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...a walkthrough by Inferno


Minimum Configuration: 
Pentium processor, 90 MHz or faster
Microsoft Windows 95
16 MB RAM 
75 MB free disk space 
DirectX-compatible 256-color VESA or PCI local bus video card
DirectX-compatible 16-bit sound card 
Quadruple-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive (minimum 600 KB transfer rate) 

Recommended Configuration: 
Pentium processor, 133 MHz or faster
32 MB of RAM
125 MB free disk space
20 MB or more of additional free hard drive space for Virtual Memory


This is such a marvelously enjoyable game. 2D cartoon-like graphics and a hauntingly beautiful musical score as only Disney can do. While it is an "action" game of sorts... "Ned" cannot die. If he loses any of his encounters, he will just move on to the next one. This is a Keyboard adventure (you may also play with a Joystick or Gamepad), but I promise it is not difficult, if you have the opportunity to play this adorable children's game don't miss out on it. The music is worth it alone. would you care to hear some?

  Introduction music to Nightmare Ned



As we begin this adventure, we find our young hero "Ned" arriving home from school. As he walks into the kitchen he finds a note from his mother and realizes that he is all alone in the house, it is a little after 6 pm. The note on the 'fridge" tells him that "Mom" will be home about 7pm. 

Not very long to wait, is it? it...?

 Happy that he has the run of the house,

shades of an early "Tom Cruise" here, I think,

Ned decides to raid the refrigerator, completely ignoring the second note that his mother left inside the refrigerator for him. He moves into the den and plants himself on the sofa with all the goodies from the kitchen to keep him company. He starts to play his favorite video game. As night falls, a terrible thunderstorm begins to rage outside. 

See where I'm going with this one?

All at once the lights go out and poor, lonely, afraid of the dark Ned realizes the severity of his situation. The phone begins to ring. Scared, but probably thinking that it's his mother, he makes a run through the hall for the phone

. ...but no one is there.

As he turns around he sees a horrible shadow on the walls...thinking that it's a monster he tries desperately to get away, but gets tangled in the phone cord instead. Poor little Ned, trips and falls all the while convinced that very soon he will be taking his last breath. Fortunately, he realizes just what had happened to him. That was no monster of whom he was so terrified! It was nothing more then a shadow of his tree outside in the yard. The hallway window was just reflecting it onto the wall. Laughing at his own foolishness, he relaxes a bit

...but it's only momentary ...

The fear he has is once again renewed deep within him and he decides quickly to go to bed's where the fun ...oops! I meant the "terror" really begins.

 He falls asleep and so begins his nightmare world. It all starts from his "Quilt". This supposedly comforting(?)cover becomes the entry way into Ned's Nightmares. There are 5 of them and you can play them in any order. All you have to do is have Ned walk up to one of them, hit the shift key after you meet the Shadow and jump in. 


The Nightmares:

Graveyard Nightmare

Alcatraz Academy Nightmare

Bathroom Nightmare

Medical Nightmare

The Attic, Basement & Beyond Nightmare




Time in the Game

Keep in mind that while this isn't a "timed" game, Ned will "wake up" in 8 hours. Or 8 tries. Every time you return to the "Quilt" you will lose one hour or "turn". But, that's ok because each one of the nightmare world has 4 secret passages (one to each of the other worlds) so it is possible not to have to return to the Quilt until the very end of the game. You can also "lose" hours if you get clobbered too many times. So be careful. 



Keyboard Controls

Spacebar Action Key  &  Yo-Yo Weapon
O key  Options Screen (which can be access after the opening scene)
Q key Return to Quilt (every time you use this, you'll lose an hour. Remember that you have only 8 until Ned wakes up.)
Directional "UP" arrow  Move Forward 
Directional "Down" arrow Duck
Directional "Left" arrow Move Left 
Directional "Right" arrow Move Right 
Ctrl key Jump Forward
Shift key Jump Up
Combination of Directional Keys Used for going up and down stairs



So let us begin: You play the part of "Ned Needleman", a little eight year old boy, whose afraid of his own shadow along with everybody else's! After the opening scene, go forward  on the Quilt at the Head of the bed. There's a patch with a circular corkscrew-like symbol on it. As you approach a shadow appears telling you that He's just dying for you to visit him. Press the shift key to enter. 



As soon as you are pulled from the grave by the grave digger, walk towards the right. Use the Yo-Yo (spacebar) on the man with the cat in the bag before the cat take's bite out of you. And don't forget to duck (down directional key) because they seem to have an awful lot of spiders here. Continue going right (right directional key) until you come upon an open grave. Jump in (shift key). After you land try to figure a way out. What happens if you try to take out that lamp with your Yo-Yo (spacebar)? Notice anything? Maybe you could use that poufy chair (ottoman) to get out of the grave? Maybe by jumping on it. But you've gotta get rid of that skeleton's legs first. Otherwise, he'll just close the book on you! Make sure that you time it so that as soon as the lamp is out, scurry on over to the very front of the ottoman and then jump up onto the ottoman. Whoooohooo! Have a nice trip! Continue walking to the right and use your Yo-Yo on the scary ghost who try to get in your way. Especially the one with the sickle. Pretty soon you'll come to a tree. A purple tree. Oh's a nightmare isn't then? Climb up the steps on the tree. Get rid of the Green Ghosts with your trusty Yo-Yo. There will be two left when you're done. Now, get that monster at the very top of the tree... Can't? OK here's the trick: wait until he raises his arm...then whack 'em in the heart with the Yo-Yo. Do it Four times and he's toast. Then climb down the tree and hop past the "Pumpkins on a Stick" or you'll get dosed with Pumpkin vomit. Ugh!

Still moving right you'll come across a large purple urn (alota purple in this part.). Move to the front of it. To get in, jump up twice, and in you fall! Oh now, this is just lovely! Well don't just stand there! Use the Yo-Yo. (nifty weapon isn't it.) Use it on the tree on the right, and then that 4 eyed kid on the box on the left. Watch out for that fire breathing pig, though. Wait until it flies away then jump up onto the Jack-in-the-Box and away you go!

Note: By now, you should see that Creepy Shadow. The one that first invited you to join him back there on the Quilt. Only, he looks different...doesn't he? Still a shadow, yes, but now he is partly colored. Maybe you should continue through this nightmare and see if we can't change him totally. 

If you continue walking to the right, You'll meet up with some dearly departed girl scouts having there annual marshmallow roast. ...Get out the Yo-Yo here and blast them both. But be very careful not to fall into the opened grave or you too will be toast. . How about some cookies? Oh no! You've  become a monster! Let's go say "hello" to the other fellow of our kind! Whoops! Have a nice trip......see ya next fall!

Looks like you've found your self in a mausoleum. If you use the Yo-Yo on the little girl, she'll ask you to get the nightlight back from the bat (bats like shiny bright objects, you know) But how to get up there? Let's see, didn't we use a Jack-in-the-Box before? Yep, we did. And is there one in this room? Yep, there is. Use your Yo-Yo to close the box shut, then jump up on top of it. Jump up again and you'll land on the crypt with the face carved into it (you'll land on top of the carving) jump up again to reach the lid. Jump over (ctrl key) to the other crypt. Now turn around and Yo-Yo that whiney piñata!  The piñata hits the bat and the bat drops the light and the little girl basically tells you to get lost

...Some Thanks, huh? I guess you better leave.

Your back in the cemetery, keep traveling to the right. 

Note: If you use the Yo-Yo on the tall gravestone with the lavender colored angel on top, one of the four secret passageways is revealed. It goes to the Alcatraz Academy Nightmare. 

What's all that noise, then? Mourners. Jump up onto the coffin in the middle of the mourners. Down you go! Take out the two mummies with your mightily Yo-Yo and watch them create the rungs for your escape ladder.

Note: You may notice that throughout  the 5 nightmares; that Shadow may appear now and then....each time more and more colorful and less land less a Shadow. When you've finished with everything that you have to do here the Shadow may become someone that Ned (you) will recognize. 

On to the next Nightmare. You can either press the  "Q" key (but remember that you lose and lour.) or go to one of the
four secret passages (I've only been able to find 3 of them for the Graveyard Nightmare). 

Alcatraz Academy Nightmare

You can access this Nightmare either from the Quilt or from one of the
secret passages in a previous Nightmare. You should start on the first floor through the trap door, in front of an extremely tall classmate. Walk to  your left. Try to Yo-Yo the nurse from behind. When she disappears, get into the cell (Yo-Yo the door) Walk in....(gee aren't you glad that this is just a game?) Walk out of that cell through the door and Yo-Yo the black door on the other side. Go inside....You'll exit out from a small square opening under the stairs. Yo-Yo that cheerleader and notice the coffin. This is a secret passage to the Graveyard Nightmare) On the other side as you continue toward your left , you'll see another door which has a sign next to it with a symbol of a hypodermic needle (This is the passage way to the Medical Nightmare). Turn around and go back the way that you came. Keep walking to your right and pass the nurse's station again (go ahead and zap her if you weren't able to the first time), past the very tall classmate. to where the 
lockers are. Go ahead and Yo-Yo the locker closest to the baseball bat. It will open. Walk inside. 
Inside this locker you will find four pretty challenging games to play. As the paper fortune cookie rotates (remember these???) make your choice by using your Yo-Yo. 

Note: If you walk to the left and Yo-Yo the brown tootsie roll lollypop. (well. I think it's a lollypop) you find your self leaving the locker. 

Vampire "Vylk Carton" - Jump left onto the first step of the stairs as soon as you can. Hit the chandelier with the Yo-Yo to knock out a hole in the stone wall. Jump right to the vampire carton while the sun shines through the hole in the wall. Hit him with your Yo-Yo several times until the light disappears. Keep repeating it until you win. 

Paper Plate Monster - Jump to the left past Santa. Yo-Yo the spool of thread. Turn and jump right 2x and Yo-Yo the monster several times. When the spool of thread rolls back down, turn jump left 2x and Yo-Yo the spool of thread. Turn jump 2x to the monster Yo-Yo the heck out of him. Keep repeating until you've won. 

Crazed Chicken - Jump to the mobile and hit it with your Yo-Yo. Then jump right to the chicken and Yo-Yo it several times. When the mobile turns, jump back to it and repeat this sequence until the chicken is defeated. 

Cayman - Jump left to the clay ball on a stick and Yo-Yo it. Now jump right to the clay monster and Yo-Yo that monster's butt. Yo-yo the monster until he turns toward Ned. Then jump back to the clay ball and repeat until done. 

Note:   If you defeat all four creatures then a secret passageway appears to the right goes to the attic. If you go to the left you can return to the school and you will reappear outside the locker.

Let's continue on now (back to the school). Walk up the stairs to the right. At the top of the stairs go left. You'll find the school bully. Let's show him how to play with our Yo-Yo. After you finish him off cross back to the right to the big door and Yo-Yo it. Walk through the door. It's time for school. Welcome to the Chalkboard Maze. Climb the four steps to the right. Jump off the stairs and climb the four-rung ladder. Jump right to the line marked "A.". Jump again to the "B." line. Jump straight up to the dotted line above the "B." line. Cross right along the dotted line to the end and then fall down to the step below. Climb the 4 steps. Climb the ladder above the last step. Cross left to the next ladder. Climb the ladder and then jump straight up to the dotted line. Cross right along the dotted line to the end and then fall down on top of the flying light bulb. Jump right onto the next flying light bulb. Jump straight up to the dotted line and cross to the right. Fall down to the solid line and continue to the right. Jump right to the short solid line. Jump down to the line below the word "Solve". Take three steps to the right and Yo-Yo the circular drawing on the board. Walk right and Ned will be transported through a door back into the hallway of the school. 

Continue on right past the line of school girls to the old librarian who is reading a book. Yo-Yo this old lady before she catches you in her book. 

Hint: jump past her then turn around and zap her with your Yo-Yo.

 As you move right you'll soon see the janitor. Give him a zap as well or he'll mop the floor with you. Literally! Notice the secret passage to the Bathroom Nightmare is located here. Walk back left past the "Today's Menu" sign. In the separation between the barbed wire wooden railings, go down the stairs by pressing the right arrow key and the down arrow key. At the bottom of the stairs walk right to the first door and Yo-Yo- it. Walk inside the room. You are going to bypass the cell and the nurse....Yippee! Oh no! I knew we would have to deal with the "jolly green giant " sooner or later! Just jump under the basket ball when the time is right. Go towards the cell on the other side and Yo-Yo it to open the cell door. Go inside. After a long walk down the hallway to the boys room're caught by the principle, and hauled off to his office. Yo-Yo the yellow button on the left and then cross right to the red button with the phone and Yo-Yo it. But this doesn't always work. What your trying to do here is get the principle to call your parents. They both come to your aid and tell the principle that you couldn't possibly be the culprit. You find yourself back in the hallway with the tall basketball player . Move to the left until you see who the School shadow really is. Why it's Billy! The kid that's always calling you "Melon head". Your Done here. Your choice is either the Quilt (press Q) or one of the secret passage ways.



If you start from the Quilt, The Shadow appears and lets you know in no uncertain terms that he wants to "flush " you into his nightmare. Down the pipes you go, and get swallowed by a toilet.....charming. 

Move to the right and jump from one tub to another. Jump when the tub dips toward you. Use the ctrl and right arrow key to progress. Proceed until you get to the second ladder. Climb up and listen to the "Growing Up Song". You will automatically climb down the ladder back to the tubs. Continue on through the tubs to the right past the outhouse. The door of the outhouse, is the
secret passageway to the Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare. Move passed it and on into the next room with two windows. There's a large open pipe here. Move to the exact middle of it then press the shift key twice to enter into it. After a short swim through the sewers you'll find yourself in a room full of "potties" of all different shapes and sizes! The idea here is to jump over all the toilets without falling in. Use a combination of the "Ctrl" key and "Left arrow" key to jump over the them. Keep in mind if you do fall in you'll be chased by a snake (a plumbers snake that is) and wind up in a tiny room. To the right is a secret passageway to the Medical Nightmare. To the left is the tub room. Urgh! those tubs! To get around the tubs so that you don't have to go through that nightmare again just go to your left to the second room , Hey! There 's that pipe again. once You are threw with the toilets, it's on to the razors. JeezeLouise! It is tricky to get by these buzzers without getting a close shave, So double back to Between the 4th and 5th toilets, ( the last two ) jump on the handle, then on the top of the 5th toilet, then on top of the 4th toilet, move to the right and hit the dangling rope with your mighty Yo-Yo. Ah! the razors are asleep! Jump on to the 5th toilet and them jump again onto the floor. Jump past thus razors and onto the next large open pipe. Jump into it. Nice! Your in that little room again. Go to the left, back up to the tub room. I guess your back where you started, but this time walk to your left under the ceiling fans and Yo-Yo those mice. Keep doing it until they form a ladder for you. Make sure that you shut off the fan before you start to climb up the mice ladder. You'll have to kill 13 of them to make the ladder. Jump into one of the toilets at the top of the ladder. Ned will become target practice inside a bathtub. He will get himself free and end up in front of the outhouse to the right of the moving bathtubs. And we'll get to say hello to his toilet (Yeesh!)



I've always been afraid of hospitals...Now. you'll hear "Dentist Waiting Room Music". Walk to the center of the screen. Jump into the first chair (Hospital) by pressing either the spacebar or the shift key. This contraption turns into a gurney and we're off to the races. As you race down the corridor you'll notice that the Doctors that are peeking out from behind these door are various heights. By using the up or down arrows you can raise or lower the gurney. This is important because if the gurney is in the high position then the short Doctors can't take your organs. And it  follows that if the gurney is in the low position then the tall doctors can't get you either. 

Good luck on this one folks! The best I managed was to lose 4 organs

At the end of this mad dash the Organ Replacement Room awaits. So now you have a chance to get back your missing organs. Be successful in this and you'll proceed to the next level and a secret passageway. Fail, and you get to start this whole medical procedure all over again! ....Rats! 

Hint: In the Organ Replacement Room, press the space bar while you are spinning around when the arrow points to a jar just after the one with the organ in it. The trick is to do it in a clockwise fashion. 

When all the organs are replaced you'll be freed from the operating table and you'll drop down to the floor. If you walk to the right you'll see the secret passageway to the Bathroom Nightmare. If you walk to the left, you'll reenter the Medical Nightmare. Do this, and this time choose the Dentist Chair.

I like the going to the dentist even worse then the doctor!

Well, now you're in somebody's mouth! Walk to the right along the teeth. Use the Yo-Yo to fight the green plaque monsters on the teeth. When you get to the rubber bands, jump on them to help you to jump up and hang on to the braces above you. Then use the right or left arrow to move. Be careful not to get attacked by that crazy dentist too often or you'll lose hours. There are two places to climb into the upper part of the mouth, the tooth with red decay to the right of the first rubber band and the third rubber band. Stay on the RED TOOTH until the mouth closes. Then use the up arrow key to climb the ladder. Say "hello" to your Fairy Godmother Gingivitis! You will automatically climb down to the teeth when this part is done at the third rubber band. Yo-Yo the two decaying teeth resting on this rubber band, then walk to the middle of the rubber band to where a gap in the upper teeth is. Press the "Shift" key, and you'll jump up through the gap. Meet the King of the Mouth: "The Uvula". After Uvula's song you return back onto the rubber band. Continue on fighting your way through the plaque and if your lucky, you'll get to see Dr. Klutzchnik, Ned's own Dentist. If you've done everything your supposed to do, you'll be returned to the Black Medical Room again where you can either choose one of the chairs one more time, or exit through one of the
secret passageways. 

Note: This one was the hardest one for me.



You'll start out in the cat room. Get rid of the cat on the far right ladder. Then the cat on the left hand side. Between these two ladders is a very weak board. Fall through the board and come face to face with Madame Leota!

Well, I don't know if this is her real name but she sure looks like a Madame Leoata..

Walk over to her and she'll begin to read the stars and planets for you. But she needs your help. You've go to catch one of those objects flying around the room. Go for the chair. Stand to the right of the table and try to whack it with your Yo-Yo. When you've go it right the chair will stand on top of the table. Use the ctrl key to jump up onto those gray planet models on the floor in front of the table and then onto the chair. Next try to Yo-Yo the table . Once you get that use the shift button to jump up onto the table. Now go for the gold. The Vacuum cleaner! Have a whack that that one. Now all you have to do is climb the ladder. Just don't forget to hop over that red, white and blue area rug ...or you'll fall in again. Walk to the left and Yo-Yo the phonograph. A trap door will open. If you walk into it you can either go to The Bathroom Nightmare just follow the screen to the left or return to the attic through the box on the right. Back up in the attic walk over to the moving carton and Yo-Yo it. Continue on left and Yo-Yo that bird cage. Try the lamp next and then enter behind the screens. (There are three different silhouettes to be seen here by crossing behind the screens). Walk over to the bookcase. Yo-Yo the bookcase and it will start to spin. Go through the spinning door and then down the stairs. If you go to your left you'll get a super wedgie! Walk down the staircase until you meet the Dragon head on the wall. Yo-Yo the dragon head to hear some interesting poetry. Climb back up the stairs and go left, towards the "Wedgie Wall". There's some strange stuff up here. YO-YO those weird stuffed animals but don't lose your head. Then walk over to the ladder box  and give it a Yo-Yo as well. Well. lookie there: a green ladder. Go ahead and climb up. If you go to the right : that's the entrance to the Medical Nightmare. Walk to the left, towards the glowing eyes. Just follow along to your left until you see the sizzling steak. Hit it with you trusty Yo-Yo. Now these doggies have dinner. Look, they're so grateful that they made you a ladder. Climb it before something else happens. Well, what do we have here? Whack those two with your Yo-Yo before they blow us all up! Well at least until they throw away their golden key. Keep moving to the right.

Lunch anyone? 

Can you whack that pepper shaker? Well, what do you know ? Yet another form of Ladder. This one made out of bones. Climb up. 

Oh come on, don't be such a slug! 


Gee, I guess you really are a slug..

..I'm sorry....I'll try to be more patient.

 Continue up the tree until you fall off. Be careful though, that crazy lady is shaking salt all over the place. 

Slugs don't like salt, do they? Oh well...

Hurry as best you can towards the little slug hole on the right. After you go through that hole you should be feeling like more of yourself. Climb up the ladder and jump onto the spring which will take you up to the top of a tree. And just get to meet Sally! and her doll.



Ending the game is actually a little harder than you might think. Remember that you only have 8 saves.. And you'll lose one each time you utilize the "Quilt" or "Q" key. Try to keep at least 3 saves free. And near the end of your game go back to the "Quilt" and take a look at each of the Shadows and their entry ways. If they are completed they will no longer be Shadows. If they are not, and still have some "Shadow" left on them then you'll need to go back to the corresponding  Nightmare to finish some more tasks. Once it's all done You'll wake up into your parents arms. 


...But the shadows will still have their say.




Secret Passages 

The Graveyard Nightmare:


Alcatraz Academy
the tall gravestone with the lavender colored angel on top. Yo-Yo the symbol on her skirt
The coffin after the large Mausoleum
Inside the Large Mausoleum
Attic, Basement & Beyond


Bathroom Nightmare:


in the "fan room" on the towel next to the switch.
in the small bathroom the right, in the cupboard. You can get there by falling through one of the toilets in the "potty room".
Attic, Basement & Beyond
after the tub room. IT'S THE OUTHOUSE
Alcatraz Academy
 in the tub room jump to the right into the tubs and climb up the first ladder 


Alcatraz Academy Nightmare:


Coffin on first floor after you crawl through the square opening under the stairs
on the first floor opposite the Coffin near the stairs
 the door to the left of the janitor with the mop on the second floor.
Attic, Basement & Beyond
inside the locker after you win the 4 games


Medical Nightmare:


Break the first gray bottom tooth after the single root canal Then use the right or left arrow to move.
You gain access to this after you replace your missing organs Go to the Right.
Attic, Basement & Beyond
Alcatraz Academy
Break the first gray bottom tooth 


Attic, Basement & Beyond Nightmare:


After you've climbed up the ladder that has the spring at the top...enter the car.
is in the basement to the left of the boiler. 
After you climb the vine ladder in the attic. Go to your right.
Alcatraz Academy
In the cat room. Get rid of the cat on the far right ladder, then use that ladder to enter the school.





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