The Netherworld

A game by Zor and Bartimaeus

Walkthrough by Chief


To interact during the game, hold the left mouse on a person or an object to get three icons: look – talk – use.

The escape key will give you: save – restore – AGS – Quit.

To save, click on one of the squares and then OK.

Right mouse click to open inventory and left mouse click to use an object.

Move the principal character with the + icon on the screen using the left mouse.


You play the role of Godfrey, a spirit.


The Ferryman

The game starts in the underworld, in some sort of island.

You meet Phlegyas, the Ferryman of the River Styx.

Talk with the Ferryman:  let’s call it a talking puzzle. When you have a chance to answer, choose these:


      The solution:

-excuse me, but who are you?

-nice raft you got there

**Talk to him again**

-So, business……

-Silver piece?

-What like you?

-Hey man, those robes are……

-How long did you say you’ve been……?

-Gee an eternity of service…….

-Well you don’t want to compromise……..

And you get the offer to get on the raft.

A window will then open with Play-Load-Quit:  click on “Play” to go on with the game.

You arrive on the riverside. Talk to the ferryman and he leaves.



Talk to the old timer completely and in no particular order. “Need advice to find a good stone”.          He will go to sleep when you ask him one of the questions.

Talk to John the Pacifist completely. “What’s that rag-thing on those two poles?” "And do not forget to talk about those fireberries with him".

Look at the Fabric and try to take it.

Near the entrance to the pathway beside the tree, on the left close to the fence and the ground, there is a dirty rock. Pick it up.

Take the path.


Doors to heaven

When you get there, meet George. Talk to him. You need a precious stone and learn that he is allergic.

After talking with George, go to the rock by the left door and use the dirty rock on it: you will get a sparkly Mountain Water running down: wash the dirty rock to get an emerald.

Go down the screen to the riverside.



Use the emerald on the old man and he leaves.

Take the Bug spray and the walking stick that are around the chair. They are not easy to see.

Use the stick on the tree to get fireberries: pick them up on the green spot in front of the tree.

Open the door and get in the house: move the carpet to see a loose floorboard: you can insert an object in there. Will come back later.

Go outside and use the spraycan on the river to empty it.

In inventory, put the berries in the can.


Doors to heaven

Go there with the path and use the spraycan on the on the Mountain Water to get Spraycan of Doom.  Use the can on George who falls down.


Hell’s gate – Waiting room

You are in a room. Are you trapped in?

Talk to both Susan and Lucy.

Take a Styrofoam cup of the water dispenser and use it to get water.

On top of the Hell’s Gate, see a projector. The flames are just a hologram.

Get on the couch with the use icon and take the stick to break the projector.

**if you go on the couch but need to do something else, click on the use icon to get down.

When Lucy goes to the door, get the trident in front of the water dispenser and go though the “peculiar” door with the use icon.

**if you are not fast enough, just replay starting at the couch.


Furnace room

Meet two little persons: you can talk to them.

Use the water cup on the plant on the right: the little person will leave to go to the Imp toilet.

When they are gone, look at the coal under the furnace and see the Hell Diamond. If you have time, take it.

You must do that before the little persons come back.

If you are not fast enough, you have to go back to the waiting room by going down the screen, take some water, go on the couch, use the stick, pick up the trident and come back to the furnace room. Place the water cup on the plant, wait for them to leave and get the Hell Diamond. If you have time, pick up the shed Imp Skin on the floor at the entrance of the Imp toilet.      If not,………………………

And finely, when you are alone, in inventory, use the skin on Godfrey and get in the furnace to be back at the riverside.



Take the diamond and use it in the River to get an Immortal Hell Diamond.

Get in the house and look through the window to see the Fabric.

Take the skin and attach it on a notch in the wall on the right of the window, next to the shelves.

And use the skin also on the shelf on the left side of the window.

Put the trident on the loose floorboard.

Now, use the skin on the trident to get a slingshot.

Use Immortal Hell Diamond on the slingshot and see the Fabric.

I did it

I destroyed the Fabric of space-time!

The Netherworld is no more!

And here I am in heaven.


End of game.


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