by Daedalic Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2013


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click adventure game.

Main Menu has resume game, start a new game, load game settings and quit game.

The bonus of the game is shown by a gift box is at right corner of the screen. It has achievements, audio book, stickers, videos and quartets.

The bonus collection page also shows the credits and can replay card games. All the goodies in this page can be played after they have been activated.

Achievements are won by doing specific actions in the game. It is best to check the descriptions of the achievements to watch out for those actions.

Audio book has 8 Mousewood stories by Matt Kempke.

Stickers are pictures of critters from Anja's daycare.

Videos show the cutscenes in the game.

Quartets show the collectible cards in the game.

At bottom left of the main menu screen, the other games by Daedalic Entertainment can be previewed, the Facebook link and language setting for gameplay.

The ingame menu is accessed by the ESC key.

A tutorial at start of the game shows the gameplay manipulation.

The journal that appears at top left of game screen or in inventory shows the tasks or events that is needed to progress in the game. Once they are done; the text is grayed out.

Inventory can be accessed by the I key or scrolling the mouse scroll button.

At right perimeter of the inventory bubble, other items that can be used during the game is kept (example is the magic ring).

At the stem of the bubble, the main menu, save-load, journal and bonus icons are seen.

Double click an exit arrow leaves the screen faster.

To save the game, click on an empty frame and then click on the "save" word at bottom. Saves can be deleted or overwritten.

A long-haired magician is in front of the First Tree. Beside him is a trunk full of items for a magic show.

Marquis de Hoto, a 6 foot tall rabbit meets an Odd Figure-woodsprite at the branches of a fog covered tree. Talk to and follow the Odd Figure. A lizard appears for a few moments.

The Odd Figure shows the beginning of the story.

Jeremiah Hazelnut, a 12 year old boy wishes to be a magician.

2 days of adventure.

A tutorial can be done at start of the game. The radio describes the various game manipulations. You can stop this by clicking on the X at top right or repeat them by clicking on the radio again.

Collect blackberries:

Home:    Take the empty basket from window sill. Talk to Jerry's mother. She asks that Jerry collect blackberries.

Take a carrot from the bed left of radio. Jerry notes large animal footprints under his window. Check the Weathered statue (Old Dwarf).

Take some strawberries. Do the same for the red currants at right. Jerry eats them.

Sticker (optional):     You can collect 8 stickers spread out in the game. There is a sticker (Lizard) on the red frame of Jerry's bike - under the seat. (Thanks to July.)

Open the well camouflaged secret stash. Jerry takes matchbook, decayed firecracker and coin with hole.

Walk the path to the woods.

Woods:    Take the cola can on the ground. Check the lamppost and group of small statues right of lamppost. There's a small prone statue under a tree at right.

Check the forest crossroad at bottom of screen. See acorns up high on the tree above the crossroad.

Deeper in the woods - Old Path Tree:    Take the path at middle of screen.

Examine the pond, round stone over flat stone right of bridge.

Examine the chalk quarry to take crumbly chalk.

Examine the strangely shaped rock (toad) and the Old Path tree. Check the circle of mushrooms under the tree at right.

Pick up the stick by the shore.

Go back to the forest crossroads.

Use the stick on the acorn on the tree. Pick up the acorns.

Edge of town:    Continue to the right. Look at town.

Check the large statue with acorn at right.

Collect blackberries:    Go right and see that the blackberries are blocked by the brambly bush.

Use the stick from deep woods to remove the thorny bush. Jerry picks up rose hips from the ground.

Check the spider web at right. Use the stick to remove the spider web.

Collect all the blackberries (3 times) to get basket with lots of blackberries.

Go back home. Jerry automatically leaves the berries on the window sill.

How to make a Carrot flame:

Letter:    See a triangular flying letter enter the mailbox. Try to open the mailbox twice. The flying letter goes to Jerry's pocket.

Read the letter in inventory. Note that the seal of the letter has a symbol that consists of 2 circles and a line.

After drawing on rock a symbol all in white - grinding white powder makes it right.

Be sure that you have collected the carrot and the contents of the secret stash at home. Go to the deep woods.

Use the crumbly chalk from the quarry on the strangely shaped rock (toad). Jerry draws the symbol seen on the letter seal.

A squirrel enters the mushroom ring and leaves something. Pick up the squirrel's tree bark from mushroom ring.

Use the crumbly chalk on the flat stone right of the bridge.

Pick up and use the round stone on crumbly chalk Take the chalk powder.

Then add black in turn, the kind you should be loath to burn.

In inventory, combine the decayed firecracker with the chalk powder to get powder mixture.

Black and white they combine, the inside of your vessel line.

Combine the powder mixture with the cola can to get can with powder mixture.

The three more things: tree skin, tree fruit and lastly, but not least, a root.

Combine the can with powder mixture with the tree bark to get can with powder mixture and bark.

Combine the can with powder mixture and bark with the acorns to get can with powder mixture, bark and acorns.

Combine the can with powder mixture, bark and acorns with carrot to get can with powder mixture, bark, acorns and carrot.

At crossroads, draw a circle with the powder mix obtained, put vessel in the center of the powder ring thus gained.

Go to the crossroads; use the can with powder mixture, bark, acorns and carrot on crossroad. Jerry draws a circle on the ground and places the can with mixture at center.

Set the circle - bang! - on fire, the carrot flame leaps high and higher, and I will swallow it in haste to enjoy the lovely taste.

Use the matchbook on mysterious circle. See it explode and a magic show trunk appears. Fanfare is heard.

Magician's Apprentice:

Check the trunk of Great Zaroff. Take the poster to expose a rip on the lining.

Check the rip. Take the magic wand.

Take the top hat and something moves inside. Use the magic wand on top hat.

Meet Marquis de Hoto. Jerry becomes the magician's apprentice. The Marquis promises that they will be back before dinner.

A new feature is added - the magic coin (coin with hole). Using the magic coin or pressing the space bar or the middle mouse button will show all the active items in the screen.

The Marquis explains about Treewalkers. At deep woods, Jerry sees the Toad and the Path tree differently. Learn about Portals.

The Marquis looks far and sees 4 nails enter the clearing.

Jerry enters the portal and comes out in another world. He is smaller; like the backpack mouse. The Odd Creature appears for a moment.

They are in Mousewood; where Jerry will undergo wizard training. The Marquis leaves Jerry to talk with the town council.

Look around Mousewood

Town Center:

Talk to Edith the squirrel. She is waiting for Plato the mailman to deliver her package from Supersquirrel Boutique.

Talk to the Dancing Mouse who is practicing his dancing for a birthday party tonight.

Talk to Spitzweg the pudgy animal with umbrella. Spitzweg is a traveler and wants to meet with Jerry at the barrier. Jerry can get there by taking the ramp right of the gate.

Talk to the backpack mouse. He thinks there's a ghost following him. He picked up a book in the woods and the ghost attached to him.

Use the magic coin or space bar to see the woodsprite behind the mouse. The mouse gives the mysterious book to Jerry and enters the Coffee Shop.

Town Council:    Marquis de Hoto calls Jerry and they enter the Town Hall.

See Jonathan the squirrel and Conrad the owl. Jonathan recognizes the Marquis as one of the first Treewalkers.

The Marquis asks permission for Jeremiah Hazelnut, his apprentice to learn his art in the Mousewood woods.

The treewalker apprentice alone should prepare for the Treetop Festival. The apprentice should deliver invitations to everyone for the Treetop Festival, order baked goods and blue juice.

Jonathan recommends to talk to Anja about the orders.

Look around. See Ursula, Conrad's niece disarranging the books. Check the books, windows, Rider painting, fire, iron armors and balustrade. Learn that the rider is the founder of the town and established the moral foundation of the town. Only citizens of the town can check the town documents kept at the balustrade.

Talk to the Marquis again. He snaps a 90 year old ancient invitation from the documents above and gives it to Jerry. The Marquis also gives a magic postage stamp that should be placed in an envelope that has the invitation in it.

The Marquis also added Advice Seeker, a minor spell in inventory. It is a "question mark" icon.

Check the table in the shape of a 3 leafed clover. Hannah Mouse, the third council member disappeared after the last crow attack.

Center:    Exit the Town Hall and look around.

Dewdrops (optional):    Click on all dewdrops seen in the game. There are 32. If you clicked on all of them you can get an achievement and access a picture in the game.

There's a dewdrop on the hanging bridge above the center.

Sticker (optional):     There is a sticker (Ninja) at bottom part of the advertisement pillar behind the mail call-golden horn.

Check the colorful wooden clock on top of the Town Hall and the statues.

Check the golden horn with frog beside Edith. Check the advertisements left of Town Hall. Learn that blue juice is made by wood dwarves.

Treetrunk Coffeeshop:    Look at the Cafe at other side of the brook.

Enter and look around. See the mouse with backpack enter from backdoor and locks it.

Herbal shop:    Ring the bell at herbal shop. Anja comes out and explains that Uli is not here.

She gives a sugar-free lollipop and a very dry cupcake.

Check the Herbal Pharmacy at right and the pictures of Uli the herbalist. There are Valerian Drops-sleeping drops that cost one leafbuck.

Talk to the mouse and overhear that he misses his friend Uli and that he is tending his garden while Uli is gone.

If the backdoor is open, try to exit and be stopped by a grouchy hare.

DJ:    Talk to Ludwig Burrower, the mole at right and Jeremy recognizes the voice. He is the radio DJ. He stopped broadcasting since the swamp path is flooded.

Read the warning sign on stairway.

Check the cheese wheel at bottom right of screen. The note states that the cheese is free.

Anja:    Check the herbal cupcakes at left or ring the bell. Anja comes out. Talk to Anja. Learn about Humbert, the gifted child Anja is babysitting.

Anja asks about a tall frog. Hmm... Anja will prepare the baked goods for the festival.

Learn that the dwarves have stopped delivering blue juice. The dwarves live at Coldwater Brook in the Darkwood.

Coffee:    Check the coffee maker, the sheet with writing above it and the sink under the machine. The coffee is free.

Check the door key beside the sink and the radio above the key. Exit the Cafe.

The Gardens & Hare Family House:

Take the path over tree root left of the Town Hall.

Check the signs on the signpost.

Gardens:    Talk to the grumpy garden owner.

Try the gate and the grumpy man will not let Jerry in.

See the mouse with backpack come in and out of the cafe backdoor. There is a large pretty flower there.

Hare Family House:    Talk to the party guest on the table. He wants coffee.

Check the bowl of dirty dishes and mailboxes outside the Hare house.

The grumpy rabbit will not allow Jerry to enter the Hare garden at bottom right.

Borrow the rake left of the party guest.

Dewdrops (optional):    There is a dewdrop on the barrel at bottom right; on the large pretty flower and plant left of the bridge-ramp.

Check the flagstone with cloverleaf and the half statue.

Take the tap of the empty keg of blue juice.

Edge of Town:

Go to bottom left. Look around.

Check the beehive with honey. Use the sugarfree lollipop on the honey to get honey lollipop.

Check the crow statue and all the pumpkins around the area. The one with the chimney seen at left feels different to Jerry.

Check the Hedgehog Brothers Carpentry building. Check the leafboat.

Check the strange door with a mailbox labeled - A. Molena. The door has an etched spiral on it.

A post horn is in front of the different pumpkin.

See a narrow tunnel left of the path under the brothers; house.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop above the strange door and on top of the pumpkin at bottom right.

Behind Town Hall:

Go through the tunnel under the house. Look around.

Check the gigantic brown mushrooms, view of Mousewood, overgrown mural and round window of the Town Hall.

Check the odd crystal statue with amber inside at right that makes a fine sound.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop at bottom right, left of mural and tip of plant left of the arch at center of screen.

Sticker (optional):     Take the sticker (Ladybug) at top left of the mural.

Mr. Churchmouse and Junior:    Talk to Mr. Churchmouse. They are traveling salesman.

Mr. Churchmouse ties a red thread on the coin with hole to get coin with hole on thread.

Take the path at bottom left to get back to town center.

City wall:

Take the ramp right of the town gate to be on city wall.

Gunner:    Talk to the gunner. Check the cannon and the pea shot beside him. Learn about the crow invasion that flies in from northwest.

Spitzweg:    Go down to the left. Talk to Spitzweg. He is a suslik. He is off travelling and start here at Coldwater Brook.

He is waiting for the delivery of his leafboat to be built by the Hedgehog Brothers.

Barrier:    Click on the barrier and the catfish behind the barrier. Learn that the barrier is to keep the catfish out of town.

See that there is a securely locked gate at left.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop on leaf left of catfish; on a leaf left of gunner and on tip of leaf at bottom of screen by red flowers.

Town gate:

Go back to town center and exit through gate.

Talk to the guards. Check the 2 marker stones at bottom right.

Sticker (optional):     There's a sticker (Snail) on the gatehouse behind the guard with a leaf.

Woods of Path tree:

Go to way through grass path right of the screen. Check the statues and wall that are the same from Jerry's woods.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop at tip of the ledge at center of screen and at plant at bottom right.

Path-Portal tree:   

Go left and see the portal tree.

See that there is another odd crystal statue here.

Check the spider and web at left.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop at bottom center and right of mushroom ring.

Go back to town gate.

Coldwater Brook Bridge:

Group of animal statues:    Check the statues.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop behind the swaying wheat stalk at center of screen. The hard to find dewdrop is on the top of the stone tablet etched with words at left. (Thanks, July!)

A figure of a man with a pug appears at other side of the brook.

Humbert:    Hear Humbert say that he is hungry and wants dessert before meal.

Talk to Humbert and he charges money to allow Jerry to pass. He is one of Anja's charges.

Give the honey lollipop to Humbert and he allows Jerry to pass.

Wheat fields:    Go to the other side and see dry wheat field.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop at extreme bottom right.

Help others.

Save Ursula from the crow:

Go through the path to be at the Coldwater Brook.

Ursula is trapped inside the destroyed radio station. A crow is on the roof of the radio station.

The crow taps on the roof. Use the very dry cupcake on the crow. Now it taps on the cupcake.

Try going near Ursula and the crow pecks on the roof again.

Check the radio antenna.

Go to the large boot at left. Take the shoelace.

Use the shoelace on radio antenna. Jerry pulls the shoelace and gets a sharp grappling hook.

Use the grappling hook on the radio antenna. Bam!  Check on Ursula.

The backpack mouse saw the heroism and gives a flyer to Jerry. Read the advertisement for a violin lesson for one highly gifted student.

Jerry places Ursula and a crow feather in his backpack.

Sticker (optional):    There's a sticker (Bumblebee) on inside wall of the destroyed radio station.

Coldwater Brook:

Radio station:    Check the destroyed radio station. Read the note left by Ludwig Burrower.

Look around. Check the berries right of the radio station, flooded area, small statue, flooded path, signpost and old boot.

Pick up yellow marsh marigold right of the post horn. Jerry says it's an ingredient in a relaxation tea.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop on top of a marsh marigold flower and one on the wall where it is snowing.

Wood dwarves house:

Take the path right of the berries. Check the wood dwarves house. A lizard appears for a few moments.

Check the sign and the post horn. The wooden gate is locked.

Read the notice and learn that Steinberg dwarf is sick. The production of blue juice is discontinued until Steinberg recovers. The note was written by Softsteel and Logger.

Read the poster and check the gurgling brook.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop at bottom right of screen and one at tip of ledge above the chimney and on tip of leaf at left edge of screen.

Help Plato the mailman:

Go back to the radio station area. Talk to Plato, the frog in uniform.

Plato's bicycle is frozen to the ground. Check the snow behind the bicycle. It is snowing at right and also on the mushrooms between the rocks.

Click on the mail-packages on the ground. Jerry asks if he can deliver the mail for Plato. Plato gives him his

Get the package for Mr. Churchmouse, pink package for Edith Squirrel from Supersquirrel Boutique, a magical letter for Senor Molena and a perfumed letter for the radio DJ.

Examine the stone with marking of the Treewalkers beside Plato.

Blue Juice Vending Machine:

Check the vending machine at left. Read the advertisement.

It costs 2 leafbucks and Jerry does not have any money. There's only one keg in the machine.

Use the coin with hole on thread on the vending machine. Take the blue juice keg and a blue juice sticker.

Ursula rearranges the inventory from time to time.

Other side of brook:

Old Tree stump:    Take the path right of the screen. Look around.

Check the misshapen rock with pattern below the hole in the old tree stump.

The hole concentrates the wind sounds.

Lower path:     Talk to a suspicious figure that says only - We have arrived. We will be the solution. The stranger is holding a piece of paper and wearing a hard hat.

Check the horn with frog, fish statue, smiling statue and the statue balancing rocks.

Use the magic ring or space bar to see the fish scale on the fish statue. Take the fish scale.

See the view of Mousewood.

Take the trail to the left to open the gate left of the Town gate.

Deliver the mail:

Pink package:    Go to town center. Give the pink package to Edith the young squirrel. Edith gives a tip of one leafbuck.

Town Hall:    Give Ursula to Conrad. Jerry also gives him the crow feather.

Card (optional):    Sometime during the game when Ursula is at the balustrade and have been saved from the crow; click on Ursula and Conrad will ask Jerry to play with Ursula outside. Jerry must find Ursula 4 times while playing hide and seek.

Ursula will hide within the town walls: left pumpkin by the Hedgehog brothers; close to the Hare garden, behind the stone owl close to Spitzweg's house and behind the stone statue right of town hall door. Conrad will give a card.

Perfumed letter:    Go to Cafe and give the perfumed letter to Ludwig Burrower. Get a complimentary mug with logo.

Cheese:     Use the sharp grappling hook (or nail) on cheese wheel right of Burrower to get aromatic but hard piece of cheese.

Coffee:    Use the mug on the coffee machine to get hit mug of coffee.

Party Guest:    Go to the gardens behind the cafe. Give the hot mug of coffee to the party guest. He gives a quartet card.

Heavy well-packed package:    Go to back of town hall and give the package to Mr. Churchmouse. It is his language package. Another lizard appears momentarily.

Magical letter:    Go to edge of town. Use the magical letter on strange mailbox left of strange door with the spiral. A mysterious voice from a dark room says Thank You!

Help the Hedgehog Brothers:

Talk to the Hedgehog brothers about Spitzweg's leafboat. Their tools disappeared and they can't finish the boat. The red pants brother think there is a greenhat around.

Hear a voice. Use the magic ring to see a leprechaun. The greenhat stole the tools.

Follow the greenhat:    Examine the green footprints on the path. It goes through the small tunnel.

Go through the tunnel to town hall. Green footprint and the leprechaun appear. The footprints appear on the brown mushroom toward the town.

Go left to town center and up to back of cafe. The leprechaun appears again and stands on the flagstone with cloverleaf to enhance his magic. He gets away again.

Get the tools from the leprechaun:    Use the rake on the flagstone with cloverleaf.

Then chase the leprechaun. Go to edge of town by the Hedgehog brothers, then to back of town hall and then to back of cafe.

See what happens to the leprechaun when he stands on the rake.

Take the stolen tools and nail.

Go back to the brothers and try to give them the stolen tools.

Make the leprechaun go away:    The brothers do not want to work because they believe the greenhat will do something again.

Pick up the wooden board right of the boat.

Use the wooden board on the small tunnel where the greenhat's footprints entered. Jerry boards up the opening.

Chase the leprechaun again: back of town hall, garden and back to the pumpkin patch.

The leprechaun hits the board. It gets angry and enters his house - the weird pumpkin with the chimney.

Examine the weird pumpkin and Jerry breaks the wall of the hollowed pumpkin.

Jerry takes the silver spoon and the leprechaun cobalt.

Leafboat:    Give the brothers the stolen tools.

The leafboat is finished and the Jerry launches the boat. It reaches the barrier in front of Spitzweg. Fanfare is heard.

Set sail:

Cafe:    Go to the cafe. Take the empty envelope from Ludwig Burrower's table.

In inventory combine the envelope with the ancient invitation to the festival to get old invitation in open envelope. It is still unsealed.

Take the sleeping potion-Valerian drops from the herb shop counter. Jerry pays for it using the tip given by Edith.

Spiztweg and boat:    Go to the barrier by city wall. Talk to Spitzweg. The boat needs an anchor and rudder.

Use the silver spoon as rudder and grappling hook as anchor on the boat.

Take care of the catfish:    Use the Valerian drops on catfish. The catfish falls asleep.

Jerry lowers the barrier. Go downstream.

Humbert:    Humbert stops them from passing through unless they pay troll toll. He brags that he is gifted.

Go to the cafe and ring the bell. Give the advertisement about free violin lesson for one gifted student to Anja.

Anja says it is perfect for Humbert. Go back to Humbert and see Anja there. Anja is a mouse on roller skates. Humbert leaves to get his violin lessons.

Coldwater Brook:    Enter the boat and go downstream.

They arrive at Coldwater Brook area. Spitzweg leaves the boat to start his adventuring. He gives Jerry some Indian white pepper.

Enter the boat and go downstream. Waterfall?

Order the blue juice and help Steinberg:

Get to the wood dwarf home:

The boat goes over the waterfall. Jerry saves himself using the grappling hook and spoon.

Jerry is at the backside of the wood dwarves' house.

Dandelion seeds float in the wind. Look around. Check the large beet left of the staircase.

Take the shimmering snail.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dewdrop on a dandelion at bottom right and on the beet leaf at left.

Enter the house:    Check the locked door. Hear someone grouchy responds.

Check the window. The grouch coughs. Use the nail on the window. Jerry cuts a circle on the window.

Use the snail on the cut glass. Jerry enters the house.

Talk to Steinberg. He mentions only Anja might help since Uli is gone.

Look around. Take the wicket  key left of door. Read the note on the pin board.

Check the top and bottom bunk to learn that Logger and Softsteel are Steinberg's roommates.

Check the sink by bunk and the metal door at corner.

Check the dwarves blue juice machine.

Sticker (optional):    There's a sticker (Butterfly) on the vase with flowers.

Card:    Open the loose floorboard by the bunk to get a quartets card - the strangers.

Get help:    Exit the house. Use the wicket key on gate. Go back to cafe in town.

Ring the bell and talk to Anja about the sick dwarf. Anja checks Steinberg.

Prepare medicine:    Anja gives a recipe for the medicine.

At the cafe, read the doctor's prescription. The medicine needs marsh marigold (taken from Coldwater Brook), fish scales (taken from overlook) and some pepper (given by Spitzweg).

Ring the bell and give an ingredient to Anja. She prepares the medicine and gives back the extra pepper.

The cold medicine should be added to some liquid before administering to patient.

In inventory combine the blue juice keg with the empty mug. Combine the mug with blue juice with the cold medicine to get cold medicine in blue juice.

Cure Steinberg:    Go back to the wood dwarves' house.

Give the cold medicine in blue juice to Steinberg. Steinberg can carry or drink the medicine.

Combine the cold medicine in blue juice with silver spoon. Give the medicine in spoon to Steinberg.

Steinberg says he will start the harvest tomorrow and there will be blue juice again.

He tells Jerry of the secret tunnel 47 to get to town and promptly falls asleep.

Deliver the invitation:

Anja:    Jerry enters tunnel 47 and comes out inside the cafe.

Ring the bell and tell Anja about the blue juice.

Thaw out Plato's bicycle:    Use the mug on the coffee maker.

Enter the secret tunnel to exit at the dwarves' house.

Exit the house and go to radio station.

Use the hot coffee on Plato's mail bicycle and the bike is thawed.

Get the invitation ready:    If you haven't yet; combine the old invitation with the empty envelope taken from the DJ.

Seal the envelope by using the shimmering snail on the open envelope with invitation. Jerry releases the snail.

Place the stamp given by the Marquis on the old invitation in sealed envelope. When the stamp was added, the invitation multiplied.

Give the giant pile of invitation to Plato.

Plato gives Jerry a clicker frog to use on any post horn. This will call Plato and he will Jerry anywhere he wants around town.

Dewdrops (optional):    After Plato's bike is removed; there's a dewdrop that is exposed on the log bridge.

Festival preparation is completed:

Town Hall:    Go to Town Hall and talk to the Marquis. The magical power training is started.

The Marquis snaps the Rider painting to change to a tree.

Magical training starts.

Hall of Apprentices

Jerry enters the painting and comes out into a circular hall. The Marquis explains that the training starts and ends here. He explains about the First Tree.

Look around at the stele of former Treewalker apprentices and the stone First tree.

Help fix the machine:    The Marquis cannot fix the machine.

Pick up the 2 half arcs-metal parts from the floor. Use the 2 half arcs on the smaller machine behind the Marquis.

There's a metal ball inside the tube. Use the Leprechaun cobalt on the metal ball. Jerry takes the metal ball out of the tube.

Place the ball on the hole made by the 2 half arcs on the smaller machine. It works.

The machine spews out cards. Jerry picks the 16 cards. The cards are like dreams; they are individually interpreted.

The machine spews another card; it is Jerry's 3 acorns card.

Magician of Mousewood:    A ghostly man floats. It is the Magician of Mousewood. The old man asks the Marquis how he escaped. Hmmm...

The old man asks Jerry to visit him in his house. He drops a ghostly key. The Magician of Mousewood is also the Guardian of the Portals.

They return to the Mousewood Town Hall.

Meet the Magician of Mousewood:

Go to the house of the Magician of Mousewood:    Go to the edge of town. Remember where Jerry delivered the magical letter.

Use the ghostly key on strange door with spiral. Jerry walks to an abandoned train station. Look around.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dew on leaf at top left.

Stickers (optional):     There's a sticker (Goldfish) on the wall below the ledge at center of screen.

Check the thermometer and railway.

Examine the stone stele. A voice explains that it was a column from the Hall of Apprentices. It was spat out by the Hall and spread out as 32 magic drops of dew. Anyone that collects the 32 dewdrops will see the image of the expelled apprentice. Later when you learn the rockwhisper spell; use it on the stone stele and it will respond.

If you wait long enough, a train will pass by.

The house of the Magician:    Enter through hole on wall. It is a room for a giant.

Look around. Check the shelves and milk. Take the napkin from the milk cup and the chocolate with heat resistant tinfoil from foreground.

Check the hammock and the ivy. Jerry tries to wake up the snoring man.

Go to the clock:    The ivy is wrapped on a stick. There is a cuckoo clock above the snoring man.

Use the grappling hook on the ivy. It made a ramp to the clock.

Fix the clock:     Go to the clock and check the parts of the clock.

Move the metal arm once and see that it won't move anymore.

Use the napkin on the drop of oil to get napkin with oil.

Use the napkin with oil on the metal arm. Move the metal arm again to hook it unto the ring on the bellows.

Pick up a key-shaped clock part that dropped out of the mechanism.

Wake up the Magician:    Turn the clock on by turning the metal knob with thin slot. The cuckoo clock cuckoos. Still the man is asleep.

The train passes by. Uh oh! The clock drops on the man and he wakes up. The Marquis comes in.

Aro Molena the magician says that Jerry needs to find the 4 portals in Mousewood. In each portal; Jerry can learn a spell.

Jerry returns the book to the woodsprite that appeared. It is the same woodsprite that talked with the Marquis at the fog covered area.

Jerry sleeps on the hammock. While Jerry sleeps, the Magician says that it is impossible for the rabbit to be here. Nighttime, Jerry wakes up.

The Magician gives a magic book to Jerry. It enables Jerry to switch back forth from night and day or by sleeping in the hammock.

Learn how to play Cards-Quartets:    There are 32 cards in a set; they consist of 8 quartets (4 cards per quartet).

First - select a family or type of card. Then pick the card that you don't have.

Tactics are stated by the Magician. Remember what is taken by the opponent or what the opponent asks for. This way, you will know what cards he hold.

After the teaching card game, the Magician gives a starmap that shows the location of the portals.

Exit the Magician's home.

If you play and win in quartet card game with the citizens of Mousewood, you get an achievement (optional).

Cabinet (optional):    Change to day. The Hedgehog brothers are fixing a cabinet. Check the cabinet and learn that it was left by the Magician. There is something inside.

Talk to the brothers. Select the dialogue that will distract them - You work to earn money - it doesn't need to be fun. The brothers argue.

Check the cabinet and get a whole quartet of cards (treewalker set).

Fox:    See a fox with several tails. Try to talk to the fox and it giggles.

First Portal.

On the way to the first portal:

Stage:    Change to night. Go to the Town Center. A stage is set at Town Center.

Talk to Mr. Churchmouse. Jerry goes to stage and places the waternut in the glass.

Borrow the waternut. Mr. Churchmouse will give the waternut to Jerry if he can do jokes. Jerry makes a joke that is not appreciated.

Mr. Churchmouse gives Jerry a blank paper and pencil to write some good jokes.

Learn about the beetle from Mr. Churchmouse. Check the green beetle picture beside Junior. The crackbeetle ran off yesterday.

Crackbeetle:    Exit the town gate. Turn to the right wall with no guard and see a beetle come out from behind a leaf.

Jerry catches it and automatically returns it to Junior. In return, Mr. Churchmouse gives a quartet card (Zaroff).

(optional) If you click 1000 times on the crackbeetle on the board beside Junior, you get an achievement.

Star Map:    Exit the town and go right towards Coldwater Brook.

See Plato on other side of the brook. Talk to Plato. The field has an eerie green light above it.

Use the star map on the sky over the wheat field. See the constellations and the 4 locations of the 4 portals. Get an achievement.

First Portal:   

4 strangers:    Go back to the town gate and take the path going to the woods.

Listen to the 4 strangers seen throughout the town. They are dividing the future spoils of a scheme of revenge. One wants the bodies since he was the one who freed him from prison, another wants the belongings since he gave the 4 metals, one wants the land and the monk wants the soul. They see Jerry -  One of us.

Talk to the 4 strangers. They are worried. They say they have solutions for money, land, luck and health.

Path tree:    Enter the woods at left and see the old Magician and the Marquis. They sent Jerry back to his own world.

Note that the spider is not in its web at night.

Wake up the toad:

See that the toad is asleep. It talks in his sleep about the woodpecker, cuckoo, sparrow and crickets. The sounds of the woods is relaxing to the toad.

Let's see if the removal of those sounds that he talks about will wake him.

Cuckoo and sparrows:    Use the Indian white pepper on the toad. The sparrows fly away but the toad is still asleep.

Wood pecker:    Go to forest crossroads. Zaroff posters are here.

A woodpecker is on the lamppost. Use the stick on the lamppost. A dialogue with the woodpecker starts. The woodpecker flies away.

Cricket:    The cricket sounds far away. Go left to home. Look around.

Look inside the dry rain barrel. There's a cricket inside. Jerry kicks the barrel.

Toad:    Go back to the toad and talk to it. Hmm...

Use the clicker from Plato on the toad. The toad wakes up and answers.

Answer correctly:    Select the correct answers to get him to continue talking.

- I'm Jerry Hazelnut, mighty magician!

- The streams of time?

- The whispering of the rocks?

The toad teaches Jerry how to listen to the voices of the rocks. Fanfare!

A new spell purple Rockwhisper is added to inventory. The toad warns of horror but Jerry will find joy also if he finds what he doesn't know he lost.

Rockwhisper - New spell:    The Marquis meets him at the Path Tree.

Use the new spell on the crystal statue right of the tree. It says that what Jerry lost, it has seen. The figure of the man with the pug appears again and calls Jerry.

A hand pounds a black nail into a picture. The ghostly nail drives through the Path tree.

Do the Rockwhisper spell on the stone figures encountered to learn things or get possible clues.

Second Portal.

Find the second portal:

Magical people:    The Marquis tells Jerry to seek the magical people in town. One of them - the man in green will teach him a new spell in its own world. Jerry has to get the leprechaun to open his own world and bring him  there.

A fox is here. See if you can talk to it. The fox just giggles. Later, see that the fox follows Jerry around.

Strangers:    At the gate, see the money stranger holding a pen is there. Talk to him.

Go to the town center and see the smoking health stranger is there. Talk to him. A Zaroff poster is seen here.

Enter the town hall and see the land stranger is there. Talk to him.

Garden:    Go to the garden behind the cafe.

A large butterfly is on the large flower. Click on it to get it to fly over and land on the half statue. The statue now has eyes.

Use the Rockwhisper spell to talk to the half statue.

Leprechaun:    At the gardens, hear someone singing.

Use the magic ring and see the leprechaun taking a bath in the bowl of dirty dishes. He has a shamrock on his head. LOL.

Take his green garments from the table. Jerry asks about the tree portal.

Jerry kept the hat. The leprechaun agrees to open the tree portal and bring Jerry through.

Tree portal:    Change to night by reading the exciting book.

Go to behind the town hall. Look up and see that the leprechaun is up on a tree limb.

Get up there:    Enter through the window of the town hall.

Inside the town hall see Conrad and Ursula. Talk to Conrad to realize that he is asleep. Check the Zaroff poster above the fireplace.

Card (optional):     Check the papers at the balustrade. Get a quartet card of the leaf family.

Go up the tower by moving the cursor to top right. It's dark up here.

Talk to leprechaun. Look at the view of the town and see the gunner below.

Go back inside and out of the town hall via the window.

Light up the tree branch:

Hare birthday party:    Go to the gardens behind the cafe. See a party going on.

Talk to the grumpy garden owner. You can't get in without an invitation.

Learn that the cake made by Anja is still not delivered.

Learn about glownuts. It is difficult to get one but the hare family has a lot of them. Maybe we can get one if we can enter the party.

Check the backdoor of the cafe. It is locked.

Cafe:    Change to daylight by reading the exciting book or sleep in the hammock at the Magician's home.

Enter the cafe and talk to Steinberg. He got insomnia as a side effect of the cold medicine and he's bored.

(Optional) If you want; play cards with Steinberg by clicking on the cards in inventory. Get a card after playing the game.

Ring the bell and talk to Anja about the birthday cake. She gives a list of the missing ingredients.

Get the ingredients:

The missing ingredients are beet syrup, sweet red berries, milk and chocolate.

Get the Cafe backdoor open:    We need to enter the cafe at night; so we need access through backdoor.

Wait until the mouse with the backpack exits through the backdoor. While he is gone place the key shaped clock part from cuckoo clock over the door key hanging right of the coffee machine.

The mouse with the backpack comes in and uses the clock part on the key hole. He thinks the door is locked but is not.

Chocolate and milk:    Go to edge of town and see the Hedgehog brothers still fixing a furniture. The fox is also here.

Enter the Magician's home.

Use the empty blue juice keg on bowl of mil to get keg of milk. If you haven't yet, take the chocolate on tinfoil.

Sleep again in the hammock. Wake up at night.

Exit the house. Talk to the night watchman. Learn what the glownuts glow like female fireflies; so it attracts the male fireflies.

Red berries:    Go to the area where the destroyed radio station is located. See a guard on the roof of the destroyed radio station.

Talk to the guard. Try to pick some berries behind the guard. The guard is wishing for a well peppered cheese fondue and stops Jerry from getting berries.

Use the heat resistant tinfoil on the small campfire.

Use the hard cheese from the cafe on the tinfoil-pot.

Use some white pepper on the cheese fondue.

Take tasty smelling berries.

Beet syrup:    Go to the dwarves' house. Go to the back side of the house.

Check the huge beet left of the stairs. Use the tap taken from the blue juice barrel at the garden on the huge beet.

Collect the beet syrup in the mug.

Dwarves' guest bed:    Go inside the house and look around.

Sleep on the guest bed at bottom of screen and it will change to daylight. (If you want, you can sleep again to change to daylight.)

Calendar (optional): If you sleep and wake here for a month, you will get the calendar achievement.

Bake the cake:    Now that it is daylight, go back to town. On the way, talk to the DJ and the luck stranger.

Go left and see Edith by the wheat field. Talk to Edith.

Go to the cafe and ring bell to call Anja. Give Anja all 4 ingredients: milk, chocolate, beet syrup and berries. The cake is to be picked up the next day.

Woodsprites and stories (optional):    Exit and change to night.

Enter the backdoor of the cafe. See the woodsprite sitting on the table at right.

Talk to him. He gives a story (#1) that can be listened to at the bonus page. Maybe he can find what Jerry lost.

Go to Coldwater Brook area where the radio station is located.

Talk to the woodsprite there and get another story (#2). He mentions that the light over the field portends the start of the sad part of the people of Mousewood.

Go to the back of the house dwarves and see the dwarves harvesting the roots. Talk to the woodsprite and get a story (#3).

Go to the edge of town by the Hedgehog brothers' house. Talk to the woodsprite and get a story (#4).

Go to the babbling brook by the wheat field and see the woodsprite. Talk to the woodsprite to get another story (#5).

Go to the other side of the brook or other side of the dwarves' house and see the woodsprite. Talk to him to get another story (7).

Go to the Path tree in the woods and see the woodsprite. Get the (#8) story in his book.

Get the cake:    Change to daylight by sleeping in the hammock at the Magician's place or read the exciting book or sleep at the dwarves' guest bed.

Go to the cafe and pick the cake from the counter. Anja asks that you deliver it to the party.

Hare birthday party:

Change to night. Go to the garden and the Hare family area.

Give the cake to the grumpy garden owner. Jerry is now invited to the party.

The party guest talks to Jerry and gives him a trophy. Talk to him again and he gives a quartets card.

Look around at the different guests. Talk to the dancing mouse by the door. Check the punch.

Jonathan:    Talk to Jonathan sitting at right side. He gives 3 jokes with no punch line. Jerry wrote down the start of the jokes.

Check the glownuts in front of Jonathan. The juice itself attracts the fireflies but be careful or there will be juice everywhere. Jonathan gets a glownut.

Light the tree limb:   

Gunner:    Go to the city wall and see that the gunner is asleep. When the cannon or the pea shot is touched, the gunner wakes up.

See the tree over Mousewood. Talk to the gunner and he mentions he needs strong black coffee to keep him awake.

Jerry says he will get some coffee. Go through the backdoor of the cafe.

Use the mug on coffee maker. Combine the mug with hot coffee with the Valerian drops to get hot coffee with reverse effect.

Go back to the gunner at city wall. Give him the hot coffee with reverse effect. The gunner falls asleep.

Fire the cannon:    Turn the cannon to point to the treetop above the town.

Use the glownut on cannon. Automatically fire the cannon. See that the tree limb over the town is green and has attracted the fireflies.

Spitzweg's house:    Check the note on the door left of the city wall. Spitzweg left a message.

Go through the second portal:

Now that the tree limb has lights; go to the back of town hall. Go through the window and up to the balustrade.

Get another quartet card from the documents at balustrade. Go up to the tower.

See that the tree limb now has a lot of fireflies. See Emmet Melanoplus O'Donnell waiting impatiently.

Use the branch to get to the leprechaun. Talk to the greenhat. Anyone that looks for magic in his world goes to him.

The leprechaun opens the portal and jumps through. Jerry follows.


Talk to the grim man in green-leprechaun.

Jerry gives the hat to cover the shamrock on top of his head. It is cold and wet here.

The man in green talks Jerry to making 3 wishes.

Talk to the Leprechaun and select the third dialogue whenever possible - (What was that you called me? Can you repeat the names you called me one more time.) - three times and get the Leprechaun patience achievement. (Thanks to Iurii).

Jerry gave back the spoon and cobalt in return for the undoing of the wishes.

The man in green let him keep the plumber trade. Examine the cross.

Where is the greenhat man?    Look around. Look at the rainy green island across the water.

Check the stone tower. Go inside the stone tower. Look around. Zaroff poster is also here.

Check to take the flag that smells like a dog.

Use the magic ring and see the leprechaun. Talk to Mr. O'Donnell.

The man in green cannot cast a spell to make a rainbow because he is not in a good mood. Without a rainbow, the leprechaun is stuck here.

Get Mr. O'Donnell in a good mood:    Go outside and place the trophy on the tower window. The trophy is not shiny enough.

The man in green must think he is stealing the trophy.

Use the flag on the dull goblet-trophy. Jerry gets the leprechaun to steal the trophy.

That made the leprechaun so happy he conjured a rainbow and hops on it to go to the next island.

Greengrow spell:    Jerry enters the tower and sees that the leprechaun is gone. The Marquis tells Jerry how to learn the spell.

Touch the rainbow and Jerry learns the green Greengrow spell. It is now in inventory. The spell makes things grow and makes rain.

Jerry picks up the quartet card from the ground. It shows Jerry with a pug.

Go outside and see the portal open. Jump in the portal.

A bronze nail is driven into the poster and one appears on this tree portal. The ghostly man calls Jerry.

The Marquis tells Jerry that a fox is roaming the field by night. Exit the tower.

Third portal.

Get the waternut from Mr. Chuchmouse:

Get the other half of the jokes:    Remember that the waternut absorbs water and that Mr. Churchmouse wants Jerry to get good jokes.

Also recall that Jerry got half jokes from Jonathan at the Hare party.

Change to daylight. Go to the destroyed radio station. On the way, see the fox statue.

Talk to Ludwig Burrower by the radio station. He says that his place is all wet.

Give the half jokes to the DJ. The DJ finishes the jokes and Jerry writes them down.

Waternut:    Change to night. Go to Mr. Churchmouse at Town Center. Give him the jokes.

Jerry did his standup routine. They love the jokes. Jerry takes the waternut.

Get the DJ to broadcasts again:

Dry the swamp:    Change to daylight. Go to the destroyed radio station.

Check the flooded path to the swamp right of the large boot.

Place the waternut in the flooded path. Use the greengrow spell on the waternut. The nut grows into a large tree. The path to the swamp is now dry.

Swamp radio:    See that Ludwig Burrower has started to broadcast again at the improvised radio station.

Check the blue beet, pretty flower and the dewfly. Check the fox statue. There's a gnarled tree here.

Use the rockwhisper spell on the fox statue and the crystal statue. It says again about something lost...

See the house on the water where Plato the mailman lives.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dew on leaf at top left leaf and one above Plato's house.

Sticker (optional):    There's a sticker (Harvey) on the base of Plato's house. I was given credit for the sticker achievement even though only 7 were collected.

Find the third portal:

Fox fire in the wheat fields:

Go to the wheat fields and see that it needs rain.

Change to night again. Talk to Plato. See the fox fire.

Use the greengrow spell on the wheat fields. The rain comes. The foxfire drops to the wheat.

Follow the fox:    The fire changes to a fox with a lot of tails. Follow the fox.

It goes into the swamp. The fox disappears but there is a fox statue with 9 tails here.

Do the rockwhisper spell on the fox with 9 tails. It says it has to go home now and opens a portal on the gnarled tree.

Jerry follows the fox to Japan.

Open the gate:

Kitsune, the fox is greeted by a voice. Kitsune runs through the gate and the gate closes.

Look around. See a Zaroff poster here also. It is on the portal tree at right.

Do a rockwhisper spell on the fox statue. It says the tree is a path for the foxes.

Use the magic ring and find the source of the sound. Take the golden bell from the bushes left of the fox statue.

Check the large wooden statue. It has a blindfold.

Check the iron bell at foreground.

Find the gatekeeper:    Check the fox statues at left.

Do a rockwhisper spell on the fox statues. It will give clues. Follow the clues to locate the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper is the second from left top row.

The gatekeeper goes back to the large wooden statue by the gate. He can sense the human presence.

Trick the gatekeeper:    Talk to the gatekeeper.

Ring the bell on the foreground and he gets quite rattled. He says that his sense of smell is better than his hearing.

Use the small bell on the gatekeeper. He thinks Jerry is Kitsune but he smells Jerry-human.

Jerry says that he only wants to return the bell to Kitsune. Never trust a fox.

The gatekeeper opens the gate and let's Jerry enter. The gatekeeper goes back to sleep as one of the statues at left.

Look for Kitsune:

Jerry sees a lady say goodbye to a man-poet sitting by the pond. The lady leaves.

Jerry follows the lady. See a fox outside the gate. Talk to Kitsune that changed to a young girl.

Ask - Are you sure they really hate you?

Kitsune let Jerry keep the golden bell.

Kitsune is a really a fox but can change to human. Jerry want to know how to do it.

Tell her - For your information :happy: is my favorite word in the whole dictionary.

Kitsune gives Jerry a test - make a sad person happy enough to inspire them to do something extraordinary.

Give inspiration to sad person:

Go back to the Basho, the poet by the pond. Check the frog pond and the bamboo grove.

Talk to the rejected poet. The poet talks about losing his inspiration.

Use the clicker frog on the frog pond. See a frog leap on the rock.

Use the clicker frog on the curious frog. The frog leaps again. The poet writes a new poem.

Talk to the poet and he will finish his poem. Go back to Kitsune.

New Spell:

Kitsune shows and tells Jerry about the new spell. Jerry learns the red Fox' cunning spell. The spell can deceive the eyes of others.

They go back to Mousewood; but Kitsune growls and runs back through the portal.

A gold nail is driven through the poster and the tree. The ghostly man asks a question - do you know where we are?

The woodsprite gives the last story (#6).

The Marquis wants to learn what is happening also.

The last portal is at the cold tree. Jerry has to go to the treetops.

Fourth portal.

Get to the fourth portal tree:

Swamp radio station:    While at third portal tree, see that Anja and Plato are sitting at his house. Now, they're together.

Find the portal:    Change to daylight. Go to the mushrooms under the falling snow.

Use the Greengrow spell on mushrooms. Climb up the mushrooms.

Mothperson:    Try to talk to the mothperson. It is asleep.

Check the rear area by clicking on the black leaf at right.

Checked the locked entrance blocked by the spiderweb.

Dewdrops (optional):    There's a dew on leaf at top of the column at center and one under the rock where Hespera sits.

They must be nocturnal. Change to nighttime.

Talk to the Hespera, the mothwoman. Jerry is wingless and so has bad vibes.

Use Fox' cunning on the mothwoman. Jerry gets a pair of glorious wings.

Priestess Phospera:    Enter to get to the rear area of the Temple of the Moths.

Talk to the priestess. She is holding the High Priestess egg. But she might not hatch since there is no nourishment.

The gray mountain on the horizon is destroying them. The gray flood-cement came.

The high priestess when hatched will be called Moonlight.

Gray Mountain:    Go right and see the gray mountain-waste dump. The crows hover the trash.

The environment is being destroyed. The priestess lost hope that they can be stopped.

Winged statue:    Examine the statue of the high priestess to come.

Check the clay pot with soil in front of the statue. There's a dead plant in the soil.

Take the bundle of flax from the fence at left.

Dewdrop and stone stele (optional):    Now that all 32 dewdrops are located; go back to the home of the old Magician.

Click on the stone stele outside the entrance (hole on wall) of the Magician's home. It will show the picture of the latest apprentice of the Marquis de Hoto; a boy of the same age as Jerry. This picture was banished from the Hall of Apprentice.

If you check the 2 pictures of the Marquis' apprentices; they differ in hairstyles and clothes.

Get nourishment for the moths and the high priestess to come:

Make a net to catch a seed:    Go down and then go to the dark woods where the Path portal tree and spiderweb is located.

Since it is night the spider left the spiderweb. Take the spiderweb.

Go to the dwarves house. See the dwarves harvest at night.

Change to daylight. The dwarves are now asleep.

Use the grappling hook on the forked branch. Jerry can't pull the shoelace.

Place the end of the shoelace through the cut window. Enter the house and see the 2 dwarves asleep (Steinberg has insomnia remember).

The blue juice machine is running. Turn off the machine by flipping the switch to the left.

Attach the shoelace end to the large flywheel at bottom. Turn the machine back on again.

See that the forked branch is pulled up closer. Exit outside.

Collect beet syrup to use as glue. Use the mug on the tap of the large beet at left.

In inventory combine the bundle of flax with the stick to make a long brush.

Combine the long brush with the mug with beet syrup to get sticky brush.

Use the long brush with syrup on the restrained forked branch.

Use the spider web on the sticky forked branch. The spiderweb is attached.

Go back inside the house and see the shoelace snap.

Go back outside and see the net catch a dandelion seed.

Use the long brush with syrup on the caught dandelion parachute-seed.

Plant the seed:    Go back to the Temple of the Moths.

Change to night and enter the temple.

Use the dandelion parachute on the clay soil.

Use the Greengrow spell on the claypot with seed. The dandelion grew.

North Pole:

Portal:    The priestess opens the portal. She describes her former home. Jerry will be protected from the cold by the High Priestess' power.

Bonus actions:     If you have done everything you want (bonus actions), go through portal. You can do the bonus actions using a saved game before this part and they will still be credited.

North Pole:    Look around.

Statue:    Check the snow covered rock at right twice. It's a statue.

Use the Rockwhisper spell on the rock statue. Talk to the statue. The statue is touchy about being called just a statue and not a god. He brings out lightning.

Icy Sea camp:    Take the path at left. Check the sea.

See a Polar scientist that thinks she is hallucinating. Talk to the scientist.

Learn that she has been waiting for the polar whale and her radio and equipment broke down. Today is Christmas eve.

Scrub:     Check the shrub that was hit by lightning more than once.

Equipment:    Remove the tarp under the broken radio and see the battery block.

Remove the tarp on the right. Take string of lights from the middle crate.

Fix the equipment:    Use the string of lights on the shrub-tree.

Use the end of the string of lights-plug on the battery under broken radio.

Now jumpstart the battery by going back to the god statue. Do the Rockwhisper spell on the statue. Talk to statue.

Irritate the statue by using the first dialogue choice. A lightning bolt strikes the poor shrub-tree. The lights comes on when the battery is charged.

Go back to the camp. Hear that the radio is on and the polar scientist talks to Marie about hope.

See the Aurora Borealis and the polar whale. The scientist takes pictures of the whale.

Glimmer of Hope spell:    Talk to the whale. The whale sings in response. Jerry is finished here and the portal is opened for him.

Jerry learns the blue Glimmer of Hope spell. Go back to the portal and leave.

Correct the wrong done.

Jerry's trial:

Phospera:    Back at the Temple of the Moths, Jerry is welcomed by the priestess.

Marquis de Hoto arrives. The Phospera warns Jerry not to trust the Marquis - The Cold One. He will betray your trust.

The moths fly away to a better place.

Marquis:    The Marquis says that the moths do not know him. He also says that Jerry still need to face his greatest test - danger.

Jerry wants to go home.

The silver nail is driven in the last portal. The Marquis disappears. Only a leaf is left of the Marquis.

The specter-man appears. The Marquis says Jerry is the only one that right the wrong and calls him Apprentice magician.

The leaf pulls Jerry within and his wish is granted.

Jerry's old woods:    Jerry is now back to Jerry's home woods. See that the woods is now a dump site for old refrigerators.

Go to the crossing. Go right and see the city pushing at the woods.

Go back home at left and see that it is now a construction site.

Harsh reality:    Go home and see a rundown house. Look around.

See a poster of Jerry on the dilapidated house. 8 months!

Do Rockwhisper spell on the weathered statue-dwarf left of door. Learn what happened to mom.

Jerry cries and has lost hope.

Use the Glimmer of Hope on Jerry. Hear hopeful and happy words. Anything is possible. Jerry will be home before dinner.

Correct the wrong:    Go back to the Old Path tree in the woods. Jerry opens the portal and he goes back to Mousewood.

Jerry is met by Plato. Plato asks Jerry to help the Mousewood citizens. The 4 strangers who might be wearing masks have placed the citizens to sleep.

The Magician has placed one in a bottle already. The Magician went home to get more bottles but since disappeared.

Find the Magician:

Go back to town. Fog or smog covers the town. Zaroff's posters are all over the town.

Health stranger:    The stranger that spouts that he can help with health worries sells his bottles of cure to the hare. The grouchy hare gives his garden as payment.

Magician:    Continue to the edge of town.

Talk to Edith. She wants a ticket to see Zaroff.

Enter the Magician's home. Look at the shelf and see the Magician in a bottle.

Free the Magician:    The magician raise Jerry up to the shelf. Talk to the Magician. He wants Jerry to break the crystal.

There is a lizard in one of the bottles. The mask beside it shows that it is the land stranger.

Look around at the shelf. There's a sunlit gap at right part of the shelf.

Take the monocle from under the red bag at left.

Check the bag above. Use the nail on the bag to get a kernel of corn.

Use corn kernel on sunlit gap. Use the monocle on the sunlit gap. The corn pops and removes that plank of the shelf dropping the bottle containing the Magician.

The Magician explains that the Squamata Consortium made up of lizards have taken over Mousewoods.

The Magician opened a banishing bottle and got entrapped himself.

Capture the lizard in bottles:

The lizard must open the banishing bottles themselves.

Capture the Health Lizard:    Go to Town Center.

Watch the stranger and see that he pulls a bottle from the cart behind him.

Place the banishing bottle in the bottle rack-cart.

Talk to the stranger. The elixir works by sniffing it - from nose to body. The lizard is caught.

Jerry checks the ticket for the Great Zaroff show.

Capture the Money Lizard:    Go to Town Hall.

See that Conrad is already asleep. Jonathan doesn't have any money to pay for a ticket to Zaroff show.

Talk to the money lizard. He doesn't take Jerry seriously because he is just a child. The lizard smells of alcohol.

Do the Fox' cunning spell on the stranger. Talk to him again. Jerry is now so rich.

Choose to sign. The lizard drinks alcohol.

Talk and choose to sign another contract again. The lizard continues to drink in celebration. Hic...

Talk to him again and say that the price of acorns and nuts just crashed. The lizard gets very upset.

The lizard sheds his costume and enters the armor at left. Check the costume.

Check the armor and see that the lizard is stuck in the armor.

Check inventory and see that the rose hips dried up into itching powder. Use the itching powder on the armor with the lizard.

Follow the lizard through the window behind Jonathan.

The lizard disappeared. Use the magic ring and see him on the walls of the tower.

Talk to the lizard. He coughs and he is thirsty.

Use a bottle on the lizard. The lizard is caught.

Capture the Luck Lizard:    Go to the radio station at the swamp.

See the luck lizard work on Ludwig, the DJ. Ludwig gets black balls consistently.

Look around. See Kitsune here.

Talk to the luck lizard. Ask him to tell his own fortune. See that he gets only white balls.

When Ludwig finally wins and gets to see Zaroff; he falls asleep. The dewfly is released and flies to the pretty flower.

The blue beet drops to the ground. Take the blue beet.

Talk to the luck lizard again. Ask him to tell his own fortune. See that he gets only white balls.

Immediately use the pretty flower and see that the dewfly hovers over the lizard. The lizard tries to catch the dewfly over him.

Then use the blue beet on the open hatch that contains the balls thus blocking it.

The white ball falls on the ground. Pick up the white ball.

In inventory, place the blue juice sticker on the white ball to get manipulated white ball.

Ask him to tell Jerry's fortune.

Use the pretty flower again. Then use the manipulated white ball on the hatch while the lizard tries to catch the dewfly. You might need to do this several times.

Then ask the lizard to tell his own fortune again.

The lizard reads the white ball fortune - Take the jug for some good luck.

Give the empty banishing bottle to the lizard. The lizard is captured.

Kitsune changes to girl form. She is upset that she cannot go home and that the lizards must be the cause.

Last test:

Magician:    Go back to the Magician's home.

Give him the lizard filled bottles. There is a disaster that Jerry alone can avert. 

Choose your coat:    Check the red coat, royal blue coat with gold trimming, stylish second hand tuxedo, motley ensemble, daring robe with hat and simple checkered jacket. None of these is chosen.

See a light. Click on keyhole on the door exposed by the moved coats. Enter another room.

Jerry's room:    The Magician tells Jerry that this is a dream only. Again, Jerry is asked to pick his coat.

Look around the room. Open the sliding door at left.

Pull up the corner of the rug that was inside the closet. A storage niche is exposed.

Open the niche. Open the musty cardboard box. Jerry picks his coat - the leather jacket.

Back at the Magician's home, the jacket disappears. Now, Jerry is a treewalker.

Something that was forgotten:    The memory lost is remembered. Jerry remembers after seeing his father's card.

Woodsprite appears. Learn that when someone goes into the world; another is taken out. Jerry's father wanders the space between world.

There is only one way - go to the first tree.

Fifth portal

Jerry has to go to the clearing of the first Tree. The posters and the appearance of the lizard showed that that spell was cast on the first tree. That is how Zaroff has spread to all the worlds that the is connected to the first tree.

The Marquis knew about this. Now, only one trained by the Marquis can break Zaroff's curse. This is the only way to rescue the inhabitants of all 4 worlds, for Jerry to go home and enable his father to return to this world.

Hall of Apprentices:    Jerry's picture is added to the wall. Note the master holding Jerry. This confirms that Jerry is now a true treewalker.

Jerry has to find the 5th portal. In the hall is a sound carrier that will open the 5th portal. The Magician will be there in his dreams.

Find the sound carrier:    Look around.

Check the metal frame at base of the tree. It lights up for a short time and shows a picture of a leaf.

Use the leaf the Marquis left when he disappeared on the blue circle. The seal is removed and Jerry picks up the sound carrier. It has a weird shape.

Old tree stump:    Jerry was sent here by the Magician.

Use the sound carrier on the hole of the old tree stump. The sound carrier vibrates and sounds like the crystal statues song that is in the wind going through the hole.

Examine the tree stump and see that it has 4 openings on the side of the large hole.

Crystal statues:    Go to the crystal statue at swamp where the radio station is located.

Use the sound carrier on the crystal statue. Take the left hand amber. The crystal statue forms back again.

Do this to the crystal statue at Temple of the Moth (eye), deep wood beside the old Path tree (heart) and the crystal statue behind the town hall (right hand).

At the crystal statue behind the town hall, see the pebbles and twigs that was once the woodsprite.

The town is empty of inhabitants.

Obtain 4 ambers.

Open the portal:    Go back to the old tree stump.

Place the 4 ambers on the old tree stump. A door opens with a keyhole.

See a statue made of green glass that has a pungent smelling fountain. The fountain keeps the key to the door.

Check the image plate below the head of the caterpillar. It's a slider possible. It's hopeless. Use the Glimmer of Hope spell on the slider puzzle. Hahahaha. Wish it was that easy. Take the silver key.

Use the silver key on the door.

See Kitsune and Plato. They want to keep Jerry company.

Jerry enters the portal but Kitsune and Plato didn't go through.

Place between worlds:   

Look around. Use the Advice Seeker spell. The Magician appears and says that Zaroff is stopping his spirit and Jerry's body access to the clearing of the first tree. This is a place between worlds.

There is only one that can help Jerry; a dangerous magician. Jerry already knows how to call him. Do not show any weakness when he appears.

The magician gives a tree bark.

Raven:    Talk to the raven. He lives in the clearing of the first tree. He can't find it now.

He remembers one that made the wheel (appears at hole of tree) which when turned changes the paths. The wheel shows the places that you have seen, will see and ones that have shaped your life.

He has seen the 4 lizards, a tall man and a rabbit with funny eyes that have passed through here.

Call the dangerous magician:   

We have called a magician before - the Marquis. Review the triangular letter in inventory.

Collect items:    Turn the wheel to show memories.

Take black powder from the cannon of the gunner in Mousewood at center window.

Turn the wheel again.

Take 3 acorns from the net in town hall at top window.

See the dwarves rusty metal door at left window. Use the stick to pry the door open. The stick broke but get a dwarf beet root.

Do the recipe of the carrot flame:   

- Use white pepper on the stone with marking - treewalker mark at center window.

- In inventory combine the white pepper and the black powder.

- Place the powder mixture with the mug.

- Add the tree bark to mug.

- Add the acorns to the mug.

- Add the dwarf beet root to the mug.

- Use the mug with all the ingredients on the crossroad (center of the 3 circular stones).

Turn the wheel again.

- Get log from campfire at left window.

- Use the lit log on the circular powder on the crossroad.

Masked magician:    The masked magician looks like the one at the picture with Jerry at Hall of Apprentice.

Answer the magician with all the dialogue. The dangerous magician chants and said that he has bestowed a gift to Jerry.

He advises to follow the light.

Follow the light:   

On each screen; use the magic coin. Move the ring on all the windows. Go to or enter the one with the strongest purple aura.

- Path into the light at bottom.

- Bright path at left.

- Path into the light at bottom.

- Into the white at right.

The Clearing of the First Tree:

Zaroff:    See the Great Zaroff under the First Tree. Zaroff introduces Jerry as a volunteer. The dreaming audience applauds Jerry's arrival.

Zaroff banishes Jerry inside the First Tree.

The old Magician wakes Jerry up. He tells that there are nails driven on the tree. Also tells Jerry to find the others that must be trapped inside the tree.

Act 1:  

Jerry is on stage. See Plato at other side. Plato does not recognize the real Jerry; just the cardboard Jerry beside him.

Stone toad:    The stone toad from the Path tree wood is at center of stage. He is loaded with Zaroff posters. He doesn't want Jerry to get close.

Pick up the Styrofoam chestnuts that fell on stage when the toad got angry.

Read the script at left.

Move the boulder scenery left of the toad.

Use the light switch exposed when the scenery is removed. Now there is light on stage.

Use the voice tube at left wall. The lighting person answers. It will focus the limelight on the toad.

This causes the toad to close his eyes and won't see Jerry. Immediately use the Styrofoam chestnuts on the toad.

The toad sneezes Styrofoam chestnuts off his nose. This cleared his head. He goes back to the stream of time.

Plato:    Talk to Plato. He does not recognize Jerry.

Use the clicker frog with Plato. Plato now recognizes Jerry.

Friendship causes the black iron nail to fall off the tree. Mousewood is released.

Act 2:

Mr. O'Donnell:    See the leprechaun on top of a pot of gold. There is a pot of shamrock on the lawn. It s nailed to the floor.

Look at the sandbags hanging on the ceiling.

Read the script. Zaroff tries to get Jerry's head to hurt.

Talk to the deluded leprechaun. He thinks Jerry wants his pot of gold.

Remove all that the leprechaun loves:     Go left and see a rip on the landscape. Enlarge the rip using the black nail from Act 1.

There is a lever and a button that controls the sandbags above the stage.

The lever moves the sandbag and the button lowers it.

Move the lever to the middle position. Push the round button. The shamrock pot as well as the fake lawn is removed by the sandbag.

Move the lever to lower position and press the button to tilt the exposed wood plank. This tips the pot of gold over. The leprechaun is distraught about his scattered gold.

Try to take the leprechaun's hat and this jars the leprechaun to be aware. He realizes that the gold coins are plastic chips.

Mr. O'Donnell's curse is broken. He grants Jerry a wish. Jerry asks for help in getting the nail.

A rainbow ramp appears. The leprechaun disappears to go back home.

Take the bronze nail from the tree. Ireland is released.

Act 3:   

See Kitsune with a fox mask. Kitsune is held by the guardian fox' paws. Kitsune cannot change back to being a fox. The guardian fox tells Kitsune that he will remove her liking for humans or devour her as human.

Try to talk to Kitsune. The guardian covers her ears to stop her from hearing Jerry.

Remember that the guardian is blind but can hear and smell.

Read the script.

Check the large bell at foreground. Jerry kicks the bell.

Use the sound carrier with the large bell. It enhances the sound and the guardian releases Kitsune to cover his ears.

Use Kitsune's bell with Kitsune. Kitsune removes her mask. The guardian again holds Kitsune.

Guardian threatens Kitsune. Zaroff destroys the sound carrier.

Talk to Kitsune to get her to realize that Jerry accepts her as a fox.

Kitsune fights. She removes the Zaroff posters off the guardian. The guardian's curse is removed and he thanks Jerry.

The guardian asks that Jerry take good care of Kitsune. He disappears.

The gold nail falls off the tree. Japan is released.

Act 4:

Jerry is at North Pole and is cold. Zaroff tells Jerry that he is not following the script.

The polar whale is seen in the monitor. The whale has Zaroff posters under its eyes. It invites Jerry to join it under the cold water of the ocean.

Look at the whale and the ocean. Read the script.

Check the Christmas tree. After the audience's comment; Jerry takes the string of lights.

Take the candy cane.

In inventory combine the candy cane with the string of lights to get festive fishing rod.

Use the fishing rod on the ocean. A cable is caught.

Pull the cable twice until the wind machine is close to the ice floe Jerry is standing on.

Turn-click the wind machine to face the polar whale in the monitor.

The posters are removed from the whale. The whale says that his smallness is what it makes The whale thanks Jerry.

Take the silver key. North Pole is released.

Jerry changes the script and Zaroff follows it.

Clearing.  Zaroff sees the poster removed on the first tree.

The audience are angry and restless. Kitsume and Plato made music to entertain the audience while Jerry looks for Zaroff.


Zaroff and Jerry face off in a duel. Zaroff has 4 spells to be destroyed.

When Zaroff casts a spell, a counterspell must be used by Jerry on that spell. Then a nail should be selected to throw the cast spell back at Zaroff.

During the first duel, the inventory should be opened to select the spell and later the nail. After that first duel, the spells and nails will be seen at bottom of the screen.

Zaroff casts a spell; select same colored spell and click it on Zaroff's spell at center of screen.

Then select the correct nail for that color and click it on the floating spells.

The dueling spells will move towards Jerry and Jerry will then throw them to Zaroff.

The duel puzzle can be skipped. A skip X icon is at top right of screen.

Zaroff's cast spell color   Jerry's counterspell color    Nail used
blue     blue     gold
red   red   bronze
green   green   silver
purple   purple   black


The story of Zaroff and the Marquis is told.

If you greet all the guest at the Festival, an achievement is obtained.

See the imprisoned dangerous Magician's face when he removed his mask.


I will never forget you.

The Marquis, the tree... he will remember him.

Jeremiah Hazelnut, the Rabbit's apprentice!



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