Union City Conspiracy

Commentary and Walkthrough


Soren Andersen


Nightlong is a game that is styled on the classic private eye movies, protagonist Joshua Reev even sounds like Bogart. It is a typical adventure game in that it is inventory driven, and you have to carefully move the cursor over the screen to find all the items and hotspots that are used to progress through the action. It is also one of the most linear games that you are likely to encounter. As usual, many of the things that Joshua must do defy logic, at least until after they are done, but that is what makes adventure games. Sometimes it comes down to trying to use just about every item in inventory with every hotspot in the screen, and that includes other inventory items as well, and before long there are a lot of these. Some disappear when no longer needed, some do not, and you may pick up two or three that are never used. There are a great many red herrings, hotspots that have no effect on the game, and several blind alleys, but again, that is part of the game.

The sound effects in Nightlong are very good, and the graphics throughout are excellent, a particular example being the cyberspace church maze, as well as the way in which Joshua moves about. The game has some very good operational features, not the least of which are adjustable volume and a closed caption option, and right click jump action when a "go to..." appears on the screen. There are deficiencies, however, and the primary one is the limited number of save game allocations. The astute Adventure gamer saves many times, but Nightlong allows you only 12 opportunities, and the thumbnail views are too small. You can, however, record over a previously saved game at the expense of that game. Another annoyance is that every time the game is launched it must be done from disc 1; this is rather unprofessional as well as aggra-vating. There are several long conversations in which important plot infor- mation is revealed, and many games have a provision in which these become available should you wish to recall them for reference, but unfortunately, such a convenience is not provided in Nightlong.

As an observation, it may be noted that the names of the people listed at the beginning of the credits for this game appear to be Italian, and a reasonable inference is that it originated in that country. This matter is brought up only because you will note that the lip movements are not well synchronized, in most cases not at all, with the spoken and written dialogue, so the characters are in all likelihood speaking Italian. Admittedly not a large matter, what you hear (and read) is what is important. In addition, some of the terminology encountered to describe items is strange to American eyes and ears.

It may take you a little time--not much--to become accustomed to the game interfacing. Keep in mind as you guide Joshua through this game that generally speaking, you left click the mouse on a hotspot object to "observe" it (Joshua will usually make a comment; you get a lot of action indications from him), and you right click to "use" it--either acquire it or do something with it, and frequently it will be to your advantage to click both buttons on the same item, first the left and then the right. Left clicking through the inventory may provide descriptions that are different than left clicking on the item before being acquired. To use an inventory item you right click on it, whereupon it starts revolving, then search with your cursor for the spot where you which use it, keeping your eye on the somewhat hard to see blue legend for this location to be stated.

The walkthrough that follows this commentary will present very detailed steps initially, and will assume that you soon become familiar enough with techniques so that after a short time playing less detail will suffice. Also, please note that though you are acting as Joshua, sometimes the given directions are to have him do something, other times the statement is to have you do it (or no subject at all).

Should you want minimal direction without the detail of the walkthrough, an appended document called a stepthrough is included. This will only guide you from place to place and save a lot of wandering around, though of course looking for the correct location for the next action is integral to the Adventure game experience. The guidance provided by the stepthrough is limited; what you find and do at each site is up to you and how skillful you are. Within the limits, Save Often!


There is a 3 minute introductory video in which private detective Joshua Reev and Union City’s Governor Hugh Martens are introduced to you, and the initial game premise is set. Reading the game booklet that is in the CD jewel case also will have made you familiar with this. The year is 2099 and Martens is the object of attacks by a secret terrorist organization. His undercover agent Simon Ruby who has infiltrated this group is missing and Joshua is to investigate the situation. As a starting point, he is left on the rooftop entrance to Ruby’s apartment building. The initial inventory contains the items given to Joshua by Hugh Martens during the introduction: a minicom to communicate with Martens, credit notes (money), Ruby’s elevator code card, a magnetic pen, and a small key.

Apartment Building

  1. From the doorway, walk over to the two air cars parked across the roadway.
  2. Right click on the metal foil that can be seen as white dot on the ground between them.
  3. Return to the building entrance; on the way examine the broken railing at the parking lot entrance. Enter the building.
  4. In the building lobby, left click on the map next to the mailboxes to get a little information about the building.
  5. Right click on the button to call the elevator; it doesn’t work, and Joshua will get impatient and break it.
  6. Move the cursor on his back (or move him away from the call button so you can click on it) until it says "panel", then left click.
  7. Lower the cursor a fraction until it says "fuse", then left click again. Now right click on the fuse so that Joshua takes it and it will show in inventory.
  8. Right click on the fuse in inventory, and then either left or right click on the foil he picked up outside in order combine the two and provide a workable fuse.
  9. Right click on the foil/fuse, then move the cursor on Joshua’s back until the inventory legend tells you to "use Fuse on Panel".
  10. Either left or right click ("use") to put the foil/fuse in the panel. Right click on "button" and the elevator will appear.
  11. Move the cursor over the controls that may be seen on the left inside the elevator until "slot" appears. Right click on the magnetic card in inventory, move the cursor back to the slot until inventory message says to use the card on the slot, then left or right click.
  12. In the elevator, statements at the top of the screen give Joshua the choice of going to Ruby’s apartment or to the subway; choose the apartment, and the elevator takes him down to a small lobby in which there are two apartment doors. There is also a vending machine on the right, and there appears to be some construction in progress in the foreground.
  13. Left click on the apartment door on the right, then on the one on the left. You will find Ruby’s is number 17. You can’t get past the door security because, although you have Ruby’s magnetic pen, you need his signature as well.
  14. Use the magnetic card to take the elevator back up to the entrance lobby on the roof. Now that you know Ruby’s apartment number you can find his letterbox by scanning the bank of boxes.
  15. Right click on the small key in inventory and click on Letterbox for Number 17 to open the box and get a returned letter with Ruby’s signature on it.
  16. Use the elevator magnetic card to return to Ruby’s apartment lobby.
  17. Right click on the just acquired letter in inventory and use it (right click) on the pen pad to the right of Ruby’s apartment door, then use the inventory magnetic pen on either the pen pad or the letter. The apartment door will open and Joshua will enter.
  18. There are numerous things to look at and try out, but only three of value. Left and right click on both the note on the bench and the picture on the table. Right click on the refrigerator to open it, then right click on it again to take the vodka.
  19. Right click on the door on the right side of the room to send Joshua into Ruby’s bedroom. The bed and surroundings hold nothing of interest, nor does the bathroom, but have Joshua open the wardrobe and move aside the clothes to find a safe. It’s locked, of course.
  20. Open the windows, but all you will get is an unattractive view, so close them again. There is a switch on the left window casement; move it to its lower position and blinds outside the window are lowered, and then when you again open the window you will see some sticky tape at the top of the closed blinds.
  21. Right click on the tape to get a key that opens the wardrobe safe. In the safe are a vial of acid, a pistol, and a report that Joshua reads—lots of clues. You may want to save your game before you access the safe so that you can review the report. Right click on the report in inventory for one more statement. Leave the apartment.
  22. In the lobby outside the apartment use one of your credits to buy a can of beer from the vending machine and get a 5 credit coin in change. Pick up both the beer and the change.
  23. Joshua wants another look at the broken railing at the roadway entrance, so call the elevator and use the code card to go back up the roof lobby and outside to the damaged railing at the entrance.
  24. Use the acid on the loosened barrier bar to free it, then take it.
  25. Return back inside the building and take the elevator down to the subway in the basement.

Subway 1

  1. When Joshua leaves the elevator right click on the cop and he will tell you that the exit is closed because of a bomb alert, so you can’t go to the street.
  2. Left click on the map above the ticket machine at the left, then right click on the ticket machine.
  3. Use your 5 credit coin on the ticket machine, then right click on the scanner at the subway gate. The subway takes you to the Rotmall 17 station, which is somewhat of a mess.
  4. Looking around, Joshua sees a piece of plastic with some numbers on it on the floor next to the wino. He picks it up, and going to the public fax machine on the left, he finds it matches the nameplate on the fax.
  5. It is barely possible that the wino has some information. Talk to him, and when he asks for booze give him the vodka, then show him the picture of Simon Ruby and the woman.
  6. Try for more information by giving him the beer; finally, buy his skate from him.

Rotmall 17

  1. Right click on the escalator that takes you to Rotmall 17 square. There in front of Joshua is the Free Climax club. Talk to the doorman, who states that a membership card is required to get in.
  2. Perhaps there is another way. In the distance to the right of the club building is a fence blocking an alley near the back of the club. Joshua can easily climb the fence, but there is no way into the club from here.
  3. There is a trapdoor that looks as though it leads to the basement of the liquor store next door, and it is possible there could be connection through it to the club basement, but the trapdoor is secured by a padlock.
  4. The acid that Joshua is carrying will take care of the lock. Joshua can’t go into the basement because when he gets to the bottom of the stairs, if he goes any further he will be seen by a woman who is searching a rack of wine bottles.
  5. Retreat from the basement and climb back over the fence.
  6. Go into the liquor store to find that the woman has come up from the basement and is in the midst of an argument with her husband, the proprietor. He wants her to go back down to the basement for some wine, and she does not want to because she has heard rats and is afraid of them, but she is finally persuaded.
  7. Talk to the proprietor, ask about the drink he is making and learn that it is for the club owner, Eva Tompson—now you have a name.
  8. Left click on the club membership card that can be seen on a shelf on the back wall, then ask him if he will sell it. The proprietor says no, it is too valuable, but he might trade it for something of equal value, such as a bottle of very rare Chateau Lafitte ’85. Leave the liquor store.
  9. Over the fence into the alley again. Joshua still can’t go into the basement because the proprietor’s wife is back down there. In the alley Joshua has seen one of those rats that frighten her, there must be more. Perhaps there are some down in the subway manhole.
  10. Use the bar from the broken railing to pry off the manhole cover, then go down and find the dead rat at the end of the walkway.
  11. Pick it up and return to the basement. Combine the rat with the skate and use it on the lady to scare her back upstairs.
  12. There is a bottle of Chateau Lafitte ’85 in the case next to the pillar. Pick it up and take it back to the store proprietor and get the membership card.
  13. Use the card on the doorman to get into the club. A long conversation with Eva Tompson ensues. She denies knowing Ruby, but Joshua thinks she is not being forthcoming. Other hints are revealed.

Subway 2

  1. Leave the club and go back down into the subway station. Right click on the minicom in inventory to talk to Martens and get a subway map via fax so a way to the zoo that Eva mentioned can be found. (The map is in inventory, but you don't get to read it.)
  2. It’s after operation hours so the gates are closed and Joshua can't get to the subway platform, but he has already been into the system when looking for a rat. Go back to the alley, down the manhole, and along the walkway to a grating.
  3. Right click on the grating and jump down to the Rotmall 17 platform, but here Joshua is on the wrong side of the tracks for access to the passageway to the abandoned zoo station.
  4. There is a locked door near you, but the pistol will take care of the lock. It is a storeroom or locker room, and in it you must find and get some wire leads, a screwdriver, a socket spanner, and a rusty old key.
  5. Go back to the platform. On the wall is an advertisement with a sturdy metal S logo in the corner. Use the screwdriver to remove the logo.
  6. On the floor at the foot of the large pipe coming down from above is a chain. Combine the chain with the logo to make a grapple.
  7. Despite the fact that Joshua has said that the chain is too heavy to lift, he can throw it over one of the pipes running along the tunnel ceiling and swing across to the other side of the platform.
  8. Go to the end of the platform and into the passageway. Here Joshua finds a door to the zoo blocked somehow by a magnetic field.
  9. There is a control panel that may be opened with the spanner. Use the leads on the control panel contacts, then close the switch. Now use the leads on the magnetic field and it will disappear with some small pyrotechnics.
  10. Go to the old zoo platform. Once again Joshua is on the wrong side of the tracks. The ceiling has collapsed taking with it part of the bridge across the tracks.
  11. Go to the near end of the platform where the scene shifts to show an open door with a trapdoor in the floor of the room behind it.
  12. Send Joshua down through the trapdoor to look around, but that’s all he can do. Wrong side again.
  13. Across an impassable fissure he can see an opening in the wall and a door in the distance. Go back up.
  14. On a shelf above the trapdoor are some cutting pliers that you can use.
  15. On the wall to the right of the information booth is a pair of loudspeakers; knock them down with the bar and pick up the magnet that rolls out.
  16. Return to the what remains of the platform bridge, go up the stairs, and use the pliers to cut the cable that supports the fallen sign, which will then complete its fall and onto the debris on the tracks and provide a passage across.
  17. Come down the stairs, cross on the debris, and go into the zoo.

Zoo 1

  1. There are three paths to take immediately upon entering the zoo. (Ignore the ticket booth.) Choose the one past the palm tree on Joshua’s right. It leads to a bar.
  2. Behind the curtain of a storage closet you can acquire a cylinder of explosive gas and a broken broom, from the bar a can of old oil, and from a table an empty beer can.
  3. Beyond this room to the left is a waterfall and fire fountain tropical display containing a large statue of a goddess. The display is protected by another magnetic field.
  4. Beyond this room is another that looks like a library, but a sign on the door says it is "The Well of Knowledge, Union Zoo’s bookstore". It too is inaccessible because the door is locked ("reinforced" Joshua says). Return to the zoo entrance.
  5. Now take the path at lower left of the screen. It leads to the Egyptology exhibit.
  6. To the right is a temple exhibit that is protected by a magnetic shield, in the center is a large sphinx, and on a pedestal to the left is a statue of a dog with pointed ears, the Egyptian god Anubis.
  7. Take a quick look at the room to the left where lava is erupting and which is also magnetic field protected.
  8. Return to the sphinx, then left and right click on it to start a lecture during which there will be a malfunction, whereupon the sphinx gives repair instructions. Here is what it says:
  9. Warning! Technical malfunction in the command code. Replace damaged file. Control room access code follows. Use graphic wheels according to standard procedure. Today’s code:

    Under the supreme eye of the father of the gods...Sits the solar protector of all men...To the right of he who delights in the eternal coming of his being.

  10. On the Anubis pedestal can be seen the sphinx’s graphic wheels: right click on them and a closeup of these wheels will appear. They are covered with hieroglyphics and can be rotated to set the above code, but unless you are an Egyptologist, an impasse has been reached. Right click on the center triangle of the closeup in order to leave it. Return to the zoo entrance.
  11. Explore the third path from the entrance, the one to the right of the screen.
  12. In this strange exhibit the electromagnetic shield is turned off and Joshua thinks he sees a kid in the distance and wants to talk to him, but a foul-smelling polluted pond is in the way, and the rusty machinery that operates the sluice gate drain does not work.
  13. Return to the zoo entrance. Now you must find your way back the way you came to the Rotmall 17 subway station platform.

Subway 3

  1. The chain is still hanging from the ceiling pipe, but out of Joshua's reach. Combine the loudspeaker magnet with the bar, and using the now magnetized bar Joshua can pull the chain to him and swing across the tracks.
  2. Go into the locker room. Use the grease from the can picked up in the zoo bar on the stuck hasp of the heavy door, and the door can be opened.
  3. Enter the dark room. If you try the light switch you will find that the bulb is burned out.
  4. A trapdoor may be found in the floor. Open it and go down, and Joshua will be in the underground chamber with the deep fissure, but this time he is on the side with the distant door.
  5. This door may be opened with the rusty key found in the locker room, and going through the passage behind the door takes Joshua to the zoo bookstore.

Zoo 2

  1. In the bookshelves to the left of the well he can find a volume on Egyptology; take it, and in inventory right click on it. It opens to drawings of 12 deities.
  2. Left click on each to get descriptions of their attributes, which you can compare with the code given by the sphinx.
  3. Doing this, "father of the gods" would be Ra, "solar protector of all men" would be Horus, and "eternal comer of his being" would be Kheprer.
  4. Nothing else here but a replacement light bulb from desk lamp. Have Joshua get it and climb back down the well where he entered.
  5. In the dark room replace the burned out bulb with the good bulb you just got. Switch on the light and you can see a 3-way adapter on a shelf. Take it.
  6. Joshua should now go back to the zoo to see if the information he got in the bookstore can solve the sphinx code.
  7. Go to the Egyptology exhibit and again right click on the three wheels on the Anubis pedestal for a closeup.
  8. Starting at the top and proceeding clockwise, click on the wheels to move the god’s symbols (check the book in inventory) into the indices: Ra, Horus, Kheprer.
  9. Right click on the center gray triangle and an entrance will open in the body of the sphinx between its paws.
  10. Enter the sphinx and you will be in a control room.
  11. Have Joshua set all of the functioning switches to green; though there is no way for him to know this, he has turned off all the exhibit protective magnetic shields.
  12. Leave the sphinx and on the way out, pick up the microwave gun.
  13. The erupting lava exhibit ("fissure") is convenient; go there.
  14. Start to cross the footbridge and when the mechanical dinosaur attacks, take it out with the microwave gun.
  15. Now cross the bridge, then the other one in the back, and into the cave. This place looks interesting, but the only thing for Joshua right now is the flare on the table.
  16. Go back to the zoo entrance, then through the bar to the goddess exhibit.
  17. Behind a bush at the base of the statue is a faucet (actually a valve). Turn the faucet once (closed) and the flames in the brazier go out; turn it again (open) and fuel collects in the brazier.
  18. Fill the beer can with fuel. Close the valve. Neatness counts.
  19. Go back through the bar to the zoo entrance and on to the polluted pond.
  20. Go to the rusty machinery that is connected to the sluice gate.
  21. Examine the control panel. Joshua does something wrong, because there is an electrical short and a lid pops open. The "kid" falls off the panel to which it was attached.
  22. Empty the beer can of fuel into the machinery tank, put the explosive gas cylinder in, then toss in the flare.
  23. The resulting explosion knocks Joshua to the ground and ruins the minicom, but it also opens the sluice and drains the pond, revealing a bridge.
  24. Go to the fallen kid and get his remote control.
  25. Return to the lava exhibit and to the cave in back.
  26. On a curving roof support is a button that opens and closes a cage door; use the remote control on this button and a secret elevator is revealed that takes Joshua to a large warehouse or hangar (there is what is stated to be an aircraft--that's how they look in 2095).


  1. As usual, several things to investigate if you wish. Left click on the open crate in the left foreground, then right click twice. This will get Joshua a telescopic pincers and a hologram projector. Left click on the latter in inventory.
  2. Take the elevator located in the far left up to the ceiling structure.
  3. There are several red buttons on the ceiling; push the largest of them and an overhead trapdoor opens.
  4. Ascend the stairs to the roof, whereupon the trapdoor automatically closes and locks. Joshua now has to find a way to get back down.
  5. Note the coiled hose below the window. The door on the left is locked, but Joshua can pry it open with the magnetic bar.
  6. Inside the building is a non-functioning generator and some oxygen-hydrogen gas equipment. Turn off the gas using the red lever barely visible behind the large round regulator, which the program calls a "mixer faucet".
  7. Use the cutting pliers to sever the yellow horizontal pipe above the regulator, then move the pipe so that it is vertical.
  8. Go outside and attach the hose to the pipe (right click on the hose, then on the pipe in the window); the window is barred, so it apparently needs no glass.
  9. Go back inside and use the lever to turn the gas on again.
  10. Outside once more, put the sparking minicom on the door lock, then use the hose on the lock. Sparks from the minicom ignite the gas and Joshua can cut around the lock to open the trapdoor. The heat will set off an alarm.
  11. A terrorist comes out of a secret room in the warehouse below and goes to the orange panel to shut off the alarm without investigating its cause. He then returns to the secret room without closing the panel. On his way back to the room he drops a match.
  12. Go down the stairway and down the elevator.
  13. Move to the alarm control panel and use the screwdriver to remove the cover.
  14. Right click on the center ground wire (note symbols) to remove the top end from the terminal, then right click on the bright screw at the right of the switch handle to attach the loose wire end. An ungrounded circuit is dangerous.
  15. Right click on the cover to reattach it. Left click on the panel for a comment.
  16. Pick up the match barely visible as white speck on the floor, and go back up the elevator.
  17. Combine the match with broom handle to make a torch, then use the torch on the sensor next to the trapdoor switch.
  18. The alarm goes off again and a different terrorist comes out of the secret room to turn it off after indicating that he is not coming back.
  19. The rigged switch knocks him out and Joshua drags him away. He can now enter the secret room. This room has a partition running from wall to wall, with the first terrorist at a computer on the far side.
  20. Joshua walks silently around looking at things. He puts the 3-way adapter in a socket next to the door, then attaches the holographic projector to the 3-way.
  21. Right click on the projector in the middle of the floor, and when the terrorist comes over Joshua takes him out. He gets a laser gun and a key from the unconscious terrorist.
  22. Take the elevator to what the game calls a Deserted Room.
  23. Look through the spy hole in the door in the far wall: two people and a very strange piece of apparatus.
  24. Look behind the picture to get a piece of paper (it’s a code).
  25. Use the terrorist’s key to open the desk drawer and get a security code card.
  26. Save your game before you click on the computer because you will probably want to hear this again. Right click on the computer to get a lot of information about new characters, Sanders and Moreau, and a Virtual Sensory Technology (VST) project. Joshua begins to wonder about Hugh Martens.
  27. Take the elevator back down to the secret room. Time to do something about security.
  28. Use the laser gun to open the blue security panel, then use the security card on it. A closeup shows a vertical row of 7 square buttons, a close resemblance to the paper Joshua found behind the picture upstairs. The paper has 7 squares of varying shades of gray. You can right click on the buttons following the pattern from white to black or black to white. Try the latter. The buttons all turn green and the indicator lights turn red, indicating that the security system is disabled. Right click on the security card to leave the closeup.
  29. Go up the elevator to the Deserted Room.
  30. Cross the room to the door on the right. If you look through the spy hole you will see that the room on the other side is empty. Go in.
  31. Click on the green panel on the partition, which will open to reveal Simon Ruby in a coma on a gurney.
  32. Click on the cabinet on the left to get Joshua a stethoscope, a hypodermic syringe, and a medical report on Ruby.
  33. Return to the Deserted Room and use the stethoscope on the other door to hear the conversation of the two people, Eva and Al, on the other side. Again, you should save the game here.
  34. After a bit, Joshua decides he has nothing to lose and goes into the room. A very long explanatory conversation follows, at the conclusion of which Joshua agrees to enter cyberspace to look for further answers, and Al uses the machine to send him there.


Churchyard and Maze I

  1. Here Joshua has only one thing in inventory: a device called a positioner. Right click on it to bring it on screen, then left click on the various buttons to describe their functions.
  2. He is in the courtyard of what appears to be the ruins of a very large church. There is a strange looking slot machine in the foreground, and exits on each side lead to carnival operations. (The square yellow button on the positioner has recorded the coordinates of this beginning position.)
  3. You can examine the slot machine and the spider that sits on top of it, but you characteristically can’t do anything with it until you get money.
  4. The entrance to the church under the flashing arrow (strange for a church) leads to a maze. Wander around this maze (as adventure games go, it is not a difficult maze) to find four things:
  5. (a) a skeleton, from which you get a blanket (called cloth in inventory); (b) a werewolf; (c) a baptismal font, from which you get a half credit silver coin; (d) sculpture flowing lava.

  6. Use the positioner red button to record the locations of items (b) and (d) when you find them:
  7. Use the positioner to return to the church courtyard. An elementary diagram of the maze is attached; keep in mind that the perspective changes as you go from room to room.
  8. Go left to the next screen in which there is a hut, a fuming castle on a large pedestal, and a carnival ring the bell to test your strength game.
  9. The latter is called a totem; it does bear somewhat of a resemblance to a totem pole. Click on the hammer on the ground next to this totem to have Joshua test his strength. When he hits the drum the hammer handle breaks.
  10. Pick up the hammer head and return the courtyard and the slot machine. Left click on the sign on the slot machine to learn the payoffs.
  11. Hit the spider with the hammer head; the spider's leg clamps the skull readout wheel in place. At least a one skull payout is now assured.
  12. Use the half credit coin on the slot, then right click on the machine to pull the handle. Coins can be heard to fall. Right click on the coins for Joshua to pick up his winnings. When he moves away from the machine you will see by the wheels that he is a two skulls winner: 3 credits.
  13. The slot machine winnings are enough to try the shooting gallery that is in the screen to the right of the church courtyard, so go there.
  14. Read the rules posted to the left of the range. Put the winnings in the slot below the rules.
  15. Left and right click on the gun that is on the range counter. You will find that the game is fixed, not strange for a carnival. Joshua will have to take care of that problem.
  16. The half credit coin is somehow still in inventory. Return to the slot machine and get another set of winning coins.
  17. Go to the hut that is in the screen to the left of the courtyard. Enter the hut and go down to the basement, where there is a glowing furnace and a large spiderweb (don’t worry about the spider).
  18. One of the pipes from the furnace has a wheel valve (handle) that is too hot to touch, but Joshua can turn it if he uses the blanket. The escaping steam melts the spiderweb.
  19. Left and right click on the resulting white material on the floor. It is labeled gunk, but is called mud in inventory after Joshua picks some up.
  20. On the wall is a white patch labeled mildew, but Joshua says it smells like saltpeter, and that is what it is called in inventory when he scrapes some from the wall.
  21. Back to the shooting gallery, where Joshua can win if he first puts mud on the tracks in order to slow down the targets. Do that, and again put the coins in the slot in the pillar.
  22. Right click on the gun and Joshua will shoot all the targets. The glass front of the prize cabinet slides down and Joshua can take his prize, the remote controlled puppet.
  23. Go back to the hut. Next to it is a cage that is the cablecar to the castle. Inside the hut is a desk labeled ticket office, on which is an orange button that sends the cage to the castle; however, Joshua can’t push the button and then get to the cage before it takes off.
  24. The ticket office desk has two drawers. Open the near one to find a match packet containing one match; take the packet and close the drawer. Open the other drawer, which is empty but is next to the orange button. Put the puppet in the empty drawer.
  25. Go outside and get in the cage, then right click on the puppet remote control that is in inventory, whereupon the puppet pushes the orange button, and Joshua is off to the castle.
  26. Castle

  27. In the castle courtyard ignore all but the three "go to’s". Go to the center one, which takes Joshua to a chapel.
  28. In the center of the chapel floor there is a skull with a hole in it. Pick up the skull.
  29. Locate the brazier and open it to get some of what the program calls dust, but Joshua recognizes it for what it is: charcoal.
  30. Leave the chapel and pick up the torch by the exit on your way out.
  31. Go to the entrance on the lower left, which takes Joshua to an alchemist’s study.
  32. Get the jar of sulfur and the bag of papaverine sleeping powder from the shelves next to the entry steps.
  33. Left and right click on the two parchments on the table, one of which goes into inventory.
  34. Read the Lycanthropy book about werewolves on the stand in the far corner.
  35. Pick up the small shaft leaning against the wall near the bookstand.
  36. Running water has been heard all the time in this room, and a stream of water can be seen coming out of the mouth of a devil’s head below the mirror on the left wall. Have Joshua step on the green floor tile beneath the mirror to stop the stream.
  37. Left click on the mirror.
  38. Put the skull on the tile to stop the water flow, then put the torch in the hole in the skull. Use the match to light the torch.
  39. Left and right click on the torch to have Joshua kick it, which somehow steams up the mirror. Note the four numerals that Joshua reads from the misted mirror. (Really, note them.)
  40. Leave the alchemist’s study and go to the last exit from the castle courtyard, the one to the right. This takes you to the top of a tower that has a prominent pedestal in the center.
  41. Save your game here because another long exposition is coming up.
  42. Left and right click the pedestal, which Joshua calls a "lunar sundial" (!) and says the central shaft is missing. Put the shaft from inventory in the hole in the center of the dial.
  43. Right click on the perimeter holes to move the shaft to those that have numbers corresponding to the numbers from the mirror, and in the same order.
  44. A door in the pedestal opens and Joshua finds Moreau’s journal. A long reading ensues, during which it is revealed that Hugh Martens is the villain behind all the trouble. The journal has the location of Martens cyberspace office, so Joshua uses the positioner to transport there.
  45. Marten's Cyberoffice 1

  46. The secretary in the outer office says Martens is not in but he can wait while she tries to locate him. Note the artwork above her desk. It is six 7-segment standard computer number bases.
  47. When Joshua tries the door she gives him a hard time. There is a box of chocolates on her desk—put sleeping powder on them and she will soon be out. Quick acting stuff.
  48. Push the button on the left edge of her desk to release the door and go into the conference room.
  49. Get the pistol and small iron ball bullets from the display case to the left of the door as you enter, and the club (actually a flail) from the suit of armor. Don’t bother with the projector at this time.
  50. The reinforced door to Martens’ inner office has a sturdy metal lock, and Joshua must undertake an involved and obscure set of steps to open it. From the alchemist book on Lycanthropy you know that werewolves blood will dissolve metal, and you know where one of these creatures is. It is not going to donate blood, so you need a silver bullet to kill it.
  51. Churchyard and Maze 2

  52. Use the positioner to return to the courtyard by the slot machine where you first entered cyberspace, then go to the carnival strength test game.
  53. Use the club (flail) on the drum to knock the bell from its position at the top of the totem. Pick up the bell; from the description there must be a small spherical depression in the center.
  54. Use the positioner to go the sculpture and flowing lava.
  55. Float the bell on the lava, then put the silver coin in the bell, followed by one of the iron balls.
  56. Use the blanket to remove the bell from the lava and dump the silver coated ball on the ground. Pick it up: a silver bullet.
  57. In inventory combine the charcoal with the jar of sulfur to get a pile of mixed powder, then the pile of powder with the saltpeter to get gunpowder.
  58. Use this gunpowder on the pistol, followed by the silver bullet.
  59. The positioner will take Joshua to the werewolf. Shoot the beast with the pistol and use the now empty sulfur jar to collect blood.
  60. Marten's Cyberoffice 2

  61. Use the positioner to return to Martens’ office where Joshua can use the werewolf blood on the inner office lock. Right click on the door and go into the private office.
  62. You can look at the computer on Martens’ desk, but you need an access code to operate it. Open the drawer in the desk, and from it get a slide. Go to the projector in the conference room.
  63. When you put the slide in the projector you will see six rectangles with vertical red lines; this is a mask for the computer artwork over the secretary’s desk. Eliminate the segments in the artwork corresponding to each red line and you will have a series of six numbers, which is the computer access code.
  64. Return to the computer on the desk and right click on the keypad to enter the code.
  65. Once more, save your game before you do this because there will be a long series of e-mails, after which Joshua uses the positioner to leave cyberspace.
  66. His cyberspace inventory is gone and the items he had when he entered it are back. He confers with Al and Eva for a while, and they all take off in an aircar for the prison on Rocas Perdida.

Rocas Perdida

  1. There is more conversation and planning in the aircar on the way to Rocas Perdida. Al and Eva are to get into prison Section B and Joshua must use an old drainpipe to get into Section C. Al prepares a map of the prison complex. Their aircar puts them down at night next to a stream on a deserted beach.
  2. Left and right click on the stream, then click on the "go to..." to exit screen left to the pipe that leads into the prison.
  3. The grate over the pipe opening is secured by a padlock, but Joshua can take care of that with the laser gun, and the grate swings open.
  4. When he moves to get into the pipe he finds the pool below it that he must cross is filled with piranhas. Return to the beach.
  5. Locate some tracks (two are indicated) in the sand, then left and right click on them to find turtle eggs. Get an egg. Go to the right and you will be at the prison fence.
  6. Left click on the boulder, then on the snake. You must stay shielded behind the boulder.
  7. Use the turtle’s egg on the snake, then shoot it with the laser gun.
  8. Use the extendible pincers on the snake, then return to the beach and on to the drainpipe.
  9. Toss the snake into the pool to distract the piranhas.
  10. Joshua hurries into the pipe. He goes through it to a floor grate below the prison laundry, where he uses the last of the laser gun charge to open the grating so he can climb up out of the pipe and into the room.
  11. The laundry room door is locked, and if you right click on it, a guard may be seen at a desk across the hall. Look around the laundry room if you wish, but there is not much to see.
  12. Right click on the floor grating (left edge of opening) so that Joshua refastens it.
  13. Right click on a pile of sheets on a shelf on the back wall. The sheets move aside to reveal a box of detergent.
  14. Take the detergent and empty some into the pail of water on the floor left of the grating, then right click on the pail to empty the soapy water into the grating.
  15. Put the empty cans from inventory into the open washing machine.
  16. The trap is set: right click on the washing machine containing the empty cans. The guard will come in and fall through the grating.
  17. Take the keys he has left in the door lock and leave the laundry.
  18. Joshua can’t open either of the doors by the guard’s desk. Just pick up the audio-visual unit (MDVD) from the desk and go down the hall to the LA-5 Detention Area.
  19. The guard’s keys will open this door. Here is another place to save the game because Moreau is in cell 2 and there is a lot of information presented by talking with him using the questions at the top of the screen. Jason needs to get into the laboratory, the red door with the code lock to the left of the guard’s desk. Moreau says he knows the code by tone but not by number.
  20. Go to the guard’s area and use the MDVD on the code keypad to get the tones for all the digits, then go back and give the MDVD to Moreau who will be able decipher the code.
  21. Go back to the keypad. Left and right click on it to enter the code that Moreau has given you, then enter the laboratory.
  22. Pick up the surgical gloves from the chair, and the induction tester and vials from the shelf.
  23. Look at the blackboard. On it is some mathematics written in symbols that must be deciphered; it can be done using deduction and elimination. See if you can do it. The solution is on an attachment to this walkthrough.
  24. Exit the laboratory. There is a panel below the barred window behind the guard's desk; Joshua can remove the panel cover using the screwdriver, giving access to a circuit box with three cables.
  25. Use the tester on the box to determine which one is the high voltage security cable, then use the parallel cutter on the box.
  26. A lot of action is heard over Joshua’ wrist-com, at the conclusion of which Al is shot by Martens and Eva put in the first LA-5 isolation cell.
  27. Go to the Infirmary, the door next to the LA-5 cells in the corridor. The guard’s keys will open the Infirmary door.
  28. Go in and right click on the window for a view of the courtyard. Left click on the middle window to confirm that it is the first isolation cell. Right click on it for a long conversation with Eva. Click on the large window to return the screen view from the courtyard to the Infirmary.
  29. Search the lab coat on the other side of the partition to get some dental floss and a thermometer.
  30. Left and right click on the red cylinder. There is a little gas left in it, possibly ether Joshua says. Use the surgical gloves on the cylinder to inflate them, then use the dental floss on the gloves to tie them off.
  31. Now use the tubes of unknown fluids from the laboratory on the syringe, and finally the syringe on the gloves.
  32. Right click on the window to view the courtyard, then right click the gloves on Eva’s cell. A video shows Joshua using the prevailing wind mentioned earlier to float the syringe to Eva, after which she injects the guard and finishes him off. More quick acting stuff.
  33. Go to the LA-5 cells and get a gun from the dead guard, then get the code from Eva in cell 1.
  34. Right click on the code now in inventory. The code is written on a map of Section C, and is composed of the symbols that were on the blackboard in the laboratory.
  35. Use those deciphered symbols to get a six digit number to use on the keypad to the left of the LA-5 room entry door. The keypad will open the door to the prison governor’s office.
  36. This is the last action of the game; watch the somewhat hokey concluding video.


You have to suspend a lot of common sense when playing Nightlong, but this usually the case when it comes to adventure games. For instance, the inventory: no matter what Joshua picks up, all goes into the front of his jacket, whether it is an open can of grease or a handful of charcoal. After engaging enough of these games, one accepts such a situation with scarcely a second thought.

There are other situations or contradictions that defy natural laws or common practice; most are trivial, but some make it difficult to know what to do without a hint.

There are more of these, and all such must be expected and accepted when playing a computer game.



Laboratory Blackboard Code

The symbols on the blackboard cannot be reproduced by any normally available computer font, so letters will be substituted by assigning one to each new







symbol encountered. Also, the multiplication and addition operations will be treated separately. Thus the symbol to letter transformed blackboard mathematics is (compare these to the blackboard). Note that in the following column numbering is from right to left.

Consider first the addition. No matter how big the numbers DEFC and CBFC are, the value for A cannot be greater than 1, and since it exists (no leading zeros), that must be the value for A.

In the multiplication, all three numbers end in C, the same digit. For this to be true, C has to be 5 or 6. Check it out. In the addition, with C either 5 or 6, there will be a carry of 1 into the 2nd column, the latter containing the same digit, F, for both numbers in this column. Any number added to itself (as in the 2nd column) must result in an even number, but with the carry of 1 from column 1, the sum of column 2 must be odd. Since the sum is C, this eliminates 6 for the value, and C=5. With this value for C, the 1st column is 5+5=10, therefore the value for B must be 0, and with the carry of 1, the only way the sum of the 2nd column could be 5 is if F=2.

So far we have A=1, B=0, C=5, and F=2. Thus

105 x D5 = DE25





The values 0, 1, 2, and 5 are eliminated for the remaining digits D, E, and G. Now using 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 for D in the multiplication:

3: 105 x 35 = 3675 6: 105 x 65 = 6825 8: 105 x 85 = 8925

4: 105 x 45 = 4725 7: 105 x 75 = 7875 9: 105 x 95 = 9975

Since the last 2 digits of the product must be 25, the values 3, 7, and 9 are eliminated, and D must be 4, 6, or 8.

The 3rd column of the addition cannot produce a carry and the 4th column must do so, so 4 is eliminated, leaving 6 or 8 for D. If D=6, the sum of the 4th column is 11 and G would be 1, but that digit is already assigned to A and therefore cannot be used for D, and thus D=8. Furthermore, with D being 8, the 4th column is 8+5=13, and so G=3, leaving 7 or 9 for E.

Having established that D=8, the product 105 x 85 = 8925 applies, and focusing on the 3rd digit of the product, comparing with the original symbolic expression shows that E=9.

Thus A=1 B=0 C=5 D=8 E=9 F=2 G=3








  1. Go to the aircars.
  2. Go to the building lobby.
  3. Go to Ruby’ apartment lobby.
  4. Go to the building lobby.
  5. Go to Ruby’s apartment lobby.
  6. Go to Ruby’s apartment.
  7. Go to Ruby’s apartment lobby.
  8. Go to the building lobby.
  9. Go to the broken railing.
  10. Go to the building lobby.
  11. Subway and Rotmall 17

  12. Go to the subway.
  13. Go to Rotmall 17.
  14. Go to the alley & liquor store.
  15. Go to the alley & subway.
  16. Go to the liquor store.
  17. Go to the club.
  18. Go to the subway.
  19. Go to the alley & subway.
  20. Go to the locker room.
  21. Go to the subway.
  22. Go to the zoo subway.
  23. Go to the zoo.
  24. Zoo

  25. Go to the bar.
  26. Go to the sphinx.
  27. Go to the pond.
  28. Go to the locker room.
  29. Go to the bookstore.
  30. Go to the sphinx.
  31. Go to the lava chasm & cave.
  32. Go to the bar & goddess.
  33. Go to the pond.
  34. Go to the lava chasm & cave.
  35. Go to the hideout.
  36. Hideout

  37. Go to the roof.
  38. Go to the secret room.
  39. Go to the Deserted Room.
  40. Go to the secret room.
  41. Go to the Deserted Room.
  42. Go to infirmary.
  43. Go to the Deserted Room.
  44. Go to the terrorists.
  45. Cyberspace

  46. Go to maze.
  47. Go to courtyard.
  48. Go to carnival strength tester.
  49. Go to slot machine.
  50. Go to shooting gallery.
  51. Go to slot machine.
  52. Go to hut.
  53. Go to basement.
  54. Go to shooting gallery.
  55. Go to hut.
  56. Go to castle.
  57. Go to chapel.
  58. Go to alchemist study.
  59. Go to tower.
  60. Go to Marten’s office.
  61. Go to conference room.
  62. Go to carnival strength tester.
  63. Go to maze.
  64. Go to conference room.
  65. Go to private office.
  66. Go to conference room.
  67. Go to outer office.
  68. Go to private office.
  69. Go to terrorists.
  70. Rocas Perdita

  71. Go to pipe.
  72. Go to beach.
  73. Go to fence.
  74. Go to pipe.
  75. Go to laundry.
  76. Go to detention cells.
  77. Go to guard’s station.
  78. Go to detention cells.
  79. Go to the laboratory.
  80. Go to guard’s station.
  81. Go to the infirmary.
  82. Go to detention cells.