The recipe for making the jam is above the fireplace in the kitchen. The required ingredients are:

Sugar (3)
Cinnamon and Ginger

Go to the kitchen and prepare the jam as follows:


Put the squash (found on the shelf in the barn) into the cooking pot in the fireplace


Put the apples (found in the bucket on the floor in the barn) into the cooking pot


Put three spoons of sugar from the bowl on the workbench into the cooking pot


Put a spoon of cinnamon and ginger mixture (3rd bowl from the right) into the cooking pot


Put a log from the bottom of the baking oven below the cooking pot


Wait for the jam to finish cooking


Fill the recipients of all sorts to get two jars of jam

NOTE: If you put incorrect items or quantities in the pot, it can be emptied by
pouring the contents into the fire.



Make your way to the chateau at the top of the hill, then go to the second floor and talk to Catherine. When given a choice of responses, remember Nostradamus' advice about being spontaneous and select the first response:

Indeed! But one can hardly be demanding with others, if one is not the same with oneself.

Put the quatrain she gives you into the diary section of your log book.

If you prepared the jam, César automatically gives one of the jars to Catherine de Medicis.
Speak to the scribe who gives you his notes about the victims. Move the scribe's notes into the RIP section of your log book. Use the quill on the names of each victim for who a date of birth is known to learn that they died in the order of the signs of the zodiac.


The fallen bookshelf must be raised to examine the area where the librarian's body was found. Use the perch leaning against the bookshelves to remove the lantern hanging from the ceiling above the desk. Examine the long frayed rope (removed from the well) in your inventory and cut off a scrap of rope with either the scalpel or scissors. Tie the remaining rope to the perch and then attach it to the ceiling where the lantern was. Note that you can use either the rope you cut or the one found on the wall at the forge. Click the top of the fallen bookshelf to tie the rope onto it, then drag down the other end to the leg of the desk as illustrated in the graphic below. Now release the left mouse button and click on the leg of the desk to tie the rope to it.

When using the magnifying glass to examine an area or body there may be more than one thing to inspect. These are indicated by the magnifying glass changing as shown below.

Use the magnifying glass to examine the desktop. Read the book and take the crumpled paper next to it. Examine the crumpled paper in your inventory to learn that it's a map of the chateau. Move it to the map section of your log book to view it. Note that it shows both the ground and second floors.
Examine the books on the floor between the desk and the bookshelves, noting from the tiny amount of blood that the librarian died from internal injuries and not by the bookshelf falling on him. Also, the books do not appear to have been damaged by the fallen bookshelf.
Also examine the base of the bookshelf that fell to find a pile of sawdust.
After doing all the above Jean-Aimé de Chavigny enters the scriptorium.


Remove the sheet to reveal Philibert's body. Examine the body and pull out the splinter from the cut on his forehead with the tongs. Open his mouth to learn that he was poisoned.
Take Philibert's key found lying on the table next to his body.


Return to the scriptorium where you find that the closet in the middle aisle of bookshelves has been forced open. When you lift the rag on the top shelf a small packet drops to the floor. Cut the packet open with either the scalpel or scissors to get Philibert's engraved stone and his note.
Examine Philibert's engraved stone in your inventory, noting the symbols on one side and the word TOMBE on the other.
Put Philibert's note into the diary section of your log book, noting that the first 'number' (following the word AMP) is illegible.


Jean-Aimé de Chavigny's room is through the second door on the upstairs corridor. First talk to him as César, then (after changing clothes in the Chapel) talk to him again as Madeleine. He's far more cooperative towards Madeleine - something that's useful later in the game.


Return home and report to Nostradamus in his office. He tells you to go fetch a mandrake.


There are 10 bonus points available for catching the rat.

Leave the house after nightfall through the rear gate leading out from the barn.
Watch carefully to see a rat run across the road. You have to be fairly quick to
click on it. Wait for it near the tree as indicated in the graphic below. Note that
it only appears once, so save a game position before going through the gate.


Note: The rat can also be used later in the game during a timed sequence.

The mandrake is growing under the gallows to the left of the chateau entrance. Remove the wedge under the wheel of the cart, then pull the cart away and take the mandrake.
Go back to Nostradamus, who tells you to prepare a powder to facilitate hypnosis as well as some sage wine. The recipes for both are on the sheets of parchment on the workbench in his office.


Prepare the sage wine with mandrake at the workbench in Nostradamus' office as follows:


Use the pipette to get wine from the 6th bottle on the top shelf and put
it into the cooking pot


Use the spoon to put sage from the 5th bottle on the bottom shelf into
the cooking pot


Use the spoon to put cinnamon from the 7th bottle on the bottom shelf
into the cooking pot


Use the spoon to put pepper from the 4th container on the middle shelf
into the cooking pot


Use the spoon to put ginger from the 5th bottle on the middle shelf into
the cooking pot


Use the spoon to put honey from the 4th container on the top shelf into
the cooking pot


Examine the mandrake in your inventory and separate the berries and
root with the scalpel or scissors


Use the pestle and mortar to crush the mandrake root into powder, then
add it to the cooking pot with the spoon


Fill one of the recipients of all sorts with the contents of the cooking pot


The ingredients required to make incense powder to induce hypnosis are as follows:

Swallowwort is found outside the chateau entrance (among the rocks or to the right of the gate) as well as among the rocks in front of the gallows. Fenugreek is found at the bottom of the hill opposite the burning logs or next to the broken cart.
Crush the swallowwort and fenugreek into powder with the pestle and mortar. The 2nd bottle on the middle shelf contains powdered absinthe. Place all three ingredients into the cooking pot, then fill a recipient of all sorts with the incense powder.


Wake Nostradamus and follow his instructions. Put the incense powder to induce hypnosis into the brazier on his chest, light it with the lighter and give the bottle of sage wine to him. While hypnotized he tells you about the engraved stone he found and that he wrote two quatrains, not one.
Remove the medallion round his neck and go to the observatory at the top of the stairs.


Insert the medallion into the lock on the door. The three planets must be aligned to correspond with the graphic representations at the bottom of the inner dial. When rotated they react as follows:

also rotates the MOON


also rotates SATURN


rotates on its own


Begin by rotating the SUN to the position shown in the graphic below. Next, rotate the MOON to its correct position and then complete the pattern by moving SATURN.

Enter the Observatory and take Nostradamus' small engraved stone on the bottom shelf to the left of the door.