This walkthrough provides a complete solution to the adventure. As with all my walkthroughs, some of the straightforward content and actions are not always dealt with. Instead, I prefer to concentrate on the clues to be found, and logic required, for solving the puzzles.

Check the entries in the various sections of the log book regularly as there are a number of puzzles that are done on the actual pages. Certain inventory items can be manipulated, so always examine them with the magnifying glass. If an item can be manipulated the modify tool (pliers) icon lights up. In most instances the modification must be done with one of the tools in your case.

Points are scored for solving puzzles, using a specific item, finding clues and selecting the correct responses during certain conversations. Points will also be deducted for doing things incorrectly or selecting inappropriate responses. Bonus points are awarded for certain actions that are not part of the game, almost like Easter eggs. Should anyone want a complete list of the points I found, please feel free to email me using the link in the Navigation Menu below.