll the carpet back to reveal a hatch. It's hard to move. Do you happen to have any tools? Use the Pliers. Don't just jump in; use your Rope to get down safely. (And to get back out, in case you don't have everything you need to survive here. Oh no! More lasers! If you try to walk through the lasers, the Life-Meter (not a timer) pops up. Turn off the lasers by using your pole on the upper and lower switches on the right door-jamb. Go to the shelves where you previously found the chisel, and locate the Adapter. Turning around, go toward the back room, and find the Dynamite in a drawer, down low and on the right.

Climb up to the corridor, and go into the Kitchen. Use that Adapter on the leaking steam-pipe, and attach the green pipe to it. Step around so you are facing that wall, and use the Pliers to open the hatch near the floor. Put the Pipe in the Hatch. Excellent! You have hosed that dratted security nuisance. Perhaps now that other lever in the Diving room will function. 

CAUTION! When you go into the Diving Equipment room, the green pipe that you took before will appear to be there. DO NOT attempt to pick it up again. Your cursor will become inactive and the only option is to crash the game with Ctrl-Alt-Del. This is a bug that the programmers and testers missed. I will be informing them, so they can include this information in a patch.

Pull the right-hand lever, and observe the door to the escape-bell being unlocked. Take a minute and explore the escape bell, and the catwalk that leads around it on the right. You find the slide where it should exit the submarine, but the way is blocked by an airlock. Perhaps some dynamite will help. Unfortunately, the fuses are way too short, and the dynamite must be prepared first. Alright, McGyver, put your skills to work. Go to the Kitchen. Standing in the same spot where you toasted the security-pest, turn on the Stove. Put the Box on the back burner. Put the dynamite, rag and alcohol in the box. The flame ignites the fuse, and the timer starts. (Don't forget to drag it into your inventory, so you can move.) Having explored, you know where to go. Throw the bomb down the escape chute, opening the airlock. Close the hatch by pulling the lever that is between all the gauges to the right of the hatchway. Look right, and find the two levers. Pull the left one first, then the right. (Right-click to close the dialogue box) and away you go. Well, it seems Captain Nemo has the last word after all.

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GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions


The following is a list of rooms in the Nautilus, presented in the same sequence as in the detailed walkthrough. It includes Inventory Items found in each room. It also contains Items that can be examined (Listed in Parentheses.) Such items can only be examined one time on-site; they are available for review in the PDA.

This section DOES NOT offer any advice on how or where to use your items; it's only purpose is to make sure you find everything. Many items are difficult to see, and are not in the most logical of locations. 

Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four Stage Five

Stage One

Decompression Airlock
No items

Diving Equipment
(Page from Book)
Metal Ball
Leather Gloves
Rusted Screwdriver
Wooden Box

(Book on shelf)
(Letter on stand)

Pressure Cooker
Paper Notes
Oyster Knife

Dining Room

Stage Two:

Bacony level: Bolt
Lower Level: Bolt
Cartography Level: Metal Rod

Gears Room

Engine Room


Cabinet: Ice Pick
Steering Wheel puzzle


Projector Bulb

Cartography Room
(Clue to Orbs and Chains)

Chains and Orbs Puzzle
Navigation Puzzle (Computer in PDA)

Organ Puzzle

Stage Three

Holographic Lens

Guest Room

Mess Hall
Holographic Lens
Mechanical Arm
Metal Plate

Laboratory (off Bedroom)

Technical Room (after robot is defeated)
(Wiring Diagram)
Iron Bar
Cold Chisel
Electromagnet (after you create it)

Pump Room

Stage Four

Ice Axe
Diving Suit
Organ Pipe

Air Tank
Iron Bar
Digicode Device

Engine Room

2 Hooks
several pieces of Tubing

Gears Room
Top Level: Key

Cartography Room

Stage Five

Diamond Ring

Diving Room
Pipe (DO take it this time.)

Dining Room
Curtain Rod

Metal Box

Technical Room

Diving Room
Pull the lever only
DO NOT attempt to pick up the pipe again.