Another new day dawns. Get dressed and head downstairs to talk to Nostradamus.


Nostradamus is hungry and wants some bread. The recipe is on the wall above the bread-kneading machine in the kitchen and indicates the ingredients as follows:

Flour (2)
Remove the faulty part from the bread-kneading machine. Go to the forge and knock on the door to ask Smith for permission to use his forge.
Pick up the piece of metal lying on the ground and put it in the furnace. Pull the lever on the right of the furnace to stoke the fire. Using the large tongs, remove the piece of metal and put it on the anvil on the right. Cut the piece of metal with the wire cutters and then drop it into the bucket of water on the ground. Remove the cut piece of metal and return to the kitchen.

Attach the cut piece of metal to the bread-kneading machine and lift up the beating contraption. You can now bake the bread as follows:


Put two lots of flour from the sack on the floor into the bread-kneading machine


Pour the bottle of water into the bread-kneading machine


Add salt from the rightmost bowl on the shelf into the bread-kneading machine


Add yeast from the left bowl on the shelf into the bread-kneading machine


Lower the beating contraption and turn the handle


Wait for the dough to rise, then remove it and place it on the breadboard


Use the breadboard to put the dough in the baking oven


Light the wood in the baking oven with the lighter


Wait until the bread is a golden brown colour, then remove it with the breadboard

Don't leave the bread in the baking oven for too long as it burns and won't be edible

Give one bread to Nostradamus and the other to Smith by knocking on his door.


Enter the scriptorium and talk to Chavigny. Take note of the key lying on the bench next to him. You won't be able to take it, but perhaps you could make an impression of it.
Go to the chapel to change into Madeleine's clothes. Also ensure that you have some clay, that can be found in a box opposite the drawbridge leading into the chateau.
Return to Chavigny and speak to him as Madeleine. During the conversation the turns round to face the far wall. While his back is turned open your inventory, take the clay and then use it on the key to make an impression. Note that if you're not quick enough to do it during the first conversation, there are a further three dialog topics. Get (hold) the clay during one dialog topic and make an impression of the key during the next one.

Knock on the door at forge and ask Smith to make a key from the impression. He agrees, but only if you bring him some of Nostradamus' plague medicine.


Nostradamus tells you that the plague remedies are on his desk in the office. Take the phial on top of the books on his desk, examine it in your inventory and remove the two parchments from it with the tongs. Note that the phial also contains ambergris. Move the parchments to the recipe section of your log book.


The ingredients required to make the incense powder against the plague are:

Cypress wood
Juice of red rose petals
Cypress wood is found on the ground at the base of the tree next to the gallows. Orris is on the window sill of a house at the bottom of the hill. To get to it leave through the rear gate leading from the barn, turn left and then walk forward twice. The house will be on your left. Aloe can be found at the same house hanging from the top of the door frame.
The incense powder is made in the cooking pot at Nostradamus' workbench in his office. Use the pestle and mortar to crush the cypress wood, orris and aloe. The clove powder is in the 1st bottle on the bottom shelf, rose petal juice in the 3rd bottle on the bottom shelf and musk in the 3rd bottle on the middle shelf. Lastly, pour the ambergris (from the phial) into the pot. To heat the ingredients turn the lever on the stove to the left, then fill a recipient of all sorts with the incense powder.


The only ingredients are crushed garlic and vinegar. The garlic is found hanging from the roof (and on the trestle table) at the first house on your left when leaving through the front gates in the yard.
This mixture is also done in the cooking pot at Nostradamus' workbench in his office. Put crushed garlic and vinegar (7th bottle on the middle shelf) in the pot and then fill a recipient of all sorts with vinegar of the four thieves.


Go to the forge and give either the preparation against the plague or the vinegar of the four thieves to Smith. He tells you to leave the impression of the key and return later to fetch it.
Walk around for a while and then return to fetch the copy of Chavigny's key from Smith. Go to the chateau and use it to unlock the door to Chavigny's room.
Open the writing desk and take the star chart in the drawer. Examine the inside of the writing desk carefully to find a hotspot near the right hinge. Cut a hole in the leather with the scalpel to reveal a hidden parchment, then remove it with the tongs.

Move the star chart and hidden parchment (Nostradamus' original quatrains) into the diary section of your log book.

The green book on Chavigny's desk is the Astronomia Magna of Paracelsus. If you haven't already done so, examine Philibert's note (found with his engraved stone in the scriptorium closet) in your diary. Use the scalpel to scratch off the stain between the letters AMP and the number '5', then use the quill to insert the number '4'.

There's another of Philibert's notes inside the green book. You only find this note after inserting the number '4' on his first note as described above.

Chavigny enters the room. To learn the truth about the prophecy select the first dialog topic:

My job, Jean-Aimé, my job!



Turn over the body of the dead guard, then examine the crime scene carefully:


Remove the letter tucked under the guard's belt


Examine the stab wound to learn he was killed with a dagger


Use the compass to measure the footprint in the pool of blood
Go to the guardroom at the end of the corridor. Remove the bed sheet to reveal an empty bottle of brandy. Also examine the rack above the bed to see that one dagger is missing. Note that you won't be able to do this unless you examined the dead guard's stab wound.


There are 3 bonus points available for covering the dead guard with the bed sheet



Examine the letter in your inventory and cut it open with the scissors to find a red rose inside it.
Talk to the other guard (outside Catherine de Medicis' room) to learn about the dead guards lover. Enter Constance's room and talk to her. When you leave, she gives you a piece of ambergris and offers to be more cooperative if you bring her some of Nostradamus' aphrodisiac.


When you tell him about the star chart you found in Chavigny's room he remembers working on it. Use the key he gives you to unlock his desk drawer and take the birth chart of Henry of Navarre.
Talk to him a second time to learn that the aphrodisiac recipe is somewhere in César's room.


Slide open the wooden doors in the observatory and go onto the balcony. The 12 constellations all have a wooden plaque with a zodiac symbol on it. Where else have you seen any constellations? Look at the portrait of César in his room and examine the constellations in the background.

Go to César's room and remove the cloth covering the chest. Examine the locking mechanism in the centre, noting a metal rod protruding on the right side of the hinge. Push the metal rod with the scalpel, then use the tongs to remove it. Open the lid to reveal 3 tumblers with zodiac symbols on them. Set the tumblers to correspond with the zodiac symbols of the 3 constellations in the portrait.


Remove the long metal bar from the front of the chest, then open it. Take the sheet containing the aphrodisiac potion and put it into the recipe section of your log book.

Go to the workbench in Nostradamus' office to prepare the aphrodisiac potion as follows:


Iron fillings from the 3rd bottle on the top shelf into the cooking pot


Sparrow blood from the 5th bottle on the top shelf into the pot


Musk from the 3rd bottle on the middle shelf into the pot


Cinnamon from the 7th bottle on the bottom shelf into the pot


Clove from the 1st bottle on the bottom shelf into the pot


Mulled wine from the last bottle on the top shelf into the pot


Sugar from the 6th container on the middle shelf into the pot


Crush the aloe (from the door frame of the house at the bottom of
of the hill) and then put it into the cooking pot


Nutmeg from the 1st bottle on the top shelf into the pot


Iris Illyrica from the 1st bottle on the middle shelf into the pot


Add the mandrake berries into the pot


Add the ambergris (from Constance) into the pot


Turn the lever to the left to heat the contents in the pot


Fill a recipient of all sorts with the aphrodisiac potion


Go to the solar return device in the observatory. Read the instructions stuck on the wall behind the shelves to learn how to use the device.
Open the solar return device drawer, insert Henry of Navarre's birth chart and close the drawer.
The dial (360° in total) is divided into twelve segments. Each segment bears a zodiac symbol and consists of 30°. Take note that the zodiac symbols are in counter-clockwise order, beginning with Aries at the top and going all the way round to Pisces.
The six tabs that can be moved around the dial are all marked with a planet symbol.
Refer to Catherine's birth chart (the one completed in Day One) in your diary to identify the zodiac signs and planets with their respective symbols.
Click the ? in the top right corner to display the required settings for the birth chart.

To find the correct positions at which to set planet tabs, always count the notches (from 0 and 30) counter-clockwise, i.e. the same as the order of the zodiac symbols. Accordingly, to set the Moon at 26° Aries (at the top) count 26 notches from the right to the left. To set Jupiter at 4° Libra count 4 notches from the left, to set Venus at 24° Scorpio count 24 notches from the left, to set Mercury at 6° Capricorn count 6 notches from the bottom upwards, to set Mars at 16° Capricorn also count 16 notches from the bottom and to set Saturn at 10° Pisces count 10 notches from the right.
According to the instructions on the wall, the next step is to set the counter to the person's age.
From his birth chart you know Henry of Navarre's was born on 14 December 1553 and you should know what the present date is, so calculate his age and set the counter accordingly.


Exit from the device and turn the crank. Remove the birth chart with the solar return and put it into the diary section of your log book.
It's been a tough day. Time to go to bed and continue your adventure in the morning...