The Neverhood

by Dan Kennedy
April 2002


If style counted for everything, The Neverhood Chronicles would probably have been crowned king of adventure games long ago. Several tons of clay, some of the most endearing adventure characters ever, and a maniac musical soundtrack combine to make The Neverhood one of the most unique and fun adventure games to tackle.

But as we all know, style only gets you so far. A relatively short game, The Neverhood is stocked full of puzzles that are decidedly mediocre; at their worst, a few puzzles cold be classified as mindless busywork, seemingly inserted just to prolong gameplay.

But the positives far outweigh the negatives here. The Neverhood is a funny, engrossing game that ranks up there with some of the highest achievements of the genre.


Good Morning!

Shh! Klaymen is peacefully asleep on the floor of a bare room. Give him a tap with your mouse to wake him up. Once you are on your feet, walk over to the button on the wall near the door and hit it. The window slides open - click on it to walk over and look outside. The trees are green, and all is quiet. Use the "back" arrow on the left or right edge of the screen to return to the normal view.

Walk over to the lever on the left wall and pull it to smash the giant hammer into the door, which buckles but does not break. Pull the lever two more times to knock the door into extinction. Now leave the room via the door.

Feeding the Flytrap

You stand atop a small platform on the left side of the new room. Several cords hang from the ceiling, and there's a Venus flytrap contraption on the floor below the platform. Walk off the edge of the platform - you bounce once, and then fall directly into the mouth of the flytrap, which spits you out a moment later. Clearly you aren't its favourite type of food.

Walk below the cords and click on each of them to jump up and pull. The first three cords from the left don't seem to do much - just a funny sound. Click again to fall back onto the floor. The fourth cord extends all the way to the floor when pulled, and causes the door to open - when the cord is let go, the door closes again. The fifth cord causes a cowbell to sound when pulled, but no changes are visible. Walk over to the door and click on the button - oops, sucker punch!

We're going to have to get something to extend the fourth cord so that we can exit the door. Walk over to the top of the ladder, and click on it to climb down. The ladder leads to a small balcony hanging in space. Proceed over to the mailbox and read the note inside - it's a hint about what to do next from someone named Willie. Apparently the flytrap likes to eat rings.

You automatically throw out the note in the waste-paper basket. You can return here throughout the game to get hints when you are stuck on a puzzle. There's a continuous supply of notes from Willie in the mailbox, but usually only the first provides any guidance on how to proceed in the game.

Return up the ladder to the flytrap room, click on the flytrap to stand beside it and give it a little push to the right. Keep clicking on it until you've shoved it all the way over so that it's directly below the 4th cord. Now grab the cord - the flytrap gobbles it out of your hands, and swallows the ring. The door is now open for you to leave the room.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Walk forward into the centre of the clearing here. Straight ahead, there's a path leading to a red-coloured building set into a large cliff. Pan to the right to see a yellow building, then a purple swirly covered building, then a light green building (this is where you came from), and then a red and yellow building with a narrow brown front door.

Walk towards the narrow brown doors and click to go in. You can walk down a short staircase into a room below with a ceiling fan spinning round and round. Try clicking on the white button on the right wall - this opens the front doors again, allowing you to exit. Pick up the small square to be found on the floor in the centre of the room - you'll store it in your chest for later!

Click on the panel located to the left of the close door - this is a slide puzzle that must show the letter "H" before the doorway to the right will open. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you to solve the slider, since this is the first of a number of puzzles in the game that area randomly generated each time the Neverhood is played. In this case, the starting positions of the individual tiles are randomized. Adjacent pieces can be shifted to the "blank" space by clicking on them, the brown tiles belong on the right side of the square, and the blank tile can be placed in either the middle-top or middle-bottom positions. Good luck!

After you've completed the "H", the door to the right opens - click on the open doorway to go through. Pick up another square lying on the floor here, and then click on the viewer on the centre wall of the room. These squares are actually disks that you can insert any of the viewers that you find during your explorations of the Neverhood. You will encounter a number of these viewers during the game, and the disks that you've already inserted will always be present any viewer you access.

Click the play button in the centre of the viewer, and watch the movie contained on the first disks you've collected. You are introduced to Willie Trombone, who has recorded some important information for you, and stored it on the disks. The empty slots below the screen represent the disks that remain for you to find.

The Long Walk

After watching the disks, back away from the viewer, and click on the small hole on the right side of the room to turn it into a doorway (at the expense of the left entrance). Click again to walk into the next room - the Hall of Records. There is a large carved picture on the wall in here, and the echoes indicate that this may be a room of considerable size. Click on the green button to turn the lights on, and walk to the right.

You will note some text carved into the wall here (titled "Preamble") that can be read if you wish - but it's not really essential to the story. It is, however, really, really long. Start walking to the right - you will need to cross about 40 screens to get to the end. Unfortunately, there's a disk located on the floor at the very end of the room (plus a window that you can look out of).

If you are interested in learning something about several of the characters you will encounter in the game (such as Hoborg, Willie, and Bil), there is a section titled "Hoborg" that is located about 30 screens past the start of the Hall that contains some good background information (it's only about three screens long).

After you return from your long journey, pick up the container located on the floor at the start of the text, and then click on the button located next to the doorway blocked by horizontal spikes. The spikes retract, allowing you to enter the room beyond.

Shoot Out the Lights

This small basement room is accessed by a very small elevated platform. Ride the platform to the floor of the room, walk over to the button on the wall, and press it. A humming noise greets you, but nothing changes. Make sure you only hit the button once - if you get a loud buzzing sound when you click, you'll have to do it again.

We'll see a little later on what this accomplished. Walk back to the platform, get on it, and click on the lever on the right wall. A movie illustrating a gun blowing the head off a large robot is looped on the wall. Click on the lever again to stop the movie, and again on the opening near the ceiling to return to the room above.

We've seen this room with the lights on - how about with the lights off? Proceed back to the entrance to the Hall of Records, and click the green button to shut off the lights. Now walk back to the entrance to the basement room. There appears to be a glowing green light coming from below, so enter the basement room again. Three glowing green symbols now decorate the wall in here - sketch out each of the three symbols, since you'll need them for later.

Return to the Hall of Records, and exit to the left. Click on the viewer to insert your two new disks, and watch the new material. Instead of reviewing everything each time, try clicking on the disk that you want to view directly. It appears that Hoborg is the creator of this world. Walk to the small doorway to the left, click to make it large again, and proceed into the entrance room. Click on the white button on the right wall to open the front doors, and exit the building.

Between the Buttons

Walk one step forward, turn towards the low purple building (one turn to the right), and click forward to enter. You travel along a twisty darkened hallway and arrive at a locked door. Click on the door to get a close-up view of the lock. One of the three buttons to the left has lit up - click the middle button, and the middle dead bolt unlocks. The button in the basement of the Hall of Records must have released the second dead bolt.

Press either the top or bottom buttons - neither the top nor the bottom dead bolt will open. We must find two more buttons that will unlock this door completely. Back up from the door, turn around, and proceed back to the central area between the buildings.

Back in the clearing, turn towards the yellow building (the one to the left of the purple building) and click forward. You can try clicking on the button to the right of the door, but the door doesn't open. The tubes above the doorway chime a 5-note ring, but the other 5 tubes to the right of the door each emit the same low note. It looks as though we will need to fix this doorbell. Try standing on the large button on the ground here - nothing appears to happen. Walk back to the left towards the central clearing again.

Kid Dynamite

Turn to the right, and walk towards the red building set into the side of a cliff. Enter the doors and examine your surroundings. A dummy made out of cylinders hangs from the ceiling; the cylinders are either white ("DUD") or red ("TNT"). A number of white and red cylinders are stored on a shelf on the right side of the room, and a viewing screen is located in the centre. There's a small item above the door to the right, and a disk on the floor.

Pick up the disk on the floor, and click on the view screen. We get a schematic of the dummy, and the extra cylinders displayed. The objective here is to switch all of the dud cylinders (plain rectangles) on the dummy for dynamite cylinders (the ones with the wicks). The easiest way to accomplish this task is to click on the dummy's DUD cylinders until you've replaced them with the correct TNT ones.

When you've got your dynamite man completed, the dummy falls to the floor, but doesn't do much else. Leave via the door on the right side of the room (that item above the door is still unreachable).

Burping and Screaming

The next area you entered is open and brown. Walk forward, and turn to your left. Proceed towards the tree, and click again on the tree itself for a short movie showing Klaymen getting a bit gassy from eating one of the fruit. Click again to hear an even louder burp. Click a third time to hear the longest, loudest, raunchiest burp in adventure gaming history.

Turn around and walk forward two steps to the brown double doors. Click to open the doors - they reveal the head of an animal that appears identical to the one outside the yellow building with the doorbell. Click on the head - water begins to flow out the mouth of the head. Turn around, and walk back to the centre of the brown area. Turn to the right, and walk two steps to the far wall.

Press on the dark brown symbol on the wall straight ahead - we catch a glimpse of an ugly green monster - proceed with caution. Turn to your left and spot a music box sitting by the wall. Click to move towards it, and watch a movie of Klaymen playing with the box, and then running from the green monster which comes crashing through the wall after him.

Klaymen eventually manages to make it back to the red building; however, the green beast is snapping its claws at us through the open door. The monster's actions eventually knock the item of the top of the doorway and onto the floor. Pick up the item- it's a matchstick. Walk over to the snapping claw - the monster manages to cut off our head, but we've got another one available. Click on the dynamite man to light his fuse, and then click again to push him into the monster's claw. The monster happily gobbles up the dummy, and promptly explodes (and, apparently, Willie gets a meal).

Klaymen's Kar

Exit the room via the right door again, and proceed back to the monster's area. Turn to your left, and walk through the smashed wall. You will see a red vehicle just ahead - click to move towards it. You now get a view of Klaymen getting into a red foot shaped car-like vehicle which runs along grooves cut into the clay cliff. The car is propelled forward by clicking ahead of the car in the direction you want it to move.

Move the car to the right, and enter the next screen - OOPS - looks like a dead end. Turn the car around, return to the first screen, and proceed into the groove that goes downward. The next screen contains a spiral groove with a button in the centre. Steer the car along the spiral to the centre, and press the button; if you're having difficulty, the car is more easily controlled the closer you click to the front of the vehicle. Proceed back along the spiral, and follow the groove back to the starting point. Click to the left of the car to get out.

Walk forward one step, turn to your right, and return to the red building. Walk through the room, and exit via the left door. Walk back along the path to the central clearing, pan to the left, and proceed to the yellow building with the doorbell.

Target Spitting

Now when you step on the large button on the ground, water flows from the animal head to the left. Click on the water to fill up the container that you obtained from the Hall of Records and drink it down (you must be quick about this action - click on the button, and then on the water flow as soon as it starts, or the water will simply shut off).

The objective of this exercise is to fill up the 5 tubes to the right of the door so that they exactly imitate the 5 tones of the doorbell. The tubes will contain different amounts of water - the higher the tone, the more water will have to be spat. Press on one of the tubes to the right of the door - Klaymen spits the drink directly into the tube. What aim! Repeat these actions to fill up the tubes to the levels that you think will mimic the doorbell.

The difficulty with this puzzle is that if you try to ring the doorbell, and you don't have the amounts of water in the tubes matched exactly to the tones of the doorbell, the tubes automatically dump out all of the water collected in them. This makes the puzzle incredibly tedious, particularly if you have trouble with aural puzzles. Fear not; the correct number of "spits" for the five tubes are (starting from left): 3 spits, 1 spit, 2 spits, 0 spits and 4 spits.

Once you have the correct amount of waster in each tube, ring the doorbell. The door opens - the button will now always open the door since the tubes don't empty out when you finally solve the puzzle. Go ahead and enter the building.

Buggin' Out

A talking TV asks you a knock-knock joke as you enter the room, but you have no way of answering him, so just ignore the boob. Pick up the disk on the floor here, and have a peek out the window --a small room is visible way above the red building. Back away, and walk to the right.

The other side of the room contains another disk, and a viewer. Pick up the disk and click on the viewer to get caught up on the new disks to watch. Sneak a peek out the window to see a cannon. It looks as though there's a room above the one we're in right now, but it is inaccessible at present. The retracted ladder looks identical to the spikes blocking the basement in the Hall of Records. We need to go back there and extend the spikes again. Walk over to the left, and press the button to the right of the door to open it.

Walk off to the left, and go back to the yellow building with the narrow brown doors. Make your way back to the Hall of Records, and press the button that extends the spikes blocking the basement doorway (the button is just to the right of the basement opening). Now return to the entrance, walk outside, proceed back to the doorbell building, ring the doorbell, and go inside. Walk back over to the ladder, and click on it to go up into the attic.

There's a round button on the wall here - press it to hear a soft hum. Have we unlocked the door under the purple building now? Pick up the disk on the floor, and pull the cord hanging from the ceiling - we are attacked by a slimy bug that tries to eat our head. Luckily it retreats back into the ceiling, and we have a towel to clean up with. Sneak a peek out the window before you go.

Walk back down the ladder, exit the building and re-enter the clearing. Pan to the left, and walk into the low purple building. At the door, click on each of the three glowing buttons to unlock all three of the dead bolts, and open the door.

Building Bridges

Walk forward onto a brown clay bridge, and look to your left - you can see a bit of the lake below, with water flowing in from the cliff face. Turn back to the right, and continue across the bridge. Turn to your left, and click on the video viewer. Pressing the red button below the screen causes a blue symbol to flash for a few seconds. You will need to sketch out all 12 of these symbols in order, keeping the following things in mind:

Watch the cycle several times until you have determined the proper order, and the position of the noisy symbol. Back away, turn around, and walk towards and through the open doorway . You are standing on the left side of a small balcony, with a piece of equipment to the right. Walk over to the equipment to look at it closer.

You are now required to build a model of the clay bridge by placing the blocks strewn below onto the first block above in the proper order as determined by the carved symbol on each block. Place the wrong block onto your model, and the whole thing collapses. Here's the order:

1. An "F" block, with the top branch of the F running parallel to the flat top of the block
2. An "IP" block", with the IP slanted, and the bubble of the P pointed at the block's top
3. A "BB" block, with the B's bubbles pointed up towards the top of the block
4. An "F" block, with the F's branches pointing up towards the top of the block
5. An "IP" block, with the P's bubble pointing down towards the round bottom of the block
6. A "BB" block, with the B's bubbles pointed down towards the bottom of the block
7. An "F" block, with the F's branches pointing down towards the bottom of the block
8. A "BB" block, with the B's bubbles pointed to the side
9. The last remaining "IP" block

Once the model is finished, press the end of the bridge - it tries to fold down, but the "water" underneath pushes it back up. Nothing more to do here for now. Back away, and exit the balcony.

Big Gun

Outside the room, turn to the left, and click on the base of the cannon. Once you're settled in, take a peek into the target viewer. You have to input two sets of three symbols in order to choose the correct target. We have already found the three vertically stacked symbols to the left (in the darkened basement of the Hall of Records). Click on the left and or right arrow buttons to find the three symbols that match the ones you collected from the basement.

Once the correct symbols have been entered, they are locked into place. We do not, however, yet have the three horizontal symbols over to the right, so we don't have anything to put in on the other input device. Try pressing the big red button on the left anyway…and watch the havoc we've caused. Our cannon shot hits the cliff, which dislodges rocks that block the flow of water into the lake. The water drains out the lake into a large drain pipe, revealing a previously submerged yellow building at one end of the lake.

Back away from the target view, and turn to the left to face the doorway to the balcony again. Proceed onto the balcony, and walk over to the bridge model. Press the end of the model bridge, and watch it fold completely down into a staircase. Back away from the model, and leave the balcony.

Under the Sea

Outside the balcony room, move forward one step, turn to the left, and walk forward - as expected, the bridge has turned into a staircase leading down to the bottom of the lake. Walk down the stairs - Klaymen decides to take the quick way down - and turn to your right. Walk forward to the large drain with the warning signs. You are standing in front of the only way to die in the Neverhood - click on the drain, and Klaymen falls down through the Neverhood and out the bottom - I advise you not to do this (or at least save your game before trying it!).

Instead, turn to your right, walk towards a green Klaymen Kar, and get in. It's time to explore the "side" of the lake. Propel the car upwards, and go left at the T-intersection in the groove. Follow the groove off to the left, then up and to the right a bit. You reach a dead-end at a funny looking radio playing a crazy sounding song, with a cow bell ringing every so often. Very curious - make sure you can recognize this song again before retracing your steps all the way back to the first groove intersection.

Follow the groove to the right, then up, and back towards the left. At the next fork (you can go up or continue left), choose the "up" option, and follow this groove over to the right, and then down. Stop at the test tubes located to the right - blue, red and green liquids are shown - and record the level and colour of liquid in each tube. Continue along this groove - it weaves its way back to the left, and then dead-ends near the lake bottom. Return past the test tubes back to the left-up fork, and go off to the left this time.

Pretty soon you will encounter another "left or up" fork - choose the "up" option, and follow this groove until it ends just below the position of the cannon. Read the plaque here - it's "The Cannon Monument", and mentions that "This cannon was put here by Hoborg". Someone has scratched out Hoborg's name and written "Klogg " underneath. Return to the left-up fork, and go left this time.

Follow this groove over to the left, then up, up, up - all the way up past the red building to the top of a tower. Click on the small window here to peek into the room - this appears to be Willie's bedroom. Have a look around, and then return along the groove in the Kar. Remember to take the right option at the two forks you will come to, and go down at the fork close to the start of the wall maze. Get out of the car, walk forward a step, turn to the left, and walk forward to the yellow building with the satellite dish on top.

Radio, Radio

Enter the yellow building through the front door, and pick up the disk on the floor. There is a closed door over to the right, and a radio set into the wall - it looks very similar to the one on the lake wall we saw a little while ago. Click on the radio for a close-up - it's dark and silent.

How do we turn on the radio? What was the other sound we heard from the wall radio? A cow bell - just like the one that sounds when we pull the right-most cord in the flytrap room! We'll need to travel back there and pull the cord. Exit the yellow building, walk forward, and turn to your right to go up the stairs. At the top, walk forward, turn to the right and enter the balcony. Walk over to the bridge model, and press on the end of the bridge to raise it up. Now leave, walk forward, turn to the left and cross the bridge again.

Proceed straight through the purple building and walk into the main clearing. Pan to the left until you are facing the light green building, and enter. Pull the rightmost cord (listen for that cow bell), and leave again. Walk forward, and pan to the right to face the purple building. Enter, press the three buttons on the door to unlock the dead bolts, and walk onto the bridge again. Cross the bridge, turn to the right, enter the balcony, and lower the bridge model again. Leave the balcony, walk forward, turn to the left and descend the staircase. Turn to the left, and reenter the yellow building.

Click on the radio - it's now on, and squawking. We've got to find the setting that will play the same song as we hear from the radio on the wall. Rotate the dial clockwise by clicking to the right of the big red arrow. Keep clicking until the correct song is playing - go slowly so that you don't miss it. When you've found the song, back away from the radio - the front door is closed, but the door to the right should be open.

Incredibly Shrinking Klaymen

Walk into the darkened room, and click on the window - not much of a view here. Now click on the orange glassy-looking item located to the right of the window - another three test tubes filled with orange, purple and yellow liquids. Again, note the colour and level of the liquids in each tube. Back away, and proceed down the stairs to the room's main floor. Pull the cord on the right side of the room to turn on the lights. We've got a large glass cylinder to the left (with "BOBBY" scratched into the side), and what appears to be a miniature room to the left of the bottom of the stairs.

Enter the glass cylinder, and try pushing the grey buttons below the five diamonds - the five stones spin around, but nothing seems to happen. Nothing much happens when the red button is pressed either. Perhaps we need to turn off the lighting in here. Walk back out into the room, pull the cord to turn off the lights, and then return to the glass cylinder. Try pressing the red button now - a laser shoots out from the left, lighting up each the five stones. Try pressing some of the white buttons and then the red button again - now some of the stones will have changed colour when hit by the laser, but still nothing really happens.

What colours should we set the stones to be so that something happens? What about the word scratched into the side of the cylinder, BOBBY? Try changing the colours of the stones from left to right to Blue, Orange, Blue, Blue, and Yellow. Since you aren't able to see what colour you've changed the stone to until you fire the laser, the easiest way to find the right settings is to press each of the five white buttons once and check the colours of all five stones by hitting the red button. If any of the stones have turned the right colour, don't press that button again.

Once you've achieved the correct combination, there's a giant flash, and you are miniaturized. Walk over to the very small room to the left of the stairs, and click to enter. There is a liquid dispenser located in the middle of the counter in here with orange, yellow and purple liquids available. Fill the containers to match the amounts in the larger versions to the right of the window by clicking on the appropriate coloured knob. Once finished, click on the red lever to mix the concoction and drink it (if you get the mixture wrong, Klaymen shows his displeasure). It isn't long before you are big again.

The only problem: that exercise didn't really accomplish anything. Go back into the glass cylinder, zap yourself small again (just hit the red button), and run over to the right side of the stairs, where there is a small doorway here. This leads to a ramp that takes you all the way up to another doorway located immediately left of the barred window. Click on this doorway to pass through.

A Little History

You find yourself in a blue room filled with statues, with another tiny lab located over to the right. Walk over to the lab and mix up a concoction (by clicking on the coloured knobs) that consists of red, blue and green liquids in the amounts that were in the test tubes on the lake wall. Hit the red lever to mix the liquids and drink the concoction. You are life-sized again!

There is an opening on the ceiling, but we don't currently have a way of reaching it. Pick up the disk on the floor, and the have a look at some of the statues along the walls. Pay particular attention to the statues on the right side of the room, and find the one situated directly in front of a window. Click on the ball situated in the centre of its head, and a ladder descends from the ceiling allowing access to the room above. Click on the ladder to climb up.

The room above contains a viewer, a door in the back, a disk on the floor and a pull cord. Click on the viewer to get rid of your recently collected disks, and watch the movie. We are introduced to Klogg, who looks a lot like we do!. Only nine more disks to go!

Walk out the exit to the back, and climb into the strange looking vehicle. Click on the control panel to get a close-up - it consists of a large red button on the left, and six smaller buttons on the right arranged in a circle. A flashing button indicates a location we can transport to - but only one of these buttons is flashing right now (the red one with the nail on it). Hit this smaller red nail button, and then the larger one to the left, and we are transported away.

Worlds Colliding

We arrive at a barren brown location - get out of the car, and pan around. All of the Neverhood is spread out below for us to see - you can spot some of the places you have already visited. Turn back to the left, and click on the giant nail attached to a chain that leads back to the Neverhood. We struggle with it, while an ugly creature watches us from a window of a tall building. Could this be Klogg - but he's so mutated and ugly.

Finally we get the nail out, and the Neverhood slowly drifts back together - evidently it had been split apart at some point. Note that the groove located near where the beastie attacked us is now connected to another path - we'll have to return there later on to see where it now leads to. Once the show is over, turn around and get back into the car again. Now two buttons are flashing - since the green one will take us back to the first transporter, click on the orange button and we are transported away.

We arrive in a pink coloured room with a large carved drawing on the wall. Hop out of the transported, and scoop up the two disks on the floor. It's a little tricky getting out of this room, since the door only opens for a few moments after the button on the floor is pressed (the door is rudely slammed in your face if you miss it. After you step on the button, immediately click on the open doorway to get out as fast as you can - it may take you a few attempts, so keep trying.

Ready to Order

Turn to your right and walk towards the small house straight ahead. Click on the house several times to get a series of rude messages telling you to go away. Oblige the hermit by turning around and walking back to your original location. Turn to your right, and take several steps forward through the short tunnel and out the other side.

Turn to your right several times until you are facing the short viewer located immediately to the left of the tunnel's entrance. Walk to the viewer, and click for a close-up. You will have to pull out your notes that you made back at the viewer near the cannon. As the symbols scroll through their cycle, click on the appropriate symbol to place it in order from left to right according to your notes. When you get to the position of the "noisy" symbol, put whichever of the symbols here that is making that same noise.

Once you've completed the correct order, the viewer swings back revealing a red room with a disk on the floor. Pick up the disk, and note the groove-track over on the right side of the room - perhaps we'll be returning here later in the game. Exit the room, and walk back towards the centre of the current area you are in.

The Perfect Memory

Turn to your left, and walk towards the mustard-coloured building with the purple door. Enter the building and look around - we've got a mouse munching on a piece of cheese below a big black tube. Press the button on the floor to see the tube in action - apparently it's a large vacuum system that has sucked the mouse and his snack off to a new location. Walk past the vacuum tube to the right and enter the next room.

Pick up the disk on the floor in here, and the play the viewer to catch up on the new episodes. Now walk over to the large panel on the right-hand side of the room. Try clicking on some of the tiles on the panel - this is just like a kid's memory card game where you match up pairs of identical symbols. Yes - except that the entire board becomes covered up again after you mess up only one pair of symbols! This obviously requires you to patiently map out the identity and location of all 48 of the tiles on the panel.

After mapping out the entire panel, carefully turn over each matched pair - once you are done, spend a bit of time and count up the number of times each of the ten symbols appears on the panel - this will become very important later in the game.

Very Cheesy

Exit this room to the left, and walk across the entrance room off to the left. A large black box blocks your way on a small bridge - click on the box to get a close-up of the situation. You must steer the mouse to his cheese in the bottom right corner by choosing holes for him to go through. The game board is mapped out below; the holes numbers are in red, and the location of where the door leads you to is shown inside each hole.



Follow this pattern to get you to the end really quickly: 1-7-15-17-30-37-46-12-5-43.
The black box slowly disappears into the ground, leaving the way to the left open.

Walk to the left, and enter the room with what looks to be cheese stuck to the wall. Pick up the two new disks in here, and then walk to the left of the weird looking machine. Click on the machine to push it to the right - give it a couple of pushes until it drops into an electrical outlet on the floor. Pull the lever on the right - an upside-down slide of Klogg is displayed on the wall.

Click again to turn off the projector, walk around to the left side again, and start pushing it to the right. Push it across the screen, across the bridge, and into the front entrance room. Position it directly over the vacuum tube, and press the floor button to shoot it off to another place. Hit the button on the wall to open the front door and leave this building.

Spin That Wheel

Proceed forward into the centre of the clearing before you, pan to the left, and walk towards the red building with pink dots. Enter the doorway, and watch Klaymen try to twist the small scale model of the building. This causes the entire building to twist down on its axis, making the flat area beyond the house accessible. Unfortunately, it's at the expense of that little green creature. Turn around - the house has twisted back to its original position, preventing us from going back.

Face forward again, and walk towards the brown building straight ahead. Klaymen enters the room, and immediately stumbles into a hole in the floor. A friendly little purple guy comes out and finishes the job, knocking us all of the way through the hole. We land in a darkened cavern with three green symbols on the wall, a disk on the floor, and another transporter. Copy down the symbols - these are the 3 remaining symbols we'll need to operate the cannon. Pick up the disk on the floor, and get into the transporter.

Have a look at the control panel - now four of the buttons are blinking. The red takes us to the tiny platform above the Neverhood, the orange takes us to the pink room, the green takes us above the radio room, and the blue button is a new one. Hit the blue button, and be zapped away.

Teasing Teddy

Get out of the new transporter, and walk to the left - the game switches to first person perspective. Walk forward through the tunnel until you reach the wall ahead. You may hear Willie's voice calling for help from somewhere above. Turn to your right, and walk towards a panel located on the low wall ahead.

When you get close enough, hit the red button below the panel - it opens to reveal several buttons and pictures. There's a drawing of a teddy bear hanging from a structure in the top right corner, and three of the symbols from the memory game are shown below it. Use the arrow keys to input the correct number of occurrences for each of the three symbols on the memory game panel (the value is displayed on a die). Now hit the big yellow button - if you've inputted the correct numbers, the arm holding up the bear swings around so that a large robot trapped in an enclosed area can look at it through a round window.

Back away from the panel, turn around, and walk forward. Turn to your left, and walk back to the transporter. Get in, and press the green button to be taken back to the transporter located on the top of the radio building.

A Little Backtracking

We need to go back to the Klaymen Kar on the other side of the dynamite dummy building to investigate the new groove created when the Neverhood was pushed back together. Walk back into the building, and use the viewer to catch up on any of the newly created disks you may not have seen yet. Once completed, grab the cord hanging from the ceiling - this takes you all the way down to the miniaturizing room. Walk back up the stairs and enter the radio room.

Click on the radio for a close-up, and turn the dial counter clockwise back to its starting point (click to the left of the red needle). Step back - the front door should now be open.. Leave the building, walk forward, turn to your right and ascend the stairs. Walk forward, turn to the right, and walk into the balcony. Turn the model of the stairs back into a bridge, exit the balcony, walk forward, turn to the left, and cross the bridge. Walk through the purple building into the clearing, through the red building with the dynamite dummy, and out the door to the right.

Walk forward until you reach the wall, turn to your left, proceed to the red kar, and get in. Steer the car to the right, and follow the groove all the way into a red room. Park the car at the end of the groove and get out. Pick up the metal tool on the floor of the balcony (on the left side) - it looks like a wrench, or maybe a key. Get back into the kar, and return to the starting point.

Kill Bil

Get out of the car, and make your way back to the clay bridge via the red and purple buildings. Re-cross the bridge, turn to the right, take a step forward, and turn to your right. Click on the cannon to access the targeting system. Enter the three symbols that you copied down from the wall of the darkened cavern into the three horizontal spots on the right of the panel. Once you get the 3 correct symbols, the arrow buttons disappear.

Now we must position the gun with the coordinates we entered. Click on the small white arrow at the bottom of the vertical target line in the middle of your screen. We watch the gun platform raise up into the sky. Now hit the small white arrow on the very left of the horizontal target line. The gun pans around until it faces the hole that the large robot is looking through at his Teddy.

Hit the red button on the left - we literally blow the head off the robot. To return to the ground, first click on the horizontal white arrow (now at the right end of the horizontal target line), and then the vertical white arrow (now at the top of the vertical target line). Back on the ground, back away from the gun, turn to your left, and enter the balcony. Lower the stairs once more, exit the balcony, walk forward, turn to your left, and descend the clay stairs to the bottom of the lake. Turn to your left, walk to the radio building and enter.

Kill Bil, Part Two

Adjust the radio to your special song, and reenter the miniaturizing room. Re-miniaturize yourself in the bubble, and walk up the ramp to the sculpture room. Use the little lab to make yourself big again, and climb the ladder up to the top room. Exit the room at the back, and climb into the transporter. Use the blue button to transport back to where you blew up the robot's head.

Get out of the transporter, walk over to the left, through the tunnel, and turn to the right. You are now treated to an extended movie that involves Klaymen resetting the robot from BAD to GOOD, the rescue of Willie from a monster, and the theft of Bil the Robot's teddy bear by Klogg's thugs. Bil manages to open the door to the Neverhood palace, and you are able to get inside, but Klogg sets off the cannon remotely, and Bil and Willie are knocked out into space.

Putting Klogg to Good Use

Inside the palace, walk forward, turn to your left, and proceed towards the doorway shaped like a monster's jaws. Enter the room behind the doorway. So this is where the vacuum tube brought the mouse, and the projection machine. Pick up the disk on the floor (only one more to go!).

Walk over to the right side of the room and click on the panel here - you will see a board with 16 numbered keyholes in it. We've already found something that looked kind of like a key, but we don't have a way of putting it into the board. Back away, and examine the drawing on the wall near the projector. It seems to show three keys on it, but the right side of the picture is obscured by darkness.

Walk over to the left of the projector, and click on it to give it a shove to the right. Repeat this until the projector falls into another floor plug (like the one in the cheese room) Hit the lever on the projector's right side to display the slide of Klogg - and illuminate the rest of the drawing of the keys. The drawing shows three keys (the F-shaped one, the single-loop one, and the double-loop one) and which keyholes each of the three keys should be inserted into. Since we only have one of the three keys, we'll have to come back later.

Key Exchange

Exit the room to the left, and then walk forward to the centre of the palace room. Turn to your left, and walk towards the balcony. Enter the balcony, and pick up the pin lying on the floor here. There's one of the two missing keys hanging from a string above the balcony, but we cannot reach it right now. Exit the balcony and reenter the palace.

Walk forward, pan to the right twice, and then walk towards the elevator door. Enter the elevator, and watch it take you up to the second floor. There's a transporter, a disk on the floor, and a viewer waiting for you on this level. Pick up the disk, and insert it into the viewer. All of the disks should now be blinking since you have collected all 20. The entire movie will now play - be sure to patiently watch the whole thing once again. After the movie is done, Willie comes back on screen and eventually tosses out a key for you. You must watch the whole movie to get the key.

Back away from the viewer and pick up the key that's now on the ground. Walk to the window over on the right side of the room and look out. That hanging key is being held up by a balloon. Click on the balloon, and Klaymen pops it with the pin you picked up on the balcony. Walk back into the room, press the down button to the right of the elevator, get into the elevator, and go down to the ground floor.

Outside the elevator, walk forward, turn to your left (twice) and walk out onto the balcony. Pick up the third key, and walk back into the palace. Walk forward, turn to the right a little, and proceed towards the jaws door. Inside the key room, approach the key panel on the right wall. The three keys you've collected are all here. To place them in the correct holes, click on each key, and click on the keyhole you want to place it in.

Once all keys are correctly placed, the panel slides back to reveal a doorway. Walk through into the next room.

Fly, Trap

We've walked into a room much like the one just outside of where we woke up. There's a flytrap in here, and 5 cords hanging from the ceiling. Pull each of the cords - the first, third and fifth from the left do nothing, the second lowers the bridge on the right, and the fourth lowers the spikes that block our path on the other side of the bridge.

You can try pushing the flytrap beneath the second or fourth cords, and letting it swallow the ring , but you can only get the beast to either lower the bridge or the spikes, not both at once. We need a way of getting us over both barriers at the same time. Perhaps the flytrap can help. Position the flytrap below the fifth cord from the left - now grab the cord and hang there for a moment. Finally, click on the flytrap to drop down - you end up in the belly in the beast, which kindly spits you across the barriers into the next room.

In the red and white room, walk over to the door on the right side, and click to go in.

The Final Choice

As we enter, Klogg pops us and gives a quick introduction. We are given a shot of the throne room, with Hoborg sitting motionless on the throne. Klogg tells us that he wants Klaymen to be the king, and hands us the crown to put on. Since you can't give the crown back to Klogg, you have two choices: put the crown on your own head, or put it on Hoborg's head.

If you watched the disk movie, you saw how the crown mutated Klogg into a hideously hating beastie. Its not much of a stretch to see that giving the crown back to Hoborg is the right thing to do (if you are interested in seeing what happens if Klaymen crowns himself, save your game and test it out later). For now, click on Hoborg to give the crown to him.

That's it…Klogg gets what he deserves, Hoborg populates his land, and even Willie and Bil show up for the finale.

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