SOLUTION FOR NORMALITY INCTo travel around the city of Neutropolis the player must go to one of thebus stops, there is at least one at each location. If he USES the busstop he will be presented with the map screen. This is represented by asmoggy panorama of the city. As each new location is revealed one of theexisting buildings will light up.1. In the apartment:EXAMINE the sofa to find the MONEY and the GADGET. (These appear on thefloor after Kent has broken the settee.) PICK UP the Cushion off the bed,this will reveal the REMOTE CONTROL. PICK UP the REMOTE. PICK UP andEXAMINE the Flyer on the floor near the door. This and the TV will hintthat a good way to get into the factory would be to go and get a jobthere. EXAMINE the Note that you are already carrying. This ties in withthe above items. Go into the kitchen. PICKUP the Can of Food. PICK UP theNodding Bird. PICK UP the JAR OF WHITE PAINT too. Go into the Bathroomand PICKUP the SHARKPOON from the bath. PICK UP the T-SHIRT from thecabinet made from fruit rhinds (Kent's disguise). Return to the main roomand USE the NODDING BIRD with the REMOTE. A new Object will appear on thefloor. This keeps the TV turned on. You can now go to the Window and USEWindow to open it. USE the Window again to climb out.2. Dai's Window-Cleaner CradleSimply TALK to Dai and listen to what he has to say. He needs a cup ofcoffee. (See the option "Can you take me down?" ) USE Window to climbback in to the apartment.1. In the apartment:Go to the kitchen. USE the Kettle to make it boil.Then USE the Kettle on the Cup to pour the water in the cup.EXAMINE the cup.USE the White Paint with the Cup to make the coffee milky.EXAMINE the cup again. PICK UP the Cup.Climb back out to the cradle.Talk to Dai again and you will automatically give him the cup of milkycoffee. He takes you down to ground level. (Or will do, eventually!!)3. The Plush-Rest Factory ReceptionUSE Doors to open them.WEAR (USE with picture of Kent) the T-SHIRT, to fool PRU.Walk up to the Woman in the middle of the hall and talk to her. Thisgives you permission to go through the door at the far end of the hall.Do so. Turn to your right and go into the Hospitality niche. To enter USEDoors. USE the Water Machine to get a white cup. PICK UP the cup forlater. USE the Bizarre Sculpture (really a coffee machine) and a smallcup of coffee will appear on the floor. PICK UP the cup. (At this pointthere will be an animated sequence of Kent destroying the room becausethe coffee is hot, he drops it and blunders round the room!) Tiddler(Boss man of test) will walk in and talk to Kent.4. At the Plush Rest factory.After the cut scene where Tiddler is seen to escort Kent into the factorywe find Kent and Tiddler at the beginning of a conversation. The playershould TALK to Tiddler about everything he can. He will learn about, therunning of the test department, the waste engineers, and something aboutthe gadget he has found. To get the debris go into the small toiletcubicle, stand on the armtidge and USE the grille in the roof. You willnow be in an air duct. Negotiate this small maze-ette and find out wherethe DEBRIS is. PICK UP the DEBRIS, find your way back to the toilet. PICKUP the BELT from in the duct while you are at it. Put the debris on thebed next to the one that the striking tester is lying on. The WASTEENGINEER will come and collect it and take it back to the grinder room.You will realise that the Slumba Swift bed needs power if it is to work.PICK UP the CURRENT SENDER from Tiddler's office and the CURRENTRECIEVER. Use SENDER with the BATTERY. USE the RECIEVER with the barewire. The bed will now work. Again USE the DEBRIS with the bed. This timethe WASTE ENGINEER will come, but this time he will crash and burn. Youcan now get into the grinder room. USE the POWER BOX to turn off theGRINDERS. USE one of the GRINDERS to go up the conveyer belt to theDUMPSTER.5. Meeting Heather.A GDV will show the player crashing through a hatch in the ceiling of thehide-out, covered in little bits of foam, etc. Heather will now talk tothe player. She is playing a tape which sounds like a crowd of burly menwho would like to kill you, all the time she is talking. She will turn itoff when it is agreed that the player can join the group, afterperforming two tasks Broadcast the tape of Brian. Paint the "Sculpture"in the mint Mall. Two new locations will be added to the map. The MINTMALL and The TV STATION.4. The TV StationThere is a SECURITY GAURD on the steps of the building. He will denyentry to wonders within. If you attempt to walk in a GDV will show youflying out of the gate and on to the pavement beyond. By TALKING to himyou will discover that he makes many allusions to rats in his speech.Each time he does so he will twitch a little as if uncomfortable with thethought. Go to the mall, in the thrifty fifty shop PICK UP the RUBBER RATTOY and come back. USE the RAT TOY on the SECURITY GAURD. He will look alittle flustered. By TALKING to the SECURITY GAURD you will learn that areal rat might do the trick. If you cast your mind back you will recallthat there is one trapped in the washing machine back at the flat. Toopen the door of the washer you need a BLOCK OF FROZEN FOOD, cos' it'sheavy and tasteless. To bring the BLOCK OF FROZEN FOOD from the mall tothe flat without it melting you should wrap it in the TOWEL from thebathroom. USE the FOOD on the WASHING MACHINE DOOR, it will now bebroken. You now need something to contain the RAT in for transportation.PICK UP the LITTLE BOX from the top of the micro wave in the kitchen.Take the Rat to the SECURITY GAURD. Use the RAT and a GDV will be shownof the GAURD scarpering. You can now enter the building. Cross the mainroom to the office door. Go in and TALK to the receptionist on the left.She will allow you to talk to Mr. Johnson on the right. TALK to Mr.Johnson and he will eventually give you an ACCESS CARD. Leave and walkdown the hall to the security doors leading to the Control Room. UseACCESS CARD on the SECURITY DOOR to gain access to the control room. USEVIDEO on TAPE MACHINE B to insert the tape. Listen to the presenterschattering and watch the codes which flare up on the screen of thecontrol CPU. You should learn that RUN VT A makes the tape of Saul'sdemise run. Logically then RUN VT B should get the tape of the rock godBrian Deluge on the air. Unfortunately the CONTROL COMPUTER is passwordprotected. To get the password go and talk to the ELECTRONIC ENGINEER inone of the other offices, he is struggling to fix a computer. Thepassword is his middle name, this is on his badge. By talking to him youwill learn that he will not divulge his name. Nor will he let you EXAMINEit. You need to make the geeky geezer remove his shirt. Go back to theflat and USE the ACCESS CARD on the BEANS SPLAT. This will scrape a largeamount off the wall. Come back and USE the GUNKY ACCESS CARD on theELECTRONIC ENGINEER. This will make him remove his shirt and throw it atyou. He storms off in a considerable huff demanding that you clean it(you don't). You now have the password (Holen, his middle name) to theediting computer. Access it's inner workings and enter the RUN VT Bcontrol line. A GDV of Brian Deluge will now be played. A recordedperformance of him doing one of his "Tunes". Mission accomplished.6. The MINT Mall.NORM 2782 will not allow you access to the SCULPTURE.Norm says the only reasons he will leave his post would be emergencies.Find out what these are by TALKING to him. TALK to the Blind guy, he willtell you that his dog DEEPHA barks like a fool when ever he hears otherdogs. He also has a bull horn slung around his neck. The blind man willalso ask for some BOOKs in return for some MATCHES. Go back to theFACTORY and PICK UP the PAPERBACK BOOKS from the only unlocked locker inthe locker room. USE the BELT on the WEIRD EXTINGUISHER in the grinderroom. Watch the mess evolve in glorious GDV. PICK UP the half empty WEIRDEXTINGUISHER. Go around the rear of the factory, near the river. Find theBARREL OF YELLOW PAINT. USE the WEIRD EXTINGUISHER with the YELLOW PAINT.This will fill it up. go back to the MINT MALL. USE the PAPERBACK BOOKSwith the BLIND MAN. He will give you a BOX OF MATCHES in return. Plus hewill allow you to keep FIRE STARTER BOOK. Go to the THRIFTY FIFTY shop.USE the FRUIT CROPPERS with the BARGAIN BIN. USE the FRUIT CROPPERS withthe LARGE GLIDER SIGN. USE the YAPPY PUPPIES with the SMALL GLIDERS(Twice). You will then see a GDV of loads of gliders flying out over theSHOP LIFTER STOPPER. We then cut back to the game and you can PICK UP theCROPPERS. Go to the CAVE OF COMESTIBLES. LOOK at the food and TALK to RayTwill (The paranoid assistant) until he breaks down and begins thumpingthe desk. Do it until the LIGHTS go OFF. While the lights are off USE theFRUIT CROPPERS on the PLUM SHAPED SPEAKERS. PICK UP the SPEAKERS. Go tothe DISCO LA LA! store. PICK UP the CLAP CD. USE the CLAP CD with theSTEREO. USE the PLUM SPEAKERS with the STEREO. All of the DOGS will beginyapping and jumping around stimulated by the high decibel clappingnoises. DEEPHA the dog will appear barking like a hurricane. NORM 2782will run from his post near the sculpture, allowing Kent to go there.Goto the SCULPTURE, USE the MATCHES with the BOOK. LOOK at the fire andyour character will automatically call NORM. He will appear and dischargethe WEIRD EXTINGUISHER (which he will have confiscated earlier, when Kentarrives with it FULL). Watch the mayhem unfold. You will find yourself ina totally dark place. The only way to light it is to USE the MATCHES withthe photograph of Kent. Watch the GDV of the mall exploding. You will nowhave a chum (NORM 2782), he has a piece of shrapnel in his head and isvery confused by his new thoughts. Go and talk to the group. They willtell you that they now wish to free SAUL, brother of the evil dictatorPAUL. you must go to the ORDINARY OUTPOST (OO from here on in) dressed inNORM 2782's UNIFORM. Locate the prisoner and free him. At the OO. Quitecomplicated this bit. Once the player is inside there are only two waysout. One is via the window which gets broken. The other is by going up tothe roof. You will gather that Paul Nystalux is about to visit the OO.Talk to the RECEPTIONIST. He will tell you to go to the RESEARCH FLOOR.He will give you the code. Use this on the KEY PAD on the lift to yourleft (1572). Talk to the SCIENTIST. Release the prisoner by cutting hisSTRAPS with the SCISSORS. A GDV will show what the prisoner does. PICK UPthe SNOTTY GLASS FRAGMENT and SPANNER. Go into the newly opened lab byUSING the BROKEN WINDOW. USE the glass on the FINGERPRINTS (which are onthe EXTINGUISHER). This lifts them off the surface. The only place to getrid of the evidence is in the GRINDER (although the player does not haveto do this, the plot will branch if he doesn't). TO FIX THE GRINDER. USEthe BROKEN WINDOW to get on to the SCAFFOLD. PICK UP the LADDER. USEPULLEY To get out of the OO. Go to the HAULAGE CONTAINER in the factorycompound. Pick up the LARGE COG lying in the puddle. Use LADDER withCONTAINER to get on top of it. Pick up the SMALL COG from the BROKENMACHINE. Go back to the OO and use both COGS with the SIDE PANEL of theGRINDER. Use more or less anything with the GRINDER to get rid of it,specifically all of the evidence against Kent. This will allow the playerto go on a slightly different fork in the plot. Get rid of the prisonerby getting to grips with the ZOOMTOOB. Put the prisoner in a capsule.Down calls the capsule; red opens the door; put prisoner in capsule; upsends capsule away. The scientist will ask you to go up to the processingfloor and get a new subject. go back down to the lobby in the lift. Talkto the receptionist. Turn the fountain on by treading on the suspect slabbehind the pillar. Talk to receptionist from slab. The receptionist willthen go to the loo. Examine the code he has left lying on his desk, useit on the other lift (the one you haven't used yet). Code 1312 At theprocessing floor, talk to the Norm there and get him to leave. Press thered button or wait, a secret door will now open. This is the mood filterchamber. Look around, examine things, the door will seal behind you.Examine Saul (at end of room), he dissapears. Examine screen, theyreappear. To open the door examine Saul. Unfortunately at this point Pauland a couple of his cronies appear. He will deliver one of two speeches,leading to one of two plot branches. PLOT BRANCH IF YOU DESTROYED THEEVIDENCE AGAINST YOU. If you destroyed the evidence then Paul will be gobsmacked by your (He thinks you are a norm) incompetence. He will sentenceyou to a stint in the cells. This bit is a little bit complicated. Breakthe bench in the first cell by Using it. This reveals a transmitter. Pickup the splint of the bench. Wait to get sucked into the mood filter.Examine the sign that Saul is holding up Wait to get sucked down into thenext cell. Break the bench in here by using it. Pick up the 2x4 piece ofbench from here. Pick up the scrap of cloth from the floor orifice Usethe eating utensils in the Food mat to prise the transmitter from it'shousing in the broken bench. Wait to get sucked down into the moodfilter. Examine Saul's sign. Wait to get sucked down into the third andfinal cell. Break the bench in here using the 2X4 picked up in a previouscell (if you didn't get it you will have to go around again). Thisleathering breaks the transmitter here. It is no longer any use. You mustfind another working one from somewhere. Write a note to Saul on thescrap of cloth. Use the gravy for ink. Use the splint from cell one withthe note and pass it across the corridor to Saul. OR show it to Saul inthe mood filter Wait to go into the mood filter once more. Saul shouldhold up a sign with a toilet pictured on it. This is a clue as to thewhere abouts of the next transmitter. Sabotage the faulty food mat in thethird cell with the broken wall bracket (found in a previous cell). Thiswill cause the room to flood. The guard will now attend to your needs.Kent will now be cleaned by the guard. Go into the toilet cubicle. Openthe lid on the cistern. Pick up the third transmitter. Go back to thecell. Wait to go into the mood filter. Once there all hell will breakloose. A LARGE GDV will now play, this shows Kent and Saul escaping tothe roof and Dai being shot by the Norms. The game becomes interactivewhen they arrive back at the group HQ. WHAT HAPPENS IF KENT HAS NOTDESTROYED THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM? Paul will sentence Norm (You) to along stint in the corridors of the blue pens. There is a man here, he ismaking a documentary about Norm 2782 and his stint in captivity at themercy of the "Revolutionaries". This man is a pain in the arse. The manhas bugged some of the key parts of this location, in order to observeNorm as he goes about his duties. You must get rid of these bugs in orderto progress. Pick up all you can off the notice board in the Norm staffroom. Pick up the piece of paper from the bureau. Pick up the piece ofpaper from the bin. All of these have codes written on them. These codesare to be used on the machine in the adjoining room. The letters refer tothe positions of the pedals set into the floor. The number refers to theposition of the lever at the bottom of the console. The large red buttonshould be pressed to activate each code. Before each code can be enteredYou must find one of the bugs hidden a round the room. One is on thesign. One is behind one of the lights in the corner (tricky one this).One is in deep shadow beneath the control console. Use all of the codes,some do nothing. Use the one which was found in the bin. This zaps you.The last code ca be found stuck to the underneath of the control console.Enter this code. This should begin the emergency evacuation procedure. Goto the lift and watch the story unfold.DESTROYING THE SUBSTATION.Go into TV shop.Try to pick up Micro-TV on counter.TALK to bloke. Ask him for a remote.When he leaves, rush round the counter:PICKUP the keys.USE the keys on the back door to lock the bloke in.USE the box to get into the Loft.Get mallet from behind loft crate.USE mallet on Slats.Go through slats and walk until fall down hole into the power station.PICKUP the hanging teddy. He falls on the floor, but you now have thelong wire. PICKUP teddy again. You now have his eyes. Go down steps. PICKUP the little pink wire. Put coins or teddy eyes in Slot. Back up stairs.Press the button on the wall labelled START. Down the stairs. Pickup theglowing light bulb. Use the long wire on the bulb pins exposed in thelight bulb socket. Up stairs. Open control box. Use the Circuit Board.Here you use the pink wire to solve the wiring puzzle. This is not doneyet! Temp: Type 1 2 3 ENTER into keypad screen. Open box again. Use longwire on circuit board to complete power connection. BOOM!!!!!!!!!Finished!FREEING DAI.Go to the mall.Pick up the two rubber pipes there.Go back to the street.Attach one to the smelly grille (assuming you have taken the sharkpoonfrom the bath). Attach it's other end to the grille on the truck. Use theother tube in the bathroom. Attach one end to the hole in the bath,attach the other end to the extractor fan above the bath. The Norms willnow activate the emergency door opener. You can now rescue Dai from therear of the van.POLLUTOTRON.Saul and Heather have decided that the sub station mission were notacceptable enough. To this end they are aiming high, the Pollutotron mustbe blown up if the group have any hope of succeeding in making adifference to the future of the city. Talk to Heather, she will tell youof a few components she wants to make a missile. Go to the mall, pick upthe broken wood. Pick up the single fire cracker. Pick up the rope fromaround the waffle. Go to the container at the factory compound. Open itby lighting the fumes at the top OR attempt to pick up the acetylenecanister. Use the canister with some matches (at the mall if you nolonger have any). The doors will now blow off taking Kent with them. Usewood with the barrels. Use the rope with the wood and barrels. Use theraft with the river. Use the toxic canisters with the raft. Climb on tothe raft and use it. You will now appear down at the docks. Watch thelaunch of the rocket.THE STADIUM.Now you must go to the stadium to fetch Saul's brain backup machine. Heis going mental so there is no alternative. You must also smuggle Brian'sguitar on to the stage. Talk to Saul and Heather, make sure you know whatyou are doing. Get the goggles from near to the packing crates in themain area. Turn off the light near the sewer head to get past the Normtroopers who are standing there. Use the gap in the wall to get up to thegrating. Pickup the batteries lying there. Use the batteries with thegoggles. Smash down the grating with the guitar. Break down the anysuspect walls. (There are three, one of them can not be smashed, this isthe entrance to the secret labs). Take the roof brace down from behindone of the walls. This will cause a collapse, bringing one of the cratesdown from above. Use the brace on the sign near to the wall which willnot break. OR use it an the loose tile around the corner. Either of thesewill keep the false wall open. This opens the wall. Go down into thelabs. Pick up the Norm poster on the wall. Use the hole to get through.Pick up the fire axe lying in amongst the rubble. Go back outside to thefallen crate. Smash the crate into tiny bits with the fire axe. Pickupthe emergency containment suit inside. Go back to the room with themicrowave in (where you got the axe). Open the microwave. Use the suitwith the brain. Go up to the sewers again. Pick up the roof brace fromthe last place you left it Use the roof brace on the elevator door toopen it (you found the elevator when you smashed down the false wallearlier. Use the elevator.SIT BACK AND WATCH THE SUMPTUOUS OUTRO'.GAME OVERSolution by Lucio Burroni from Arezzo

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