Walkthrough by Tally Ho


You can wander at will in Pawtuxet, knocking on doors and attempting to converse with people. Generally, however, due to the very linear nature of Necronomicon, there is only one suitable action at any time. If you prefer to do your own wandering, and discover the correct action without my spoiling it, I will provide a list of locations to visit in the correct sequence on this page.


  CD 1    
  1. William Stanton's House   11. Edgar's house
  2. Pawtuxet   12. William Stanton's house
  3. Edgar Wycherley's house   13. William Stanton's house
  4. Edgar Wycherley's parents' house   14. The bungalow
  5. Pawtuxet village   CD 2
  6. The Providence Gazette   15. The asylum
  7. Pawtuxet village   16. Edgar's house
  8. Edgar's house   17. William Stanton's house
  9. William Stanton's house   18. The library
  10 Wycherley's parents' house   19. the city of the ancient ones