by Terminal Reality



Written by:  Linda Shaw

  INDIVIDUAL SAVED GAMES at strategic locations are available throughout this walkthrough.  

If you're looking for a SPECIFIC SAVED GAME, please scroll through the walkthrough below, and then send e-mail requesting the NAME OF THE SAVED game you would like. 

As I play the game for the 3rd time, I am saving games at strategic locations, and "spots" in the game where people have written to me telling me of their difficulties in getting past certain areas.  More saved games to come in Act 2.  Stay tuned!

[At times when I would get "stuck", I turned to Snowy Fate (MIKE), from AOL.  He was a lifesaver!}

November 5, 1999

System Requirements:


Pentium MMX, Celeron, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, or Athion at 244MHz or higher

64MB RAM (96MB for 3D Acceleration)

500MB hard disk space


Celeron, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, or Athion at 400MHz or higher


AGP Video Port

Matrox 6200/6400, TnT, TnT2, or Rage 128

1GB+ hard disk space

Sound Blaster Livel

WARNING:  This game contains scenes of animated violence, adult language and some nudity.  Suitable for Mature Audiences only......


During gameplay, press F10 and type any of the following "Codes":

Code                      Effect

godgames                                  God Mode

winblows                                   All Weapons and Ammo

autoaim                                     Auto aiming of weapon(s)

skeletonkey                               Gives Skeleton Key

moreammo                                Gives More Ammo

goremode                                  Toggles Gratuitous Dismemberment

buringstake                                Gives Flaming Tip Arrows

thunderstorm                              Rains Outside

snowstorm                                 Snows Outside

bighead                                      Big Head Mode

healme                                       Restores Health

silver                                         Gives 500 Silver Bullets

aqua                                         Gives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets

mercury                                    Gives 500 Mercury Bullets

oldhat                                       Stranger Wears Alternate Hat

goldmode                                  Tells you "buy FLY!"

freezer                                      Toggles Enemy Freezing

ifarted                                      Gas Mask for Stranger

bigboom                                   ???

recharge                                   Renew Battery

This walkthrough is NOT a step by step walkthrough due to the various and multiple ways in which the game may be played.  It is, however, a guide that you may use to explore each area of the game.  


Installation of this game requires that both CD ROM disks be inserted when asked.  The installation process takes a rather lengthy time but is well worth it.  When I installed the game, I used the recommended installation choice of TYPICAL installation.  Upon completion of the installation, and the opening of the game, you will be asked to turn off your lights in the room where your computer is, and adjustments should be made to the contrast, and brightness on the monitor.  I did NOT adjust my monitor settings, as I preferred not to readjust what I felt was appropriate for my monitor.  The game played fine and I was able to see clearly throughout the game.  When the game begins, you should see a black screen, and hear eerie music in the background.  Click on the KEYBOARD ENTER key or the spacebar to move to the Main Menu.  

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (hyperlinks)

Volume 1: Dark Reign Of The Vampire King:

The Graveyard

The Forrest

The Castle

The Dungeon

Volume 2: Tomb of the Underground God

The Train

The Town

The Mine

The Green Slime Pit

Mystical Stones

Volume 3:  Windy City Massacre

The Pier

Vendome's Bar

Finding A Way Into The Theatre

Waterworks Co.

Manhole Key




Factory 1

Factory 2~Blowing it Up!

Volume 4: The House At The Edge of Hell

Level 1 - Mission Assignment


Moloch's Amulet & The Castle!


Volume 1: Dark Reign Of The Vampire King

{Saved Game Titled: Act_1_BEGIN]  Follow the man through the door and down towards the sealed door.  Go forward towards the sealed door and you will enter.  Again, follow him through the next room and move towards the vampire sitting down.  Watch and listen to the story of the Vampires of the Holy Grail.  Move towards the man sitting down at the desk (Hiram).

Walk to the single door on the top of the screen and move right.  Stranger, your character, will speak with the woman doing the autopsy.  Pick up the items she gives you.  Pick up the 3 different items, the silver bullets on the counter and few other items.

Exit the room and speak with the man.  Leave and go to the elevator.  Push the button and enter.

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Speak with the man from the graveyard.  Go down the hill from the cemetary to the right of the closed gate.  Get the key from the ground and check the box.  Go back up the hill to the cemetary and to the crypt.  Use the key from your inventory (cycle through the "[", "]" keys on your keyboard), use the key on the crypt door.  Draw your weapons (D on your Keyboard).  Use these weapons on the vampire monster.  Walk around to the side and fight another monster.

Then go up the stairs to the right and through the door (monster is behind you!).  Leave forward and go down the steps.  Kill one more Sentinel then the vampiress appears.  Open the gate and then turn and search the area.  Find the closed "church door" and then turn towards the opposite doors to the far corner.  Kill another Sentinel and then watch the cut scene with the Major opening the doors.  Return and chat with him.  Follow him to the corner.  Use the ENTER key on your keyboard.

Walk around outside the church area and go up the stairs.  Find the man standing in the corner outside the door.  Click on the spacebar several times to hear what he says, then open the box on the floor and get more ammo.


Exit the village and go up the path.  Turn right and go under the log.  Find the knocked over wagon and the doctor's bag between the front and rear wheels.  Click on the horse.  Follow the trail to the vampire with the stake.  Pick up the wooden stake in front of the dead vampire.  Turn around and head towards the way you came.  At the "intersection" just beyond the dead vampire, turn right and follow that path to the cabin.  Check out the fireplace and get the Restorative Tonic on the floor just to the left of the fireplace.  Exit the cabin and follow around to the right of the cabin, and across the bridge (another cabin on the left).  Go down the steps on the left (use the JUMP key = G), look around, try the door and then leave this area.  Find the path to the right side of the cabin, but not directly on the side of this cabin.  Follow that path and kill all the werewolves along the way.  Go to the werewolf's body closest to the spiked log that comes down from the trees.  Get the chunk of werewolf meat by the side of his body.  Stranger will carry the meat with him, leaving a trail of blood as he goes.  Draw the meat (D on your keyboard) in your hands. [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_WOODS]

Walk to the large cross in the open field area.  Turn left in front of the cross and draw your guns (drop the meat).  Be ready for another werewolf.  Make your way around this path and to another cabin.  Nothing is in there of use to you, so leave and go left of the cabin, or away from the cabin back the way you came.  Try another path and you'll find the broken bridge.  The Vampiress says it is not safe to cross this bridge.  Turn around and move down the stone path to the left of the bridge.  The Vampiress jumps over the huge gulley, but you have to return to the bridge.  Draw your guns and kill 2 or 3 more werewolves.  Then reach the bridge. [Saved Game Titled: Act_1-Bridge]

(see diagram below of how to cross the bridge)


1)  Walk on the lower side (closest to the bottom of the bridge/screen) over the first 8 boards.  

2)  On the 8th board, move to the top of that board on the bridge.  Hit the "G" one time and hurry to the grey boards. (Save your game here: F6=Quicksave)

3)  Move across the grey boards, and move to the backside of the grey boards (closest to the beginning of the bridge).

4)  Hold down the Left Shift key, and use your "G" key repeatedly as you move with the UP arrow the rest of the way across the bridge.

Or just try the following:  I noticed you could walk around the left side of the left rope, in other words, be standing on the left edge of the bridge outside the rope rather than inside. Once you're there, you can just dash across the bridge (left shift key), and some of the boards will break but you run past them before they fall down.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Post_Bridge]

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Find your way through the Castle and up to the tower (killing tons of monsters along the way).  Enter the tower on the right and get the key at the top.  Then enter the tower on the left and find another key to the Bell Tower.  Go down the path between the 2 towers and up on top.  Make your way up the stairs and see the Vampiress (she's changed, hasn't she?)  Then talk with the old man.

[Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Tower]  Enter the Bell Tower with the key from the lower tower on the left.  Be sure to have your guns drawn as you walk in.  I used GODMODE (code: godgames) so as not to die here!  Shoot and kill all Sentinels.  Go to the right corner of the Bell Tower and get the Special Book.  Go all the way down the Bell Tower and to the main doors of the Castle.  When you exit through the main doors, turn right.  Go all the way to the end (careful not to fall off).  Turn right again and come down towards the bottom of the screen.  Draw your guns!  Shoot Sentinels and get 80 wooden stakes and a crossbow from the small room. Re-enter the Main Castle area and find the room with the large dining table where you had visited before.  There will be many dead creatures there from your previous visit.  Turn right and walk towards and up the brick steps.  Two statue gargoyles will attack you.  Kill those and enter through the center door on the top ledge.  There will be a huge wooden table in a room with a blue tile floor.  There is a door to the far right but it is locked.  Go through the open archway.  Draw your wooden stacks, as a vampire woman comes to attack you.  After killing her, enter the room she came from and open the box.  Take the 100 Blessed Crossbow Bows.  Exit the room and enter the room on the other side of the hall.  Shoot out the mirror on the far wall.  Draw your guns because the minute you approach the door on the opposite wall, you will be attacked from behind.  Open the door, draw your weapons again and kill the critter!  Turn towards the left (away from the door on the right) and walk off the screen.  Carefully climb the huge board and jump (G) from the board to the small platform.  Again, jump over the end platform (L-Shift +G+up arrow).  Walk to the hole in the wall and down inside the Library.  Find the Library key on the shelf on the right side.  Pick it up.  Place the Special Book on the podium in the Library, which reveals a secret room.  SAVE GAME here..[Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Special_Book]

Enter the Secret Room, turn and kill the monster.  Walk to the round table and take the DUNGEON KEY.  Go behind the pinkish tapestry and into the room.  Go up the steps on the right.  Pull the lever in the corner.  Walk back down and go behind the other tapestry closest to the round table.  Get the Doctor's bag and 80 Crossbow weapons.  Leave the Library area using the key you found earlier and the door to the right of the Secret Room entrance.  Go back to the Twin Towers.  At the bottom of the screen, walk through the doorway (hard to see, and to me it looks like a wall).  Follow the tile hallway, go through the huge archway opening and follow that hallway, shooting your way past all sorts of vampires, and monsters.  Turn around as if to leave, going back through the huge opening.  Go past the doorway where the vampire woman came out of earlier.  Follow the hallway, enter the rooms and get the items from the boxes on the floor.  There is a one room opposite the huge painting on the wall.  This room locks shut once you enter.  Sentinels attack you.  The only way out of this room is to shoot all of the Sentinels and then find the lever in the lower right corner of your screen.  This releases the gate/door so you can exit.  There is a box in the lower left corner with Restorative Tonic.  Get that before leaving.

Leave this area, go all the way out of the Castle.  Once outside, turn right, follow carefully outside the castle, as not to fall off into oblivion, and then turn left when you see the Church Windows.  From inside the Church, push the statue in front of you into the MIDDLE of the tile floor.  This reveals the Holy Relic beneath the metal floor.  Get this Holy Relic.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Holy_Relic]  When you pick it up, the Dungeon door opens from inside the castle.  Return to the "cot room" and go down the steps.  No need for guns here.....

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Follow your way along the steps and pathway through the 1st door.  Then go up the steps and enter the door on the left.  Creep along the steps and passageways down and into the dark room.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_In_Dungeon2] Shoot and kill all the monsters and bats.  Get the key on the table down below and the Ordinary Bullets on the floor just beneath the key table.  Restorative Tonic is also there, so get that too.  Exit this area and use the key on the other door on the right.  Enter, turn around and shoot the monster.  Move up the steps and to the door/gate.  You'll see it lower and spikes come up from the floor and down from the ceiling.  You'll need to back up so the door opens again.  Then hold down the L-Shift key, + the up arrow and run straight across the room to the wall.  Immediately get the key, draw your guns, turn around and shoot/kill the monster.  (The floor and ceiling will stay down while you're busy).  After you've killed the monster, hold down the L-Shift key and use the arrow key.  Run.  The floor will rise.  Turn and exit this area.

Kill a ton of monsters on your way further into the Dungeon.  You will need to jump across areas with water down below (there is a way out if you fall into the water, just make sure you're seeing the "overhead" view to find the steps).  Eventually, you'll end up in a room with a swinging blade and a door on the right side, guarded by two gargoyle statues.  The door is sealed for now, so walk (run, actually!  lol past the swinging blade and make your way across some stones suspended/raised from the floor and a long, long drop to your death if you fall!  There are also swinging blades from side to side as you attempt to jump from one circular platform to the next.  Be careful and I recommend saving your game each time you cross over onto one of the circular platforms.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Dungeon_Blades]  On the other side is a room with coffins, vampires and monsters placed there to protect the Precious Gem.  Get that gem after killing the vampires.  Exit this area and now you must return past the stones and swinging blades.  

Once across (good luck!), go back past the single swinging blade and door on the side.  Enter this room and head back the way you came.  On the opposite wall from where the 2 gargoyle statues protect the sealed door is another doorway, or entrance.  Go down there, step onto the center platform and place the Precious Gem on the pedestal.  Use the "[" or "]" keys on your keyboard to cycle through the items in your inventory until you come to the Precious Gem.  Then use the Enter key to place it (or is it the spacebar?).  A Secret Panel opens.  SAVE GAME. [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Dung_HaveGem]

Walk down into the passage, through the short opening and stop.  Turn right and walk slowly against the wall through 2 viewing screens.  Then cross the bridge.  Load up on ammo (F10+ silver as many times as you want, or type ammo for more ordinary bullets, or mercury for mercury bullets, etc., as many times as necessary to "stock up!")  Get ready to face the COUNT. [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Dung_Count]  Shoot him continuously for what will seem like a bazillion times.  As he flies around as a huge bat-like creature, you will see a life-energy indicator bar for him on the bottom left of your screen.  Pay attention to this indicator bar.  As his life-energy is slowly drained, he will lower himself down onto the platform and appear to be hovering there.  Use the HOLY RELIC on him several times to finish him off!  SAVE GAME here if you'd like. [Saved Game Titled: Act_1_Count_Dead]

When he dies, he will drop a key and the Holy Relic.  Get the key to the Sanctum and the Holy Relic.  Leave via the bridge you entered through.  Return to the same room with the single swinging blade, and use the Sanctum key on the door guarded by the two gargoyles.  Enter this room carefully and kill all the vampires that will attack you.  Move to the portrait tapestry in the middle of the rear wall.  You will see feet on the floor, indicating someone is hiding behind the tapestry.  Move the tapestry and talk with the Bride.  Svetlana will appear as normal.  You will talk with the Mayor and discover that he is truly the Lord of the Castle and his son, the Count, betrayed him.  Now that the Yathgy is in place where it belongs, the Castle and the village people can return to their "normal routine."  


Total Body Count (2nd Time to play the game) = 179

START NEW GAME: Load Volume 2

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Volume 2: "Tomb of the Underground God"


On the train, you'll talk with your boss.  He will tell you about a Texas town where zombies, and monster are taking over.  He will also mention that he has had a feeling that something or someone has been watching him...and suddenly he is swooped out of the train window and disappears.  You're left in the train by yourself, except for two people on the opposite of the train.  They will turn into werewolves so be prepared to kill them.  This is a good time to load up on ammo again and make yourself into Godmode (F10, type in GODGAMES). [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Begin]  Stranger will make a comment as you walk towards the bottom of the screen about better weapons and information in his luggage.  Make your way UP the train car in front of you and go all the way to the FRONT/Engine of the train.  Pick up the red axe on your way to the Engine room, on the coal car.  When you're at the engine room/front of the train, click on the fire.  Stranger will say that there is no way to stop the train.  Turn around and return to the baggage car just before reaching the coal car.  You will kill two werewolves chomping down on meat.  Continue back to the first baggage car, and go down inside that car.   Pick up the light brown crate and place it in front of the dark grey crate with just a tiny bit of light reflecting on it (see graphic below).  Jump up and hit the ENTER key and Stranger will say: "This is Hiram's trunk!"  Use the axe from the coal car and chop open the crate.  Get the two items inside.  Stranger will then say: "I will avenge your death, Hiram".  Get the Medical kit as well. [Savd Game Titled: Act_2_Part_2]

After getting the two items inside Hiram's crate, leave the baggage car and move on the TOP of the train sections/cars.  Move towards the ENGINE car.  JUMP to the top of the Engine car, search the dead body.

Go all the way to the passenger car where you started this level, by jumping onto the roofs of the baggage cars, fighting and killing werewolves along the way.  On top of the passenger you rode in, you'll speak with Alpha, from the Hokkendire Tribe.  He will run off.  After he leaves, go down inside this car.  Kill a few more werewolves as you watch them turn from humans to werewolves!  Then use the key from the Conductor's body on the locked door.  Kill more werewolves.  This is the private car for the Alpha werewolf.  As you approach the rear of this car, you will need to use your Axe two times on the door in order to open it/knock it off it's hinges.  Climb up on top of this car and meet up with Alpha.  Continuously shoot him until he dies. (I backed up shooting him constantly as he approached me, and was able to keep him within range of my guns).  When you've killed him, the train will stop automatically as the Engine explodes.  

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You will be met at the train station by the Reverend.  He will tell you that Scat has been killed.  Zombies are running all over town.  When you reach the Church with the Reverend, you will see Scat's body on the floor.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Town_Begin]  Click on him.  Then leave the Church, walk down the path (kill a zombie or two!) towards town.  When you reach the corner of the fence, turn right.  Find the Saloon (to the right).  Get the rum off the bar and return to the Church.  Use the rum on Scat and the Cigar in your inventory.  Scat will be revived after you've talked with the Zombie leader.  

Leave the Church, and head for town again.  Find the train station depot (to the left), and the Southwestern Lime and Pole Telegraph Office.  Enter here and find the Doctor's bag on the counter.  Exit and continue down the tracks to the right past the Southwestern Rail Lincs building.  Turn and go UP the screen, then to the right.  Follow the pale grey path, shooting zombies along the way.  Take the RIGHT-most pathway up to the first house.  Shoot the zombie dog as he approaches you.  Enter the house.  Check all the rooms downstairs and in the cellar as well.  Open the door in the kitchen that goes outside and shoot/kill the zombie cow.  Go upstairs and find the Smith's still alive.  They will follow you back to the Church.  Grab the Doctor's bag before leaving.  As you go back downstairs, kill the zombie coming up.  If you go into the basement of this house, and use the spacebar on the woman as she follows you down, she will say something.  An Easter Egg is the response that the old man says!  Cracked me up!  Once outside the house, if you RUN down the pathway back to the main road area, and turn towards the Jenkin's house (at the top of the screen), the old woman will say: "Heck, Sonny, slow down.  We can't keep up with you!"  (Easter Egg?  Hilarious, nonetheless!).  When you reach the Jenkin's house, turn RIGHT and head for the barn.  Shoot the zombie cows and the old cattleman.  Watch his head blow off (GROSS!).  Turn and go around the barn off to the right side of the screen.  Follow around the backside of the barn until you reach the cellar at the rear of the house.  Check the door.  It's locked and you can't break it down.  Exit the cellar and walk around the rest of the house.  Instead of entering through the front door, go between the house and the barn.  Watch a zombie crawl out of the ground.  Kill him...then head for the side door to the house.  Notice the zombie on the roof and someone moving about inside the house.

Enter the house and find the box in the bedroom.  Get 50 ordinary bullets and the 20 shotgun shells on the dresser.  As you leave the house, the old woman will approach you and say: "Do you even care if we make it to the Church alive?"  Stranger responds with: "Marginally!"  As you return to Redeye (the town), stop at the outhouse and collect another human man to tag along.  Enter the Sheriff's Office and talk with the one-armed man in the jail cell.  He will tell you that the Sheriff has the key, and he's gone to the Saloon to investigate screaming noises.  Get the Doctor's bag on the shelf in the Sheriff's Office and the 80 Ordinary bullets in the box on the floor.  Click on Ma (the old woman) while in the Sheriff's Office and listen to what she says.  You can also click on the man in the cell and he will tell you that the Sheriff has the key.  Exit the Sheriff's Office and go to the Saloon.  Shoot and  kill the Sheriff, then examine his corpse for the key to the jail cell.  Return to the Sheriff's Office, use the key on the door, enter the cell, get the shotgun from the one-armed man and the shotgun shells from the box on the floor.  You've just rescued the Deputy (or so you think!).  

When you reach the Church, the old woman will tell you that the children were left in the cellar of the Jenkin's home.  It will take a special "knock" before they will open the door.  For some real gore and fun, instead of returning directly to the cellar at the Jenkins, turn outside the Church and go to the rear section of the Cemetary.  Blast away a few more zombies as they are "fresh meat!"  LOL Walk all the way around the Church from Left to Right, killing zombies as you go....  

As you head back to town, go straight down the path from the Church to the Town.  Do NOT turn to the RIGHT at the fence corner..  Once in Town, be sure to go up the steps and into the Whorehouse (or through the Saloon and up the stairs).  You'll rescue a whore there...  Take her with you to the cellar at the Jenkins.  Knock on the door and the two children will let you in the cellar.  You must talk with the girl, or click on her so that she tells you her name and asks you yours.  If you don't, she won't follow you back to the Church and you'll have failed your mission!  Take them back to the Church (3 of them)  Exit the Church and talk to Scat.  Then re-enter the Church and talk to Ma/Pa and the little boy.  He will tell you that there is an old abandoned Mine entrance that he believes is the "hole" the devils come out of.  He will take you there because the mine is sealed but he knows of a secret way inside and will let you in.

Body Count for my game was 125

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Inside the Mine is a good time to save your game again.  Enter the Mine, guns drawn and in Godmode (I always started my games that way.....), and shoot your way past a dozen or so zombies.  Take and follow the right-most Mine tracks.  You will eventually come to Tunnel C.  Follow Tunnel C all the way in and across the bridge.  Just on the other side, turn LEFT and follow the steps to the Powerhouse of the Mine.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_PowerHouse]  Walk into the Powerhouse BACKWARDS, with your guns drawn, or a zombie will get you right away.  After killing this zombie, get the battery, gas mask, bundle of dynamite and 80 shotgun shells from the box on the floor.  Turn and look at the Mine Map.  Turn ON the lights for each section.  Head back in the direction you came from and go into Tunnel A and find the Green Gas room (on the left side).  Put on the gas mask before entering this room.  Find and open both boxes on the floor and get shotgun shells from both.  Leave this room and find Tunnel D.  Find the Dynamite Storage area and go all the way to the right side, once you're in the Storage area.  You will see a few boxes of dynamite. Pick one up and place it on the lift.  Pull the lever against the wall to raise the box of dynamite to the Transfer Room.  Exit the Dynamite Storage area and find the huge gap in the tracks between the upper level and the lower level of the Tunnels.  You will need to JUMP over this gap.  Back up a little ways, and USE YOUR GUNS AS AN AIMING DEVICE.  Run (Left Shift + Up arrow) and jump (G) over the gap.  Once on the other side, SAVE YOUR GAME.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Mine_GAP]  Enter the Transfer Room, shooting a few zombie's while you're at it, and find the box of dynamite on the left.  Pick it up and take it to the far right side.  Place the box of dynamite on the other lift (goes to the Central Work Area) and pull the lever.  Exit the Transfer Room and head back to the Bridge (Tunnel C) and the Foreman's Shed.  You will see the dynamite box on the small lift to the right of the shed.  Pick it up, cross the crossover and turn left.  Walk up the tracks and place the box of dynamite on the ground just in front of the rocks that block the rest of the Tunnel. [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_TNT]   Back up just a little, aim your guns DOWN (A on the keyboard) and shoot the box of dynamite.  This blows up the rocks and allows you passage to the blocked Tunnel.

Once across the other side of where the rocks were, draw your guns and be ready to shoot these green, sliming little critters.  Shoot your way past them all and eventually you will see a fork in the tracks.  Take the left tracks.  Follow these left tracks around.

Body Count in my game: 66

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Kill all the green slime pods as you work your way around and to another level.

Body Count in my game:  10


You'll enter a Tomb-like passageway.  Get the Doctor's bag and the shotgun shells from the box on the floor by the dead zombie woman.  Also pick up and take the Mystical Stone off the pedestal near where you entered this level.  Note the symbol on this Stone. [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Stones_1]   Go past the dead woman, down the hallway and past the fire.  Follow the hallway around, killing green slimy critters along the way.  When you reach the bottom, move left/forward, away from the center of this room.  Find the spot where the Mystical Stone should go and place it there.  What the light reflections.  Continue in this direction, following the hallway all the way down until you see a lift with a lever.  Hop on the lift, pull the lever and raise yourself up a few levels.  Get off the lift, and walk down the hallway until you come to another Mystical Stone.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  Before taking the Mystical Stone from it's resting place, be sure to note the symbols on the floor.  Once you remove this stone, the floor surrounding the Mystical Stones disappears and you are left with only the symbols to jump to and from.  Be careful!  lol  (see graphic below) [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Stone_1]

 To return, jump onto the LEFT eyebrow symbol, then onto the circle and then run/jump to the ledge.  Once across, carefully return to the lift. [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_PostStone_1]   Go down, and return to the Central Mystical Area.  Place the 2nd Mystical Stone in the appropriate pedestal.  A door opens.  Enter this door, and note the symbols/holes on the floor.  Shoot and kill the green slimy critters and then take the 3rd Mystical Stone.  As soon as you pick up the stone, and step off the ramp, the floor will rise. [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Stone_3]  Be careful and I recommend moving to the exact center of the ramp where you lifted the stone, then turn and face the exit.  RUN to the exit as the floor rises! again!  Feel better now?  Return to the Central Mystical Area and place the Domino looking Mystical Stone in the appropriate pedestal. [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_PostStone_3]  Yet another door opens.  Enter this room, kill a few more critters and green slimy ones too, jump onto a few rocks/bolders that allow you passage further down the hall and eventually you'll enter another room with the 4th Mystical Stone. [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Stone_4]  Jump onto the far LEFT rock, then to the bigger one just above it, and finally to the platform that holds the 4th Mystical Stone.  When you take the Mystical Stone and step off the platform, swinging blades will pierce and spin from beneath you, and between the rocks.  You should move to the far left and jump onto that rock (the same direction as before),

and then run/jump to the ledge.  Not too tough, huh?  Return by jumping over the rocks/bolders to the Central Mystical Area.  Place the 4th Mystical Stone in the appropriate pedestal.  Another door will open.  [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_PostStone_4]  This is the final Mystical Stone......Follow the path/hallway to the end and you'll see the Mystical Stone in the corner.  Opposite the corner is a lever.  Note the formations/walkways around the room.  

When you remove the 5th Mystical Stone....[Saved Game Titled: Act_2_Stone_5]  water will fill the room and if you are NOT in Godmode....good luck!  Otherwise, swing/jump over to the lever on the opposite side of the room, and pull it.  The water will drain and you will see another door open.  Enter this doorway and note the design on the floor for the 5th Mystical Stone.  Beware that when you take the 5th Mystical Stone, spikes will come up from the floor in different directions, AND blades swing from the sides.  Most difficult to get out...I used the pathway below in the graphic picture, but I was also in Godmode!  Chicken, I know!  Oh least I made it out alive!

Return to and [Saved Game Titled: Act_2_PostStone_5] place the 5th Mystical Stone in the Central Mystical Area.  A door will open to your immediate right.  Enter this hall and go all the way until you are facing the Father Creature!  And boy, is he one big mean Papa  lol  Walk across the bridge carefully, and down the hallway.  Take the LAST Mystical Stone and watch the action.  Run out of the room as fast as you can and down the hallway.  End of this Level.

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Volume 3:Windy City Massacre

Level 3 begins with the Colonel describing the Mafia using the undead to do their bidding.  They are recycling the dead.  Loathring is bring back the dead.  Icepick, an undercover agent, claims to have discovered what Capone is up to.  General Briggs becomes the man to contact if Stranger needs an army to attack.

When you exit the room, turn and face the file cabinets.  Turn right and head down the hallway, push the elevator button and enter.


[Saved Game Titled: Act3Starting]  You find yourself on the pier.  Go up the ramp and turn to the right.  Walk towards the hut on the pier.  Icepick will come out and talk with you.  He tells you that he has an informant behind the bar, Vendome, and that once inside, you will meet up with a reporter who claims to have information for you.  He tells you to use his pass to enter the bar.   Icepick also informs you to stay clear of the streets, to use the alleyways whenever possible, as the Mafia is patrolling the streets.  [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Bar]  Once inside Vendomes, order a Manhattan from the bartender.  The reporter will find you.  

Turn and walk all the way around the pier, past the pier 59 sign.  Once you're in town cars will drive by shooting at you.  Kill as many of the Mafia undead as you can, picking up the Tommyguns each time.  Duck into the thin alleyways whenever possible and to escape fire.  You eventually duck into an alley with 2 double doors that are locked.  Remember this location, as you will need to return here later.  Around the corner is the Police Station.  Open the door, kill two undead Mafia men and get their Tommyguns.  Exit and go around the street, past Vanessa's Hotel and the Matress Shop on the left to the Pet Shop.  Duck into the alley by the Pet Shop and click on the man.  He'll ask to see your pass.  

Body Count = 32

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The level begins with your entry into the bar.  You're fascinated with the female singer, but move to the bar.  There's business to attend to!  lol  Move to the bartender and click on him.  Order the drink, and speak to the reporter.  Follow him and listen to what he tells you.  He says that a colleague of his had taken film of the Frankenstein's Monsters, but it was discovered by the Mafia and is now inside the Theater.  Shoot all the Mafia monsters as they enter and attack.  Pick up 8 Tommyguns before leaving the bar.

Body Count = 8


Work your way through the alleys and streets to the Shipping and Receiving Warehouse.  Get the Doctor's bag from the open crate and always get the Tommyguns after killing the Mafia monsters.  Go to Slaughterhouse Sammy's, and up the ladder.  Get the Doctor's bag, after jumping over the rail.  You can go back down the ladder, and up the ramp in front.  Open the garage door, shoot and kill 2 men and then watch the barrels explode (this is just for grins!).  Walk back to the Shipping and Receiving area and go directly across the street from these doors.  You'll see the Cresce Theatre.  The doors are locked, so go past the Besson's Coffin Co. on the left side of the Theatre and to the next building with the white door.  Enter and get the Doctor's bag behind the shelf.  Exit this building, go around the corner and into the door by the red car.  There is another Doctor's bag behind the shelf.  Run all the way back to the pier and you'll eventually run into Icepick.  [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Waterhole_Key]  You will need to find another way into the Theatre and he bends some bars open so you can go through the sewer system.  However, you'll need to get a manhole key in order to lift the grate.  Icepick will follow you and help you kill some of the Mafia monster on your way to the Waterworks Co.  Run all the way down the pier, and down the main street.  Turn up the street at the end (where you can't go any farther) and you'll go right into the alley that leads to the Waterworks Co.  Click on those double doors that are locked and Icepick will knock it down for you.

Body Count = 63

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As soon as you enter the Waterworks door, 2 men will be shooting at you and Icepick.  Kill them using their own weapon....the Tommygun, then pick up their guns.  There's a 3rd man shooting at you from up on top, but to get to him, you must first climb on some crates to the right.  There is a certain angle from which you can see the man through the window.  Just shoot that guy and go about your business!  Walk down the steps and to the door.  Icepick will open it for you by knocking it down.  Kill 3 Mafia zombies, get their Tommyguns and go down the pasageway into the room.  Open the cabinet and get the Manhole Key and a Doctor's bag.  As you go up the steps, 3 or 4 more Mobsters will shoot at you.  Kill them, too, and don't forget the Tommyguns.

Body Count = 10

NEXT LEVEL: ~WATERHOLE KEY~ [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Have_Waterkey]

Run all the way back to the bars on the pier.  If you run all the way, Icepick will be behind you too far, and you'll have to go back and find him in the city streets!  He's too slow!  lol  Enter the bars on the pier, and Stranger uses the Manhole Key to open the Sewers.  Icepick can't go down the hole, so he says he'll find another way into the Theatre.

Body Count = 12

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NEXT LEVEL: ~ SEWER SYSTEM ~ THEATRE ~ [Saved Game Titled: Act3_In_Theatre]

Walk towards the light and through the opening.  You'll hear music and see a ladder.  Climb the ladder and get the Doctor's bag in the corner.  Go through the opening (hard to find), and follow the tunnel/passageway down a long, narrow hallway.  Eventually you'll climb a ladder 2 times to the rear of the Theatre, where you'll see the footage taken by the Reporter.  Go around through the curtain and then through a 2nd curtain.  You'll be in the Theatre.  Shoot the Mafia undead.  Exit the Theatre and shoot two more men.  Leave through the curtain to the Lobby and talk with Mo.  Shoot the monster Mafia guys, get their Tommyguns, and turn as if to exit the front doors.  You'll see another room.  Enter and get the bottle of scotch off the shelf.  Now go up the steps in the main Lobby and to the Balcony South area.  Follow the seats to the door up at the top.  Enter.  Shoot a mobster, open a door, get the film off the projector.  Open another door, shoot another mobster or two.  Go through this door and down the steps.  Get the key off the floor.  Leave and go across the projector room.  Ah....another door.  Open and kill the mobster.  Go down the steps, but go to the opposite direction, and you'll end up checking out the Men's Restroom, the Ladies Restroom, a broom closet with a Doctor's bag and another door.  Ah.....that's what that key was for.  I quick saved here.

Return to the room where you shot and killed the two men, off to the left of the bottom section of the main floor.  Pull the floor lever by the dead mobster.  A secret room is revealed behind a shelf with film rolls.  Shoot and kill another mobster undead.  Enter the secret room and go all the way to the iron gate.  Open it and get the roll of Frankenmobster Film off the floor in the back room.  Exit and go to the Projection Room.  Play the Frankenmobster Film on the projector and watch the video sequence that follows.  [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Theatre_Smiley]  Use your Tommygun on Smiley and the other mobsters.  Also use the ELEPHANT GUN SHELLS on Smiley to finish him off.  Icepick will join you and help you a little.  When Icepick comes down and helps, he tells you about the Factory where they make the monsters.  There's a manhole underground beside the Theatre that leads to the Factory.

Once you have control of your actions again, open the door, enter, open the other door (Quick save here = F6).  Climb down the ladder and get the Doctor's bag and go up the other ladder.  Then walk the plank to another ladder, turn around and go up the next ladder.  Move to the door.....

Body Count = 28

NEXT LEVEL ~ THEATRE ROOF to MANHOLE ~ [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Roof_Theatre]

From the Rooftop of the Theatre, turn and RUN between the roof vent and the water tank.  JUMP onto the other building (I hit the ladder on the other building until I realized I wasn't dead!).  Go down to the alley and turn the corner into the alley.  Meet up with Icepick.  He gives you a flamethrower.

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NEXT LEVEL ~ WAREHOUSE ~ [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Warehouse_1]

Enter through the sewers and kill 2 mobsters.  Grab their tommyguns or use your cheatcode: moreammo, for tommygun ammo.  Work your way around the warehouse and kill off more undead mobsters.  Find the area with the Doctor's bag and 3 batteries.  Take those.  Now find your way into the corner around some crates and boxes and then go up the ladder.  Work your way down some steps and around this section of the Warehouse.  Find tommyguns and 80 flamethrower cans in the room with the green door.

On the truck by the door in the corner are 80 flamethrowers.  Get those.  They're by the drivers door.  On the ledge of the truck outside the bathroom is another can of fuel for the flamethrower.  Enter the Men's Room and go through the other door, but pick up the flamethrower fuel first.  Shoot some more Mafia Undead and blow up the barrels and boxes of dynamite along the way!  Go up the steps onto the platform.  You'll have to jump off the walkway onto some boxes and then over the fence when you reach a break in the fence.  Look for this area of the Warehouse (see graphic below).

Once on the other side of this area, get your guns ready and blow away a few more Mobsters.  Just on the other side of the recreation room have your flamethrower ready!  SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST. [Saved Game Titled: Act3_WH_Pre_Smiley]  There's an opening down the catwalk where the fence is broken.  Jump off there onto the boxes and then down to the floor. Walk around the office then turn to leave this door (it's locked).  [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Pre_Smiley]  Smiley will bust down the Office door and this is when you use your Flamethrower and the fuel cans you've collected along the way!  Enter the Office after killing him for good, and exit the door to the Factory.

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NEXT LEVEL ~ FACTORY ~ [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Factory_1]

Head down the walkway you're facing at the beginning of this level.  Go up the steps, shoot more gansters around the green tank mixture and go down the other set of stairs.  Shoot another 2 or 3 mobsters at the base of the stairs and get their tommyguns.  Go around the 2 huge barrels at the base of the stairs, kill another mobster hiding in the corner!  Then go to the right of the stairs on the bottom and along the fence.  SAVE HERE.  Shoot a ton of those nasty guys again, and more of the recent reborn undead!  Work your way around and up another green tank and conveyor belt area.  In the corner is a door.  Open it.

Body Count = 31

NEXT LEVEL ~ FACTORY Area 2 ~ [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Factory_2]

Walk down the walkway, turn right and then right again at the corner.  All the way down at the end of this catwalk is a lever.  Read the sign (spacebar).  Pull the lever.  (Explosions will start, but you can still escape this area - I used Godmode and jumped down!).  Turn and go all the way down the ramp then up the steps and all the way down.  Midway down the platform, you'll see a break in the railing.  You'll come back here and jump down to the Main Valve lever as soon as you kill the guys at the other end of the platform! SAVE YOUR GAME HERE BEFORE PULLING THE MAIN LEVER. [Saved Game Titled: Act3_Fact_MainLever]  Pull the Main Valve lever.  After pulling the Main Valve lever, turn and RUN (L-Shift + Up arrow key) back through the opening, through the other opening, and around up the long catwalk where you started.  Don't bother stopping to shoot the mobsters (they'll die anyway!).  Avoid the fires that start up all over the place.  HURRY....don't waste time, or you'll find a fire blocking your ONLY EXIT.  You'll exit the same way you came in!

When you reach the corner to turn and head to the Office door, SAVE YOUR GAME.  Load your game again, put yourself in Godmode (godgames).  Use Autoaim (F10=type in autoaim).  Use your TOMMYGUN.  Walk a few steps forward towards the door.  SMILEY appears again.  This time he's not smiling!  :-)  So, as soon as you regain control of your movements/actions, BACK UP and shoot at him continuously.  He will fall off the walkway as it collapses and falls down into the green mixture.  After he dies, walk on the railing that remains there.  [Saved Game Titled: Act3_End]  Enter the Office.

Body Count = 208

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LEVEL 1:  The MISSION  [Saved Game Titled: Act4_Begin]

Speak to the Secretary.  Enter the Elevator, push the button and then exit.  Look at the picture on the wall (spacebar). Enter the door and speak with Svetlana and Icepick.  Turn and enter the Colonel's Office.  Listen to the Colonel and General Briggs and learn of your new Mission.  The Colonel tells you about Hamilton Killian and a Graveyard "problem" he currently has.  Exit the Office, go the Morgue/Autopsy Room.  Get the Ordinary bullets, the shotgun, and 80 shotgun shells.  Speak to Doctor Holliday and then pick up only the Doctor's bag on the cabinet counter.

Exit the Autopsy room again and speak with Svetlana and Icepick.  They will talk about Molock  Enter the elevator and the next level begins.


Outside the Graveyard, you will speak with Killian.  He will brief you on what has been going on within the cemetary.  When the conversation ends, turn right and walk down the hill into the graveyard.  This is a good time to save your game using QUICKSAVE (F6).....just for good measure!  lol [Saved Game Titled: Act4_Graveyard_1]

To the right of the entrance to the graveyard is a cross with an oval shaped top on the top of a grave.  You will need to get that.  Once you locate it, take and place it at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Temple on the right side of the Entrance.  In the meantime, shoot and kill a few little zombie miniatures!  Get the keys from several of them!  While you're hunting around the graveyard for the crosses, you'll kill another little zombie dude!  Get his key too. The Skeletons can easily be wiped out by using the cheatcode: F10-WINBLOWS for all weapons.  Then use the FLAME-THROWER and watch the bones burn!  One of the keys you pick up will open the Temple in the center of the graveyard.  There are a total of 3 Temples; one in the center, one to the right and the 3rd on the left.  You need to find a cross (just to the right of the entrance to the cemetary) and place that one in the Temple to the LEFT of the entrance.  The other cross is oval shaped at the top and it, too, can be found just to the right of the graveyard entrance.  You will also need to CLIMB the ivy on the left side of the LEFT Temple.  Once on top, there will be ivy growing down from the roof of this Temple.  Click on it and Stranger will pull it off.  This allows light to pass through.

When both crosses have been placed properly in the Temples to the left and right of the 3 stone squares in the center of the graveyard, enter the Main Temple.  Go down the steps and look at (use the spacebar) the inscriptions on the wall [one is closest to the symbol reflection on the far wall, and the other is 4-slots down from the wall reflection].  After reading these inscriptions, push the 1st and 3rd platform symbols so that they are directly in the light shining into the room.  The others will stay where they are.  Move to the symbol on the wall and push/pull the lever.  You will hear something move/rise [sounds like a stone base opening].  Exit the basement of this Temple and you will see that the 3 center square stones have risen.  [Saved Game Titled: Act4_GY_Pillars_Up]

When the 3 square stones rise, re-enter the center Temple and pull the lever again.  Three panels on the wall to your right will open, revealing 3 different globes.  From left to right, they are Air, Fire and Water.  Read the inscription on the wall again to become familiar with what you must do.  Take the Fire (center) globe and place it in the middle of the pillar in the center just outside this center Temple.  Go back down into the basement area and take the Water (right globe).  Carry this one outside the Temple and place it on the left pillar.  Grab the Fire and return it to the center panel down in the basement.  Pick up the Air globe and place it on the far right pillar.  Now return to the basement one last time and pick up the Fire globe again.  Return it to the center pillar outside the Temple.  Watch the ending screen shots of the cemetary.  Turn and run out of the cemetary.

When you run up the hill, turn to the left and follow the trail to meet up with Killian.

Body Count = 14

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Upon entering this new level, shoot the monster that's chained to the wall.  Pick up the amulet by the body and move to the top far left of the screen.  Use the spacebar to open the spiked door.  Follow down the hallway into a huge room. Use the Amulet (ENTER button) on the center of the statue holding the Bladed Weapon and a sword.  Take the Bladed Weapon (on the left).   Turn right and open the closed door (Godmode would be a real nice treat for yourself right about now!).  Enter the room CAREFULLY, open fire on all the zombies.  When they are all dead, exit this room and enter the open doorway slowly.  Follow the steps on the graphic below in order to safely make it across the electrified floor, OR be sure you're in GOD MODE to make it across.  [Saved Game Titled: C4ElectricFloor]

RUN across the room and through the open doorway.  When you exit this room, turn down the hallway.  You'll see 5 switches on the wall.  Turn on ONLY the 2nd switch from the closed door at the end.  Turn and walk down the hallway.  Try to open the 1st door (you'll need a key).  Then the other doors open, but reveal only a brick wall.  The 5th door opens, but leads only to an elevator that will drop you to your death!  Don't enter that elevator.  Exit and open the 6th door.  Kill a green slimey critter.  Exit and enter the next door with the red carpet etched with a symbol on it.  Enter the torture room, and open the spiked door.  Follow the hallway, kill two more zombies, and then open the last door on the left (all others are brick walls!).  Turn left and kill the monster.  Open the 1st panel on the right.  Enter the room carefully or you could fall off a huge cliff and die.  Go down the ladder and into the next floor.  Follow the long, winding hallway around corners until you reach the huge room with the elevator and the statue.  Get the Doctor's bag next to the statue.  Just on the other side of the statue is a hallway.  Follow that hallway, turn into the first opened door on the left.  You've just entered the Grand Entry balcony area.  Turn left and follow the balcony around, collecting 40 Silver bullets in the box on the floor next to the chairs.  Go down the stairs, shoot some vampires and get the 20 Silver bullets from the chest to the Left of the big double doors (don't bother trying to get out...they don't open!  lol).  Continue around under the stairs and enter the opening to a hallway.  Follow this hallway (don't bother with the doors, they're locked).  Go back down to the main floor and up the stairs.  As you enter this room with the statue again, there's a hallway to the right of the elevator.  This leads to the Pantry.  It's locked for now, so return to the big room with the statue.  Follow your path all the way outside, up the ladder, through the room at the end of the hall and back to the hallway with the panels on the wall.  Go to the end and turn left, there are stairs that lead to nowhere.

Make your way back to the ladder outside.  Go down the ladder, and enter the opening.  Follow the hallway around to the right and turn left at the "interection".  Open the door directly in front of you and enter.  You've found the Library.  Killian will speak with you and ask you about Houdini.  After he leaves, look at the chess puzzle.  Turn towards the bottom of the screen and move to the bookshelves on the left.  Draw your weapon and shoot/kill the werewolf.  Exit the Library, go all the way down to the end of that long hallway and around the elevator to the Pantry room.  Move to the end of that small hallway and click on the Houdini portrait.  A Secret Panel opens.  Turn right and shoot the green slimey critter.  Look through the small opening on the right side of the wall.  There are 3 openings that you can see through.  Each one shows a different room in the Hotel.  The middle room shows a woman tied up on the bed.   Now open the door at the end of the hallway.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE!  Do NOT step on the small square carpet, or you'll die.  Back up a few steps, use your gun as an "aiming tool" and then RUN (L-Shift key + Up arrow) and jump (G) over the carpet onto the other side.  This is the Music Room.  Enter the Music Room, listen to Killian talk about the traps he's set for you all over the Castle.  Move to the old Victrola and play the record.  Then pick up the Book Of Chess off the floor.  Exit via the door (unless you just feel like jumping back over that death-carpet!), and head back to the Library.  Use the Book of Chess on the bookshelf by the window and enter through Secret Panel.  Find the two boxes, get a pistol and some bullets.  Go down the spiral stairs and click on the bookshelf at the bottom of the spiral steps.  Get the Symphony Of The Werewolf book and the Servants Key.  [Saved Game Titled: Act4_Found_WereWBook]  Go back up the spiral stairs, exit the Library and go to the Pantry.  Get in the elevator and go down (left side) or up (right side of the elevator).  Ride the elevator up one floor.  Enter the door opposite the blue statues.  Follow this entry to the "Star symbol" area.  Open the doors.  Explore this area, but have your weapons ready!  Save before exploring more of the rooms!  Get back in the elevator, go down to the Pantry, down to the Kitchen, and down to the Basement.  Work your way around the bloody cobblestone walkway to the entrance off to the left.  If you pull the lever on the floor by the gated opening, a swarm of killer beetles will attack you.  If you leave the lever alone, there's no need to worry about them (like the gate will keep those little critters away from you or something!  lol).  Kill the two or three huge werewolves.  Get the Warden's Key in the corner of this room.  Turn to the RIGHT after picking up the Warden's Key and enter the Laboratory.  Again, Killian speaks to you for a brief moment.  Get the Bedroom Key (for the woman tied to the bed upstairs), and the Doctor's Bag.  Also notice the Gate on the left wall in the Laboratory.  You'll need the right key!  Go up the elevator 2 times to the Pantry.  Follow the hall around to the 2nd door in the room with the statue.  Open the door, move around the bed and an automatic scene occurs where Stranger feeds the woman and then unties her.  Kill the vampire!  Get the Control Panel device off the dresser.  Exit the room, go to the elevator and place the Control Panel device on the elevator wall.  [Saved Gmae Tiled: Act4_Elevator Panel] After putting the Control Panel on the elevator, make sure your gun is loaded and has plenty of ammo.....  Push the elevator button, immediately back off and then RUN and JUMP all the way over the elevator into the other room.  Killian will speak to you again, and you will soon be attacked by a number of vampires and other zombies.  Kill them all!  Go to the corner and get the crossbow off the wall, the shotgun, and 40 Ordinary bullets.  Move to the curtain/drape that is blocking the elevator on that side of the room, and push it out of the way.  You should also open the other doors in the room and step into the hallway just to get your bearings and to see where you are in relation to the hallway.  It makes it much easier to access these rooms later on.  Now get in the elevator and pull the lever closest to the elevator door.  Immediately pull out your gun/weapon and kill the werewolf.  Exit to his cage, open the gate.  Climb down the ladder, open the freezer door, shoot two more zombies.  Open the door to get your bearings again.  Walk around the tile hallway to the Kitchen.  Shoot a dude in the corner, get the Doctor's bag.  On the left of the bar opposite the cutting board are the bars that prevented you from using the Pantry Dumbwaiter to enter the kitchen.  Lift those bars.  Exit the door to the left of the stove.  Get 30 Ordinary bullets from the box on the floor.  Open the door up from the box.  To cross this room, you MUST go on top of the table.  If you walk on the floor, you'll DIE.  Then carefully exit the open doorway.  Shoot two or three more gargoyle critters and 2-3 werewolves in this room.  Get the Clock Room Key off the fireplace mantle (this is hard to see, so make sure you don't leave this room without it!).  SAVE YOUR GAME.  

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Now make your way to the door with the 2 blue statues on either side of it.  [Remember, this room is on the wooden floor level...use the Dumbwaiter in the pantry to go up one flight!).  SAVE YOUR GAME before entering this room.  Enter the Clock Room.  Move to the center of the room and use the Enter key on the keyboard to grab a hold of the prism.  Move in a counter-clockwise rotation around the room, holding the prism.  A full revolution around the room changes the COLOR of the prism light beam.  The object of this "puzzle" is to open the door at the 12:00 position, the purple door.  Turn and open the door at the 7:00 position by shining the beam on that color at the base of the door.  Turn 2 times all the way around, counter-clockwise and open the 8:00 door.  Turn 1 time around and open the 2:00 door.  1/2 turn will open the 9:00 door, and 1/2 turn will open the 10:00 door.  One and 1/2 turns counter-clockwise will open the 1:00 door (a prism appears from the door).  Turn and open the 11:00 door (if the 1:00 door closes, just reopen it again).  Another prism will appear from the 11:00 door.  Fine tune the reflected blue and red lights on the two prisms until you get a purple beam on the purple light at 12:00.  The door will open. (see diagram below) SAVE YOUR GAME.

Enter the doorway at 12:00. [Saved Game Titled: Act4_Smashing_Wall]  Listen to Killian, then immediately run to the lever on the wall at the bottom of the screen.  Pull that lever.  Turn and RUN and jump up on the bottom floor level that extends.  Move (Run, actually) to the right side and pull the middle lever on the right.  Another floor level from the wall will extend.  Jump up there and run to the left side.  Pull the lever marked #2 according to the diagram/graphic below.  (For a saved game just BEYOND this room, ask for Act4_Post_Smashing_Wall via e-mail)

Again, another level of the wall extends.  Jump up there, run to the right side, and pull the lever marked # 3.  Jump up another level, run to the left once again, and pull lever # 4.  Jump up, run to the right, and pull lever # 5.  Again, run to the left after jumping up on top of the new level and pull # 6.  One last time, jump up on this level, run to the right and pull lever # 7.  Jump up on that level and then on top of the wall.  The wall will stop when it crashes into the wall where the first lever was located.  Move to and either jump through the opening (that's the chicken way out of the room....and the route I took!).......OR climb down and use the ladder (I didn't want to take any chances that the wall would again start crushing me!!!!).  Once safely outside this room, SAVE YOUR GAME.

In the FireFloor room, look at the grated floor and notice that there are gaps between where the sparatic flames pop up from the floor.  Move left, then forward, then right and forward towards the top of the screen, then left again, and right and'll be safely off the FireFloor.  SAVE YOUR GAME again.  [Saved Game Titled: Act4_Fire_Room]  You cannot walk right over and pick up the key on the carpet, or you'll fall through and die!  So, go get a piece of the body laying on the floor and chunk it at the carpet.  The key will fall down below, through a glass ceiling and on the floor of the room opposite the long dinning table.  You'll get that in a few minutes.  Turn around and go through the doorway on the far right.  Enter there, get the Dungeon Key off the floor, and the Shotgun shells from the box.  Move just beneath the bottom of the carpet on the floor, face the carpet, and use the spacebar to open it...CLIMB down the ladder and you'll be in the hallway on the 2nd floor.  Head back to the hallway area where the bedroom door is and the statue opposite that door, and the elevator that you jumped across earlier.  Go around the statue and down the hallway to the huge set of stairs that lead down to the Grand Entry.  Work your way down the hallway to the room with the Demon Room Key.  Get the key after killing tons of vampires.  Again, SAVE YOUR GAME.  

Head back up the banister and find the portrait at the end of that winding hallway.  Carefully turn LEFT and walk up the steps and then outside the Castle, and up the ladder.  Work your way around the winding hallways/doorways, past the huge paintings on the wall and all the way back to the Electrified Floor room.  Stop before going into that room.  Turn and enter the 2nd door on the left (not the one by the electric switches).  Be careful not to step on the trap door, if it hasn't already been "sprung!"  Walk around that.  Make your way into the hallway with the huge Star on the wall.  [Act4_Pentagram_Rm]  Turn and walk down towards the bottom of the screen.  Open the door with the red Star on it.  Load your weapon and step carefully into the room (be ready to back up!).  Shoot and kill all the laughing miniature zombies and then get the box of matches in the corner.  Exit this room, and you'll still hear laughter from several miniature zombies.  Walk down towards the bottom of the screen in the hallway and through the last door.  Walk down below the blue statue room (Clock Room) and through that doorway.  Shoot two more miniature zombies..  Use the Dumbwaiter to lower yourself down into the Dungeon area (3 times DOWN).

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As you exit the Dumbwaiter, get the Doctor's bag in the lower left corner, just outside the Dumbwaiter.  Turn and head for the main "grinder" room.  Be ready to shoot and fight off tons of zombies, big ones, and small ones.  Enter the room off to the right and use the Dungeon Key to enter the Dungeon Room.  This is another good time to save your game!  When you enter the Dungeon Room, you'll have to look real hard for the levers between each of the 6 cages.  Pull one of the levers, shoot the monster as it comes out, then pull another lever, shoot another monster, and so forth until all of them are dead.  Exit the Dungeon area and go back to the huge castle gate just outside the Dumbwaiter.  Get your FLAME THROWER handy.  Open the gate and fire up the gun.  Shoot and burn those little beetles that crawl/race towards you.  Enter this area and use dynamite to blast the underwater green slimeballs!  I used my flame thrower for all the ones around the green pool, and then used dynamite for the several that were underwater.  There's ONE cage in the actual Dungeon that has a wall of ICE.  Push on the loose bricks and it collapses, revealing another room.  Enter the room.  Listen to Moloch and the conversation.  Then walk to the right of Moloch , closest to the bottom of the screen and a candle.  Use the spacebar to free him!

Exit his room and go to the area with the iron bed.  Use the spacebar as you're standing in the middle of the side of the bed.  A fire will light.  Moloch will climb in!  He tells you that he needs food to regain his full strength to avenge Hamilton Killian.  Exit this room, and be sure to let Moloch follow you.  Head towards the Dumbwaiter and he will stop and munch down on some of those green slimey critters you blasted away earlier, regaining his full strength!  Moloch tells you that it's time to avenge Killian, and to meet him on the 3rd floor, in Killian's Control Room.  He leaves via the elevator shaft!

Get back in the Dumbwaiter, and go up 3 times.  Exit the Dumbwaiter, load your weapon and blast away a few little critters!  Then make your way along the hallways and rooms to the hallway with the Huge Red Star Tapestry on the wall.  Enter the room on the left, closest to the Tapestry (w/the lever and the steel door).  Use the lever, open the steel door, climb the ladder and JUMP into the Control Room.  Everything else from here is a short video sequence between you, Killian and Moloch.  

Body Count = 119

Listen to and watch the video sequence between the Colonel and Stranger.


Total Body Count = 142


Great game, huh?  Leaves room for a sequel!

I like that!

Stranger as a villian?  Ouch!

This walkthrough will be updated frequently.

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